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Welcome to the new look for the Canada West Doorslammers


December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and Happy New year to all the doorslammer teams and fans. The 2017 schedule (unofficial) is upat the Mission Raceway web site.

We would like to thank Fortin's Engines for all their support over the last few years. They have big projects on the go including new store openings in the 2017 and will not be returning as title sponsor for the 2017 season. We do have a new title sponsor for this year and will be announced soon.

October 29, 2016

This note taken from Terry Millar off Facebook


First off to Kevin Lance for winning the 2016 championship and Kirk Lanz for the runner-up. It was a tough battle all the way to the final race and final round for the championship. Lots of nail biting going on there LOL. As well as too all of the other racers who won and runnered up. Thanks for all the racers and their family and friends for coming out weekend and weekend and supporting us.
I would like to personally thank Emily and Caddy for going and getting the card signed at the last event and getting everyone to pitch in and give me $$$. I really appreciated the thought and kind words from everyone it really means a lot too me. This group of racers as well as their wives kids and family and friends really do make me feel happy and loved . Thanks grin emoticon:D

I would to thank Mission raceway (Wally and Ken) and Pacific Raceways (Ed ) for having us this past race season. It was an awesome first year for me being in charge. I got too meet new racers and people and have fun.
It was an up and down (ish) year with rain and other things that were also out of my control.

I would like to first off thank Norm and Fortins engines for their awesome support of us. We all thank you a lot for it
I would also like to thank all the individual race sponsors that also make it every weekend.

Fortins Engines --Norm
TCS Products --Bob Marshall and family
Lance Racing --Kevin, Emily, Caddy, Brad
Pro Stock performance in Edmonton
RH Racecars in Kelowna --Ryan Hinrichsen
OMH-- Rick Limb and family
Atrysten Plumbing in Mission--Kirk and Kim Lanz
Speedzone Magazine--Dean Murdoch

Without the con't support from all of them this class would not be as popular and long running as it has been.
I would also like to thank Marcy and Chris for believing in me and letting me be in charge this past year. So everyone knows I WIll be back for next season. I look forward to it already
Hope everyone has a great safe and awesome off season and be ready to next year
Please keep an eye on this page for upcoming news and happenings for next season
Terry Millar Jr
PS if anyone wants to maybe have a little get together and have a little social event in the off season that would be nice to have a little bench racing fun time.
PSS Thanks Gene Fleury -- Thanks for doing the Facebook page and letting me do whatever I want on it LOL

October 5, 2016


Big news from the Island




Hope you all had a great year.

I am sending this out to you in hopes that you will pass the info on to your Members in the Doorslammer Club , in any way that you see fit.......In part, whole, or in your own words.

In the Early part of this year there was a Not-For-Profit Club formed ( LEGALLY ), with the sole purpose of putting a Purpose Built Motorplex on V.I. and in particular Campbell River. This Club is looking at building (proposed) a 1/4 mi. track at the C.R. Airport. Currently there has been permission from the City and the Airport Authority to access the Property and see if it will work for what we require.

There has been much work done already including Surveys , etc.

We have suggested that it be run as Portland does now with the City owning and running it and the different Clubs having there events and schedules etc.

This doesn't mean it has to go that way but has been presented in this manner. First and foremost approve our idea (s). Things are looking really good as most seem very positive to move forward and so are we.

I was just nominated to be a Founding Member (DIRECTOR) as of wednesday Sept. 28 along with present Directors, Kevin Lance , Kermit Dahl, both of whom are fellow Members of yours. I asked if anyone had brought this up to you and they replied , not as yet, so here I am.

What I ( WE ) , are requesting is that, it would be really appreciated if the Doorslammer's would back this effort to help build a Membership base to show C.R. that this is needed. Numbers are going to speak volumes and we are currently sitting at 275 paid to date.

What I see in it for your Club, is a possible future Race Venue to hold Two or three events a Season or maybe more.

This Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in a Race Venue , whether they have a car or just enjoy the Sport.

Membership is $ 50.00 (per person) , per year and can be cancelled at anytime , no obligation.

To join , please. visit www.vimsa.ca there is numerous ways to pay as well as a Facebook link to find out more if needed.

Anyone is always welcome to call me directly at ,....250-741-4100.

Look forward to seeing all again in the very near future.

Thanks , for your time. Gary Schley.


The final race.......................of 2016


1st qualifying round

Round two qualifying

Final qualifying Sunday

Elimination's ladder (1st round pairings)

Round two elimination's

Round three

Semi Finals

Final round


Smoke Fire and Thunder rain out weekend final results

September 25, 2016


If Kirk Lanz wins the final round.... he gets the championship by 1 point. If he loses long time top five racer Kevin Lance final earns his first title.

It was over early as Kirk is way late on the tree and then to put salt on the wound, his car gets real loose and he is forced to lift early, handing an easy win to Darren Williams.


The top 10 is:

1st Kevin Lance

2nd Kirk Lanz

3rd Otto Schulte

4th Mike Bedsworth

5th place Tie: John DeJonge & Terry Langdon-Davies

7th Scott Robinson

8th Tim Vogt

9th Henry Zacharias

10th Joe Mellof




September 20, 2016

A huge weekend is on tap this Saturday and Sunday as the Doorslammers wrap up their 2016 season. The championship is up for grabs as the group completes the race from four weeks ago on Saturday (That race was sponsored by Pro Stock Performance). They will run qualifying as well on Saturday for the final race Sunday. The final weekend is sponsored by Kirk Lanz and Atrysten Plumbing. Then they have their wrap up party dinner Saturday Night, and complete the year's final elimination's on Sunday. Lanz along with Kevin Lance and three or four other competitors all have a shot at the championship. Lance leads by 24 over Lanz, and both are more than 50 ahead on the rest. The weather looks good and it will be a fun weekend.

September 9, 2016

It's hard to believe the last race of the year is quickly approaching! We are planning the year end dinner for Saturday Sept.24th at Mission Raceway. With the last race getting rained out, we will finish that race on Saturday so we will be unable to complete the final race on Saturday therefore year end awards will be handed out after the completion on Sundays race. Dinner will be provided and served by Eleni's Restaurant, the food was amazing last year! Tickets are $25 each and $15 for kids under 12. Please contact me as soon as possible with how many tickets you will require as I will have to confirm numbers with the caterers. I can accept e-transfers for payment to marcy.c@shaw.ca

Please reply asap!

August 31, 2016

Unfortunately the weekend did not get completed due to weather coming in around 3:00pm. We got in one round one Elimination's and were in the lanes for round two when the rain hit. IT means that the final weekend will be a busy one with qualifying and the completion of the SMoke Fire race on the Saturday then the final race on Sunday. Saturday night will see the season finale party and dinner.


Here are the qualifying sheets and round one ladder and round two ladder from Smoke Fire and Thunder. The weekend was sponsored by Pro Stock Performance. Full report and photos coming soon.

Greg Feal had an exciting ride in one of the qualifiers when the rear left slick came off as he was slowing down past the finish line just as he was turing off the track. The car does not look too badly damaged.


Darrell Stone got the first round bye

Dale Grasdal defeated Brian Ritchie,

John DeJonge won a close one against Grant Howell as Howell took too much stripe and broke out.

Bill Boult defeated Brian Kikel

Kirk Lanz defeated Corey Stewart.

Henry Zacharias got the upset win over Mike Bedsworth when Bedsworth broke out.

Otto Schulte defeated TLD and then he gets a lucky single in round two as both his potential oppenents broke in qualifying and could not make round one.


Bill Boult took out Larry Morris

Kevin Lance defeated Tyson Wells.

Scott Robinson defeated Paul DeBree,

Joe Mellof advanced over a broke Phil Davis

Tim Vogt got the win over Jason Field

Here are round two pairings.


August 29, 2016

Doorslammers second to final race presented by Pro Stock Performance and Machine

What was shaping up to be a fantastic weekend at Mission Raceway's Smoke Fire and Thunder ended to quick as weather played a huge role in the completion of the race. Round one was complete and it looked to be a great finish that would have been played out late in the evening. There was a huge car count in almost all classes so it would have been a long exciting day. The race will be completed at the season finale on the Saturday during qualifying. No one in the top five is out of competition after round one so the battle for the championship will definitely come down to the last race. In reality, it is a two man race between leader Kevin Lance and Kirk Lanz, around two rounds back. Players like Mike Bedsworth, Otto Schulte and Scott Robinson have to win out to have a shot. We will see in four weeks.

Qualifying and round one results with photos starting Monday night.

August 27, 2016

This is one of the big weekends.

SMS Smoke Fire and Thunder at Mission Raceway. 25-30 cars are expected in what will be a long exciting weekend particularly Saturday as Jet Cars and Wheelstanders will be featured. The weekend's race is presented by Pro Stock Performance. Qualifying is not the usual 12 2 and 4. This weekend the plan is to run around 3, 5 and 8. Also the next race weekend Sept 24-25 is the final race. The assoc party will be held Saturday the 24th. Ticket prices are 25.00 per person and 15.00 for kids. Make sure you see Terry to get your tickets.

August 19, 2016

Points are posted.

Rounds one and two in elimination's are posted with photos below. The rest of the starty this evening.

August 15, 2015

26 cars battled on the weekend in the sixth Doorslammer race of the year.

A rookie came out on top, and many of the leaders in the 2016 series were gone early.

Paul De Bree' wins his first Doorslammer race in only his second race in the series, he gets the win in his new Valiant.

He defeated long time power hitter Mike Bedsworth in the final. The points battle at the top did'nt change as Kevin LAnce stayed on top and Kirk Lanz stays second. Both drivers were out in round one. They were both close to a 100 points ahead of their nearest competitors, but the early exits and the guys just below them having good results will tighten up the overall a bunch. Scott Robinson (semi finals), Mike Bedsworth (R/U), Terry Langdon Davies (semis) all moved up a bunch. The whole story throughout the week.

Too no surprise, the Stone Brothers qualified no's 1 and 2 with a low 6 for Kerry

and the usual wheelstanding mid six for Darryl.


Rod LeClaire ended up #3 in the field with a solid 6.79. He made his best lap Sunday morning.

Phil Davis came close to a '6' with a 7.005/199 Saturday in round two. Unfortunately he suffered mechanical issues in the final session Saturday, and could not continue

Kevin Lance was a top 10 qualifier with a 7.37 best. Brian Ritchie ended up #15.

Kirk Lanz went 7.32 to end up #7

The 'burnout king' John DeJonge was #22.

Jason Field only had one solid run in qualifying and it put him #24 with a 8.57.

John West, like Phil Davies came cose to a '6' with a 7.008 to end up #5.

Dale Grasdal has his nitrous set-up working and he went 7.501 to end up #10

Grant Howell is back full time after a few years as only a part time racer He is consistently a 7.60 driver.

Kermit Dahl (Chevy II) joined the series this past weekend but fell .10 short of the 8.70 bump.

Scott Robinson is one of the rookies in the class and his wheelstanding Beretta has him in the top 5.

Round one eliminations

25 cars were in the field after qualifying but only 21 cars made it to the line for round one. Dave Heans broke the motor in qualifying, Brian Ritchie had a transmission issue, Darryl Stone had a fuel seal split and Phil Davis had a mechanical issue keeping him from making round one. Greg Feal, Scott Robinson, Larry Morris and Rod LeClaire all got singles due to the above breakage.

Kerry Stone, the number 1 qualifier, had the bye run, but he decided to skip elimination's, so the winner of the Kevin Lance and Terry Langdon Davies pairing would get a round two single. Paul De Bree started off the pairings with a great .003 light and .025 package to defeat Dale Grasdal.

Joe Mellof got an easy win against a very late John West in the second pairing. Grant Howell was up against Jason Field. Field smoked the tires on the starting line and Howell was off the gas for an easy win at the stripe.

Jim Ward in his first race in the series had a great .006 light but broke out by 4 thou handing the win to Paul Stretch.

Stretch was off on the start with a .044 light but ran his number (7.74) to within 6 thou. Kirk Lanz, number two in the points went .038 red giving the wily veteran Henry Zacharias a free ride to round two.

In the Lance/TLD , a couple teen lights would make the finish line real close and it did, as a 6/1000th stripe handed the win to the driver of the Willys.

Ken Christensen in the ex-Delehay Pick-up went red by .006 against Otto Schulte. Schulte was solid with a .012 light and within .005 of his 7.53 dial.

Mike Bedsworth and John DeJonge had a great battle to end the round, as they were within .008 of each other on the tree and .003 of each other on their dials. The stripe went to Bedsworth with a .034 package to DeJonge's .039.


Round two

Scott Robinson, by virtue of his single against #2 qualifier Darryl Stone got the round two bye run. TLD got a single as Kerry Stone did not run elims. Mike Bedsworth went .010 on the tree and defeated Rod Leclaire.

Rod was .101 on the tree. Paul De Bree defeated Shawnigon Lake nieghbour Larry Morris by .04 with an 8.479 on his 8.46 dial.

Paul Stretch was .02 back on the tree against Henry Zacharias but he was .06 closer to his dial and he was off to the 1/4 finals.

Joe Mellof and Otto Schulte had the closest race of the round. They were .014 apart at the tree (.030 for Mellof to a .044 for the retired logger).

At the stripe Mellof was .015 off his 8.01 dial. Schulte was .006 off his 7.54 dial. The difference was .005 at the finish line, advantage Mellof. Grant Howell got a .09 advantage at the starting line and he took an easy win over Greg Feal in the turbo Opel.

Quarter Finals

Mike Bedsworth got the round three bye run and he goes .001 on the tree.

TLD defeated Joe Mellof with a .008 light and .024 off his 8.43 dial.

Scott Robinson is only .004 off his 7.93 dial, add in his .021 light, it gives him a .035 stripe against Grant Howell.

The final pairing saw DeBree and Stretch leave within .001 of each other. Stretch fell of his 7.77 dial by half a tenth and that gave Dr Bree a .03 finish line victory.

Semi Finals

De Bree took on Robinson and it was De Bree getting . 053 on the tree.

He was just a hun over his 8.46 dial forcing Robinson under his 7.93 dial by .002. His was going to his first ever final.

Mike Bedsworth was .016 back on the starting line against Langdon-Davies but he took the stripe as Davies fell 6/100ths of his 8.44 dial.

Bedworth was closer, passing Davies at 1280 feet and taking a .01 finish line victory. He was off to his first final since 2013.


The final was awesome. The two drivers were within .002 of each other on the tree. Dr Bree was dialed an 8.46 and Bedsworth was dialed a 7.47. This race went down right to the finish line. De Bree was ahead at half track but the gas was closing. At 1000 feet he still was a half car length ahead. At the stripe Bedsworth got to within a half fender but fell .006 short of victory.

A huge win for one of the Island boys, as Paul De Bree takes his fist ever win. The win moved him way up in the standings but he would need to win out to move into the top ten. Bedswoth moved up two spots into third place.

Two races remain including a huge event next weekend at Mission Raceway's Smoke Fire and Thunder.

Points are posted.

July 19, 2016

Here is a gallery from Doorwarz IV.

July 9, 2016

Points are posted.

Kevin Lance is the man of the hour and maybe the season so far. One of the two title sponsors for this weekend earned his sponsorship money back with a solid win. Nineteen rounds of racing have been run in the four races and he has won 14 rounds. His last five came this weekend at Doorwarz IV, the largest and toughest race of the year. 31 cars qualified for the event and Kevin waded through all five rounds to take on first time finalist Scott Robinson.

Kevin Lance goes into race five with a two and a half round lead in the points over Kirk Lanz, after Lanz was upset in round one to past DS champion and definate hitter Joe Mellof.

Friday evening at Doorwarz IV, the Doorslammer teams ran a couple time trials that did not count toward qualifying. The event this past weekend was sponsored by RH Race Cars and Lance Family Racing. On Saturday qualifying got started a little later than normal due to high car counts and few on track delays. At 6:30 they made their first run and John West lead the field with a 6.926/196.

Darryl Stone, the expected #1 qualifier was loose and was off the loud pedal by 800 feet. Mike Bedsworth and Kevin Lance were .012 apart in the #2 and 3 position with mid 7.30's.

Paul Stretch has a bunch more power this year as he installed a 630+ cu in. (from Terry Shuflita) and is now a mid seven second player. He went 7.70 in round one.

Marko Stillonovic in his Rotary Mazda ripped off a 7.80 (he went 7.49 in testing Friday).

Dave Heans was out for the first time this year (he was here earleir but rain issues kept him from competing) and he went 7.98. Zak Joyce in the blown Austin and Rick MacLeod Jr were also out for the first time this year.

Making his debut with the doorslammers was Paul DePree. He bought Dave Magee's 66 Valiant. Cory Stewart was also out for the first time in his Camaro and Ron Zeller came from Eastern Wa. in his 8 second Camaro.


Saturday's next session was at 9:15pm and would be the final one on Saturday

Darryl Stone did the expected and layed down a strong 6.568/218 shot.

West failed to improve from his 6.92 run. Rod LeClaire was down from his usual 6.80's and could only run a 7.05@ 186. Dallas Wagner moved in behind Kevin Lance with a 7.379/186.

Dale Grasdal ran his best ever run, a 7.504/182. Otto Schulte had drive issues all weekend but he did get in the field with a 7.508. Jason Field in his small tire Nova ran an 8.510.

Sunday's final "q"




Round two

Quarter Finals

Semi finals

June 27, 2016

Points after Seattle's race are posted.

Kirk Lanz and Kevin Lance stay hot as the two Canadian's reach the final round Sunday at Seattle. Kirk Lanz driving his bad ass Camaro took the win light over the equally awesome Lance Family Racing 57 Chevy. Both Driving drove their cars hard through the stripe and both broke out of their respective Dials. Kirk was closer to his number and left town with an extra 20 point lead over Kevin. They will go into Mission sitting one/two in the points.

20 Cars entered the race and by the time qualifying was finished on Sunday morning all the drivers were in the field. They only got two rounds of qualifying in on the weekend, as the scheduled second session Saturday evening did not go off due to the high volume of bracket cars. The first session was run at 6:00pm and 18 cars made qualifying attempts. Tim Vogt did not make a lap in the round, but 17 of the 18 who did make a lap ran quicker than the 8.70 minimum. Jason Field is the only driver who was slower. Rod LeClaire lead the field with a 7.010/but was off the gas early as he only went 139 mph. Kirk Lanz was #2 with a 7.196/190 mph. Not sure on the actual "q" sheet but four of the drivers were not on the original sheet.

The scheduled 2nd round of qualifying was canceled as the time trials and elims for the the Saturday night race ran late due to high car counts. Sunday Morning was going to be the only other hits the teams would get. All the teams including Tim Vogt and Jason Field ran quick enough making the race a19 car field. Veteran drag racer Bernie Plourd (ex Division champion in TAD) was competing with the class for the first time and he anchored the field with an 8.628/ 156. There were 11 7 second cars and eight cars in the 8's.

Beside Plourd, John Sefton and David Rankin were competing for the first time. Sefton was driving Rob Charlton's old S-10.


In Round one, Rod LeClaire got the bye run Otto Schulte defeated Rankin, Gene Fluery driving his turbocharged small block defeated Henry Zacharias, Kirk Lanz won a close one with Joe Mellof, Tim Vogt defeated TLD, Kevin Lance took out Larry Morris, Scott Robinson defeated Jason Field, Mike Bedsworth defeated John DeJonge and Bernie Plourd defeated Brian Ritchie.

Round two:

Rod LeClaire took on race two winner Otto Schulte and got the win. John Sefton advance to the 1/4 finals with a win over Gene Fluery, Kirk Lanz upped his season round record to 7-1 with a win over the 4th place points driver Tim Vogt. Kevin Lance who only has two round losses this year defeated team mate Scott Robinson and finally Bernie Plourd defeated Mike Bedsworth.


1/4 finals

Kirk Lanz got the bye into the semi finals, and that S-10 truck once owned by three time series champion Rob Charlton took out Rod LeClaire and Kevin Lance took out the long time Division 6 competitor Plourd who broke out .

Semi Finals

Kevin Lance earned the coveted semi final bye run. It was his third semi final of the year. Kirk Lanz got the win over John Sefton in the other semi final. He had .075 on the tree and took a .04 stripe.

Final Round

The winner of the final round would be the guy heading into Doorwarz with the point lead. Lance has been consistent all year long going rounds, but this would be the first final. He has been collecting solid qualifying points as well, being one of the quicker cars. Lanz won race one, lost early in the second race, but also is one of the top qualifiers, so he was earning a bunch of "q" points. He held a one round point lead, and needed this to stay on top. Kevin Lance had the bye in the previous round and just took the starting line and backed out. In the 1/4 finals, his 57 Chevy ran a 7.46 but it had been 40 minutes since his last run. He dialed a 7.46 and Kirk Lanz dialed a 7.26 (he was off the gas in his semi final win dialing a 7.23).

Kirk Lanz got a .02 starting line advantage, and was playing catch-up. At the stripe Kevin got there first by .044, but he ran too quick the car picked up .07 from his last full run. Kirk Lanz wins his second race of the year and heads into Doorwarz with a 33 point lead.


Points after Seattle's race are posted.

We will try and add some photos from Seattle


June 24, 2016

The Doorslammers are competing this weekend and are in the middle of a three race in three weeks stretch. They are competing in Seattle this weekend The race is sponsored by TCS Perofrmance Products.

Qualifying is SATURDAY evening at 6:30 for round one and 9:30 for round two. There is also one qualifier Sunday Morning.

Next weekend is Doorwarz IV. The Doorwarz race is sponsored by Lance Family Racing and RH Race Cars.

Points are posted

Still working on final result from last weekend

June 20, 2016

Otto Schulte wins his first DS race as a car owner.

Tim Vogt had his best ever results in the class Unfortunately he broke before even leaving the starting line

Phil Davis topped qualifying with his first two 6 second runs. He went 6.94 then improved to a 6.90, both over 200 mph.

Otto was un-opposed in the final when Tim Vogt's car would not fire. Full results over the next couple days.

June 17, 2016

This weekend is race 3 (race two was rained out). The weekend is sponsored by Ogilvie Mountain Holdings, a construction company owned and operated by Rick and Linda Limb. Based out of Hope BC, OMH services the lower interior from Hope right through the Kamloops area. Specializing in site preperation and excavating, OMH is the right choice for your construction job.

Kirk Lanz won the first race of the year and leads the points. Terry Langdon Davies is #2.

A number of Vancouver Island teams are expected this weekend and a few more teams that werenn't ready for race 1. It should be a good turnout.

May 29, 2016

Race two was completely rained out this weekend. On Saturday, not a tire turned. Sunday was cool in the morning and then the weather brightened, all the cars were out of the trailer and it looked like a go. Just as the first Jr Dragsters were going to run their first qualifier the rain came back and last for close to an hour. It did clear, but the racing would not have started until 3:00 pm at best so the call was make. See you all in three weeks June 18-19. Likely a few will compete next weekend at the LODRS. To those Doorslammers that do compete next weekend, good luck.

May 19, 2016

Points are posted


May 18, 2014

The next race is 10 days away May 28-29 at Mission Raceway. It should be a big one as more cars are close to being ready. Well over 20 Doorslammers are expected.

May 12, 2016 (race is updated)

Elimination's are posted below and the elimination photos will be posted Friday night.

A great opening weekend for the Doorslammers saw 23 cars run with the class over the weekend including a couple that were testing new combos . Kirk Lanz won Sunday in a hard fought five round race. His Camaro underwent a complete facelift over the winter and the results courtesy Tony and Jay were to say the least impressive. Running a seven teen in qualifying, he ran solid 7.20's on Race day and waded through elimination's and took out perennial top five competitor Terry Langdon Davies in the final round.


Career bests were common place on Sunday with stellar air a great track conditions. Saturday qualifying was a bit more difficult as the weather was hot and the track was a bit soft. Rod LeClair was the #1 qualifier with a career best 6.82/202.

Also running career bests in qualifying were #2 qualifier Phil Davis with a 7.052/196.63 and Dallas Wagner (#6) with a 7.37/189. Otto Schulte was back in the series with his own race car and ran close to a second quicker than ever before.

He ripped off a great 7.55 in qualifying. Racing with the doorslammers for the first time were Scott Robinson and Chris Sharpe. Robinson owns a past series champion car, previously owned by Zak Clarke a half dozen years ago. Sharpe is in an ex pro mod Beretta that also used to run in the series by a couple brothers (the Addison brothers) from the island.

Racing on Sunday was quite different than Saturday as race day was a bunch cooler and the track was a lot tighter. The final qualifier Sunday morning should have produced quicker runs but only a handful of drivers improved. Phil Davis went 7.062 in qualifying Saturday and was going for broke Sunday morning, but he blew the tires off in the final qualifier.

Kirk Lanz went 7.189 (he put different carbs on his Camaro) compared to a mid 7.2 on Saturday. Rod Compton had one good lap Saturday but was loose on the other two runs and he did not return on Sunday.

Kevin Lance picked up 6 numbers and Brian Ritchie picked up a tenth.

Quite a few teams that ran on Saturday did not run on Saturday due to various mechanical issues (including Rod Compton above). Mike Bedsworth had rear tire issues, Dallas Wagner had a head gasket let go, Dale Grasdal had a transmission problem, and Wayne Thomson returned back to Vancouver Island ( I did not get a report).

Aaron Linder was running a new powerplant this year (481-x twin turbo compared to a procharged combo last year) but he could not get a solid run in during qualifying as the car kept blowing through the stage beams. After fully staging before bring up the boost he ran two great 6.6 second runs at 220 mph. Greg Feal was also out for the second time at Mission.

He has a real unique car and engine combo. He has a 69 Opel and runs a 598 Cu In with twin 76 mm turbos. He ran mid Sevens on Saturday but had an engine issues and headed home after Saturday . He will likely run the Doorslammer series throughout the year.

Final qualifying

Elimination photos will be posted Friday night.

Sunday Elimination's

Round one would see a number of singles due to the mechanical problems as noted above.


The pairings for round one: #1 Rod Leclair (Bye run), #2 Phil Davis vs #12 Brian Ritchie, #3 Rod Compton Vs Joe Mellof (Mellof got a singnle due to breakage), #4 Kirk Lanz Vs #14 Dale Grasdal (single for Lanz), #5 Kevin Lance Vs #15 Scott Robinson, #6 Dallas Wagner Vs #16 Tyson Wells, (Wells gets a single), #7 Mike Bedsworth Vs #17 John DeJonge (DeJonge gets a single), #8 Otto Schulte Vs #18 Terry Langdon Davies, #9 Grant Howell Vs #19 Henry Zacharias, #10 Tim Vogt Vs #20 Chris Sharpe, #11 Dan Provost Vs #21 Wayne Thompson (Provost gets a single).

With the breakage and odd car bye, Leclair, Mellof, Lanz, Wells, DeJonge, and Provost all advance to round two. The notable singles in the round saw Rod LeClair set a new career best mark with a great 6.78/202.60 mph. It was an awesome run for sure. Dan Provost got his starting line traction issues sorted out with a great 7.59. The best he had run before was a 7.71.

In 1st round pairings, Henry Zacharias got the win against Grant Howell when Grant went to quick. He dialed a 7.63 and ran a 7.60. Zacharias fell off by a tenth on his 8.33 dial but advanced. Kevin Lance defeated Scott Robinson when Robinson ran too quick as well. He has .03 on the tree but the car finally ran what Scott was hoping for (in qualifying. He went 7.92 on his 8.10 dial).

Lance was .053 on the tree and ran a 7.26 on his 7.22 dial. Terry Langdon Davies defeated Otto Schulte.

Schulte was a bit late (.102rt) and ran under his 7.51 dial with a 7.50 (a new career best). TLD went 8.32 on his 8.30 dial. Tim Vogt defeated Chris Sharpe on a real close double breakout race.

The two drivers were within .012 on the tree (a slight advantage to Sharpe), but he took too much stripe crossing the finish line .045 under his .48 dial. Vogt was ,034 under his 7.666 dial in, and he was off to round two. Brian Ritchie advance to round two after another close top end against Phil Davis.

Davis was dialed a 7.04 (but with the better air he was concerned he might run a bit quicker, and Ritchie was dialed a 7.90 (the same number he ran on his last qualifier. Both drivers had excellent RT (Ritchie was a .013 and Davis was .029) Phil's blown Willys looked to be on a great run and Ritchie's Chevelle was on a string. At the finish line Davis took the stripe by just over a hundredth of a second but he broke out running a career best 7.016/ 192. He was off the gas at 1200 feet but was still too quick. The car may have run a 6.99. Ritchie was dead on his 7.90 dial with a 7.906 and was off to round two.


Round two pairings: LeClair Vs DeJonge, Lanz Vs Zacharias, Lance Vs Vogt, Mellof Vs Davies, Wells Vs Provost and Brian RItchie had a bye.

John DeJonge got a .07 starting line advantage on Rod LeClaire and he got the win running 8.266 on his 8.25 dial.

LeClair matched his first round 6.78, but was dialed 6.79. With the starting line advantage he could not catch DeJonge without going under his dial. Kirk Lanz defeated Henry Zacharias when Zacharias fell way off his 8.33 dial.

He slowed to an 8.67. Lanz was 7.43 on his 7.20 dial in. Ritchie went 7.914 on his 7.90 dial and was off to round three in the bye run win. Kevin Lance defeated Tim Vogt despite a .06 starting line disadvantage.

Vogt was a bit loose and he fell .16 off his 7.60 dial in. Lance ran 7.299 on his 7.24 dial. TLD defeated Joe Mellof in the next pairing. Langdon Davies was deadly on this run as he was .005 on the tree and was almost perfect on the top end as well.

Mellof was .033 on the tree but could not catch Davies as he ran a 8.302 on his 8.30 dial. Terry crossed the stripe with a .007 package. He was off to the 1/4 finals. In the final pairing Dan provost got a break against Tyson Wells.

Wells had a tenth on the tree and took a huge stripe, but he went too quick as the 'Bug' hooked up well and ran a 8.23 on his 8.34 dial. Brian Ritchie singled his way into the 1/4 finals

1/4 finals.

Kirk Lanz took on John DeJonge and it was the quick Lanz who advanced to the semis with a 7.285 on his 7.25 dial. Kirk had a .022 light. DeJonge was .038 on the tree and fell .071 off his 8.26 dial.

TLD was good on the tree his last run but was perfect 'triple 0' against Provost and crossed the finish line with an 8.321 on his 8.30 dial. Provost was right on his dial running 7.645 on his 7.64 dial but was .072 in reaction time.

In the weirdest race of the day Brian RItchie and Kevin Lance faced off. Ritchie was dialed a 7.89 and Lance had 7.24 on the window. Ritchie had a great .017 light and Lance did not move.

Brian drove his Chevelle right on down the track and did not notice Lance was nowhere in sight until right at the finish line. He hit the brakes right at the stripe, but broke out by .012 on his 7.89 dial in.

Lance got his car fired and strolled down the track getting the 'break of the day'.

In the semi finals, Langdon Davies earned the bye run and Lanz and Lance faced off.

The two cars were running real close in elimination's and they were dialed heads up for the right to advance tot he final round. It was a great race! Lanz had a.008 starting line advantage and the two cars were side by side. Kevin Lance took the stripe by .005 of a second (less than a foot), but unfortunately that stripe was too much as he broke out by .013.

Lanz also broke out, but he was only under by .002. That was a great semi final for sure! Langdon Davies got the bye run and he ran .019 under his 8.30 dial. That gave Terry something to think about heading into the final round.

Final round.

The final top a top half qualifier take on a bottom half qualifier. Two of the best and most consistent racers on the weekend. Both drivers were a tiny bit off in reaction times, and Kirk Lanz had a slight .004 advantage. By the time the two cars got to half track it appeared Kirk was gaining and going to catch Terry. At 1200 feet Kirk was right beside Terry and eased off the gas and took a .05 finish line stripe (around 15 feet). Lanz got the win with a 7.268 on his 7.24 dial. TLD ran a 8.371 on his 8.30 dial.

It was a good final round but Terry did leave scratching his head a bit as his car did not repeat like it had done all weekend long.


The Doorslammers race May 27th weekend next and are part of a great fast doorcar weekend that includes Pro Mods and the NW Outlaws.

Ladder from the second round through the final.

May 5, 2016

NEWS Headline:

It was announced today the racers who would like to compete in two different classes on Sunday race-day, can do so. If Top Sportsman racers, the Super Combo series, NW Outlaws, Super Shifters, Hot Rod or even Super Pro want to race in the DS class you can. The biggest thing to remember if you decide to double up, is the two classes you compete in have a schedule to run and you have to be prepared to run in both classes with not a lot of cool down time once you get to the later rounds. The Doorslammers have a strict policy of allowing up to 3 minutes once your pairing is called to the starting line. That will be strictly adhered to.

May 4, 2016

The race season is here. Race one of the eight race season for the Doorslammers is this weekend. The sponsor for the race is Fortin's Engines. They are also the title sponsor for the season again. Thank you Norm and the team at Fortin's.

With good weather expected this weekend the car count should be decent but with it being early you never know.

We would like to say thanks to past sponsors Charlton Automotive, Jet Equipment, Island Chevrolet and Ken Kruger Racing. The Doorslammers greatly appreciated your support in the previous years and wish you luck in future endeavors.

Rumours of a few new teams in the NW are out there and we would like to welcome Otto Schulte back, this time with his own car, the ex Kirk Lanz and Stefan Kondolay Cavalier. It will be the first time Otto has run a 7. second race car, but he is a seasoned veteran drag racing and did win the title a couple years ago (2013). He will likely come out guns a blazing at the first event.

Otto Schulte's Web page is now posted.

If any teams have updated profiles (sponsors, new look, crew members etc) or haven't sent me a profile send me the info to speedzone1@shaw.ca


Race#1 May 7-8 Mission Raceway

Race#2 May 28-29 Mission Raceway

Race#3 June 18-19 Mission Raceway

Race#4 June 25-26 Pacific Raceway

Race#5 July 2-3 Mission Raceway

Race#6 August 13-14 Mission Raceway

Race#7 August 27-28 Mission Raceway

Race#8 September 24-25 Mission Raceway

Points for the 2016 season will be based on 8 of 8 races.


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