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December 23, 2014

Tentative schedule for the 2015 season


Race#1 May 23-24 Mission Raceway

Race#2 June 20-21 (CMDRA) Mission Raceway

Race#3 July 4-5 (DOORWARZ) Mission Raceway

Race#4 July 11-12 Mission Raceway

Exhibition August 8-9 Port Alberni

Race#5 August 15-16 Mission Raceway

Race#6 August 29-30 (Smoke fire and Thunder) Mission Raceway

Race#7 September 12-13 Mission Raceway

Race#8 September 26-27 Mission Raceway

Contact Person: Marcy Moffett
Email address: marcyc@tcsproducts.com
Daytime PH# 604 533-8675
Evening PH# 604 309-5904

**Exhibition Race August 8-9 Port Alberni, B.C
(This is a non points optional race)

There are eight scheduled points races. The year end standings will be the total of all the eight races, which means all members will be required to count the points from all the events. There will not be any waivable events.

We are proud to announce that Fortin's Automotive and Engines will be back as the title sponsor for the 2015 race season. Thanks to Norm and the Fortin's team.

October 25, 2014

Doorwarz II results

A Doorwarz Doorslammer gallery is posted

Canada West Doorslammers presented by RH Race Cars and Rutland Auto Repair.

Saturday qualifying

The pack grounds at Mission Raceway for Doorwarz II meant the schedule would be hectic. Three qualifiers were planned for Saturday, but a delayed start Saturday morning after an all day rain day Friday forced the Doorslammers to only two runs on Saturday. In qualifying Saturday Mike Bedsworth lead the 25 car entered with a 7.327. Gene Fluery ran a career best 7.38/184 to sit #2. His Turbo V-6 was hauling! Darren Williams hot after his win in the Top Sportsman class (TS ran a double header) qualified #3 with a 7.39/185. Nick Duda out with his Turbo Mustang also ran career best numbers including a 7.45/188. That put him # 4 after Saturday's second round. A couple fast cars had trouble on Saturday including Ken Orser in his low 7 second GXP and Terry Shuflita in his low seven second five speed Firebird.

Sunday final qualifying

Sunday morning saw Bedsworth improve to a 7.30/187 and Williams move up to a 7.37 and good for #2. Kevin Lance went 7.44 (he has a new bullet for the 2014 season) and Rick Limb went 7.45, also career best numbers. Shuflita could not sort his 5 speed, and failed to make the show, the same DNQ fate fell on Winston Morgan, Orser and Paul Soares


A number of big upsets occurred in round one, but there were a number of great packages as well. David Heans was perfect on the tree in round one but his opponent Dustin Hotte broke in qualifying also and was a no show. Terry Langdon Davies (TLD) was .010 on the tree and his opponent Gene Fluery went .001 red ending his day. Paul Stretch went .003 on the tree and had an easy win as his competitor Darren Williams was real late (.154). Joe Mayzes was also perfect on the tree and his opponent, multi time series champion Rob Charlton went .008 red. Wayne Thompson went .019 on the tree and ran .024 off his 8.50 dial, and he took out Dave Warren. Port Alberni winner Mark Simpson was gone in round one after a .004 red light. Rick Limb advance to round two. Other Round one winners included Zak Clarke, Kevin Lance, Bedsworth, Duda, and Tyson Wells.

In round two, Stretch had the bye run and He went .005 and was .024 off his 8.34 Bedsworth went .003 and took out Zak Clarke who broke out trying to say ahead of the Seattle driver. Heans was off to round three when Duda slowed at half track. TLD took the win over a red lighting Thomson Kevin Lance was .002 off his 7.48 dial, and Tyson Wells defeated good buddy Rick Limb when Limd went .002 red.



Round three

Bedsworth took a 5 foot stripe over Kevin Lance in a close round three match-up to start the round. Paul Stretch was deadly again, going .009 on the tree. Heans went .011 red leaving second. TLD defeated Wells, when Wells fell off 2//10ths.


Semi finals

Three cars were left and Davies got the bye run and he went .008 on the tree. The Bedsworth and Stretch pairing was a great race as only .019 separated the two on the starting line, with Stretch having the advantage. Bedsworth gave it every effort, running dead on 7.350 on his 7.35. But at the stripe he was .016 back as Stretch was only .003 off his 8.29 dial. The finish line saw a 3 foot stripe.


Final round

The final round was pretty much done at the starting line as Davies got a .045 advantage on the starting line. He took more stripe than he needed as he broke out by .003 but got a bit lucky as Stretch broke out further, going .014 under his dial trying to catch Davies.


While the season was a short one and the Port Alberni race was not a great one due to the track surface issues, this race was an awesome one with a bunch of great lights and close side by side racing.

2015 should be a great year with Mission's racing surface all finished and smooth and the Eagle Motorplex will be going through some exciting changes as well.

October 2, 2014


Sorry for no updates yet for the Doorslammer event at the Doorwarz race. Just crazy busy on a deadline construction job.

In a nutshell, Terry Langdon Davies took on Paul Stretch in the final round. It was TLD taking the win in a double breakout final. Terry went .012 on the tree and was .003 under his 8.44 dial. Paul stretch was .052 on the tree and ran .014 under his 8.28 dial. 21 of the 25 cars entered made the 8.70 cut. Full results and photos over the weekend.

September 11, 2014

The Doorslammers are proud to have RH Race Cars and Rutland Auto Repair back this year for Doorwarz II. The season at MRP has been a frustrating one but this event should make up for all the down time. A huge field is expected for the event and RH/Rutland will have prime billing for us. Fortins Auto Parts the title sponsor of the series is also looking forward to being a part of the race. With the usual nice cool sunny weather is September we expect a fast field of close to 28-30 cars.

RH Race Cars (facebook link) has been a part of the Doorslammer assoc for almost a decade, both as an event sponsor and title rights sponsor. Ryan and the staff are THE go to shop for chassis building, repairs, modifications, upgrades, chassis tuning and everything in between. Rutland Auto Repair based in the Kelowna district is a full service Auto Repair shop, specializing in Tune-up and general mainenance. Lyle and his staff have been in the heart of Rutland for 28 years and are proud to serve the area.

Rutland Auto Repair 250-765-6555. See them on Facebook.

For all competitors heading to Doorwarz, go to the doorwarz web site to make sure you are on the list.

August 16, 2014

Sorry for no updates to the Port Alberni race, but the reason is simple. I don't have any. I do know that the teams struggled big time, as the rumors from Saturday's qualifying showed only a handful of teams making the cut. The factor in teams NOT running the number was simply no traction. The airport authority had the runway scrubbed clean so there was no old or new rubber on the surface and they painted new lines as well just prior to the event. The reasoning according to some was they felt that the (excess) rubber on the asphalt was dangerous to the planes taking off and landing. Well, I would say if the planes were worried at that part of the runway then they were in trouble with or without any rubber. It seems to me (and I am the first to admit I am an outsider to the Port Alberni Airport scene) that the authority is not doing any favors for the Alberni Drag Racing assoc., one that is very beneficial to the district because of the income it generates. The race personnel did everything they could to get some bite, and on Sunday it was reportedly much better. But a few Doorslammers including Rod LeCaire and Tyson Wells (Wells also had issues with his Funny Car) had spin outs or went off the racing surface. Dean Peterson also got real loose.

Anyway, I will try and get info in the next few days. (I did get soem photos courtesy of Dyan Lover and will post them in the next day or so).

August 7, 2014

Congrats to Chris and Marcy on their nuptuals. Looks like it was a great time.


This weekend is Port Alberni, unfortunately we are not able to make the trip this year, as other commitments did not allow us to make the trip. It looks to be a decent turnout as 16-20 doorslammers will complete.


The weather is forecasted to be hot, hot, hot.

The weekend is sponsored by Alpine Backhoe and the Lance family.


Have fun, we will likely have the report come early in the week.

July 18, 2014

Due to the Canadian National Open being re-scheduled to the "Smoke Fire and Thunder" weekend we are not able to run a doorslammer event. Top Comp will be run at that race so doorslammers are more then welcome to compete. Our only event will be Doorwarz II September 18-21

June 4, 2014

Hello Everyone

WELL…..it’s not great news!! Unfortunately more cancelled races, the Doorwarz event at mission which was originally scheduled for July 4-6, is now rescheduled for Sept. 19-21. The Sept. 6-7 race has been cancelled due to the reschedule of the Lordco Div.6 Divisional Event. Mission Raceway still has a bracket race tentatively scheduled for July 4-6, however a number of D/S members have expressed some concern and dislike in the idea of scheduling a Doorslammer event on the first scheduled race on the new surface, so with taking that into consideration, in the event that Mission Raceway is open and running a bracket race on July 4-6 we will not be holding a D/S event that weekend. So that means Port Alberni on Aug. 9-10 will be our first scheduled event, then we will have the “Night of Fire” event at Mission on Aug. 23-24 and the Doorwarz event on Sept. 19-21. After some discussion with Norm from Fortins Engines and a few of the other long time sponsors, based on the fact that we will only have three possible events, (maybe four if we race into October, weather dependant), it’s been decided that those remaining events will not be points races. What that means is that we will keep those races on the schedule and race the events as normal, there just won’t be any points awarded and there will not be a 2014 Championship up for grabs. I know this has been a disappointing series of events with the track resurfacing but in the big picture we are going to have an awesome racing facility once this has all been fixed the right way! Thank you to all of our sponsors and members for your continued support. I hope that you will all come out and support us at the remaining scheduled events. For those of you that are going to Port Alberni, if you haven’t already done so, please make sure to notify me that you will be attending as well as don’t forget to preregister with the Port Alberni Drag Racing Association, (preregistration must be mailed to the Port Alberni Drag Racing Association, the form is available on their website), also don’t forget to make your ferry and hotel reservations if they are required. To all those that are heading up to Ashcroft this weekend to play at the OLD TIME DRAGS, have fun and safe racing!

See you all soon!

May 11, 2014

The drivers who have not confirmed their entry to doorwarz are Rob Charlton, Joe Mayzes, Henry Zacharias, Mark Schuppener, Johnny West, Grant Howell, Jamie Toews, Thomas Gronmyr, Terry Langdon Davies, Doug Steele, Al Bentely, Dave Richardson and Grant Klohn. Please confirm entry.

May 9, 2014

More scheduling changes for the 2014 season due to construction delays at Mission Raceway. The Lucas Oil event has been rescheduled to Sept 5-7 which is one of our race dates. So unfortunately that event has been cancelled for our series. Also the May 31/June 1 date has been cancelled as well. Our series has been reduced to four points events making each race critical for teams.

Updated schedule

Here is the 2014 Schedule

Race #1 May 3-4 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#2 May 17-18 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#3 May 31-June 1 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#4 June 21-22 Mission Raceway

Race#5 July 5-6 Mission Raceway (Doorwarz II event)

Exhibition August 9-10 Port Alberni (non points)

Race#6 August 23-24 Mission Raceway

Race#7 September 6-7 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#8 September 20-21 Mission Raceway

April 8, 2014

Hello Everyone, Marcy here.

Quote below from the Mission Raceway website:

Due to the Ongoing Construction of the Race Track Surface the April 18-20th Race Weekend, May 2-4th Race Weekend and the May 9th Street Legal Have Been Cancelled

If all goes well with the race track surface construction we will start our season on May 17 & 18. We will not be replacing this cancelled race, our season will consist of seven points races plus the exhibition race in Port Alberni. I hope you all will be ready to go on May 17th!!


And regarding Doorwarz. Half of last years field has pre entered for this year's race. Please pre-enter asap. speedzone1@shaw.ca

Please do not email me to register for Doorwarz, Dean Murdoch will be handling all registration. No payment is required upon registration, it is simply just to secure a reserved pit spot for you and your team as they are expecting a very large car count!

See you all soon!!

March 23, 2014

All DS competitors get in your pre entry for Doorwarz July 4-6 asap. Pit stalls are a premium, if you want to be with the group sign up now. speedzone1@shaw.ca


Updated schedule

Here is the 2014 Schedule

Race #1 May 3-4 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#2 May 17-18 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#3 May 31-June 1 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#4 June 21-22 Mission Raceway

Race#5 July 5-6 Mission Raceway (Doorwarz II event)

Exhibition August 9-10 Port Alberni (non points)

Race#6 August 23-24 Mission Raceway

Race#7 September 6-7 Mission Raceway (cancelled)

Race#8 September 20-21 Mission Raceway


This year's CW decal


January 28, 2014

The new date is May 3rd and 4th. So all the points races are at Mission this year.

January 23, 2014

Unfortunately we’ve had to make a change to the 2014 Doorslammers Schedule. Race#3 June 14-15 at Ashcroft Motorplex (non waivable) , has been rescheduled for June 7-8 which conflicts with Mission Raceway’s Div.6 event, therefore I have removed the Ashcroft race from the 2014 schedule. I am currently working with Mission Raceway to add an event there to replace the canceled event at Ashcroft. Please be patient with us, we will advise you of the new date as soon as we can. Please remove the June 14-15 event at Ashcroft from your schedule. Also this change may mean that we start our race season a bit earlier than we initially planned, so please be prepared for that.


January 1 2014

Happy New year all the Doorslammers and fans




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