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Competitors in the CWDS Association

Larry Altmayer
Ron Beaudoin
Mike Bedsworth
Glen Braid
Rob Charlton
John Collett
Ron Crookshank
Rash Dhaliwal
Craig Donaldson
Steve Ellis
Todd Fleck
Dale Giroux
Duane Grosart

Larry Hatch
Jeff Hill
Grant Howell
Brian Kikel
Ray Kirton
Stefan Kondolay
Bill Kondolay
Roy Lazic
Joe Loch
Dan Lundmark
Bob Marshall
Rick McLeod
Joe Mellof
Jason Mercer
Tom Meheden
Gary Mizerva
Mike Munden
Chris Murphy
Rob Murphy
Don Murray
Frank Nelson
Dean Peterson
Dave Richardson
Graham Robins
Curtis Sankey
Terry Spargo
Randall Tucker
Dave Warren
Layne Wooley



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