Results from Race #1 at Mission Raceway Park May 14-15, 2004

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Final Qualifying (going from memory, don't have the qualifying sheets in front of me)

1. Bob Marshall, Elma 00NY, .7.41/185
2 Joe Mellof, C0000000000al.7.52/185
3 Duane Grosart, Lancaster .7.58/150
4 Ray Kirton, Paduc0000ah K7.60/183
5 Terry Spargo, Barrie .N, *.7.61/179
6 Mike Bedsworth, C0000.lg.7.73/175?
7 Rob Charlton, 000000.00 07.73/175
8 Brian Kikel, Tu000000.00sc7.78/174?
9 Frank Nelson, Ly000000ma7.85/173
10 Dave Warren, Kin000...N.7.95/170?
11 John Collette, L0000000a8.00/170?
12 Ron Beaudoin,00000.000 8.02/168?
13 Steve Ellis, Rox00000bor 8.32/160?
14 Grant Howell, 00000.0W..8.38/158?
15 Layne Wooley Broke before qualifying

Eliminations Sunday saw 14 cars compete at the first of nine events in 2004. Defending series champion Joe Mellof had a whole new motor combination in the 63 Corvette and has been out testing extensively to get the combination down and consistent in the mid sevens. He wants badly to repeat as the champion in the series. Bob Marshall is back in the series after a one year layoff, and his ride, a 96 Old's Cutlass has a new look and more power which propelled it to the #1 qualifying spot with a 7.41 @ 185mph. He will also be bring out a second car later this season (hopefully), a Pro Stock Grand Am with a Ron PArr built 500in. legal Pro Stock motor. He should be in the 7 teens or twenty's with the new car.

Final elimination's (courtesy SpeedZone

Joe Mellof capped off a great day for the Maple Ridge racing family and a start to a defense of the title he won in 2003, as he defeated Rob Charlton in the final round. The 14 car field was lead by TCS Driver Bob Marshall in his 555 inch Ron Parr built BB Chevy. Duane Grosart, the expected #1 qualifier in his six second Blown 55 Chevy Pro Mod, got only one of four qualifying attempt in, and it was the last session on Sunday, so the team just made an easy lap to assure they would be in the field. In Round one, Mellof defeated Marshall by 2/1000ths. Duane Grosart dialed a six in his first round race against Ray Kirton, but only got a 7.12 for his second lap of the season with the new engine combo. Kirton's 7.69 was more than enough. Terry Spargo could not handle Mike Bedsworth's .028 light despite his best et's with the nitrous Camaro. Bedsworth had his best effort in Doorslammer, and it was with an all new car for the Marysville based driver. Rob Charlton defeated engine builder Brian Kikel in Steve Buerger's 63 Corvette, as both drivers were off on their usual good lights. Hall of Famer Frank Nelson went in deep and got the red light against the newly painted 62 Belair driven by Dave Warren. Unfortunately for Warren, he hurt his new big inch Steve Schmidt powerplant and did not return for round two. John Collett was easy pickings for rookie Ron Beauchoin when he and crew chief Paul forgot to activate the nitrous bottle, and in the final pairing of round one, Steve Ellis won the race but lost the war against Grant Howell, as he got the win but hurt the motor and did not make it into round two. The second round saw only one pairing due to the 1st round carnage, and in the lone side by side, Mike Bedsworth defeated Ray Kirton in the blown pickup with a great .017 light and 7.82 to 7.67 for Kirton. Mellof got the odd car bye run and Charlton and Beaudoin both got singles due to breakage. In the third and semi final round, Mellof had a great .019 light and defeated Bedsworth who had a game .025 light, but could not run his 7.78 number. Rob Charlton got to be the other finalist as he defeated Beaudoin after both had rt's within .004 of each other. The final round had 2003 #1 and #3 face each other, when friendly rivals Joe Mellof and Rob Charlton in opposite ends of the Chevy spectrum faced each other. Charlton in the newer 2000 S-10 faced the 63 Corvette driven by Joe Mellof. Mellof got the huge hole-shot .009 - .061 and scrubbed 10 mph off at the finish line to take a 7.59 to 7.89 win light. A good start to defending his 2003 championship.

The next event in June 5-7 at Mission Raceway. Thanks to RJ Enterprises and all the sposors for their support of the Canada West Doorslammer series

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