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Sept. 28, 2004

The final event of the year was presented by ..............

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and what an event is was!!! The race for the series title came down to the semi finals at the final race and Joe Mellof won the round giving him a three point lead and the second series title in a row. This year, he got the best of Terry Spargo. He defeated Terry in a gigantic match-up in round two. Both drivers had lights within .015 but a .028 stripe taking break-out by Spargo gave Mellof the chance to repeat if he could defeat Mike Bedsworth in the semi finals. In the semis, Joe Mellof took a .012 rt advantage and ran a 7.799 on his 7.790 dial-in to take a 4/100ths victory and the championship. The final round was run on Sunday due to the cooling weather, and there, Grant Howell came from the other half of the ladder defeating Glen Norman, Curtis Sankey and Rob Charlton in the semis before facing Joe in the final round. The final saw Howell take a 5/100ths lead off the starting line and scrub only 2 mph off at the finish line to take a .020 victory, around 3 feet. The victory was the first ever for the Victoria driver and capped off a day where he went from 12th in the standings all the way up to 8th place and a spot in the 8 car "Lucas Oil" Shootout presented by Cinmar Enterprises, TCS Performance Converters, South Hill Electric and RJ Enterprises. Bob Marshall lost his chance to moved into first or second with a first round loss to Ray Kirton. Bob broke out by 6/1000ths in an early shut off run that would have been his first ever 7.20 time slip. Bob did return Sunday to run an awesome 7.29@190. The power he is making with his 500 inch Parr/Schmidt combo is amazing. A true 1200+ hp.


In qualifying............. Bob Marshall was the #1 man for the fifth time this season and he ran a career best 7.314. Qualifying was very tough as due to the race being run in one day, only two qualifiers were run. Six drivers who were all more than capable if the 8.70 number did not make the cut due to the shortened program. Bob Isrealson debuted his new Tim McAmis Corvette and was working all weekend on his combination. Chris Murphy was also out for the first time this year with his cool Camaro SS. He only made one 300 foot launch and one more hit on Sunday. It is a very nice looking car. And yes the car is Black. Jeff Hill was out for the second time in his cool 55 Chevy and is still dialing in the chassis and the engine. Ron Beaudoin unfortunately broke the motor in the first round of qualifying on the burnout. Terry Shuflita struggled on both his attempts, and Roy Lazic is still dialing in the high horsepower blown Trans Am. Expected #1 qualifier Duane Grosart shook the tires real hard on his only attempt.

Here are the final qualifying numbers.

1. Bob Marshall
2. Rob Murphy
3. Mike Bedsworth
4. Ray Kirton
5. Terry Spargo
6. John Collett
7. Joe Mellof
8. Layne Wooley
9. Rob Charlton
10. Frank Nelson
11. Dave Warren
12. D. Richardson
13. Grant Howell
14. Wally Nichols
15. Curtis Sankey
16. Glen Norman

Ron Beaudoin
Jeff Hill
Chris Murphy
Duane Grosart
Roy Lazic
Terry Shuflita
Bob Isrealson

7.314/189.59 7.412/187.14 7.655/179.39 7.699/176.15 7.734/177.72 7.745/173.44 7.765/179.71 7.850/174.28 7.872/172.47 7.875/178.04 7.895/171.49 8.162/165.71 8.297/161.72 8.357/162.71 8.440/161.03 8.551/161.84

00ET/ MPH00 Broke on Burnout

Coasted through 9.765/102 11.497/61.61 10.108/107.64 9.720/123.55

The shootout results and elim ladder from Saturday's race will be posted Tuesday night


The top "8 Lucas Oil Doorslammer shootout" presented by "Cinmar Enterprises"

##1 #5 #7 #6
#1 #6





The SpeedZone Gamblers shootout



A Weekend photo gallery is here


August 31, 2004

Terry Spargo gets his second win of the year...... Moves into first place in the standings.

With the entire race run on Sunday due to the weather the teams going to the final round had to run six rounds total. First round of qualifying went at 10:00am, second round was 11:30am and first round was a 1:30 start. A number of new cars were out for the first time this year, including rookie doorslammer participant[ant Greg Anderson and friend of Mike Bedsworth from Washington he ran a career best 8.08 in qualifying to nail down the #10 spot in the field. Larry Altmeyer, out for the first time this year with his very nice 66 Nova spun the tires in round one and then rolled the beams in the final qualifier to keep him out of the field. Too bad Larry, it would have been nice to see you in the field. Next race buddy! Jeff Hill was also out for the first time this season and his new ride is simply awesome. It is the ex Pro Mod previously owned by Vern Mills. It is a 1955 Chevy with a big block chevy and a bunch of nitrous under the hood. He only made one lap and it was a loose 10 second lap. On his final attempt, he could not get the car started so that ended his weekend. Glen Norman was also out with his new very cool 1958 Corvette with a mouse motor w/nitrous. He had a mechanical problem in the first session and then the nitrous bid not engage in the second qualifier and he had to set for a non qualifying 9.38 best. He did come out and made a couple 8.20 laps later in the day so he will be out for the next couple doorslammer events. Joe Loch was also out for the first time this year with his Monte Carlo and he made the field and had a great day as you will see in elimination's. Bob Marshall's long awaited debut of his new Jerry Haas built Grand Am was a complete success as he ran a bunch of 7.30's including a best of 7.32/190, which exceeded both his and engine guru Ron Parr's expectations.

Points are updated

Here is final qualifying

Final Qualifying
1. Bob Marshall 7.341
2. Ray Kirton 7.667
3. John Collett 7.725
4. Joe Mellof 7.747
5. Mike Bedsworth 7.770
6. Layne Wooley 7.794
7. Terry Spargo 7.797
8. Rob Charlton 7.896
9. Dave Warren 7.956
10. Greg Anderson 8.093
11. Joe Loch 8.126
12. Ron Beaudoin 8.128
13. Dave Richardson 8.156
14. Grant Howell 8.341

Glen Norman 9.382
Jeff Hill debut this season
Larry Altmeyer rolled beams

Elimination Ladder (The story on elimination's will be up Tuesday night)

#1Bob Marshall .096 7.361/189.35 def. #3 John Collett 7.701/174.38 #4 Joe Mellof .029 7.763/179.17 def. #2 Ray Kirton .087 7.665/176.60 #7 Terry Spargo .063 7.989/170.9 def. #5 Mike Bedsworth .024 7.729/165.19 #6 Layne Wooley .053 7.778/173.98 def. #8 Rob Charlton .041 7.844/162.24 #11 Joe Loch .040 8.113/170.68 def. #9 Dave Warren .052 7.883/166.17 #10 Greg Anderson .094 8.082/169.14 def. #12 Ron Beaudoin 8.033/162.48 #13 Dave Richardson .070 15.065 def. #14 Grant Howell -.006 (red light) 8.298/162.07
Bob Marshall .054 7.328/189.27 single Terry Spargo .058 7.906/163.25 def. Joe Mellof .083 7.802 176.92 Joe Loch .028 8.166 163.60 def. Layne Wooley .047 7.824/173.21 Dave Richardson .000 8.125/150.15 def. Greg Anderson .188 8.107/168.38
Terry Spargo .055 7.882/172.67 def. Bob Marshall .066 7.323/189.67 Joe Loch .040 8.149/169.81 def. Dave Richardson .008 8.103/164.62
Terry Spargo .079 7.901/169.10 def. Joe Loch .115 8.140/169.87

The elimination's story will be up tonight (Tuesday)

Final Qualifying
1. Bob Marshall 7.341
2. Ray Kirton 7.667
3. John Collett 7.725
4. Joe Mellof 7.747
5. Mike Bedsworth 7.770
6. Layne Wooley 7.794
7. Terry Spargo 7.797
8. Rob Charlton 7.896
9. Dave Warren 7.956
10. Greg Anderson 8.093
11. Joe Loch 8.126
12. Ron Beaudoin 8.128
13. Dave Richardson 8.156
14. Grant Howell 8.341

Glen Norman 9.382
Jeff Hill debut this season
Larry Altmeyer rolled beams



August 14-15th

"Thunder in the Valley". Port Alberni CWDS exhibition 'presented by Darryll Theissen's "Up in Flames Clothing Company" (Alberni photos courtesy Shane Power, Lasting Images)

14 cars were on hande under 100 degree temperatures at the second "Up in Flames" Doorslammer feature race at Port Alberni's lone drag race of the year. Dave Richardson almost made it two for two when he went to the final round at the Alberni airstrip. He faced Terry Langdon Davies in the final round, and TDL took the win with his very nice 8 second Willy's. Mike Bedworth and Curtis Sankey were the two semi finalists. Ron Beaudoin won the long distance award, as he travelled from Kelowna to race on the 'Rock'. Layne Wooley won the "Big Burnout" contest sponsored by TCS for this race.

The Doorslammers had a bit of fun at the event as they lined up for a group pictures with all their rides. As well, a couple shots with all the drivers and series leader Marcy Copley with a surprise "wet T-Shirt" contest with leader Marcy taking the overwhelming win. A great tiem was had by all!

August 7-8th

Race #5 presented by Charlton Automotive. (Murdoch and Pfister photos)

The first of two CWDS events in August had a slow start to it due to a bit of unexpected rain Saturday morning. When the rain got underway the biggest field of the year made qualifying laps during the for sessions. 20 cars tried for the 8.70 minimum, and 19 got in the field. Roy Lazic was the #1 qualifier with his all new bright red blown alcohol 88 Trans Am. The intention for the weekend was to make a bunch of laps in the car over the weekend and probably not even race with the 'slammers, but after the first hit on Saturday, and making a few adjustments to the set up Roy decided to make the lone qualifier on Sunday. He made his quickest lap ever, a solid 7.540 that nailed down the #1 position with the new ride and the $100.00 "Lucas Oil Low Qualifier" bonus. Two time #1 qualifier Bob Marshall in his swan song with the Olds Cutlass, as he sold it to fellow competitor Terry Spargo, ran a 7.548 to sit #2. Curtis Sankey was the #19 qualifier in his very nice 90 Trans Am with a 8.68. Chris Cannon was out for the first time with the Doorslammers in his all new 63 Corvette. Other notable qualifiers over the weekend included John Collette who made his career best lap, a 7.87. Ron Beaudoin was out with new paint on hid 96 Corvette that is something to see. Dave Richardson finally got his first ever 7 second time slip on Sunday Morning in the final qualifier, as he ripped off a 7.997, and Howie Stevens was out for the first time with the 'slammers in his small block comp eliminator Ford Probe. He nailed down a 7.59, which is the quickest he has ever run with the high revving machine. Mike Bedsworth awas the winner on the weekend of the RJ Enterprises "Big Burnout Contest" and got the $100.00 bonus.

Here is the final qualifiying positions after four rounds:

1. Roy Lazic
2. Bob Marshall
3. Howie Stevens
4. Mike Bedsworth
5. Terry Spargo
6. Ray Kirton
7. Frank Nelson
8. Joe Mellof
9. Layne Wooley
10. Brian Kikel
11. Rob Charlton
12. John Collett
13. Dave Warren
14. Ron Beaudoin
15. Dave Richardson
16. Grant Howell
17. Wally Nichols
18. Chris Cannon
19. Curtis Sankey

In elimination's on Sunday, second place in points Terry Spargo was upended by Mike Bedsworth who is on a bit of a run and this one was really a pick em matchup. Terry threw it away with a red light advancing Bedsworth. Howell, Charlton, Marshall, Cannon, Lazic, Richardson, Warren, Mellof and Kirton were the others to go into the money rounds.

Round two
Bob Marshall 7.661 def. Roy Lazic (Lazic broke) Mike Bedsworth 7.750 def. Ray Kirton 7.836 Rob Charlton 7.922 def. Joe Mellof 7.797 Dave Richardson 8.105 def. Dave Warren (broke) Chris Cannon 8.674 def. Grant Howell 8.331
1/4 finals
Mike Bedsworth 7.762 def. Bob Marshall 7.673 Rob Charlton bye run Dave Richardson 8.104 def. Chris Cannon 8.692
Semi finals
Mike Bedsworth 7.793 def. Rob Charlton 8.064 Dave Richardson bye run
Final round
Dave Richardson 8.100 def. Mike Bedsworth 7.46

The points are updated

In round two, Bob Marshall got a freebie when Roy Lazic found a vibration in the motor on the warm up. Mike Bedsworth moved into the 1/4 finals as he took out the blown pickup of Ray Kirton. Rob Charlton did a favor to all chasing Joe Mellof, when he took out the Sharkman, Dave Richardson looks to be on track, but he had an easy one in the second round when Dave Warren could not fire the big inch Belair, and Chris Cannon defeated a red lighting Grant Howell. In the 1/4 finals, Bedsworth defeated the twin Olds Cutlass driven by Marshall, as Marshall gave up to much stripe in a very close finish line battle. Rob Charlton had the odd car freebie to the semis and Richardson took out the Corvette driven by Chris Cannon with a very good .017 package. In the semi finals, Mike Bedsworth got the win over Rob Charlton to get to his first ever final round in the series. He got to face the Camaro driven by Dave Richardson who had a semi final odd car bye run.

The final round was a close race as the two drivers left within .015 of each other. It came down to who would run closest to their dial-in, and at the finish line, Mike Bedsworth could not catch the Richardson's Camaro, as Dave ran a 8.10 on a 8.08 dial-in. Bedsworth ran a 7.846 on his 7.76 dial. This was only Richardson's second race of the year, but his win moved his into the top 15 in the standings. Bedsworth r/u was enough for a jump into the top 4, just ahead of Rob Charlton and Ray Kirton who both dropped behind Bedsworth.

The points are now updated after race # 5.

Curtis Sankey and Chris Cannon

Scott Sandvige was the only non qualifier when he left before the tree was activated in his only attempt. He did go out and run 8.30's after

Glen Norman will be out with the Doorslammers , as he finished upgrading his licence



July 11, 2004

Wally Nichols wins event #4. His first ever in 'Doorslammer' competition.

The full story wil be up on Monday. Here are the elimination winners.

Huge photo gallery is up, 100 pictures from the weekend.

Ray Kirton def. Duane Grosart Bob Marshall def. Mike Bedsworth Terry Spargo def. Joe Mellof Brian Kikel def. Frank Nelson Dave Warren def. Rob Charlton Dave Richardson def. Layne Wooley Wally Nichols def. Grant Howell John Collett def. Mike Munden (broke)
Bob Marshall def. Ray Kirton Terry Spargo def. Brian Kikel Dave Richardson def. Dave Warren Wally Nickols def. John Collett broke
Bob Marshall def. Terry Spargo Wally Nichols def. Dave Richardson
Wally Nichols def. Bob Marshall

This race was a great 4 round event, with upsets and close side by side racing right through elimination's. Point leader Joe Mellof had his second red light loss at his second race in a row. This time it was the first round, and second in points Terry Spargo, was the lucky recipient. Terry win by Spargo propelled him all the way to the semi finals, where he lost to the other old guy in the class, Bob Marshall who is driving like he is at least ten years younger. Marshall had the tree in the final against first time participant Walter Nichols, but Marshall sup hard on the hot starting line and Nichols got a win at his first ever assoc. event. What a great start for the now NEW member. Dave Richardson was out for the first time, and he was the other semi finalist, after running like in his old Super Class days. He has an 11/1000ths package to earn the Mopac gift certificate in round one and also had a great .013 light in round two. But you live by the sword and you die buy the sword, and in the semis he pulled the trigger a little to close and went .002 red. And no Dave it wasn't my fault you red lit buddy! John Collett made it to the second round for the first time this year despite transmission and trans-brake problems. He hope to get it all figured out for the next event coming up in four weeks. The burnout contest this weekend was split between three drivers. Ray Kirton was judged the best overall, but Bob Marshall and Dave Warren were so close we awarded them $25.00 dollars each with Kirton getting half the $100.00 put up by RJ Enterprises this weekend. The Lucas Oil 'Low Qualifier' bonus went to Duane Grosart with his great 6.87 in the final qualifier. We would also like to welcome Klass Rietsma to the class as our second new member of the weekend. His Dodge Arrow with the bottle assisting his small block does awesome wheelie and is a perfect fit for the doorslammer class. He made two attempts, but unfortunately had engine woes and could not get in the field. He will have his car ready to rock at the next event August 8-9th.





The point standings are updated

Race #4 Final Qualifying Positions:

1. Duane Grosart 6.87
2. Bob Marshall 7.44
3. Ray Kirton 7.65
4. Mike Bedsworth 7.68
5. Terry Spargo 7.70
0006. Frank Nelson 7.70000 Brian Kikel 7.75
7. Joe Mellof 7.79
8. Rob Charlton 7.83
10. Layne Wooley 7.87
11. Dave Warren 7.96
12. Dave Richardson 8.03
13. Grant Howell 8.27
14. John Collette 8.35
15. Wally Nichols 8.40
16. Mike Munden 8.51
17. Klaas Rietsma 9.22





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