"Phil Davis Racing"

The Specs:

The Car: 41 Willys (Tim McAmis body)

Chassis : RH Race Cars

The Engine: Blown 511 Cu.in BB Chevy

HP: 1500 hp

Best Et: 7.40

Best MPH: 190



The Team:

Driver: Phil Davis

Crew Chief: Phil Davis/Pat Davis

Wife: Pat Davis


Sponsors: Sagebrush Enviromental Services (Kamloops)/Aspen Electric, Fortins Engines, Lordco Auto Parts

My wife, family and grandchildren

Highlights: The car was featured Hot Rod Magazine in 2006, Winning the Old Time Drags at Ashcroft in 2012

Plans: Phil hopes to make all remaining CWDS events and finish in the "top 10"

History: Phil has been hot rodding and racing for over 40 years in Canada and New Zealand

Special thanks to Alan Cline Aspen Electric and Norm Wilson at Fortins Engines.

Maria Davis photography (my daughter) shoots at as many events as she can.

The Old Willys



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