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December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to all our doorslammer fans and competitors


December 10, 2019

Here is the schedule for 2019

April 27-28, 2019 Artex Barn Solutions (completed, Scott Robinson winner)

May 25-26 Haney Vape (Completed, Otto Schulte wins)

June 8 - 9. TCS (Completed, Otto Schulte wins)
June 28-29 RH Race Cars (Grant Howell winner)
July 20-21 Atrysten Plumbing (Brian Ritchie Winner)
August 23-24 Fortins (Dale Grasdal winner)
September 21-22 Alpine Backhoe
(completed Scott Robinson wins)
September 28-29. Accurate Brake and Muffler (who will win and who will be this year's champion)


December, 17, 2019

The 2020 schedule

April 25-26
May 9-10
May 23-24
June 26-27
July 18-19
August 8-9
August 29-30
September 19-20

Final points are posted.

What a great weekend!

Series champion and winner of the fina points race of 2019. Scott Robinson had a career year. He won between 4000.00 - 4500.00 (two race wins and the championship) in just 8 days.

The cell phone awards photos are a bit fuzzy, sorry about that.

Series Sponsor and great drag racing supporter Henry Zacharias had a solid weekend with his first runner-up. He moved up from 11th to 8th in the standings.

With the season ending dinner and awards scheduled for Saturday night all the points earning racing was set to complete on Saturday. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate Friday night and Sunday morning so the track was forced to cut back qualifying to one session. That one and only session was run at 1:15pm. With round one of eliminations starting an hr. later close to 3:00pm, it was unlikely to get all the rounds in before the dinner and party Saturday night.

The lone session of qualifying Would see 20 cars including for five non members. First time Doorslammer racer Rob Smith from Kelowna, Kerry Stone (a valuable test session for the semi regular DS competitor), The Wagner brothers (Werner and Dallas), and back after a few years away from the class Carl Fedderly.

A lot was at stake at the final race as three drivers, Mike Bedsworth, Scott Robinson and Otto Schulte were one round apart for the championship. Paul Stretch was only a couple more rounds back but needed all three ahead to go out early and he needed a final round finish.

Round one, final qualifying

The best air conditions of the year (below sea level) presented the racers with a chance for career best or some of the numbers for each racer. Jason Field and Paul DeBree JR (both in the top 10 entering the final race) were first up and Jason went 7.266 and Paul ran 8.265 his quickest run of the season.

Werner Wagner had a single next and he went 7.87/172.44 in a wheels up launch.

Following Wagner was the Scott Robinson, Heans pairing. Dave Heans made one of his quickest aver runs, going 7.474/ 182. Scott ran an 8.331/162.

Point leader Mike Bedsworth was next alongside Grant Howell. Howell ran 7.525/180 (quickest of the year) and Bedsworth ripped off a 7.07 (within 1/100th of his career best).

Third in the points Otto Schulte was along side Terry Langdon Davies, Schulte went 7.462 and Davies went 8.217.

Brad Powell and Larry Morris were next and Morris ran his best, a 7.756, and Powell went 8.354/162.

Next up was Kerry Stone and Carl Fedderly. It was a record setting run as Kerry Stone went the quickest run in doorslammer history, a 6.06/238. Carl could only watch as he was over two seconds back with an 8.227.


Phil Davis qualified in a pairing with Brian Ritchie. Davis went 7.056/198 to Ritchie's 7.84/173.

The last pair saw John DeJonge go 6.90/191 to Rob Smith's off the gas 9.00/161

Two regular Doorslammer racers were testing as well on this final weekend. Rod LeClaire ran a 6.81 best after having a major rebuild. He had tuning help from Ken Sihota.

Terry Shuflita has been working hard on his new motor and clutch combination. He went a best of 7.14/192.

Here are round one pairings. Five of the top six were in the bottom half of the ladder, With Otto Schulte being the only guy with a chance in the top half, he had an easier run in his quest for the title. The bottom half was going to eliminate guys in their quests to move up in every round. And if order to earn your final place in the standings you will have to earn it aginst guys who want it as bad as you do.

Round one Elimination's


In the DeBree Jr vs Schulte pairing, Paul had a chance to take out one of the contenders as well as move up in the standings. He got a slight .015 starting line advantage and held on for a .037 stripe. But the stripe was .010 too much as he proke out by that .010 running an 8.25 on his 8.26 dial. Otto lived to see another round.

Paul DeBree Jr would finish in 6th place in the final standings

tThe next pairing was a double brakeout race. Field and Feddery raced each other. Their RT's were within .009 of each other (field had a slight advantage). Fedderly took the stripe by .007 but Carl broke out by .021. Field was closer to his 7.36 dial with a 7.355. He advanced to round two.

Dave Heans got a big .037 starting line advantage but his car fell off against Scott Robinson. Scott ran 8.339 on his 8.32 dial, taking a .05 stripe. He was still alive in the title chase. Dave finishes 10th in the standings.

Phil Davis was off the gas early in his race against Dallas Wagner. Wagner struggled to a 8.49.

Bedsworth took on TLD in round one. A win was critical to keep his back to back title hopes alive. He was deadly on the tree with a .08. Terry was .015 so it would be a good race. Mike caught the Willys driver at 1100 feet and took a .021 stripe (about three feet). With his qualifying points he was now 8 points ahead of Robinson and 14 ahead of Schulte.

Larry Morris went way red against Kerry stone, and Stone was off to the second round. He struggled on the run with severe tire shake, so he thanked the christmas tree gods.

John DeJonge had Brian Ritchie in round one. Ritchie was done by the time he left the starting line as he went .015 red. The Artex boss would have been tough though as he was 1 tick off a perfect light, John drove it out and ran 3/thou quicker than his 6.89 dial. Ritchie was only 3 thou slower than his 7.84 dial. Ouch, tough loss! John would take on his team mate Robinson in a criticall round two matchup. Ritchie would finish in 5th place.

Henry Zacharias faced Werner Wagner in his round two pairing. They left within .008 of each other. Werner had the wheels up and was drifting toward the wall and was forced to lift. Henry was coasting across the line and took and easy win to advance to round two.

Paul Stretch ran Rob Smith in the second to last round one pairing. Both driver would like to leave their RT's in the garbage, as they were both in the high .1's. Stretch passed the slower dialed Smith at 1000 feet and scrubbed close to 20 mph, winning with a 7.611 on his 7.55 dial.

Brad Powell and grant Howell were the final pair in round one. Brad had a solid .011 light to Howell's .053. With the 4/100ths at the tree, all he had to do was keep Grant close at the stripe and the win was his. He did just that, taking a double brake out win with a 8.369 (8.37 dial) Grant was further under with a 7.521 on his 7.53 dial.

Round two

Stone had the tough task of chasing down one of the best drivers in the DS class Schulte. Otto had .07 on the tree, so he was well on his way to round three. Stone had to pedal his Camaro, but was charging hard down the track. The mph difference of the two cars was close to 60 mph so fender racing was going to be tough. Otto had to trust his dial if he wasn't able to fender. He did scrub a couple mph, but he did not lift soon enough, as Otto's et was a 7.458 on his 7.46 dial. Kerry was way off due to his pedal, as he ran 6.355 @ 237 mph. Unfortunately for Otto, it was quickest run of the weekend. Otto would have to settle for third place in the standings.

This one was a classic hitter match-up. Bendsworth vs Stretch. 1st vs 4th in the standings. A win for Stretch and then him going all the way to the final round would net him one or possibly two more spots in the standings and Bedsworth would have to settle for 4th. The two drivers were solid on the tree with paul getting a .015 advantage (.015 to .027). He must have rattled the tires in the first 100 feet because his car fell off .015 in et going 7.724 on his 7.55 dial. He mph was right where he usuall y is though so, he did not scrub on the top end. Mike eased off the gas slowing to a 7.20 on his 7.09 dial. He was off 18 mph from his usual 192, taking the stripe by .05 about 10 feet. Stretch would finish fourth in the standings and Bedsworth was still in the lead. He would race the winner of DeJonge and Robinson.

Brad Powell had Dallas Wagner and this one was all Powell. He had well over a tenth on the tree and ran .018 off his 8.36 dial. Wagner was under his 7.97 by .013.

11th place Henry took on 10th place Field. The winner would stay in the top ten while the loser was out of the points money. This race was all Zacharias. He was deadly, going 10 on the tree and running dead nuts 7.600 on his 7.60 dial. Field was only .009 off his 7.35 dial but his .061 light ended his chance right at the tree. Jason would finish in 11th place. Henry had a chance for 7th.

A big race in this final second round pairing. as team mates from Artex Racing faced off. Double car owner John DeJonge out of the running for a to 5 placing would face his usual slower car, the eight second Camaro driven by Scott Robinson. With Bedsworth winning earlier in the round Scotty had to take out his boss for a shot. John went .001 on the tree in round one, and he did not want throw away the race with a red and wanted Scott to earn the victory. He added a bit to the box but still wanted a good light. He would have to wait an extra half second at the tree from his round one win. Scott left first with a great .007 light, John waiting a couple hun more than he wanted going .053 in the tree. With the way Robinson has been running, within a couple numbers off his dial at the most, John was in tough. He tried his best but his car fell off over a tenth from his 6.89 dial. Scott lifted near the stripe and ran an 8.346 on his 8.33 dial crossing the stripe by two tenths in front of team owner DeJonge . Scott was still on his quest while John had to settle for 9th place in the final standings.

A round three pairing between Scott Robinson and Mike Bedsworth would decide the season championship.

1/4 finals

In the 1/4 finals, five cars were left and Kerry Stone had a odd car bye run. Henry Zacharias would race Brad Powell and the "battle for the title", between Mike and Scott would happen.


Kerry struggled off the starting line on his bye run, and was coasting early.

This is the way a title should be determined. The final race of the season, with two of the title chasers battled for all the marbles.

A win for either would give them the 2019 title and a target on their back for next year.

The two drivers have been close tot heir number all day long and both have had good lights.

Leaving first Scotty has another double 0, going .008. Mike was not as good, leaving second is always harder and he went .040, .032 back. Not insurmountable, but he needed to be dead on for a chance. He did run his number and was so close to Scott. Scott took the stripe with a .028 package. Mike was .046, falling .018 short at the finish line, about a fender.

Scott Robinson takes the season champions and Mike Bedsworth finished in second place.

There was still racing to do, with two more rounds, and the race title at stake. The win was big, as the winner of that round would have a bye to the final.

Powell raced Zacharias and both drivers were a bit late. Brad got a .034 advantage, but took way to much stripe crossing well over a tenth ahead of Zacharias. In the process, he broke out by .015, going 8.345 on his 8.36 dial. Henry was loose at the hit and fell off a tenth from his 7.59 dial, but he got the win and was off to the semi finals.

With cooler weather coming in fast and the dinner less than an hour away, the decision to end the day with this round was made. The top six were already determined so the race would finish on Sunday morning.

Semi finals


After a great dinner and party Saturday night, the teams got an early qualifier and test (for the race two cash bash) Sunday and then they were back to business. Henry took on Kerry in the semi final and Henry got the win over the super fast Stone. Henry ran 7692/180 to defeat Kerry who went 6.199/242. Zacharias took a car length stripe, but 40 feet later Kerry blew by him by 60 mph.




Scott Robinson, the newly crowned champion, did not want to let up in his run, so he nailed the tree again going .012 and dipping just under his 8.33 dial by .04.

His second final in a row. He was undefeated in his last nine rounds of racing.


Scott Robinson was going for his second win in a row and also trying to put an exclamation mark on a stellar career season.

Henry was going for his first ever win, showing that super senior could win one of these tough races.

The elder statesman gave it a good effort, but leaving second he was a bit late on the tree, and Scott was deadly again, going .014 this time. Four of his five rts in the race were within .007 of each other with the worst one being, the final round .014. He was .050 in round one, for his only average light.

Henry went .102 and was trying hard to play catch-up. He ran only .006 off his 7.65 dial, but Scott was even closer, going .004 off his 8.32 dial, taking the stripe by .90, just over a car length, as you can see by the top end pictures.

What a season and what a final race. It had all you want, close racing and a three car battle going down to the wire.

What will next year bring???


Sunday cash bash

Seven cars partisipated in the cash bash with 1200.00 up for grabs.

John DeJonge was the #1 qualifier with a 6.798, Grant Howell went 7.559 and Brian Ritchie was #3 with a 7.849 round out the three cars quicker than 7.99.



Round one.


In a double break out round one pairing Grant took the win over Jason, Grant was closer, running only 1 /1000th off his 7.54 dial. He also had a strong .012 light.

Brian Ricthie was dead on with a zero his 7.84 dial, but was .067 back at the starting line handing the win to Jason Field.

Rob Smith was way late, but Carl Fedderly was .027 red in their round one pairing. Rob was off to the semis.

John has the bye run and ran .013 under his 6.78 dial in.


Semi finals

Rob Smith took on Grant Howell and got the upset win in the first semi final. He was .03 back at the tree and Grant drove around him, but he broke out at the stripe, going 7.520 on his 7.53 dial.

Brad Powell went .004 red but he was in tough as John DeJonge went .001 on the tree. He second .001 light of the weekend. He was off to the final against Rob Smith.

Final round

No race in the finals as Rob Smith broke in the semi finals and John DeJonge was declared the winner.

That wraps up the 2019 season.



September 30, 2019


Team Artex had a weekend most can only dream of, as all three doorcars were in the two finals. 2019 Series champion Scott Robinson won the season title but also won his third race of the year from Saturday's race. Series title sponsor Henry Zacharias was the runnerup in his first final round. Then Sunday, John DeJonge won the cash bash against rookie DS competitor Rob Smith

Lots more to come.

September 28, 2019

Game On, it's here the season's final race. Who will be the 2019 champion???

Mike B, Scott R, Otto S, Paul S or Brian R

September 25, 2019

The final race of the year is sponsored by Accurate Brake and Muffler.

This will be an epic final race for 2010. The top 3 one round apart and a two others with a chance. Make sure you contact Marcy for your dinner tickets for the finale Saturday Night.

Dont forget this for Saturday night at the awards party.

A huge Thank You to Jason Field and GREENLIGHT AUTO FINANCING for putting up a barrel of VP Fuel of your choice, up to the value of $1500.
Everyone that participated in all eight races this year and attends the banquet dinner will be eligible for the fuel. Your names will go into a reverse draw and the last persons name that is called out will win. Remember you must be at the banquet to be eligible!!

Race seven full points are posted.

September 24, 2019

This is from our race director from the last number of seasons Terry Millar Jr, and posted originally on the DS facebnook page.

Good evening everyone.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past few months on this situation. But I’ve decided that at the end of our
2019 race season than I am stepping down as your race director. It was not an easy one but it’s the right time
for me to do so.
Who would have guessed probably close to 20 years ago I started as a fan to a crew member on a car to helping
run the class to being in charge of it for an entire race season.
I even got a job through it lol.
I have some awesome memories and even more awesome friends over the years. I’ve had my ups and downs
personally in life and doing this has helped me stay up ??
I know a lot of people will msg me with positive thoughts and I appreciate them but I need too back too being a
spectator at the races. I will still come out once in a while to watch talk and have fun. But I can’t do what I’ve been
doing anymore. I’m sorry ??. I hope that everyone supports the class for a long time. Because I believe it’s the best
class that Mission raceway has.

While I understadnd Terry's decision it is still hard to hear. He has done a very good job, but it is also a huge undertaking and takes a lot of your personal time, all this for the love of the sport. I am sure my thanks to Terry come from all the Doorslammer teams.

September 22, 2019

6:00pm update

Due to a number of requests points for top 13 are posted

driver: points after race 6-------points from race 7---current points & place

bedsworth 344----------- 5 9 70----------- 428 1st
robinson 329------------ 5 2 90 -----------426 2nd
shulte 377--------------- 5 6 30----------- 418 3rd
stretch 343------------- 5 2 30----------- 380 4th
ritchie 341-------------- 5 2 30 -----------378 5th
debree 307------------- 5 2 40 -----------354 6th
howell 295 -------------5 3 40 -----------343 7th
heans 265------------- 5 2 50----------- 322 8th
de jonge 265---------- 5 10 30---------- 310 9th
field 235--------------- 5 7 60 -----------307 10th
zacharias 251---------- 5 4 30----------- 290 11th
grasdal 268------------ 0 0 0----------- 268 12th
feal 259---------------- 0 0 0 ------------259 13th


12:00pm update

Top six points after the race yesterday

racer: race six points: entry points: qual points: elims points: total (unofficial)

bedsworth: 344: 5: 9: 70: 428
robinson: 329: 5: 2: 90: 426
shulte 377: 5: 6: 30: 418
stretch 343: 5: 2: 30: 380
ritchie 341: 5: 2: 30: 378
de bree 307: 5: 2: 40: 354
howell 295: 5: 3: 40: 343

The battle next weekend, the season finale will be epic.

Top six points after the race yesterday

bedsworth 344 5 9 70 428
robinson 329 5 2 90 426
shulte 377 5 6 30 418
stretch 343 5 2 30 380
ritchie 341 5 2 30 378
de bree 307 5 2 40 354
howell 295 5 3 40 343

Scotty Robinson wins race #7 (second win this year), over Mike Bedsworth. With the win the top three are separated by one round (will confirm the difference later today). I believe Mike is in the lead with Robinson and Schulte right behind.

round two

round three

semi finals

final round


September 21, 2019

With w\impending weather for late Saturday and Sunday the race may be run on Saturday including elimination's and qualifying.

September 18, 2019

This weekend's race sponsor is Alpine Backhoe and Lance Racing.

The Lance Family have been a huge part of the Doorslammer family since 2008. Kevin and Brad have run two car and one car teams and Kevin has been a top ten competitor for that entire time. He is taking this year off racing to start raising his new family but still supports the association as well as other DS racers from the Island.


The CW Doorslammers are proud to announce a new series sponsor for the late run in 2019. Accurate Brake and Muffler (Jim and Anna Ward) have stepped up to sponsor the final event (and in the end the most important race) of the season.


The full race report from race #5 is posted below

August 29, 2019

Points are posted

Qualifying sheets and elimination's are posted below.

The first win for Dale Grasdal. Runner up for Paul DeBree Jr. at Smoke, Fire and Thunder.


Qualifying round one


Qualifying round two

Qualifying round three

Elimination's ladder


Round one

Round Two

Round Three

Round four (Semis)

Final round

August 1, 2019

The next race is Smoke, Fire and thunder. The weekend sponsor is Fortin's Automotive. Qualifiyng for the event will be the usual three session Saturday and one Sunday Morning.

The Points after race five are posted.

The Qualifying report is posted below.

July 22, 2019

Brian Ritchie takes race #5. With the win he is now tied for second place with the runner-up Mike Bedsworth.

Mike Bedsworth gets his second runner-up of the season. He moves into second with Ritchie.


The weekend report (sheets and numbers are posted. We will be adding photos and words over the next couple days)

Round one qualifying

Atrysten Plumbing and Heating is the weekend sponsor.

Two of the closst matched competitors in Doorslammer ET wise, Paul Stretch and Grant Howell are also two of the toughest racers in the class. Both are regularly in the 7.60's.

Werner Wagner was out for the second time with the ProCharged PT cruiser. He ran solid 7.8's - 7.7's

Henry Zacharias is getting used to the Corvette and likes to run in the 7.50's - 7.70's.


As per usual Greg Feal has at least one pass where he rattles the tires (over powers the track) leaving the starting line. He got it to hook up and went 211 mph in the opening pass. John West went 7.30 in round one.

Dallas Wagner struggled on the weekend and pulled the plug after two session.

Dave Heans ran 7.50's in qualifying.

Mark Thompson ran sub 7.50.

Round two

Greg Feal leads the field with a great 6.55/218 in the heat Saturday. He went his quickest and fastest ever in round four with a 6.50

Scott Robinson left first but did not improve on his first round 8.373. Wagner failed to improve from his first round 7.88.

The scoreboard show Otto's unsurprising trip zip.

With the Chevelle up on jack stands waiting for parts, Jason FIeld brought out the small tire Nova for the weekend. He battled starting line tire smoke throughout the weekend until the final session where he ran a 7.9 run. Larry Morris failed to improve on his earleir 7.81

Paul stretch hooked up much better in round two with a 7.69. Greg Dolling also ran quicker, with a 8.32.


Dave Springman had a major pedal at 600 feet but still ran a 6.82. Zacharias failed to improve on his earleir 7.58

Mike Bedsworth first round 7.13 was quicker than round two's run.

Kerry Young's nitrous assisted S-10 runs right in the 8.50 range. Howell improved by three numbers in round two.

A cool looking shot of Dale Grasdal's Chevelle. He ran 7.50's. Brad Powell ran 8.40's


Rround three

Jason blew the tires off again in the third qualifier. Bedsworth stayed in the 7.teens

Both Larry Morris and Grant Howell improved by a couple numbers in the third round.

A couple huge burnouts in this round three pairing.

Dale Grasdal improved by a couple numbers in round three. Paul DeBree Jr.'s first round was his quickest (8.390) Saturday.

Mark Thompson stayed consistent in the 7.40's on Saturday.

John West almost ran a '6', going 7.02. Stretch improved a couple ticks witha 7.65.

Sunday final qualifying

Sunday morning Greg ran his career best, a 6.50/219. West Got his '6', with 6.97 John DeJonge and a week long excursion in Utah (coaching his Daughter U16 softball team to a gold medal), caught the red eye and then made it to the track to make a last session 7.06. Bedsworth improve by seven thou , Dale Grasdal jumped up almost a tenth to a 7.45. Howell, Stretch, Wagner all improved by around a hundredth. Jason Field got his Nova to hook up and he ran a 7.94, bumping up to #16. Brad Powell and Kerry Young also improved by a few numbers in the final session. Only Dallas Wagner who had mechanical issius failed to make the field.



Greg Dolling was wounded in qualifying and could not make elimination's. All other cars were ready for round one.

Round one

The first race in round one between Dave Springman and Werner Wagner was basically over on the starting line. Both drivers were late, but Springman's was really late which is a surprise as he was solid on the tree in qualifying. When you have three tenths at the starting line you can be well off your dial and still get the win. Wagner was only 6 hun off and he was off to round two.

Larry Morris started off elimination's with a 22 pak, as he defeated Johnny West.

Mark Thompson was supposed to line up against Greg Dolling, but Greg broke in qualifying, ending his weekend early.

Mike Bedsworth had Jason Field in round one. Field was in his small tire Nova, as his Chevelle was wounded from Doorwarz. Mike had a strong 19 light to Jason's 45. Jason, like he did in three of the qualifying rounds, smoked the tires just after the launch, and he was done.

Paul Stretch had the task of staying in front of the 215+ mph turbo Opel driven by Greg Feal in round one. He had a solid 22 light and stayed in front of Feal through the finish line. Stretched was of the ghas right at the striope as his mph was down just over 10 mph. Paul ran a 7.675 on a 7.66 dial. Feal ran 218 mph with a 6.543 et on a 6.52 ( .008 further back on his dial)dial in.Greg was 6 back on the starting line and that was what did him in.

Kerry Young had a solid outings the last couple races going Going to the semi a couple races ago and two rounds the race before this one. He did not Have it go his way in this round one encounter with Grant Howell. Howell had almost four numbers at the tree and was dead on with a five. Young had problems early and was coasting from 400 feet.

Otto Schulte was laddered against Paul DeBree Jr, but DeBree's Valiant would not fire after the burnout and Schulte singled and was off to round two.

Henry Zacharias was late in his round one race against Brad Powell while Brad came through with a39 pak including a 25 light, so he was off to round two.

TLD defeated Dave Heans in their match up.


Dale Grasdal raced Scott Robinson and this was one of the closest races of the day. Grasdal had a slight starting line advantage (.004) and went 7.455 on his 7.40. Robinson was .031 off his 8.40 dial handing him the stripe by. 02, about six feet.

Brian Ritchie can thank his lucky stars for his round one win that propelled him all the way to the finals. John DeJonge was .003 on the tree and had Brian covered (.041 rt) by a big margin at the finish line but he took about 4 feet too much stripe going under his 7.06 dial with a 7.030. Brian was under as well going 7.888 on a 7.90 dial in.

Round two

With Stretch defeating #1 qualifier Greg Feal in round one, he got the bye in round two. He used that for a 27 thou package including a 10 light.

Based on rt in round one, Robinson should have had a big advantage in round two against Wagner. Robinson was too quick on the tree though (3 thou red) and gave his round two race way.

Howell had a relatively easy win in his race against Thompson when Mark was late with a .120 light. Howell was deadly in his run with a 23 thou package.

Ritchie and Powell were only 6 thou apart in RT's in their round two pairing. The finish line was even closer though as both drivers were right on their respective dials. Powell was .005 off and Ritchie was .006 off, giving the black Chevelle driver a .005 stripe (less than 2 feet).

Morris got a .034 starting line advantage on Otto Schulte and took the finish line by .019 for THE upset with in round two. When you beat Otto, you know you've done a good job.

Mike Bedsworth got an easy win against a late TLD.

1/4 finals

Sorry no photos from round three.

Bedsworth was not his usuall sharpness in the 1/4 finals against Wagner, but Wagner was worse on the tree, and Bedsworth was of to the semi finals where he had a bye run.

the Morris Howell pairing was a good one with good lights from both drivers. Grant had a slight .011 advantage and was .027 off his 7.64 dial. Morris was .031 off his dial so at the stripe Howell drove around him by 15 thousandth's of a second.

.027 separated Ritchie and Stretch on the starting line in their match-up, But Paul had a slight issue down track as he lost .091 off his 7.69 dial in. Ritchie was .041 off his, so he was first across the finish line by a couple car lengths

Semi finals

Bedsworth ran his bye right out and was .014 under his 7.19 dial, but he was still off to the final round.

Grant Howell missed something or went in waaay deep on the starting line as he went way red, handing the easy win to Ritchie. Brian was off to his second final round of the year.

Final round

In the final round, Ritchie got a half a tenth starting line advantage, and that was all he needed to earn the hard fought win on the heat at race #5. He was .052 off his dial while Bedsworth was only .017 off his but he could not overcome the starting line deficit, finishing .013 back at the finish line. The points after the race put these two drivers in a tie for second place in the standings, just a couple rounds back of Otto Schulte.

The next race is Smoke Fire and Thunder, one of the biggest races of the year.


Points after race five are posted




July 15, 2019

This coming weekend's race is sponsored by Kirk Lanz and Atrysten Plumbing and Heating. Both Kirk and Atrysten are long time supporters of the Doorslammer series. Thanks Kirk for your continued support

July 8, 2019

Elimination and qualifying sheets are posted.

Photos and the rest of the story Monday evening.

Howell gets the hard earned Doorwarz 7 win


Paul Stretch had five very hard rounds of racing on Sunday including two wins in the couple thousandths margin.


By the end of qualifying, a number of teams were out before eliminatio's were run Sunday. There were quite a few singles because of the broken cars. Grant Howell had a single due to Rod Leclaire's breakage, Brian Ritchie singled as well due to Phil Davis hrting the Willys and Jason Field broke in the final qualifier Sunday morning and that gave Gordie Abougoush a freebie in round one. Guys who broke and did not make the field included, Greg Feal and Terry Shuflita Vic Scott did not make the 8.70 minimum.

Round one









Round two elimination's

Round three elimination's

What close racing in round three. In this match-up Morris took the stripe by 3/1000ths of a second. Springman would have got around Morris but he lifted just a hair to early.

Paul Stretch took an even closer win over Corey Stewart. Corey had a slight holeshot, but he could not stay in front of Paul Stretch who took the stripe by 2/1000ths of a second, about three inches.

Grant Howell had his second single in the race. Brad Powell broke in his round two victory and could not return for his race against Howell. The kicker is, he has the semi final bye in the next round, so in the first four rounds of racing he had three singles. Some times it is just your weekend.

Semi finals

Morris had his second close race in a row as did Paul Stretch. Morris was double '0' one on the tree to Stretch's .021 Stretch ran 7.678 on his 7.67 dial. Morris went 7.799 on his 7.77 dial. The margin at the finish line was an incredible .001 or a 1/1000ths of a second victory for Paul Stretch, about an inch and a half.

Final Round

The leave for these two veteran's was within 7 thou of each other.

and they were dialed within three 100ths. At the stripe Howell went dead nuts running his 7.64 with a 'zero'.


Sunday final round of qualifying

John DeJonge was the third six second car as he ran a 6.97 to move into the #3 spot in the field.


Saturday round four qualifying

Trying some black and white photography .


Friday round two qualifying

There was quite a bit of carnage on the weekend with most of it happening on Friday. Terry Shuflita only made one round of qualifying but he had drive train issues and could not make repairs. Greg Feal broke Friday as well and was done for the weekend. The same for Phil Davis. By Saturday morning three of the quickest cars in the class were on their way home. First time attendees for the race included Vic Scott debuting his new 41 Plymouth Monarch. He spent the weekend making licensing runs and getting used to his awesome new ride. Unfortunately for Vic he did not run quick enough to get into the show. Paul DeBree Sr. built the car and did a great job. Gordie Abougoush was out for the first time as well. He brought out three race cars. The 'Farm Truck' in Non Electronics, a 63 Corvette that another guy by the name of Brad Bowel was driving in Top Sportsman and the sweet 68 Cuda, which he ran in Doorslammer. Corey Stewart was out for the first time in the 55 Chevy and Larry Morris was out for the first time in his 63 Corvette.

To no surprise, Dave Springman was the quickest car Friday going 6.634 at 218 mph. Rod Leclaire was out for the first time this year after waiting a couple extra months for new heads for his nitrous Camaro. He ran a best of a 6.75/201 Friday. He also hurt his car though, he ran the new "Big Tire / No Time" class, and broke the new bullet Saturday night in his semi final win in that class. He could not make elimination's Sunday.


Jason Field used his second nitrous kit this weekend and ran in the 7.20's Friday and troughout qualifying. He ran as quick as a 7.16 testing, but a 7.205 at 190 was his quickest run on the weekend with the Doorslammers.


July 5, 2019

5:00pm update

Confirmed for the next race weekend

Doorslammers BBQ - Saturday July 20th
BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Corn on the Cob, Veggie Lasagna and MORE!
$25.00 per person kids under 12 $15......Who's in??

Etransfer to:
Question: Club name
Answer: Doorslammers

The full report from the Doorwarz 7 event will be completed over the next three days. I had to catch up on construction projects this week that were put off from the two weeks of back to back racing.

July 2, 2019

Grant Howell defeats Paul Stretch in the final at Doorwarz 7.

The top three in the standings were all gone in round one. That tightens up the points a bunch heading into the race july 20th weekend.


Full results over the next few days


June 29, 2019

Day One of Doorwarz 7 saw Dave Springman lead the class with a solid 6.64.

June 25, 2019

Points after race three are posted

June 18, 2019

A huge car count is expected and hoped for in 10 days for Doorwarz 7. The race is presented by RH Race Cars. This is one of the premier races in the season as Door cars reign supreme at Mission Raceway Park. The event is almost exclusively doorcar racing (except for a few long skinny cars in the two bracket shoot-outs). RH is one of the long time supporters and sponsors of the doorslammer series. Ryan and his team are the premier car and chassis builders, repair shop and everything in-between. Probably 75% of the doorslammers competitors have used RH services to make their racecar perform better.

June 16, 2019

Schedule change for Doorwarz 7

A notice to all Doorwarz competitors and fans. The event is a three day event, June 28-30, and a testing session on Thursday (June 27th) Friday morning testing. Qualifying Friday afternoon and evening (two rounds), qualifying Saturday (three rounds). One Qoalifier Sunday Morning, Eliminations Sunday.

The Doorslammers will get two qualifiers on Friday, three on Saturday and one sunday Morning . Eliminations Sunday


June 9, 2019

Otto Schulte goes back to back. He has a five round lead going into Doorwarz. Brian Ritchie is the runner-up.

More to come over the next couple days.

June 9, 2019 (7 am update)


Perfect conditions for the Doorslammers in race three at the Langley Loafers Old Time Drags this weekend at MRP. The Race is presented by TCS Performance Products and the Doorslammers DID perform for sure. Six cars were in the 6 second zone including career bests by Greg Feal, Dave Springman and John DeJonge. Other career bests were set by Mike Bedsworth (7.068/192}, Mark Thompson (7.420/183.97), Jason Field (7.427/178.42) and Henry Zacharias 7.556. 23 of the 24 cars entered qualified for Sunday Elimination's.



Round one pairings are: Greg Feal (Bye run) , Mike Bedsworth vs Brian Ritchie. Rick Limb vs Henry Zacharias, Mark Thompson vs Paul De Bree Jr,, Phil Davis vs Grant Howell, Jeff Hill vs Dale Grasdal, David Heans vs Kerry Young, Dave Springman vs Otto Schulte, John West vs Greg Dolling, John DeJonge vs Paul Stretch, Jason Field vs Brad Powell.

The last two races and the first two for Brad Powell this year showed his improved performance, as he is running a new 598 Sunset powerplant. No more worries about getting in on the bump. For the second race in a row he advanced to round two. A red light by Jason Field in his new Chevelle ended his day early.

Two solid lights by Paul DeBree jr and Mark Thompson. DeBree was one thou off his dial for a car length win.

Dale Grasdal broke out by .035 giving the first round win to Jeff Hill

Otto Schulte was a bit tardy for him and Springman was way early so it was over at the hit. It was all good for Springman though as he ripped off a career best 6.51 at a huge 220 mph. Otto is off to round two.

Brian Ritchie went double'0' and was .022 off his dial against a closing fast Mike Bedsworth. Mike fell .007 short at the stripe. What a great race!

Kerry Young's first race of the year ended on a good note in round one against David Heans. He was deadly off the tree with a .004 light. Heans was a bit too good, with a .009 red eye. At the finish line, Young had a .035 package.

Feal, with a #1 qualifying first round bye, let the Turbo Opel eat, and he was rewarded with a career best 6.537/218 blast down the 1/4 mile.

In the most awesome round one car show pairing, the two "Cool Rods" faced off as Phil Davis and Grant Howel paired up. A double break out victory for Howell, by a slim .010.

Paul tretch had .029 better on the tree against John DeLonge but he could not run his number, as he was off by .083. DeJonge was only .028 off giving him a . 026 stripe.

The second of three Artex colored race cars also advanced to round two, when Rick Limb went .001 red. Henry was dead on with a 5 on his 7.55 dial.

Team Artex #3 with Scott Robinson behind the wheel was up against one of the cleanest Camaro's on the planet as series sponsor Kirk Lanz was out for the first time. Kirk was late and a few tenths off his dial, and Scott was decent on the tree, and at the top end for a couple tenths margin at the stripe.

Johnny West was out for the first time this year as well, and he took the win over another first DS event and fellow Port Alberni competitor Greg Dolling.

Round two pairings: Young vs Hill, Ritchie vs Feal, Zacharias vs DeBree, West vs Schulte, Powell vs DeJonge, and Robinson vs Howell.


Round two elimination's

Two tardy leavers in the first pairing with both Young and Hill having a '1' after the decimal. They were within 3 thou though so it had the potential to be a real close race. Young won the battle with a 6 off 8.56 on his 8.50 dial. Hill was .24 off his 6.98 dial in.

Ritchie was set to run Feal, but Greg found a head stud issue and could not make the round. Ritchie's freebie netted him a 1/4 final race. He made a solid run, .035 off a perfect run.

DeBree and Zacharias were next up and this one was over at right off the starting line as Paul's Valiant dies two feet off the starting line.

Another weird race as Johnny West went deep and tried to get the car backed up before the tree went green but he could not, and Otto just rolled off the starting line and went 1/4 throttle down the track.

Robinson was almost perfect on the tree with a double '0' 1. His opponent Howell was also good with a .014 light. Grant was chasing him down and at the finish line it was a .004 stripe and win for Team Artex.

DeJonge went a miniscule .005 red against Powell ending his day in round two. Powell was of to the 1/4 finals.

1/4 finals

Kerry Young got his tree action righted after a snoozy round two win. He went .010 green and Scott Robinson was the tardy one, with a very uncharacteristic .187 light. He was off the gas right away (not sure if it was a throttle issues, hense the bad light), and Young was off to the semis.

Otto Schulte defeated Brad Powell with a stellar 12 pack. Powell had a .055 package which would win quite a few match-ups.

Brian Ritchie took on series sponsor Henry Zacharias in the final pairing of round three. He crossed the finish line a few car lengths ahead of Henry with a 50 pack. Henry was way late and ran under his dial with a 7.496. He was under his 7.50 licensing, so even if he won the round he could not have advanced.

Semi finals

In the semi finals, three cars were left, and in the one pairing Young took on Ritchie. Brian had .016 on the tree, and drove around Kerry at about 1100 feet, .037 off his 7.85 dial. Young was .069 off his 8.53 dial.

Otto just took the green and backed out of the beams, he was off to his second final of the year.


Final round

Brian Ritchie vs Otto Schulte

The weird and the wacky happened again in a doorslammer race. For around the fourth or fifth time over the last couple years, the timing system/tree/computer went for a crap. Brian had a .4 handicap and when he saw yellow he left. When Otto saw yellow he left as well. The tree showed a red light for Ritchie and of course Otto was green leaving second. Brian did cross the finish line first, but the red light negated his apparent win.

When both drivers got the time slip both though something was off. Neither slip showed the slash indicating a red light. The margin of victory indicated Brian got the win, but the win light came on in Otto's lane. This has happened a few times with the doorslammers, and I have never seen it in any other class of racing. Otto was awarded the win, but within a few days the decision was made if they get another computer timing system reading like this they will rerun the race.

With the awarded win, Otto extends his point lead by two rounds over Scott Robinson.


June 5, 2019

TCS PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS is our sponsor this weekend, thank you to Bob Marshall and family for your

continued support of not only the CWDS series but also being one of the long time sponsors of Mission Raceway.Race #3 will also have an increased purse!!

$1300 Winner
$800 Runner Up
Other purses to be determined based on Car Count


June 3, 2019

Here is the parking map for the Loafers Race. Please all Doorslammers follow this assignment, and do not park anywhere else.

This directive comes from the Langley Loafers executive.

May 30, 2019

Round one of quaifying

Jason Field is starting to get his new ride figured out as he is within a couple numbers going a 7.63/177 best.

Scott Robinson was in John's Artex team car as his Beretta has a wounded motor.

Tony Driessen went 7.14 in round one, but had a problem in round two and did not make elimination's

Mark Thompson was working on licensing upgrade after his sub 7.50 runs at the last race.

Ken Christensen was also looking for his Advanced ET license . He got it with a bunch of 7.3's

Dave Springman was real loose on both his qualifiers

Kerry Stone was out testing his turbo Pro Mod with the doorslammers. Brian Ritchie ran high sevens.

Grant Howell was out for the first time this year. He ran 7.60's. Phil Davis dialed back his Willys 3 tenths for race 2.

Dale Grasdal was also out for the first time this year and also slowed down his Chevelle for the race. He was a 7.30 runner last year but ran 7.80's on the weekend. Henry Zacharias had to go to his back up car, when he wounded the Corvette's bullet at the last race.

Kelly Madore was another Pro Mod testing for Doorwarz.

John DeJonge was running his TS/Big Tire Camaro. He ran low 7's


Round two qualifying

Otto Schulte ran his usual 7.50's all weekend on his way to the final round. Kerry Stone was off the gas early in the second session but still ran 6.91 at only 150.

Mike Bedsworth ran 7 teens all day Sunday. Paul Stretch ran 7.60's

Grant Howell was with a 'hun' on both qualifiers. Tony wounded his bullet right at the stripe.

After round one of qualifying, Greg Feal was a bad hombre with a bunch of runs in the 6.50-5.60 range. In testing, he ran a career best 6.50/218 (Friday).

Scott Robinson died on the starting line in the second session. He would make round one of elimination's though.

The weekend sponsor, Dave Springman failed to qualify on the weekend. His blown Corvette was a beast on both runs.

Both Zacharias and Grasdal made consistent runs.

DeBree Jr was winin a couple ticks in both runs. Phil Davis was .06 quicker in round two (7.08).


John DeJonge (far lane) missed the session along side Dave Heans. Heans went a 7.57 best.

John did make the second session, but slowed from his earlier 7.24.

Ken Christensen went a 7.38 best in qualifying.


Round one

Sorry no photo. Field singled, as Driessen broke in the final qualifier.

Kelly Madore broke out as he was late on the tree, advancing Howell.

Henry went too quicker after a .034 holeshot giving the win for Thomspon.

Shulte got the win in a double break out round one pairing.

Davis went way red in round one, handing the win to Grasdal.

Greg singled (#1 qualifier) and went 6.61

Stretch broke out against Kerry Stone. Tough to fender race against a car that is 50 mph faster. Stone had his best run of the weekend.

Bedsworth had a 16 thou package in his win against Ritchie.

Heans went way red against team mate DeBree Jr.

Christensen broke in round one, giving the easy win to Powell.

Scott Robinson was off the gas early (throttle linkage I think) allowing an easy win to team mate DeJonge.


Round two

DeBree took the stripe but broke out by .004 against Bedsworth. He took a .02 stripe

Grant Howell left way early. Powell had a solid .021 light.

Stone got the bye, but was off the gas early as his Camaro was all over his lane.

Schulte took a .02 stripe against Field.

DeJonge went .006 red in his race against Greg Feal.

Grasdal was a bit late and Thompson went a teen for a two car length win


Round three

No Photo. Thompson singled when Stone did not make the call.

Feal went .010 red against Schulte. Schulte was .010 on the tree.

Powell also went red, with a .008 red light. Both cars were .03 off their dials.

Semi finals

Bedsworth singled in the semis, and ran his quickest lap of the weekend. The weather really cooled for this round.

A double breakout for both Thompson and Schulte, and Otto advances by virtue of him being .003 less under the dial.

Final round

A great final round with Schulte taking the stripe by .008. Bedsworth got by Schulte at 1000 feet but gave the stripe back.


May 27, 2019


Otto Schulte wins race 2 Sunday at MRP.



May 21, 2019


Dave Springman of Haney Vape Supply is our sponsor this weekend and he has just announced that he too will be
Raising the Purse for Race #2
$1300.00 Winner
$800.00 Runner Up
Other purses to be determined based on Car Count Thank you Dave Springman and Haney Vape Supply!

Lets see how big the car count can get this weekend!

May 20TH, 2019

The next race is this coming weekend at MRP.

The event sponsor for Race #2 is Dave Springman and Haney Vape in Maple Ridge.

Here is the schedule for 2019

April 27-28, 2019 Artex Barn Solutions (completed, Scott Robinson winner)

May 25-26 Haney Vape
June 8 - 9. TCS
June 28-29 RH Race Cars
July 20-21 Atrysten Plumbing
August 23-24 Fortins
September 21-22 Alpine Backhoe
September 28-29. Unsponsored

May 6, 2019

As per Marcy, go here for the Doorslammer association rules


May 1, 2019

Photos and the weekend story for race one are now posted.

Schedule update with remaining races and the Loafers race added

May 25-26
June 28-29 (Doorwarz) Friday & Saturday

June (7-9) Langley Loafers weekend

July 20-21 (Nitro Fest Harley weekend)
Aug 23-24 (Smoke Fire Thunder) Friday & Saturday
Sept 21-22 (CMDRA)
Sept 28-29

April 29, 2019

The qualifying, round one pairing and elimination results are posted below. The complete story and photos start coming Tuesday.

19 cars were on hand to start the season for the eight race Doorslammer series.

With timing electronic issues Sunday and a Saturday rain out, only one round of qualifying was made to set the field. 16 cars ran quick ran the 8.70 minimum but Ken Christensen's 7.30 was thrown out. It was his first run with his new 760 cu in Sonny's combination, and he was way under the 7.50 license he currently has. As there was only one 'Q', he along with three other drivers who did not run the minimum, were put on the bottom of the ladder. Dave Springman was #1 with a great 6.75/217 (career best speed for Springman, but I think he ran a 6.73 last year) followed by a career best 6.83/204 by Phil Davis. Tony Driessen went 7.07 on one nitrous kit and Mike Bedsworth went a tenth quicker than his previous best (7.13/192). Mark Thompson also went his career best, a 7.43/184. The corrected air at MRP was below sea Level. Henry Zacharias debuted his new Corvette, and ran in the seven second zone for the first time ever.

Here is final qualifying and the first round pairings. Dave Springman in his first hit of 2019 went 6.75 at a whopping 217 mph

Phil Davis went through his combination over the winter and redid his fuel system. It paid off big time with a career best 6.83/204

Tony Driessen, refeshed his Ranger and with a soft tune-up went 7.07/190

Scott Robinson after a week away in his new position with Arrtex Barn Solutions and Cubic Farms arrived art the track and sat in the middle of the field with a 7.63

JAson Field's new Doorslammer looks very nice.

Mike Bedsworth went his quickest ever, a 7.13/192. Paul Stretch was in the middle of the field with a 7.70

Our series leader and title sponsor Henry Zacharias debuted his new Corvette and ran 7.81

Terry Shuflita made a few hits in his 5 speed Firebird. It left hard but was soft on the top end.

A second quicker for the new combo in Ken Christensen's ex Pro Mod. But his run was thrown out because he had not upgraded his license yet.

A sportsman ladder for the Doorslammers.

Round one Elimination's

With only one round of qualifiying all the cars that did not run the number were placed in the bottom half of the ladder.

The first pairing saw Mike Bedsworth get a .046 holeshor forcing Field under his dial.

John DeJonge went .012 red handing thie win automatic win to Mark Thompson.

Greg Feal was late and was loose off the starting line making for an easy round for Scott Robinson.

Brian Ritchie went .012 red against Phil Davis. The blown Willys was off to round two.

Paul Debree Jr got the biggest and closet win in round one as he defeated Otto Schulte in round one. Paul was .006 and Otto was .010. Schulte took the stripe but was .004 under his dial.

Dave Heans was .007 on the tree and took a couple tenths stripe against Terry Shuflita.

Zacharias advanced to round two against a too quick Christensen.

TLD defeated a too quick Tony Driessen

A fluid leak spelled the end of Andy Antle's weekend. The team was not happy with the call, Paul Stetcch got the single and the win.

Round two

Scott Robinson was .002 on the tree and defeated Langdon Davies

Davis had starting line issues giving the easy win to Heans


DeBree Jr got the second round bye and had a .045 package

Thompson took out Zacharias with a .04 stripe

Stretch was .024 on the tree and Bedsworth was .007 red in the final round two pairing

1/4 finals

Robinson got the easy win when Mark Thompson Left too early. Robinson got the bye to the final round in the next round.

DeBree Jr went ..007 red against Stretch in the other pairing. (Sorry no photo)

Dave Heans had the odd car bye in the 1/4's and just took the green light.

Semi finals

Dave Heans advanced to his first final in a long time when Paul Stretch had issues .

Scott Robinson took the bye run and just staged the car.

Final round

Both drivers were looking for their first ever DS win. Scott was in his fourth year in the series, while Heans was over a decade with the DS group.

But the entire race saw one or two starting line faux pas in every round and the final was the same as Dave Heans went . 015 red against Robinson. Robinson was solid on the tree with a .030 but his win light was on before his rear tires were across the starting line.


Scott was off the gas by 500 feet.

Congratulations to both teams for their strong efforts.


April 28, 2019

Race Sponsor Artex Barn Solutions and owner John DeJonge did not take home is own money on Sunday as the weekend title Sponsor, but one of his team cars did, as Scott Robinson gets his first ever Doorslammer event victory.


Lots to come over the next couple days.

A few photo highlights

A very sweet 6.75/217 for Dave Springman

A career best for Phil Davis (6.83/204)

Terry Shuflita's very sweet Pro Stock legal Firebird (5 speed)

Henry Zacharias debuts his new Corvette


April 24, 2019

Race one for 2019. I think this is the 23rd or 24th season of the most successful Doorcar series in the NW.

Who will be this year's champion? Will Bedworth repeat, will Shulte get back the title, will a first time champion be crowned, lots of questions and round one will start the discussions.

This weekend`s event is Presented by Artex Barn Solutions. This is a bonus payout race as well, as John and the Artex team have put up an additional 800.00 for the purse. The winner is guaranteed 1300.00 and runner-up is 800.00. Depending on car count, will determine where the other 300.00 in extra prize money will go.

Weather looks solid for Sunday and Friday and Saturday is 60/40. We'll see you all there.


April 23, 2019

Post from Terry on the DS facebok page.

Alright ladies and gentlemen. It’s that time again. Our race #1 of 8 is this up coming weekend
Who’s coming out to play and who’s not coming out. ??
As we get closer to the weekend I will give more details on the meeting time and location.
I can’t wait to see everyone again soon and let’s get ready for a happy and fun season of racing
PS. I may need to borrow a golf cart from time to time seeing as I can’t walk very long or good right now

March 30, 2019

Great news for the Doorslammer schedule. The Langley Loafers event the beginning of June (7-9) will replace the April 13-14 date. It about time we are back with the Loafers.

Here is the email from Marcy

2019 Schedule Change!!!

I am thrilled to announce that with the help of the new Mission Raceway executive we were able to secure a scheduled event at the Langley Loafers event on June 8-9! This allows us to remove the April 13-14 date from our schedule. There are a few things I had to agree to in order to convince the Loafers to invite us to join them, they usually get a lot of cars at their events therefore they would like us to be very mindful of pit space and only take one pit space per team, there will be no allowance for extra vehicles or campers in your allotted pit space. They also can’t guarantee us a 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 qualifying schedule so we will have to be flexible and fit into their run order. As most of you know, the Loafers events are fantastic and I can’t even tell you how happy I am that we have been given the opportunity to be included again, so please, treat this race as though we are guests and lets do our best to put on a great show and do our part in running our program efficiently and professionally. I would like to remind you all that it is important at all our events to be ready to go when we are called to the lanes, make sure that you utilize our standby calls to be ready and move into the lanes, ready to race when we are called. We do not want a reputation of being the class that delays any of the programs. Thank you for your help and consideration with this matter, it makes my job easier when I am trying to secure a favorable schedule.

The results of the poll on the color of the decals for 2019 are so close that we will do a split of both colors.

March 20, 2019

The new DS logo and decal for 2019 is above or below. Pick you favourite, and email Marcy or respond on the DS facebook page.

It includes Dave Springman's wild 6 second Corvette amd Henry Zacharias' new Corvette.


The season is just a month away from the first race, are you guys ready or getting ready.




January 15, 2019

This year's 2019 Doorslammer calendar. Go to the SpeedZone site here to order it, or a Pro Mod or Top Sportsman/Top Dragster calendar.



December 5, 2018

Here are the dates of our 2019 Schedule. Please note June 28/29 and August 23/24 will be Friday-Saturday events with Sunday scheduled for rain dates for those events. These are all the dates that Mission had to offer us so I took everything we were offered, with the exception of July 6th because it is a Saturday only event. I have contacted the Langley Loafers again and begged to be a part of either or both of their events but unfortunately once again we were denied. I have also contacted Ed Garfield from Pacific Raceway to see if we could be included in their schedule and the only date he could offer us conflicted with one of the Mission dates so that was a bust as well. So unfortunately not our best schedule but, it is what it is, and I took everything I was offered.

April 13-14
April 27-28
May 25-26
June 28-29 (Doorwarz) Friday & Saturday

June (7-9) Langley Loafers weekend

July 20-21
Aug 23-24 (Smoke Fire Thunder) Friday & Saturday
Sept 21-22 (CMDRA)
Sept 28-29

Chris and I wish you all the best for a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season, and Best Wishes for the year ahead.







" ZACHARIAS INVESTMENTS LTD - Winter Harbour Marina and RV
Surrey, BC
Ph# 604 538-9444

6217 - 205 Street
Langley, BC
Ph# 604 533-8675
Performance Converters & Transmission Products

4681 Teather Road
Kelowna, BC
Ph# 866 765-9404
Custom Built Race Cars & Fabrication

45750 Airport Road
Chilliwack, BC
Ph# 604 795-9739

Hope, BC
Ph# 604 869-3232
Excavating & Pipeline Integrity

PO Box 634, Campbell River, BC V9W6J3
PH# 250 287-2220

1356 Sumas Way
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 8H2
Ph# 604 870-1000

Maple Ridge, BC
Ph# 604 716-3032

1323 Ravens View Dr.
Victoria, BC
PH# 250 478-1058





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