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Sunday Oct 4, 2009

Race #9 in the 9 race CWDS 2009 season.

Race 9 presented by

Series winner Tyson Wells (center) , Norm the crew chief, Wife and son (Heather and Eli), missing is Z-man.

What a final weekend, and final event. It was not decided until the semi finals of the last race of the year.

Winner Darren Williams


Gary Misera along with his wife and crew.




It all comes down to this day.

After the completion of race #8 there were still three drivers who had a good shot at winning. Tyson Wells still had the upper hand and he had the ability to control his own fate. Dave Warren and Kevin Lance needed luck to go their way to be a first time champion. In any case there would be a new series champion in 2009.

A number of scenarios could play out, but first, the series had to have a better day on track than it did Saturday. Four less cars than Saturday as Ken Sihota was happy with his runs from the day before, Ken Gallagher blew up, Lyle Hinrichson had the unfortunate crash and Scott Charlston could not find the oil leak that plagued him Saturday.

First round of qualifying went relatively without a hitch and there was a new dog in town, as Red Deer's Barry Daniluk laid down the quickest lap in Doorslammer history, a great 6.507 @ 210 mph. While it was the quickest, Terry Spargo still has gone faster by over 2 mph. It likely means Terry's combo does make a bit more HP, but he had to prove it on the track.

Because of the track issues Spargo had on Saturday, he detuned the Cavalier on the launch by taking away some timing and rpm's. It worked for the launch, but it was well off the usual .97 60fts. ( he went 1.03) when his car is on a good lap. His run was ONLY a 6.59@211.7 mph. Dale Pederson has a new wing on his turbo'ed Buick and he ripped off a soft 7.06.

Brian Kikel went 7.25,which yesterday was #1 qualifier material.

Layne Wooley ran a career best by a bunch. A 7.27/189 came up on the score board. After the first round, 30 were in the field, anchored by Randy Arlitts 8.64. Two cars outside the field were Saturday runner up Paul Soares and newcomer Lee Thomson in a real nice 63 Corvette. A number of new guys out were from Ken Kruger's neck of the woods, PG Fort St. John, and Terrace, way up there. Good to see them out.

Sunday they got a second qualifier, and many improved despite the warmer conditions. Daniluk failed to hit the 40's in fact he slowed to a 6.62. Spargo saw that number and was disappointed as he was hoping for a similar number to the earlier session, as he went back to a strong tune-up in hopes for a career run for him. He ripped off a 6.55@212 showing the HP, but only a 1.01 60 foot kept him from a low '50 or '40 even. But he was still happy being the quickest of the session. Dale Pederson improved to the tune a 6.97.

Ken Orser made a jaw dropping lap, a great 7.06 that likely would have made Bob Marshall wish he was out there with his GPX. Bob holds the national record (set at elevation with the car Ken owns). He also went 194 mph, which is very close to the national record (196.49). Other career bests were set by Brett Williamson 7.316,

newcomer Darren Williams (7.406), Steve Downs, Darryn O'Connor, Dave Warren, Lloyd Flatum, Ken Kruger and a few others as well. Corrected air in the 0 foot range helps for sure.

Here is final qualifying for the last event of the year.

Barry Daniluk 6.507/210 mph
Terry Spargo 6.550/212 mph
Dale Peterson 6.971/196 mph
Ken Orser 7.065/194 mph
Brian Kikel 7.259/189 mph
Layne Wooley 7.276/189 mph

Brett Williamson 7.316/189 mph
Darren Williams 7.406/186 mph

Mike Dutchek 7.469/185 mph
Phil Davis 7.543/182 mph
Steve Downs 7.574/178 mph

Darryn O'Connor 7.582/179 mph
Dave Warren 7.645/178 mph
Kevin Lance 7.685/178 mph
Frank Nelson 7.69/176 mph

Dave Richardson 7.791/173 mph
Lloyd Flatum 7.830/172 mph
Ken Kruger 7.845/174 mph
Zak Clarke 7.837/ 175 mph.

Joe Loch 7.944/169 mph
Gary Miserva 8.027/164 mph

Cody Liwiski 8.160/164 mph
Terry Langdon Davies 8.326/ 160 mph
David Heans 8.380/160 mph
Todd Jaques 8.416/ 161 mph
Jeff Addison 8.523/155 mph
Tyson Wells 8.546/155 mph
Alex Dewolf 8.620/164 mph
Jack Springer8.636/ 153 mph
Randy Arlitt 8.636/153 mph

Lee Thomson 8.801/153 mph
Paul Soares 8.865/149 mph


Round one..................We'll start with the contenders. Layne Wooley had a single as Barry Daniluk had a trans break issue. Terry Spargo let one slip away and Dave Warren was the beneficiary. Kevin Lance defeated Todd Jacques on a double break out. Tyson Wells defeated Cody Liwiski in a real close match up. Advantage stays with Wells. Four rounds left and 17 points ahead (after qualifying points were awarded). Other round one winners were: Gary Miserva over TLD (below) , Lloyd Flatum, Jeff Addison, Ken Kruger,

Darryn O'Connor (below left) defeated Orser (but Ken repeated his 7.0 from earlier with a 7.08) and Brett Williamson.

other winners in the round were:

Frank Nelson over Steve Downs by .005, Darren William's got by Phil Davis by 2/100ths. Joe Loch (above) lost against Randy Arlitt in a double break out finish, but Rany went under the certification for his '55 so he was disqualified, handing the win back to Loch.


In a marqué matchup (both are multiple event winners but both raced only part time this year), Zak Clarke took on Dave Richardson. Both had identical dials (7.82) they left within a couple thou of each other (.02 lights) and both broke out at the stripe. Clarke went 7.787 and Richardson went 7.800. The win to "Super Dave" (then second time he defeated Zak in the last three races).

Dale Pederson won the last pairing of the first round. He defeated Mike Dutchek.

Kruger's win was a head shaker as he had a solid light compred to Springer's and caught Jack by 1000 feet. From there you have to look at the sequence below to see how early his chutes were deployed.

He had hs chutes out just past the 1000 foot mark, he stated when he caught him he thought he was closer to the finish line, and he pulled the chutes to slow down and not break out. Then he realized he was still 250 feet from the end, so he had to keep his foot in it so he got the stripe. Not the way I would finish a race, and he was pretty red faced after when I gave him a hard time. He got the win, and that is what is important, right!


Round two........... Tyson continued to rack up points as he took out Jeff Addison,

Kevin Lance defeated a red lighting Dave Richardson (but Kevin was real pissed at his bad light in the round). Dave Warren kept pace as well with a win over the six second Buick driven by Dale Pederson.


O'Connor defeated Williamson, Darren Williams won a real close one against Frank Nelson. They left side by side and Williams took the stripe by .013. Great lights by the veteran in the stick car in both the first two rounds,

Lloyd Flatum took out Ken Kruger, Layne Wooley got his second single in a row (odd car bye) and he just took the green, and in the final pairing Gary Miserva defeated Joe Loch.

1/4 finals.............. Now the points were real important, as the top three in points were still in. But in order for the #2 and 3 guys to win they needed favors by the guys facing Wells.

Lloyd Flatum ended Kevin Lance's great 2009 season as he took a 2/100ths stripe. About a half car length.

Dave Warren kept his hopes alive as he took out Layne Wooley by .05.

Darren Williams defeated a troubled O'Connor and Tyson Wells gave it a great effort, but Gary Miserva got by him at the lights for a very close .018 stripe. Now it was up to Warren who was now within a round on his first ever championship.

Semi finals............... Gary Miserva was up against Lloyd Flatum, and this one was also a finish line battle.

Miserva had .023 at the starting line but Flatum was reeling him in at the finish line. Miserva got the stripe by .011. Less than a fender. The big race, the one for the 2009 title was next.

Warren needed the win, and Williams wanted to be the party pooper. The starting line advantage went to Warren He went .038 to Williams .063, a solid advantage for Warren, all he needed to do was run within .024 of his number and the championship was his. He ran a 69, 71 and 71 in the first three rounds, and dialed a .69 for this race. At the finish line, Williams drove around Warren around 1250 feet and took the finish line victory by .015. Wow!!! what a way to end the season. Dave's car fell off by .04 on the round, and his mph was close to earlier runs, so whether or not the car had a minor issue or he just dialed wrong is hard to say, but whatever the reason, Tyson Wells was one happy guy. A series championship by less than a round in his first year in the class..........Priceless!!

Final round.........unfortunately a bit anticlimactic, as both finalists are not members (good for the association though), so they were only racing for bragging rights and the cash. It was over at the starting line, as Miserva went .002 red, handing the win to the Dodge driver from Calgary, Darren Williams.

What a final weekend, and especially what a great Sunday. It would have been hard to script it any better, coming right down to the semi finals in the last race of the season.

Congrat's to all four finalists this weekend, and to the top ten for the season, who all will benefit at the season ending banquet the end of November.

Thanks to all the sponsors again this season, and to all the teams, old and new. Despite the economic climate, this year proved to be the best year ever in the series. Sponsors for every event, many assoc sponsors as well, including one for low qualifier, the burnout contest and quickest run (at the last event).

I know I am really looking forward to next season.

Points are posted.

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