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Saturday Sept 27, 2009

Race 8 in the 9 race 2009 season.

Race 8 presented by and Randy Arlitt


Winner Zak Clarke along side Sponsor Dan Provost (second from right) and RAD Torque systems employees (far right and seconbd from left). Left is crew member Damien Giddens.

Paul Soares had a remarkable event. It is better to be lucky than good, and he proved it.

Wow, what a day Saturday as the 2009 series winds down.

It was an exciting day one, but for the wrong reasons for much of the day at the final weekend of the year. The car owned by RH Race Cars and driven by Ryan`s dad Lyle Hinrichsen, hit the wall on the top end after the throttle stuck in round one of qualifying. Lyle was okay luckily, after the hard hit.

A great launch by Lyle unfortunately ended up in disaster when the throttle stuck and Lyle was forced to hit the wall in the shut down area.

Then Ken Gallagher (below) smoked his engine during round one qualifying to further compound the delays Saturday Morning..

It was a 2 1/2 hour qualifying session that forced the MRP brass to cancel the second round. The stellar sea level air and the cool track temps in the morning made it difficult for the high horsepower cars to navigate the first 200 feet (read Terry Spargo, Ken Sihota, Barry Daniluk and Dale Pederson).

Tire Smoke and aborted launches plagued the high HP cars.

They could not get the starting line sorted out, at least in qualifying. The lone session saw Brian Kikel turn in the hot lap with a 7.28 at 188 mph. to wind up #1. Because of the lack of a second qualifier, the number of cars in the field, and the fact there were so many from out of town, the executive decision was made to allow all the teams how made a lap regardless if they ran quickest enough to make the field.

Brian Kikel ended up #1

Because of the circumstances, it was the right choice in my opinion. They way it worked was all the qualified cars were at the top of the field with their earned qualifying points and all the drivers who did not run the number were placed at the bottom of the field based on the et they actually ran.

Dave Warren ran career best numbers on the weekend. Tyson Wells with another wheels up launch

Darryn O'Connor bought Dale Giroux's old Cavalier. Kruger ran best ever numbers as well.

Steve Downs also ran his best #'s

Here is the final qualifiying order

Brian Kikel and crew beside award sponsor Ken Kruger

Brian Kikel #1 qualifier.

Brian Kikel 7.284/188.00
Brett Williamson 7.377/191.08
Darren Williams 7.459/185.49
Phil Davis 7.490/183.97
Steve Downs7.592/178.57
Dave Warren 7.625/178.25
Kevin Lance7.645/178.25
Frank Nelson7.659/179.78
Layne Wooley 7.719/179.17
Mike Dutchek 7.719/ 174.08
Darryn O'Connor 7.730/177.47
Zak Clarke 7.827/177.47
Dale Pederson 7.835/133.80
Dave Richardson7.835/172.57
Ken Kruger 7.883/173
Lloyd Flatum 7.915/170
Gary Miserva 8.06/164
Lyle Hinrichsen 8.16/165
Ken Orser 8.246/166
David Heans 8.341/163
Terry Langdon Davies 8.349/158
Todd Jaques 8.481/160
Jeff Addison 8.532/155
Jack Springer 8.633/156
Tyson Wells 8.706/151
Randy Arlitt 8.755
Alex Dewolf 8.771
Lee Thomson 8.817
Terry Spargo 8.915
Joe Loch 9.042
Paul Soares 9.157
Ken Gallagher 9.605
Barry Daniluk 22.
Ken Sihota nt
Scott Charlston nt
Cody Liwiski nt

Paul Soares was out a few years ago with a blown combination, but was out with a carburator bullet last weekend. While he could not run the number he still managed to reach the final round . Lee Thomson was out for the first time as well. He was also unable to run the 8.70 min. but due to the circumstances, he did run round one Saturday.


Once elims. finally got underway, the action was great.



Round one eliminations...................... Once elimination's got started around 2 1/2 hrs later than planned the hope was it would go a lot smoother than qualifying. Basically it did, but there was still a few delays due to breakage. The main players who needed wins in round one to keep their chance alive of winning the series, had mixed results in the round.

A race Tyson wanted back. It all ended up okay in the emd though Tyson.

Point leader Tyson Wells wanted to slap himself upside the head after he went under his dial in despite his opponent Steve Addison leaving the starting line by way of a turtle, Addison was .455 on the tree and Tyson was .068 he had almost .4 to play with but did not see Addison (there is a blind spot in the bug and felt he was safe with his dial. He wasn't, he went under by .021, and could only watch those behind him.

Nelson cold not catch Warren. Williamson also failed to catch his opponent (Clarke).

Dave Warren defeated Frank Nelson to pick up 10 points on Wells, Kevin Lance did the same in his match up against # one qualifier Brian Kikel.

Lance advanced to round two.

Lance had a solid .035 package to advance. Todd Jacques lost as he was real late and went under trying to catch Randy Arlitt. Terry Spargo still struggled off the starting line, and was ousted early as well, by Ken Sihota who went 6.599 (also a career best). Layne Wooley the last with an outside shot, won against Mike Dutchek. Other real close pairing in round one was Phil Davis, who took out hitter Lloyd Flatum with a .017 stripe. The rest of the winners in round one included Zak Clarke, Ken Kruger, Terry Langdon Davies, Darryn O'Connor, Lee Thompson, Paul Soares, Gary Miserva, Steve Downs, Barry Daniluk who went 6.55 (a career best), and Alex Dewolf.

Two Ken's faced off here. Randy Arlitt with a great wheels up launch.

In round two...... Dave Warren got another win and another ten points closer as his opponent Steve Downs let this race get away. Downs left first and had the race won, but he took .004 too much stripe, going under his 7.59 dial.

Dave Warren and Steve Downs.

Zak Clarke had a great .021 package in his defeat of Kevin Lance. Lance ran right on his number but was a tenth late. Gary Miserva won a double break out race against Phil Davis, and Layne Wooley got a break when Darryn O'Connor went under his dial by .018 (he had .067 at the tree). Terry Langdon Davies advanced over Randy Arlitt, who finally got his car to run the numbers he thought it could (he went way to quick actually).

Randy Arlit, Ken Sihota.

Alex Dewolf and Layne Wooley.

Ken Sihota defeated Lee Thompson Alex Dewolf took out Steve Addison, Ken Kruger defeated Dale Pederson and Paul Soares defeated Barry Daniluk, who left before the tree was activated.


Round three.............. Dave Warren got another win and this one was close. He took on Gary Miserva and both had identical .051 lights. Dave was .04 off his 7.65 dial and Miserva was .046 off his 8.00 dial in. The margin was .006. Ken Kruger ended Layne Wooley's day, when Wooley went .027 too quick, TLD (Langdon Davies) defeated Alex Dewolf with a .04 stripe Paul Soares who has been 2/10ths off the 8.70 minimum all day got another win when Ken Sihota had troubles with his high horsepower Firebird. Zak Clarke got a bye in the round and idled down track. After the round the weather cooled by a bunch and there was due coming in, so the call was made to resume the race Sunday morning. Points update after three rounds Saturday....... Wells still lead by 18 over Warren, 32 over Lance, 66 over Jacques, 75 over Spargo and 90 over Wooley. Charlton was within 45 points but he was 4000 miles away and not likely to catch the space shuttle home in time to challenge Sunday.


1/4 finals......... Sunday morning the teams all got a time trial/qualifier for the Sunday race and it also served as a tune up for the Saturday final rounds. Ken Kruger got a single in the 1/4's and he had a great .009 light and ran a 7.795 of his 7.70 dial. A pretty good package.

Zak Clarke got an easy win when Dave Warren ended his run, when his car would not hold on the starting line and he went waaay red. His trans break was starting to give him issues.

This one was a tough loss for TLD, as he went red against Paul Soares.

Paul Soares again got a break when TLD went uncharacteristically red. That one hurt as again Soares was way off the 8.70 number.

Semis.............. Zak Clarke took out Kruger with a great .044 package. Kruger ran on his number but was way late on the starting line. Soares got the single bye run in the semis and was off to the final, despite running a minimum .15 off the 8.70 number.

Kruger was way late here, and Clarke was off to the finals.

So the final round was set between hitter Zak Clarke and Paul Soares. Zak basically guaranteed the win and stated if he lost this match up, he would become a model doorslammer competitor, with no controversy. The statements were made due to the inability of Paul Soares to run the number. I like Zak and I like his competitiveness, but it would also be kind of nice is he did not stir it up all the time, I was really torn on how I wanted the final to end up.


Final round........... Even though the race should have been and easy one, it is sometimes better to be lucky than good, and so far luck was following the Terrace BC driver. The luck ended in the final when Soares went .001 red giving the win to the bad home boy Clarke. Zak was deadly on the tree with a .003 light (way to close in my opinion knowing there was a lot on the table et wise, but he stated he saw the red and let go of the button knowing he had already won.

.001 red was the end of Paul Soares remarkable day.

A race with lots of drama and lots of mishaps, and the drama built for the final race set to to off within minutes of this race . Points were 30 closer for second place and 10 points closer for third place so every round became critical.

Photos will be up Sunday

Points are posted.

Pit notes from Race 8........

Unfortunate that Rob Carlton could not make the final two races but this holiday is one that is set up every year with companies who buy products from Lordco. He placing was close enough to Tyson that it would have been a great battle. Grant Howell not making his necessary repair for this past weekend's event also likely played a role in the final results. Ken Gallagher struggled for the second race with his Dart. He had a major engine explosion in the lone qualifier. His nitrous system had too much pressure built up in his Mopar powerplant and the top half let go, going right down to the lower rotating assembly. Lyle Hinrichson's crash was also a bad deal. The title sponsor for the series put together this car over the last few years and the 63 Corvette was a beauty. Ryan will have the car back together like new for the 2010 season. Ken Orser struggled all day with his low 7 second Grand Am. They found the problem at the end of the day, as it was a bad plug wire (one hole was not firing), the issue also affected the o2 sensors. With the issues corrected, Both Ken and C.C. Al Quigley were certain the car would be back to 7.20's or better. All the six second cars were hoping the air would be as good Sunday but the track would be a bit stickier so they could navigate the starting line and get number they knew the cars should run. Those cars included Terry Spargo, Barry Daniluk and Dale Pederson. Joe Loch struggled for the second race in a row with his potentially 6 second Cobalt. The car is very loose, and the chassis seems to be the issue. Ken Sihota went into the weekend hoping to run in the 6.50 and he managed to complete his goal. So he is ready for the SuperNationals in Vegas in November. Scott Charltson struggled with an oil leak that he was not able to correct for Saturday's or Sunday's race.

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