Mission Raceway


Welcome to the new look for the Canada West Doorslammers


January 2016


Race#1 May 7-8 Mission Raceway

Race#2 May 28-29 Mission Raceway

Race#3 June 18-19 Mission Raceway

Race#4 June 25-26 Pacific Raceway

Race#5 July 2-3 Mission Raceway

Race#6 August 13-14 Mission Raceway

Race#7 August 27-28 Mission Raceway

Race#8 September 24-25 Mission Raceway

Points for the 2016 season will be based on 8 of 8 races.

December 2015

Happy Holidays everyone.

We will have the 2016 schedule posted soon.

October 2, 2015

The season is complete

Clarke is the champion, Paul Stretch finishes as the series runner-up and Rick Limb finishes third.

Here are the Top 13

Zak Clarke
Paul Stretch
Rick Limb
Rob Charlton
Al Bentley
Kevin Lance
Henry Zacharias
John DeJonge
Mark Simpson
Brian Ritchie
Terry Langdon-Davies
Tony Driessen
Darryl Stone


Race 8 sponsored by Island Chevrolet was won by a familiar name from a decade ago. Joe Mellof a two time champion of the series won the final event of the year over rookie of the eyar John DeJonge. Al Bentley and Brian Ritchie were semi finalists in the 16 car field. Over 20 cars were in attendance on the weekend, but after Saturday's rain out Jeff Hill went home Saturday night, John West decided to test only, series champion Zak Clarke decided to sit out and to let the rest of the group battle for the win and the chance to move up (or down) in standings, Terry Shuflita stuggled to get a right clutch set-up and with only two qualifiers he failed to make the field, Steve Thorne failed to make the field as he wheelstood big time on both runs and failed to make the field, and Chad Abougoush was testing his nitrous hemi.

The first qualifier Rod Leclaire nailed down #1 with a 7.00/204. In the second round the streering wheel came off on the burnout and he did not make the run. Kevin Lance's best run came in round two when he went 7.41. Rick Limb's best was also in round two when he went 7.59. Tim Vogt was #4 with a 7.81. Joe Mellof ran a 7.83 in the ex Dave Richardson Camaro. Tony Driessen went 7.87 and Brian Ritchie ran a mid 7.90. Rounding out the top half was Thomas Gronmyr who ran a 7.96.

Here is final qualifying

1. Rod LeClaire 7.00
2. Kevin Lance 7.41
3. Rick Limb 7.59
4. Tim Vogt 7.81
5. Joe Mellof 7.83
6. Tony Driessen 7.87
7. Brian Ritchie 7.92
8. Thomas Gronmyer 7.96
9. Larry Morris 8.00
10. Paul Stretch 8.12
11. Terry Langdon Davies 8.15
12. Carl Fedderly 8.31
13. wayne Thomson 8.32
14. John DeLonge 8.43
15. Henry Zacharias 8.51
16. Al Bentley 8.56





September 25, 2015

The weather looks to be awesome this weekend for the final race of the 2015 season. Island Chevrolet in Duncan is the race sponsor for this race. Looking to the future we are pleased to announce that Fortin's Engine will be back in 2016 as the series title sponsor.



The battle for the weekend is in the #'s 2 through seven spots in the standings. With Zak Clarke already clinching the series title, Paul Stretch, Rob Charlton and Rick Limb battle for 2 through 4, Al Bentley and Kevin Lance will battle for 5 and 6, Henry Zacharias, Mark Simpson and rookie John DeJonge will battle for #7 through 9 and Brian Ritchie, Darryl Stone, TLD and Tony Driessen will try and finish in the top ten. Less than two rounds separate those four drivers.


September 16, 2015

Important notice!!!!!!!!!

The Dinner / banquet / party will be catered (Greek style menu). Saturday September 26, 2015. Call or email Marcy to confirm your attendance. Tickets are 25.00 per person all inclusive including gratuity.

The season's final event is sponsored by Island Chevrolet.

September 15, 2015

Sorry the final story from Race Seven will not be posted until Wednesday, a few computer issues this evening.

Points are posted

Clarke wins the battle in the largest field ever (possibly). He also wins the war............


................and clinches the championship Sunday with a stellar performance. It was a really close final round as both runner-up Brian Ritchie and Clarke cut double '0' lights.


The win puts Zak in an untouchable position 134 pts in front of Paul Stretch, who went to the semi finals. He ran Clarke in a rematch of the race 6 semi final. The battle in the #2 through #4 spots (between Stretch, Charlton and Rick Limb) will be epic (although Charlton will not be attending that race) at the final race in two weeks. The # 5 and # 6 battle between Al Bentley and Kevin Lance will be great as well.


When I pulled up to the track on Friday for the test n tune for what would turn out to be the biggest field in the Fortin's Engines Canada West Doorslammer series, there were already a number of cars on the property. And quite a few were not point's member. The Weekend's race was sponsored by Charlton Automotive. By the end of Friday there were 26 cars in the pits and five or six regulars were not there. By Saturday morning 35 cars were in attendance including Joe Mellof who bought Dave Richardson's Camaro.........

..............Chad Barclay in his TS Grand Prix, Steve Thorne from Van Isle, Tim Vogt, Rod Compton, Mike Bedsworth, Brian Kikel, Gene Fluery and David Heans. It's amazing what good weather will do for attendance.

The first couple qualifiers saw all the regular fast cars at the top. Leading the way was Kerry Stone who ran side by side with Yvonne Lucas who was testing the family Promod.

Yvonne ran a 6.10/227 which would have been the quickest run ever in the Doorslammers (but she did not enter, it was the quickest side by side). Stone ran 6.48/227 to just edge his brother Darryl who ran 6.52/226.

Jeff Hill went 7.02, John West went 7.03, Rookie Rod Compton ran a 7.05 with his all motor Camaro, and Tim Vogt and leaving before the tree was activated in round one came back and ran a 7.05. #3 through #6 all ran 193 or faster.

Phil Davis went 7.14/197 in the second session to sit #4. Seven cars all quicker than 7.20, very impressive. Terry Shuflita was next with a great 7.22/191 with his all motor five speed, and Mike Bedsworth was #9 with a 7.34.


He was been away since race 1 with motor issues. Brian Kikel was out for the first time in a couple years and he went out and ran a strong 7.37 and sat #10 after two rounds.

Werner Wagner was next in the field and his 7.429/160 was a career best for the ProCharged PT Cruiser driver. He was off the gas early and hurt his ride. Kevin Lance went 7.53/181 and Gene Fluery debuted his turbo charged six cylinder Grand National with a 7.63/176.


He unfortunately suffered turbo damage on the run and was unable to return. Zak Clarke with a big target on his back, went 7.66 and it took two runs for Rick Limb to run a solid number, and his second round run netted him a 7.67.

Chad Barclay was #16 with a 7.87 and Rob Charlton was next with the same et. There were three more drivers in the seven's and they included Joe Mellof (7.93), Tony Driessen (7.94) and Brian Ritchie (7.99) was the #20 qualifier after round two.......

10 of the next 12 drivers made eight second laps quicker than the 8.70 minimum. Dave Heans was the quickest eight second performer, his 8.12/165 was almost a tenth quicker that Paul Stretch's 8.21. Terry Langdon Davies (TLD) ran 8.26, and newlywed Mark Simpson was the # 26 qualifier with a 8.36.

Gary Schley ran 8.42 in his nice Orange Acadian and Wayne Thompson got in the field with a wheels up 8.44. Port Alberni's Steve Thorne ran a wheel up 8.51 and was one of three drivers Saturday in the 8.50's. Al Bentley went 8.53 and Henry Zacharias was #29 with an 8.54. Cory Stewart ran a wheelstanding 8.65 to round out the 30 cars in the field.

Dale Grasdal and Dallas Wagner, both strong 7 second runners had troubled runs Saturday.

Round two qualifying.


In Saturday's final session #1 qualifier Kerry Stone improved to a 6.33, but was 4 mph slower than his early 236 speed. The Brother's told me that the boost was falling off after half track. Tim Vogt went 6.95 and Phil Davis ran a 7.11/195. But at the stripe or just after his transmission let go big time and he was done for the weekend.


Sunday final qualifying.

Sunday morning saw 400 feet of better air and a great tight race track. Kerry Stone used the better air for a career best 6.23/232, Kerry spun the tires in the final session as the Lane Choice traction compound had not quite set up yet (Kerry ran a few pairs after Darryl on his record breaking run). Tim Vogt ran a strong 6.85/202 to move up to #3.

The next handful of qualifiers failed to improve. Ken Orser made his first run after repairing his transmission and he laid down a great 7.471/190 to move into the top dozen.

Kevin Lance improved to a 7.47 and Rick Limb ran 7.58. A few others in the high sevens also improved including Rob Charlton (7.83), Joe Mellof (7.83), Tony Driessen (8.87) Zack Joyce entered Sunday and ran a 7.90/175, and rounding out the seven second drivers was Brian Ritchie who improved to a 7.93/171.



Dave Heans and Paul Stretch were the quickest eight seven drivers and they were #23 and #24 respectively. TLD was #25, Simpson and Thompson both improved by a half a tenth as did Gary Schley.

John DeJonge came back Saturday night from a long trip overseas and ran an 8.43 to make the field in one hit. Four drivers were in the 8.50's and rounding out the field was Corey Stewart who went an 8.57 best. Grasdal and Wagner suffered engine damage on Saturday and could not make the call Sunday.

Other drivers who would not race in Elimination's included Phil Davis, Werner Wagner, Rod Compton, and Gene Fluery.


Final qualifying.



Sunday Elimination's

Brian Kikel advanced to round two when Mark Simpson was premature at the starting line. Brian Ritchie, Henry Zacharias, Wayne Thompson, and Dave Heans all advanced due to breakage from their opponents. Kerry Stone improved on his career best with a great 6.204 on his 6.20 dial in and the first round bye.

Chad Barclay went .001 red to give Darryl Stone the automatic win. Stone was .018 on the tree, Both brothers had perfect lights in qualifying. Corey Stewart had a .012 package including a .002 light in his defeat of race 6 champion Rob Charlton.

Stretch defeated a slowing Shuflita, Zak Clarke took out Bentley, Hill took out the world's fastest farm truck, Tony Driessen's 51 Chevy.

John DeJonge defeated a too fast Kevin Lance, John West defeated Zack Joyce, TLD got by Mike Bedsworth despite Mike's .005 light. He took too much stripe and went .005 under his 7.37 dial.

Gary Schley defeated a too late Ken Orser, Joe Mellof took out Tim Vogt when Tim broke out by over a half a tenth.

Rick Limb got a freebie when Steve Thorne had starting line issues.


Round two: Darryl Stone got the bye in round two and just took the green. Kerry Stone was late but Kikel drove it out the back door and ran .04 under his 7.33 dial. Ritchie won a double breakout race against Limb.

Limb was .005 further under than Ritchie. TLD had a .014 package to defeat Stewart, and Gary Schley got a big starting line advantage and held off Jeff Hill.

Thompson got a big advantage on Mellof and got a tenth stripe.

Stretch was .001 off his 8.18 dial but still got a huge break against Zacharias.

Henry was perfect on the tree but went .001 under his 8.56 dial. .001 off a perfect run, which would have been the first in my memory in the series.

DeJonge held onto a .02 stripe against West, and Clarke got a break when he was .033 back on the starting line against Dave Heans.

Heans had the lead but had to get off the gas early when he got loose.

Round three: Wayne Thompson got the round three bye as the higher qualifier (#3 Vogt) lost in round one. He was .019 off his 8.33 dial. DeJonge ran right on his 8.45 dial to take out Langdon Davies. Kerry Stone did not make the call for round three as Kerry was concerned after a few cylinders were hot in his round two win.

His brother Kerry ran in round three against hitter Zak "Kid Kaos" Clarke and was likely going to earn a win when Clarke was late (.052 back on the tree), but his throttle cable broke just before half track and he could only coast and watch Clarke take the stripe.

Paul Stretch advanced to the 1/4 finals when he defeated Gary Schley on both ends of the track.

1 / 4 finals: Paul Stretch got the single and advanced to the semis for the fourth time in seven races. Ritchie got an easy win when Thompson left before the tree was activated.

'Kaos' used his second life in elimination's and was deadly against DeJonge. They have raced each three or four times this year and 'Kid' had the best package of the day, going .003 on the tree and ran within 1/1000ths of his dial-in, going 7.631 on his 7.63 dial.

DeJonge was solid running a .028 package (good enough for 90% of the races this weekend) including a solid .015 rt.


Semi finals: Zak Clarke took on Paul Stretch in a rematch of the semi final from the last race. Stretch got that win, but this time it was "Kid Kaos". Stretch got .008 on the tree but was .026 off his 8.19 dial.

Kaos was only .009 off his and took the stripe by .009 about half a fender. Brian Ritchie earned the bye run (the fifth in a six round race, a 33 car field has the most bye runs in a six round race), and just took the green.

So the final was set, four time winner Zak "Kid Kaos" Clarke against first time finalist Brian Ritchie. Ritchie has a great pedigree as he was mentored by none other than Buck Kinney. Kinney was a multi time record holder in Division six and NHRA Hall of Fame member. Ritchie worked for Kinney for a number of years at the shop and raced with Buck as well.


Final round

Could the underdog take out the overwhelming favourite. If Ritchie could do that, there was a possibility that someone other than Zak could be the 2015 series champion. The points would have to be compiled, but that was the thought.

Both burnouts were done and the cars staged.... at the green the drivers were stellar with double "0" lights apiece, .005 for Clarke and .006 for Ritchie. This was going to go down to the finish line. At half track it was still anyone's race at 1000 feet it was still too close to call, by 1100 feet feet Clarke caught the fender of Ritchie's Chevelle and half a second later he got a wheel on his for a .023 stripe, just over a wheel and a half.

Zak "Kid Kaos" got his fourth win of the season and guaranteed Clarke would win his second title in the series. Ritchie made a huge move with the runner-up going from 20th all the way up to the top ten.

Paul Stretch moved back into the second spot in the standings with the semi final finish, and Rob Charlton dropped down to 3rd with a round one loss.

Points are posted.

The final race is the September 26-27 weekend and will include the season ending banquet and party. The race will be a Saturday only event, with Sunday being a fun race.


September 12, 2015

Rob Charlton gets the win in Race 6.

Rob, the winningest driver in Doorslammer history, got the win from the rain/wind/ event that was Smoke Fire and Thunder.

He needed the win to stay near the top of the standing as he would miss the final event of the season. While Zak Clakre stayed on top of the standings with a semi final finish, Rob moved into second place in the standings 24 pts in front of Paul Stretch who runner-upped here on Saturday.

The semi final here with Clarke and Stretch was a close one as Stretch got .015 in the tree and Clarke ran right on his dial (7.68 on a 7.68). the margin in the semi final was .002

In the final, Rob got the much needed win as he ran right on hos 7.90 dial.


August 21, 2015

The complete Race #5 story is posted below.

Points are posted.

Race #6 is just a week away and it is one of the big one's. "Smoke, Fire and Thunder" at Mission Raceway. The event includes Jet Cars, Pro Mods, Wheelstanders and the Outlaws as well as the CW Doorslammers . Our race is sponsored by Pro Stock Performance based out of Edmonton.

The race is an evening show Saturday so qualifying will start later in the day with round one around 4:00pm, one at approx 6:00pm and the final Saturday round in the 8:00pm area. There will be one Sunday morning.


August 18, 2015

Rick Limb gets a long awaited win the Race #5 sponsored by one of his sponsors Fortin's Engine. An almost perfect .001 light in the final against a great .015 by his opponent Rob Charlton meant a real close finish line stripe.


Points are posted.


Saturday was a weird day for qualifying as the first run was not made until close to 3:30 pm. There were showers in the morning and the track did not get dried until just after 2:00pm. In that first run there were only six cars that came to the starting line, and three of them have problems or left early. John DeJonge left before the tree was activated, Dave Warren felt a vibration in his Belair and shut it off before there was further damage. Good thing too, as he has a bent pushrod and and was done for the weekend. Out of the Four cars that got ET's, Rick Limb led went a strong 7.57 (combined with a .001 light). Rob Charlton was #2 with a 7.88 and Paul Stretch was #3 with a 8.22.

Henry Zacharias was #4 but he did not made the cut as he was off the throttle early. So it was the smallest first round of qualifying that I can remember with only three cars getting qualified.


Two other cars entered to run with the series made runs just after the session ended. Johnny West made a solid 7.02 run and Ken Orser, who has struggled for a few races got a decent launch and ran a soft 8.75.

Round two.

8 cars made runs in the second round and seven got qualified run on the board. John West left before the tree was activated on what was a 7.0 pass. Limb improve a couple hundredths to a 7.558 Ken Orser went 7.623 for his first "a to b" run in what seems like forever. Kevin Lance had to install his back up motor in his 57 Chevy after damage last week in Port Alberni.

He went 7.638. Charlton did not improve from his earlier 7.883. Stretch improved .002 to a 8.218. John DeLonge got a strong run in going 8.436 and Zacharias also made a legal run going 8.520.

Round three

In the final session Saturday, Johnny West got a run in and moved to the #1 spot with a 7.006/193. Limb, Orser, Lance and Charlton did not improve. Stretch found another hundredth, going 8.203. DeJonge ran a career best 8.406.

Zacharias also failed to improve. So the smallest Saturday field in like forever was set with eight cars in the field. The positives were that all were in the field and there were a handful more cars ready to run Sunday morning

Final qualiying

Point leader Zak Clarke, Rod LeClaire, Dave Richardson, Terry Langdon Davies and Al Bentley. LeClaire went right to the top of the field with an out of the box 6.972/198. West and Limb did not improve from their Saturday best lap.

Ken Orser improved to a 7.568 Zak Clarke got on the board with a 7.616/177, good enough for the #5 spot. Lance did not improve and finished #6. Dave Richardson ran a 7.831/173 to sit #7. Charlton found .02 (7.837) and ended up #8.

Paul Stretch improved a hair to a 8.200 and was in the #9 spot. TLD ran an 8.269 and was #10. DeJonge 8.40 from Saturday was his best and he finished #11. Zacharias found .001 in his 55 Chevy and his 8.519 was good enough for #12.

Rounding out the field was Al Bentley, as his 8.653 put him in the #13 spot. He did not make and runs Saturday as he was at Doorslammer racer Mark Simpson's wedding. Congrat's to Simpson.


Round Pairings: #1 Rod LeClair with a bye run, #2 Johnny West VS Rob Charlton, #3 Rick Limb VS Paul Stretch, #4 Ken Orser VS Terry Langdon Davies, #5 Zak Clarke VS John DeJonge, #6 Kevin Lance VS Henry Zacharias, #7 Dave Richardson VS Al Bentley.

On LeClaire's bye he ran a 6.985 on his 6.97. Johnny West was a bit late with a .100 rt but almost got the win as Charlton was .001 away from breaking out. He ran dead on his 7.88 dial.

Rick Limb was .018 on the tree and ran a 7.607 on his 7.55 and that was all unnecessary as Stretch went .018 red.

Orser got a huge break when Langon-Davies went .001 red. Ken was way late but he would advance.

Clarke looking to redeem his first round loss in the last event, took on DeJonge (the third time they have raced this year). John was .022 on the tree but Clarke was even better, going .003. He took the stripe with a .020 package. John could only sit back and say when an I going to beat him in doorslammer competition (he did beat him at the Loafers race).

Lance had Zacharias in the first round and this one went to the old timer. Lance had an unusual late light (for him) so even though he was only .004 off his dial, Henry took the stripe with an 8.531 on his 8.52.

Dave Richardson was deadly on the tree with a .003 light and he took the win over Al Bentley despite Al's perfect light. He was off his dial by .067 compared to Richardson's .040 giving Dave a .024 stripe.

In Round two......

.....LeClaire and Clarke were almost identical on the tree, but Rod drove around Clarke at 900 feet when Zak's car slowed.

(Bad fuel pump). Limb defeated Zacharias in a fairly close side by side, as the stripe went to the green Nova by .033. Rick was a bit sharper on the tree and was only .015 off his dial.

Charlton had the second round bye and just took the stripe.

Orser's luck ran out in round two when Richardson got the jump on the starting line and held the stripe when Ken's car bogged slightly on the starting line.

Semi finals:

Rick Limb kept his strong driving in the semis when he defeated Rod LeClaire and he would go to his first final in a while. Rob Charlton kept up his pace of going to the later rounds (after missing race #3) when he defeated long time friend and racing rival Dave Richardson. These two have battled for a couple decades both in the Doorslammer class and previously in in Super Gas.

Final round

Rob charlton would leave first with a 7.9 dial. Rick Limb's dial was a 7.63. Charlton had a good light with a .015 RT but Limb did what he did in qualifying, going almost perfect with a .001 light. He slowly gained on Charlton and at 1200 feet he caught him and took the stripe by .01. It was a huge win for the Hope based team and it was a win that you could see was right around the corner, as he was getting sharper on the tree and his car is very consistent.


Rick's win moved him up from 6th to 2nd in the standings. The real battle heading into the final three events will be for 2nd place in the standings, as Clarke holds onto his 100 point lead. Five teams are separated by three rounds of racing.



August 11, 2015

This weekend is race #5 in the eight race Doorslammer point series. The event is at Mission Raceway and is sponsored by Fortin's Engines.


August 10, 2015

Dyan Lover photo

Paul Stretch wins the "Thunder in the Valley race at Port Alberni sponsored by Alpine Backhoe. Rain kept qualifying from getting completed on Saturday (a complete washout) so they ran two qualifiers Sunday and then ran a 16 car field. Stretch defeated Grant Klohn driving his stick Fairlane in the final round.

July 30, 2015

The points after the July 12th race (#4) are posted

The sponsor for the "Thunder in the Vallery" event at the Port Alberni airstrip is Alpine Backhoe and Lance Family racing.

July 15, 2014

The reign from Kid Kaos (Zak Clarke) is over!!!!

Photos to be posted Friday evening

Zak Clarke is ousted in round one of race number four, presented by TCS Performance Products. Tyson Wells becomes the giant killer in one of the most consistent four or five runs in a row I have ever seen from the Big Block Bug. He made four 8.17 runs in a row including his round one win over Clarke. Unfortunately for Wells, the car spun and only ran a 8.23 in his round two loss to event winner Rob Charlton.


After missing the last event due to a family function Charlton came back hard, and made up a bunch of ground with his first win of the year.

Clarke, losing in round one opened the door slightly for the trailing teams to narrow the gap in the standings.


The weekend story................................

With the extreme hot conditions at the race the weekend earlier and racing on back to back weekends, the car count was the smallest in recent memory with only 12 cars in attendance.

Rick Limb took the #1 spot after round one with a 7.621/179. Kevin Lance the expected #1 qualifier struggled with ignition or electrical issues and coasted after a 200 foot launch. Zak Clarke also struggled with issues, his were chassis related, and he was off the gas early as well. Warner Wagner with his cool looking PT Cruiser was the third guy to struggle.

His Pro Charged ride sputtered just past 300 feet and he had the same struggles throughout qualifying, but did manage to make the field on the last hit. Wells, the streak killer ran a soft 8.31 in the first qualifier then his four in a row streak started in round two.

Note: the round one ladder below does not have Dave Warren on it, but he did run a 7.92 and was #3.

Round two qualifying

Warren improved to a 7.79 (his best run of the season), to move into #2. Clarke made a 3/4 run and got in the field with a loose 8.01. Tony Driessen went 7.92, an improvement of .08. Wells ran his first of four 8.17's. Rob Charlton is #3 with a 7.848.

Kevin Lance still could not get last 300 feet and was outside the field. Wagner also has similar issues as round one. After round two Limb remained on top and Wagner and Lance were outside the 8.70 minimum.

Round three qualifying

Zak Clarke did some chassi tuning with his wheelie bars and it produced a weekend best 7.569/178. Limb's has not improved from his 7.621 from round one. Five cars are in the seven second range anchored by Tony Driessen who improved to a 7.90 in the third session. Kevin Lance got his 57 Chevy closer with a 3/4 pass going 8.14/139.

Warner Wagner failed to make a full run again and he was the only one outsdie the field.

Final qualifying

Clarke stayed on top with his earlier 7.568 and Rick Limb made a huge improvement (just kidding), going .001 quicker (7.620), Driessen improved again, going 7.89. Lance could not improve so he would enter elimination's with an 8.14, his slowest qualifying weekend I can remember. Tyson Wells made his third 8.17 pass, and he was #7. Paul Stretch's best was a 8.182.

Henry Zacharias' best was an 8.463 (#9). Mark Simpson was #10 with a, 8.468. Alan Bentley was #11 with an 8.527 and rounding out the field was a last ditch 8.549 at only 116 mph for Warner Wagner. The car was on an easy low 8 or high seven second pass.


Round one pairings were: Clarke vs Wells, Limb Vs Stretch, Warren Vs Zacharias, Charlton Vs Simpson, Dreissen Vs Bentley and Lance Vs Wagner.

In the first pairing, Zacharias got a .08 holeshot and he took a .04 stripe with an 8.52 on his 8.47. Warren ran a 7.81 on his 7.80 but giving away .08 on the tree will not win you too many races. Paul Stretch got a .032 advantage on the tree, and that forced Limb to run it out the back door trying to catch up. Limb drove around Stretch but took too much stripe and broke out with a 7.601 on his 7.63 dial. Based on the difference on reaction time and Paul's run on his dial, Rick could not get the win without a breakout.

Rob Charlton was off the gas at the stripe and took a .05 stripe against Mark Simpson.

Alan Bentley got a break in his win against Tony Driessen when Tony's farm truck just died on the starting line.


Tyson got the win of his season with the upset over Zak Clarke both drivers had decent lights (within .002 of each other), but Clarke dialed a soft .07 off his quickest run. The team was still chassis tuning and the run was exactly perfect on the launch so you knew clarke would have to dump early. He did dump but still took .018 too much stripe and broke out.

In the final pair, and Kevin Lance's work finally paid off (with help from Zak Clarke and a couple others), but so did Warner Wagner's work (along with brother Dallas and dad Gord), as both cars ran perfect from a to b.

Wagner wasn't completely confident in their tuning so the teams till dialed soft (8.25) while Lance dialed close to their usual full out pass (7.40). The two cars were within .009 on the starting line and Wagner stayed way out in from crossing the finish line a 1/4 of a second too quick under his 8.25 dial. Lance was also too quick, but only by .03, so he was off to round two.

Round one elimination's

Round two elimination's

Bentley got the win over Stretch when Paul was surprisingly late on the tree. The usual light for Stretch is .010 to .030, but he was .142 on the tree, he must have been distracted or was not used to racing a slower car.

Kevin Lance defeated Henry Zacharias when Zacharias went deep (automatic red light in the Doorslammer class). Lance ran it out and he ran a 7.38 on his 7.37. Rob Charlton took out Wells despite Tyson's .02 better light. The VW spun on the starting line and he could not stay out in front of the S-10.



Semi finals

Rob Charlton got the odd car bye run and he just took the stripe to advance to the final round.

Al Bentley got the win against Kevin Lance as Lance was .04 behind on the tree forcing him to run under his 7.38 dial. Lance drove it out the back door and ran a 7.355 (.025 under). Bentley also broke out staying just n front of Lance but because he had the better light his was only under by .008.

It would be a Charlton / Bentley final round.


Final round

Al Bentley left first but when Rob Charlton left he had a .031 starting line advantage. Bentley kept the lead in the race right through the finish line but he was way under his 8.50 dial. He ran 8.449 going under by .051. Charlton was off his 7.95 dial by .024 but he gets the win.

The win moves Charlton into the top five in the standings. Clarke stays on top of the standings and is still over 80 points ahead of Paul Stretch who is in second place. The next race is at Port Alberni in three weeks. Thanks to TCS for their continued support of the Doorslammers.

Photos to come

Full elimination ladder.

July 7, 2015

3-Peat (a 4-peat counting the TS race on Saturday)

The event was sponsored by Rutland Auto Repair and RH Race Cars

Points are posted.


Photos will be added to the elimination's part of this report over the next couple days


Well, at the start of the season when Zak decided to run the first couple DS races you expected him to win one of the first two races. He is that good of a racer. But to win the first two in a row, you think someone's got to knock him off the pedestal. Then come this past Doorwarz weekend, and he wins the Saturday in Top Sportsman. Could he switch over to Doorslammer with a different tree and win again. Well he did. Counting the TS race he is 18-1 in round wins in five different events. The only race he did not win was at the Divisional, where he was ousted early.

Qualifying would be very interesting on the weekend as a number of new cars would run with the group for the first time and and a couple regulars would make their season debut.

Firstly the #1 spot went to Darryl Stone as he ripped off another stellar pass, a 6.54/222 mph in the first session and then Sunday morning improved to a career best 6.473. Darryl plans to compete at a bunch of events this season.

Regular Terry Shuflita brought out his new look for the Firebird and it is different. A deep red replaces the blue from years past and it looks good. He made a solid lap turning in a 7.17/194 in early qualifying then improving to a career best 7.109.

Phil Davis made good qualifying efforts in the heat as well running abest of 7.089 @ 196.

Kevin Lance went 7.405 at at 184 to nail down a top '6' spot.

Tim Vogt ran a 7.366 best @ 194 to qualifying #5.


Aaron Linder ran as quick as 6.95 on the weekend but in qualifying, he stuggled a bit with drivetrain issues but still ran a 7.23/197 in qualifying. Unfortunately he could not make first call in eliminations.


Here is final qualifying.

James Rutherford was out with three cars from Alberta. The blown Ford struggled to make a full pull and failed to make the 8.70 bump. The car is capable of running in the '7's'.

Ken Orser had ignition/electronics issues and he did not make a full pull in qualifying either keeping him out of eliminaton's.

Dave Warren ripping a layer off the hides here in early qualifying.

Darrell Toews was out for the first time.

Rick Limb was close to the 7.4's with a 7.52 qualifying best.

John DeJonge is liking the Doorslammer class, as he went into the later rounds for the second race in a row.


Elimination's Round one. (Photos to come)

In round one Rhys Ingham defeated Dave Warren with an off the gas 7.81/168. Warren was late and well off his 7.92 dial in. #1 qualifier Darryl Stone had a solid .020 light and took an easy win for Tyson Wells in the 'bug'. Tyson could not get off the starting line. Paul Stretch took the win over Phil Davis on both ends of the track. Dyan Lover got a break in round one despite her late light. Terry Shuflita had over a tenth on the tree but he was off the gas by 70 feet. Alan Bentley continued his early round success with a firstr round win over DAle Grasdal. Dale did double duty this weekend as he gewts his nitrous Chevelle dialed in. He also ran Top Sportsman on Saturday. Zack Joyce won the battle of no so good lights as he defeated newcomer Corey Stewart.

Two time winner this year Zak Clarke took on the same guy he ran in round one at the last race, Terry Langdon Davies. It was the same results on the scoreboards but the race was not the same. In the last race Terry had a .024 package but lost to a .012 package. This weekend Terry staged and then jumped the tree and left before the tree was activated. Henry Zacharias defeated Tim Vogt as Vogt could not run his number. Mark Simpson won a real close one against Rick Limb. The two drivers were within .004 of a second, and at the stripe Simpson held onto the stripe by less than 2/1000ths of a second, about five inches at 160 mph. John DeJonge in his second DS race got by top '5' runner Kevin Lance. DeJonge was .02 better on the tree forcing Lance 1/1000ths under his dial in. In the final pair, the race turned out to be a single, when Aaron Linder failed to make the call for round one.


Round two


Darryl Stone advanced to round three with the odd car bye run (11 cars in round two). Alan Bentley forced Darrell Toews under his dial with a better starting line reaction. Mark Simpson cut a .044 better light against Paul Stretch but could not run the number. Mark's 55 Chevy fell off over a tenth. While Stretch was within .02 of his dial. Henry Zacharias has the same luck as Stretch, as he was .06 back after his starting line reaction. He was sharp on his dial and ran .014 off his 8.44 dial. Ingham was .18 off his 7.80 dial so his great .008 light was for not.

Dyan Lover and Zak Clarke had a great race despite Dyan's staging problem. Dyan took too much stripe going . 028 under her 8.30 dial. Clarke was .009 over his 7.63 dial in. John DeJonge got the win over Zack Joyce on both ends of the track with a better rt and running closer to his dial.


Round three

Bentley defeated #1 qualifier Darryl Stone when Stone was off the gas by half track. Stone had the better light as well, but Stone was loose and had to lift. Paul Stretch had a .041 package running 1/100ths off his 8.24 dial.

Zacharias was .005 better on the tree but his 55 Chevy fell off .06 on his 8.45 dial in.

The final pairing was another good race With the finalists from the last race battling it out. Zak Clarke and John DeJonge face off in the final pairing of the 1/4 finals. John was .025 on the tree and Clarke was .028 on the tree. Being chased down is hard to see your opponent and DeJonge did dump six mph at the finish line but ended up .007 under his 8.51 dial. CLarke womped the throttle once or twice and got the win running a 7.646 off his 7.63 dial in.


Semi Finals

Paul Stretch got the odd car bye in the semis and just took the starting line green, resting his car for the final. Al Bentley took on the hitter in hopes of ending his dominance in the series. Unfortunately for Bentley he was .031 slower off the tree and against Clarke that is almost a death sentence. Alan dialed soft or his car picked big time as he took a .030 stripe breaking out by .064. He ran an 8.586 on his 8.65 dial. Clarke was .003 under his 7.64 dial.


Final round.

Paul Stretch and Zak Clarke in the final. These two have battled on a number of occasions with both getting wins over the last few years, but the odds were in Zak's favour mostly because he was the quicker car and also the roll he is on. Sometimes both your car and your reactions are just spot on. Zak took a .018 starting line advantage was the race was not in the bag. That difference s only 3 feet at 175 mph (about half a fender). But true to form Clarke had his car dialed deadly and he wacked the throttle a couple times crossing the finish line with a .014 finish line stripe. He ran a 7.647 at a slowing 176 mph. Stretch ran an 8.253 on his 8.23 dial.

The margin was less than 3 feet . What a great final. The win gives Clarke a 100 point lead after just three races. Can he go four for four? We will find out in four days.

Points are posted.



July 1, 2015

Doorwarz has arrived


June 25, 2015

Here is the list I have for Doorwarz III:

The event is sponsored by Rutland Auto Repair and RH Race Cars

If you aren't on the list and plan on racing let me know. If you are on the list but aren't competing, let me know. Pit stalls together are at a premium, it is important to confirm entry.

1. Lyle Hinrichsen
2. Terry Shuflita
3. Paul Stretch
4. Kevin Lance
5. Mark Simpson
6. Henry Zacharias
7. Rick Limb
8. Gord Bush
9. Dale Grasdal
10. Dave Warren
11. Tyson Wells
12. David Heans
13. Brian Ritchie
14. Terry Langdon-Davies
15. Thomas Gronmyr
16. John West
17. Joe Mayzes
18. Gene Fleury
19. Rhys Ingham
20. John DeJonge
21. Zak Clarke
22. Kirk Lanz
23. Al Bentley
24. Dyan Lover
25. Mike Bedsworth
26. Jeff Hill
27. Darryl Stone
28. Phil Davis
29. Tim Vogt

A few on the list have not confirmed but the assumption is they will attend, let me know.

Drivers that have not confirmed include Paul Soares, Doug Steele, Grant Klohn, Greg Dolling, Mike Ackerman, Grant Howell, Mark Schuppener, Brian Kikel, Chad Abougoush.


June 23, 2015

Points are posted.

June 22, 2015

Zak Clarke is undefeated so far in 2015 Doorslammer competition.

A surprisingly big field at the All Bike Drag race this past weekend did not deter Zak Clarke. He took his awesome 67 Nova to the winners circle for the second race in the year and has opened up a big lead in the point standings after two races. He defeated first time Doorslammer competitor John DeJonge in the final round.

23 cars were in competition and by the end of qualifying it was one of, if not THE quickest field in Doorslammer history. There were a number ofnew racers and a few that have only raced a couple times in the series. The two Wagner Drivers, who are huge Mopar fans, brought out their very cool PT Cruiser and the Dakota pickup. They are regular Ashcroft competitors, but with no regular fast class to race in they are planning to compete at a number of Doorslammer events. John DeJonge is a new competitor in the class, he purchased Darren Wolfram's 68 Camaro, and Wolfram is going to take delivery of a new twin Turbo hot rod being built by RH Race Cars. Zach Joyce was out with Ron Yaroshuk's Austin with a new blown combination, and that team wanted a seven second time slip for the first time ever. Dale Grasdal is adding nitrous to his Chevelle and he will be a mid to low eight second performer when they have it dialed in.


By the end of qualifying, three cars were in the sixes second zome. It's been a while since there has been that many fast cars have been in the fieldand the top spot was a battle between the Stone Brothers from Kelowna.

The track was a bit loose for the first couple rounds but it was still good enough for Darryl Stone to nail down a 6.635/213 to sit one second ahead of the next closest competitor Rick Limb. Darryl's brother Kerry could not get hold of the track and he was off the gas by 400 feet. Only 13 cars made the 8.70 cut after round one. Dallas Wagner broke a blower belt in his pro charged Dakota and would not have it ready for the rest of qualifying until Sunday morning.

Round one:

After round two Phil Davis made the big move and ran the quickest pass he has ever run, an awesome 7.099/184.93 mph. Phil's goal by the end of the season is a six second time slip. Jeff Hill was also out for the first time this year and plans on competing at a number of series races this year. He ran a soft 7.55 in round two, but is looking to be well into the six second zone. Zack Joyce came close to a seven second time slip running an 8.02. 19 cars were quicker than the 8.70 cut by the end of round two.

Round two qualifying


Round three is where a number of cars turned up the wick and the track started to come around. Darryl Stone was the first of the fast cars and he has talked about wanting his gorgeous Nova to run a 6.50 and then he would settle the car down, as the aero on the car makes ets in that range very loose and a bit hard to handle. He added a front spoiler below the bumper to try and keep the front end on the ground. Whatever the adjustments made over the winter and the tune-up made after round one worked as he ran an absolutely killer 6.52/220.80 blast. The two brothers along with the MacLeod's had the car dialed perfectly to run the huge number. The car was still a bit loose at half track and I saw the front end up close to a foot at 600 feet. By the time I got the camera on the car down track it was at 800 feet and still the front end was dangling.

Everyone I talked to was in awe of the number put down by Darryl and the Nova. That run put the turbo powered ride near the top of performance levels world wide for that body style. Brother Kerry stole his thunder though, as he was next up and ran a very quick 6.44/227 mph. That car is capable of at least 6.20's though at well over 230 mph. Jeff Hill got his 55 Chevy hooked up and he ran a 6.98/201.

Phil Davis dropped down to a 7.082/196 as he inched closer to the promised land. Kevin Lance made his best run of the year, going 7.30/186 with his 57 Chevy and new RM power. Joyce and Yaroshuk got their seven second time slip, going 7.98/169. Rick Limb improved by a tenth to a 7.561/180. Brian Ritchie also dipped into the 7 'zone', going .001 quicker than Joyce's 7.989. 21 of the 23 cars were now qualified. Only Dallas Wagner and Tyson Wells, who was out for the first time this year.


Saturday final qualifying:


Round four of qualifying Sunday morning and under slightly cooler weather Kerry Stone improved by a few hundredths to a 6.407 at almost 228 mph. Zak Clarke ran a 7.566/181. Dave Richardson improved to a 7.83, Rob Charlton improved a few to a 7.85, as did Tony Driessen (7.938) and Brian Ritchie 7.951. In total there were 12 cars in the seven second zone or quicker.

Dale Grasdal lead the eight second cars, as he continually dials in the nitrous combo. He improved from earlier 8.40 runs to an 8.10/173. Paul Stretch ran a 8.191 best, Dyan Lover ran an 8.266 best. Dallas Wagner who will be in the mid sevens by the end of the weekend made his only decent run, ran it to 900 feet and went 8.27 at only 115 mph, putting 22 of the 23 cars in the field. Tyson Wells was the last car not in the field and he made it a full pull as he ran an 8.304/165. Warner Wagner held down the final spot but would not make round one. He was off the gas on his 8.55/113 qualifying effort. He will dip into the 7's once his car is sorted out.

Final qualifying:


In Round one, the first four pairs of cars all saw red lights by the quicker car. Something was a bit fishy. When the timing system was looked at it was found that cross talk was on and with a pro tree that will kill the faster car everytime, as all tree bulbs light. The first round pairs that included Limb/Wells, Richardson/ DeJonge, Driessen/ Simpson, and Davis/Lover would be rerun. In the Lover/Davis pairing Phil was hard on the brakes on the top end scrubbing et and speed and then in the shutdown, the master cylinder heated up. While towing back to the pits the brakes failed and the car and golf cart got tangled up damaging the front end and forcing Phil to the side lines. That gave Lover a single in the rerun and advancing her to round two. Mark Simpson defeated Tony Driessen,

Rick Limb took out buddy Tyson Wells, when Wells could not get off the starting line.

Dave Richardson had John DeJonge and it was a surprising win for rookie DeJonge when Richardson spun on the starting line.

In the other pairings, Kerry Stone had a bye run and he went 6.45/223; not what he and the team were looking for. They really wanted a 6.30 lap at over 230. Darryl Stone took on Dale Grasdal and Stone dialed a softer 6.60. He got to the finish line first and blew everyone away with an outstanding 6.48/222. He softened the car up and the car hooked hard and was on a rail the entire 1320.

The wheels were up for the first 150 feet then settled down and ran right down the grove shattering his previous best and dropping down into the sub 6.50's. Not a win light, but I think he went away from this race pretty happy.

Jeff Hill had Paul Stretch but was soft on the launch and could not catch the 820 Nova. Kevin Lance stayed close to his 7.30 dial with a 7.31. His opponent, Dallas Wagner ran a solid 7.45 at 160.00 there is way more in that truck, likely 7.30's or better once the tune-up is sorted out.

Zak Clarke had Terry Langdon Davies and that one was close. Clarke was deadly on the tree with a .008 light and only .004 off his 7.57 dial. Davies was .019 on the tree and ran .004 off his 8.30 dial, the stripe was only .012. A .022 package and no win light for Davies, ouch! Rob Charlton got the win over a loose Henry Zacharias.


Brian Ritchie had Al Bentley and the little injected Vega got the win light. Al had a bunch of smoke on the top end, but when Al and the team got back to the pits, it was nothing serious. In the final round one pairing it was Zack Joyce and Warner Wagner. That one was a single for Joyce as Wagner did not make the call.


Round two, Kerry Stone was to face Kerry Stone, but the big turbo beast was down on power in round one and the team elected to load the car up and do some mechanical checking.

That gave Clarke a freebie, he ran a 7.62 on his 7.50 dial, something was off on that run for Clarke. Dyan Lover had Mark Simspon but was late on the tree, giving a relatively easy win to Simpson. He was .014 on the tree.

Paul Stretch and Rob Charlton were next and that one was close. The two cars were within .006 on the tree and Stretch got the stripe running .0.03 closer to his dial. Limb was strong on the tree and ran .013 off his 7.62 dial. Joyce was late and was .05 off his 7.98 dial.

DeJonge got the win against Grasdal, as Dale was a bit tardy on the tree and was almost a tenth off his 7.99 dial.

Kevin Lance was again close to his dial, running 7.33 on his 7.32 and taking the stripe against Al Bentley.

In round three Clarke got the win over a red lighting Simpson. Paul Stretch was .009 on the tree and he took the stripe over a red lighting Rick Limb. The final round three pairing was also a red light as Kevin Lance was to anxious against DeJonge. While there were three red lights in the round, similar to the reds from round one, all the red lights were in the hundreds not tenths and the electronics on the tree were working fine.

Semi Finals. John DeJonge got the odd car bye and just took the green light saving his car for the final.

The pairing in the semis saw the two Early Novas battle. It was a close one , as .008 separated the two on the starting line, and Both cars were .06 off their dials. The quicker Clarke took the stripe by .006, about a foot and a half.

Final round

First time finals John DeJonge took on one of the best in the class in the final round. Could the rookie get the win. He had .028 on the tree and held onto the lead through the 1320. He took the stripe by .031, which was .002 too much. On a double breakout Clarke wins with a 7. 739 on his 7.76. DeJonge crossed the finish line running 8. 457 on his 8.48.

It was a real solid race leading into one of the biggest events of the year, Doorwarz III. The association is expecting on of their biggest car counts with close to 30 cars entered. The Race is sponsored by Rutland Automotive and RH Race Cars.

A few weekend tidbits and the final grouping of photos will be posted Tuesday evening.

Points are posted.

June 17, 2015

9:00pm update

Hello Everyone

Mission Raceway will not be open until 4:30PM on Friday for their Friday night Street Legal Drags, this weekend’s race event is being put on by the CMDRA not Mission Raceway. The CMDRA will have a representative at the gate to collect for crew and camping until 9:30PM on Friday evening. Anyone arriving after 9:30PM will likely have to wait until Saturday morning AT 8:00AM to enter the facility. Please remember you should not be charged for Car and Driver at the gate only crew members and camping.

See you all Saturday

June 16, 2015

Just a quick reminder that we will be joining the CMDRA at Mission this upcoming weekend for our Race #2 which is sponsored by Rick and Linda Limb of Ogilvie Mountain Holdings. A huge thank you to the Limb’s for their continued support of our association. The CMDRA have also stepped up to help out our association by waiving the Car and Driver gate fee for this event, you are however responsible to pay entry fee for your crew members. We are going to do our best to try and keep our regular schedule for Saturday with a 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 qualifying session, as well as a final qualifier Sunday morning, but keep in mind we are guests at this event so we may have to be a bit flexible depending on their program. I will call a meeting Saturday morning around 10:00am to collect race entry fees 2015 membership fees that still need to be taken care of.


May 24, 2015

Race #1 is in the books.

It was a classic battle of two of the top contenders in the Doorslammer series.

15 cars were in attendance and 14 made the field in the one day race.

Mike Bedsworth was the top qualifier with a first round 7.325/187 run. Unfortunately for Mike, he broke on the second qualifying attempt (Transmission or transbrake issue), and could not return for round one of elimination's.

Kevin Lance has a new powerplant in his 57 Chevy but it did not produce the numbers he was hoping for, but it was still solid turning in 7.35 best.

Zak Clarke and Rick Limb in almost twin Chevy Nova's were in the 7.50's. Paul Stretch also competes in a late 60's Nova. All three cars are absolutely gorgeous. Multi time champion Rob Charlton was #5 with a 7.826. His truck is for sale turn key if anyone is interested. It is one great consistent race truck. Dave Richardson was back in the class after sporadic racing in the last five years. He sat #6 with a 7.840.

Tony Driessen in the bad ass 51 GMC 'Farm Truck' ripped off a 7.871 to round out the seven second competitors. The bottom half of the ladder saw Dale Grasdal run an 8.081 best. He has the cars combo changed from last year to accommodate nitrous for the 2015 season. He will test with nitrous in the coming weeks. Look for the car to run in the low sevens. Stretch was next with an 8.156. Rookie doorslammer competitor Dyan Lover was #10 in her rookie outing. She ran her quickest run ever, an 8.190/168 mph. Dave Warren, Brian Ritchie, Mark Simpson and Al Bentley rounded out the field, Henry Zacharias failed to make the field as his car was loose from 400 feet on in both his runs.

Here is final qualifying



(More photos to come)



May 1, 2015


Hello Everyone

Just a quick note to let you all know that, May 23rd is a go and will be our first points race of our eight race 2015 series. Remember there will be, NO WAIVERS, this season, points will be accumulated from all eight events. As mentioned in my previous email, this will be a one day event. Weather permitting we will get two qualifying sessions in the morning and then continue with eliminations that same day. Mission will be holding a test and tune on Friday May 22, which you need to preregister for if you are interested in attending, the registration information is below. I will hold a drivers meeting around 9:00-9:30 on Saturday morning to collect your membership and race entry fees. $150 for annual membership fee and $100 for race entry fee. This event is currently unsponsored so the purse money and trophy cost will have to come out of the associations funds, please let me know if you know of anyone that would like to sponsor this event.

See you all on Saturday May 23rd



Reservations for the May 22, 2015 Test&Tune can be made starting May 11, 2015 by e-mailing directly to rentals@missionraceway.com - please see our Friday Test & Tune page for more info:



April 29, 2015

The CWDA is proud to announce that Peter Baljet Chevrolet from Duncan has come on board as an event sponsor for the nine race series. If you are on the island or in the Lower Mainland and are looking for a new or used car or pickup check out Peter Baljet Chev.

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well, and ready for another season of the Canada West Doorslammers Series. Our first race is scheduled for May 23 & 24th at Mission Raceway. This race will be the season opener for Mission Raceway, they will be having a test and tune on Friday May 22 followed with the Street Legal race Friday evening. Unfortunately when they initially canceled the May races, the Sports Car Club booked the track for Sunday May 24th, so they will only be racing Saturday May 23rd and there will not be any Drag Racing on Sunday May 24th. Therefore our race schedule for that weekend will have to be altered from our regular schedule. If we choose to go ahead with this scheduled event our option is to have a one day race. Weather and track conditions permitting of course we would be offered two qualifying sessions on Saturday before going into eliminations. For those of you that are available and interested you could attend the test and tune on Friday. Please keep in mind there are eight scheduled points races, the yearend standings will be the total of all the eight races, which means all members will be required to count the points from all the events, there will not be any waivable events. At this time I need to know how much commitment we have from all of you for this first event given the circumstances of it being a one day event. If we do not have enough interest and commitment then we will cancel this event and our series will become a seven race series. Your replies are very important, please respect me and this process enough to reply with a simple “IN” or “OUT” so that I can proceed with the event or canceling it from our schedule.

Below is our current 2015 Schedule and the current race sponsors, there are still a few events that are not sponsored, if any of you could help with finding sponsors for the unsponsored events your help would be greatly appreciated. It is imperative that we find sponsors for these events in order for us to guarantee our current payout and to continue with the success that our association has had in the past.


Email Marcy


Race#1 May 23-24 Mission Raceway (unsponsored)

Race#2 June 20-21 (CMDRA) Mission Raceway (Ogilvie Mountain Holdings)

Race#3 July 4-5 (DOORWARZ) Mission Raceway (pending)

Race#4 July 11-12 Mission Raceway (TCS)

Exhibition August 8-9 Port Alberni (Alpine Backhoe)

Race#5 August 15-16 Mission Raceway (Fortin’s Engines)

Race#6 August 29-30 (Smoke fire and Thunder) Mission Raceway (Pro Stock Performance)

Race#7 September 12-13 Mission Raceway (Charlton Automotive)

Race#8 September 26-27 Mission Raceway Peter Baljet Chevrolet

Please remember to reply to this email with an “IN” or “OUT” for the May 23rd event



December 25, 2014

We would like to wish all a Merry Christmas





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