Photo highlights from race #1


Tyson Wells 100 inches, 900 hp, 2400 lbs., 8.63@ 155MPH. PRICELESS!!!

What a cool ride!!!

Brian Kikel struggled on Sunday.
Terry Shuflita has motor issues Saturday, but made repairs and went to round two.
Kevin Lance, Grant Howell and Randy Arlitt went to a tuning and chassis school over the winter and Kevin`s car responded very well to the changes he made.
Ken Kruger does a very nice burnout Sunday Morning.
Craig Donaldson had drivetrain issues and could not compete Sunday.
Grant Howell with a rare wheels up launch. He ran a career best 7.47 Saturday.
Jack Springer is one of the newcomers to the series. He hopes to get his licence completed at the next event. The truck should be a low 8 or high seven second performer
Randy Arlitt`s 55 Chevy crosses the finish line just behind Rob Charlton in his Pick-up.
Ken Kruger presenting Randy Arlitt with the runner-up check and trophy.
Dean Bettenson from the great white North with a solid launch Saturday.
Terry Langdon Davies does not want to get this high in his Willys
Terry Spago receiving the low qualifier trophy. He ran a 6.70 @ 206 best.
Darryn OConnor has a very nice pick-up.
Spargo launching on his way to a 6.75 run.
Oops, that is too high too qualify Todd.
That is just right Tyson.


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