Hill Bros. Racing

The Car:

Body style: 1955 Chevy
Bickel---SFI 25.1E

Engine - 706 BB Chevy

With Nitrous

HP---1200 w/o nitrous ----1900 with nitrous

- Goodyear

Chutes - Dual Stroud cannons

Class: CWDS and Top Comp
Best ET: 6.84
----207 mph

The Team:

Driver: Jeff Hill

Crew: Jeff, Cam Kirkby, Brian Bourdon, Vince Rylens, Eric Blakey

Bebe, the Hill Bros


Sponsors: Imperial Paving, Riverside Equipment, Verrault Lo Bed Services, Allied Redi Mix, Blue Pine Enterprises

Special Thanks:

Jeff would like to thank his wife Lorie, daughter Courtney sons Lee and Shawn and all the crew for their support.











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