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An open letter from Otto Schulte

Hi Marcy & Terry

First and foremost, thank you so much for continuing to run the CWDA. Without you we would have no association and no doorslammer class. Your on-going volunteer efforts are hugely appreciated from all the race teams in CWDA.

Secondly, CWDA would also not exist without sponsors, so thanks for continuing to pull them in year-after-year. Especially TCS for its huge support.

As Race Directors you guys control the program. And it has been successful. No one can deny that fact.

Now that another successful race season is in the books, we are taking a breather and reflecting on things.

We wrote to you last year Marcy and appreciated the long chat you and I had on the phone. At the end of the day none of our suggestions were implemented. We don’t have a problem with that. But our thoughts haven’t changed from what we wrote last year.

In our opening race meeting in 2017 Terry told us all very clearly that there won’t be any changes considered for 2017, period, so don’t ask. And I know that at the last race in 2016 you were harassed/attacked about rule changes, which was very inappropriate. I don’t think either of these is correct. You shouldn’t be ambushed by racers, but racers should have a way to engage you on rules, etc. The current situation leaves us racers disconnected from you guys, and you disconnected from us. Case in point being your implementation of a new rule without racer input at the awards banquet.

We have a suggestion for you for the 2018 race season. Please consider pulling together a CWDA Racers Committee. If we’re not mistaken we believe that at one time there was in fact a racers committee in place. Is this true?

At the end of the day you can do whatever you want. But we don’t know why you wouldn’t agree to a Racers Committee for input to help you. The world is changing but the CWDA is now frozen in time. It would be good for you to know what racers are thinking as the drag race world changes. The CWDA was ahead of its time when it was first formed. We think it’s time for you to engage the racers again and see if the majority are happy, or if things need tweaking. Even the NHRA has Racers Committees for the sportsman classes, which helps them adapt over the years and keep the sport thriving. The racers don’t make the rules, but they certainly help form them.

Again, respectfully, our request is to form a Racers Committee for 2018. And the committee should be a cross-section of racers and constructive people with positive personalities. We would be happy to assist in doing this if you agree.

And again, thank you for continuing to run the CWDA. We are indebted to you. This in no way should be taken as an attack, but as assistance. We hope that we share a common goal with you, which is to see the CWDA succeed and thrive now and into the future.

Feel free to forward this email to all race teams.

Otto & Leslie Schulte

From Marcy....................

In response to Otto's question about a committee of racers in past years, yes we had a committee of three drivers that if need be could help make a judgment or rule call on a situation that may arise on race day that falls into a "grey area", in which we don't have a rule for. It doesn't happen often but the odd time something would come up and I would ask the opinion of my committee before I made a final ruling. The problem is that sometimes in these situations one or two of my committee members may not be at that event at the time so rather than appoint certain drivers for the full year, I or Terry would gather three drivers at the time to help with our decision. This committee was never formed or used to change or form rules and regulations. Also in the past we had yearly drivers meetings to discuss and vote on rules and changes and it was voted to omit those meetings as in general things didn't change much and in the event there was changes made it often upset more people than it made happy. Here are a couple of my thoughts, if we want to change the rules to be the same as Super Pro or Top Sportsman then we don't need our own association and ALL the work that comes along with it, CWDS is different and caters to those that may not want to run in those other classes. Also we are one of, if not the longest standing most successful drag racing association in the North West so if it isn’t broke don't fix it. In my opinion people love the class and it's a very desired class to be a part of and I am super proud of that and I'm so glad to be a part of such an amazing group of racers.


In looking at the CWDS Facebook page my take is the Status Quo seems to be what most want. My feeling is a few do want a 5/10ths tree and while I thought it might be a good way to go four or five years ago when the class was stagnent in regards to cars counts in the teens at most races. I have come to realize the uniqueness of the class and current populatiry is because of the rules we have adopted. if it ain't broke don't fix it.


September 25, 2017


We have the race results from both Saturday an Sunday posted below as well as the round by round elimination's photos posted. Qualifying photos and wrods from the weekend starting tomorrow

Race results from the Sunday Cash Bash fun race

Round one Elimination's

Round Two

Otto just staged the car on his bye run


Semi Finals


Final round

Race results from Race #8

Qualifying round #1

Qualifying round #2



Round one

Round two

Round three

Semi Finals


Final round


September 25, 2017

Schulte continues his winning ways by taking the final race of the year Sunday. The "Funday" cash bash saw Otto Schulte take on Terry Langdon Davies in the final round race of the year. Greg Feal was the #1 qualifier and he went to the semi finals running three 6.70's in a row with his turbo Opel.

We will post Saturdays full results and Sundays starting Monday evening.

September 24, 2017

Midnight update:

Otto Schulte wins the 2017 championship with a dominating season long performance. Four wins out of eight races. 577 points. Only Zak Clarke has earned more points in a season. Be earned 677 a few years ago in 10 races. After the first eight races Clarke had earned 581. His total take this year was over 7k. Probably paid his ferry costs. Way to go Otto and Leslie.

Brian Ritchie (near lane) won the final race over Scott Robinson. These two made the biggest moves in the standings at this the last race. Ritchie went from 5th to 3rd and got himself an extra 500 bucks for his effort. Robinson went from 9th to 6th earning a few extra hun as well.

We're #3 is a good thing in this case, as Brian went from 5th to 3rd place in the final standings with the win.

Mike Bedsworth went from 3rd to second with his semi final finish Saturday.

Rick Limb qualified #1 with a career best 6.77. He lost in round one, but tested the rest of the day and made a bunch of runs between 6.80-6.88.

The top ten:

1. Otto Schulte, 2. Mike Bedsworth, 3. Brian Ritchie, 4. Paul Stretch, 5. Grant Howell, 6. Scott Robinson, 7. Ken Christensen, 8. Paul De Bree, 9. Mark Thompson, 10 (tie) Rick Limb and Dale Grasdal

September 20, 2017


Thanks to Kirk Lanz of Atrysten Plumbing for sponsoring this weekend! The weather forecast looks awesome! We will do our best to do two time trials and then complete eliminations in order to complete our series for year end points to be awarded at the banquet dinner/party Saturday evening. Please understand that even though we are completing the race on Saturday we are committed to run a race for the CMDRA ON Sunday, we will run off for cash on Sunday!! Also unfortunately due to uncontrollable circumstances I will not be able to come out on Saturday to set up for the party, therefore I ask that everyone pitch in and help get the Max Fox building set up with tables and chairs and such, we may also need a few extra tables if anyone has one to lend for the evening. I will send table cloths with Terry. Dean Murdoch will be providing non alcoholic beverages but otherwise please bring your own chair and beverages! If you haven't already committed to Terry or I and would like to attend please let us know ASAP!

September 17,2017

Attention Doorslammer teams.

Our year end awards Dinner/Banquet is being held in the Max Fox Building at Mission Raceway on Saturday September 23rd at the end of our race day. In order to wrap up the points and award the year end prizes, weather permitting the race will be run off on Saturday and then Sunday will be a cash bash for fun! Dinner is being catered by Eleni’s restaurant as it has been the past two years, the food is always very good! Tickets are $25 each per adult and $15 for kids under 12. If you have not yet purchased your tickets please contact me as soon as possible as I have to prepay for the dinners as well as give the caterers a head count on how many people we need to feed.

Please get your ticket order in, and if you are on the fence, come guys and gals GET YOUR TICKETS, DON'T BE Cheap.

Points are updated

Otto Schulte clinches his second series championship , this time as car owner.

The battle for 2nd through 6th will come down to the final race in 10 days.

Round by round photos and words will be posted over the next couple days.

Only one qualifier as the rains kept the team from hitting the track on Saturday, and it was a late start Sunday due to the moisture.

In that lone qualifier Rick Limb continued his hard charging from the last event where he ran his first ever 6@200.

Here he went a quicker career best 6.804/204.54.

Jeff Hill's new nitrous combo netted him a 7.09/195 and Mike Bedsworth who either runs a high 7.2 or low 7.3 did the former running a 7.29/186. Kevin Lance ran his usual mid 7.3 going 7.35/185.

With only having one round of qualifying all the team regardless of what they ran would be part of elimination's and could dial as quick as they wanted. Al Morin and TLD did not run the 8.70 number while Greg Feal and Dale Grasdal were the only drivers over a second off their usual hi 6 low 7 pace

Final round one qualifying.


Round two elimination's

Quarter finals

semi finals


Final round

September 7, 2017

This weekend's race is presented by The Lance Family and Alpine Backhoe. Photos from the last race are posted below as well as the rain out race and points posted as well.


August 31, 2017

Results from Race six are below. The race was presented by TCS Performance Products

TCS Products is a family owned and operated business located in Langley, BC Canada. As a leading manufacturer of performance and extreme automatic transmission parts, our first priority is to deliver the best possible products to our customers. Along with the use of several optional high grade alloy and exotic metals, our billet shafts, drums and internal components are made to excel in all extreme gas and diesel applications.

Our 3 divisions consist of Performance Parts Manufacturing and Sales, CNC Machining and Manufacturing, and Competition Torque Converter Manufacture/Re-Manufacture. Our technicians and project managers have an extensive and diverse background and presence within the motorsport and drag racing industry.

As a manufacturer, TCS Products is driven to recognize and address the ultimate needs of performance professionals and enthusiasts. Our modern CNC Machining Services Division produces performance parts year round to meet local and international demands. We rely on customer and dealer satisfaction to measure our success and ultimately maintain the highest standards of our product lines.

We produce a variety of performance parts for major suppliers and racing teams.

Don’t forget to ask about our Private Label Program!

Our Converter Shop originally opened as Torque Converter Specialties and is charged as being the forerunner of TCS Products. TCS Converters continue today as the first choice for many drag racing, performance diesel, towing, sled pulling and off-road applications. Efficient as in the beginning, keeping detailed records of every custom built high stall converter has enabled us to accurately control performance adjustments. Our CNC Machined Solid Aluminum and Steel (Billet) Stators enable us to create a host of performance reactions otherwise unattainable. TCS Products Custom Billet Stators are available to Performance Converter Manufacturers everywhere. “THE BEST CONVERTER JUST GOT BETTER”

Bob Marshall, the man behind TCS, has been drag racing for over four decades and is one of the original sponsors for the DS series. He competed in the series for a couple decades as well as a being a top competitor in Comp Eliminator in Division Six.


Race Six qualifiying

The largest field of the year saw 25 cars qualify for the race a couple other cars were in attendance but did not make qualifying runs.

Rod Leclaire planned to compete but he broke his motor Saturday during the rain out race, and Dave Heans did not make a qualifying run. Jeff Hill was out for the first time this year with a new combo. He ran as quick as 7.10 on Sunday. Zak Clarke also was out fo rthe first time this year.

Darrell Toews from Dawson Creek also ran for the first time in a couple years.

TLD came to the track but with a full main pit area and the only spots left were in the back '40 he decide to turn around and do something else for the weekend.

Without LeClaire in the field the question who would be the #1 qualifier. It was expected Greg Feal would get in one solid hit and he did, running a 7.04/206, but it was Rick Limb who, has been dialing in his Nitrous combo. With Ken Sihota lending a hand tuning the juice, Rick went 7.18 Saturday and then Sunday morning ticked off a bucket list, running a great 6.91/201.11.

He backed that up in the final session going 6.92/195. Dale Grasdal also ran his best ever, going 7.25/189.35 to move into the #3 spot. The other guy making a move up the ladder was John DeJonge. He added nitrous to his small block and ran in the 7's, going 7.88/167.

Al Morin added some 'go juice' as well, and he went 8.0's in the big Chevelle. Tim Vogt is off and on when it comes to Nitrous. This weekend he ran juice and went a half second quicker than his non nitrous 8.10-8.30's norm (7.57).

Jason Field did double duty on the weekend running in 275 as well, making him the quickest guy in the field with a small tire. He ran a career best 7.91/172.

Kash Sandhu ran a best of a 8.45 but that is too quick for his chassis (8.50 cert) and he had to use a slower 8.67 pass.

Final qualifying

A few from Saturday night.


Round one Elimination's

Round two

Round three


Semi finals



Results from the Rained out June race (Race #3) are here. The race was presented by Ogilvie Mountain Holdings.

Photos will be posted in the next day or so.

Round one

Round two

There should have been another race in Round two as Rod Leclair who won his round one race had a scheduled by for round two. He broke in his round one win and could not make the call for his single.

Round three

(No photo)

Semi finals

Sorry no semi final photos. Only one pairing in the round as Brian Ritchie defeated a red lighting Mike Bedsworth. Otto had a single (bye run and he ran a 20 thou package that include 5 off his 7.50 dial.

Final round

Bran Ritchie went .012 red in the final round gving the automatic win to Schulte.

Otto extented his point lead heading into Sunday race.

Otto had his grandson and of course crew chief and wife Leslie along on the weekend. and turned into the good luck charm for Saturday's race.

Two Runner-up trophys for the Ritchie clan and the best package award for his . 009 package.

August 28, 2017

What a wild long long weekend.....Two races two different winners but only one runner-up.

Sunday ended just after 9:00pm, one of the longest Sunday's I can remember. We had the largest car count of the year with 25 cars competing in the race presented by TCS Performance. The TCS profile to come. (27 cars were on the grounds but Kirk Lanz and Dave Heans did not get their cars down the track). Paul Stretch earned a hard fought victory over Brian Ritchie, his second runner-up of the weekend.

Notable on Sunday, was Rick Limb finally earning his 6 second time slip and #1 qualifier to go with his first ever 200 mph. Hey to go Rick and team.

The completion of the rained-out race from June was completed Saturday night and it was none other than Otto Schulte earning another win. He defeated a second half charger Brian Ritchie. That race was sponsored by Rick Limb's Ogilvie Mountain Holdings.



August 22, 2017

8:00pm update

Ok update time for Saturday
When we run Saturday morning it is for the racers to get a time trial and get a run in before round 1 This is not q4 Qualifying is set So it's only a 18 car field. Unfortunately that means Greg Laurel Feal didn't not qualify but will receive points for attempting to qualify
If there is any confusion. Don't be afraid too ask me as I don't want too have any drama or complaining on Saturday.

6:00pm update

Hello everyone, We are planning the year end dinner/awards presentation for Saturday Sept.23rd at Mission Raceway in the Max Fox Building. Dinner will be provided and served by Eleni's Restaurant, the food is always amazing! Tickets are $25 each and $15 for kids under 12. Terry will be selling tickets this weekend as well as at the next event September 9/10 (weather permitting). Please order your tickets sooner than later as it makes it much easier to plan if we have an idea of how many people will be attending?? Have a great weekend at SMOKE FIRE & THUNDER!!!

Smoke Fire and Thunder tentative schedule

This weekend is Smoke fire and Thunder race. Yes we will be finishing our race #3 on Saturday.
Only those racers that were at that race can participate in that race this weekend NO new entries. The field is set.
We will be getting a final qualifying run Saturday morning at the end of the bracket qualifying rotation. So please be ready for between 930-10am.
We will than get into round #1 probably after the next round of bracket q#2. All rounds will be quick so please cool down your car and yourself ASAP. We don't want delays as it's going too be a long day for all of us

Hopefully we are done eliminations early as Race #6 qualifying starts at 4--6--8.
There are all approximate times as it depends on car count in all classes this weekend

I will try and do a meeting when I have time as I will be busy all day. So please have patience with me and track personal and other racers

If anyone has a problem with not being able too race this weekend. Please let me via text or msg me on here 604-551-8804

I would also like too say thanks too our weekend and long time sponsor
TCS Products. Bob Marshall and family are long time supporters of this class and Mission Raceway.
Any questions get hold of Terry
Only cars on the qualifying sheet below can race the Rained out race from June. (Race #3)

August 2, 2017

Points are posted

The elimination's story is posted below.

JULY 30, 2017

Here are photos and a run sheet recap from last weekend's Race #5 presented by Fortin's Engines.

Mike Bendsworth wins race #5. Larry Morris goes to his first ever final round with the Doorslammers. Otto Schulte goes out early

The words to go with the Race will be posted in the next day or so.


Qualifying for the race was fit in aound the sportsman class time trials/and gamblers races, along with the elimination rounds for the three Funny Car classes. The first session Got underway 2:30 or so and 19 of the 20 cars registered for the race made qualifying runs and all 19 made the 8.70 cut.

Shown below Greg Feal, smoked the tires early in his turbo Opel, but he pedaled it and ran a high seven at 200 mph. He impproved in the later Saturday round with a great 6.84/212mph.

Kash Sandhu ran right on his usual mid eight pass.

Mike Bedsworth went 7.3 and Jason Field ran a low eight, still with the small tire on his Nova

Tim Vogt in the Vette, did not run nitrous this weekend and he ran 8.30's. Brian Ritchie went 7.9 throughout qualifying.

Alberta driver Randy Schmidt made the long trek West for the first time ever in his very nice Willys. He ran high sevens all weekend long.

Dale Grasdal ran his best ever in the Chevelle turrning in a best of a 7.30/186.

Both Otto Schulte and Mark Thompson ran mid sevens with Schulte going a best of a 7.50.

Ken Christensen's best for the weekend was a 8.34

Grant Howell ran 7.65 best on Saturday.

Paul Stretch struggled in the first session but he ran a 7.6 in the later runs on Saturday. Paul DeBree Jr anchored the field with his usual 8.5 runs.

A couple Camaros faced off in round one with Rod Leclaire going to the top with a 6.8/206. Ray Bollinger ran 8.1/160.

Series title sponsor Henry Zacharias was back behind the wheel this weekend. He had a bad crash at the season opener in his other 55 Chevy. He was back behind the wheel of his trusty 55 and went right down the groove with an 8.3/160.

David Heans went a 7.56 best on Saturday.





Mike Bedsworth ran his best lap Sunday morning turning in a 7.335 to end up #4. Scott Robinson ran a 7.85 best Sunday morning. He ended up #10.

A very nice side by side by a couple fast orange Coupes highlighting the final qualifying round. Grant Howell went a 7.659 best and Randy Schmidt went a 7.913 best. They are qualified #8 and 12 respectively.

Dale Grasdal improved to a 7.301/186 to sit #3, his best qualifying spot ever. Paul DeBree Jr stayed #20 with an 8.522

Jason Field almost matched his carrer best with a strong 8.09. His top speed was 170, which should mean a 7.8 et. Greg Feal could not improve on his 6.84 Saturday as he had to pedal the car again right off the launch.

Christensen stayed #17 with an 8.34 best.

Brian Ritchie's Saturday 7.913 was his best qualifying effort.

Henry's 8.281 from Saturday remained his best run. David Heans 7.56 was his best (Saturday).

LeClaire did not improve Sunday morning, while Ray Bollinger did improve to a 8.120.


Both Howell and Vogt has solid lights with Howell almost in the double 0s. He was .036 off his dial for the win.

Bedsworth went .003 and got the the stripe second. Field was way under his dial as the small tire Nova hooked up pretty goos and went 8.13 on his 8.30 dial.

Morris got .029 on the tree and took out #1 qualifier LeClaire's 6.89 (6.77 dial)


Sandhu and Stretch had great teen lights, but it was all Stretch at the finish line as he was one thou off his 7.69 dial for a 13 thou package

Two thou separated DeBree and Robinson on the tree and two thou separated their ets going the other way. It was a dead heat with DeBree taking the win by a couple 10,000ths of a second, about an inch.

Randy Schmidt got the win against Greg Feal's Turbo Opel when Feal left before the tree was activated

Twin Chevelle's battled in round one as Ritchie the engine builder for both cars took the win over Grasdal by his RT advantage about .04

Mark Thompson got a break in round one when Ken Christensen had .08 at the tree but took way to much stripe (over a tenth). Hey Buddy, give it a couple whomps near the stripe. (sorry had to!)

Henry Zacharias got his first round win of the year in his battle against David Heans. The veteran went .021 on the tree and was within .02 of his 8.30 dial. Heans was dead on with a zero his 7.59 dial. His .065 rt was his downfall.

Ray Bollinger gave all the point chasers some hope when he took out point leader Otto Schulte. Schulte was late with a .090 light and only three thou off his 7.51 dial. Bollinger was solid with a .017. Otto stated later that his Brake pedal froze on forcing him out of his routine.

Round two

A couple teen lights started round two between Ritchie and Howell. Grant went too quick by 3 thou handing the win to the Poco engine builder.

A couple 20 lights were on the time slip for the next pairing, Both Bedsworth and Stretch were a few numbers off their dial, but Mike was closer by .028. He was off to the 1/4's.

Henry 'Z' went .029 red handing the automatic win to Larry Morris.

Thompson was .032 better on the tree than Schmidt and much better on the track as Randy was almost 3/10ths off his dial.

The final pairing was delayed a bit when Bollinger was late to the staging lanes (golf cart issue). The rush to get him properly strapped in likely affected his rt, as he was late and DeBree took a tenth stripe for the win.


Round three

Larry Morris took an easy win to start round three when he got the round bye run.

Another race with teen lights and a close finish. DeBree had a .016 package to go to his second semi final of the season. Ritchie had an overall .031 package in the close loss.

The winner of this round gets an automatic to the final round. Two double 0 lights lhighlighted the final 1/4 final pairing. One Mike Bedsworth) was .009 to the good, the other by Mark Thompson was .008 to the RED. An automatic win for Bedsworth and he gets a bye to the final.


Bedsworth drilled the tree by .008 too much but his bye run was just for sh...and giggles as he was off to his first final of the year.

Paul DeBree had the rare dsq when he went in deep in his semi final battle against buddy Larry Morris. Morris was in his first ever final with the Doorslammers.

Final round

Two first time finalist in 2017 would battle it out. The veteran Bedsworth has been solid on the tree all day with double 0's to 20's Morris has been decent as well.

Unfortunately for Morris his first ever final round ended on the tree when he left to early (before the tree was activated). handing the easy win to the Washington driver. Mike makes a big move up to second place in the standings but he is still four or five round back of point leader Otto Schulte.


The next race is Smoke Fire and Thunder the last weekend of August. It should be a big one.


Points are posted.



July 17, 2017

Point leader Otto Schulte competed at the Edmonton Rocky Mountain Nationals this past weekend. He lost in round two on Saturday and just beofre elimination's for race #2 Sunday the rain came.

Race #5 is this coming weekend. The Lucas Oil "Canadian National Open" is this weekend and the Doorslammers are part of the show. They will be racing for a wally for the first time. Hopefully there is a great turnout. The weekend is presented by Fortin's Engines.

July 7. 2017

Doorwarz V Doorslammer race #4 presented by RH Race Cars.

Doorwarz V winner Paul De Bree Jr.

The Doorslammers in arguably their biggest race of the year (maybe Smoke/Fire would be considered as big), put on a great show at Doorwarz V. With event sponsor RH Race Cars putting up extra doe, the year's biggest purse included 1500 to win, so you knew teams would be going for it.


The event started on Friday with optional test sessions and Friday saw some unfortunate carnage. Rick Limb made to solid advanced et hits including a best of a 7.20/189 but he saw some internal damage and his weekend ended before qualifying.

Johnny West suffered the same fate. He was back out after hurting his bullet at the first event of the year. His first test hit Friday was a soft half-track shot without nitrous. In his second hit, it netted him a career best 6.85 @ 199.8. In his third shot he got a bit more aggressive trying for a 200 mph run. The car launched hard but at 300 feet or so some sparks came out of the car and he slowed across the stripe by a few ticks and 5 mph from his earlier pass. He and crew chief Dave Lawler found the car dropped a valve.

The damage did not look as back as first feared so hopefully he will be back out soon. The third car that was out before qualifying started was Kash Sandhu.

He had a couple good launches but he suffered damage as well Friday and could not make the call for qualifying.

Dave Heans was out a few weeks ago testing and upgrading his license and he made runs throughout the weekend. He wanted to get his car dield in so he decided to just test all weekend. He ran a best of 7.45 earning his advance et license. Also to note Dave looks fantastic dropping over a hundred pounds in the last 10 months.

One of the biggest splashes Friday was put in by Greg Feal. He made a number of laps looking for some consistency from the twin turbo Opel. In a Friday afternoon test hit he laid down a doozy. The car left nice and smooth moving slightly left, but he kept his foot in it and ran a career best 6.94/209. Both career best numbers by a bunch.

Saturday qualifying saw Rod LeClaire take the top spot with a 6.759/208 to easily nail down #1. That number would hold until the final session Sunday morning when he improved by .009 to a 6.750.

Kirk Lanz was #2 after round one with a 7.012/186mph.The later runs Saturday produced a 6.963/193. He would end up #2 after final qualifying.

Gene Fluery made his lone appearance (so far) of the year in his cool twin turbo small block Grand National.

He has gone low 7's in the car and is really hoping for an eventual '6' out of the small block. His best effort came in round one, with a 7.24/190.00.

The usual suspects were in spots 4 through 6 with Mike Bedsworth, 'Baby Daddy" Kevin Lance, and Otto Schulte running 7.37, 7.39 and 7.50 respectively. Tim Vogt put up a bit of Nitrous in his Corvette and he ran close to a half second quicker, going 7.53/194.

Doorslammer rookie Mark Thompson went 7.67 and Paul Stretch was right behind with a 7.68. Greg Feal's earlier 6 second run did not reproduce in qualifying through all four rounds with his first run netting a 7.73/172.

He went faster in round two hitting 196 mph, but his first half was still troubled. In round four he went 199 mph but again he struggled on the starting line.

At the end of round one two drivers were outside the 8.70 minimum. Both were first time drivers Kerry Young from Port Alberni, driving an S-10 (8.742) and Brad Powell in his very nice Chevelle (8.787).


Round one qualifying order

Round two qualifying

In round two, Lanz ran 6.96, Bedsworth improved by a hun, as did Kevin Lance.

Tim Vogt found another tenth going 7.48 to move into the #6 spot.

Al Morin ran his career best 8.16 in the big Chevelle, and Kerry Young bumped into the field with a 8.658/152 mph. Powell came close running a 8.726 (ran Q 1 for the first time).

Round two qualifying order

Round three qualifying

In Saturday's final session, Rod LeClaire had a wild ride as his Camaro went up on two wheels right after the launch hie got the car startened out and coast down the track. I am sure that got Rod's attention.

Bedsworth improved by another couple hun, going 7.33. Making a big move et wise was Scott Robinson.

He went 7.700 a career best by a tenth. He sat #10.

In the final Saturday session Brad Powell hit the mark, running a 8.703/159 to bump into the field for the first time.

Round three qualifying order


Sunday final qualifying

Sunday Morning had the coolest temperatures so there was expected quicker times. Like I said earlier LeClaire found a few ticks, Bedsworth did the same {.009), Lance improved by .03, Otto Schulte moved in front of Vogt with a 7.476.

Grant Howell making his first run after breaking his transmission in Top Sportsman Saturday morning, went 7.632. Larry Morris ran in the 7.8's, going 7.895. Corey Stewart, driving the ex-Kevin Lance 55 Chevy (also ex-Brian Lane Pro Street car), ran his first '7'. a 7.99.

John De Jonge and Ken Christensen ran in the 8.30-8.40 range. Paul De Bree Jr was out for for the last race but that race did not get completed due to weather, he qualified for the field with an 8.544. Brad Powell improved by a whisker going 8.699 giving him a bit of breathing room.

A total of 21 cars in the field. The weekend started out with 24 cars.

Final qualifying order


Round one

With only one hit in qualifying Grant Howell was solid on the tree in round one against John DeJonge. John was also good and both drivers went way under their dials. Howell was .043 under and the 'farmer' was 061 under handing the win to The 'Islander'.

Gene Fluery was hoping for a better results in his lone appearrance to MRP this year, but he had boost issues and was real late on the tree. Larry Morris took the easy win.

Kerry Young went way red in his first ever appearance with the Doorslammers. Mark Thompson advanced to round two. (sorry no photo)

Brian Ritchie and Mike Bedsworth had a great round one battle. Both had teen lights and Ritchie ran dead on with a zero (7.91 dial). Bedsworth took the stripe but was 3 numbers under his 7.37 dial. (sorry no photo)

Otto Schulte got a break in round one against series sophomore Al Morin. Morin had 2 numbers at the tree but he went under his dial by .003, giving the win to the two time race winner this year. Otto did run his number with a '7'.

Ken Christensen caught a sleeping Tim Vogt and took an easy win. Ken did lift early but was still only .005 from breaking out when he had over 3/10ths starting line advantage.

Kirk Lanz took on Greg Feal and Feal was confident he could repeat his early 6.92 test run in the turbo Opel. The dialed heads-up and Lanz got a .025 starting line advantage. Feal's turbo ride hooked up and he ran his career best 6.825 at a whopping 212 mph. Ya he laost but when you shatter career bests twice in the same weekend, you head home happy.

Paul De Bree defeated a surprisingly late Paul Stretch. Strech is usually better than a 40 on the tree but he went .074 giving a .044 advantage on the tree. Paul was deadly on the top end running his 8.54 number with a '3'. Stretch ran his 7.66 number with a '5'.

Scott Robinson went double '0'6 on the tree and ran a 7.85 on his 7.82 to defeat DS rookie Brad Powell. Powell was .044 on the tree and .028 off his 8.70 dial.

#1 qualifier Rod LeClaire launched shook and slowed coasting across the finish line.

Kevin Lance got a single when his opponent Corey Stewart could not make the call.


Round two

Kirk Lanz got the second round bye and he went .011 and ran a 7.01 on his 6.95 dial.

Ritchie could not duplicate his 11 thou pakage from round one and he lost to De Bree Jr who had a .016 light and 018 off his 8.54 dial

Howell took out Morris with an 20 thou package including a 13 light. Morris went .01 under his 7.90 dial.


Leclaire had to wait a second and a half agaisnt Christensen but he still had a great .07 light to Ken's (.018) and he ran 6.769 on his 6.74 dial. He took a .01 stripe.

Point leader Schulte was .2 on the tree (what the hell!!), against Robinson and he used that advantage with a .031 package to be the first to take out the point leader this year.

Lance came from behind against Thompson and overcame a .014 starting line disadvantage to head to round three.Thompson was almost 2/10ths off his 7.68 dial.


Round three

De Bree defeated #1 qualifier LeClaire with a ten light and a .045 package. Leclaire had a decent light but was .05 off his 6.75 dial.

Howell and Robinson had a combined .018 light, but the double '003' by Scott had a .003 break out as well. Howell was dead on with a 2 on his 7.63 dial.

Lanz vs Lance saw Kirk get a huge break when he was dead late; .107 on the tree as Kevin went .003 red . Lance was .014 off his 7.38 dial while Kirk was .031 under his 7.01 dial

Semi finals

Howell got the bye to the finals and he just staged his car. de Bree had a .013 light to Lanz's .020 light so the other semi was a good one. They were tied at the hip at the finish line but the slower Valiant driven by de Bree took a 9 thou stripe to advance to the final round in his first race of the season.

Final round

The Final round was one of the best you will ever see as both drivers went double '0' on the tree. Paul De Bree Jr. had three thou advantage and was dialed an 8.54. Grant Howell was dialed 7.63. They actually crossed the finish line with .000 of each other in a double break out. Howell crossed the finish line .005 under his 7.63 dial (7.625) for a .003 differential. While Paul de Bree Jr. went .002 under his 8.54 dial (8.538) making his differential .003 the actual difference less than one thou or 10/10,000. Because Howell was more under the dial it is an automatic loss. I would love to see the time slip for the actual difference.

What a race in the final at the biggest race of the year. The next race is also a big one as the Doorslammers will race for a 'Wally' for the first time in my memory. The Lucas Oil Canadian National Open is the event in two weeks.









June 18, 2017

Another team page is set up. Paul Stretch has his page uploaded

Racing this weekend was rained out Sunday. A heavy mist lingered for most of the morning and the plug was pulled at Noon. The decision is being made the race will be completed at Smoke, Fire and Thunder. The next event is THE BIG one, Doorwarz V.

Here are Saturday's qualifying sheets.

Round one

Round two.

Round three.

June 16, 2017

2017 Points

Otto Schulte
Paul Stretch
Ken Christensen
Kirk Lanz
Tim Vogt
Al Morin
Grant Howell
Mike Bedsworth
Dale Grasdal
Kevin Lance
Rick Limb
Scott Robinson
Brian Ritchie
Rod LeClaire
Phil Davis
Henry Zacharias
John West
Jason Field
Greg Feal
John DeJong
Kash Sandhu

Points page is updated

June 13, 2017

This weekend's Doorslammer Race #3 is presented by Ogilvie Mountain Holdings. Rick and Linda Limb are the owner of Ogilvie and he race team Limbo Racing is a long time runner in the Doorslammer class and sponsor as well. Ogilvie is a construction company specializing in Road Prep, Repairs and Building. Rick is debuting a all new powerplant in 2017 in hopes of running in the 200 mph range close to six seconds.

May 30, 2017

Shulte is on a run!!!!!

Two races...two wins... and a solid point lead cap off a strong weekend for the Island driver.

Race 2 ............ final results


More photos from the weekend will be posted throughout the week.


Super hot weather greeted 19 teams for this weekend's Doorslammer race presented by Mellof Excavating and Land clearing. The first thing I noticed was or series title sponsor Henry Zacharias was out at the track all weekend looking remarkably well considering his hard crash at race one. He is a bit sore and has a couple broken bones in his thumb area on his right hand (I think right). The healing will take a while but he is already raring to get back on the track and is even talking about getting a new car. Great spirit and positive thoughts from Henry.

Saturday had just over a dozen new cars from week one out competing. Henry, Johnny West and 'new' dad Kevin Lance did not compete this weekend. Seven cars struggled in the first round of qualifying. Kerry Stone installed a new three speed transmission in the twin turbo Camaro and was working a-on getting the car to be more aggressive to half-track. Looking for a low, low six second pass once all the bugs are worked out. the car was an animal in the first run down low. Kirk Lanz has a bunch more power as well this season and it should be a six second 200 mph naturally aspirated rocket within a couple races. He was loose at around 200 feet and was out of it early. Newcomer Kash Sandhu, a bracket racer for the last few years was out in his really clean 69 Camaro. The car is a complete stock looking ride but was running in the 8's at the end of last year. It is powered by a 639 cuin. BB Chevy. He launched hard with the wheels in the air and had to lift around 500 feet out as the car started moving around big time. Grant Howell was out for the first time this year in his super nice 37 'Fast Orange' coupe. He had to get out of it early as well. Phil Davis smoked the tires in his first run. Greg Feal in the twin turbo Opel went for a wild launch and ride in his opener as well and was off the gas early. Rick Limb was out for the first time since the opening race last year. He has a new high HP nitrous assisted combo. He is licensing to get his advanced et license so as long as his runs are slower than 7.50 they will count but quicker than 7.50 runs will not count toward qualifying until his licensing is complete.
Showing no signs of Rust, Rod LeClair (he and his company Paradis Homes are sponsoring the #1 qualifier this year as well as the best package in elimination's) ripped off a career best 6.755/208 to open things up. It was an awesome run. Mike Bedsworth was right where he usually is, right near the tp with a 7.34. Dale Grasdal made a great opening lap running a solid 7.45/184. Otto Schulte, race one winner was the 4th car sub 7.50 with a 7.48. Eight other cars ran quicker than 8.70, with Al Morin running a 8.49 to round out the top 12.



In Round two, the track was getting really hot, over 120 degrees and five of the seven non-qualified cars from round one bumped into the field. Sandhu went 8.50, that is as quick as he can go as his chassis is tagged for a best of 8.50. Phil Davis ran a soft/fat 7.28 to sit #2. Grant Howell ran a 7.71 to move in the top half. Kirk Lanz was off the gas early but went 8.12. Limb went 8.13. Still struggling was Kerry Stone, the car was an animal in the first half of the track, as was Greg Feal's Opel, he was struggling to manage the first 500 feet.

In the final qualifier Saturday the track temperature reached over 130 degrees, but every car in the field made the cut. Kerry Stone had a wild ride as the wheels were up for the first 250 feet, and it came down hard. He pedaled the car and it hooked up again lifting the front wheels, but he kept his foot in it, and the scoreboards lit up to a 6.45/231. Kirk Lanz ran a 1100 foot 7.190/170 to move into the #3 spot. Phil Davis picked up almost a tenth and ran a 7.209/191. Mike Bedsworth stayed in the 7.30 range, but his first lap like Rod LeClaire's opener were the best Saturday. Dale Grasdal also failed to improve in the hotter conditions in round two and three. A 7.453 would be his best on Saturday. The same goes for Otto Schulte. A 7.48 was his best on Saturday. Grant Howell improve a few ticks, going 7.652 in the final round Saturday. Paul Stretch was consistent all day and a 7.716 was his best, he was within 1/100th on all three runs. Scott Robinson's best was a 7.85 He was within 5/100ths on his three runs Saturday. Tim Vogt's best was a 7.903 on Saturday. Brian Ritchie stayed in the 7.90's on Saturday as well and his best number was a 7.92. He rounded out the 7 second cars. Jason Field improved every run and he ran a career best 8.18. That was good for #14. Greg Feal could only manage a 8.23 best on Saturday. Ken Christensen ran an 8.423 best and that was .003 better than John DeJonge's 8.426. Al Morin sat #18 with a 8.486 and rounding out the field was Kash Sandhu's 8.503. Sunday will see one more qualifier in the morning then elimination's will start around 12 noon. We will complete the weekend story Tuesday evening.

Round three qualifying

Sunday Morning, final qualifying...........

Great weather Sunday again greeted the racers for race two presented by Mellof Excavating. At 11:00am the car hit the track in what should have been the quickest round of the weekend. Overall it was the quickest round with a number of racers improving from their Saturday runs. Kerry Stone was on a killer pass until the front end came up real quick around 550 feet, forcing him to lift. Rod LeClair only improved by .01 in et, but he went 212 mph including an astounding 53 mph increase in the back half. That is Screw blower or Turbo like. Kirk Lanz ran a career best 7.02 196. Dale Grasdal improved by .01and Otto Schulte was .03 quicker (7.455). Rick Limb made his best lap of the weekend, a 7.60 but I know he was hoping for a low 7 second final licensing pass. He will have to wait till next race. Grant Howell, Paul Stretch, Scott Robinson, Tim Vogt and Brian Ritchie all improved by a couple hun but they stayed 9 through 13 respectively. Jason Field slowed to an 8.24 Sunday morning, down from his best (8.18) on Saturday. Greg Feal had possibly the fastest 8.32 on record when he pedaled it around 330 feet out then the car hooked and he tripped the scoreboard to the tune of199 mph. Ken Christensen and John De Jonge bettered their ets by a few thou, as did S Al Morin. Rounding out the field was Kash Sandhu. He actually improved by .04 to an 8.46 but being legal to only 8.50 he could not use the run. Kerry Stone wins the 'Paradise Homes" low qualifier 100.00 bonus.

Final qualifying

Round one pairings. Kerry Stone bye.... Rod LeClaire vs Scott RObinson, Kirk anz vs Tim Vogt, Phil Davis vs Brian RItchie, Mike Bedsworth vs Jason FIeld, Dale Grasdal vs Greg Feal, Otto Schulte vs Ken Christensen, Rick Limb vs John DeJonge, Grant Howell vs Al Morin and Paul Stretch vs Kash Sandhu.

Round one...............The first pairing was a real close race with Grant Howell taking the stripe by .004. Grant got a bit better light and it forced Morin to go .005 under his 8.48 dial. Dale Grasdal and Greg Feal were next. Because Feal had not made a decent represented run to what the potential for the Opel was, he dialed the same as Dale (7.48). The two cars were real close for the first half of the track, then Feal started to fall off and Grasdal took the win with a 7.771 to a losing 7.973. Paul Stretch got a good light (.019) and caught Kash Sandhu by 1000 feet. He took the win with a 7.760 to an 8.708. Mike Bedsworth defeated Jason Field when Field smoked the tires right off the line, Bedsworth eased off the gas and ran a 7.598 on his 7.43 dial. Brian Ritchie defeated Phil Davis. Both drivers were off on their rts, but Ritchie was closer to his dial running a 7.939 on a 7.89 dial. Both Kirk Lanz and Tim Vogt were loose in the race, but Kirk recovered much quicker and took the win coasting to a 7.33 at 159 mph. Otto Schulte had a great .002 light and defeated a red lighting Ken Christensen/ Both drivers were within .013 of their dials. Kerry Stones bye run was not without excitement as he again went into a big power-stand around 200 feet out. He carried the wheels for 450 feet and let off to a 6.68/171. Rick Limb got a huge break in his race against John DeJonge. John had almost a tenth on the tree and was well out in front as Limbs run was not perfect. John failed to lift off the gas before crossing the finish line and broke out by .018. Scott Robinson and Rod LeClaire races but they had to do a rerun when the scoreboards did not give a time for either driver. Robinson got the win in the rerun going 7.89 on his 7.84 dial. LeClaire was a bit late on the tree and could not catch the Beretta.

In round two ...................

Grasdal got a single when Kerry Stone decided not to make the second round. He slowed to an 8.77 on his 7.48 dial. Mike Bedsworth looked to have a good race against Paul Stretch, as they were within .017 in reaction time, but Stretch was loose a bit early and Bedsworth caught him by 1000 feet taking the win with a 7.59 on his 7.43 dial. Howell defeated Ritchie with a .04 starting line advantage and a run within .05 of his dial (7.72 on his 7.67 dial) Ritchie went 7.974 on his 7.92 dial. Kirk Lanz took out Rick Limb with a 7.19/172 run. Limb slowed to an 8.107. The final pairing saw Otto Schulte defeat Scott Robinson. According to the tree he went .040 red, but both the time slip and the run sheet did not show the usual negative sign by the RT numbers. A weird deal, but the scoreboard foul sign and the tee showed red as well. So Otto was off to round three.

1/4 finals ...................

Schulte got the third round bye run and he made a full pull going 7.539 on his 7.50 dial. Howell defeated Grasdal with a .05 better rt and running slower to his dial by a couple hundredth's. Lanz had a perfect light in his 1/4 final match with Bedsworth but did not need it as Bedsworth got loose and had to lift early.

Semis.... Lanz got the bye run and he just staged his Camaro and got the automatic win. Schulte and Howell had the best race of the weekend in the Doorslammer class. They were with .010 of each other with Grant having a .021 to a .031 for the "Ottomater'. They were close right through the 1320, and Otto caught Grant right near the stripe running a 7.527 on his 7.52 dial. Howell ran a 7.73 on his 7.71 dial. The margin of victory was .003. Otto Schulte was off to his second final in a row. Otto also wins the Paradise Homes 'best package' award for his .038 package.

Actually Kirk was off to his second final in a row for the doorslammers as well. He did not race at race 1 but he was in the final at the last race of the 2016 season.


Final round..... Schulte had a similar light to his semi-final run, going .030. Lanz was uncharacteristically late going .098 on the tree. Otto stayed out in front taking the stripe with a 7.512 on his 7.50 dial. Kirk ran a 7.123 on his 7.09 dial.

May 28, 2017


Runner-up Kirk Lanz

Have had a few comments regarding updated team pages or lack there of. If you want info updated on your team page or don't have a team page yet, send me info, You will get a page or have yours updated. I can only post what people send me or what teams want on their page.

Info needed are:

Team name, driver, car, chassis, engine, sponsors, crew, special thanks, I will add photos to your page. Send all info off to


Sunday Morning update

I guess we should get this out of the Congrat's to Emily and Kevin Lance on the birthday of their first child, son Landon Lance. Born a couple weeks early (I guess a valid excuse for Kevin not making this weekend's race).

Way to go you two!!!!

Now on to racing. Beautiful weather greeted all the racers for race #2 presented by Mellof Excavating.






May 23, 2017

This weekend is Race two in the eight race 2017 Doorslammer schedule. The weekend presenting sponsor is Mellof Excavating and Land Clearing. The Mellof family has been involved in the sport of drag racing for a couple decades. Joe, and both his kids Josh and Julianne have been champions in the sport. Josh and Julianne won many times in the Jr Dragster classes and Joe is a two time champion in the Doorslammer series a decade ago. Wife Shelly makes sure the team is ready to race at every event. This year Joe will debut a new car and it is a car with solid pedigree. Is is an ex national record holding Comp Eliminator car built by Jerry Haas and previously owned by Bob Marshall. We are hopeful he will debut the car this weekend, if not he should be out with the Camaro he ran the last couple years. Josh is rumoured to get behind the wheel of the Camaro when Joe's new car is out.

May 15, 2017

The opening weekend for the Doorslammers had great racing highlights and a couple low-lites. The highs were seeing a couple Island racers battle for the win. The lowlights were series title sponsor Henry Zacharias crashing his brand new 55 Chevy on its maiden rip down the track. And also Johnny West grenading his new bullet on its first pass. Luckily for Henry he was not seriously hurt (a broken thumb and a bunch of bumps and bruises), all the NHRA mandated safety equipment including a head-neck (HANS) device prevented any major injuries. To say it was an incredible crash is an understatement in itself. The car hit the wall nose on at well over 100 mph on two wheels it climbed the guard rail and flipped over the wall just past the finish line and ended up on its roof. The impact of the crash was so violent that it tore the motor and front end off the car, with the engine tumbling down the finish line racing surface 500 feet down track. Robert Fedyk posted a video of the crash and it is posted at Henry was released from hospital today and will be on the mend for a while. Nine cars were entered on Saturday for the race under threatening skies. No runs were made on Saturday and Race #1 sponsor John DeJonge (Artex Barn Solutions) decided to do the family thing (mother's day) when the forecast was not promising.

Eight cars made qualifying laps, and two had troubled runs. The aforementioned Johnny West sneezed his ride just past half track and Ken Christensen in his 67 Chevy Pick-up was off the gas by 400 feet.

Kevin Lance the defending 2016 series champion led with a 7.31 and Otto Schulte was #2 with a 7.43.

Paul Stretch (7.641) and Tim Vogt (7.99) rounded out the top half.

Henry Z in his red/white 55 was #5 with an 8.31 and Al Morin in the a very cool 71 Chevelle was #6 with a 9.01.

Because of Henry's crash in his new 55 in testing the racing was delayed for over an hour. Too keep the program on schedule the second qualifier was canceled and they went right into round one of elims. All of the participants got to run in elimination's due to the fact they canceled the second round of qualifying.

Kevin Lance is the #1 qualifier and wins the Paradise Homes #1 qualifier bonus.

Here is final qualifying



Round one elimination's

In the first pairing for round one Paul Stretch had John West but West's breakage gave Stretch a single he ran a 7.66 on his 7.63. Christensen defeated Vogt with a solid light, and was off the gas a bit early as Vogt was way late. Keving Lance got a single when the injured Zacharias was not available. Otto Schulte got a break when Morin broke after the burnout.


Semi Finals

Schulte got the win over Christensen. It was a pretty close leave as they were only separated by .013. Christensen took too much stripe, going well under his 8.43 dial (8.385). Schulte ran a 7.463 on his 7.43 dial

Stretch got a relatively easy win when Kevin was late on the tree. He dumped at the stripe hoping Stretch would break out but we was solid with a .034 package including a .017 light. The package proveds to be the best run of elimiantion's and he wins the Paradise Homes best package award.


Final round

The final was over on the starting line when Stretch went .011 red. Schulte was .026 on the tree and ran an out the back door 7.433 on his 7.46 dial.

Otto and his wife Leslie dedicate the win to fellow Doorslammer Henry Zacharias.

Get well soon buddy!

May 11, 2017

John DeJonge and Artex Barn Solutions......are the opening weekend sponsor for the Doorslammers this weekend. John and his team of agricultural experts are THE choice in the Dairy industry.

John is into his fourth season drag racing and was a top five performers in the 2016 season. His goal this year is to challenge for the championship and is one of the top choice to in fact battle for the title. The team got a head start on most up in the NW as he traveled down to the Spring Fling in Vegas a month ago. He went real deep into elimination's on the Saturday before bowing out in round seven.

If the weather looks good on the weekend we expect to see well over a dozen teams competing.

April 24, 2017

We are only 10 days away from the first race of the 2017 season. A new title sponsor is the biggest news for this coming season. Henry Zacharias and Zacharias Investments has the title banner and we welcome him as the top dog. Henry is a veteran drag racer and the last four years he has been a regular in the series. Henry has a brand new 55 Chevy and we are hoping to see it out this season. We will see a few new cars this season and a few cars returning to action after some time away. Big news comes from Joe Mellof this year as he bought one of the best Doorcars from the NW.

Bob Marshall has cooled off his racing the last couple years and he sold the GPX (B/AA) to the Mellof family. Joe will debut the car in 10 days. Rumor has it that the Camaro he ran the last two years will be in the hands of Josh in the near future as well. Very cool!
Joe and his company Mellof Excavating has also come on board as a series sponsor for the 2017 season.

Terry Shuflita will be back this season after a year away. He has a Pro Stock legal bullet and a five speed Liberty in the Firebird, making his ride as close to a legal Pro Stock car as you can get. Will we see 6 seconds @ 200mph, My guess is we will once the bugs are worked out. Ray Bollinger has a new Blake Foster built Camaro. He will likely concentrate in Top Sportsman, but I expect a few forays into the DS class as well.

James Kennedy from Langley was out licensing his new early model Camaro. It is a 8.50 legal car with over 1000 hp. He could become a new member as well. Pat McNally has moved down here from the Edmonton area.

He bought Dean Woods GPX a few years ago and has a big inch Schmidt bullet between the frame rails. The car runs well into the 6's, and if he runs doorslammer along with TS, he will be near the top of qualifying.
If the weather is good we could expect 20 cars at race one.

A big welcome to Chris Moffet as a series sponsor. Chris of course is Marcy's other half and he has stepped into the real estate world after years as a sales executive in radio. He is looking forward to serving all your real estate needs.

Hello Canada West Doorslammers
Happy New Year to each and every one of you, I hope you are all having a restful off season. It's time to get your engines started though as our season is only four months away! Consider this your stand by call!
First and foremost I'd like to send a huge, Thank You, out to all of our sponsors and express my appreciation for their continued support. Without these very loyal sponsors, our association would not be the success that it continues to be year after year. As Racers, I strongly encourage you to please pick up the phone and express your gratitude to these sponsors by supporting their products and services or at least a conversation to let them know their support it appreciated. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank Norm Wilson and Fortins Engines for their support over the last number of years as our title sponsor. Fortins Engines is taking a step back from the title sponsorship this year but will still be staying on as a race sponsor for 2017. That being said I'd like to make a very exciting announcement that we do have a new title sponsor for the 2017 season! Another huge, Thank You, going out to Henry Zacharias of Zacharias Investments for stepping up as our title sponsor for 2017!!
I am also super excited to announce we have been given the opportunity to race at an NHRA event! This is a huge opportunity for us and I couldn't be more excited! We are scheduled to race at the NHRA National Open at Mission Raceway on July 22-23!
Also another big Thank You to Terry Millar for volunteering his time for another season as Race Director!
I tried very hard to schedule an event at Pacific Raceway this year but with their limited Saturday/Sunday event schedule it was impossible to find a date that did not mean racing three weekends in a row or conflicting with a weekend we were already racing. I apologize to those of you that expressed your interest in racing there again this year, I definitely tried very hard to make it work and I hope we can work something out to race there again in the future.
If you have any questions regarding sponsoring a race this season, or if you have any questions regarding the rules and regulations or schedule for 2017, please do not hesitate to contact me.

May 13-14 Mission Raceway Artex Barn Solutions Ltd
May 27-28 Mission Raceway Mellof Excavating & Landclearing
June 17-18 Mission Raceway Ogilvie Mnt Holdings
July 1-2 Mission Raceway RH Race Cars
July 22-23 Mission Raceway Fortins Engines
Aug 26-27 Mission Raceway TCS Performance Products
Sept 9-10 Mission Raceway Alpine Backhoe / Lance Racing
Sept 23-24 Mission Raceway Atrysten Plumbing & Heating

Association President: Marcy Moffett
Email address:
Daytime PH# 604 533-8675
Evening PH# 604 309-5904

Email Address:
Cell # 604 551-8804


There are eight scheduled points races. The year end standings will be the total of all the eight races, which means all members will be required to count the points from all the events. There will not be any waivable events.


Surrey, BC
Ph# 604 538-9444

6217 - 205 Street
Langley, BC
Ph# 604 533-8675
Performance Converters & Transmission Products

4681 Teather Road
Kelowna, BC
Ph# 866 765-9404
Custom Built Race Cars & Fabrication

45750 Airport Road
Chilliwack, BC
Ph# 604 795-9739

Hope, BC
Ph# 604 869-3232
Excavating & Pipeline Integrity

PO Box 634, Campbell River, BC V9W6J3
PH# 250 287-2220

7252 River Pl
Mission, BC
V4S 0A2
Ph# 604 826-3635

1356 Sumas Way
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 8H2
Ph# 604 870-1000

Maple Ridge, BC
Ph# 604 716-3032

1323 Ravens View Dr.
Victoria, BC
PH# 250 478-1058




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