Lazic Racing

Jordie Lazic

The Lazic family are long time Doorslammer competitors. Jordie who had been his dad's crew chief for a number of years, got licensed in the family Firebird, and this is his second seasons for Jordie behind the wheel. His dad is planning to bring out the new family Studabaker as well, making it a two car team.

The Team:

Driver: Jordan Robert Lazic

Owner: Roy Lazic

The Car: 1989 Pontiac Firebird (Trans Am)

Ex Pro Stock Car

Engine: 572 Reher Morrison BB Chevy

Five Speed Transmission 4.56 gear ratio

Sponsors: BCJ Properties Ltd., Lazic's Automotive, Charlton Automotive, Pennzoil

Crew: Nick Buehler, Joe Tatarov, Dad, Mom, Fletcher

Special thanks, to dad and mom.















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