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December 2013

Huge congrat's go out to Marcy and Chris as he proposed a while ago after holding onto the ring for a number of month's. He found the right time and she said....YES!

They along with their kids (the dogs) have not set a date yet.

December 2014

The 2014 schedule will be posted soon

September 29, 2013

One of the members (Gene Fluery) has started a facebook page for all you doorslammer racers and fans as wll.

Go here for the page. It is an easy way to chat with fllow racers and add other photos and videos if you wish.

September 26, 2013


Points are posted.

A gallery is here .

A new champion is crowned!!!


Stretch then took on the runner-up in the last race, Mark Schuppener. Stretch got the win when Schuppener went .005 red.

To get to the final round here is how the day went.

With the event planned as a one day deal (so we could party and crown the champion Saturday night) the original schedule was to have two qualifying sessions and then go into eliminaton's. Well the day dawned with showers and a very wet track. By 8:00am the rain stopped and the radar showed a good enough window where the call was made to start drying the track. The sun came out by around 10:30 am and the track was dry by 12:30. Due to the delay only one qualifying shot ended up on the revised schedule (but all cars entered would be able to run elimination's). The qualifying session was run at 1:30 after the bracket cars had laid down rubber. The track was exceptionally good and in the second or third pairing, Kevin Lance ripped off a 7.36/185 mph lap.

Two pairs later Mike Bedsworth went 7.30 (both he and Lance needed as many qualifying points as possible to try and catch Schulte) @ 187 mph.

Just a couple Phil Davis (who had an outside shot at the title) went 7.20/191 to nail down the #1 spot.

Darren Wolfram was the only other car with a chance at being #1 but his cars stumbled and he could not run a low '7'. After the top '3', the next car in the field at #4 was Dale Grasdal.

He went 7.69 at almost 178, Doug Steele ran 7.735/178 to sit #5.

Rick limb was #6 with a 7.816, Rob Charlton was #7 with a 7.828 and Mike Lucas was out for his second Doorslammer race of the year and he went 7.876 to end up #8.

Dave Warren ran a 7.870 and right in the middle of the 19 car field was Mark Schuppener who went 8.171.

Notable bottom half runs were Tyson Wells who has a nice note on the side window of his car in memory or LJ (Lilee Jean Putt) who died a few weeks ago from Cancer. Her story made headlines, when her father and his band "Pardon the Strip Tease" released a song on I-Tunes called 'Pray for LJ'. All the proceeds went to Children's Hospital, it became the #1 song on I-Tunes that week. Nickelback got involved and donated $50,000 to CH. Lilee was just over 2 1/2 years old when she die. She was from the Chilliwack area.

Darren Wolfram expected to battle for the #1 spot had ignition issues and he could only run an 8.41. Point leader Schulte went 8.519 and the last guy in the field was Greg Dolling.

see how the wheel are turned when it came down. He was lucky for sure.

Normally a low '8' second car he launch hard with the wheels up and in his hands was the steering wheel as it came off the column on the launch. The car came down and did a front wheel wobble and Greg got the car shut down 140 feet down track. Next time HE WILL GIVE THE WHEEL A TUG before taking off.
Here is final qualifying:


Round one:

Mike Lucas' long trek from Fort St John was over early as he lost to Henry Zacharias in the first pair down in round one. Henry ran dead on his 8.47 dial with a zero.

Gord Bush had a .014 package (14/1000ths from perfect) in his first round win over Kevin Lance, ending Lance's shot at the title. Lance was not a duck either as he had a decent (.028) light and was only 3/100ths of his number, but Bush's package was tough no matter what the class you are running.

Mark Schuppener got as bit of a break against Greg Dolling, as the Island driver went .001 red (his fourth event in a row where he lost due to his own red light).

Mike Bedsworth kept his title shot alive as he won against Thomas Gronmyr by 16 inches at the finish line with a .005 better package.

Otto Schulte held the point lead and had a .021 package against Dave Warren and with Warren's .040 light he had no chance.

Terry Langdon Davies (TLD) won on both ends of the track against Dale Grasdal as Dale was late going .117 on the tree to TLD's .028.

Tyson Wells defeated Doug Steele when Steele fell asleep at the tree. It was unfortunate for Steele, as he ran right on his 7.77 dial.

Rob Charlton kept his slim shot for his 4th championship alive when he defeated and off pace Darren Wolfram.


Charlton was deadly on the tree going .003 and running 7.871 on his 7.86 dial for a .014 package, the same as Bush earlier. Paul Stretch advanced over Rick Limb when he Limb went big time red.

Phil Davis got the odd car bye and just took the starting line stripe.

In Round two, a huge battle in the first pair when Charlton took on Bedsworth.

The championship for the season could have been at stake as both drivers were still in the game. Charlton did what a multi time champion does, he went .001 at the tree. Bedsworth was late and was the same amount off his dial as Charlton, .03. Bedsworth title shot was done, but he still held onto 2nd place after the second round. Stretch got his second freebie in a row when Phil Davis was his second opponent to go red.

Zacharias advanced to the third round with his win against Gord Bush the two drivers were within .001 of each other but Bush went too quick by .015 going under his 8.26 dial.

The point leader Schulte took on TLD in round two and Terry's rep for have a solid package bit Schulte. The Island driver went .006 red handing the win to Davies and all of a sudden that made the battle more interesting. Only one other driver could win the title as the three other players in the game entering the race were gone. Rob Charlton could win his fourth title if he goes to the winners circle.


Schuppener took on Wells in the final pairing and it was a double breakout affair as both went under their dial ins.

Mark had .03 on the tree and ran .002 under his dial wile Tyson ran .025 under his The stripe was close,only .006 separated the cars, but it was Schuppener advancing.


1/4 finals:

Two pairings and one single were fought in the 1/4 finals and Schuppener continued his hot streak with a win against Zacharias.

Henry was late in round three and Mark was within .01 of his usual light. Both cars slowed from their earlier runs but likely Schuppener was off his throttle as he went around Henry and did not want to break out. Paul Stretch and TLD were both .028 off their dials so the starting line would be the determining factor.

Stretch was deadly for the second round of the day, going .007 while Davies was .032. Stretch was off to the semi finals, and he was moving up the points. He started the race in 6th place but could move up a couple spots with a win and beside the 1000 cheque he could add a few hundred bucks to his season ending points award. He was now within 3 points of fifth. Rob Charlton earned the bye run in the 1/4s and just took the starting line stripe.

Semi Finals:

Three cars left and Schuppener got the single. He ran it out and went a 8.109 on his 8.15 dial. The lone pairing was epic. Stretch goes .001 on the tree and Charlton goes .011. On a pro tree is a .001 light a great light or a bad red light. It doesn't matter cause it is green. Charlton was slowly reeling in Stretch and he usually holds one in the bank.

Would Rob take the stripe and risk breaking out or would he let Paul take the stripe. Charlton drove around Stretch at 1150 feet and held onto the stripe taking the finish line by .030. That was too much by .017 He needed a 7.880 to a 7.892 to win the race. The result had a couple implications. One is Charlton could not win the title. Two is we had a new champion in Otto Schulte. Three is Stretch had now past Phil Davis and moved into 5th and the final was yet to be run.

Congrat's to Otto Schulte for the 2013 title.


Final round:

Stretch vs Schuppener.

Mark was in the final round one race ago and could ne compete due to a rear end mechanical issue. Paul Stretch was in the final at Port Alberni and at the third race of the season. Schuppener has been consistent all season long but he did miss a crucial race in Ashcroft that was non waivable so he had to drop a 47 pointer to determine the final standings. The race was over by the time the driver left the starting line. Mark Schuppener went .005 red handing the automatic win to Stretch.

Paul's win vaulted him from sixth to fourth in the standings. Schuppener only lost one place in the standings with his 47 point waive.

Bedsworth by virtue of having one of the quicker cars in the class held onto 2nd place in the overall standings and Charlton finished in the top three. Kevin Lance had his fifth top five finish in a row.

Points are posted.




September 17, 2013

The final race of the season is this weekend. The points battle will be epic for sure. Charlton Automotive is the event sponsor this weekend. Otto Schulte sits #1 right now ,but team mate Kevin Lance, Mike Bedsworth and Rob Charlton are all in the hunt for the title. The race will be completed Saturday (weather permitting, so it will be two 'Q' hits and then elims (as least that is the usual schedule for a one day race (of course subject to change).


September 9, 2013

Points are posted

The final race of the year is wide open based on the results from race 7. No driver in the top six in the points made a big move or any real move at all, as all the guys looking for the 2013 season championship were fodder in the first two rounds.

David Heans was almost in shock with his first ever event win with the Doorslammers. His quote to me was, "I can't believe I won one of these". To say he was happy is a huge understatement. He is just a blue collar guy working hard to he can get out a play in the class. The $1000.00 win means a lot and he now has a great trophy for his mantle. We will get to the whole weekend story after we look at the points.

Point leader Otto Schulte added one round to his point total compared to the 2nd and 3rd place drivers, Mike Bedsworth and Kevin Lance. But those two did add to their qualifying point totals. Rob Charlton added one round more than all but Schulte ahead of him in the standings. It will likely be a four driver race to determine the championship. Otto Schulte and Kevin Lance have never won the title, but Rob Charlton the winningest driver and Mike Bedsworth have championships. The fifth place driver Phil Davis lost three points (now has 294 pts) on the leader and is now 72 points back. He basically leads a win and hope Otto fails to qualify (if under 32 cars in the field). If over 32 cars (could happen) then Otto has to lose in round one and Phil needs to win. For Rob Charlton to win his 5th championship he needs to pick up 41 more points than Otto. His usual qualifying spot (9-16) and Otto's usual (17 and lower) would put Rob 41 back heading into elimination's. A win by Rob (17-32 cars) and a third round finish by Otto or better and Otto wins. A second or first round finish by Otto and Rob wins, providing Mike Bedsworth or Kevin Lance do not go to the final round against Rob. A runner-up finish by Rob and a first round finish or better for Otto and Otto wins. It gets more complicated for Mike Bedsworth and Kevin Lance. Those two will likely receive close to maximum qualifying points. Those points play a big role as well (that is why faster is better in the class), and Mike could move to within one round of Otto meaning if they go the same number of rounds Otto Stays the leader but if they go to the final the winner takes it or if Mike goes one round further he takes it. Kevin will move to within two rounds of Otto so in a final round (20 points at stake for the event winner) between the two, and the winner takes all. If any of the top three win the race they will be champion (based on usual qualifying points) regardless where the other guys finish the day
Those are only a few of the scenarios possible as the association heads to the final event in 12 days at Mission Raceway. The whole race will try to be completed on the Saturday, So the party Saturday night will be truly a championship party.

Points for top 5 After last weekends race (unofficial)
Otto 366
Mike 353
Kevin 341
Rob 324
Phil 294

Race results

Weather delayed Saturday qualifying as the first round of elimination's did not get started until almost 3:00 pm. The final session Saturday was done at a few minutes before 6:00pm.

In round one, Rod LeClaire continued his hot streak with an off the trailer 7.077/199.55 blast.

Darren Wolfram was back out after a couple race hiatus (due to overseas work). He laid down a 7.156/195.18 to sit #2.

Mike Bedsworth and Kevin Lance ran their usual 7.30's (with Mike just ahead of Kevin with 7.356 to a 7.381 respectively.

Ray Kirton was also back out after fixing his Transmission issues from the Doorwarz event. He went 7.749/176 to site #5 after one round.

Rick Limb and Doug Steele in 67 Chevy II's were about a tenth off their usual pace (7.8's for both), mostly due to loose conditions early in the day. Rob Charlton could only run an 8.01 in round one and Johnny West also went an 8.0 rounding out the top 10.

The four Chevy II's in the class, above and below.

15 of the 21 cars made the 8.70 cut after round one. Dave Warren broke on his run and could not make repairs and he was done for the weekend. Tyson Wells did not get a run in.

In round two, Phil Davis moved into his usual spot running a 7.3 (7.331/188) to move into the #3 spot. LeClaire failed to improve but Wolfram went 7.117@203.75 (his best mph ever). Bedsworth and Lance failed to improve. Dale Grasdal went 7.812/176 to move into ninth on the ladder.

All drivers (22) except Warren were now in the field, including Tyson Wells who went 8.283/163.63.
In the final session Saturday, Lance picked up .005 (7.376) Limb went 7.749 (6th), Steel went 7.778 (8th), Grasdal went 7.806 (9th), and Charlton went 7.890/170.42. Dave Heans dipped into the 7's with a 7.998/173.57 lap.

Sunday final qualifying.
Much better conditions greeted the drivers Sunday morning as the track had the good Saturday base on it, and the weather produced better air density. Leclaire and Wolfram did not improve though, But Phil Davis ran his career best number.

He went 7.193/193.17. It did not move him up in the field but the team was really stoked about that run. Bedswoth picked up .007 (7.324) and Lance picked up .041 (7.333). Rick Limb went 7.703 and Dale Grasdal went 7.705 (found a tenth). Doug Steele went 7.778 and Rob Charlton went 7.839.

Dave Heans dipped further into the 7.9's with a 7.933 and Thomas Gronmyr wade his first 7 second et of the weekend, a 7.985.

Mark Schuppener entered Sunday and did the one hit shuffle and ran a 8.097.

Greg Dolling improved by .04 to a 8.122 and Brian Ritchie dipped into the 8.teens with a 8.168,

(And the crowd goes wild...well at least the Wells family does after the 8.19)

Tyson Wells ran a teen also as he went 8.199/164.68. Justin Bond entered on Sunday (like he did last race when he won) and ran 8.397/161.92. Henry Zacharias improve by .01 (8.483 and rounding out the field was Otto Schulte who found a tenth and went 8.549.

Final order


First round pairings were: LeClaire bye, Wolfram vs West, Davis vs Schuppener, Bedsworth vs Dolling, Lance vs Ritchie, Limb vs Wells, Grasdal vs Bush, Kirton vs TLD, Steele vs Stretch, Charlton vs Bond, Heans vs, Zacharias and Gronmyr vs Schulte.


Round one,

Gord Bush had a solid .016 light but he fell .082 off his 8.21 dial and Dale Grasdal drove around him at 1200 feet for a .02 stripe. Grasdal went 7.72 on his 7.70 dial. Greg Dolling, who has been killer on the tree the last two races went .016 against Mike Bedsworth, but Bedsworth was .006 red, so the race was over. Too bad to as Bedsworth ran only one thou off his 7.35 dial, while dolling was only .005 off his 8.11 dial-in.

Otto Schulte got an easy win when Tom Gronmyr was over a tenth late on the tree and he was off the gas by 600 feet. Schulte went 8.564 on his 8.55. Rob Charlton also were deadly on the tree with Charlton going .001 and Bond was a bit too sharp as he was .004 red.

Charlton ran 7.879 on his 7.85 dial in. Bond drove it out the back door and was .014 under his 8.40. John West defeated Darren Wolfram in a wild ride for Wolfram. Darren launched and brought the wheels up at the hit, he pedaled it and they came up two feet as the blower picked up boost. He had to abort the run as the car was going to the centre line.

West went 8.029 on his 8.02 dial. Paul Stretch and Doug Steele had a real close stripe but the race was over at the starting line. Stretch went .006 and ran dead on his number (8.340) Steele was .05 back at the starting line but he held .05 on his 7.77 dial.

He ran 7.727 . Stretch took a .009 stripe, on the Steele break-out. Brian Ritchie was ten on the tree while his opponent Kevin Lance was .006 red.

Ritchie ran 8.187 (8.16 dial). Lance ran a 7.352 on his 7.34. Terry Langdon Davies defeated Ray Kirton on a double break out race.

TLD held .02 on the tree and ran 8.238 on his 8.26 Kirton ran a 7.694 on his 7.74. Rick Limb held a huge .08 advantage on the starting line over Tyson Wells and forced Wells under his dial.

Both drivers actually ran under (a common theme in the good air at noon). Wells went .024 under his 8.20 dial and Limb went .016 under his 7.70. David Heans started his run to the final round with a.013 stripe against Henry Zacharias.

Zacharias was better on the tree by .027 but Heans was better on the top end by .040 (7.949 on his 7.93 dial.

Mark Schuppener got a break when Phil Davis failed to fire his blown Willys. He ran it out with a .016 light and a 8.119 on his 8.10 dial. Rod LeClaire got the single in the round and he went 7.244/189 on his 7.06 .

Round two
Schuppener took on Paul Stretch and despite his late tree (.089) he took the win as Stretch's .041 activate run had issues early and he fell .08 of his 8.34 dial. Schuppener ran 8.129 on his 8.11 dial.

Rick Limb was .04 back on the tree against Otto Schulte's .017 light, but Schulte could not stay under his dial fender racing on the top end. He broke out by the smallest of margins, .001 on his 8.54 dial handing the win to Limb.

Greg Dolling had a great .014 package against Charlton forcing Rob one thou under his 7.89 dial.

Heans who was solid with a .019 light battled Ritchie's .001 light in round two but came out on top as Ritchie fell .05 off his 8.18 dial in. Heans was only .021 off his number and took a .011 stripe.

TLD took advantage of John West's late light (.019 to .144 rt) and took a .09 stripe.

In the final pairing, LeClaire was .009 better on the tree against Grasdal and the margin at 1320 was a very tight .008 Rod ran 7.084 on his 7.06 and Dale went 7.763 on his 7.74.

1/4 finals
In the 1/4, TLD fell .066 off his 8.26 dial and that was just what Heans needed to drive around him at 1200 feet.

Dave took the stripe by .028 running a 7.969 on his 7.94. LeClaire defeated Greg Dolling when dolling had his worst light in three races, a .026 red light.

LeClaire was off to the semi finals for the first time. Schuppener won a double breakout match-up against Rick Limb. He went 8.117 on his 8.12 while Limb was .004 further under, going 7.683 on his 7.69.

In the semis,
Heans got a great birthday present getting the odd car single. He just staged the car and allowed it to cool off for his final round pairing. His opponent would be Schuppener who got a break as well when LeClaire left before the tree was activated
Mark was lucky LeClaire left early as his car went right toward the centre line at 400 feet.

He lifted and got the car straightened out and coasted down the 1/4 mile to a 10 second et.

Final round,
Mark took his car back to the pits and thrashed trying to sort out why his car went hard left. He took the rear wheels and axles out but could not source the problems and did not get the car back together before the call was made to run the final round. Heans got the freebie and took a leisurely 16 second cruise to the finish line for the win.

This year has really been wide open with six different winners in the six points races (one was rained out) and six different runner-ups in those six races. Kevin Lance doubled up in the win department and so did Paul Stretch as they were the finalists from Port Alberni.
What will happen in the final event? We will see in a few days.

September 8, 2013


A crazy weekend for the doorslammers second to final event of the year. Dave Heans who has never gone to a final round with the Doorslammers not only did that he won the race (on his birthday weekend to boot)!

It was not the final round win he was hoping for as a competitor as his opponent Mark Schuppener broke in his semi final win and could not get repairs done in time. But a win is a win and he heads back to Duncan pretty excited.

Congrat's on your long awaited victory.

24 Cars were in attendance and all but Dave Warren made the field (Warren broke on Saturday and could not get repairs done).

The craziest part of the weekend was the fact that only one top 10 driver made it past round two, and that was Schuppener. All the hitters were gone early. That will make the final event of the year all that more exciting as the points from last race did not change much at the top. Schulte was gone in round two. Kevin Lance was gone in round one. Mike Bedsworth was gone in round one as was Phil Davis (could not fire in round one) and Henry Zacharias. Rob Charlton and Paul Stretch were done in round two.

The final event in two weeks will be a good one. Let's hope a few of the top five go rounds and make the final round or semis worth a championship.


September 6, 2013

The Smoke fire and thuunder results are below

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I have booked “ Memphis Mike’s Barbeque “ to come and cater our year end party at Mission Raceway after racing on Sept.21st. As mentioned in a previous email I have also booked Layne Wooley’s band to play after dinner and awards. We will be serving BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken and BBQ Pulled Pork, with Coleslaw, Potato Salad and BBQ Beans, we will also have some assorted desserts. The Gronmyr team will be donating a keg of beer, and Dean Murdoch/Speedzone Magazine will be supplying the non-alcoholic beverages, thank you to them for that, aside from that it is a bring your own beverage party. Tickets must be purchased in advance, as I have to give confirmation of numbers to the caterer next week. Terry and I will be selling tickets this weekend, at the drivers meeting when we are collecting entry fees for the event would be the best time to purchase your tickets so please account for that before you come to the meeting. Tickets will be $25 per person or $10 for kids under the age of ten. There will be hotdogs available for the kids.

If you require tickets for the BBQ but will not be at the race this weekend to purchase them, please contact me ASAP

The points are posted.

September 4, 2013

Smoke Fire and Thunder results

Justin Bond makes one hit in qualifying and then gets the win against 28 other competitors in one of the biggest races of the year.



Otto Schulte had a great weekend at Mission including taking the point lead for the first time ever. He did not win the race (presented by Pro Stock Performance) he was the runner-up to Bond and he went to the semis in the completed Port Alberni race Saturday. Based on my rough calculations Schulte has the lead by around 20 points over Bedsworth, and Lance is 10 points further back. Charlton, Bush, Strectch and Davis all lost in round one so they dropped a bit further back in the the chase. There are two events left on the schedule.

Smoke Fire and Thunder final qualifying

Final qualifying saw every car entered make the field but that "BAD BOY" Brent Van Vliet (and I say that with tongue firmly planted in cheek) ran too quick again in the final session so he could not compete in elimination's.

Rod LeClaire got his first ever #1 qualifying spot with a 7.078/194 blast. Phil Davis also made his best ever run with the SUpercharged Willys. Phil got a new supercharger after his last one ate itself up. Point leader Mike Bedsworth was #3 with a 7.31, and Kevin Lance was #4 with a 7.326. Kirk Lanz made one hit (like race winner Bond) and went 6.328 to sit #5. Zak Clarke also was a one shot qualifier and he went 7.498, good enough for #6. Rounding out the top eight were regualrs Rick Limb and Dale Grasdal. They ran 7.636 and 7.645 respectively. Tyson Well ran a career best 8.186 in the Big Block VW.

Final qualifying order.


Rod LeClaire got the first round bye and he improved on his qualifying time with a 7.06 @ 200.93 mph, new career bests. Way to go on your first 200 mph run Rod! The biggest upset of round one was the Mike Bedsworth/ Jamie Toews match up. Toews was .025 on the tree and Bedsworth was .004. Toews ran right on his 8.16 dial with a 8.166 Mike was playing catch-up and ran 7.366 on his 7.33 dial. Toews got the win by .009. Brian Ritchie had an 18 thou package in his victory against Kirk Lanz. Lanz was forced under his dial playing catch-up. Other round one winners were TLD, Tom Gronmyr, Dave Heans, Otto Schulte, Kevin Lance, Zak Clarke, Greg Dolling, Henry Zacharias, Dale Grasdal, Justin Bond, Grant Howell and Mark Schuppener.

In Round two, Bond went .002 and got by Jamie Toews despite Toews running on his 8.16 dial. Dale Grasdal took a .013 stripe against Mark Schuppener. But the race of the round were the Lance family racing team mates, Otto Schulte and Kevin Lance. Lance was perfect on the tree and Schulte was .002 (wow). Lance ran 7.377 on his 7.34 dial and Schulte went 8.574 on his 8.55 dial. He took the stripe by .011. TLD, Ritchie, Dolling, Clarke, and Howell were the other winners.

1/4 finals

Brian Ritchie had a .014 total package including a .007 light against Grant Howell. Howell was .018 back at the tree and took the finish line stripe by just over 1/100th, but broke out by .026. Schulte broke out, but his opponent Dale Grasdal went red, handing Otto the win. Greg Dolling had been right around the tree all day going 3 red and having a 12 light in previous rounds. He went .001 and ran 8.155 on his 8.13 dial in. Clarke was .075 and could not catch Dolling on the top end. Bond had a .028 package and defeated TLD who was right there with a .044 run.

Semi Finals

Schulte ended up with a freebie when Dolling cut the tree down to much by the slimmest of margins going 1 thou red. Bond was deadly again and ran a .014 package against Ritchie's .036 run. Very tight racing on the weekend in the class.

Bond would face off against Schulte in the final. Notable is the fact they were #24 and #25 qualifiers out of 29.

Final round

Schulte left first with a .027 light and Bond, dialed a tenth quicker was deadly again going .008. The Mission driver (Bond) was reeling the Island driver in, but could tell he was not going to catch him so he dumped right at the finish line. Schulte crossed first, but Bond got the win, as Schulte broke out by .004.

A tough loss for Schulte as he had him covered by half a tenth but he did not ease off the throttle in time to secure the win. He still leaves the event in first place in the standings one round ahead of Mike Bedsworth.

Next up the Doorslammers are featured at the MRP "Club Drags" weekend.

Saturday qualifying

After Saturday qualifying, 26 cars out of the 27 entered Saturday made the field. Only David Heans (who had mechical issues) did not run the number. Brent Van Vliet did a no no though when he ran way under his Chassis cert. He went 8.14 when his car is only tagged for 8.50. He did make an 8.54 run earleir in the day so his 8.14 does not count. Sunday he had to make sure he does not run under 8.50 again or he will be dsq'ed and will be bared until the car gets the necessary chassis work done. (Edit:) Brent has bought a new car (Pro Mod chassis that has run in Outlaw 10.5), so he won't have those issues anymore.

Port Alberni recap

The Port Alberni event was completed and it was Kevin Lance (who was also the event sponsor) taking home the win. He defeated Paul Stretch in the final round run under the lights this past Saturday at Smoke Fire and Thunder. Otto Schulte lost to Strectch in a double breakout semi final. Lance had a bye run in the other semi. In the 1/4 finals Stretch had the single and Lance defeated Greg Dolling and Schulte got by Grant Howell.


August 20, 2013

This coming weekend is sponsored by “Pro Stock Performance & Machine”, and is the “Smoke, Fire & Thunder” weekend at Mission Raceway featuring the Jet Cars and Wheelstanders. Our scheduled qualifying times will be different for this event. On Saturday our qualifying times will tentatively be scheduled for 4:00pm, 6:00pm & 8:00pm. On Sunday if all goes well we should get a final qualifying pass approximately 10:00am before going into elimination's. I will hold a meeting around 2:30 on Saturday to collect entry fees for the weekend. Anyone that is still in competition from the Port Alberni race that did not get completed, we will be running off that race on Saturday morning and will try and get as much of that race completed as possible before qualifying starts for Sunday’s event. If you are still in competition from the rained out event, you will receive one test pass on Saturday morning at approximately 10:00-10:30, we have one pair of cars to rerun from first round, then we will proceed with the remaining rounds of the Port Alberni event. If you have any questions regarding the schedule of events this weekend please feel free to contact me.

August 14, 2013


The elimination's for Port Alberni got into round one before the rain started. They will be completed the weekend of Smoke Fire and Thunder on the Saturday before round one of qualifying.

17 Cars out of the 22 entered made the field. The #1 qualifier was Kevin Lance. He went 7.40/187 in his 57 Chevy. Grant Howell, Dale Grasdal, Dave Warren and Rod LeClaire rounded out the top five. They got in round one on Sunday before the rains came and it was Howell, Bush, Ritchie, Lance, Schulte, Stretch, Thompson and Grasdal that made it to round two.

July 23, 2013

Points are posted.

Will have more photos up from Doorwarz in the next couple days.

July 9, 2013

Mike Bedsworth gets the biggest doorslammer win of the year

34 cars came out to play on the weekend for the Doorwarz event sponsored by RH Race Cars and Rutland Auto Repairs. 32 cars ran qualifying rounds (two broke in testing) and 29 made the 8.70 field.


July 5-7, 2013

Race presented by RH Race Cars and Rutland Auto Repair

Canada West Doorslammers

The biggest weekend of Door car racing in the NW produced the largest car count for the doorslammers this season. 34 cars were signed up for the event but by the first qualifier, only 32 would make runs.

Nick Duda and Bill Boult broke in the optional test session Friday. Rhys Ingham was out for the first time with the doorslammers and he launched into a huge wheelstand Friday afternoon. He made the repairs he needed to and would try and qualify Saturday afternoon.

Joe Mayzes had a huge nitrous explosion in the Friday night test as well with pieces flying way up high. He got his top end fixed and made the qualifying sessions.

In Saturday's first session, 30 cars got a time slip but only 22 were quicker than 8.710. Darren Wolfram lead the day with a 7.249/185. That team was also working on a six second time slip and came close with the pro mods running a 7.03.

Grant Klohn was #2 Saturday with a 7.34 in his C/A legal Probe.

Rod LeClaire was running juice in his Camaro for the first time this weekend and he went 7.37/186.

Mike Bedsworth went 7.392, Terry Shuflita went 7.46 in his five speed and then it was Phil Davis, Kevin Lance and Rick Limb rounding out the top eight.

Grant Howell was out for the first time this year in his awesome 37 Chevy and his first run netted him a 7.736.

Another long time (old time racer) DS competitor was out for the first time in five years, and that was Ray Kirton. His first lap was on Friday and he had the biggest eyes on his launch.

It was just like old times though as he ran a 7.748 in his Black Pick-up. The final guy on the ladder in the first session was Henry Zacharias. His et was a 8.557. Thanks Henry for all your help on the weekend as well.

Round two:

Zak Clarke got in the seat of Kirk Lanz's Camaro and he went to the top of the ladder with a 7.20.

Bedsworth went a couple ticks quicker and Darren Williams from Calgary went 7.48.

Dave Richardson went from outside the field to the middle of the pack with an 8.03. 32 drivers made attempt in the session and a couple more were inside the 8.79 window. LeClaire did not improve his earlier et but he went a whopping 194 mph.

The third session Saturday was the one most were anticipating as it was run at dusk in optimum conditions.
Zak Clarke improved and ran one of the best laps in the Lanz's Camaro, a 7.156/190.79mph.

Rod LeClaire ran a career best 7.259/189mph, Grant Klohn dipped into the 7.20's with a 7.270/186 shot.


Bedsworth went 7.33 and Doug Steele was loose in his runs but improved to a 7.69/183. 28 of the 32 cars were inside the bump spot with one main notable outside, and that was Tyson Wells.

The VW has been a wild beast so far and this run was no exception and he was still well outside the field with a 9.03 best. There was one more shot on Sunday morning for the four outside the field to bump in.

Saturday pit note: Mike Ackerman broke in the first session and would not make it into elimination's


Sunday final qualifying

Just how big would the field be was going to be answered real soon,
LeClaire improved by .01 to a 7.242/188. Grant Klohn went 7.246/187, Gene Fluery ran a career best 7.627/178 mph.

Dale Grasdal dipped into the 7.6's with a 7.69 178.00mph.

David Heans was now a 7 second performer as well going 7.939/171 blast, and Johnny West got his first Doorslammer 7 second time slip. 19 cars were in the seven second zone, a record for the doorslammers.

Out of the guys outside the field only Tyson Wells managed to get a valid time slip. He moved up to the # 26 spot (he was # 31 heading into the session). RLD was out for the first time and ran a 8.223 best. Paul Soares fell just shy with a 8.752, and Ingham ran the same et, but he was done for the weekend before the round.

Final qualifying

Final qualifying

The ladder looked like this:
#1 Zak Clarke (bye)
#2 Rod LeClaire vs #16 Dave Warren
#3 Grant Klohn vs #17 Rob Charlton
#4 Darren Wolfram vs #18 David Heans
#5 Mike Bedswoth vs #19 Johnny West
#6 Kevin Lance vs #20 Dave Richardson
#7 Terry Shuflita vs #21 Mark Schuppener
#8 Darren Williams vs #22 Brian RItchie
#9 Phil Davis vs #23 Terry Langdon Daives
#10 Gene Fluery vs #24 Gord Bush
#11 Rick Limb vs #25 Paul Stretch
#12 Doug Steele vs #26 Tyson Wells
#13 Dale Grasdal vs #27 Henry Zacharias
#14 Grant Howell vs #28 Otto Schulte
#15 Ray Kirton vs #29 Joe Mayzes


In round one, The Mayzes vs Kirton pairing was not run as both drivers had issues and could not make the round, so their opponent in round two would get a freebie.

Gord Bush defeated Gene Fluery in a double breakout run. Fluery was way under his 7.80 dial but he went away very happy as he ran his first ever 180 mph run in the small block turbo. Mark Schuppener defeated Terry Shuflita with an .018 light and an 8.174 on his 8.16 dial. Otto Schulte had a 17 thou package against Grant Howell. Howell would have one all but three other races in the round with his .030 package. Dave Richardson was dialed 8 flat and went 8.012. Add in a .16 light and his opponent Kevin Lance was .019 short at the finish line. Rob Charlton was perfect at the tree .000 and ran a 7.909 on his 7.88 dial for a .019 package. Dave Warrren got a freebie when Rod Leclaire broke in qualifying. Johnny West Broke out against Mike Bedsworth. Both drivers had even starts but the quicker car forced West to take the stripe too quickly. He took a .04 stripe in the break out loss. Darren Williams tightened up his race against Brian Ritchie to a .009 stripe. His .062 package was two feet better than Ritchie's .071. Rick Limb got the win against Paul Stretch when Stretch left too early. Tyson Wells was dialed in round one with a .006 light and an 8.371 on an 8.36 dial . Four races in the round with packages better than .020. Terry Langdon Davies defeated Phil Davis with a .010 light and a .040 finish line stripe. Dale Grasdal got the break of the round in a race to the finish line against Henry Zacharias. Henry was .020 at the tree but broke out by .002. Grasdal was late but when the other driver does not see where his opponent is you risk breaking out. A tough loss for the old timer. Zak Clarke had the bye in the round and he went a 7.204 on his 7.21 dial in. Dave Heans got a single in the round when Darren Wolfram could not make the call.

Round two.
Williams benefited with the double breakage with Kirton and Mayzes and he got a single. He launched and strolled down track. Warren got the bye run (second in a row) launched and coasted for the win. Clarke had a .016 package against TLD. Terry was solid with a .042 but this weekend is proving to be very competitive. Bedsworth went .006 on the tree against Well's .012 But Wells could not get off the starting line clean and Bedsworth got an easy stripe just staying ahead of the VW driver. Charlton had a perfect light in round one and his opponent (Gord Bush) went triple'0' in round two. Rob Dumped on the top end but had not chance against bush with a .060 light. Leaving second is tough on a pro tree. A double red light with Schuppener and Schulte gave the win to the Kelowna driver as Schulte went red first. Dave Richardson gave the win to Dale Grasdal when he went .001 red. Grasdal saw the red and eased down track. David Heans was off to round three for the first time in a number of races. His opponent in round two, Rick Limb was way late.

1/4 finals
Dave Warren was .018 off his 7.85 dial and had a better light than his opponent Dale Grasdal and was off tot hew semi finals. Mike Bedsworth won the battle of top qualifiers as he defeated Zak Clarke . Clarke was .048 back at the tree and broke out trying to catch the Washington driver. Gord Bush won a double breakout race with Mark Schuppener. Bush had the starting line advantage and went under by .012 less advancing to the semi finals. Darren Williams went .007 at the tree and defeated David Heans who was a bit loose on the starting line. Heans fell off by .09 on his 7.95 dial. Williams tightened the stripe to a car length

Semi finals
Both semi finals were won on the starting line, as Warren went in deep (a no no in DS racing) against Williams and Mike Bedsworth got a .028 starting line advantage against Gord Bush and extended the margin to a .032 victory.

In the third Doorwarz final round of the weekend it was USA vs Canada. The other four were all team Canada battles.

Marysville Washington took on Calgary Alberta.

This one was really over on the starting line as Bedsworth went .006 to Williams' late .167 rt. You can see by the picture that despite the .13 difference in the dial in that they were almost even when they went past the tree. Bedsworth extended his advantage and scrubbed six mph at the finish line for a .05 margin of victory.
What a great weekend for the Doorslammers and all the classes at Doorwarz. Let's hope this event is back next year and gets even bigger.

Keep checking back over the next two days.

June 28, 2013

One of the biggest events ever for doorcars is next weekend at Mission Raceway Park.....DOORWARZ

This event will be a doorslammer fans dream. Over 40 Pro Mods, Outlaw 10.5 Outlaw 275, The Canada West Doorslammers, Top Sportsman and Open Comp. In all over 180 race cars are pre-entered for the event.

The Doorslammers have close to 30 entries so it will be one of the biggest races of the season. We are proud to announce it will also be one of the biggest purses in class history. RH Race Cars and Rutland Auto Repair.are the weekend event sponsors. $1,500.00 to win, $800.00 for the runner-up and improved payouts (from our regular purse) down the field.

Do to the overall scope of this massive race, we would like to announce the doorslammers will have a hospitality tent set up as well for the weekend. Refreshments and snacks will be provided and a place to watch. The tent will be set up along the fence line just west of the picnic tables and mini grandstands near the concession.

If you have not pre-entered, please do so because pit space is getting thin. All the classes have designated pit areas for the race and the Doorslammers will be is a slightly different spot for this event. We will be pitted in the second pit area one row (back) South of the fence line. That row will accommodate 22-24 rigs. We will have 4-6 spots in close proximity to fill the necessary spots. More info will be posted on the web site (including a map) by Monday or Tuesday at the latest once MRP staff and race organizers coordinate it.


Here are the drivers I have a parking spot so far.
1. Otto Schulte
2. Rob Charlton
3. Paul Stretch
4. Phil Davis
5. Mike Bedsworth
6. Gord Bush
7. Mark Schuppener
8. Rick Limb
9. Tyson Wells
10. Dale Grasdal
11. Rod LeClaire
12. Gene Fleury
13. Doug Steele
14. Mike Ackerman
15. Brian Ritchie
16. John West
17. Joe Mayzes
18. Terry Shuflita
19. Kevin Lance
20. Bill Boult
21. Paul Soares
22. Henry Zacharias
23. Phil Bishop
24. Tim Vogt
25. Grant Klohn
26. Chad Abougoush
27. Ryes Ingham
28. Grant Howell
29. Dave Warren

Otto Schulte, Kevin Lance, Henry Zacharias, Rob Charlton and Dave Warren are on the list but have not confirmed, I wish they would.


These drivers have not confirmed or have not run enough this year to reserve a spot yet.

Greg Dolling, David Heans, Tom Gronmyer

Please do or you will not get a spot in the main pit area, (you could be down at the top end).



June 19, 2013

Points are posted.

June 10, 2013

Canada West Doorslammers Race 4

The Eagle Motorplex was the venue for the fourth race in the 2013 season. This is the largest event at the 'Plex and this year was no exception. The place was packed with more race cars and show cars than I have seen in a decade. A solid field of 19 Doorslammers were in attendance and a few of them also got to run with the Pro Mods in exhibition on the Saturday to make a bit more cash.

Phil Davis and Kevin Lance continued their season long qualifying battle, and it was expected that Mike Bedsworth, who has had the edge all year in the three car battle would be right at the top as well, but he struggled on Saturday.

Lance lead with a 7.57 and Davis went 7.59 on Saturday. Mike Bedsworth could only manange a 7.91 best on the weekend. Darren Wolfran was also expected to be in the mix but he did not run with the group until Sunday. Doug Steele ran 7.80's and 90's on Saturday and Mike Ackerman was also in the 7.80's. Rob Charlton and Dave Warren both hovered in the low 8.0 range and Mike Lucas, out for the first time this year in his new Avenger was also in the 8.0's.

Rod Leclaire and Tom Gronmyr were competing for the first time also and they were in the 8 teens. Johnny West in his awesome 57 Chevy was also competing for the first time this year. He was in the 8.20's with solid lights in qualifying. John Kohn and Brent Van Vliet were also out for the first time this season. Van Vliet struggled in qualifying running a 9.11 best.

In final qualifying Sunday morning, the weather played a role as showered were on and off all morning long. Qualifying did not get completed until 1:00pm. There were changes from Saturday the most notable was Darren Wolfram. He ripped off a great wheelstanding 7.215@ 188 to take over the #1 spot in the field.

Phil Davis moved in front of Kevin Lance with a 7.51. Kevin could only improve by 1/100ths Sunday so he ended up 3rd in qualifying. Mike Bedsworth expected to move up the field was a surprising no show Sunday morning. He left Saturday night as his car slowed on his runs and he felt his bullet may be going away. The only driver failing to make the 8.9 cut was Brent Van Vliet as his 9.11 was the best he could run.


Final qualifying
1. Darren Wolfram Kelowna BC 68 Chevelle 7.315/188.79
2. Phil Davis Kamploops BC 41 Willys 7.518/182.77
3. Kevin Lance Campbell River BC 57 Chevy 7.567/179.74
4. Doug Steele Langley BC 67 Nova 7.827/176.95
5. Mike Ackerman Vernon BC 67 Cuda 7.859/175.88
6. Mike Bedsworth Seattle Wa 97 Old Cutlass 7.916/181.70
7. Rob Charlton Pitt Meadows BC 2000 S-10 7.941/169.97
8. Mike Lucas Fort St Jihn BC 2000 Avenger 8.008/173.94
9. Dave Warren Cloverdale BC 62 Belair 7.061/168.82
10. Rod LeClaire Victoria BC 67 Camaro 8.133/167.91
11. Tom Gronmyr Victoria BC 67 Chevy II 8.169/167.84
12. John West Port Alberni BC 57 Chevy 8.214/161.23
13. Tyson Wells Rosedale BC 65 VW 8.339/161.57
14. Greg Dolling Port Alberni BC 89 Berretta 8.399/160.51
15. Paul Stretch Duncan BC 66 Nova 8.509/160.59
16. Henry Zacharias Surrey BC 55 Chevy 8.558/154.95
17. Otto Schulte Black Creek BC 55 Chevy 8.490/15
18. John Kohn Kelowna BC 66 Chevy II 8.891/151.46
19. Brent Van Vliet Port Alberni BC 69 Camaro 9.117/157.89


Wolfram vs LeClaire, Davis vs Granmyr, Lance vs West, Steele vs Wells, Ackerman vs Dolling, Bedsworth vs Stretch, Charlton vs Zacharias, Lucas vs Schulte, Warren vs Kohn.


Tom Gronmyr along with Mike Bedsworth could not make it to eliminations so there were two singles in the round. But even though there were seven pairings it turned into 13 pairing in round one. Why you ask, well they had a timing glitch and it was not caught until over half the field had run. I noticed after the third pairing that (one was a single) in all of the races the quicker cars were going red. I was taking pictures and did not watch the tree. I went to the other side of the track and shot the next pairing and the same thing happened. I mentioned it to the starter (Steve and his assistant Al) that something was up with the tree or the electronics. The dial ins were correct on the board but all the drivers seems to be leaving very close together. In the next pairing we spotted the issues. Somehow the crosstalk setting was turned on and the top bulbs on both lanes lit at the same time.


It was corrected for the last two runs of the round but we were forced to rerun the first six pairs of cars. The rules on a rerun is they have to stay in the same lane and have to dial the same number as the original race.

That really affected the results in a few pairings.

In the rerun Rod Leclair won in a double break out race against Darren Wolfram.

Wolfram went .12 under his 7.30 dial in the original race and went .06 under in the rerun. Phil Davis was one of the beneficiaries of a single when his opponent Tom Gronmyr could not make the call.

Paul Stretch was the other lucky driver in round one. His opponent Mike Bedsworth was already back in Marysville. Kevin Lance took on Johnny West in a battle of gorgeous and West broke out in both runs, handing the win to Lance. Doug Steele was way late against Tyson Wells and he broke out trying to catch the 57 VW.

Mike Ackerman also broke out in his race against Greg Dolling but Dolling blew his motor on his winning run and would not make round two.

Rob Charlton was .00 on the tree in his race against Henry Zacharias and got the win light.

Mike Lucas and Otto Schulte had a great race and it was Schulte who took the finish line stripe, and Dave Warren broke out against John Kohn.


Round two.
Rod Leclaire got the bye run as there were nine cars on the second round ladder.

Wells ran Schulte and Otto took the win as Tyson smoked the tires on the starting line and could not recover.


Phil Davis defeated Paul Stretch.


Rob Charlton won a squeaker against Kevin Lance and John Kohn got a huge break with Dollings bullet going kapow near the lights and Kohn got back around him.

1/4 finals
Kohn got his second break on the race went his opponent Rob Charlton went .001 red.

The single in the round went two Phil Davis (his second on the race). He just staged the car for the second time). Otto Schulte Defeated Rod Leclaire to advance to his second semi of the year.

Semi finals
Kohn's luck continued in the semis, as the odd car single was on the bottom half of the ladder and he had it.

He was off to the final round. Otto Schulte took the win in the other semi final race when Phil Davis who had luck on his side in two earlier rounds went red.


Final round
The final round saw the two slowest qualifiers face off . I wonder if that has ever happened before.

Otto Schulte got the win as he had a better package from the starting line through the 1320.

Pot luck for Ruth Nelson

This Saturday night June 15th we are planning a pot luck dinner at the dragstrip for those who wish to visit with Ruth. She will be at the dragstrip for the weekend.
Please confirm if you wish to attend via my email by friday morning no later than 10:00am with the number in your party. We need the head count to plan for the amount of meat to buy. We will provide the meat(hamburgers)and just need you to bring whatever is your favorite dish. Also, bring a lawnchair.
I will be at the dragstrip From friday noon on if you need to contact me 604-861-9858.

The dinner will be at the Waterman camp just below the little tower hopefully between 5:30 - 6:30 but you all know how drag racing can alter your time frame at bit.
Joyce Glover(Waterman)

June 4, 2013

Marcy's Ashcroft greeting

Hello Everyone

I want to take this opportunity to wish 'Good Luck' to everyone that is going to Ashcroft this weekend for our non-waivable points event. Please keep in mind you do not have to pay gate entry fees for car and driver but you will be required to pay for your crew members. Unfortunately I am not able to make this event however Terry Millar will be there to collect race entry fees and step in for me to organize the event. Please do me proud and put on a professional and entertaining show for the fans and fellow racers as we are the main attraction at this event and the Loafers do pay our club to be there in addition to waiving the gate fees.

The event is presented by TCS Performance Products. The Marshall family and TCS are the Doorslammers longest serving sponsor and we would like to take the opportunity to thank Bob, Steve, Jim and Rob for all their support over the years.

May 23, 2013

Points are posted

May 20, 2013

Kevin Lance goes from Zero to Hero in two weeks and wins a rain shortened 19 car field over another Islander Paul Stretch.

Last race after going out in round one to Rob Charlton, Kevin Lance , in the #1 team car for Lance Racing qualified in the top five and went five rounds to get the win and site near the top of the points standings.

With back weather and an early call to Saturday, the teams would have just two opportunities to get qualified and get ready for round one. At the last race it took all four rounds of qualifying to get all but one car in the field. This week all 19 cars entered made the 8.70 minimum in just one round. The second session just moved guys up or down the ladder. The track was good as witnessed by Kerry Stone. He was out for the first race but the team struggled with the crank trigger (Ignition component), they basically qualified at the last race with only half the power. In the first pair down the track,

Kerry launched hard pedaled the car twice and still ran 6.75 at a whopping 229 mph. Right behind him Darren Wolfram went a career best 7.15/197 to sit #2 with his new Procharged Chevelle.

Phil Davis who had an epic battle with Mike Bedsworth and Kevin Lance for the #1 battle at Race one, ran close to a career best 7.272/188 to sit #3. Bedsworth was right behind him with a 7.30 and Lance was a couple ticks back with a 7.34.

Rick Limb surprised even himself with a solid 7.53/180 .Career marks in both ET and mph for Limb.

Doug Steele went in the '50's as well, running a strong 7.58 @ 180. Rob Charlton, the runner-up in race one sat #8 with a 7.75.

Dave Warren ran a 7.78 and was just in front of the 270 cu in small block turbo Regal driven by Gene Fluery. The Washington driver went 7.82/174 to round out the top half. Dale Grasdal the only driver to not qualify at the first race made up for it big time as he also ran a career best 7.84 right out of the box. He listed all the minor issues he had at the first event and when combined it was around 6 or 7 headaches.

They were all gone at the end of round one With his first "7". Mark Schuppener rounded out the seven second cars (7.92). There were seven "8" second cars lead by Brian Ritchie. He went 8.095/167.

Greg Dowling ran a 8.127/162, Paul Stretch ran 8.238/164 and Gord Bush lit up the scoreboard with a 8.280/163.

Tyson Wells debuted his new engine combo with an 98.397/163 leaving at an idol. Henry Zacharias went 8.406/157 and the final qualifier was Otto Schulte who ran an 8.490/158.

Final qualifying

1. Kerry Stone Kelowna BC 69 Camaro 6.759/229
2. Darren Wolfram Kelowna BC 68 Chevelle 7.142/197

3. Phil Davis 41 Willys 7.272/188

4. Mike Bedsworth Seattle Wa 97 Old Cutlass 7.30/188
5. Kevin Lance Campbell River BC 57 Chevy 7.342/184
6. Rick Limb Hope BC 67 Nova 7.537/180
7. Doug Steele Langley BC 67 Nova 7.583/180
8. Rob Charlton Pitt Meadows BC 2000 S-10 7.758/173
9. Dave Warren Cloverdale BC 62 Belair 7.788/177

10. Gene Fluery Lynnwood Wa 86 Buick 7.822/174

11. Dale Grasdal Nanoose Bay 68 Chevelle 7.840/174
12. Mark Schuppener Kelowna BC 95 Chev Monte 7.920/171

13. Brian Ritchie Port Coquitlam BC 68 Chevelle 8.8.095/167

14. Greg Dolling Port Alberni BC 89 Berretta 8.127/162
15. Paul Stretch Duncan BC 66 Nova 8.238/164


16. Gord Bush Cloverdale BC 69 Nova 8.280/163

17. Tyson Wells Rosedale BC 65 VW 8.397/163

18. Henry Zacharias Surrey BC 55 Chevy 8.406/157

19. Otto Schulte Black Creek BC 55 Chevy 8.490/158



Only one pair in round one was really close and man was it ever close! We'll get to that later.

With 19 cars qualifying, Kerry Stone had a first round bye and it was a troubled run, as at around 200 feet the car started to blow smoke out of the collectors and he coasted down track, with a win light though.

Neither Henry Zacharias or Dave Warren will want to write home about their round one rts., but Zacharias got the win light when Warren took too much stripe and went under his 7.79 dial by .027. Zacharias ran 8.493 on his 8.48.

Dale Grasdal got the win over a red lighting Darren Wolfram. Wolfram continued his quest for a 6 second time slip though and ran 7.14/197. Gord Bush had a great .008 light and got the stripe and win light over a late starting Doug Steele.

Mike Bedsworth, one the favorites to win the series this year defeated a really late Brian Ritchie. He had .25 at the tree but tightened up the stripe to .03. Gene Fluery got a great in round one when Otto Schulte had ignition issues on the burnout and Fluery singled with a .021 light and an off the gas 10 second et. Paul Stretch had almost a tenth and a half at the tree on Rick Limb and got a 2/10ths victory.

Mark Schuppener got a break as well when Phil Davis rolled the beams before the tree was activated. He too eased off the gas well before the finish line.

Rob Charlton was way late (for him, he was late), but Tyson Wells would let him off easy as he was wild at the starting line and was well off his 8.39 dial.

The only real close match-up in round one was the Kevin Lance vs Greg Dolling race. Dolling was solid (.011) at the tree, to Lance's decent .040, But Lance reeled him in right at the stripe, running dead on his 7.33 dial (with a 0). The margin at the stripe was .001 What a race!



Round two:

Paul Stretch got a single in round two when Kerry Stone could not make the call. Gord Bush took a .026 stripe against Dale Grasdal in the first pair down in round two. Bush was .029 at the tree to Grasdal's .048. Both drivers were just over 3 off their dials.

Mark Schuppener went to round three for the second consecutive race as he took out the biggest hitter the series has ever had, Rob Charlton. Schuppener was deadly (.010) on the tree and was within .011 of his 7.92 dial. Charlton was dead at the tree, as he is one of many who struggle at times leaving second. He was .066 at the tree and it was all over. he ran right on his 7.93 dial (7.933) but had no way of catching Schuppener without going way under his dial.

Kevin Lance and Gene Fluery were within .001 of each other on the tree (solid .02 lights), but Fluery had issues and ended up a half second slower than his 7.82 dial. Lance cruised to victory easing off the gas for a 3/10ths stripe.

The final pairing saw Mike Bedsworth get the break most guys need in elimination's in at least one round, as his opponent Henry Zacharias broke out despite having almost 2/10ths at the stripe.

Zacharias ran 8.441 on his 8.48 while Bedsworth had a troubled start and could only manage a 7.51 on his 7.33 dial


Round three: Gord Bush in the top half of the ladder, got the third round bye run and he ran it out for an 8.296 on his 8.30 dial.

Paul Stretch and Mike Bedsworth were next and they were .025 apart at the tree.

The stripe was in Stretch's favor by a scant .0.010, but Bedsworth broke out by .015 to make it that close. Stretch ran 8.260 on his 8.24 and Bedsworth ran 7.315 on his 7.33 dial.

Kevin Lance nailed the tree again (.005) in his race against Mark Schuppener but "Schup" went red (.-003) anyway handing the automatic win to the Island driver. Lance again was real close to his dial in (7.355 on his 7.34 dial).


Semi finals: Lance got the single and just took the stripe, while it was a battle of 8.20 cars in the only pairing for the second to last round.

Paul Stretch was dialed 8.24 to Gord Bush's 8.29.

They left almost together, (only .007 apart) but Bush took too much stripe running .019 under his 8.29 dial. Stretch went 8.273 on his 8.24


Final round: Paul Stretch would have almost a second handicap in the final round with his 8.26 dial. Lance had 7.34 on the reader board, so he had a long wait at the tree, this is usually a real handicap for the quicker driver as he can see his opponent almost at the 60 foot clocks before he gets to leave.

But to Kevin's credit he stayed focused and nailed the tree with a .005 light. Stretch was no slouch as he was .017 to the good. Lance was quickly playing catch up and went around Stretch at the 1250 foot mark. He got the win running 7.352 just .012 off his dial. Stretch's Nova fell off the pace by .054 on his 8.26 dial in.

A great win for Lance after being first round fodder in the first race. If you look at Kevin's lights in elim's he was no worse than .040 and had two .005's. and his car was within .02 on every run as well including one perfect run. With the win and near top qualifying points he takes the point lead by two rounds heading to Ashcroft for the huge Langley Loafers race at the 'Plex.

Five other teams that usually run Doorslammers were in attendance on the weekend testing their new combos.

Terry Shuflita was out with more power and a 5 speed Liberty and he made three runs. The first one was a check out pass and then he went 7.12 and 7.15 both at over 195mph. Rob Leclair was out for the first time as well and he broke the transmission on his first run and was done for the day.

Dave Heans has a new combo in his Camaro and he made one check out pass and ran 8.21 @ 166mph.

Dave Marcus ran his career best in testing his Duster. He went a nitrous assissted 8.30/160 in his best lap.

Wayne Thompson had issues in the pits and did not get a chance to make a run in his 40 Ford. Wayne has Terry Shuflita's bullet from out of his Camaro between the frame rails.

May 12, 2013

The next event is this weekend at Mission Raceway. It is presented by Fortin's Engines. Who will come out on top? Will Clarke repeat, or will Charlton be the one in the winner's circle. Will Tyson Wells make it out for this event, he was not able to compete at the last event as his powerplant was not quite ready. Will we see Grant Howell or Terry Shuflita or any of the other Islanders? How about the guys from Northern BC. Drivers like Mike Lucas (who bought Chad Barclay's Dodge, or Carl Fedderly who has more power this year). Lots of questions and they will be answered in five days.

May 12, 2013

Race #1 Results (photos are now posted).

Last second entry turns into a victory for "Kid Kaos" Zak Clarke

20 cars were in attendance on Saturday for the second race (race one was rained out) of the nine race schedule (eight of which are points races). Ogilive Mountain Holdings was the presenting sponsor for the race.

The weather was awesome and the first session was a solid first outing for most of the drivers. Campbell River's Kevin Lance and Seattle's Mike Bedsworth battled throughout Saturday for the #1 spot and it was the Washington driver who ended up on top after the first three sessions.

Both ran a 7.34 at over 185 mph but Lance had a 3 as his 3rd digit and Bedsworth had a 2 giving him the #1 spot by one thousandth of a second.

Phil Davis went 7.38 Saturday to sit #3 and First time Doorslammer competitor Dan Provost went 7.431/185.

The guy expected to be at the top of the field was Kerry Stone in the Cutting Edge twin turbo Camaro.


He was testing the new bigger inch combination in hopes of running low 6's and getting a tune-up for the Doorwarz event in two months. They were really soft for the first couple runs but the final lap on Saturday did not show any improvement and the best they could run was 7.58. Darren Wolfram was out with his new Chevelle. He too is going to run in Doorwarz in the Pro Street category and he is slowing moving up in et's and he ran a 7.58 as well at only 158 mph so you know there is more et in the Procharged big block.

Doug Steele was out for race one and he ripped off a 7.632/179 best at was #7. The weekend sponsor, Rick Limb of Ogilvie Mountain Holdings sits #8 in his Chevy II, running a 7.649/179.

Dave Warren was back in the class and back with his old standby, the Blue Max 62 Chevy Belair.

He went 7.829/176 and it was just like putting on a pair of old slippers, it just felt right.

Rob Charlton, the guy who will have a target on his back for the third time to start a season (as he is the defending series champion for the x3) slipped into the #10 spot with a 7.856 right in the middle of the field. Rounding out the Seven second drivers on Saturday was Kelowna's Mark Schuppener.

He went a 7.973 best. Greg Dowling from Port Alberni was the quickest eight second car and he went an 8.149@164, but had a convertor trans issue and unless he was able to make repairs over night he would be out of action come elimination's time. Brian RItchie found more power over the winter and ran in the teens as well, with an 8.15 best.

Paul Stretch ran an 8.300 and Gord Bush went 8.403.

Henry Zacharias was back out with his rebuilt 55 Chevy (he crashed in the first race of 2012) and ran 8.47.

Otto Schulte went 8.51 in the #2 Lance Family team 55 Chevy and rounding out the qualified cars was Joe Mayzes in his 67 Chevelle. He ran an 8.626.

The Naniamo driver is going to debut a new Pro Mod style Corvette later this summer.

Outside the field so far was Kirk Lanz in his Cavalier as he wheel stood and aborted two runs (he did not make the first round) and Dale Grasdal had issues throughout Saturday and could not make a full run under power. 18 of the 20 cars entered were in the field.

Sunday morning in the first pair down, we lost a qualified car unfortunately, as Joe Mayzes hurt his transmission on the top end and delayed the rest of the final session.

He would not be able to make repairs for round one. Phil Davis made a move to try and capture the #1 qualifier, but he fell .005 short running a 7.346/187. Both Kevin Lance and Mike Bedsworth ran 7.36 and their position would not change. Kerry Stone was the guy who had the shot for #1 but the turbo Camaro driver still had issues (sounded like ignition) and he could not take the #1 spot.

Kirk Lanz lined up and was obviously hoping to keep the tires on the ground and get in the field. He did wheelstand the Cavalier but it stayed straight and he ran a career best 7.45/183 to leapfrog most of the field into the #5 spot. Kirk sold his old motor and updated to a bigger Sunset bullet.

Then right at the back of the pack, Kid 'Kaos' rolled in as a literal last second entry (thanks to Stefan Kondolay). Zak CLarke also ran a career best number (with new power under the Chevy II's hood), a 7.558/178. Dale Grasdal could not sort out the issues he had and his best run, a 9 something would not be good enough to make the field. 20 of 21 cars would be eligible for round one of elimination's.


When the field was laddered (a sportsman ladder) There would be a few bye runs due to breakage. Joe Mayzes was out, Greg Dolling was out Kerry Stone was out (found out the Mag was bad in the turbo Camaro) and Darren Wolfram decided to finish off upgrading his licensing.

Bedsworth would race Dave Warren, Zak Clarke would race Paul Stretch, Phil Davis would take on Mark Schuppener, Kirk Lanz faced Brian Ritchie Kevin Lance and Rob Charlton would face off in the biggest battle of round one, and Doug Steele was up against Otto Schulte. The round singles due to breakage were Dan Provost (Dolling out), Gord Bush (Wolfram out), Rick Limb (Mayzes out) and Henry Zacharias (Stone Out).

Round one:

Round one had a few great pairings, but only a couple relatively close finish lines as most of the losing drivers either had a real bad light, a red light or broke out. Brian Ritchie and Kirk Lanz had a great battle oin the top end in their round one pairing. Ritchie had .073 at the tree and that is usually more than enough, but he struggled a bit in the middle of the race and Lanz almost caught him at the stripe. Lanz ran on his 7.50 dial (7.509) while Ritchie was off by .055 (on his 8.17 dial). The margin was .027.
The next closest race with clean lights was Otto Schulte and Doug Steele. Otto had four hun at the tree and extended the lead through the finish line for a .065 stripe.
Zak Clarke (.023) and Paul Stretch (.015) were both good on the tree but Stretch took too much stripe and went .024 under his 8.35 dial, Clarke eased off the gas and was .047 to the good on his 7.56 dial.
The marque match-up was Rob Charlton and Kevin Lance. But it was in reality over at the tree as Charlton was solid (.012) while Kevin was .078 behind. Rob did take nothing to chance though as he ran right on his dial (7.89) with .008 to spare. A little close, but the experience with that team and Rob's dials usually allow him to run it out the back door.




Phil Davis was way late and Mark Schuppener had an easy win to advance.

Dave Warren was .009 red handing the automatic win to Mike Bedsworth. A good thing too as Mike was late (.238) at the tree.

Provost, Zacharias, Bush and Limb and advanced with singles.

In Round two, it was pretty much the same type of results as round one with only one real close finish line.

Rob Charlton had .022 on the tree against Gord Bush and ran his dial to within .004 (7.89 dial). Bush being the slower car tried to stay out in front of Charlton and was forced under by .006 (8.42 dial). The actual stripe was only .012 but it was mute due to the break out.
Henry Zacharias and Mark Schuppener was close at the tree as well, within .019 of each other but Schuppener broke out by .012 on his 8.03 dial. Henry was .083 off his 8.44 dial.

Mike Bedsworth could not hold the starting line and left before the tree came down on his side, handing the automatic win to Zak Clarke. He legged it out and ran his 7.59 dial to within .009.

Rick Limb went .2 red handing the win to Brian RItchie.

Dan Provost was late in his race against Otto Schulte while Schulte was deadly with a .012 light and he forced a break out by the rookie in the class.

Round three. Schulte took on Charlton and had a double 0 five light to Rob's .029. He held the lead through the 1320 but took too much stripe and broke out running well under .037 his 8.59 dial. Charlton eased off the gas at the stripe running a 7.938 on his 7.89 dial.

Ritchie ran on his 8.16 dial (8.163) and took the win over Zacharias who broke out by .016 on his 8.50 dial. Zak Clarke had the odd car bye run and ran 7.570 on his 7.60.


Semi Finals. Rob Charlton got the single and he just took the green and back out.

Clarke and Ritchie were in the other semi and it was a pretty close stripe. Clarke had .03 at the tree and caught Ritchie at the 1200 foot mark. He pedaled his Chevy II and took a .028 finish line stripe.

Final round.

This match-up always gives a great results as both Zak Clarke and Rob Charlton are series champions and have won multiple events over the last half decade. Charlton would leave first with the clean tree and he had a great .012 light.

Clarke was a bit tardy but still had a decent tree (.045). He played catch up all the way down the track and Charlton was looking over his shoulder from 1000 feet to the stripe. Charlton took the stripe but was .008 too quick. Clarke also ran under his dial but was only under by .004. He got the win and the point lead, a good way to start the season.

The next race is in two weeks at Mission.


Points are posted

May 6, 2013

Zak Clarke, a last minute entry Sunday morning defeated Rob Charelton in the final round in race two of the nine race 2013 season. Full results were planned to be posted today, but as many know I was quite under th eweather on the weekend and it was as bad today. I have lung infection (finally saw a doctor today) but am under medical care and hope to get to the story over the next couple days.


May 1, 2013

The weather looks awesome for this weekend's race, hopefully all the doorslammer racers are primed and ready. There is no reason why there shouldn't be 20+ cars out.


April 23, 2013

Last weeks race was completely washed out both Saturday and Sunday. All drivers who attended the event (and are members) will receive 10 points. The next event is May 4-5 at Mission Raceway, and it is presented by Ogilvie Mountain Holdings. Ogilvie is a Hope BC based company (604 795-0459) specializing in road building and services in the construction industry.

April 12, 2013

Race one is just over a week away for what will be a very exciting season. Rob Charlton is the defending champion and has more wins than any driver in the series. He also has 3 titles to him name. My guess is there will be at least a dozen or more drivers who want his name off the trophy.

The first race of the season is presented by TCS Performance products.

TCS Products is a family owned and operated business located in Langley, BC Canada. As a leading manufacturer of performance and extreme automatic transmission parts for over 48 years our first priority continues to deliver the best possible products to our customers. Along with the use of several optional high grade alloy and exotic metals, our billet shafts, drums and internal components are made to excel in all extreme gas and diesel applications.

Our 3 divisions consist of Performance Parts Manufacturing and Sales, CNC Machining and Manufacturing, and Competition Torque Converter Manufacture/Re-Manufacture. Our technicians and project managers have an extensive and diverse background and presence within the motorsport and drag racing industry.

As a manufacturer TCS Products is driven to recognize and address the ultimate needs of performance professionals and enthusiasts. Our modern CNC Machining Services Division produces performance parts year round to meet local and international demands. We rely on customer and dealer satisfaction to measure our success and ultimately maintain the highest standards of our product lines.

We produce a variety of performance parts for major suppliers and racing teams.

Don’t forget to ask about our Private Label Program!

Our Converter Shop opened 48 years ago as Torque Converter Specialties and is charged as being the forerunner of TCS Products. TCS Converters continue today as the first choice for many drag racing, performance diesel, towing, sled pulling and off-road applications. Efficient as in the beginning, keeping detailed records of every custom built high stall converter has enabled us to accurately control performance adjustments. Our CNC Machined Solid Aluminum and Steel (Billet) Stators enable us to create a host of performance reactions otherwise unattainable. TCS Products Custom Billet Stators are available to Performance Converter Manufacturers everywhere. “THE BEST CONVERTER JUST GOT BETTER”

Call Steve or Paul for more details. Toll Free in Canada & the U.S.A.: 1-800-960-1177

March 25, 2013

The Doorwarz qualifying schedule has changing but is still subject to adjustments based on how the frist two day goes at this event. The Friday Doorslammer qualifier will now be a test session. There will be two sessions on Saturday and one is now scheduled for Sunday morning . This is of course subject to change. If doorslammer members can, please try and make the Saturday sessions.

March 18, 2013

Notice all all Doorslammer teams running in Doorwarz July 5-7, 2013

This will be the largest Door car race ever in Canada. Because of the potential size of the event, it will be a three day race with qualifying starting Friday evening. The CW Doorslammers will get three qualifying sessions, one on Friday and two Saturday.There is a slight chance of a fourth session (depends on overall car count). But all qualifying runs will be on Friday and Saturday, there will be absolutely no qualifying on Sunday due to the size of the event. No classes will have any time or qualifying runs on Sunday.

Please set your weekend schedule accordingly.

Again because of the potential for this event, we would like to see all competitors who have run with the doorslammer group over the last few years and even those who are thinking about it and have never run with the DS group before, to enter and compete at this history making race at MRP.

Please email me at, and confirm your entry ASAP. That will guarantee a pit spot with your name on it with the Doorslammer group.

It will match the largest purse in doorslammer history and maybe even be bigger.

Here is the doorwarz web site. The Doorslammers have their own page on the site, and there are a number of the doorslammer competitors already added on the page (due to their regular attendance). Confirm your entry by emailing the webmaster.




March 13, 2012

The biggest doorcar race in Canada July 5-7 at Mission Raceway Park will have the biggest CWDS payout with the winner getting a minimum of $2000.00 thanks to Rutland Auto joining up with RH RaceCars to sponsor that event.


January 6, 2013

Well I guess you waited for it long enough. The big announcement to start 2013 is.....We have a new series title sponsor. As you can see above, Fortin's Engine has signed on for the 2013 season. RH Race Cars our sponsor for the last few years is looking at other opportunities for the future and we wish them well. They are not completely stepping away from the series though, as they want to remain with us as a race sponsor and for that the Doorslammer assoc. is extremely thankful.


Fortin's is one of the Fraser Valley's largest suppliers of automotive/industrial parts and machine shop services. Established in 1946 (67 years old this year) , Fortin's is still a family owned and operated company.

Fortin's gives you over 270 combined years of experience in the parts and machine shop industry. It boasts a fully equipped complete custom engine rebuilding and machine shop.

Fortin's is a member of the the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association and Canada's premier parts buying group Auto Sense Auto Parts - Auto Sense was originally formed by a group of independent jobbers. But company founders could hardly have foreseen the decades of steady growth that have made the company, today, the largest organization of its kind in Canada.


Email webmater here for any new info on your team!


December 19, 2012

Lot of buzz around the Doorslammer group not the least of which is a huge announcement coming soon regarding the assoc. Stay tuned for that.

Secondly after my post a week ago regarding the future of this web site I have received lots of feedback. So far, the consensus is.... not a single member, racer fan or crew member want to see it go. Not one person was negative or said they did not car either way. That being said. I would appreciate the ones who were not satisfied or the one(s) who did not think they were getting their $50.00 worth to email me, and let me know why they did not think they needed the site anymore and I will send them their $50.00 back. They also will be free to decide if they want to pay the $50.00 next year. I have had a number of teams state they will make up any difference because they do see the value in a pretty successful independent 25-40 member web site that attracts over a 1/4 million page views a year. Please, those unsatisfied, send me an email.... for these reasons. 1. To get your money back and, 2. For me to try and improve the site so you will see the value in it, and will return.


We will be working on the changes to the site over the next few weeks so check back often




December 10, 2012

Long time since an update, but this update is big... Below is the 2013 Schedule.



Race#1 April 20-21 Mission Raceway

Race#2 May 4-5 Mission Raceway

Race#3 May 18-19 Mission Raceway

Race#4 June 8-9 Ashcroft Motorplex (non waivable points)

Race#5 July 6-7 Mission Raceway

Exhibition August 10-11 Port Alberni (exhibition)

Race#6 August 24-25 Mission Raceway

Race#7 September 7-8 Mission Raceway

Race#8 September 21-22 Mission Raceway

Racers collect points from their best seven of the eight races. Ashcroft race is non waivable...It must count for points!

The 2013 Rules are posted.


In talking to Marcy has it been stated that a some of the members (and one or two sponsors) do not see the value in the web site or don't care if we keep it. The racer membership does pay $50.00 per team per year to keep it going and that includes the domain name(s) and web hosting for the year (cost $300.00 per year). This is a real surprise in this day and age with the way the internet and social media plays a role in all of our lives. This web site's page views have jumped by almost 400% since 2008 (that is the most important stat in my opinion). Unique visits have topped 73,000. In 2008 they were 35,000, so they have more then doubled. Below are the stats from this past year including the first 10 days of December. That being said the web site is paid quarterly it did just expire (Dec 1) but I have paid it until March 1st. This site has grown in popularity and receives substantial web views for a small independant race series. All the racers I have talked to in the last few months were surprised to hear that it might end in the near future. If you want to keep it live, or if you don't care one way or another send me an email to let me know (also if you are not happy the way the site is being maintaned contact me at the above link. The forum was taken down due to all the spam and the lack of use. If you want it resurrected we need to find an administrator to moderate and get rid of the spam. Only two or three were using it.

Below are the stats for the last year. They look pretty decent in my opinion and are a great tool for the sponsors.

Summary by Month for 2012

Daily Average
Daily HITS

Canada West web stats for 2012

Year totals
Total visits (unique)
Total page views
Total files
Total hits


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