Sept. 27, 2005


The battle scenario's changed after the completion of the two events at MRP this past weekend.

Terry Shuflita wins his second event of the year in Race #6 presented by West Coast Polaris

Mike Bedsworth, sitting slightly in the background all season long, emerged as the favorite heading into next weekend's final race of the season. He picked up a total of 157 points compared to 114 for Howell and 84 for Kikel in the last two events, moving up from a tie for 5th place.


On Saturday, Bedsworth defeated Mike Munden in the final round of the rain delayed Ashcroft final. He was lucky to receive a bye in the semi when his competitor Rob Charlton could not make the call from New York, where he is on holiday.

Munden defeated Grant Howell who was leading the points for most of the season.

As the finals from Ashcroft were taking place the other teams were busy qualifying under bright cool fast conditions at the second to last event of the year. 20 cars entered the event and Terry Spargo was the talk of the series this weekend. His goal all season long was to get close to or break into the six second barrier with his Olds Cutlass.

After qualifying was done, he lead with a 7.16 at 196 mph. Bedsworth went 7.44/183 (#2). A couple drivers were out for the first time (two for the 1st time at MRP), and they included Paul Soares from Terrace BC, Chris Lamb from Victoria, Ben Rees from Langley and Ron Ellingson from Poulso Wa.

Rees ran an awesome 7.50 at 195 in Bill Visser's Old Timer Cuda(#3) . Howie Stevens in his C/A Probe was out for the second time and went 7.52 (#4). Don Murray is sorting out the bugs in his new 'Vette and made a bunch of 7 second laps including a 7.76 best in qualifying.

The large car count (close to 270 cars) at MRP and a couple major incidents on track delayed Saturday to the point where, only two sessions were run. On Sunday one more was made and the field was set after three qualifiers.



1. Terry Spargo 7.16
2. Mike Bedsworth 7.453
3. Ben Rees 7.503
4. Howie Stevens 7.524
5. Don Murray 7.766
6. Chris Lamb 7.885
7. Dave Richardson 7.947
8. Layne Wooley 8.245
9. John Collette 8.2549
10. Phil Davis 8.257
11. Grant Howell 8.297
12. Jeff Hill 8.325
13. Ron Ellingson 8.381
14. Brian Kikel 8.390
15. Mike Munden 8.505
16. Terry Shuflita 8.675


Terry Langdon-Davies 8.735
Fraser Sutherland 8.859
Paul Soares 13.340 (shook)
Jay Syvertson broke on burnout

The Sunday ladder was set with #1 and #2 facing off and then down the line, # 3 vs #4, #5 vs #6.


A huge race was Munden vs Spargo. Spargo knew that his car would run quick, but how quick was the question. His laps in qualifying were 7.16 and 7.24 and both had different nitrous systems activated. His 7.16 was with the two nitrous systems on but both did not fully activate. His 7.24 was with one system not fully working. In round one he decided to use the one main system and hope it fully activated. He dialed a 7.17 . It did not matter what his dial was, as he left way early, giving the race to Bedsworth. Well the scoreboard came up to a career best 7.10 at 195. Wow!!!! Bedsworth was happy to be going to round two, but Spargo still had a smile on his face. You could tell the 7.10 was just a teaser though and Spargo wanted more.

Other winners on round one included, Ben Reese taking out Howie Stevens, an upset win by Ron Ellingson over third place driver Brian Kikel who broke the transmission on his burnout (Luck has not been on his side for the past couple events). Phil Davis got his first round win over a broken John Collett, and ran a career best 7.88 on the run. That was three tenths quicker that his earlier quickest run. The Willy's left hard and straight for the first time this year, Phil his wife and daughter were very happy to say the least. Don Murray had a single against a broken Chris Lamb (transmission), Grant Howell defeated Jeff Hill, Dave Richardson won a close one with Layne Wooley, and Terry Shuflita defeated Saturday's r/u Mike Munden.


In the 1/4's, Richardson and Murray had a cool staging dual that lasted for about 12 seconds before Richardson finally went in. Murray won the dual but it cost him at the tree as he was left flat footed with an uncharacteristic .10 light. Richardson went .018 at the tree and that race was over. Murray did go a new best with the new 'Vette, a 7.68 at 178mph. Shuflita went out in the semis when he took out Ellingson, Bedsworth defeated Ben Rees, and in the final pairing, Grant Howell got by a blower banging Phil Davis. Davis was on an even quicker 7.70 pass when the car went lean. The lights for all the winners in round two were: .018, .018 , .022 and .022. Wow!!!!

The semis were big, as Shuflita had hitter Howell and Grant did something he has not done, and said he could not do with his car, and that was red light. Grant went .029 red. Shuflita was sharp again though, with a .012 light. Richardson went .007 over Bedsworth, and hung on for a .03 stripe at the finish line.

The final was set with two very good leavers, but the edge had to go to the more experienced Richardson. Dave's car was finally running consistent, and Shuflita was struggling to run the 8.70 number. The air was cooling off though, so he would likely run under the number. Richardson went red (Dave told me he basically went off Terry's launch, "Yeah I screwed up", was Dave's statement to me. Shuflita had another great .01 light, his third of elimination's.

Points are posted on their page.

As stated earlier, four drivers have a shot at the title, but #'s 3 and 4 (Kikel and Murray) will need divine intervention for either to end up #1.

you can bet both Grant Howell and leader Mike Bedsworth will be amped up. Hopefully the weather is okay.

One of the highlights was Spargo coming out after losing in round one, to try and hit the 6's, and he came close the run below was a grwat shot, and he went 7.05/196 that further teaded Spargo, and with one more chance on Sunday he went out fully loaded, but the car slowed on the top end and he failed to improve from his 7.05 best. Hopefully he can make a couple more good runs this coming weekend.


Sept 7, 2005

Race #5 was a welcome relief from the disaster forever known as, " Series of unfortunate racing events".........or was it????????

Two qualifiying hits were made on Saturday and the final two qualifiers were run Sunday morning.

In total 16 cars were trying for the 8.90 minimum, and for the first time this year, every car qualified for eliminations. Unfortunately, two of the qualified drivers were unable to compete in eliminations due to breakage. Phil Davis had chassis issues that he probably could have worked around, but he thought better of it, and Terry Langdon Davies broke Saturday night and could not make the necessary repairs.

Jay Syvertsen was the top qualifier and won the burnout contest.

The #1 qualifier was not Terry Spargo, it was Jay Syvertsen in his cool blown 57 Cameo pick-up. He ran a couple 6.80 passes at over 200 and was the easy #1 guy and recipient of the 100 low qualifier bonus He also was the overwhelming favorite in the burnout contest sponsored by RJ Enterprises.

The qualifying order was:

1. Jay Syvertsen 6.825/202.61
2. Terry Spargo 7.421/186.95
3. Mike Bedsworth 7.576/180.03
4. Frank Nelson 7.671/183.00
5. Rob Murphy 7.758/175.33
6. Rob Charlton 7.783/172.94
7. Layne Wooley 7.826/178.71
8. Fraser Sutherland 7.955/172.71
9. Brian Kikel 7.956/174.79
10. Steve Ellis8.122/165.77
11. Don Murray 8.134/172.41
12. Grant Howell 8.440 159.65
13. Phil Davis 8.623/157.15
14. Mike Munden 8.631/157.45
15. Dallas Wagner 8.641/156.73
16. Terry Langdon Davies 8.843/149.92

Rob Murphy had his chute come out in his final qualifier

Eliminations saw the #1 guy face #3 and #2 face #4 and so forth.

Dallas Wagner and Mike Munden both had first round singles as both their competitors were broke. Jay Syvertsen gave it a game effort against Mike Bedsworth running a 6.89 on his 6.82 dial, but Bedsworth had a bit on the tree and took a .05 stripe. Terry Spargo took on Frank Nelson for the second time and had .08 at the tree and was past Nelson by 500 feet (sound familiar? Go back to Saturday's race between the two), only to get off the gas too early, and frank drove around him at 1200 feet, a complete reversal from Saturday, where he ran it out and broke out. I really feel for Terry on this one, as he was pissed about Saturdays deal and wanted to make sure he did not do that again. (Unfortunate event #3 for Sunday, counting the two broken cars from qualifying). Rob Murphy and Fraser Sutherland had a great blown battle, with Sutherland taking the double break out win. Layne Wooley was up against Rob Charlton, and was a little late at the tree, but that was the least of his worries. He and crew chief Sean thrashed all night long to repair the damage from the carburetor explosion the day before. Layne wants to thank Mike Munden for the windshield, Frank Nelson and crew, Rob Murphy and crew, Terry Langdon-Davies, the "Just for Fun" racing team and all the others for their help in getting the car back together.

Layne's repaired Olds looked pretty good. Thanks to all the teams for their help.

Layne made two good qualifying runs Sunday morning and the car seemed just fine. In his first round race against Charlton, Layne's car started smoking around 900 feet and continued through the 1/4 mile and well past the finish line. When Layne checked he found that he had kicked the rods out of the car. It gave no indication of trouble and was running right on the numbers in the first two and even in that first round matchup. (Major unfortunate event #4). This one I really feel for Layne, I was hoping that with the adversity he had the day before, this race might be his lucky day. Brian Kikel defeated Don Murray with a great .005 light, and to end out the round, Grant Howell defeated a red lighting Steve Ellis, but that one was not without some drama as well.

Grant and Steve were actually set to run earlier in the round, right after Layne and Rob, but when he went to fire the car, it made a loud bang and then revved up quite high leading Grant to shut it down. When he checked out the engine, he found that the top part of the plate above the manifold and below the carb had blown open causing air to leak into the manifold (unfortunate event #5). While the track was cleaning up Layne's oil down, Grant raced back to his pit and sealed up the leak.

He luckily got it fixed and it worked great. He did have trouble backing up from his burnout (forgot to turn on his air bottle, Strange event #?).

Round two was, 'believe it or not', relatively uneventful, and Mike Bedsworth, Rob Charlton (a great .004 light), Grant Howell and Mike Munden all won. The only unfortunate occurrence happened just as they finished the round and the rains came (unfortunate event #6), and did not let up long enough to finish the race. It will be completed at the next race, the last weekend of September.

Nelson's luck ran out in round two against Bedsworth.

Mike Munden is off to the semis after takking out a sleeping Dallas Wagner

Grant Howell will race Mike Munden and Rob Charlton is set to battle Mike Bedsworth.

Will this series of mishaps follow the teams to Mission at the end of September? I hope not, and I hope all the teams do an anti-voodoo chant or something to keep "Lemony and his events" the hell away from Mission Raceway Park.

The full story from Sunday at the 'Plex later this week.

September 5, 2005

Race #4 of the year for the Doorslammer series was an episode for
"Lemony Snickets… A Series of Unfortunate Events".

On the good news side "Hall of Famer" Frank Nelson won his first ever Doorslammer event

----It literally had everything in it. If there could be a driver error…it happened. If there could be strange starting line occurrences……… happened. If there could be a mechanical error………it happened. If there could be strange staging lane occurrences……….it happened (did I say that already). A number of teams were probably thinking, "why the hell did we come up here".
Saturday at the Eagle was originally scheduled to be a day of qualifying for race #5 in the 7 race series. When the rain hit MRP the weekend before on Sunday, the decision was made to run that event on the Saturday at Ashcroft. With 24 cars in the field from the Mission event, only 14 decided to make the trek to the "Plex for the rescheduled event. I had figured that 16-18 should and would, but a couple, like Dave Richardson, Bob Marshall, Terry Shuflita and Dave Warren (he was in Seattle for the Good Guys event) did not make the trek. A bit of a surprise for sure.

RH Race Cars was the presenting sponsor for the event on Saturday and TCS Performance Products was sponsoring the Sunday event.
The drivers who made the trip north that were already qualified from the week before included #1 Terry Spargo, #3 Rob Murphy, #4 Frank Nelson, #5 Mike Bedsworth, #7 Layne Wooley, #8 Brian Kikel, #9 Rob Charlton, #13 Steve Ellis, #16 Fraser Sutherland, #17 Don Murray, #18 Grant Howell, #20 Phil Davis, #21 Dallas Wagner, and #23 Terry Langdon Davies. Two other drivers were at the 'Plex for the Sunday event and they were Mike Munden and Jay Syvertsen.

All the teams had a Saturday 2 time trials before elimination's and they counted for qualifying for Sunday as well. Series point leader, Brian Kikel struggled in the two time trials and did not make a representative lap for the 7 second Corvette. Phil Davis was loose on his attempts as well. Don Murray could not get his car to make a good run and Rob Murphy did not even get his car fired up at all on Saturday.
In round one of elimination's, the first couple pairs made their round and then the rains came and stopped racing for about an hour. Grant Howell ran Phil Davis and Phil almost came right into the side of Howell, Luckily the two cars did not touch and Howell went on to victory (unfortunate event #1). Rob Charlton had a single when his 1st rd opponent Chris Cannon did not show, Steve Ellis (won (Greg Anderson) and Fraser Sutherland in the cool green Cuda was had a single (John Collett). Just before racing was halted, Point leader Kikel was one a single and automatic win (Or so it should have been), when the unthinkable happened. He left before the tree was activated, and was automatically disqualified. What actually happened was Brian pre-staged his Corvette and then though he staged it as well. But when he hit the stage beam, and went on the trans brake, the car rolled back and the stage bulb went out, before the starter could activate the system. Brian went up on the converter (because he though he was staged), and when the tree did not come down, he left anyway, thinking it was a timing malfunction. Ouch!!! What an unfortunate event (#2).

When the racing resumed, Terry Spargo was to face Rob Murphy, but when Murphy went to fire the car, it would not start, the battery was stone cold dead. (Unfortunate event #3). Mike Bedsworth was defeated by Layne Wooley in a battle of #4 and 5 in the points, Don Murray got a single (Joe Loch), Frank Nelson also got a single (Bob Marshall) and finally to end round one, Terry Langdon Davies took out Dallas Wagner.

Round two………what would happen in this round. Well you ain't seen 'nutin yet"
Terry Spargo and Frank Nelson faced off, and this one was over early. Frank Nelson got real loose at 150 feet and was off the throttle, and Terry Spargo cruised to an easy victory…Sorry, not what happened. Yes, Nelson got loose, and Terry who was 4/10ths quicker drove around him and kept his foot in it right through the ¼ mile, and broke out by .006! Ouch (unfortunate event #4)."Yeah, I screwed up, stated Spargo, I dialed the car real hard and though there was no way I would run under my number, it never crossed my mind. But the head wind died down, and we made the quickest run of the weekend".

Layne Wooley was the recipient of the Kikel faux pa from round one and had a single in round two. He just took the green and rolled back. Steve Ellis defeated Fraser Sutherland as Sutherland did a huge wheelstand, Grant Howell defeated Don Murray, when Murray finally got his car to hook up (his fourth lap of the day) and he ran 3/10ths under his dial in (unfortunate event #5). Langdon Davies also had a single into round three.


Round three was the strangest of all.

Steve Ellis took on Rob Charlton and just when they finished their burn out the was a huge bang in the staging lanes. When Layne Wooley went to fire his car in his third round match-up with Frank Nelson, his car backfired in a huge bang and blew the top of his hood skyward, and also blew his windshield into scattering shrapnel (unfortunate event #6). The starter was watching the staging lanes incident and just as he was going to get a fire extinguisher, Ellis and Charlton both staged and went on their trans brakes. The starter turned around and fired the switch (approx 4-5 seconds) later just and Charlton was starting to look at what the heck was going on. He had an uncharacteristic .1 light and was done for the day (unfortunate event #7).


Series organizer, Marcy Copley was visibly shaken by the explosion (she was standing very close to Wooley's car). And then Charlton crew chief came over to Copley and said the two cars did not have a fair start and he wanted a rerun. That was okayed originally, until it was determined that both cars, while having a distraction, had the same disadvantage and the run would count. The final pair in round three was Howell vs Langdon Davies. Miraculously, it went off without a hitch.

The semi finals saw Frank Nelson get his fourth straight uncontested win (counting the Spargo round), as he was on the top half of an odd car ladder. He just staged and cruised to the finish line.
Steve Ellis was up against Terry Langdon Davies in the other semi and Steve was a bit concerned after his long delay on the revs from round three. He did a surprisingly long burnout and when he went to back up the car, it would not go into reverse. He tried fro a fair bit and then slowly cruised through the end of the track, giving the easy win to Davies (unfortunate event #8).

The final round was set to be a battle of first time finalists. Nelson vs Davies.
It got strange again. When Davies was driving back from his semi final win he noticed a vibration or rattle on the return road. He took the valve covers off and saw a broken roller lifter, with probable needle bearings in the drive train.
His day (and weekend) was done (unfortunate event #9).

Frank Nelson was crowned event champion without having to make a full lap all day. (Strange event in this series of unfortunate events.

While Frank was very happy to get his first ever win in the series, he certainly conceded it was probably the easiest win he has ever gotten in his 50 year racing career.

The points in the series looks like this after this strange day

1. Grant Howell 247
2. Brian Kikel 230
3. Don Murray 223
4. Layne Wooley 212
5. Mike Bedsworth 208
6. Rob Charlton 208
7. Terry Spargo 187
8. Greg Anderson 182
9. Dave Warren 149
10. Roy Lazic 140
11. Bob Marshall 127
12. Terry shuflita 123
13. Glen Norman 111
14. Steve Ellis 108
15. Frank Nelson 102
16. John Collett 89
17. Terry Langdon Davies 81

August 15, 2005

"Thunder in the Valley"

Victoria's Craig Donaldson takes out Courtney's Dean Peterson in the final round of the "Port Alberni Drag Racing Assoc." sponsored exhibition (non points earning event) Doorslammer race at Port Alberni.

Final Qualifying.

Bob Marshall 7.62
Craig Donaldson 7.78
Benny Reef 7.88
Chris Lamb 7.92
Layne Wooley 7.96
Dave Warren 8.14
Dave Richardson 8.20
Terry Spargo 8.28
Grant Howell 8.37
Shane Wanger 8.53
Bob McKernan 8.67
Dean Peterson 8.69
Mike Munden 8.69
Terry Langdon Davies 8.83

Phil Davis
Guy Keats
Terry Shuflita
Kevin Eng

In round one, Bob Marshall defeated Benny Reef in Bill Visser's Old TImer Cuda, Craig Donaldson took out Chris Lamb, Layne Wooley defeated Dave Richardson, Terry Spargo defeated Dave Warren, Bob McKernan upset Grant Howell, 2004 champ Dean Peterson defeaated Shane Wanger and Terry LAngon got the single when Mike Munden broke.

In Round two, Marshall got the odd car bye into the semi finals, Terry Spargo defeated McKernan, Donaldson took out Wooley and Peterson got the best of Langdon-Davies.

The semi finals Saw the two "Island" drivers use their home court advantage and defeat Spargo (Peterson over Spargo) and Marshall (Donaldson over Marshall).

Donaldson in his old Firebird (owned by Eddie Eng) had the better package and took out the Super Gas Mustang with owner Dean Peterson in the seat.

The Doorslammer assoc. wants to thank the Port Alberni drag racing club for their support of the series, and the total of $8,400.00 in sponsorship and purse money. All qualifers received $500.00 (covers the Ferry costs) and then first round winners and above received regular Doorslammer purse money.




June 13, 2005

Brian Kikel looses the fight but wins the war............. (This headline is for both this race and the re-run final). Terry Shuflita gets his first win in the series

Points are posted.

Gallery is here


Brian Kikel did not win the rerun or this weekend's event sponsored by Pro Stock performance, but walked away with the point lead by the slimmest of margins.

The qualifying after three rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday was eventful to say the least. Roy Lazic really has that Trans Am thumping right now as he went in the 7.20's on four occasions this weekend including Friday's test n tune. There is potential for that car to be a 7.0 or even 6 second ride. And it is for sale for $85,000.00 turn key. Virtually a brand new car with all the updates Roy has done to it. Approximately 50 runs on the car since its debut last season. Terry Spargo put his trusty 560 inch bullet in the Cutlass and went a very strong 7.33. Rob Charlton got in with only one hit on Sunday, as one of his daughters graduated on the weekend. Don Murray ran in the sevens for the first time running with the doorslammers and announced that this was the last race with the 56 Corvette in the series. He takes delivery of a 63 Corvette Pro Mod and will have it out at the next DS event. Mike Munden was out for the first time as was Terry Shuflita. John Collette was back after grenading the engine at race one, and most unfortunate was Steve Ellis DNQ for the third time this year, as his Corvette has plagued his all season.

Here is final qualifying

Roy Lazic 7.241 191
Terry Spargo 7.330 187
Mike Bedsworth 7.519 182
Rob Charlton 684 7.756 174
Brian Kikel F691 7.773 179
Don Murray 6047 7.937 172
Layne Wooley 8.020 166
Greg Anderson 8.056 168
John Collette 8.097 167
Dave Warren 8.168 165
Grant Howell 6650 8.273 162
Terry Shuflita 8.361 161
Mike Munden 8.580 157
Glen Norman 8.654 163

Unfortunately both Glen Norman and Dave Warren wounded their engines in qualifying, and while both were in the field, neither could make the call in round one.

Their opponents Terry Shuflita and Mike Munden both had freebies to start elimination's. Roy Lazic took on Mike Bedsworth in round one and Lazic dialed an optimistic 7.15 as the car has been posting big numbers and the team was getting the clutch dialed in. Unfortunately, Roy got loose and drifted toward the guard rail and had to lift. Bedsworth clicked it at 1250 feet and ran a 7.53 on a 7.51 dial in. Terry Spargo and Rob Charlton faced off and Spargo could not run the number and Charlton advanced to the 1/4's. Brian Kikel and Layne Wooley were next up and this one was a strange one. Kikel was dialed 7.75 and Wooley put 8.02 on his window. At the stripe both exactly the same number (-.021) under their index and the scoreboard light showed Wooley as the winner. The light on the guard rail down track showed Kikel as the winner and the time slip showed Kikel as the winner. They came up to the tower and looked on the print out and in fact Kikel was the winner as he had the better reaction time and in fact crossed the finish line first. This was the first time in my memory where both cars ran under by exactly the same amount. Greg Anderson took out the rerun winner Don Murray when he got loose and had to lift. John Collette broke on his run against Grant Howell but the point leader broke out despite lifting on the top end, (a bunch of cars ran quicker than expected); Collette got the win even though he did not cross the finish line under his own power. And as posted earlier Shuflita and Munden both got single due to the opponents breaking.


In Round two, Bedsworth got the bye run into the semis, and Kikel took on Charlton. Kikel got the win in a close one, Anderson got an easy one as Collette deep staged (automatic dsq), and ironically Munden was dsq'ed as well, as his light flickered a couple times and when the tree was activated the bottom bulb flicked off. Ouch! Shuflita was the beneficiary in that pairing.

In the semi finals, Terry Shuflita defeated Greg Anderson, Kikel raced Bedsworth and Mike took the win light advancing to the final round for the first time this season. Kikel's semi final finish was just enough to put him in first place in the standings. Terry Shuflita defeated Greg Anderson in the other semi with a great .013 light.



The final round was run at close to 8:00 pm with the rain delay, but it was a great final and worth the wait and both cars ran right on their dial in. The win light was in Terry Shuflita's lane based on his .04 advantage at the starting line.

A weekend that featured three different door car series was a long one but with the three point leaders all out before the final round tightened up the points making the next event on the schedule in August, a big one to be sure the standings (unofficial) are here.


June 12, 2005

Saturday rerun of the rained out final three weeks ago.

The much talked about re match between Don Murray and Brian Kikel ended up the way the first one went with Murray taking the win light. If you read the story below, the final round three weeks ago was null and voided, due to the weather as race Director Wally Duperon and Starter Steve Manning, felt the race should be rerun.

It was this past weekend and Murray won the final by .007. Don had .02 at the tree and ran 7.962 163.96 (7.93di and 034 rt ) to defeat Kikel 7.751 178.25 mph (052rt and 7.73di). Ironically, the reaction times fro both drivers were almost identical to the disallowed race three weeks ago.

May 24, 2005

Race #2 Memorial Day weekend presented by Charlton Automotive

Sunday elimination's (qualifying follows elimination's)

Photos courtesy Dean Murdoch, Shannon MacDonald and Marcy Copley

Sunday elimination's had only 9 cars in competition due to 2 not qualifying (Davies and Ellis) two qualified cars breaking on Saturday (Norman and Warren) and one breaking in the final qualifier Sunday (Bedsworth).

Roy Lazic, Layne Wooley and Greg Anderson got first round singles due to the three broken, cars making three runs side by side for round one. Brian Kikel took on Terry Spargo and Kikel got the win as Terry was well off his 7.29 dial in. Terry ended up with a couple bad cylinders when he return to the pits and did a leak down check and two spark plugs were burned off. Kikel ran 7.7 to advance. Rob Charlton took on Don Murray and Murray took the win, and in the final race, Grant Howell extended his winning streak to 11 rounds as Stefan Kondolay took too much stripe and broke out with a 8.295 on a 8.30 dial in.

In Round two Brian Kikel ran 7.76 and got the win over an early lifting Roy Lazic, Grant Howell won and lifted early in his race with Layne Wooley, as Layne had transmission trouble and was off the throttle by half track. That gave Grant a 12-0 round record. Could he make it to the final round and win again? Don Murray got a freebie when Greg Anderson went in deep.


In the semis, under skies that were starting to look threatening, Kikel got the top half of the ladder odd car bye run, and in the biggest win in Don Murray's history with the Doorslammers, he took out Grant Howell in possibly the closest race in DS history, a .0016 margin of victory. Grant got the starting line advantage .044 to .055 and lead right till the finish line when he scrubbed a little to much and Don streaked by for the 2 - 4 inch win. Don was almost perfect on his dial running 8.072 (on a 8.07 DI), and Grant ran 8.306 (on a 8.29 DI), what a semi final.

For as exciting as the semi was, the final round will go down as the most unusual and controversial in DS history. Kikel had lane choice and picked the right lane. Both cars were ready to run and the first shower hit the track. After a 5 minute delay, they brought in the Sportsman final to run first and the two cars backed out of the burnout box. After the Sportsman final both cars fired up and did their burnouts. They backed up and were getting ready to stage when the second shower hit. Both cars shut it down and backed up and waited for another 5 minutes.

Finally it looked good, three times lucky or something like that! But there still was the odd drop coming down. Very minor, and they have run in those conditions before. Brian Kikel did not want to run as it could come down as any time again and was ready to call it quits, but when the Starter motioned both drivers to fire up their cars both drivers did. Steve Manning (the starter) wanted both cars to be quick and Brian did a very short burnout. Don Murray has a routine he likes to do and did his regular 200 foot burnout. Possibly not a good choice,, but Don was very quick to back up to the starting line. Almost Twig Ziegler like. Both car inched forward and prestaged their Corvettes. Just as both cars got prestaged, a few more sprinkles came down, Six seconds later one car was in, and Manning triggered the Auto Start system. Three seconds later, the second car was staged and a heavier sprinkle struck. The lights came on and both cars left, both looked okay until they hit the transition, and that time both cars got very loose, and Brian was the first to pedal the car, he had no success and got crossed up big time. Don then feathered his throttle and motored down the track to victory with a stellar 11.52/96 mph to Kikel's 15.52/51mph blast!! Or was it a victory.

I saw Steve Manning radio to Race Director Wally Duperon, and fro there the controversy hit. As I was walking back into the pit area, Marcy Copley, series organizer said to me that the race should be rerun. I stated that no it shouldn't once the two cars stage and the starter flips the switch the race is deemed official, unless.......................a couple scenarios take place.

A timing malfunction or computer glitch or in a case like this, the starter could not stop the autostart but felt the conditions were unsafe and calls off the run.

Basically that is what the starter and Race Director determined. Manning was honest enough to say that he should not of started the race.

Kikel was visibly upset, and told Don on the top end that the race was BS and should not of been run. An obvious statement for the guy that did not get the win light, not that he wasn't right in making that statement.

Don on the other hand felt and still feels that once the tree is activated and turns green the race is official. He is probably right in his opinion, but the circumstances here are so bizarre that and exception is not out of the question.

The Race Director and Starter conferred, and with Marcy Copley's input, the three decided to re-run the final round at the next event. Most left in attendance liked the re-run decision, but it did leave a sour taste in a few.

Myself, I think it probably should of counted as a win, and am glad I did not have to make the choice, but I understand the starter and Race Director's decision and applaud them for having the guts to potentially change the outcome of a race due to strictly a safety issue.

All I know is that when the final is rerun in 17 days, it will be precedent setting.

I can't wait!


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Controversy hits the CWDSeries, this past weekend in the final round. Rain hit just as the starter flipped the switch, and both cars got very loose right at the concrete transition, both pedaled once and then basically coasted through the finish line. The Race will be re-run at the next event.

That is the short form of the story, the entire scenario will be posted Tuesday night.

Here are the qualifying results leading up to elimination's on Sunday and the wildest and most debated race in the series history.

Saturday and Sunday were not even supposed to be on the dry weather radar screen, but somehow, Saturday and Sunday were completed. Don't ever trust a weatherman on the "Wet Coast".

Racing got underway around 11:30 am after track drying was complete at MRP. The first round of qualifying for the Doorslammers was around 1:00pm.

13 cars were at the track for race #2. while it is 10 less than the first event a number of factors caused the reduced numbers. Race #1 had a lot of carnage, with John Collette, Klaas Reitsma, Frank Nelson, Rash Dhaliwal, Gary Mizerva, Chris Cannon Jay Syvertsen and Dave Richardson all not making repairs in time for this weekend's race. Then last weekend at the Lucas Oil event, Bob Marshall (engine breakage) and Pat McCullough crashing dropped the numbers down even further.

Roy Lazic turned in his best et in his blown Trans Am, a solid 7.35/187 to open qualifying and set the mark after round one. Mike Bedsworth turned in a 7.49 to sit #2 and Brian Kikel ran a consistent 7.74 to end up #3 after one round. Steve Ellis and Terry Langdon Davies both could not hit the 8.70 minimum, with Davies right on the verge with a 8.769.

In round two, Terry Spargo was the only driver to make a big move, as he went from running a 7.95 to a 7.48 to move up to #2 in the field. Lazic went 7.54 and is getting closer to getting a handle on the clutch setting on the blown beast. Greg Anderson is on the edge of the seven second zone as he went an 8.05.

In the final run on Saturday at around 5:00 pm, Both Ellis and Davies failed to move into the field and unfortunately Glen Norman and Dave Warren, who was struggling with an oil leak could not complete their runs and in fact could not return for Sunday racing. Norman had transmission woes.

Sunday morning saw similar weather to Saturday and a delayed start to the day. The final qualifying went off around noon, and Stefan Kondolay enter the field with his Super Gas Cavalier. He made the field with an 8.30 but Stefan and dad Bill both knew there was two or three tenths left in the car.

A couple guys improved slightly in performance, with Kikel going 7.70, and Rob Charlton running a 7.86.

Here is the final order after four rounds of qualifying. Roy Lazic gets the $100.00 Lucas Oil low qualifier bonus, and Mike Bedsworth won the RJ Enterprises "Big Bad Burnout" contest with a huge 500 foot blast that ended up well past the 660 clocks.

Roy Lazic 6041 7.355 187.53
Terry Spargo 6431 7.480 182.51
Mike Bedsworth 6235 7.490 182.51
Brian Kikel F691 7.70 179.42
Rob Charlton 684 7.86 173.87
Greg Anderson 6968 8.055 169.23
Don Murray 6047 8.086 170.29
Dave Warren 6169 8.179 167.13
Layne Wooley 6578 8.274 165.28
Grant Howell 6650 8.290 162.66
Glen Norman 6454 8.297 157.34
Stefan Kondolay 8.30 170 mph


Terry Langdon Davies 8.769 152.61
Steve Ellis 612 8.90 154.08

The first round pairing were as follows, Lazic vs Bedsworth (Bedworth broke a rocker, so Lazic had a single), Spargo vs Kikel, Charlton vs Murray, Anderson vs Warren, Wooley vs Norman and Howell vs Kondolay.

The rest of the story up Tuesday night.

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May 2, 2005

From left to right, Ray Bobrowski, Dayle Howell, Grant Howell (middle, striking a pose) Jan Bobrowski, and the 'Great' Marcy after two consecutive wins in the series.

May, 2, 2005 .............After the crazy Saturday dubbed the "Carnage Nationals", Sunday turned into the "Redemption Nationals" as the Sunday final qualifier and elimination's were one of the most exciting days in CW Doorslammer history.

With one shot left to get into the field, and only 14 of the 23 cars entered quick enough for the 8.70 minimum, alot of changes to the order occurred. Bob Marshall led after Saturday with a career best 7.26/190. and Rash Dhaliwal was #2, with a 7.43 (Rash broke on the run and did not make the necessary repairs for elimination's). Jay Syvertsen was the first to make a big change to the ladder, when he ripped off a soft 6.91/201 to leap to the top of the heap in his Pro Mod Pick-up. Mike Bedsworth after running 2/10's slower than his Old's should, moved all the way into the the top five with a career best 7.44. Bob Marshall repeated his Saturday run with an identical 7.26 and was #2. Rob Charlton moved up by a tenth from Saturday, and ran 7.77 and Terry Langdon-Davis stopped the wheelstanding, and ran a career best 8.55 with his very cool looking Willy's. Dave Warren with the all new "Black Max" (Blue Max sponsored) 62 Belair ran his first seven of the year with a 7.99. The last car down the track was Terry Spargo who did the big wheelstand on Saturday and had to make repairs overnight. Terry was going to be a bit cautious for the run, but in testing on Friday the ex Bob Marshall Cutlass ran an easy 7.40. Terry was hoping for a 7.30 maybe, just enough to get his advanced et license and have a bit of a tune-up for first round. He had the nitrous come on 3/10ths into the run and hope for the best. The car launched hard with the wheels about 10 inches on the ground (1.10 60 ft) stayed straight and carried on through the 1/4 mile to a 7.21/188!!! A career best and into the #2 spot in the field.

The only driver who struggled in the final chance was Dave Richardson, who could not run the number with his 7 second Camaro. He struggled all day with electrical problems but managed to get part of it sorted out and ran a 8.45 at the end of the day Sunday.

17 cars ran the number and were on the ladder but in fact 16 ran elimination's as Rash Dhaliwal could not make first round.

Round one.................... the big matchup was Marshall vs Spargo in the battle of 7.20 cars (the field is matched up based on a fast half of the ladder and a slow half of the ladder to keep racing close until the final round). Bob had been killer on the tree in two of the qualifiers going double "0" twice. I told him not to use up all those great lights in qualifying and he just smiled and said, "don't count out us old farts yet". Well, he showed me for sure as in the first round he went .000 (his opponent, the other old fart went .02) and ran just a couple hun off his dial (7.28) for a fender length win. Ya, when he got back to the pits I gave him a bow. Jay Syvertsen with the odd car single ran 6,80 but unfortunately spun a couple rod bearings and did not want to chance anymore damage, so his round two opponent got a single. Bedsworth had a single due to Dhaliwal breaking and he ran a 7.51 on a 7.50 dial. Brian Kikel defeated Roy Lazic, Rob Charlton defeated Pat McCullough, Don Murray got by a break out 7.96 by the "Black Max", Layne Wooley defeated Greg Anderson, Grant Howell got the win over Glen Norman and Terry Langdon Davis defeated Steve Ellis.


Round two......................Davis faced Howell , who was now undefeated in six straight round of racing dating back to the 2004 season finale; He kept the streak alive with a close win over TDL. Kikel and Bedworth left almost at the same time but, Kikel took the stripe by a fender, Layne Wooley and Don Murray also have close lights but Wooley was closer to his dial and advanced. The final two to advance were Bob Marshall and Rob Charlton, who both ended up with singles (Rob based on the ladder, and Bob due to Syvertsen breaking).

The 1/4's........................ had Marshall and Kikel in one pairing and Wooley vs Charlton in the other. Grant Howell had his favorite opponent, no one as he had the odd field bye run. Guess what, he extended his undefeated streak to 8 rounds. Wooley vs Charlton was a close one but Rob's truck picked up almost a tenth from the last run, and even though he dumped almost 10 mph on the top end he still broke out by a couple Hun, giving Layne a shot a breaking Howell's winning streak in the semis. Marshall and Kikel was also a great matchup and good race but Brian took too much stripe on the top end and broke out by 7/1000ths.

Semi finals..................Marshall got the odd car bye into the final, and the 37 Chevy of Grant Howell's would face off against the 86 Old's of Layne Wooley's. Layne had his worst light on elimination's and Howell stayed in the bottom half of the .0's getting his ninth in a row. And a date with Bob Marshall's 500 in. Grand Am.

Bragging rights, the points lead, the cool etched glass trophy and cash from RJ Enterprises was up for grabs (and a 10 round winning streak if Howell could win) in the..................

"Final round".................... This one was going to be tough for Marshall and he had to wait a second before leaving the starting line. Bob's dial was 7.33 and Grant's was 8.28. Bob's trigger finger proved to be too twitchy, and he couldn't hold off long enough, red lighting away his chance for victory. Grant was solid on the tree and ran close to his dial anyway, and got his tenth round win in a row, and second consecutive Doorslammer victory.


After the start of this event with the rain and carnage form Saturday, it ended in awesome fashion and was easily a day of "redemption".

The next event of the season is in three weeks the week after the Lucas Oil event the 21st-22nd of May.

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The first race of 2005 is on this weekend and i think I am going to name it the................... "Carnage Nationals"


On an opening weekend where 23 cars were on board to compete, after Fridays test n tune the field was down to 22. Ray Kirton torched a head in his bad Chevy Pickup on a 7.66 180 mph lap. Then on Saturday all hell broke loose. On a racing surface that was surprisingly good (after not having any cars down it this season, except street legal), even with rain delays throughout the morning, the carnage started on the first qualifier. There were no crashes thankfully, but the engines and transmissions took more abuse than expected on the opening weekend. The cars that took the hits included Rash Dhaliwal, Frank Nelson, Gary Mizerva, Klaas Reitsma, Terry Spargo, Chris Cannon, John Collett, Jay Syvertsen and Bob Marshall. Bob Marshall recovered after having transmission problems, recovered to run his career best lap a 7.26 at 190 to sit #1 in the field. Frank Nelson should have his Firebird back on track for Sundays final qualifier after Trans woes as well. Chris Canon broke a lifter and did not think he could get the spares to make it out on Sunday. Terry Spargo did a huge wheelstand but they team was making Wheellie bar repairs and Terry will be out Sunday morning for the last ditch attempt to get in the field. John Collett wounded the engine badly and definitely won't be back, as did Gary Mizerva from Alberta. Klass Reitsma broke an oil pump and was without oil pressure so his weekend is done as well. Rash Dhaliwal packed up after his 7.43 and I did not get a chance to see what was up with the fast 'Stang. He might be back, I'm not sure. And Finally Jay Syvertsen was hoping to use this weekend for a test session in his bad ass Pro Mod Pick-up, but mechanical woes in the pits kept them out on Saturday. Jay is hoping to make the fianl session today (Sunday) and get a hit in.

The top of the field includes Marshall #1, Dhaliwal #2, Roy Lazic #3, Brian Kikel #4, then Pat McCullough and Rob Charlton round out the top 6.

One of the Saturday highlights was Don Murray's 700 foot smokey burnout that won him the $100.00 RJ Enterprises sponsored "Big Bad Burnout Contest".

Hopefully Sunday brings better results. We'll be back tonight for all the results and photo highlights.

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