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July 23, 2011


June 29, 2011

Race #5 sponsored by Fortin's Automotive.

Rob Charlton has the target on his back, but it is not affecting his run so far this year.

(Chris Moffat photos)

(Points are posted)

The Charlton team goes to it's fifth final of the year (including the non points cash race the first weekend) and this time Rob turns it into a win. His point lead is growing as no one seem to be able to stop him in the early rounds. Now he has won the final round so it is making him that much more tough this season. His round record from the last four races of 2010 and the five races this year (38 rounds of racing) is an incredible 29-6….wow!!!!

Round record up to the nine final rounds is 26-1. Yes you can spin it the other way that rob can't win the big one but a final round record of 3-5 in the last eight he has reached the final is something every other driver in the series would love to have.

When will it end? That is hard to say, but every other driver is getting sick of the red S-10 pick-up for sure.

This past weekend at MRP the car count was down due to weather (a re-occurring theme) and the National Open at Bremerton last weekend. As well the Rocky Mountain race at Edmonton possibly affected the car count. Anyway, with no racing on Saturday due to rain the teams had only two shots Sunday morning. The track conditions were not good due to the rain, so teams had to baby their car down the track to get in the field. The guy who suffered from that was Kevin Lance. His awesome 57 Chevy could not manage the starting line and he failed to qualify for the race. After running so well at Ashcroft at the last event and then not getting in the field was a huge blow for his title aspirations. In the first round of qualifying three cars failed to run the number and they were Lance, Grant Howell and Dave Warren, three of the higher hp cars. Kirk Lanz led followed by Ken Kruger and Rob Charlton. In the second a final round Kruger got the number he needed to nail down his first ever #1 qualifying effort, a strong 7.769/180 blast. Rob Charlton ended up #2 with a 7.810/173 Rick Limb was #3 with a 7.813/175 and Lanz round out the top four with a 7.857/175.

Howell was #5 with a 7.89/171, and that # showed he had to ease down the track because he usually runs low 7.50's or high 7.40's. Dave Warren is the same he ran an 8.30, and his # usually is in the 76-7.7 range. Again the guy who suffered the most was Kevin Lance. Not making the field was tough for sure, but it is a new car and he likely will make solid runs next weekend.
Final qualifying

1. Ken Kruger 7.767/180.39
2. Rob Charlton 7.810/173.37
3. Rick Limb 7.813/175.95
4. Kirk Lanz 7.857/175.09
5. Grant Howell 7.896/171.16
6. Alex DeWolf 8.244/168.35
7. Dave Warren 8.306/177.54
8. Tyson Wells 8.383/161.03
9. Terry Langdon Davies 8.422/ 156.63
10. Nick Duda 8.440/158.89
11. Layne Wooley 8.526/159.19
12. David Heans 8.588/159.63

Kevin Lance 22.03/43.78

First round pairing saw Nick Duda put Dave Warren out with an 8.59 on his 8.53.

Warren got into the 7's but was .09 off his 7.80 dial in. Ken Kruger strapped a perfect light on David Heans and it was all over. Kruger went 7.819 on his 7.77 dial. Heans numbers were not bad, a .064 light and a run within .06 of his dial, but a perfect light is tough to beat.

Layne Wooley defeated Rick Limb as he had .06 starting line advantage. TLD got a freebie as Kirk Lanz went way red.

Tyson Wells defeated Howell went Grant again had traction problems with his 37 Chevy. The final race in round one saw Charlton advance when DeWolf had starting line problems.

In the ¼'s Charlton got an easy one over Kruger when the PG driver had the opposite of his great start in round one.

He was way late and against Charlton, "you snooze, you loose". Kruger was forced under his number trying to play catch-up.

TLD got another round win as he defeated Wooley on a hole shot. The final pair has Tyson Wells take out Duda despite the .03 holeshot for the 'Stroker'. Nick ran way under his 8.59 dial in going 8.512. Tyson went under too, but only by .02.

In the semis, Charlton got the odd car single, another lucky break for the point leader. Sometimes luck just follows you around.
And Tyson Wells got the best of Langdon Davies as he run right on his # (8.403 on a 8.40) and had .03 on the tree. Davies went .016 under his 8.47 dial in trying to play catch-up.

The final round saw the 2009 champ Wells run two time champ Charlton. Would the Pitt Meadows driver be the runner-up again this race? It would have been the fifth r/u in a row, if he did not win.

This race should have been Wells', as he had almost a tenth on the tree. Wells lit both bulbs before Charlton was pre-staged, as according to Tyson he saw the top bulb flicker of Rob's side so he went in. That seemed to affect Charlton, but he should know the rule with the DS'ers, if both bulbs are lit, the auto start is shut off by the starter, and the guy who has not lit his bulbs can still take his time to stage. Whatever happened Rob was way late, but Tyson in the close confines of the 'Bug" could not see Rob on the top end and ran it through, he did lifted just before the stripe, but the VW was on its quickest lap of the weekend, so he went under his dial by .017 handing the win to Charlton.

A bit of a break for Rob for sure, and he was likely thanking the HP gods for Tyson's too quick of a run.
The win extends the lead for Rob to almost 70 points over Terry Langdon Davies.
Kevin Lance is in 3rd place and Kirk Lanz is 4th.

The next race is this weekend and it should be a big one. RH is the event sponsor and we are featured as well as the Pro Mods and the Pro Street assoc.

June 21, 2011

Race #5 this weekend at MRP (sorry I won't be there, I will be in Edmonton for the Rocky Natl's). This is the second year for Fortin's Automotive to be an event sponsor and their presence is as well known as Norm Wilson, one of Fortin's Owner/Managers/ Norm is also crew chief on Tyson Wells' VW. This year the 2009 series champion car has gone on a huge transformation that likely no one noticed. Norm added 100 hp and a bunch of torque to the "Bug", but the car also underwent extensive chassis work to upgrade it to 7.50 specs. Already the car has gone over 2/10ths quicker than last year and there is more in it. To say Norm got excited when it went the 8.29, is an understatement. No crew member shows more passion or dedication than Normie. He is exactly what racing needs and the Canada West Doorslammers. We are proud to have Fortin's Automotive and Norm as part of the series.

June 12, 2011

Don't forget there is a huge association BBQ the July 2 race weekend. It is a our second annual Pig Roast (the Springer race team it helping with this). All proceeds go back to the assoc. We will also have Cabbage Rolls and all the fixins, and even some SeaFood (Cod and Prawns courtesy the Lance Family).

We would like a approx head count for this dinner, so if you can email me with your teams numbers. Cost TBA but likely around $12.50.

Points are posted.

The next event ( next weekend ) is presented by Fortins' Automotive.

Race #4

The RH Race Cars CWDS first ever Big dollar race presented by the Langley Loafers.

Race #4 was $2,000.00 to win, and it was Kevin Lance who overcame two or three races of transmission and convertor woes to get it sorted out on the final qualifier Sunday morning at the Eagle Motorplex. With the new car debuting at race one of this season, Kevin has been trying to sort out the best convertor option for the car which is 400 lbs lighter than the old one. On Saturday after the final session they decided to go back to the convertor that was in the old car and it turned out to be the best option, as he ran a career best 7.57 to pass Dallas Wagner and qualify # 1 for the first time in his Doorslammer racing career. Once the old convertor proved to be the best option, his lights also improved, as the car launch much harder. He was in the .02 range all day long. For as much as the story of Kevin's success was prominent throughout the weekend, the other story that is notable is Rob Charlton's run over the last eight races dating back to 2010. In those eight races he has been in seven finals, two of them wins (last year). This year in all four events (one a non points race) he has been runner-up. While that is probably frustrating for the winningest driver in doorslammer history, every other team in the assoc. would kill to have his record this season.

On Saturday 12 cars ran in qualifying and Dallas Wagner led, running 7.80's. His father Gord Wagner is out this year with an all new car, a Sun Coast PT Cruiser. It is easily one of the coolest looking doorcars out there. And of course it had to be a Dodge product. He is still sorting out its combination but he ran low 8's. It should be a solid 7 second performer before the year is out. Rick Limb was out for the first time this year in his very nice Chevy II. The Hope driver also took delivery of a new stacker and hauled it in a very nice motorhome. Alex DeWolf was also out for the first time in his Turbo small block Mustang, and he made solid 8.3 and 8.4 passes. The new surface at the Eagle Motorplex is setting up quite well and all the drivers said it was a marked improvement over the old pavement. Sunday two more cars showed up with the final qualifier at 10:30 am. Both Jordie Lazic and Mark Schuppener got in the field, so all 14 cars ran first round.


Final qualifying

Kevin Lance 7.57
Dallas Wagner 7.81
Dave Warren 7.90
Rob Charlton 7.97

Rick Limb 8.00

Kirk Lanz 8.07
Gord Wagner 8.20

Jordie Lazic 8.30
Alex DeWolf 8.36

Tyson Wells 8.47

Nick Duda 8.49

Terry Langdon Davies 8.63
Layne Wooley 8.73
Mark Schuppener 8.83

The draw for round one was similar to the last race where the #1 qualifier ran one of the cars at the bottom of the field.

Lance took on Mark Schuppener and had a great light and took the round one win. Nick Duda had the task of staying in from o #2 qualifier Dallas Wagner and he managed to do that getting a car length win.

#3 Dave Warren ran Alex DeWolf and it was the faster car that took the round one victory. Rob Charlton raced Tyson Wells and it was the faster car again that got the win.

The faster car being a winner trend did not carry through for the next pair though. #5 Rick Limb was defeated by Jordie Lazic. Kirk Lanz defeated Layne Wooley and Gord Wagner got an huge upset win over Terry Langdon Davies. I guess all the banter about the slower cars having the big advantage over the faster car because of the clean tree for them is not always the case, right guys.

In round two, Kevin Lance got a single and he ran it out to get more data with the new combo, and he ran in the 7.50's again. Warren took on Duda and it was Duda getting the win, he was off to the semis for the first time. Rob Charlton defeated Buddy Jordie Lazic and Gord Wagner took another win, as he defeated Kirk Lanz. I bet he (Wagner) wished he got a membership now.

Semi Finals. A couple first time semi finalists, but neither got the round win putting them into their first final round. Wagner was defeated by Rob Charlton. Wagner had a tough time figuring out his dial as he went way under his number in the round before. Lance ended Nick Duda's solid day in the other semi final.
That set up two top five drivers from the last two years, and based on both drivers rts and consistent times it should be a great race.

Final Round.

The wind had picked up big time for the final so dialing in their cars would not be easy. It turned out to be too tough for Rob Charlton as he took the stripe but took too much running .02 under his 8.01 dial in and he was off the gas early as well, and his mph was down a couple mph. He actually could not have gotten the win even if his ran right on his number as Lance ran right on his dial in (7.569 on a 7.56)and had .027 advantage on the tree. This was Kevin Lance's day for sure. To say that team was happy is a huge understatement as the team only had one regular, and that was mom Caddy. One of Jack Springer crew guys Mark came up to help the team, and Layne Wooley and his crew chief Sean was also there to assist.

June 4-6, 2011

Race #3 (Race #2 will possibly be re-scheduled)

June 6, 2011

10:00pm update

Photos courtesy Dean Murdoch, Bill Jeffery and Robert Hunter

A gallery will be posted in the next day or so.

Points are posted.

Sunday eliminations

In the random round one pairings, a number of fast versus slow pairings were drawn including #1 Ken Sihota vs #18 Stefan Kondolay, #3 Greg Anderson vs #17 Terry Langdon Davies and #4 Grant Klohn took on #16 Layne Wooley. Likely not what the fast guys were looking forward to.

In the first pairing, Craig Donaldson defeated Ken Kruger taking as car length stripe. Neither driver had great lights.

Mike Bedsworth defeated Kirk Lanz despite a .05 holeshot for Lanz. His car fell way off his 7.81 dial (7.94).


TLD took on Anderson and the rts were within .02 but it was the Willys driver staying out in front for a car length stripe.

Dave Warren took on fellow March Meet A/Gas competitor Grant Howell and got the best of the Victoria driver. Howell had a slight starting line advantage but his car got loose and he fell off a tenth and a half off his 7.60 dial in. Warren was within .017 of his 7.71 number on his window.

Kevin Lance got a real break in round one in his race against Nick Duda. Lance has a 7.88 on his window but it was recorded as a 7.80. His team did not notice the snafu and despite Duda's better RT. 023 compared to a .058 for Kevin he got the win running a 7.837 well under his chosen dial but .037 slower than the one that counted, on the reader board and scoreboard.

Grant Klohn and Layne Wooley would like to forget their lights, Klohn's was slightly better and he drove around the new driver in the Lance Purple 55 Chevy. Both drivers were real close (within .013) to their dial-ins.

Jordie Lazic got his first round win this year with a solid .034 in the non electronic 5-speed. He ran an 8.02 on his 7.99 dial in while his opponent Jack Springer ran 8.70 on his 8.66 dial. Springer was .036 slower on the tree. Jack had decent lights in qualifying but could not repeat in round one.

Stefan Kondolay had #1 Sihota. Kondolay driving "the Kaos" car had almost a tenth on the tree and took an easy three car length stripe over the 200 mph Firebird. Mark Schuppener got by Tyson Wells when Wells went into a huge off course wheel-stand.

Rounding out round one was Rob Charlton defeating David Heans despite the un-characteristic .1 light. He ran a 7.83 on his 7.80 dial in. Heans fell off his 8.40 mark by .089.

Round two.....Schuppener had a great .007 light and got a car length win over the "Kid" Jordie Lazic.

Mike Bedsworth and Dave Warren had lights within .001, but Warren's car fell off by over a tenth and a half. Bedsworth closed the gap on the top end taking a .03 finish line stripe.

Langdon Davies defeated Grant Klohn mostly due to the .07 rt advantage he had at the starting line. He was within .022 of his dial in while Klohn was .041 off his number.

Kondolay took on Craig Donaldson and this one could have been a great drag race as Donaldson has .015 at the tree but his car went hard right at 200 feet and he had to lift. The .038 light leaving second (a long 1.6 second wait with a clutch car and no electronics) is pretty amazing. His car runs right on his number as well, so Kondolay can put that one in his "dodged one" jar.

In the final pairing Rob Charlton took on Kevin Lance and this one was over at the starting line as the Pitt Meadows mechanic had .1 at the tree. Lance caught him and it became a pedaling contest on the top end. Kevin's car was on its quickest run of the weekend, likely a 7.69 pass, so even if he took the stripe he would have gone further under than his .084 under read on the scoreboard.

1/4 finals.... The first red light of the weekend happened in the first paring of round two, when Bedsworth, the Washington driver went .022 red. TLD was off to the semi finals for the second race in a row.

Mark Schuppener could not repeat his earlier .007 light as he went .063 compared to a .021 for Charlton.

The Kelowna driver was .01 closer to his number but the RT difference .04 was too much to make up. Stefan Kondolay got the odd car bye run.


Semi Finals... Charlton had the bye to the finals and he just took the green and backed-up. Kondolay had .014 at the tree against TLD and ran within .014 of his 8.47 dial. Davies went .033 under his 8.47 dial-in.

That set up a pretty solid final round with two time series champ taking on one of the most feared bracket racers in the NW. the two time champ Rob Charlton had a great .021 light compared to Kondolay's .035, but his car fell off 3/100ths from earlier despite the cooling temperatures. That drop in ET was all Kondolay needed to get the .009 stripe at the finish line.

Two complete races, and one cash bash so far this year and Charlton has been in all three finals coming away with three runner-ups. Langdon Davies has the early season point lead by four points over Charlton . Those two are already 60 points ahead of third place Kirk Lanz.

Another trophy for the Charlton team. Stefan, you need to get some sun on those legs,something is not quite right here.

The next race is this coming weekend when the Doorslammers head to Ashcroft for the first of two points races at the desert facility. This event is one of the biggest races at the 'Plex, it is the 24 annual Langley Loafers Old time drags.

A complete gallery later tonight

June 6, 2011 9:00am update.

Qualifying photos will be posted Tuesday night.

Sunday final qualifying

Sunday morning Nick Duda came out for the final qualifier making it a 20 car field. Ken Sihota improved Sunday morning just enough to take away the #1 spot held Saturday by Craig Donalson. The cooler air actually benefited a number of cars, as few improved their numbers. Bedsworth ran a 7.34, Ken Kruger who struggled again with first gear like the last race ripped off a career best 7.71/181. Nick Duda ran a career best 7.89/170 and Tyson Wells ran a 8.28/161 a 2/10th's improvement on his previous best.

1. Ken Sihota 6.807/203.66
2. Craig Donaldson 6.814/202.65
3. Greg Anderson 6.998/207.42
4. Grant Klohn 7.287/186.99
5. Mike Bedsworth 7.345/187.42
6. Grant Howell 7.551/179.89
7. Ken Kruger 7.712/181.05
8. Dave Warren 7.714/179.49
9. Kevin Lance 7.751/175.50
10. Kirk Lanz 7.791/175.91
11. Rob Charlton 7.820/172.64
12. Nick Duda 7.896/170.96
13. Jordie Lazic 7.977/171.49
14. Tyson Wells 8.286/161.55
15. David Heans 4.402/165.13
16. Layne Wooley 8.436/163.07
17. Terry Langdon Davies 8.436/ 163.07
18. Stefan Kondolay 8.460/161.34
19. Jack Springer 8.511/161.11
20. Mark Schuppener 8.646/159.12

Elimination coverage Monday evening during the hockey game.


Satruday qualifying

An great day at the track and 18 cars were on the track Saturday to try and qualify in Race #2 presented by . All the cars made the field and Craig Donaldson led with back to back 6.8 runs. His best was a 6.81/202. Ken Sihota is #2 with a 6.83/203 and Greg Anderson is #3 with a 6.99 at a booming 207mph. The speed of the car shows serious HP and it should be in the 6.80's or possibly quicker if he can sort out the first half of the track. Grant Klohn is #4 with a 7.31 and Mike Bedsworth is #5 with a 7.38 and Grant Howell is #6 with a 7.55. Tyson Wells was out for the first time this year and he has a new look VW that no one would know was completely changed Tyson added 6 inches to the wheel base, he updated the roll cage to go as quick as 7.50 and he added 100 more hp and a bunch of torque. He is hoping for low 8's. Layne Wooley is driving the second Lance car that is usually driven by Randy Arlitt but he took a job up North for a good part of the Summer. Stefan Kondolay is driving Zak Clarke's Beretta as "Kaos" has to go in for Ankle surgery. He likely will be out for 8 weeks after surgery (in two weeks). Ken Kruger had trans issues for the second race in a row, but he should have repair made for Sunday. He did get in the field with a 8. flat.

May 29, 2011

This coming weekend's event, Race #3 is presented by Big Rig Group. Weather does look promising so we should get a good turnout. This is a busy month as there are three races starting this weekend. Then we race at Ashcroft for the Langley Loafers event. Then race #5 is back at MRP then end of June. We likely be without last year's point champion Zak Clarke as he is to undergo Ankle surgery in the next couple weeks. Hopefully he recovers quickly and gets back on the track.

Points are updated after the rain out event.

For every team heading to Port Alberni, click here for the event pre registration. You must pre-register.


May 8, 2011

A few teams were at the track in hopes of the event getting started. Unfortunately it did not happen. They all recieved 10 points.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms.

This race (Race 2) will be rescheduled if possible

Unfortunately the weather and wet pits have made it necessary for MRP to call a rain out for today. All DS competitors at the track will receive 10 points for attendance. The group that is at the track will meet for breakfast this morning, place TBD.

May, 7 2011

Don't forget all the Doorslammer teams, if you show up in the morning tomorrow, and the race gets rained out you collect the 10 points for being at the track. If you aren 't you don't get the points.


May 5, 2011

This weekend is race #2 in season 14 of the RH Race Cars Canada West Doorslammers. This weekend's race sponsor is PR Steel Construction. They are a sponsor on Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys and have decided this year to become an intregal part of the whole series. PR is one of three new sponsors in the association this ye. PR Construction brings quality and safety to construction in the commercial, institutional, retail, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The weather forecast for this weekend is not real favorable so the race will likely be a shortened affair or one that could be run similar to the first race. But the weather may just surprise everyone. There are five or six racers who were quite dominant and noticable in the first weekend and they include race winner Terry Langdon Davies, Rob Charlton (two 1st weekend runner-ups), Jack Springer, who won last Saturday and has a pretty solid won loss record over the last three events, 10-1. Last year's champ Zak Clarke was really hoping to start the season with his new car, but came out with his Beretta, and prompty ran right on his usual 7.8's. Expected are a few other cars to make it out this weekend, including Rick Limb and 2009 champ Tyson Wells.

April 26, 2011

Points are posted.

We've added the new series sponsors above, and will add them to the other pages as well as finish the first weekend's story.

Race #1 (the actual race)

One of the Assoc policy's is to try and get a race in on the weekend it is scheduled (sound logical right!). In order to do this, if the weather is iffy for the Sunday, they try and complete the event on the Saturday. It means less qualifiers and the DS'ers head into eliminations as soon as possible, with one or two qualifiers. If the race gets done on the Saturday and then the weather is in fact bad for Sunday it is considered a complete race with points and a full purse. If the weather is good on Sunday then the Saturday race turns into a cash race only with no points, and the race is continued on Sunday. This is what happened in race one. Weather was forecasted to be ugly on the Sunday so they ran a race on that day. Jack Springer continued his hot steak winning the event. (going 9-0 in elims dating back to the final race of 2010. The results for the cash race follows the race results for Race #1 below.

Sunday final qualifying

With the weather actually favorable Sunday they ran two more qualifiers, completing the second run by 11:00am. Three more cars made the field Sunday, as 10 were in the field already after Saturday. The two qualifiers on Sunday shuffled the qualifying guys and the three who weren't in the field.

Terry Shuflita got his first #1 qualifier spot after his transmission repairs Saturday (thanks to TCS and Craig Donaldson). He ran a great 7.31/189. The 14th driver (who did not make the field) was Ken Kruger. He had a servo go bad, losing 1st gear. He and Mike Lucas along with Mark Schuppener tried to make repair and got the deal back together, but the same issue re-occured and his weekend was done. Kevin Lance's new 57 Chevy ran a career best 7.59/177 and he moved up to #2. The leader after Saturday was Dave Warren. He improved to a career best 7.617 but dropped down to #3. Rob Charlton put his pick up in the 7.70's as per usual, a 7.769 and the #4 spot. Kirk Lanz did not improve his Saturday's numbers and ended up #5. Graham Foster also failed to improve, and his 7.818 put him #6. Last years champion Zak Clarke, came out for Sunday only and he turned in two 7.8 laps, the best a 7.844. He rounded out the quick half.

Here is final qualifying.

1. Terry Shuflita 7.315/189.71
2. Kevin Lance 7.597/177.20
3. Dave Warren 7.617/178.81
4. Rob Charlton 7.769/172.54
5. Kirk Lanz 7.776/175.23
6. Graham Foster 7.818/176.50
7. Zak Clarke 7.844/174.14
8. Jordan Lazic 7.872/172.54
9. Randy Arlitt 8.278/162.98
10. Nick Duda 8.397/159.03
11. Terry Langdon Davies 8.436/159.54
12. Jack Springer 8.506/160.48
13. Mark Schuppener 8.685/156.11


With 13 cars there was a round one bye and it went to #1 qualifier (wonder how many times that will happen) "Terry the Islander Shuflita". Terry just took the green and back up. "Kevin the Kid Lance" took on "Kaptain" Kirk Lanz and this one went to the the Kaptain.

They were 3/1000ths apart on the tree but Lanz in the Cavalier took the stripe by 7/100ths. Dave "Mad Max" Warren got a single when Mark Schuppener did not show for round one. Rob Charlton ran Nick Duda and this one was tight at the tree. An .016 for "Stroker Duda " and a .026 for the "Rob the Mechanic". "Jack the Trucker Springer" defeated "Jordie the Kid Lazic" with a .03 stripe.

"Zak Kid Kaos Clarke" defeated "Graham the Northerner" Foster despite a .35 starting line advantage. The final pairing saw "Terry the Senior Langdon-Davies" defeated "Randy the snoozer Arlitt", when he had a mile on the starting line (so I was a little bored while writing race #1).

In the 1/4's, (we'll see if you can figure out who was who) the 'Kaptain' had a solid .023 light while the 'Islander' got a bit anxious and went red.

The 'Mechanic' was closer to his dial 7.862 on a 7.84 and better on the tree .064 to a .099 as he got a relatively easy win over the 'Black Max'. The 'Senior' got the win in the closest race of the day over the 'Trucker'. They were .001 apart at the tree (advantage truck driver) but TLD was only .015 off his dial and SPringer was .038 of his, giving Senior Davies an .022 stripe. 'Kaos had the odd car single.

In the semis, the Defending champ 'Kaos' took on 2010 3rd place finisher, Senior LD, and the 'old guy' did what Larry the Cable guy does, 'he got er done'. He had 3 on the tree and ran .02 off his 8.48 dial. Clarke went under his 7.85 dial in his attempt to get the stripe. Rob Charlton got an easy one against the 'Kaptain', when the rookie was real late, he likely caught Charlton in the corner of his eye and got distracted. When you are second on the tree, focus solely on the tree is the most critical aspect of the race.

Final round. Charlton was in his five final in the last six doorslammer races and TLD was in his second in the last four races.

Two veterans of the series and long time friendly rivals. TLD had a big starting line advantage (.044) and with the caliber of the finalists that would usually mean game over. Rob's truck actually slowed a bunch (.086 off his 7.84 number) from his usual dead on dial, While Davies almost took too much stripe, as he ran a 8.461 on his 8.46 dial in. A loss there would have been tough to take.

The win for Davies gave him an early season point lead and he got to take home his own money, as he was the event sponsor.

Congrat's to all the teams for a very good day racing Easter Sunday as the whole program was done in five hours. Two qualifiers and four rounds done by 2:30, in time for Easter dinner.

April 24, 2011

Race one Saturday (Cash Bash)

Race one is in the books and Jack (not sure the nickname I should use....Jack will understand) Springer continued his run with his second race in a row. He won the final race of 2010, and with the win here, he is 9-0 in eliminations. The guy he took out was none other than Rob Charlton the same guy he defeated at the final race. Is the series going to become a two man show...... I doubt it, but it made for a few good one liners and bench racing especially after some of the banter on the new forum. Due to forecasted bad weather for today (Easter Sunday), the decision was made to run the complete race on Saturday,with the possibility of getting the race in also on Sunday. If Sunday gets started the Saturday race will be turned into a cash bash (the weather right at this moment looks promising). I believe I speak for all the racers that ran Saturday, except for Jack, who would like Saturday to be a cash bash only.

13 cars were at the track on Saturday, but only 10 qualified due to a few mechanical issues. Ken Kruger has transmission issues and he along with fellow Northerner Mike Lucas and Kelowna's Mark Schuppener thrashed to make repair only to has the same issue rear it ugly head. The long trip from PG ended up to be a waste for Ken race wise, But he at least had a chance to get away from the ugly weather up in central BC. Chris got to shop and Ken treated myself, Lisa and tech guru Greg Parks to a great dinner at the Keg.

Kevin Lance brought out his new 57 Chevy Pro Mod style car and man is it nice. One of the lowest sitting cars you will ever see. He had a couple issues, but by the end of the day he made two soft mid seven second laps. Randy Arlitt is in the car that Kevin ran last year. Terry Shuflita also has Trans Issues. He thrashed and got parts from TCS, and along with Craig Donaldson's help he got the car bad together, and ripped off a pedaling 7.40@ 187. A tough day, especially since he likely would have been the #1 qualifier. The #1 qualifier was Dave Warren, his first ever in the series, and he ran 7.60's all day including what I believe to be a career best 7.63.

Kirk Lanz in his first race with the CWDS qualified #2 with the quickest pass ever for the ex Kondolay Cavalier, a solid 7.776/175. Graham Foster in his very nice, new 68 Camaro went 7.818@176. Rob Charlton went 7.855 and Jordie Lazic rounded out the top half with a career best 7.872@172. Jordie and father Roy Lazic have a Rob Charlton Bullet between the frame rails. The bottom half of the ladder saw Randy Arlitt run a career best 8.366, Nick Duda went 8.422, 'Race Sponsor' Terry Langdon Davies went 8.436, Springer went 8.518 and Mark Schuppener rounded out the field with a 8.685.

Nick Duda only made one timed run in qualifying, and his earlier run was a test lap. He wanted to see if the 'Stang would run a "7", but did not want to run that quick in elims. He added one more nitrous system to the car and accomplished what he wanted , running the desired number, a 7.95/170. He and father George were happy campers.

1. Dave Warren 7.653/177.16
2. Kirk Lanz 7.776/175.23
3. Graham Foster 7.818/176.50
4. Rob Charlton 7.855/171.10
5. Jordan Lazic 7.872/172.54
6. Randy Arlitt 8.366/159.51
7. Nick Duda 8.422/159.03
8. Terry Langdon Davies 8.436/159.54
9. Jack Springer 8.518/160.48
10. Mark Schuppener 8.685/156.11


Saturday's first round saw a couple late leavers in the first pairing. Nick Duda defeated Mark Schuppener with a 8.47 on a 8.42. Schuppener could nut run the number. Terry Langdon Davies (TLD) got an easy win over a late Dave Warren, Rob Charlton left on Jordie Lazic and won a real close pairing at the stripe. The margin was only .021. Jack Springer started off the way he finished last year, with another round win when Graham Foster went red. Kirk Lanz got the break of round one when he was late, and missed second gear, but his opponent Randy Arlitt broke out .

In round two Springer defeated Lanz by a half car length. Charlton had a tenth at the tree against Duda, got off the gas early (still ran right on his #). Scotty might of dialed too soft on that one, but it worked. TLD got the single, but legged it out to a 8.49 on his 8.45 dial.


In the semis, Springer won a squeaker against TLD, both cars leaving within a hundredth. Jack ran 8.555 on his 8.54 while the Willys driver and race sponsor took 5 thou too much stripe and broke out. Charlton took the green and back off on his semi final bye run.

The final was real close as Springer got a small holeshot, and Charlton was slowly gaining ground. He just ran out of race track as Springer took a .015 stripe (a fender), and the win, going on a 9-0 undefeated run in elims. Now he had to hope that the race rained out on Sunday, so he would get the full purse and the points.

Unfortunately for him he was the only guy hoping for that, and the rest of the teams got their wish, as Sunday was pretty nice and they got the race in.

April 19, 2011

This weekend's event, Race #1 is presented by Langdon Davies Concrete. TLD's in year two of his sponsorship with the series and in his sixth or seventh year in the series. He finished third in the standings in 2010 and had a three wins including a win at Port Alberni.

Langdon Davies Concrete is a Fraser Valley based concrete finishing company. Driveways, sidewalks, slabs, stamped, exposed, whatever your concrete needs, TLD will look after you.

Our list of awesome sponsors continues to grow as three new ones were added to this years schedule.

" RH RACE CARS "Series Title Sponsor" .... and race event sponsor.
4681 Teather Road
Kelowna, BC
Ph# 866 765-9404
Custom Built Race Cars & Fabrication

" FORTINS ENGINES - CHILLIWACK (race event sponsor)
45750 Airport Road
Chilliwack, BC
Ph# 604 795-9739

" CHARLTON AUTOMOTIVE (race event sponsor)
12258 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows, BC
Ph# 604 465-6455
General Automotive Repair

" T.C.S. PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (race event sponsor)
6217 - 205 Street
Langley, BC
Ph# 604 533-8675
Performance Converters & Transmission Products

" PRO STOCK PERFORMANCE & MACHINE (race event sponsor)
12403 - 126 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 4L7
Ph# 780 453-6161
Performance Parts and Engine Machine Shop

" LANGDON-DAVIES CONCRETE (race event sponsor #1)
Yarrow, BC
Ph# 604 854-0770

" PR CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (race event sponsor)
39561 Old Yale Road
Abbotsford, BC
Ph# 604 864-8818

" OGILVIE MTN HOLDINGS (race event sponsor)
Hope, BC
Ph# 604 869-3232
Excavating & Pipeline Integrity

" BIG RIG GROUP (race event sponsor #2)
Abbotsford, BC
Ph# 604 857-4915
Commercial Vehicle Service Centre

Campbell River, BC

Contact: Bill Jeffery
Ph# 604 523-8665 Toll Free: 1800 472-7685
Email: bjeffery@jetequipment.com


" LANGLEY LOAFERS CAR CLUB (race event sponsor)
Website: www.langleyloafers.com

Contact: Wally, Brian & Laura & Entire Staff

Contact: Bill Surry
Ph# 250 731-6930
Email: avdra.president@hotmail.com

Visit the website - speedzonemagazine.com

April 18, 2011

Looks like the weather is supposed to be good this weekend, the first for the 2011 season at MRP, and the first race of the year for the Doorslammers. A new year a number of new cars and Zak Clarke with the target on his back. He has a new car in the works but will drive his trusted Beretta to start the season. Kevin Lance will debut his new 57 Chevy and Randy Arlitt will be in Kevin's 55 from last year. Rick Limb and Kirk Lanz will start their first full season in the series, plus rumors of a couple other new cars as well. It looks to be a great season!

Sorry, I see I did not upload this last week.

Track Rental Thursday April 21st …….only 5 spots left!

Contact: Kevin Lance Ph# 250 287-6308



April 3, 2011

The site may be unavailable for a few hours late at night (in the next few days) to upgrade software for a new forum/message board to be installed.


February 23, 2011

Sorry for the delay in finalizing the 2011 race schedule, but it's finally complete! Please take the time to read through the whole document attached as there are some changes to the rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. As for the schedule, it is similar but also has a few changes.

2011 schedule is here. 2011 news and rule changes are here.

Unfortunatley the Langley Loafers have decided that we do not fit into there program for the Mission race so we will not be racing at the Old Time Drags at Mission this year, however we will be racing with them at Ashcroft. That being said the CMDRA (bike drags) has asked us to join them at Mission as well as Ashcroft, so that makes up for the loss of the Loafers race. At the year end meeting we discussed and voted on going to Woodburn Oregon for an event, after a lot of conversation back and forth between myself and Jay Livingstone of Woodburn, due to lack of sponsorship and funds put up by them to bring us there, we will not be scheduling a race there this year. I also contacted J.J from Seattle Raceway and tried to schedule a race there this year, they only have one weekend that is a two day event and there is already too much scheduled for that event and they wouldn't have the room for our program that weekend, but we will try for next year for sure! Ashcroft has annouced that they will be resurfacing the track for the 2011 season, which will get under way as soon as the weather permits which will hopefully be in early April, with that news and not being able to put a USA race on the schedule I have scheduled us to go to Ashcroft for two events this year, the first one will be June 11&12 for the Loafers Old Time Drags and the second one will be July 16&17 for the CMDRA (bike drags). At both of the Ashcroft events you will not be required to pay for car and driver at the gate, you will only be charged for your crew members.

Please be sure to book your hotels for Ashcroft and Port Alberni ASAP, especially for the Loafers Old Time Drags, as hotels will book up very quickly for that weekend as well as the Port Alberni weekend. I will list the hotels for both places below. Also please remember to book your ferry reservations well in advance. Preregistration for Port Alberni is manditory and will be available on line at the beginning of May.

The commitee members that were voted in for the 2011 season are Scott Charlton, Zak Clarke and Terry Langdon-Davies, these members will help me in making decisions throughout the year on behalf of the entire membership.

We still have a couple of races that are not sponsored, we need your help! If you know of anyone that would be interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring an event please ask Dean or myself for the information or have us contact them on behalf of the association. Without our sponsors we can not continue to be the successful association that we have become. It is also very important that we acknowledge and support the groups and buisnesses that continue to support us throughout the years. I will be sending out a list of our 2011 sponsors and their contact information in the near future.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the first race in Mission on April 23&24th.


ACCOMODATIONS (Ashcroft/Cache Creek)
Ashcroft River Inn, phone 250-453-9124

Cache Creek Motor Inn, phone 1-866-457-9144 or 250-457-9144

Sage Hills Motel, Cache Creek phone 1-888-794-4949 or 457-6451

Oasis Hotel & Pub, Cache Creek, phone 250-457-6232

Sandman Inn, Cache Creek, phone 250-457-6284

Desert Inn, Cache Creek, phone 1-800-663-0212 or 250-457-6226

Bonaparte Motel, Cache Creek, phone 1-888-922-1333 or 250-457-9693

Bear's Claw Lodge, Cache Creek, phone 1-888-552-CLAW or 250-457-9705

Good Knight Inn, Cache Creek, phone 1-800-736-5588 or 250-457-9500

Nugget Road Motel, Cache Creek, phone 250-457-9300

Sundowner Motel, Cache Creek. phone 250-457-6216


The Hospitality Inn Port Alberni Phone 250 723 8111

The Barclay (Best Westen) Port Alberni Phone 1-800-563-6590

The Greenport (Howard Johnson) Port Alberni Phone 250 724-2900



Marcy Copley..........Canada West Doorslammers Representative
6217 205 Street
Langley,BC Canada V2Y-1N7
Ph# 604 533-8675 / Toll Free 1 800 960-1177

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