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Saturday Final race weekend in 2012

September 17, 2012

2012 final weekend results

(points are posted)

Sunday Cash Race (Presented by Fortin's Automotive)

Team mates battle it out in the final event of 2012 and the leader of the team Kevin Lance finally gets his firsat win of 2012.

Kevin Lance walks away with a huge payday weekend as he takes the second place points money and the win on Sunday presented by Fortin's Engines. Including the team driver getting the runner-up Sunday they leave the track with close to $3,000.00 in cash and $600 in tools from Jet Equipment.


Sunday qualifying

With the later than expected finish on Saturday, the call was made by MRP staff to only have one qualifier on Sunday. That did present a few issues for the doorslammers. Only one hit for high HP cars makes it critical to have their cars perfectly set-up. There were 27 cars scheduled to run on Sunday (Frank Nelson, Ken Orser and Greg Anderson had mechanical issues so they could not run on Sunday. Wally Nichols decided to run in Super Pro since he was having trouble getting his set-up right to run quick enough, and Kirk Lanz only ran his Cavalier in Doorslammer (he ran his Camaro in RAD). Joe Mayzes decide to join the group for Sunday's race making 27 cars.

Unfortunately for David Heans, Jeff Hill and Al Bentley they did not make the lone session and Brent Van Vliet did not make a quick enough run.

The three that did not get in a lap were not really happy about not getting a chance to qualify and I understand that and agree as well. Since this was not a points race, it was just a fun deal for prize money only I stated that all the cars should get to run. A meeting was called and the members were all unanimous in agreement, that all the cars should get to run. They would be put at the bottom of the ladder and had to dial an 8.70 minimum including Van Vliet was the only driver to make a run and not run the 8.70 minimum.

Brian Kikel was the top qualifier with a 7.32/186.

Kevin Lance got his 57 back into the 7.3's with a 7.36 and Phil Davis got his trans issues fixed and ran a soft 7.53/182.

Rod LeClaire went 7.66 and Rick Limb ran a 7.69. Dave Richardson dropped into the 7.8s with a 7.87. Mike Ackerman ran almost a tenth quick that Saturday and ran a 7.90/173, the same et and mph as Kirk Lanz.

Nick Duda added his other nitrous system for Sunday and wanted a seven second time slip but he had to settle for an 8.05. Joe Mayzes was the last car to run the minimum requirement as he wheelstood his way to a 8.67/153.

Final qualifying after one qualifying session Sunday morning.

1. Brian Kikel 96 Cutlass 7.32/186
2. Kevin Lance 57 Chevy 7.36/184
3. Phil Davis 41 Willys 7.53/182
4. Rod LeClaire 67 Camaro 7.66/179
5. Rick Limb 67 Nova 7.69/175
6. Rob Charlton 2000 S-10 7.79/172
7. Dave Richardson 1997 Camaro 7.87/172
8. Mark Schuppener Lumina7.88/173
9. Grant Howell 37 Chevy 7.88/169
10. Mike Ackerman 68 Cuda 7.90/173
11. Kirk Lanz 2004 Cavalier 7.90/173
12. Thomas Gronmyr 67 Chevy II 7.94/169
13. Troy Pike 67 Nova 8.00/168
14. John West 57 Chevy 8.02/164
15. Nick Duda 95 Mustang 8.05/167
16. Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys 8.22/163
17. Dale Grasdal 68 Chevelle 8.23/166
18. Tyson Wells 67 VW 8.33/158
19. Otto Schulte 55 Chevy 8.42/159
20. Paul Stretch 67 Nova 8.50/158
21. Gord Bush 69 Nova 8.58/158
22. Tony Driessen 51 Pick-up 8.58/156

23. J Mayzes 66 Chevelle 8.67/153
24. Brent Van Vliet 69 Camaro 9.02/149
25. Al Bentley 72 Vega
26. Jeff Hill 55 Chevy
27. David Heans 68 Camaro

Pairings were: #1 Brian Kikel bye, #2 Kevin Lance vs #15 Nick Duda, #3 Phil Davis vs #16 Terry Langdon Davies, #4 Rod LeClaire vs #17 Dale Grasdal, #5 Rick Limb vs #18 Tyson Wells, #6 Rob Charlton vs #19 Otto Schulte, #7 Dave Richardson vs #20 Paul Stretch, #8 Mark Schuppener vs #21 Gard Bush, #9 Grant Howell vs #22 Tony Driessen, #10 Mike Ackerman vs #23 Joe Mayzes, #11 Kirk Lanz vs #24 Brent Van Vliet, #12 Tom Gronmyer vs #25 Al Bentley, #13 Troy Pike vs #26 Jeff Hill, #14 John West vs #27 David Heans.

Round one.... Like yesterday close to half the first round pairings were determined by red lights. Kikel had the bye for being the #1 qualifier. He ran an early shut off 7.433/158.

Gord Bush took a close .015 stripe against Mark Schuppener going 8.599 to Schuppener's 7.949. Mike Ackerman for the second race (day) in a row left before the tree was activated.

Hs lucky opponent was Joe Mayzes. Tony Driessen got his first round win with the "World's Fastest Farm Truck" when he defeated Grant Howell.

Howell had a big starting line advantage but he had traction issues on the starting line and could not catch the 8.second pick-up.

David Heans went .005 red against good buddy Johnny West in their pairing. West ran a 8.044 on his 8.04 dial, but got the break as he was dead late. (.156 rt).

Al Bentley and Tom Gronmyer had a great battle in the fifth pair down the track. They were .023 apart on the tree and Bentley was 1/100th close to his dial (8.627 on a 8.58 dial to Gronmyer's 7.987 on his 7.93). Nick Duda went in deep and was DQ'ed in his match-up of #2 Lance and #4 in the final standings.

Lance took his time leaving the starting line after seeing the red light in the other lane but ran right on his 7.38 dial (7.386).

Jeff Hill left before the tree was activated and Troy Pike got the automatic win in their pairing. He went .051 and ran 8.051 on his 8.02 dial. Dave Richardson went .012 on the tree and defeated a too quick Paul Stretch in the next pair.

Stretch ran an 8.519 on his 8.55 dial. Phil Davis had mechanical issues again after his Sunday morning qualifier and could not make round one. Terry Langdon Davies got the freebie and ran 8.337 on his 8.27 dial.

Otto Schulte defeated a red lighting Rob Charlton. The newly crowned champ went .013 on the tree. Schulte was .023 and ran it out to a 8.481 on his 8.49 dial.

Tyson Wells got .06 on the tree against friend and pit mate Rick Limb. He needed the advantage as Limb was almost perfect on his 7.71 dial (7.711). Wells went 8.388 on his 8.35 dial.

Kirk Lanz ran Brent Van Vliet in his small tired Turbo Camaro and got a big starting line advantage. He took a four car length win running 7.935 on his 7.88 dial. Van Vliet broke out running an 8.696 on his 8.70 dial.

The final pairing saw Dale Grasdal defeat Rod LeClaire with an 8.295 on his 8.23 dial. LeClaire was closer to his dial (7.726 on a 7.71 dial), but gave up a tenth on the starting line.

Round two.... Kikel was deadly in round two going .004 and running a 7.326 on a 7.32 dial for a .010 package. Bush, his opponent was good on the tree, a .029 but was .054 off his 8.57 dial.

Dave Richardson went .003 red against Johnny West and ran a 7.913 on his 7.91 dial (so close to a perfect run. West was late on his side of the tree but was real close (8.039) to his 8.04 dial.

Kevin Lance had his 57 dialed in, running 7.390 on his 7.38 index. He went .016 on the tree as well. Tony Driessen was .078 and ran a 8.598 on his 8.56 dial. Kirk Lanz got a .03 winning stripe against Dale Grasdal in the following pair.

Both were a bit late on the tree, but Lanz was .06 better and eased off the gas to tighten up to a 7 foot stripe. Next, TLD won a double breakout race against Joe Mayzes.

Terry was .008 under his 8.29 dial, while Joe was way under (8.606) his 8.66 number. Tyson Wells got the win against a red lighting Al Bentley. He drove it out the back door to get a number and ran a 8.38 on his 8.40 dial.

Bentley's .021 red ended his day as he ran an 8.652 on his 8.63. In the final pair of round two, Otto Schulte went .020 on the tree and held off the .089 8.061 (8.02 dial) by Troy Pike. Schulte went 8.513 on his 8.50 dial.

1/4 finals.... Schulte nailed (.009rt) TLD to the tree (.062) and took a .016 stripe. Davies ran his 8.28 number (8.287), but fell two and a half feet from catching the 55 Chevy.

Tyson Wells had a .008 package including a .002 light (8.376 et). Brian Kikel fell a car length short as he went .033 and ran a 7.352 on his 7.32 dial.

Johnny west broke out against Kirk Lanz but his .010 too quick run (8.040 on a 8.05) was activated by a .029 light. Lanz was .080 on the tree and broke out more (7.865 on a 7.91 dial) trying to catch the 57 Chevy.

Kevin Lance got the single in round two and he made a real solid lap going double '0' 3 and running a 7.391 on his 7.38 dial.

Semi finals..... Lance raced West and West got a small hole-shot on great lights by both drivers (.002 to a .010), but could not run his 8.04 number. His car slowed to an 8.103/156. Lance went 7.406 on his 7.38 for a .04 margin of victory. Otto Schulte went .011 at the tree and got the win went Tyson Wells went .004 red. Both driver ran under their numbers.

Final round.... It was a battle of team mates, but only cash was at stake so their likely would be no team orders. Schulte was sharp again on the tree and went .008.

Lance was late going .057 and looked to be out of it, But Schulte's 55 could not run its 8.46 (he went 8.47 the run before, and ran 8.551 in the final) number and Kevin caught his team mate at 1300 feet running a 7.421 on his 7.38 dial. The margin at the stripe was .0018, about a foot.

What a race, that is the way to finish off the season.

The last two events showed what kind of car counts the series can get, and there were a few teams (five or six) that could not make the final event.

Hopefully the 2013 season gets off to a solid start and the car counts stay in the 20's or better.


Saturday final points race of 2012

Presented by Charlton Automotive

The final weekend for the doorslammer series was going to be a busy one. the decision to have the season ending party and awards the same weekend as the final race instead of waiting a couple months was going put a bunch of pressure on the track, on the racers themselves and of course the ones running the race. To add to the 'kaos' is another huge field of cars (31). This meant a long and fun day on Saturday. Then on Sunday a an equally busy day, with a big dollar race to end the 2012 season.
Instead of the usual four qualifying runs, there would be only 2, and hopefully done by just after noon. The first round went off without a hitch and including all the other classes in attendance is was a smooth first round of qualifying. 29 cars made runs in round one and 26 made the 8.70 cut two drivers were not quick enough, and one driver left before the tree was activated.

Greg Anderson, who has not run with the DS'ers this year, ripped off a career best in perfect conditions. 20 degree weather with little wind and a corrected altitude of less than 1000 feet, parlayed Anderson to a great 6.88/202.97. He had a bunch of chassis work done a month ago at the Seattle divisional and ran over a tenth quicker than ever before.

Kirk Lanz came close to his first 7 teen run with a 7.21/192. Brian Kikel did change his manifold and it paid dividends from three weeks ago.

He went from running 7.40's to a 7.28/188 and that was good enough for #3.

Ken Orser made it out for only the second time this year and he ran a soft 7.43/187. Kevin Lance was not used to being down the ladder so to speak and for whatever reason his car was over a tenth off usual numbers, and a 7.43 was his best.

Jeff Hill was out for the first time this year, but the expected low 7 high 6 was not to be in his early run, and a 7.6 came up on the scoreboard.

Phil Davis was on a great lap but his blown Willys would not hit high gear and he coasted down track.

Grant Howell stepped up by a tenth to run in the 7.50's,

Rod LeClaire ran a career best 7.63 in his 68 Camaro.

Frank Nelson Sr. was back out after a tough summer away from the sport, as he has been undergoing cancer treatment throughout the last year. He was looking better than he has in quite a while and ran an easy 7.66/ 187 in his first lap. Mark Schuppener from Kelowna was out for the first time this year and ran a 7.89 with Jack Springer's old BB Chevy power-plant.

Dave Richardson, series champion five years ago, was out for the second time this year. His '97 Camaro is for sale and he is using this races to showcase the car.

Tom Gronmyer ran his quickest ET ever, a 7.93/170, John West came so close to a 'seven' with an 8.015. Mike Ackerman usually races at the 'Plex but he came down and ran an 8.14. In all 14 drivers were in the 7's or better, and a total of 26 made the 8.70 minimum.

Round two was an hour and a half later, and all 31 cars made qualifying attempts. Anderson could not improve on his earlier 6.88 as he shook the tires early in his second run.

Scott Robinson driving Kirk Lanz's Cavalier raced for the first time with the doorslammers and he went 7.865 to easily get in the field. Frank Nelson improved from his earlier 7.6 to a 7.389 Jeff Hill found a couple tenths as well and ran a 7.44/188.

Mike Ackerman ran a 7.98 to move into the 'sevens', and Troy Pike was out with the Mary's Gunn Nova and

ran a 7.98 also. In total 17 cars were in the 7's or quicker.

Brent Van Vliet and Walter Nichols could not run the number and Phil Davis had his second aborted run, this one was almost identical to the first one, as his Willys did not hit second gear. In total 28 cars made the field.

Here is final qualifying Saturday.

1. Greg Anderson 05 Grand Am 6.88/204
2. Kirk Lanz 69 Camaro 7.196/192.06
3. Brian Kikel 96 Cutlass 7.284/188.36
4. Frank Nelson 2009 Cobalt 7.389/187.38
5. Ken Orser 2008 GTO 7.431/187.18
6. Kevin Lance 57 Chevy 7.435/181.41
7. Jeff Hill 55 Chevy 7.443/188.44
8. Grant Howell 37 Chevy 7.579/178.81
9. Rod LeClaire 67 Camaro 7.632/180.14
10. Rick Limb 67 Nova 7.657/176.05
11. Rob Charlton 2000 S-10 7.784/172.77
12. Scott Robinson 2004 Cavalier 7.865/174.28
13. Mark Schuppener Lumina7.891/173.51
14. Dave Richardson 1997 Camaro 7.907/171.95
15. Thomas Gronmyr 67 Chevy II 7.930/170.16
16. Mike Ackerman 68 Cuda 7.981/171.36
17. Troy Pike 67 Nova 7.982/169.71
18. John West 57 Chevy 8.015/165.16
19. Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys 8.206/164.26
20. Dale Grasdal 68 Chevelle 8.230/166.60
21. Tyson Wells 67 VW 8.334/160.54
22. David Heans 68 Camaro 8.336/158.87
23. Otto Schulte 55 Chevy 8.409/159.67
24. Nick Duda 95 Mustang 8.419/160.08
25. Gord Bush 69 Nova 8.496/159.63
26. Paul Stretch 67 Nova 8.525/157.89
27. Tony Driessen 51 Pick-up 8.555/157.45
28. Al Bentley 72 Vega 8.567/156.91

29. Brent Van Vliet 69 Camaro 9.02/149
30. Walter Nichols 71 Vega 9.54/162.27
31. Phil Davis 41 Willys 10.18/81

Round one Sportsman ladder pairings

#1 Anderson vs #15 Gronmyer, #2 Lanz vs #16 Ackerman, #3 Kikel vs #17 Pike, #4 Nelson vs # #18 West, #5 Orser vs #19 TLD, #6 Lance vs #20 Grasdal, #7 Hill vs #21 Wells, #8 Howell vs #22 Heans, #9 LeClaire vs #23 Schulte, #10 Limb vs #24 Duda, #11 Charlton vs #25 Bush, #12 Robinson vs #26 Stretch, #13 Schuppener vs #27 Driessen and #14 Richardson vs #28 Bentley.

Round one...... Half of the 14 pairings in round one were won and or lost due to red lights or breakage. Point contender Kevin Lance was the biggest name in the round to suffer the fatal blow.

He was the guy with the best shot of overtaking the point leader and usually does well against the slower cars. This time is cut it too close and went .006 red against the last race winner Dale Grasdal. Grasdal's light was not stellar, a .075 and he was well off (8.316) his 8.23 dial.

Grant Howell went way red, .193 against fellow Islander David Heans and Heans ran it out the back door to get a good number for round two, an almost dead nuts 8.369 on an 8.37 dial. Brian Kikel went .008 red against Troy Pike and Pike who left first was dead late off the line (.258). Rick Limb went the same .008 red as Kikel and lost to Nick Duda.

Duda was sharp on both ends of the track with a .031 package. Frank Nelson broke in qualifying giving

Johnny West a free ride and Kirk Lanz also got a freebie as his opponent Mike Ackerman left before the tree was activated. Ken Orser could not make the call for round one as he had valve train issues. His misfortune was a break for #3 in the points Terry Langdon Davies.

He cruised to a round two match-up with the winner of the Paul Stretch/Scott Robinson pairing. His automatic win and Lance's loss put the two in a second place tie. Other pairings that were actual clean starts for both drivers were as follows.

Alan Bentley defeated Dave Richardson when Dave was surprisingly late (.110 light). He did manage to tighten up the stripe but fell short by .012.

Rod LeClaire took out bracket hitter Otto Schulte with a .026 light and a 7.711 on a 7.70 dial. Schulte was right there, just .011 back at the finish line.

Jeff Hill had a decent round one (his first race of the season). He was only .011 off his 7.34 dial but had almost a tenth on the usually sharp Tyson Wells at the tree. The logger was way late and got past at 1150 feet. Mark Schuppener had over five in the bank against Tony Driessen and ran 7.946 on his 7.93 dial.

Driessen was dead on his dial, running 8.565 on his 8.56 dial.

Greg Anderson has a couple hun advantage at the tree against Tom Gronmyer and ran right on his 6.94 dial (6.947). He scrubbed 10 mph, so he was holder one or two in the bank.

Paul Stretch hit the brakes hard in his round one win against Scott Robinson. It's not something I would do at 150+ mph. Stretch had a tenth on the tree against the rookie driver and took a four car length stripe.

The final race showed why Charlton has been tough in the series as he went triple '0' at the tree and eased off the gas at 1250 feet. He took a close .03 finish line stripe.

Round two..... Schuppener was deadly on the tee with a .008 light forcing Grasdal under his 8.29 dial (8.246). Schuppener took a .06 margin at the finish line.

Johnny West did all the guys chasing Charlton a favor when he ran right on his 8.04 (8.041), taking the stripe by .011.

Pike was late again, but for the second race his opponent, this time Duda went red.

That ended Duda's chance at moving up the standings. TLD was the next front runner to go either brain dead or had trans brake issues. His opponent Stretch was perfect on the tree, but Terry's .146 red spelled the end of his run and he and Lance would finish in second place tie in the standings.

The third of seven round two pairings also ended in a red light, as Jeff Hill went .086 red against Al Bentley. Bentley ran it out the back door and ran an 8.634 on his 8.61 dial.

Rod LeClaire got a .036 starting line advantage against Kirk Lanz. He held on to most of his advantage through the stripe, with a .088 package compared to Lanz's .111 package. Margin was a close .023, about six feet. Greg Anderson was sharp with a .010 light and a 6.97 on his 6.94 dial. David Heans was game against Anderson, with a .028 light but running a guy who is 40 mph faster is a tough deal, and he took .011 too much stripe breaking out with a 8.349 on his 8.36 dial.

1/4 finals....... Anderson got the odd car single and just staged his car taking the green. Rod LeClaire got his baptism to NHRA drag racing when he was counted out on auto-start.

He took just a tad over the allotted seven seconds giving Paul Stretch the automatic win.

Mark Schuppener ran a dead on 7.945 on his 7.94 dial, coupled that with a .032 light and he got a .18 stripe against Troy Pike. Pike had his best light of the weekend with a .100 and an 8.11 on his 8.00 dial, but he was four car lengths back at the finish line.

Johnny West got a break as he was .02 later than Al Bentley. Bentley ran way under his 8.61 dial, running an 8.558. West was well back running a 8.079 on his 8.03 dial, but was going to his first semi final round in a while.

Semi finals..... Great lights won both dsemi finals rounds Saturday. Greg Anderson went .008 and ran a 6.944 on his 6.93 dial for a .022 package. Mark Schuppener was also solid on the tree with a .019 ligt.

He was three off his number though and Anderson was around him at 1220 feet (margin was .036). The other semi saw Paul Stretch get a tenth and a half on the tree thanks to his .016 light. Both cars broke out but Stretch only went under by .025 (8.55 dial) to John West's .048 (8.07 dial). With the cooling air I though both would brake out, as conditions were almost perfect and better than their first qualifying run in the morning.

Final round..... The reaction times were also the determining factor in the final but it was not good lights that decided the outcome. Dusk was almost at hand and the tree was a bit more visible for the drivers. But this would be a tough match for Greg Anderson.

He had to sit for over a second and a half as it was the #1 qualifier and the #26 battling it out. Greg was dialed a 6.93 and Paul Stretch had 8.52 on his window. As I stated earleir the lights did decide the winner and it was Paul Stretch going .003 red handing the win to the #1 qualifier Greg Anderson the automatic victory. because of the time between the two drvier's dials, Anderson saw the red light and then took a soft starting line leave (.172) and then eased off the gas at 1000 feet cruising to a 7.795/136 mph victory. Stretch legged it out and ran 8.581/157 in the loss.

Once eliminations got underway the five round race only took 3.5 hrs to run, and then it was party time. After all the points were tallied, the only change in the top ten was two second place finishers (tie) instead of a second and third. All others drivers in the top ten finsihed in the place they started the day in.

Photos later today




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