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Daytime PH# 604 533-8675
Evening PH# 604 309-5904

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Cell # 604 551-8804

Contact: Dean Murdoch

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1. Eligibility of cars is subject to decision by the Association. Cars must

a) Two operating doors
b) Front and rear suspension
c) Left hand steering
d) Roof

2. NHRA safety regulations are in effect. Chassis certification is required.
All drivers must present a valid NHRA license.

3. NHRA advanced ET and ET Bracket rules ( Section 1A and 1B ) are in
effect except as follows:

a) No throttle control devises permitted
b) Data recorders allowed
c) Electric or air shifters allowed
d) An Oil retention device is mandatory (one race grace)
e) No Traction Control Devises

Throttle control devises are not permitted to be used and must be disconnected and completely disabled before they will pass tech inspection. Throttle control must be manually operated by drivers foot; electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, or any other devise may in no way effect the throttle operation. Starting Line Control devises are allowed to be used on any supercharged or blown applications, but must Not be able to be activated once the race vehicle leaves the starting line. These rules will be monitored randomly by fellow racers and class officials.

4. Entry Fee: $100 CND. or equivalent in US funds, payable to the Association, plus gate fees to the track. Entry fee must be paid before qualifying begins.

5. All members shall pit together in an area assigned by the track operator.

6. There are eight scheduled points races. The year end standings will be the total of
Eight of the eight races, which means all members will be required to count the
Points from every event. There will not be any waivable events.

7. Qualifying procedures:

a) 3 Qualifying passes on Saturday and 1 Qualifier on Sunday morning
In some situations or for uncontrollable schedule changes/delays we are never guaranteed all four qualifying sessions, qualifying sessions may change without notice
b) Qualifying positions will be determined from the best ET of 4 runs (weather permitting) If rained out once qualifying has started qualifying will be closed and the ladder will be set with the qualified entries only.
c) All cars qualifying with an 8:70 or quicker will be on the ladder for 1st round
d) Qualified competitors not able to make first round will be on the ladder and receive qualifying and first round loser points

8. Ladder:

a) The qualified field will be laddered on a sportsman ladder by best qualified E.T When there are an odd number of cars the bye will go to #1 ET Qualifier (fastest car)
b) Qualifying points will be determined and awarded as per ET qualifying position based on our qualifying points system below.

9. Starting line procedures:

a) No deep staging allowed, and is cause for elimination
b) Four-tenths "pro" tree
c) When staging, both contestants must have their pre-stage lights
activated before either car advances into the stage beams (courtesy stage)
If you light both bulbs in error before your competitor sets their prestage light you are to back out and restage correctly
d) During eliminations, after pre-stage light is activated, all movement will
be forward unless directed by the starter (see Rule 9c for other exception)
e) Once contestants are in the staging area, all decisions by starter are final.
f) Once a driver has been motioned into the burnout box they have up to three minutes to proceed before their competitor will be issued a single run

10. Eliminations:

a) Dial up (slower) only two tenths from the best qualifying pass(up to 8:70 max)
b) Dial down (faster) as much as desired from best qualifying pass
c) Dial Ins must be on the car or board before entering burn out box
d) Lane choice goes to the fastest car
e) Competitors must finish the race in the car they started in

11. Protests and complaints during the event shall be directed to the event
coordinator, under no circumstances shall protests or complaints be made
to track personnel. (staff, officials, or management) Anyone that disobeys any
rules and regulations will be disqualified immediately and incur an additional two race suspension. Second infractions will incur permanent suspension.

12. Agreements that the Association have negotiated with sponsors shall be respected by all members at all times.

13. Full prize money will only be paid out to paid members. Membership has to be
paid in full prior to 1st round of the event. Membership fees are $150 CND or
equivalent in US funds. The membership fees go towards the costs of running the race events and for year-end payouts. Non-members will win half of the prize money that they are eligible for.

14. In the event of a rain out where eliminations have started, only those still in eliminations will continue at the rain date. The Rained out event will be made up at the next scheduled event, if permitted by track personnel. Those entries will have one qualifier on Saturday and then start with eliminations. ET from the qualifier and eliminations on Saturday will count towards Sundays Qualifying. Once someone is eliminated they can continue qualifying for Sunday with the other entries. If qualifying has started but eliminations have not started, those entries will get their qualifying points as of the last completed qualifying session, plus an extra 10 points for making the attempt, but there will not be a rain date. If an event is rained out or cancelled completely it will not be made up at a later date, all those in attendance will receive 10 points. In the event that Sunday is calling for a large percentage of rain in the forecast, the race director and committee members can vote to race the event on Saturday, if it is run on Saturday and Sunday is raceable, the points race will be Sunday and Saturday will become a cash bash only! If Sunday is a rain out the race from Saturday will count for points.

15. Points Accumulation: see attached sheet

5 additional points to be awarded to each member that pays race entry and makes an attempt to qualify


There are eight scheduled points races. The year end standings will be the total of seven of the eight races, which means all members will be required to waive the points from one event. The event at Ashcroft will be a non waivable event.