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Welcome to the new look for the Canada West Doorslammers

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December 5, 2018

Here are the dates of our 2019 Schedule. Please note June 28/29 and August 23/24 will be Friday-Saturday events with Sunday scheduled for rain dates for those events. These are all the dates that Mission had to offer us so I took everything we were offered, with the exception of July 6th because it is a Saturday only event. I have contacted the Langley Loafers again and begged to be a part of either or both of their events but unfortunately once again we were denied. I have also contacted Ed Garfield from Pacific Raceway to see if we could be included in their schedule and the only date he could offer us conflicted with one of the Mission dates so that was a bust as well. So unfortunately not our best schedule but, it is what it is, and I took everything I was offered.

April 13-14
April 27-28
May 25-26
June 28-29 (Doorwarz) Friday & Saturday

July 20-21
Aug 23-24 (Smoke Fire Thunder) Friday & Saturday
Sept 21-22 (CMDRA)
Sept 28-29

Chris and I wish you all the best for a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season, and Best Wishes for the year ahead.



October 1, 2018

Well, the season went out with a wimper, but the party was a blast.

Huge thank you's go to Tim and Nancy Nemeth and TDN Constructors Group for allowing us to use their large tent for the party on the weekend. The weather sucks but it kept us all dry. Thank you!

A new series champion was declared before a car went down the track this weekend. Sounds weird but the whole weekend as weird and did not go to form. Looking at the last two and a half months nothing went to form so why should the final weekend be any different. Despite three races scheduled in August and September, none of them happened and the point leader after the National Open in July, Mike Bedsworth got the easiest championship in recent memory. He took over first place with a semi final finish at the Open (Otto Schulte the point leader heading into that race lost in round one), and since the Open every event has been rained out.

Saturday had a chance to get underway in the morning but it was hampered right from the get go. An unfortunate pit incident just after 8:00am delayed the start for well over 9- minutes, then when they were finally ready to start a computer glitch extended the delay by another hour or more. By the time cars started to go down the track, there was no time for qualifying runs, and the decision was to go right into elimination's. A cool track with no runs down it did not excite the 30+ cars in attendance so the member took a vote and by the margin of 11-10 (members only) the voting determined that only test runs would be made. That clinched the title for Mike Bedsworth, his second one in the series.

Schulte finished second flip flopping the top two from 2017.

Finishing in third place is Paul Stretch, one spot better than last year.


In fourth place, his best placing ever, is Johnny West, it is the best placing for a six second in history. I looked back in the standings and while Terry Spargo finisg\hed second back in '04, it was with the low seven second Cutlass, not the 6 secomd Cavalier.

Congrat's for making history Johnny 'Cash' West

And to continue the record making year, Rod Leclaire another six second performer finished in fifth place.

Sitting in the six slot is Brian Ritchie. (sorry for the shadow face Brian).

In seventh place, is Paul DeBree Jr .

Mark Thompson is one spot better than last year, as he finished in 8th.


...And first time top ten racer Larry Morris finished in 9th. VAncouver Island racers dominated the series this year taking 6 of the top 10 placings.

Series title sponsor Henry 'Hank' Zacharias (owner of Winter Harbour Fishing and RV) rounded out the top 10, it is his best finish ever. To top of his great season, he also won the reverse fuel draw sponsored by Jason Field (he wins a 1,500.00 credit toward the VP fuel of his choice). 'Hank' will also debut a new car for the 2018 season.


Two Lower Mainland drivers were in the top 10, one was from the Interior and the lone American wins the series.

Here is the final standings

A few shots from the lone session on track Saturday.

Joe Mayzes and John DeJonge made a lap. John was .001 and ran his predicted 930 (8.309)

As you can see on the tire, Greg Feal rattled the slicks hard. He weny 6.60/215 on Friday.

Rick Limb got his N/A 6 second run.

Brett Caswell ran with the DS clan sorting out his 7 second small tire Chevelle.

Rod LeClaire broke the wheelie bar on this hard tire rattling launch.

Terry Shuflita was behind the wheel of his Pro Stock legal / set-up Firebird. A real quick short time but hard tire shake ended his run.

Brian Ritchie went .7.89 on his lone run.

Jason Field made his second 7 second run with his small tire Nova. Johnny West went 6.91, and had his second or third fire at the top end at the end of this run. Minimal damage though.

September 26, 2018

This, the final weekend points race on Saturday is presented by Atrysten Plumbing. Weather permitting there will be a cash bash on Sunday.

Don't forget to get your dinner tickets from Marcy (

September 24, 2018

Our year end awards Dinner/Banquet is being held at Mission Raceway on Saturday September 29th at the end of our race day (Aprox 7:00PM). The Max Fox Building will be in use that evening for another event so we will set up on the grass area behind Paul Debree Jr.’s pit area. Due to the other event in the Max Fox Building we will need to supply our own tables and chairs, so everyone that has any folding tables that we could use, please let me know. Dinner is being catered by Eleni’s restaurant as it has been the past few years, the food is always very good! Tickets are $25 each per person. If you still need to purchased your tickets, you can e-transfer me at please use, Doorslammers, as the answer for the security question. Tickets must be pre purchased Please order your tickets as soon as possible as I have to prepay for the dinners as well as give the caterers a head count on how many people we need to feed.

In order to wrap up the points and award the year end prizes, weather permitting the race will be run off on Saturday and then Sunday will be a cash bash for fun!

September 23, 2018

5:00pm update

Unfortunately the weather decided the weekend results

Too much moisture and not enough time to dry the track and get the race in. With the postponement, this coming weekend will be huge. Championship battle comes down to one race and three players for the title. Mike Bedsworth is looking for his second title, and he leads by 15 points. Otto Schulte sits in second and is looking for his third championship. Paul Stretch is in third place and he is 47 points back. It's a tall order for Stretch, but with a three way race it's going to be good. The three of them were one, three, two in qualifying this past weekend so the actual point differentials are, 17 points ahead from Bedsworth, and Stretch is 48 points back of the lead and 31 points back of second place.

September 23, 2018

It was along day Saturday for the second to final race of the year. It is the CMDRA event and they are kind enough to feature the 'slammers.

A late start due to the lousy weather. Qualifying started around 2 pm. September has been brutal. In the first qualifier the track was very tricky. The amount of rain over the last few weeks has been unreal. During that first session a number of teams struggled with traction. Only 5 cars made a run quick enough to made the 8.70 bump. By the end of the day, 11 of the 13 made the field. Sunday's weather does not look great either, but it is supposed to break a bit earlier.

By the end of the day Mike Bedsworth lead the 14 entered with a tenth and a half off 7.42/184. Paul Stretch ran right at his usual number, a 7.63. Otto Schulte was over a tenth off as well with a 7.66.

Joe Mayzes was out for the first time in a few years and he struggled with a loose and wheelstanding Chevelle.

John West had convertor issues and is hoping he can get down the track Sunday in the final qualifier.

September 15, 2018


Thank you to Alpine Backhoe and the Lance Family for their continued support in sponsoring the upcoming CMDRA race at Mission Raceway on September 22-23.

Also Thank You to the CMDRA for waiving the Car & Driver gate fees for the weekend. Entry Fees do apply to all Crew Members at the gate upon entry.

I have a very exciting announcement about this upcoming event. Since our last event was a complete wash and we did not get anything accomplished I have worked it out with the CMDRA that we will do a double header the weekend of the September 22-23. In our rules it states we will not make up rained out events so the Saturday race will be for money and trophies only, there will be no points awarded. If you wish not to participate in the race for money and trophies on Saturday you will still get your three rounds of qualifying on Saturday. For those that do want to participate in the cash bash for Saturday there will be an additional $100 entry fee and the payout will be the same as our regular events. Weather and time delay dependant, I have tentatively negotiated two qualifiers each day before going into eliminations. Therefore your two qualifiers on Saturday and your E.T. from first round of eliminations if you are participating in the Saturday race will count for Sunday’s race and your first qualifier on Sunday will count for Sunday’s race. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns or need any clarifications on this.

On a side note, those of you that were at the last D/S race on August 25-26 that was rained out, you will be required to show me your gate receipt and tech card for that weekend in order to receive your rain out points.

August 24, 2018

The weather sucked Saturday of what was possibly the biggest race day of the year. The association BBQ lunch went off though. It was a fun time for all the teams in attendance. Hopefully Sunday will be a good day.

August 23, 2018

This is the BIG weekend! "Smoke Fire and Thunder". The Weekend is sponsored by TCS Performance Products. TCS is the longest standing sponsor of the series. The company has played a huge role in the success of the series and we thank Bob Marshall and the Marshall boys for their continued support.

With Saturday late afternoon and evening qualifying, the assoc. will host a BBQ Food Truck. Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken are on the menu. The cost is $20.00 per person and it has to be ordered in advance. Contact Marcy via her email address The truck will be set up at the SpeedZone Magazine booth at the end of the main pit side grandstand. It will start at 12:30 pm Saturday afternoon. Bring your own chairs. The truck will be there rain or Shine. Qualifying for the race will be at approx. 4, 6 and 8 p on Saturday.

August 7, 2018

Hello Everyone

I hope you all had a fantastic BC Day Long Weekend!

Our next CWDS event is August 25th and 26th for the Smoke-Fire & Thunder Event at Mission Raceway. As this event is promoted as an evening event, our qualifying times will be altered to be conducive to the weekend program, on Saturday we will be scheduled to qualify at approximately 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm, Sundays program should be as per usual. As I mentioned earlier in the year, I thought it would be a great idea to plan a social lunch event for us on Saturday prior to qualifying getting started. I have booked a food truck to come to the track for approximately 12:30pm, the tickets will be $20 per person which will include a large portion of your choice of, pulled pork or pulled chicken on a bun with coleslaw and fries. I do need to preorder the meals so tickets will be presold with e-transfer.

When you are e-transferring your payment for your tickets please include in the comments how many Pulled Pork and or how many Pulled Chicken sandwiches. Cold soft drinks and water will be provided. We will be doing this in the pits or near the Max Fox building, location to be determined and will be announced closer to the date. Please bring your own chairs and table if you wish.

For Tickets please e-transfer to

Please contact me if you have any questions, I hope you will all participate as I think this is a great team/club building opportunity for all of us to enjoy some good old bench racing!

August 1, 2018

The Canada West Doorlammers are saddened by the sudden passing of Randy Rowlinson, owner of Pro Stock Perfomance out of Edmonton AB. Randy was a big part of the high performance industry in Western Canada for over three decades. He was also a long time sponsor of the Canada West Doorslammer association. Sincere condolences go out to his family.

Here is a link from the Edmonton Journal

It looks like the proposed Doorslammer feast at Smoke Fire and Thunder is a go ahead. It will be Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken with all the fixings. Contact Marcy's email to confirm your team's participation


July 26, 2018

Points are posted including the last race.

Full results and photos are posted below.

July 24, 2018

Points from the July 8th race are posted (Race 4). Photos are being logged this evening.2900 of them.

July 23, 2018

A first time winner takes the Open and a Wally

Sheets and final round photo is posted. Full results Monday evening and Tuesday

Sunday Elimination`s

Jim Ward earned a hard fought victory or Paul DeBree Jr



Was not at the track for round one, so no photos.

A big upset here, as Schulte goes out in round one for the first time in 2018. The .035 package put up by DeBree in this win was the best pacckage of the day and he wins the LeClaire Paradise Homes Award.

A real close race here as both Limb and Morris break out by .002. Rick crosses the finish line ahead by .001 based on a one thou starting line advantage.

A double break out win for Stretch.

Christensen broke out,handing the win to Bedsworth

Mark Thompson went way under his dial, giving the win for Johnny 'Cash'

Hank ran .011 off his 8.34 dial for the win.

Grant Howell was a no show in round one. He had internal engine issues.

Brian Ritchie was .002 under his 7.92 dial, giving Grasdal a second round appearance.

Scott Robinson looks to have had his delay box set (or had some sort of tree issue) as he was way late. LeClaire was off to round two.



With a scenic back drop of Mt Baker, I went down to the top end to get a few shots of round two. DeBree got a small holeshot .005 on the starting line and near the stripe the 200 mph 57 Chevy was right there. At the stripe, West crossed first by .009, less than a fender (two pictures below), but he went one hun under his 6.95 dial.

Jim Ward had a .041 package to Rick Limb's .81 for a 3/4 car finish line advantage a the stripe.

Dave Springman advanced to round three with a .03 starting line advantage. He caught a slowing Zacharias by 1150 feet (below).

Dale Grasdal was a tenth late on the tree against Paul Stretch and could not catch him.

This was a good ole drag race against the #1 and #6 qualifier. Bedsworth had .014 on the tree, and was .024 off his 7.29 dial. LeClaire was .03 off his 6.79 dial initiated by a .028 rt. The stripe was .02, just over a fender.



Jim Ward won both ends of his round three race against Dave Springman. He had .014 on the tree and was .05 closer to his dial for a .063 margin. The win earns Ward a bye in the semis. right to the final round.

Paul DeBree's RT was .008 slower than Paul Stretch's, but he was a couple hun closer to his dial than Stretch.

Bedsworth had a third round bye and he used is well. He had a solid light and was .007 under his 7.31 dial.



Fast vs slow in the lone semi final pairing. Mike Bedsworth nailed the tree wit a 007 light but fell off his 7.30 by .055. DeBree went .024 on the tree and was .037 off his 8.3\46 dial the margin at the stripe was .001, less than three inches

Jim Ward just took the green on his bye run.


A battle of the #'s 18 and 19 qualifiers in Race #5. THis might be the first time this low of qualifiers have faced off in the final round That is the cool thing about the DS series. I am guessing that the four years that Paul has reaced in thes eries he has never left second (the quicker car). He did in this final round and it was a close leave. They were within .011 of each other. Paul took the lead and ended up with a 3/100ths tripe. that was 9 thou too much as he was under his dial running a 8.461 on his 8.47 dial in. Jim Ward gets his firt win in the seires in just his second or third race.


The next race is in a month at Smoke Fire and Thunder.

Points are posted.


Saturday qualifying ... Round one.



Terry Shuflita's long awaited debut took place Saturday. Grant Klohn was driving the Pro Stock legal Firebird (500 cu in and 5 speed liberty)


Round two qualifying




Final qualifying

July 18, 2018

This weekend's sponsor is Fortin's Automotive.

A long time supporter of the Doorslammers. Fortin's is one of the oldest Automotive related businesses in BC. Parts, Repairs, Machine shop and everything in between. It is the place to go in Abbotsford, Chiiliwack and the entire valley.

One of the biggest races of the year, The Canadian National Open this weekend is THE race where the Doorslammers are along side some of the most exciting race cars on the planet.....Funny Car. Nitro burning and Methanol burning 250mph machines. The Doorslammers are also a feature class this weekend.

July 8, 2018

10:30 pm update

Rod Leclaire earns in first ever DS win after 5 long years.

He defeated the new points leader Otto Schulte

Final qualifying




Round two

Sorry no photos for the first two pairings.

Round three

Morris just staged his Corvette with the bye run.

Semi finals

Final round


Saturday qualifying is posted below. The full Sunday results and photos will be posted over the next couple days.


July 8, 2018

Saturday qualifying is complete with one more run Sunday AM.

this weekend presented by ......


Two pretty cool shots in totally different light conditions.

The word of the day was 'consistency' Saturday as a number of competitors were flat out deadly, both on the tree and their 'ets' at the finish line. With three runs under different conditions, no less than five or six drivers ran 1/100th or less on all three of their runs. Mike Bedsworth, John DeJonge, Ken Christensemn and Brad Powell were all less than 1/100th difference (just a few thou). on all three runs. Brian Ritchie was one number (1/100th) apart on the three laps. A number of others were two or three apart on the trhee runs. A few drivers went double '0' on the tree and Rick Limb who ran his best run of the year with his new all motor combo went trip 'zip'.

Round one of qualifying...


Saw Rod LeClaire nail down a 6.75 on his first hit. He failed to qualifying at Doorwarz last weekend, as electrical gremlims kept the car from going more than 150 feet before shutting down. TErry Langdon Davies was in the 8.3`s all day.

Only two of the 24 drivers failed to make the cut in round one. Kash Sandhu was off by a couple tenths in the first qualifier while Grant Howell went 10 feet and shut off with a fluid leak.

Mike Bedsworth stay with three runs within .005 of each other, all in the 7.28 zone.

Dale Grasdal went 7.24 to sit in the top half of the quick field. 17 drivers were in the 7's or quicker.

Grant Howell made one good lap but he had a bunch of smoke in the middle of the run, and missed the final session.


Round two.

Johnny West improved by a couple numbers to a 6.944. Jim Ward was out for the second time this year and he was in the field with an 8.520 best

Rick Limb came close to a 'six' with his new combo, going 7.01/191. Dave Heans went his best lap of the day in the 2nd session, a 7.606.

Two of the most consistent cars and drivers (Bedsworth and DeJonge) as their lights were teens or better and their time slips were less than 1/100th apart on all three runs.

Phil Davis had two marble hugging runs, one in each lane. Maybe he just wanted to blow all the crap off his lane boundries. He still ran a couple 7 'teens'. Paul DeBree was in the 8.40's on all three runs.

Saturday, Q3

The final session was under sunnier skies than the preious two, but there was als a breeze so it did not seem as muggy. A few drivers ran a bit quicker.

LeClaire solidified his /1 spot with a 6.731,

Otto Schulte went two numbers quicker than previous runs and sat /10 with a 7.525 and Brian Ritchie went one hun quicker (7.943).


Paul Stretch was in the low 7.60`s on all three runs. Phil Davis keeped his foot in it through the marbles on the final qualifier.

Dave Springman struggled with traction and a loose rear of his Corvette on his qualifying attempts.


July 6, 2018

11:00pm update

Full weekend qualifyig and elimination's are posted below.

Points after race three are posted.

July 6, 2018


Qualifying results and a play by play and photos are posted below

July 6, 2018


We finally have all the photos logged from Doorwarz and will start posting tonight.

July 4, 2018

Tonight SpeedZone Magazine is logging and categorizing over 3800 photos from Doorwarz VI. Tomorrow we will start posting photos along with the story behind the race. You can go to SpeedZone Magazine to get a few samples of what was the wildest Doorwarz weekend ever.

July 3, 2018

11:00pm update

The next Doorslammer race is this weekend at Mission Racway. The event presenting sponsor is Haney Vape Supply. Dave Springman has taken on a huge role as a major sponsor of the series and the association could not be happier. His blown Corvette had its best racing weekend with career bests (6.74/213.00mph) and a third round appearance. Great weather is forecasted for this weekend so hopefully we get a large car count.

July 3, 2018

8:00pm update

A crazy and wild weekend for Doorwarz VI.

The weather and the tight racing surface played havoc for many teams in almost every class.

In the end Otto Schulte got his first win of the year and moved into second place in the standings.

Saturday qualifying

DS rookie opend up qualifying with veteran Henry Zacharias. After breaking in the first race Dave came out and ripped off a great 6.92 at only 1168. He was off the gas early as he had all kinds of top end issues with the car being real loose. Henry went 8.29

Mike Bedsworth ran his usual mid 7.2 in the cool air Saturday.

Andrew Antle from the Caribou is another DS rookie, and was competing for his first time after licencing the last couple times out. He went a solid 7.77 to sit nicely in the field.

Dave Heans and Paul De Bree were next up and they ran to a soft 7.819 and 8.424. After running mid 7.40's and 50's earlier in the year, David detuned his Camaro

Gene Fluery was out for his usual one race effort. He is so looking to run a 6 with his turbo '6'. He came close running a career best, 7.03 195. Very nice. Mark Thompson went 7.581.

Ken Christensen and Larry Morris were next and they too ran in their usual range. Ken went 8.376, and Morris went 7.941

Jason Field had his dual duty Nova on rails this weekend. With the exceptional track prep for Doorwarz he ran a career best 7.849/170. He also ran his best ever 1/8 in 275, a 4.99. Brian Ritchie went 7.946.

Greg Feal did double duty this weekend. He entered Pro Mod as well ad DS. In Pro mod he went 6.75. Here he went 6.766 with a pedal or two. Otto was Otto running a 7.481 in the cool weather. He easily has one of the most consistent race cars in the class. If you look at the leaderboard all the top points earners are very consistent.

John DeJonge and Paul Stretch went their usual numbers as well. Stretch went 7.634 and John ran a 8.298.

This one could have been a battle for #1, but Rod LeClaire had fuekl ssystem or electrical isssue and the car was off the loud pedal by 100 feet. Johnny West went 6.974/195 to sit #3 after round one.

Round two qualifying.

Fluery tried real hard to improve on his 7.03 earleir but the car wheelstood and slightly unloaded the tires . He still ran great, a 7.06/194 but not enough.

Springman wheelstood his Corvette and was off the gas before the finish line.

Brian Ritchie improved to a 7.91 in round two.

Both Paul Stretch and Ken Christensen improved in the second session. Stretch went 7.58 and Christensen went a career best 8.33

John West failed to improve, the same for Thompson in Saturday's final session.

Rod LeClaire was off the gas early again in the second session and Jason Field failed to improve from his earleir career best, but he did stay within a hun and the same mph as well.


With weather delays on Sunday as well, the decision was made to cancel a round of qualifying Sunday so the field was set after Saturday's two rounds. Rod Leclaire and Rick Limb (who failed to make a run on Saturday) were both outside the field. Both those drivers stepped into Top Sportsman.

Here is the round one ladder.

July 1, 2018

Round one

Andrew Antle was a no show for round one so De Bree singled and ran an 8.44 on his 8.40 dial.

Dave Springman also benefited from a broke opponent. Dave Heans could not make the call and Springman took advantage of his single and let the Corvette EAT! He ripped off a career best 6.74/213. The car was still real loose on the top end but he legged it out and turned on the timers with a great but scary 6 second lap

Mike Bedsworth got an easy win when Larry Morris went in deep, turning it to an automatic win. He ran a 7.30 on his 7.27 dial.

Brian Ritchie got a single when Gene Fluery in the almost six second 'six' cylinder Regal. He went 7.94 on a 7.90 dial.

Otto Schulte took a close win win over Henry Zacharias. They were within .001 of each other on the tree, but Otto cought the wiley veteran at 1200 feet for a .026 margin at the stripe.

Johnny West got a break on the top end when Jason Field went too quick on his 7.96 dial. We went .013 on the tree and ran a 7.918. West was .05 on the tree and was a tenth off his 6.95 dial. But he was off to round two.

In the closest race in my DS registry, Paul Stretch got a 5 /10,000 victory over John Dejonge. They went .007 and .010 on the tree with Stretch having the three thou advantage over DeJonge. The Abbotscfor farmer was dead 'nutz' on his 8.29 dial, while Stretch was on his dial with a '3'. The margin had to go into the tenth thou's to determine the winner. What a race!

Ken Christensen got a .063 advantage on the tree and took a three hun victory. Mark Thompson was on his dial with a 1 but could not overcome the 6 hun disadvantage on the tree.


Round two

Springman got a second round bye with a nime car round two ladder. He was off the gas early (you can see the butterflies are closed at 60 feet.)

Otto Schulte would have raced Greg Feal in round two as he had the #1 qualifier bye in the 17 car field, but Feal could not make the call with a broken rear end.

Paul DeBree went .001 red against Mike Bedsworth. To make matters worse Paul ran his number with a 2. So close to a two thou package. Mike was .021 and ran .015 quicker than his 7.30 dial.


Christensen and Ritchie were with 1/1000th on the tree, but the top end saw Ritchie go too quick by .018 handing the second across the finish line, Ken Christensen the the victory.

PAul Stretch went double '0' 8 on the tree his second double '0' in a row to earn the victory over Johnny West. West was only 00two off his 6.97 dial. Stretch had a .028 package.

Round three

Stretch got the five car round three bye run. He launched hard with a.019 light but was off the gas early.

Christensen left before the tree was activated against Otto Schulte handing the 2017 champ an easy win.

Mike Bedsworth got .05 on the tree against Springman and took an easy win when Springman was forced to lift early again when his Corvette got loose on the top end.

Semi finals

Otto Schulte got the bye run and went .005 on the tree. He lifted at 1200 feet and coasted with a 7.55 on his 7.44 dial.

Mike Bedsworth got the win over Paul Stretch despite Paul's .016 light to Mike's .033. Mike ran a 7.285 on his 7.26 dial. Stretch fell 8 off his 7.54 dial.

Final round

Otto Schulte had a .014 light to Mike Bedsworth's .018 light. The problem was Mike's light had a negative in front of it. The dasterly red light. Otto would have been tough though as he was only two thou off his 7.42 dial.

The 2017 champion gets his first win and moves 20 points closer to Mike.

The two of them along with Paul Stretch and Brian Ritchie will have a great season long battle IMO.




June 27, 2018

Traditionally one of the two biggest races of the year for the CW Doorslammers is this weekend at Mission Raceway. DoorWarz VI is this coming weekend and the Doorslammer class usually brings the largest car count of any of the feature classes at the event. We have had over 30 cars in the past and usually will see 24-30 competing. The race has the largest payout of the year and it is co-sponsored by RH Race Cars and Haney Vape Supply. RH has been a long time sponsor of the series and is one of the premier race shops in the NW. Haney Vape supply is a new sponsor to the association and is owned by Dave Springman, one the classes newest racers as well. He has a very nice supercharged 63 Corvette and is looking to lay down some solid runs this weekend.

Qualifying begins Saturday morning but there is a test session Friday evening.

Sunday will hopefully see one more qualifier and then elimination's. See you there!

June 3, 2018

While the Doorslammers were not competing in a points race there were close to 20 racing this weekend. Seven or eight were at the Old Time drags at Mission racing in Outlaw. and it was Terry Langdon Davies defeating fellow DS competitor Al Morin. Close to a dozen were in Prince George for a North VS South Shoot-out spearheaded by Rod LeClaire. They were scheduled to race Saturday in a 4/10ths pro tree battle and then Sunday in a 5/10th full tree race. Otto Schulte won on Saturday against another DS competitor, Rick Limb. Sunday was washed out after only one round.

Prince George

From John DeJonge's facebook page



May 31, 2018

Points after the first two races are posted.

Good Luck to all the teams that are heading North for the North VS South Shoot-out race in Prince George. Be safe up there. Hopefully a bunch of Doorslammer guys that race at the Old TIme Drags this weekend at Mission have a fun time.


May 28, 2018

Brian Ritchie earns the race two victory.

27 cars signed up for race 2 and all 27 made the cut after final qualifying Sunday morning. It was close though, as Jason Field in his small tire Nova made a last ditch pedalling 8.703 to just squeeze in. His nitrous powered Nova is more than capable of seven second time slips at over 170 mph if he ran a big tire, but he also competes in the small tire classes and likes the challenge. He he also does not like being down tot he wire so it would not surprise me to see him with a big tire on the car at upcoming races.

The points battle at the top is pretty tight, with Mike Bedsworth, Otto Schulte, Brian Ritchie and Terry Langdon Davies all within a couple rounds of each other. The next race is Doorwarz IV in a month.

The full weekend story over the next few days.


Final qualifying


Round one


Greg Feal just staged his Opel as he earned the 1st round bye as #1 qualifier

Round 2

Sorry, I missed the first pairing as I went down to the finish line to get stripe shots.

Round 3

Round four

Final round



May 27, 2018

Race two presented by Mellof Excavating.

Three qualifying sheets with the quickest run in each sesson. Full results starting Sunday night.




May 22, 2018

This weekend's upcoming race is presented by Mellof Excavating. Race one was a very good race with 22 cars entered. Al Morin, Kirk Lanz and a few others are expected to sign up for the series this weekend. Mike Bedsworth leads the standings, with Paul Stretch sitting second and Rod LeClaire just a couple points back of Stretch. John West is fourth and Phil Davis is fifth. TLD is sixth.

MAY 14, 2018

Race #1

Congratulations to Mike Bedsworth as he takes Race #1 presented by Artex Barn Solutions.

Mike defeated Paul Stretch in the fifth and final round. Paul got a .009 holeshot but shook, spun and got loose early and Bedsworth went around him by 900 feet.

Rod LeClaire had his best outing in a long while as he went to the semi finals in his six second Camaro.

Photos and all the story throughout this week.


Round by Round eliminations

Round one


Round two

Round three

Semi Finals


May 13, 2018

Final qualifying

Sunday morning was a perfect time to improve from Saturday's three rounds as cooler temperatures greeted all the teams for the final 10:30am round.

May 12, 2018

Saturday qualifying

From SpeedZone Magazine..............

A strong first day at Mission Raceway for their first Summit series Bracket race as well as the Canada West Doorslammers. Dave Kowalski lead the Doorslammers with a testing 6.35/215 lap. The all new Sonny's Blown Hemi (very few if any of this combo out there). The other expected low 6 second performer, Kerry Stone was testing a new combination in his Twin Turbo Camaro, but was off the gas early on all three runs, running a best of a 7.07. Once they get this new combo sorted out, it will be very strong. This opening weekend will have more six second cars than ever possibly. Others in that rarified position include Greg Feal with a 6.75/212, Tony Driessen with a 6.88/189, John West with a grouping of 6.93's @ over 190. Joe Mellof and Rod Leclaire are also likely six second racers coming Sunday morning's final session.

The first round saw Kowalski run a soft 6.50/207. Tony Driessen was actually the first 6 second driver down the track as he went 6.88 @ only 189 (ran out of nitrous right near the finish line).

Johnny West went 6.93 to sit #3, Rob Leclaire left very soft and went 7.12/182. A number of regular drivers made changes over the winter, in hopes of consistency, quicker ets and more wins. Most notable changes came from Tony Driessen who switched 'Farm Trucks'. He went from a true streetable farm pick-up weighting 3600+lbs plus. All Tony did was buy Glen May's Ford Ranger Swing-Arm Pro Mod weight over 1000 lbs less. The result with the same bullet was a one second improvement and into the 6's. John DeJonge Also bought a new car, taking delivery of a 53 Corvette. It came with two motors and for now he has the 1300hp mid seven second one between the frame rails. Scott Robinson, is driving the new car, as his Beretta is still in re-build mode. Ken Christensen switched over to an EFI set-up and picked up a tenth. Rick Limb returned back to a naturally aspirated combination, a 750 inch 'big boy'. He is hoping to run in the low, low sevens or high sixes. Paul Stretch made a few adjustments to his Nova as well, and his ride is for sale. Phil Davis' Willys is also for sale. Likely a few others made changes as well. The Stone Brothers, with two of the coolest Turbo rides will run a different path this year. Daryl, who runs the Nova with take a step back this year to concentrate on his brother's Camaro as well as one the Cutting Edge clients,Kelly Madore's twin turbo Chevelle. Hopefully we still see the Nova out a few times this year.

Here are the three qualifying rounds, with a few photos. More to come over the next few days.

Dave Kowalski

Rick Limb


Kerry Stone

Paul Stretch

John DeJonge and Scott Robinson

Ken Christensen

May 12, 2018

There were a number of Doorslammer competitors out testing or on the grounds Friday in preperation for this weekend's first race of the year presented by Artex Barn Solution's. De Jonge, Robinson, Christensen, Driessen, Field, Davis, Schulte, Feal, Stone, Howell, Morin were just few of the guys I saw on the grounds.

We would also like to welcome Jason Field and GreenLight Auto Sales, the local VP fuels distributor as a series and association sponsor. There will be a reverse draw at the end of the season, members that enter and compete in all eight points events will be entered to win a value of $1550 (CND), worth of VP Race Fuel products. Thank you Jason.

See you out there.

May 11, 2018

The Canada West Doorslammers confirmed in the last few days a new sponsor for the 2018 season. Haney Vape Supply

They will be a sponsor at two different events in 2018

2018 RACE SCHEDULE - event sponsor

May 12-13 Mission Raceway - Artex Barn Solutions

May 26-27 Mission Raceway - Mellof Excavating

June 30- July 1 Mission Raceway - RH Race Cars & Haney Vape Supply

July 7-8 Mission Raceway - Haney Vape Supply

July 21-22 Mission Raceway - Fortins Engines

Aug 25-26 Mission Raceway - TCS Performance Products

Sept 22-23 Mission Raceway - Lance Racing/Alpine Backhoe

Sept 29 -30 Mission Raceway - Atrysten Plumbing

#1 qualifier sponsor and best package sponsor - Paradise Homes

*********** UPDATE ********
Thank you to Dave Springman and Haney Vape Supply for coming onboard as the race sponsor for the July 7-8 event and as an additional sponsor for the DoorWarz Event to enable us to have an increased payout for this event!

Please stay tuned for more sponsorship updates as I had a telephone conversation with another intersted company with a very exciting offer, which the details still need to be worked out but I am super excited about it! Stay tuned!!



Here is this year's decal. Winter Harbour is one of Henry Zacharias' investments and the decal with their logo looks real sharp.

Our first race of the year is just a month away and it is presented by Artex Barn Solutions. Artex CEO John DeJonge's car pictured in the new decal has a new look for 2018 and he will also debut a new car later this year, and his new ride is bitchin' to say the lest. The Camaro's new look is also sweet. He along with a few other local will be at the Spring Fling is Vegas this coming weekend.

December 18, 2017


May 12-13 Mission Raceway

May 26-27 Mission Raceway

June 30- July 1 Mission Raceway

July 7-8 Mission Raceway

July 21-22 Mission Raceway

Aug 25-26 Mission Raceway

Sept 22-23 Mission Raceway

Sept 29 -30 Mission Raceway

There are eight scheduled points races. The year end standings will be the total of all the eight races, which means all members will be required to count the points from all the events. There will not be any waivable events.


Henry Zacharias is back as the title sponsor for 2018. The new name for the series is the Winter Harbour Marina and RV Canada West Doorslammers. The MArina and RV centre is a fishing lodge in the Northern part of Vancouver Island. Click here for the web site.

We will have a new main logo and banner posted soon.

The rules pages and contact info has been updated.




" ZACHARIAS INVESTMENTS LTD - Winter Harbour Marina and RV
Surrey, BC
Ph# 604 538-9444

6217 - 205 Street
Langley, BC
Ph# 604 533-8675
Performance Converters & Transmission Products

4681 Teather Road
Kelowna, BC
Ph# 866 765-9404
Custom Built Race Cars & Fabrication

45750 Airport Road
Chilliwack, BC
Ph# 604 795-9739

Hope, BC
Ph# 604 869-3232
Excavating & Pipeline Integrity

PO Box 634, Campbell River, BC V9W6J3
PH# 250 287-2220

1356 Sumas Way
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 8H2
Ph# 604 870-1000

Maple Ridge, BC
Ph# 604 716-3032

1323 Ravens View Dr.
Victoria, BC
PH# 250 478-1058




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