FarFromHuggin Racing


Tyson Wells and the far from huggin logging has perhaps THE best team name of any I name seen. As a family from the forestry background I can appeciate the name for sure, especially in this province. (from webmaster Dean Murdoch)

Tyson has been racing for quite a while and his schtick are VW's. The current ride is a 1965 V-Dub built by hmiself and crew chief Norm WIlson. RH Race Cars modified the roll cage to meet the current 7.50 specs.


-Car 1965 V.W bug

-Engine: 604 all alum chev 1059hp

-Rear end: ford 9" 373 gears

Trans: 2 speed glide

Roll Cage: RH race cars

- engine builder- Norm Wilson -from Fortins engines Chilliwack B.C

- Owner:FarFromHuggin Falling

-Driver: Tyson Wells

-Crew chief: Norm Wilson

-Crew: Heather ,Z-man and Eli, Sasha ,Brook

- Major sponsors - FarFromHuggin Falling INC. and Fortins Engines Chilliwack B.C, Lucas Oil

sponsors: Koolcoat


2009 CWDS Series Champion

Pinks All out 07 vegas, Pinks All out 08 Sonoma race way.

09 Aug Pacific race way Pinks All out. 09 Sept bakersfield race way Pinks All out.

Special thanks go out to Norm Wilson for his hard work on the car and to Fortins Auto in Chilliwack.





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