Photo highlights from race #2

courtesy Shelby Murdoch and SpeedZone Magazine

Captions Wednesday

Dave Richardson above launching in his 7.70 Camaro. The sparks under the car made this an interesting picture.

Mike Bedsworth lites up the big slicks.

Jordie Lazic is liking this driving gig. He use to crew chief for the ole man.
Dave Warren had a great weekend.
Craig Donaldson ran a career best 6.87
Layne Wooley was another driver to run a career best a 7.46
Todd Jacques had the wheels closer to the ground this past weekend.
A very cool picture of Kevon Lance by my daughter Shelby. I think she is already more artistic than me.
Rob Charlton`s winning streak ended in round two. Shelby Photo

Randy Arlitt and Craig Donaldson. Shelby photo.




Kevin Lance and Dave Warren. Shelby photo



It seems odd to see a VW with a parachute
A very cool clean parachute shot of wiiner ave Warren with the new Nikon
Possibly the one above and this shot of Grant Howell are two of my favorite shots digitally
Kevin Lance and Rob Charlton
Randy Arlitt.
Greg Anderson and Mike Bedsworth. This pairing was the closed side by side race of the weekend for the doorslammers
Troy Pike`s Chevy II is one of thenicest cars I have seen this year.
Ken Kruger launched with the wheels up on three runs. I think he liked it!
Jack Springer won the RJ Enterprises Burnout contest.
Terry Spargo went 6.80s but wounded his bullet in round two. He will have his new 1500 hp 707 Sonnys hemi between the frame rails for the rest of the season.
Craig Donaldson.
Rob Charlton
Arlitt and Pike.
Pike on the same lap.
Jordie Lazic
Grant Howell
Tyson Wells was not as airborne as he was in race #1.
At the stripe it is Lazic. Shelby photo
Chute is deployed just befroe the stripe. Shelby photo
Arlitt just dropping the laundry as well. Shelby photo
Runner-up Glen Norman
Kevin Lances 55 is on of the nicest Doorslammers out there.


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