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December 19, 2012

Lot of buzz around the Doorslammer group not the least of which is a huge announcement coming soon regarding the assoc. Stay tuned for that.

Secondly after my post a week ago regarding the future of this web site I have received lots of feedback. So far, the consensus is.... not a single member, racer fan or crew member want to see it go. Not one person was negative or said they did not car either way. That being said. I would appreciate the ones who were not satisfied or the one(s) who did not think they were getting their $50.00 worth to email me, and let me know why they did not think they needed the site anymore and I will send them their $50.00 back. They also will be free to decide if they want to pay the $50.00 next year. I have had a number of teams state they will make up any difference because they do see the value in a pretty successful independent 25-40 member web site that attracts over a 1/4 million page views a year. Please, those unsatisfied, send me an email.... for these reasons. 1. To get your money back and, 2. For me to try and improve the site so you will see the value in it, and will return.


Remember, watch for the huge announcement in the next week?





December 10, 2012

Long time since an update, but this update is big... Below is the 2013 Schedule.



Race#1 April 20-21 Mission Raceway

Race#2 May 4-5 Mission Raceway

Race#3 May 18-19 Mission Raceway

Race#4 June 8-9 Ashcroft Motorplex (non waivable points)

Race#5 July 6-7 Mission Raceway

Exhibition August 10-11 Port Alberni (exhibition)

Race#6 August 24-25 Mission Raceway

Race#7 September 7-8 Mission Raceway

Race#8 September 21-22 Mission Raceway

Racers collect points from their best seven of the eight races. Ashcroft race is non waivable...It must count for points!

The 2013 Rules are posted.


In talking to Marcy has it been stated that a some of the members (and one or two sponsors) do not see the value in the web site or don't care if we keep it. The racer membership does pay $50.00 per team per year to keep it going and that includes the domain name(s) and web hosting for the year (cost $300.00 per year). This is a real surprise in this day and age with the way the internet and social media plays a role in all of our lives. This web site's page views have jumped by almost 400% since 2008 (that is the most important stat in my opinion). Unique visits have topped 73,000. In 2008 they were 35,000, so they have more then doubled. Below are the stats from this past year including the first 10 days of December. That being said the web site is paid quarterly it did just expire (Dec 1) but I have paid it until March 1st. This site has grown in popularity and receives substantial web views for a small independant race series. All the racers I have talked to in the last few months were surprised to hear that it might end in the near future. If you want to keep it live, or if you don't care one way or another send me an email to let me know (also if you are not happy the way the site is being maintaned contact me at the above link. The forum was taken down due to all the spam and the lack of use. If you want it resurrected we need to find an administrator to moderate and get rid of the spam. Only two or three were using it.

Below are the stats for the last year. They look pretty decent in my opinion and are a great tool for the sponsors.

Summary by Month for 2012

Daily Average
Daily HITS

Canada West Doorslammer.com web stats for 2012

Year totals
Total visits (unique)
Total page views
Total files
Total hits



September 20, 2012

Sunday's final results are here.

September 18, 2012

Saturday race results are here (photos from Saturday are posted).

Sunday results will be up in the next day or two.

Final points are posted.

September 17, 2012

Guess who the champion for 2012 is???.... Hint, his picture is below!!!

Rob Charlton becomes the second driver to win back to back titles with the RH Race Cars Canada West Doorslammers and the first to win three overall titles in the association.

Saturday and Sunday results are here.

There was the potential for another driver to snatch the title away from Rob as he was ousted in round two Saturday by Johnny West, but when TLD went red and Nick Duda as well right after Rob was ousted the title was in hand. Kevin Lance's shot was gone in round one when he went red in round one.

The winner of the Saturday race presented cy Charlton Automotive (the final points event) was Greg Anderson. He won from the #1 qualifying spot and defeated Paul Stretch in the final when Stretch went red under the lights.

On Sunday it was an all "Team Lance" final round in the "Cash Bash" presented by Fortin's Automotive. The margin of victory was only .0018 of a second as Kevin defeated Otto Schulte with a 7.41 to 8.56.

Here is the top ten for 2012

From left: Rick Limb #7, Nick Duda #4, Kirk Lanz #10, George Lachanas #5, Tyson Wells #8, Rob Charlton #1, Phil Davis #6, Terry Langdon Davies #2 (tie), Kevin Lance #2 (tie), Al Bentley #8. All the top 10 teams shared a huge tool bounty Saturday as the top ten all got theri share of 3,000 worth of tools.


Sunday winners circle alonf with a bunch of Jet tools for the Sunday winning team. .

While Kevin,third from right, only won one race this year (a non points win at that) compared to four wins in 2011, his consistent finishes put him in second place. We wondered Saturday night after a few too many, if Sunday would be his day... It was in spades!!

Full results later today.


September 12, 2012

"Here is the target"


The last weekend of the year. It all comes down to this. Four drivers have a chance at the title, but last year's champion, Rob Charlton is definitely in the drivers seat. Charlton Automotive (Rob's company) is also the event sponsor this weekend. He has been a sponsor for the series since he started running with the doorslammers over ten years ago. He has the chance to be the first three time series champion. If the race gets completed on Saturday, then on Sunday a cash bash will go and it is sponsored by Fortin's Automotive (they were the sponsor of the rained out event earlier this year). Rob has a 34 point lead over Kevin Lance which means in order for Lance to get the point lead and the championship he needs to go at least two rounds further than Charlton (that is based on a win for Kevin and a semi final finish for Rob). In the event that Kevin does not win the race, then he has to go three rounds further than Rob. It looks to be a five round race (with a slight possibility of a six round race) with 25 - 29 entries, but not over 32 (which would be a six round race). The same scenario for Terry Langdon Davies who sits 40 points back of Charlton. He may need another round , meaning a first round loss for Rob and a final round may not be enough (if Terry does not win), since Rob has the potential to pick up more qualifying points than Terry. Last week they had the same qualifying points . I know nothing is a given in racing but Rob should get 2-4 points and Terry will get 1-2 points (based on the cars entered). It would be nice if they both get the same # of "Q" points meaning they could actually tie at the end of the day (that has never happened). The last person with an outside chance at the title is Nick Duda. 57 points back so he needs to win and Charlton has to go out in round one. Many scenarios are on the table, and we have only a couple days to see how it all plays out.

I am actually going to take it one step further and I will post how I see qualifying will go (including et's)

Bold yellow names are not confirmed but expected to race this weekend. Red are possibles.

1. Jeff Hill 55 Chevy (hi 6's)
2. Kirk Lanz 69 Camaro (7 teens)
3. Brian Kikel (if he changes manifolds, If not he will be behind Kevin Lance and Phil Davis) 7.2-7.4
4. Kevin Lance 57 Chevy high 7.2 or low 7.3
5. Phil Davis 41 Willys (Phil and Kevin will battle for the quicker qualifying spot) 7.2-7.3
6. Ken Orser 2007 GTO (7.2-7.3)
7. Grant Howell 37 Chevy (high 7.5's)
8. Doug Steele 67 Nova (if he races) 7.6's
9. Rick Limb 67 Nova hi 7.6's
10. Rod LeClaire 67 Camaro 7.7's
11. Gene Fluery 7.7's (if he shows)
12. Justin Bond 2002 Cavalier (if he races) 7.7's
13. Rob Charlton S-10 7.7's
14. Zak Clarke 67 Nova (if he races) low 7.8's
15. Mark Schuppener Chevy Lumina 7.9
16. Terry Shuflita 70 Camaro 7.9's (if he brings out the Firebird then he will be in the 7.2's or quicker if the liberty is installed)
17. Darren Wolfram 67 Camaro 7.96
18. Chad Barclay 99 Dodge (if he comes) 7.99
19. John West 57 Chevy 8.02
20. Thomas Gronmyr 67 Chevy II 8.04
21. Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys 8.17
22. Dale Grasdal 68 Chevelle 8.2's
23. David Heans 68 Camaro 8.32
24. Tyson Wells 67 VW 8.34
25. Nick Duda 95 Mustang 8.35
26. Mark Simpson 55 Chevy 8.4's
27. Tony Driessen 51 Pick-up 8.4's
28. Paul Stretch 67 Nova 8.5's
29. Al Bentley 72 Vega 8.5's
30. Gord Bush 69 Nova 8.5's

Others who are possibles

31. Brian Ritchie
32. Walter Nichols
33. John Marcus
34. Ryan Baker
35. Wayne Thompson
36. Grant Klohn
37. George Lachanas (broke motor last race so is unlikely to race)
38. Carl Fedderly


September 11, 2011

Just a reminder to those teams that I have not heard from yet (there are lots of you) I need to know how many tickets your team will need for the year end dinner/party that we are having catered at the track this Saturday evening. Please email and let me know even if you can not attend that way I don’t wonder if you just forgot to let me know! I need to give the catering company final numbers so they can order the food, so please let me know ASAP! Also please remember that we will be running the final points race off on Saturday and then running a cash bash race on Sunday, so you will require an additional $100 entry fee for Sunday’s race if you want to enter the cash race.

September 7, 2012

The final race of the year is next week. Here is a note from Marcy

Wow, only one more race for the 2012 race season! As I mentioned to a lot of you at the last race, I have decided to run the final race of the season on Saturday Sept.15th. (Sponsored by “Charlton Automotive”). Weather permitting we will get two qualifying passes on Saturday morning and then we will go into eliminations for our final points race. So be ready for 10:00AM on Saturday morning. I have made this decision in order to have our year end banquet at the race track on the evening of Saturday Sept.15th. The plan is for the banquet to start approximately 6:30 and dinner to be served at 7:00PM. We will be having Chicken & Ribs with Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Home Made Bread/Buns, catered by Embers Catering. Also the Lance racing team will be bringing Crab to contribute to our feast, a big Thank You to the Lance team for that! The cost will be $17.00 per person which includes all taxes and gratuities. Please bring your own beverages, we will not be providing any drinks, alcoholic or non. Please send me an email ASAP with the amount of tickets your team will require, I have to give the caterers numbers by Tuesday next week so please email me as quick as possible so you don’t miss out! I will collect money for the banquet tickets on Saturday morning at the drivers meeting when I collect the race entry fees. Keep in mind if you are a race sponsor you are entitled to two free banquet tickets so when you email me back please specify how many people will be attending including the two free tickets. I was unable to book the band for this year’s function, however Layne Wooley has agreed to bring his sound system from the band, to which we will hook up an ipod to provide some party/dance tunes. We still have the sponsorship from Fortins Engines from the rained out event in June, so on Sunday we will run a second race for money and trophies but no points, so again weather permitting on Sunday we will get two qualifying runs and then into eliminations for our second race. Remember please email me ASAP with how many banquet tickets your team will require, we have a limit on the amount we can sell, so don’t wait and miss out!!


September 5, 2012

Just waiting on confirmation from Marcy (regarding costs and details) for the season ending points event and the party/banquet to be held at Mission September 15-16.

We will have photos posted tonight from the Smoke Fire and Thunder event. (I just got back from Edmonton and their huge doorcar bash, The Rocky Mountain Shootout. I was planning on posting photos up there but at both the track and Hotel, I was unable to load photos.

In the meantime I do have two gallerys (just uploaded from that event. These gallerys includse all classes but Doorslammers are featured as well.

Gallery one.

Gallery two.


August 27, 2012

Points are posted.

Photos to come

The year of the Doorslammer rookie as for the fourth time this year a rookie is in the winner circle.

Final qualifying and elimination's (Saturday qualifying is down the page further).


While the air was cooler Sunday morning than the two day session at Mission, the air was much better for their 8:00pm session last night. How would that help the teams on Sunday. Two teams were left to try and make the field Sunday morning as Wally Nichols was not able to make repairs after Saturday. Brian Ritchie had the best chance as he was only .012 away on Saturday. Brent Van Vliet had a lot of ground to make up as he was three tenths back.


We would know right away as far as Ritchie goes as he was the first doorslammer to make an attempt Sunday morning at 10:20am along side Darren Wolfram.

Brian launched hard and it looked good, but was it enough. It was, as he went 8.70 with a 9. Brian made the show with the last possible number he could have on the scoreboard or time slip. Who, way to go. Van Vliet also made his best run of the weekend and the mph his car crosses the line at (165+) proves the hp is there. Looking at the qualifying list 165 should mean an 8.20 pass.

His last run was an 8.796/165, just a tenth off, but he goes away disappointed. The car runs a real small tire and the traction is really difficult to find on the starting line. In all 19 drivers improved Sunday morning so it did shuffle the sportsman ladder for round one. #1 Lanz found 1/100th,

Phil Davis ran a career best 7.32 (a 5/100th improvement). Kevin Lance went .02 quicker,

Brian Kikel went a bit over a tenth quicker but he was hoping for 7.30's (he put on a different manifold that in the past and the car did not respond). The dyno pulls on the new combo showed more HP but the improvement was only at the top of the curve not down low where more of the ET is gained. Rod Leclaire went a half tenth to the good as did Rob Charlton. Darren Wolfram hit the 7's (making it 12 cars in the sevens).

Chad Barclay wanted a '7' as well, but he could only squeeze a 8.003 out of the Avenger. TLD went a 8.24 and Tyson Well ripped off a season's best 8.33/160.

David Heans went .02 better and Nick Duda was the last guy to pick up more than a couple hun. He went .07 better, to an 8.43.

Here is final qualifying.

1. Kirk Lanz 69 Camaro 7.226/190.55
2. Phil Davis 41 Willys 7.324/187.18
3. Kevin Lance 57 Chevy 7.352/185.33
4. Brian Kikel 96 Cutlass 7.460/184.27
5. Grant Howell 37 Chevy 7.617/177.54
6. Doug Steele 67 Nova 7.629/179.24
7. Rick Limb 67 Nova 7.703/174.99
8. Rod LeClaire 67 Camaro 7.758/177.33
9. Zak Clarke 67 Nova 7.800/172.38
10. Justin Bond 2003 Cavalier 7.809/175.02
11. Rob Charlton 2000 S-10 7.830/171.62
12. Darren Wolfram 67 Camaro 7.992/176.63
13. Chad Barclay 99 Dodge 8.004/171.42
14. John West 57 Chevy 8.030/164.83
15. Thomas Gronmyr 67 Chevy II 8.080/169.07
16. George Lachanas 94 Beretta 8.138/168.57
17. Jamie Toews 98 S-10 8.186/166.29
18. Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys 8.245/163.19
19. Dale Grasdal 68 Chevelle 8.285/166.08
20. Tyson Wells 67 VW 8.334/160.00
21. David Heans 68 Camaro 8.378/161.17
22. Nick Duda 95 Mustang 8.430/159.60
23. Mark Simpson 55 Chevy 8.495/159.68
24. Tony Driessen 51 Pick-up 8.550/157.28
25. Paul Stretch 67 Nova 8.570/156.16
26. Al Bentley 72 Vega 8.612/155.41
27. Gord Bush 69 Nova 8.622/157.17
28. Brian Ritchie 68 Chevelle 8.709/154.93


29. Brent Van Vliet 69 Camaro 8.796/165.71
30. Walter Nichols 71 Vega 9.068/149.35


Round one.... Nick Duda (#22) took on Rod LeClaire (#8).

Duda was sharp on the tree getting a .09 advantage. He parlayed that to just over a tenth winning stripe, running 8.47 (8.45) to LeClaire's 7.814 (8.77). Rob Charlton took on Paul Stretch he had an excellent .007 light to Stretch's .035.

He took the stripe with a 7.874 on a 7.83 dial. First time Doorslammer driver and blocker (for Kirk Lanz) driver Justin Bond got a huge break against Tony Driessen driving the 'world's fastest' farm truck.

Driessen had a tenth on the tree but he did not scrub enough on the top end and broke out by the slimmest of margins, .001. He went 8.569 on his 8.57 dial. Bond was on his number with a 7.834 on his 7.83 dial. Another first timer Dale Grasdal got an early break (and he used it to reach the ultimate...) when Grant Howell red way red. Grasdal was way late but he would advance. He drove it out the back end and ran an 8.253 on his 8.28 dial. Brian Ritchie got a starting line advantage on John West and he ran his second 8.70 on the day, this time an 8.704 on his 8.70 dial. West broke out trying to play catch-up, going 8.030 on his 8.05 dial. David Heans went .020 on the tree but he did not need it as Rick Limb was really early.3 red. Heans lifted on the top end but was off to round two with the automatic win.


Alan Bentley ran his round record to 5-0 with a .03 stripe against Darren Wolfram. He went .024 on the tree to Wolfram's .086. Darren tried hard to catch him running a 8.013 on his 8.01 dial but he gave up too much on the tree.

Terry Langdon Davies, trying to keep pace with point leader and round one winner Rob Charlton defeated Brian Kikel, in a real close one. TLD took the stripe by .016, about a wheel length. Gord Bush (8.639 on a 8.60 dial) had a half a tenth on Chad Barclay off the starting line and that forced Barclay under his 8.03 dial (8.023 on the scoreboard). Tyson Wells and Doug Steele were both dead on their dials (8.36 for Wells and 7.65 for Steele), but Tyson got a huge hole-shot and took a just under a tenth stripe.

Jamie Toews and Kevin Lance were within .02 on the tree so the stripe would be a battle. It was close with Toews going 8.226 on his 8.21 to Lance's 7.389 on his 7.26 dial. Kirk Lanz got a big hole shot on the Alberni winner Thomas Gronmyr and eased off the gas at the stripe for a 7.259 (7.22 dial) to 8.127 (8.11 dial).

Zak Clarke defeated Mark Simpson despite a .007 light by Simpson. Mark had the race easily at hand but took too much stripe going under his 8.49 dial by .005. Clarke was off the gas early as well as he could see he was not going to catch Simpson. Good thing to as he would had likely broke out as he dumped 15 mph but ran a real close 7.821 on his 7.81 dial. The final pairing was not a pairing as George Lachanas broke in qualifying and Phil Davies was deadly on the tree (no pressure) with a.002 and a 7.407 on his 7.34 dial.


Round two.... The first pairing was one of the best match-ups of the day, as Justin Bond and Jamie Toews cut teen lights (one thou difference) and ran it through the stripe.

Toews took the stripe with a 8.190. His dial unfortunately, was a 8.20. Bond went 7.855 and was off to round three. Phil Davis took on Zak Clarke, and this one was not a tight battle at the tree. Phil was way late this round and had to go under his dial trying to play catch-up. Clarke dumped and ran a 7.841 on his 7.79 dial while Davis went 7.387 on his 7.39.

Al Bentley round streak ended at five as he went .010 red against Dale Grasdal The red likely spooked Dale as he was real late of the line. He ran 8.32 on his 8.25 dial in. Nick Duda went red as well and gave up his chance to move up in the standings. Kirk Lanz was the beneficiary he eased off his 7.23 dial (he went 7.328/165). In a monster match-up point leader Charlton took on TLD (3rd place).

Oops, another red (three in a row in this round), as the Willys driver left way to early, they had the dial wrong in the tower on Charlton's S-10 and it took a bit to correct it, so I don't know if that played a role in the early leave. Gord Bush got a huge hole-shot on the normally sharp Tyson Wells. Wells was dead on his 8.35 dial but he was too far back to catch the blue Nova in the other lane. Bush ran 8.636 on his 8.60 dial.

The final pairing saw Dave Heans advance to round three against Brian Ritchie. Heans left first by .014 and took a .016 stripe running slightly closer to his 8.39 dial (8.418) Ritchie went 8.720 on his 8.69.

1/4 finals..... A couple more red lights in this round and Justin Bond was one of the first benefactors.

Gord Bush left before the tree was activated and Bond drove it almost out the back door to get a decent number for his next round. He went 7.841 on his 7.86 dial. Dale Grasdal took on Kid Kaos and the Kid got a .05 holeshot, and lost. He had the race n the bag but tried to tighten up the stripe (to make it pretty as he said), but Grasdal could him right at the stripe and took the win by .006.' Live by the sword die by the sword' I guess.

Guess you weren't that broke Zak, cause you gave it away! Rob Charlton got the same break as he had in round two, as his opponent for the second race in a row left before the tree was activated. Man. you guys are making it way to easy for the point leader!. Charlton went 7.888 on his 7.87. Kirk Lanz just took the tree in his third round bye run.

Semi finals.... There was only one race in the round as #1 qualifier Kirk Lanz had to race Justin Bond who happened to be in Kirk's other car. Bond went for an oil change and was not back in time for the race and Kirk took the automatic win 7.33 on his 7.32 dial. Dale Grasdal and Rob Charlton were in the other pair and it was rookie vs veteran and two time champ. You should already know the winner in this race as the headline tells the story. Grasdal was average on the tree (.073) while Charlton was unusually late (for him (a .100 light).

Grasdal ran a 8.325 on his 8.28 dial to Charlton's close but no cigar 7.899 on his 7.88 dial. It was a.011 stripe for the rookie.

Final round.... Second year driver vs rookie. Kirk Lanz's Camaro sounded a bit off on the burnout and the sound appeared to be valid, as at the tree Lanz's car bogged and would not get up on the convertor.


Grasdal was off and running and most were looking at his run and were wondering if he was going to lift early. He did not but he dialed hard and ran a 8.305 on his 8.30 dial.

For the third race in a row we had a rookie driver win the event. The great thing about the class with the pro tree it is has become a pretty good equalizer. Grasdal is a true rookie in the series as it is not only his first year with the doorslammers it is his first race in the series as well.

One more race remains, and while the semi finish for Charlton extended his point lead there is still a good chance for three or four other drivers to take the title. A little help is needed, but it could happen. See you in three weeks.

August 26, 2012

What a field this weekend for the second to last points race in 2012. 30 cars came out to the 'Smoke Fire and Thunder' weekend at Mission Raceway. With inconsistent car counts all season long, you expected one of the larger fields, but 30 was beyond estimations. The guy who wins this race will earn it for sure. Brian Kikel was out for the first time in three years, Zak Clarke is running for the first time this year with his new car. Justin Bond was driving Kirks Lanz Cavalier while Kirk was in his new Camaro. Chad Barclay, Dale Grasdal, Tony Driessen Brian Ritchie were also first time racers with the Doorslammers this year.

In the first round, Phil Davis and Kevin Lance continued their battle for the #1 spot in the field. Phil after thrashing this week on his blown Willys (he broke just seven days ago at the last race, thanks to Norm at Fortins), ripped off a 7.372/186 to sit #1. Kevin went 7.4024/183. The guy with the potential to knock off the perennial #1's all year was Kirk Lanz. Driving his all new RH 69 Camaro, he went 7.49/187 in his last licensing attempt (which also counts for qualifying). Brian Kikel went 7.59/179 in his first shot on the 1/4 mile in ions (three or four years actually). Rick Limb after pulling off a huge 300 foot burnout went 7.763/174 to sit #5. There were nine 7second cars in the field. In total 24 cars made the 8.70 minimum after round one.

Round one

1. Phil Davis 41 Willys 7.372/186
2. Kevin Lance 57 Chevy 7.424/183
3. Kirk Lanz 69 Camaro 7.490/187.30
4. Brian Kikel 96 Cutlass7.595/179.89
5. Rick Limb 67 Nova 7.763/174.72
6. Rod LeClaire 67 Camaro 7.813/176.26
7. Zak Clarke 67 Nova 7.818/171.88
8. Justin Bond 2003 Cavalier 7.840/174.52
9. Rob Charlton 2000 S-10 7.911/171.00
10. Chad Barclay 99 Dodge 8.067/170.90
11. George Lachanas 94 Beretta8.139/168.57
12. John West 57 Chevy 8.139/162.63
13. Darren Wolfram 67 Camaro 8.210/172.61
14. Dale Grasdal 68 Chevelle 8.296/162.86
15. Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys 8.326/161.75
16. Thomas Gronmyr 67 Chevy II 8.402/164.55
17. David Heans 68 Camaro 8.406/160.80
18. Tyson Wells 67 VW 8.499/156.46
19. Nick Duda 95 Mustang 8.509/158.11
20. Mark Simpson 55 Chevy 8.543/158.53
21. Tony Driessen 51 Pick-up 8.590/156.57
22. Paul Stretch 67 Nova 8.599/155.35
23. Gord Bush 69 Nova 8.672/156.27
24. Al Bentley 72 Vega 8.672/154.24
25. Brian Ritchie 68 Chevelle 8.754/153.92
26. Brent Van Vliet 69 Camaro 9.068/149.35
27. Doug Steele 67 Nova crossed centre line
28. Walter Nichols 71 Vega DNS
29. Grant Howell 37 Chevy DNS
30. Jamie Toews 98 S-10 DNS

Round two... It was a bit cooler in round two, which was run at 6:00pm. The biggest change was to the #1 spot in the field. As expected Kirk Lanz took the #1 spot in the field with a 7.251/190.33 Kevin Lance improved by 2/100ths but dropped down to #3 (7.402) Doug Steele went from outside to #5 with a 7.665/178 (a career best run). Grant Howell who did not fire in round one, went 7.674/177 (# 6). Rick Limb went .06 quicker (7.703), Darren Wolfram just failed to run in the 7's with a 8.206/175. Thomas Gronmyr improved from his earlier 8.40 to a 8.081/168. Jamie Toews, who failed to fire in round one, went 8.238 to move into the #17 spot. Tyson Wells improved by a tenth and a half to a 8.362. He moved down the ladder though as a bunch of guys who did not run in round one bumped into the field. Wells now sat #20. 27 cars were now in the field. The class ran a dial for dollars and 16 drivers paid 20 bucks to play giving the winner $320.00 for the closest to their number. In the first pair out, Zak Clarke called a 7.80 and he ran that # with the zero. A good haul for Kid Kaos!

Round three.... Under the lights. In the final session Saturday the cool air was sure to change the field from top to bottom. Kirk Lanz improved by 2/100ths to a 7.231 and that pretty much ended anyone else's chance to get #1. Kevin Lance improve by.03 to tie Phil Davis (who failed to run faster). Phil still stayed #2 by .005. Surprisingly very few other drivers found any significant improvement from round two

Qualifying after Saturday.

1. Kirk Lanz 69 Camaro 7.231/190.55
2. Phil Davis 41 Willys 7.372/186
3. Kevin Lance 57 Chevy 7.377/184.57
4. Brian Kikel 96 Cutlass 7.595/179.89
5. Doug Steele 67 Nova 7.637/179.24
6. Grant Howell 37 Chevy 7.674/177/16
7. Rick Limb 67 Nova 7.703/174.99
8. Zak Clarke 67 Nova 7.800/172.38
9. Justin Bond 2003 Cavalier 7.809/175.02
10. Rod LeClaire 67 Camaro 7.813/176.26
11. Rob Charlton 2000 S-10 7.879/171.49
12. Darren Wolfram 67 Camaro 8.026/175.81
13. John West 57 Chevy 8.030/164.83
14. Chad Barclay 99 Dodge 8.044/171.42
15. Thomas Gronmyr 67 Chevy II 8.081/168.44
16. George Lachanas 94 Beretta 8.139/168.57
17. Jamie Toews 98 S-10 8.186/166.29
18. Dale Grasdal 68 Chevelle 8.286/165.44
19. Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys 8.299/162.54
20. Tyson Wells 67 VW 8.362/159.88
21. David Heans 68 Camaro 8.397/161.17
22. Mark Simpson 55 Chevy 8.495/159.43
23. Nick Duda 95 Mustang 8.509/158.11
24. Tony Driessen 51 Pick-up 8.550/157.28
25. Paul Stretch 67 Nova 8.599/155.35
26. Al Bentley 72 Vega 8.612/155.41
27. Gord Bush 69 Nova 8.622/157.12
28. Brian Ritchie 68 Chevelle 8.712/154.77
29. Brent Van Vliet 69 Camaro 8.906/165.71
30. Walter Nichols 71 Vega 9.068/149.35

August 22, 2012


This weekend is going to be huge! One of the biggest races of the year at Mission Raceway. The Doorslammers are proud to be part of SMS Equipment "Smoke, Fire and Thunder" race. The CWDS are featured along with Nostalgia Funny Cars, Jet Dragsters, Jet Funny Cars Wheelstanders, the CPSA final race under the banner BAD DOG Shootout. What a packed weekend for sure. Pro Stock Automotive is the race presenting sponsor for the CW Doorslammers. Pro Stock is one of our longest and most dedicated sponsors. They specialize in HP! Located in North Edmonton, Pro Stock Performance carries a full line of performance and racing parts, as well as having a full service machine shop offering everything from align honing to cylinder head polishing and porting. We also do carburetor rebuilds, differential rebuilds, and engine dyno testing, so we know what works for making horsepower. For 25 years and counting we have been serving drag racers, mud boggers, circle track racers, performance enthusiasts, and auto restorers from all over Western Canada.

Specializing in building custom tailored engines to exceed your needs!

August 21, 2012

Points are posted.

Elimination results race #6

Photos Wednesday night

Presented by

A first time winner and the third rookie to win this year.

(Chris Moffat and Dean Murdoch photos)


George Lachanas, Thomas Gronmyr and now Al Bentley all share a mile stone distinction in 2012.

All three are rookie with the Doorslammers this year and all three have been in the winners circle.

Race #6 Final Elimination's

(qualifying is below elimination's)

Round one Pairings were:

#1 Lance vs #7 Heans, #2 Davis vs #8 Simpson, #3 Howell vs #9 Duda, #4 Charlton vs #10 Wells, #5 Lachanas vs #11 Stretch, #6 Langdon Davies vs #12 Bentley.

Round one.... #1 qualifier Kevin Lance was looking for a win this weekend and moving into the top three. David Heans was getting his Camaro dialed and has cutting great lights the last couple races. This one was done at the starting line as Heans went red, advancing Lance to round two. He ran 7.40 on his 7.38 dial. Rob Charlton took on Tyson Wells and this one has the same result.

The first guy off the line went red, Tyson and Charlton would take on Lance in round two. The winner of that race earns a single to the final. Phil Davis broke on his final qualifier Saturday night and could not make the call for round one.

Mark Simpson was get the freebie and he went 8.55 on his 8.50 dial. George Lachanas was looking for a repeat from the first race of the season when he was in the winner's circle. He could not get it done as he broke out against Paul Stretch Stretch was off to the second round and wanted to keep his string of good event going (he went to the final last week at Port Alberni).

Grant Howell faced Nick Duda who only had one lap Sunday Morning. Nick, like a couple ahead of he found the traction too good and he left .01 too early. Howell ran it out and was close to his 7.65 dial. The final pair Saw TLD take of rookie Al Bentley. This was a great clean race, with both drivers running it out the back door and going to fast. Bentley was dialed a 8.64 and ran 8.59. Davies has 8.32 on his window and ran a hundredth quicker under his dial, with a 8.26, handing Bentley his first round win of the year.

Round two..... The Lance/Charlton race was a big one. The winner of the match-up would have a bye in the next round, and a trip to the final.

For either the final round finish would either extend a point lead (for Charlton) or move to within a round of the top spot (Lance). Going further if Lance was to actually win the race he would move from 5th in the standings to 1st. Man, what a race! Clean trees by both drivers and a stripe of less than a fender. Charlton took the stripe but broke out by 1/100th handing the win to Lance. The numbers were a 7.40 on a 7.39 for Lance and a 7.87 on a 7.88 for Charlton. Mark Simpson was looking for a semi final date (his first ever) against Paul Stretch.

Mark took the final line stripe but ran too quick, going 8.53 on his 8.54 dial. Stretch went 8.64 on his 8.64.

Grant Howell had to play catch-up against Al Bentley and could not do it, as he ran 7.67 on his 7.62 dial while Bentley was off to his first ever semi final, with a 8.60 on his 8.66 dial in. A better light by Bentley was the difference.

Semi finals..... Lance has the bye run and just took the green. in the Bentley/Stretch race, Bentley was psychic, going .002 and running 8.63 on his 8.61 dial. Stretch was close going .026 on the tree but he need to run almost perfect on the top end. Needing a 8.612 or better on his 8.61 dial he went under running a 8.552. He took the stripe but broke out. Bentley was in his first ever final round.

Final round.... Rookie or veteran? The rookie Bentley would leave first based on his 8.63 dial-in. A 1.3 second head start.

The big question was would that long delay cause Kevin to go red or be real late. Bother drivers had good lights with a slight advantage to Bentley (.012 advantage). Both drivers ran right on their dials to the hundredth. That meant the winner was...Bentley, as he had .012 in the bank at the tree. A 7.396 (7.390 dial) for Lance was good but an 8.634 on a 8.630 was .014 better at the stripe when you add up the numbers.

What a final! Congrat's to Al and his team, and congrat's to Kevin and the team for moving all the way up to second place (10 points back of Charlton).



The battle for the season championship comes down to the final two races and there are three drivers within 19 points and two more less than 45 points out of the top spot. Who will have the battle tested ability to finish out the season on top. It is really hard to go against Rob Charlton, but the two right behind him, Lance and Langdon-Davies know how to win as well. The two sitting in fourth and fifth, Duda and Lachanas have shown they can get the job done as well. It will be interesting to say the least. This weekend coming up could set the stage for an epic battle for the finale the middle of September.

August 18, 2012

Qualifying results

Cooler weather greeted the 12 teams in attendance for the race this weekend presented by Big Rig Group.

Phil Davis and Kevin Lance battled it out on Saturday to try for the #1 spot in qualifying on a loose track due to no other four wheeled cars making runs this weekend. After the third session Davis took the provisional lead with a 7.394/187 (round two), as the track came around a bit better after the first session was complete.

Kevin ran a 7.422/183 best. Rob Charlton only made one run on Saturday as he has other commitments the rest of the day.

He is #4 with a 7.907. Just in front of Charlton is Grant Howell who went a 7.64 best on Saturday.

Mark Simpson is in the Lance acing 55 Chevy this weekend and he sits #9 with a 8.570. John Marcus is out for the first time this year and he is a couple tenths short of the field with a 8.912/155.

His mph shows the Duster will run in the 8.5-8.7 range he just needs a bit harder launch and he will be in the field. John and the rest of the teams have one more shot this morning to solidify their place in the field.

Saturday qualifying

Sunday Morning was much cooler yet and a few improved their times. The biggest move was by Kevin Lance who inched ahead of Phil Davis for the #1 spot by .001 of a second. Ouch! Phil could not improve and actually wounded his motor Saturday night, and could not make round one of elimination's.

Rob Charlton went .04 quicker to a 7.861, but did not move up the ladder. Nick Duda showed up (he works Saturday) and make his usual mid '8' second lap (8.552/157.34) to move into the #9 spot in the field. Terry Langdon Davies improved by 1/100th,

David Heans improved by a half a tenth (to a 8.399) but stayed just behind TLD in the #7 spot. Mark Simpson found .09 and just up to the #8 spot (he was #9 Saturday).

Paul Stretch was the final guy to run quicker Sunday morning as he went a 8.591 (compared to a 8.647 Saturday). John Marcus was hoping to find enough Sunday morning but his car bogged on the starting line and he coasted down and was the only guy who failed to run the 8.70 number (he did run a 8.72 in testing later in the day so he is getting closer with he very clean B-1 Duster).

Here is final qualifying (Sunday)

Pairings were:

#1 Lance vs #7 Heans, #2 Davis vs #8 Simpson, #3 Howell vs #9 Duda, #4 Charlton vs #10 Wells, #5 Lachanas vs #11 Stretch, #6 Langdon Davies vs #12 Bentley.





August 14, 2012

This weekend is the third to last points event on the 2012 schedule. We are a feature class as part of the CMDRA event. This weekend's event sponsor is Big Rig Group

Big Rig is one of the largest full servuce truck repair outlets in the Lower Mainland. "Here at the Big Rig Group we take care of all your commercial vehicle needs for both tractors and trailers. We handle it all from Insurance claims, customized paint, specialized parts, custom stainless or aluminum work, vinyl detailing and windshield repairs! Our specially qualified and friendly staff will be ready for whatever you would like your unit to look like. Whether it be for esthetics, strength or maintenance we are ready for your own unit or your entire fleet".

Why choose the Big Rig Group

-Largest repair shop in BC
-35 years in business
-Fully qualified staff
-Fast efficient service
-Stainless steel and aluminum shop
-165 foot spray booth
-Central location close to boarder crossing and freeway
-One stop shop for all your Big Rig needs
-In house parts and accessories store

August 13, 2012

Thomas Gronmyr won the Port Alberni event presented by Alpine Backhoe. Paul Stretch was the runner-up. All the competitors this year came from the Island as the regular mainland teams that attend 'Port' all had prior commitments. 13 cars tried to make the 8.70 bump and 10 made the field come Sunday noon. Kevin Lance was the #1 qualifier with a best lap of 7.42/185. Grant Howell was #2 with a 7.72 and Rod Leclaire, a new driver with an awesome 68 Camaro was #3 with a 7.82.

Final qualifying

Kevin Lance 57 Chevy 7.42/182mph
Grant Howell 37 Chevy 7.742/175mph
Rod Leclaire 67 Camaro 7.872/173mph
Thomas Gronmyr 67 Acadian 8.098/165mph
Johnny West 57 Chevy 8.173/163 mph
Terry Shuflita 70 Camaro 8.430/162mph
David Heans 68 Camaro 8.430/160 mph
Gord Bush 70 Nova 8.545 158 mph
Otto Schulte 55 Chevy 8.604/155 mph
Paul Stretch 67 Nova 8.632/154 mph
Ryan Baker 8.721/150 mph
Wayne Thompson 37 Pontiac 929/140 mph
Brent Van Viet 68 Camaro smoked the tires on all rounds



In round one.... Kevin Lance was upset by Terry Shuflita. Lance smoked the tires and Shuflita ran close to his 8.47 dial.

Grant Howell defeated David Heans when Howell was dead on his 7.75 dial.

Rod LeClaire got the win against Gord Busch in a real close side by side. The margin was only a half car length.

Thomas Gronmyr defeated Otto Schulte by less than a car length as well.

Johnny West and Paul Stretch had a weird round one match-up. Once both cars were staged Both got on the convertor, but West lurched forward and he took off, right behind him Stretch did the same thing and he two left before the tree was activated. Stretch was awarded the win as it was evident West left first.

Round two.... Shuflita got the round single and just took the tree heading off to the semi finals.

Howell was a bit late on the tree and could not catch Gronmyr.

Thomas was going to his first semi final.

Paul Stretch got an easy win against Rod LeClaire as LeClaire was a bit too anxious going red.

In a bit of a fun match race, Heans took on West and West got to the finish line first.

Semi finals..... Gronmyr got the bye to the finals, and he launched easy and lifted on the top end, taking it easy as the final would be hot lapped.

Shuflita and Stretch had a great semi final race and both drivers ran it through the back door and did not know who got the stripe.

Stretch did get the win on a double breakout race. His went under by .045 (8.655 on a 8.70 dial). Shuflita went 8.417 on his 8.50 dial.

Final round.... Two first time finalists in the Doorslammer series and rookies in the class as well.

Thomas Gronmyr got a slight hole-shot and he caught Stretch just before the lights for a 8.22 (8.18 dial). Stretch fell off his semi final run, going 8.71 on his 8.65 dial.

Congrats to the two first time finalists


Photos soon.


August 7, 2012

Port Alberni is up this weekend and it is presented by Lance Racing and Alpine Backhoe. The Lance family has been a part of the CWDS team for six years and they have been one of the sponsors for this race for a few years. The event is one of the real fun laidback races of the year and the Doorslammers are the feature class of the once a year event held at Port Alberni's regional Airport. This is an 'exhibition event' with no points, due to the nature of the event. Kevin Lance the #1 driver for the two car Lance team won this event last year. He has a bit of a home court advantage, residing just east of the Port Alberni area in Campbell River. In town, many car related events are held Thursday and Friday at various locations. Qualifying is on Saturday and final eliminations Sunday. The Alberni Racng assoc website is here.

July 11, 2012

Points are posted.

July 13, 2012

Historically, the end of June beginning of July race is one of the biggest races for the Doorslammer association. The race this year last weekend was no exception. 21 cars came out for the Doorslammers and all 21 made the 8.70 cut. The field was lead by Grant Klohn who ran an awesome 7.278/186 Sunday morning . He led after day one with a 7.35. The great conditions Sunday morning allowed many teams to pick up the pace from their Saturday runs Unfortunately the potentially quickest session to run was Saturday night, but late ontrack incidents kept all the team from making the night session. Ken Orser was out for the first time in his GTO and he shook real hard Saturday in his only attempt, but he managed a great 7.38 at the top speed of the weekend, 188mph Sunday morning. Johnny West and David Heans got to race for the first time this year after getting rained out at their first event two weeks ago. Both made low to mid 8 second ets. Paul Stretch, Gord Bush and Ryan Baker were also out for the first time.

(now there's a side by side)

They were in the mid 8's. Rounding out the 21 cars was Otto Schulte., he is Driving the second Lance team car, and ran an 8.66@160. The speed does translate to a 8.30 pass, but the team is having a hard time to make it consistent.

Here is final qualifying

(It would be nice if Grant came out all the time his small block is bitchin')

1. Grant Klohn Victoria BC 7.278/186.14
2. Kevin Lance Campbell River 7.387/183.82
3. Ken Orser Langley BC 7.388/188.44
4. Phil Davis Kamloops BC 7.483/185.18

(A nice low down shot of Phil Davis)

5. Gene Fluery Lynwood Wa 7.722/175.47

(Gene Fluery's Turbo V-6 is one of the quickest in the country)

6. Terry Shuflita Victoria BC 7.762/166.17
7. Rick Limb Hope BC 7.771/1175.57

8. Kirk Lanz Mission BC 7.820/174.41

9. Rob Charlton Pitt Meadows BC 7.882/170.71
10. Thomas Gronmyer Victoria BC 8.117/165.53
11. Johnny West Port Alberni BC 8.216/164.17

(John West's 57 was out for the first time)

12. Terry Langdon Davies Yarrow BC 8.298/164.41
13. Tyson Wells Rosedale BC 8.374/158.73
14. David Heans Duncan BC 8.392/160.57

(Duda may go back to one hit (Sunday) and then elim's. He ran the whole weekend and was out in round one)

15. Nick Duda Surrey BC 8.503/157.12
16. George Lachanas Coquitlam BC 8.507/ 160.74

(Paul Stretch races all the time at MRP but it is the first time he has been with the DS'ers at MRP. His car used to belong to Dean Woods)

17. Paul Stretch Duncan BC 8.531/156.52
18. Gordon Bush Victoria BC 8.550/160.51

George Bush is also a first timer here at MRP with the Doorslammers)

19. Alan Bentley Maple Ridge BC 8.583/155.49
20. Ryan Baker Lantzville BC 8.628/155.97
21. Otto Schulte Black Creek BC 8.667/160.28

First round pairings were:
Klohn bye run (Top qualifier single). Lance vs Davies, Orser vs Wells, Davis vs Heans, Fluery vs Duda, Shuflita vs Lachanas, Limb vs Stretch, Lanz vs Bush, Chalrton vs Bentley, Gronmeyer vs Baker and West vs Schulte.

Round one..... Grant Klohn took the green launched and took it easy down track, George Lachanas, race one winner had a tenth on the tree against Shuflita and took a tenth stripe at the finish line.

(It was a hard dial for Shuflita as he had odd readings on his time slips)

David Heans defeated Ashcroft winner Phil Davis by just over .01. Heans had a solid .023 light. Rick Limb went .010 on the tree and ran a 7.78 on a 7.76. Paul stretch went under his dial trying to stay in front of the Hope driver. Kevin Lance ran .016 over his 7.42 dial. His opponent was even closer, .010 off, But TLD was .03 back at the starting line.

Two top points guys battle in round one. the leader was gone after this race)

Rob Charlton went .016 on the tree against a .070 for Al Bentley and that was more than enough to take a .04 win light. Tom Gronmyer was real late against Ryan Baker and Baker was right on his 8.64 dial for a four car length stripe.

Two rookies face off in round one. Baker in the Chevelle went to the semis)

Otto Schulte won a double breakout race against John West. West went .005 further under his dial. Ken Orser and Tyson Wells has a controversial round one match-up. Osrer did his burnout and backed up but he was not in the right spot so he attempted to back up a little further and the car would not go back.

Wells had already back-up and had started to move toward the staging beam. Race director Wally Duperon and a couple other guys helped push the car back a bit more all the while Wells was sitting there. A miscommunication was interpreted as a single when the starter meant hold on a second. anyway after around 30 seconds of waiting the car finally rolled forward. The two cars staged and had similar lights (within .001), Tyson got a bit loose on the launch and Orser drove around the VW for a .08 victory. There was some question on the legality of pushing a car back, but it has been done on numerous occasions in NHRA competition (I have seen it). The Wells team was understandingly upset at the loss, as they are chasing points hard, but there was nothing intentional by Orser and team. The race director confirmed the results was final and Orser was off to round two.

In the last pairing, Gene Fluery got his second round win of the year despite being left on by over a tenth.

Nick Duda's Mustang struggled at half track with a noticeable miss (it sounded like he was pedaling the car cause he was so far out in front but he wasn't), Fluery drove around the Surrey driver at 1200 feet for a .05 stripe.

Round two..... Limb got his second solid light (.021) of the day and took out the #1 qualifier Klohn.

(George broke out by 4/1000ths in round two)

His .05 package was almost 2/10ths better than the stick driver. Ryan Baker got a freebie when Fluery left too early and Otto Schulte helped out his team mate Lance with a win over third place driver Lachanas. Lachanas' had the race won but went under his dial by .004.

There were not too many close stripe last weekend, which was a surprise)

Charlton defeated Heans running within a hundredth of his 7.92 dial. Kirk Lanz got a freebie when Ken Orser did not make it out for round two. The final run was a single, and Kevin Lance had the odd car bye and just took the green.

1/4 finals......... Charlton moved closer to the point leaders in round three with a win over Rick Limb.
Limb's good lights ended with a surprising late leave and Rob had an easy stripe dumping 15 mph on the top end. Ryan Baker was off to his first semi final with the doorslammers with a win over Lance.

Kevin took way too much stripe breaking out by .019 and having the better light. He took a .08 stripe (.019 too much). Kirk Lanz ran right on his 7.86 dial, but it was over when Schulte broke out by .069.

It was a good thing he did not get the win though, as no one caught the fact he dialed slower than the 8.70 dial. He had 8.75 on his 55 Chevy (a no/no). He did not know the dial rule being a new driver to the class. If he had of won he would of been dsq.

Semi finals..... Kirk Lanz got the single and he ran an almost perfect run, going .002 on the tree and running just under his 7.87 dial.

The perfect scenario for those attending the Scotty Richardson school (have some in the bank). Charlton had .02 on the tree and ran right on his 7.95 dial-in (three thou over). Baker losing .02 at the tree was forced .013 under his 8.69 dial-in trying to stay in front of the quicker S-10. he lost the stripe by .004 but was a hair too quick anyway. It was the closest stripe of the day.

Final round...... Lanz vs Charlton. Would the veteran school the sophomore driver? On a word(s)... He did.

The two were closely dialed (within .09) so the tree should not be a factor but it was, as Kirk left his chance on the starting line, falling just over a tenth back on the hit. There was no way to recover from that unless the cooler conditions put Charlton under his 7.95 dial. It didn't, and Rob dumped 10mph and ran 7.962 on his dial-in. The bad deal there, was that Lanz was right on his dial to the thousandths.

This run shows how important the tree is. Lanz was right on his dial, but was late.

The win put Charlton in the point lead (when have we heard that before? (Almost every year he has the lead at some point). The top of the standings is very congested though as six guys are within easy striking distance of the lead with three races remain on the schedule.
The next race is the non points Port Alberni event. Then there are two races the end of August and one in September to end the season. Thanks go out to all the teams for making this the biggest race of the year and to Terry for helping out at the event as Marcy was away for a girls weekend in the Okanagon



July 9, 2012

Quick wrap-up

A great weekend at Mission Raceway with their huge Doorcar event. 21 Doorslammers were in attendance and all 21 made the field. The event winner was Rob Charlton and the Charlton Automotive S-10. Rob defeated Kirk Lanz in the final round. With the win, he moved from fourth up to the point lead. The top three in the points heading into the race, TLD, Nick Duda and George Lachanas were all gone by the second round. Full results starting Tuesday, as I am taking Monday off after a busy four days covering both Mission and Edmonton races.


July 4, 2012

A big one is just days away. One of the biggest Doorslammer races is just three days away at Mission Raceway. The event is part of the West Coasts biggest Door Car event. Outlaw Pro Mods, CPSA Pro Street and Outlaw 10.5 and the CWDS. Our event is presented by RH Race Cars. Ryan and the crew at RH have been real busy this year building and finishing a number of doorslammer cars as well as a couple pro mods. All the cars should be in competition this weekend. RH is the long time series sponsor and their commitment to the series includes sponsoring one of our events as well.

We have a schedule adjustment for this weekend's race as the Saturday qualifying is an evening show. Our first session will be in the 4:30 range and then every two hours after (6:30 is run two) that, ending at 8:30pm. The meeting is planned for approximately 3:00pm listen to announcements for all the details.


June 18, 2012

Unfortunately not a tire turned for the fourth race in the 2012 season. Race was steady all day Saturday and Sunday it was wet until well after noon, making the day impossible to complete. Hopefully the next race will be a good one, July 6-7.

June 14, 2012

Scroll down to see a couple videos from Ashcroft

June 12, 2012

1:30 pm update

A real test for the teams, as they race back to back weekends with the Canada West Doorslammers being the feature class this weekend for Mission Raceway's 20th Anniversary celebration. All fans get in free on Saturday. The weekend sponsor is Fortin's Automotive. Engine shop Manager Norm Wilson has helped a number of teams running in the CWDS class and is the crew chief for Tyson Wells. Beside the engine deptartment, Fortin's has a huge retail store under the Auto Parts Plus banner. For all the Valley car needs, head to Fortin's for everything automotive.

Fortin's is one of the Lower Mainland's largest and most respected engine shops with locations in Chilliwack (main store) and Abbotsford.

Points are posted.

Race #3 Langley Loafers Old Time Drags Eagle Motorplex

A well deserved win for one of the baddest doorslammers anywhere.

A long time coming for event winner Phil Davis. After the troubles they have had in the last year and a half, he and wife Pat deserve this win.

Nick and dad George celebrate their second runneru-p of the year.

It was quite a weekend at the 'Plex with cool temperature and 25mph winds moving in every direction throughout most of Saturday. The cool temperatures and moisture Friday evening delayed the overall start Saturday till 11:00am. It did not seem to affect most of the drivers though and there were a number of guys out for the first time ever and for the first time in 2102. Delays on Saturday were minimal with less than 30 minutes stoppage for moisture.
John Kohn, Mark Simpson and Thomas Gronmyr were first time racers with the assoc.

Here is a qualifying video of four pairs Sunday morning (a little shakey but I will get the hang of it)



The final session with Kevin Lance and Event winner Phil Davis


Simpson is Kevin Lance's crew chief. Dallas Wagner, Darren Wolfram, Mark Schuppener, Grant Howell and Mike Munden were racing with the DS'ers for the first time this season as well.

Kevin Lance, the #1 qualifier for the first race of the season was qualified #1 after Saturday's three rounds with a 7.482/183.07.

Phil Davis went 7.57/181.65. Dallas Wagner driving Father Gord's radical PT Cruiser ran a solid 7.741/174 and was solidly in the #3 spot in the 17 car field.

Rick Limb, who is proving to be a strong competitor in his second full year with the Doorslammers, is #4 after running a 7.916/173. Rob Charlton rounded out the seven second drivers, and his 7.962/170 positioned the Maple Ridge driver in the #5 spot.

Kirk Lanz ran an.8.07, Darren Wolfram switched from his blower/carb combination to a pro charger and it proved to give him more power as he went an 8.08/171. Last year he was running 4/10ths slower at the Plex. Victoria's Thomas Gronmyr ran a 8.12/165 best on his first weekend out.

Three drivers were bunched in the 8.40's including Terry Langdon Davies (TLD), Tyson Wells and Carl Fedderly.

Rookie Mark Simpson in the #2 team car for Lance Racing, was #13 in the 8.60's along with race #1 winner George Lachanas.

Mike Munden rounded out the Saturday qualifiers making the 8.99 cut. Mark Schuppener, owner of Pendozi Engines in Kelowna, broke the transmission in his Chevy Lumina in the first qualifier and was thrashing on the car to get it fixed for Sunday's final round of qualifying.

Grant Howell, out for the first time in 2012, struggled on day one with drive line issues and unfortunately could not make a full run. Repairs could not be made for Sunday either, so he was a cheerleading along with wife Dayle for the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday, the weather was dramatically better as clear skies and warmer temperatures greeted the racers and fans. On track the surface was tighter and a big tail wind meant most of the cars would be running quicker in the final round of qualifying. Nick Duda made the trip after working on Friday and Saturday. He had to hope one hit would be enough to get him in the field (as you can see in the final results, it was more than enough).
Lance improved by half a tenth to a 7.43 and got the #1 qualifier plaque. Rick Limb ran in the 7.8's, but did not move up the ladder. He would stay #4. Darren Wolfram made a huge move going around Rob Charlton with a 7.91/172. Kirk Lanz was the quickest 8 eight second car, as he ran an 8.033 best. Gronmyer improved to a 8.152, and Schuppener's trans fixed worked as he ran an identical 8.152 (slower mph)TLD went .06 quicker, and was #10 with a 8.360. Wells did not improve, but Fedderly found .01 (8.489). Simpson moved up .03 to a 8.578, the same et was the "One Shot Wonder" Nick Duda. Simpson got the #13 spot by virtue of the fourth digit in et. Lachana's failed to improve on his 8.643 and Mike Munden, who ran an 8.812 on Saturday, had a transmission failure and could not run Sunday. John Kohn rounded out the 17 cars in the field with a 8.885/148.46
First round pairings were
Kevin Lance bye, Phil Davis vs Rob Charlton, Rick Limb vs Dallas Wagner, Kirk Lanz vs Darren Wolfram, John Kohn vs Mike Munden, Carl Fedderly vs Mark Schuppener, Thomas Kronmyer vs TLD, George Lachanas vs Tyson Wells, and Nick Duda vs Mark Simpson.


Round one.....With two cars suffering breakage in qualifying, both John Kohn and Terry Langdon Davis both had singles as well as #1 Kevin Lance, and were on to round two. Phil Davis got a break when 2011 champion Rob Charlton went red in their pairing.

Rick Limb had a solid light and had to straddle the centre line to get by a late leaving Dallas Wagner, but it was real exciting on the top end as Dallas got real loose near the top end and he swapped lanes right behind Limb at the finish line. The clocks got a crazy reading due to Wagner in Limb's lane and read 345 mph, a new track and world record speed.

Lanz got the starting line advantage over Wolfram and took a half car length stripe.

Lachanas got a starting line advantage over Wells and Tyson also got loose on the starting line, and he could not make up enough ground trailing by a car length at the finish line.

Simpson and Duda ran heads up (8.61 dials) and ran identical 8.64's. Duda got the win based on a slightly better RT. Schuppener defeated Fedderly in a real close race to the stripe.

Round two.... Lance vs Davis, Limb vs Lanz, Kohn got the second round single, Schuppener vs Davies, and Lachanas vs Duda.

Phil Davis nailed a .006 rt and took a real tight .006 stripe over Lance. Based on 180 mph the finish line was 16 inches difference was only 16 inches. What a race! Limb also won a close one, his match-up was against Lanz.

Limb had a .074 starting line advantage, and he tightened up the stripe to a .02 margin about a fender and a half.

Kohn singled and ran a 8.91 on his 8.80 dial. Schuppener and Davies had great .01 lights within .001 of each other. Langdon Davies took the win running a 8.398 on his 8.39 dial. Schuppener was right there running a 8.132 on his 8.11 dial. The margin in that one was .014. In the final pairing, Lachanas was not sharp on the tree in his pairing with Duda, while Nick was deadly with a.012 light. He lifted early and still took a .05 stripe.


Round three... 1/4 finals
Davis vs Limb, Kohn vs Davies and Duda / single

Phil and Rick had a real close 1/4 final match-up. Davis was dialed with a 7.60 and Limb had 7.86 on his window. Limb got a .03 starting line advantage and lead right to 1100 feet when Davis got his nose in front of the 67 Chevy driver. at the finish line, the 41 Willy's took a .02 stripe, around a Willy's size fender. His win was a double bonus as he got the bye in the semi finals and would race in the final round.

John Kohn raced TLD and this one was a bit on the weird side. After watching most of the cars run right around their dial-ins in earlier rounds, both cars went way under their numbers. The end advantage was Davies, as he had a .043 starting line advantage and won a double breakout win going 8.405 on his 8.45 dial in. Kohn ran a 8.833 on his 8.90 dial.

Duda singled with a 8.62. His last run was an 8.62 so he was right on his number.

Semi finals... A single for Davis and he just took the green light and backed away while the Davies/Duda pairing was a great semi.

TLD was dialed with a 8.40 and Duda had a 8.64 on the window. Good lights for both drivers and a break out for both as well. Duda went 8.63 and TLD went under by a hundred more putting Duda in his second final of the year.

Final round...

A win by the second generation driver Duda would put him in the point lead while a win for Davis would put him in the top ten in the standings in just his second race of the season. A .02 light for Nick and a .01 light for Davis meant this would be a race at the stripe.

It should have been a race to the stripe but Nick's Mustang slowed from the previous rounds by a tenth (nitrous ran out or...), and Phil went around Nick at 900 feet. The Kamloops driver lifted right before the finish line (1280 feet) and took the stripe by .065.

A great win for a team that has been through a lot in the last year engine wise, and a great runner-up finish for Duda who had just installed his new motor a week ago.
Points are posted.


June 10, 2012


June 6, 2012

A secret squirrel spy photo shows a new driver for Ken Kruger as he is too busy with work to make it to the next couple events. Looks like he bearly fits in the car.

Thanks Chris


June 3, 2012

This coming weekend is one of the biggest races of the year for the doorslammer class as they head to the interior of BC for the Langley Loafers 25th anniversary event at the Eagle Motorplex. The Loafers are the event sponsor and this one will prove to be a historic big show. The DS group is proud to be one of the feature classes for the weekend. The event will have a number of first time participants for the 2012 season.

Having the Loafers as the race sponsor, is very cool says series president Marcy Copley. "Being at this their biggest ever race shows what they think of our program. We have raced with the Loafers for many events, and they keep wanting us back, so that is a good thing".

The Langley Loafers are one of the oldest car clubs in BC, and they have been a big supporter of Drag Racing in the province since race tracks were here. They also support High School racing programs and offer scholarships to students in Langley High schools.

Qualifying for this event starts late Saturday afternoon, after all the regualr nostalgia classes have run their time trials. Putting the feature cars all together at the end of the day will give the fans a great three hour show to end Saturday's racing. There is testing on Friday as well.

Make sure you head to the 'Plex this weekend.

May 7, 2012

Points are posted.

Race 2 saw normalcy back with the doorslammers as most of the top guns advanced into the late rounds, and a multiple winner from seasons past won again.



Race two presented by Ogilvie Mountain Holdings did not start off great and the weather did not pan out like it was forecasted. Drizzle and cold weather wrapped around Mission Raceway, but the track personal got the track ready for round one of qualifying by 12:30. Just after the first couple pairs went down the track more moisture hit the track and the temperature dropped a few degrees more.


The first round got completed 30 minutes later, but it did not help, as the cold MRP track would not hold much power. Only three or four drivers got a handle and surprisingly it was Kevin Lance (race one #1 qualifier), who showed everyone how to do it. He laid down a career best 7.28/188. Terry Langdon Davies went 8.20, Al Bentley ran a 8.50 in his first lap in competition and race#1 winner George Lachanas went 8.68 to sit #4, all the rest struggled with the starting line.

In run two, the temperatures rose enough where most of the teams got a handle on the surface. One guy who struggled was one who would potentially challenge for #1 was Kerry Stone. He made a wild round two run that started off with a pedal job then turned into a big wheelstand at 200 feet. He coast through. Lance repeated his earlier 7.28 (he stated the car could hook up on ice, and I believe it) and Rob Charlton got on track with a great 7.77. Tyson Wells ran a good 8.38/158. TLD ran a great 8.11/166, Bentley went 8.58, and race sponsor Rick Limb blew the tires off for the second lap. Dave Richardson was out for the first time in a while and he got loose for the second run in a row.

Wally Nichols was out for the first time in a couple years, but he could not get the tune-up dialed in in his Vega.

Otto Schulte is the new driver in the second Lance car, and he ripped off an 8.40 with a .024 rt in his first lap in the 55 Chevy.


Round two, the sun finally did as forecasted and beat down on the track warming it up substantially. Kerry Stone benefited the most turned in a great 6.84/216 to take over the #1 spot. Lance improved to a 7.26, another career best. Charlton repeated his earlier 7.77.

Dave Richardson ran exactly what his Camaro usually runs, a 7.82/172, and Rick Limb rotated the earth in his Chevy II. After struggling for the first two runs with tire spin (the team wanted to change tires, but did not have enough time), he ran a career best 7.62/182, over a 1/10th quicker than his previous best.

Maybe the tires are not so bad. TLD ran an 8.10. Nichols was again off pace, running a 9.0 best. He needs to find another 3/10ths.

Final qualifying is set for 10:30 am Sunday morning.

Sunday's final qualifying was under absolutely perfect conditions (finally) but there were not too many big improvements in the ladder ad Saturday's final two session were under perfect air and the track was warm enough to hold great passes.

Phil Davis was sorting out his new combo in the RH built 41 Willys and his best lap for the weekend was a 7.40/186 Nick Duda (who works on Saturday's) was out for the final attempt and he ran an 8.42.

Wally Nichols was the final driver trying to improve on Saturday's runs. He unfortunately could not improve (the car in the past ran as quick as 7.98 but was in the low 8's regularly). None of the top half improved, but event sponsor Rick Limb installed new Hoosiers and he ran a 7.64 with the new rubber.

Final qualifying

Kerry Stone Kelowna BC 68 Camaro 6.848/216.29
Kevin Lance Campbell River 57 Chevy 7.264/186.64
Phil Davies Kamloops BC 41 Willys 7.408/186.45
Rick Limb, Hope BC 67 Nova 7.628/179.39

Rob Charlton, Pitt Meadows BC 00 Chevy S-10 7.775/172.81
Dave Richardson Langley BC 97 Camaro 7.824/172.94
Terry Langdon Davies, Yarrow BC 41 Willys 8.106/168.13
Otto Schulte 55 Chevy 8.366/161.89
Tyson Wells, Rosedale BC 65 VW 8.391/158.28
Nick Duda Surrey BC 92 Mustang 8.423/158.11
Al Bentley Maple Ridge BC 72 Vega 8.504/156.41

George Lachanas Coquitlam BC Beretta 8.541/159.37

Wally Nichol Maple Ridge BC 72 Vega 9.001/151.15


With the field set the Sportsman ladder had Stone vs Langdon Davies, Lance vs Schulte, Davies vs Wells, Limb vs Duda, Charlton vs Bentley and Richardson vs Lachanas.

Kerry Stone broke on his last qualifying run so TLD had a single. He had a lazy light but an awesom launch (below) and ran 8.122 on his 8.09 dial in and was off to the 1/4 finals. Tyson Wells defeated Phil Davis when he struggled off the starting line. The Blown Willys shook and spun and he could not catch the Beetle driver who had his own struggles. The short wheel based 'Bug' has had issue throughout the first two races of 2012, but he recovered quick enough to take a .3 second stripe. Rob Charlton defeated season rookie Al Bentley. The tree is going to be where Bentley had to work on as his car runs pretty consistent. He was right on his 8.56 dial in. Nick Duda defeated Rick Limb as he had a tenth on the tree. Duda closed up the stripe a bunch and almost let it get away from him. He ended up with a .025 stripe. Dave Richardson in his first race in over a year won a real close one over last week champ George Lachanas. The two drivers were .005 apart on the tree and both went under their dials. Lachanas was .023 under and Richardson was .012 under handing his the win. The final pairing had team mates Otto Schulte and Kevin Lance. Schulte had mechanical issues with his car and Kevin got the single. He ran it out the back door and improved on his career best with a 7.255/186.

Round two.........In the first pairing Duda and Davies, something must have distracted both drivers as their lights were worse that late (Duda went .303 and Davies went .189) Nick ran right on his 8.49 dial in but could not recover from his bad light. TLD eased off the gas for car length stripe.

Two series champions were up next. Richardson got .05 on the starting line and that forced Wells under his 8.37 dial by .018. Richardson had a strong .045 package. 2011 champ Charlton defeated 2011 #3 Lance on a .06 hole-shot and a run .03 closer to his dial in.

Semi finals......When I saw the lone pairing in the semis, Richardson and Charlton I knew the two cars were within a couple hun in performance and rather jokingly stated to the drivers, run it heads up boys, so it was all won on the starting line. Both sort of scoffed at the suggestion, but when they pulled into the burnout box low and behold, both cars had a a 7.83 on the window. Awesome!!!! Then it got strange. Dave Richardson unfortunately went in deep (automatic loss) and Charlton went -.043 red. The deep stage overrode the red light and the finish line had not bearing on the result. It certainly was won or lost on the starting line.

Too bad, as it would have been a great semi final. Charlton was in his first final of the year. Langdon Davies had the odd car bye in the other semi, but he made the day interesting for all involved when he left before the tree was activated on his single. When he got the car staged and he hit the button and gas the car lurched forward so he got no light. NHRA rules are a bit vague in a situation like this, but when the higher-ups were notified, they stated it is a discretionary call and the driver is usually allowed to advance as long as the car was properly staged. Terry was staged correctly. The final decision on the ruling was not made until after the final round so the final result for the weekend were not official until the word came in from race officials.

Final round.....A common occurrence as TLD and Charlton faced off many times in the past, and both drivers have come out on the winning end. Davies was dialed a 8.12 and Charlton had 7.85 os his number. Terry got .02 at the tree and it was enough as both drivers were a couple numbers off their dial-ins.

The win for Langdon Davies moved him into a 15 point lead in the standings, and Charlton's runner-up put him in 4th, 26 points back. The spread from 1st to 5th is 40 points.

The next event is a big one, as the teams head to the Eagle Motorplex for the 25th anniversary event. This will be a huge race with lots of stuff happening throughout the weekend. The Doorslammer's are excitied to be one of the feature classes at this major event.


May 1, 2012

The event sponsor for Race #2 is Ogilvie Mountain Holdings. Ogilvie is member Rick Limb's company, and his sponsorship is what makes the series so successful. It is member backed. Many of the competitors in the series are also race or series sponsors. Rick's company bases in Hope BC, is a road construction based operation with excavators and construction based equipment operating in the Eastern Fraser Valley all the way up through the interior of BC. If you need road construction done call Rick. 604 869 3232



April 30, 2012

Race weekend #1 presented by TCS Performance Products.

We shall name Race 1 the "Upset Open"

(the rest of the photos Tuesday)

The hitters fell by the wayside as a first time winner in his first Doorslammer event took the cash and the points. A first time finalist was the runner-up and the lone semifinalist was at his first Doorslammer race. Where did all the veteran's go, they were out by round two.

George Lachanas won race one, but the car is no stranger to the winners circle in the Doorslammer class. He bought Zak Clarke's Beretta over the winter with a installed a proven engine and a splash of new paint. He only got licensed two weeks ago, but showed he has the ability and the know how of a veteran. Do we see the next Tyson Wells (the first ever rookie to win the series title three years ago)? Nick Duda was the runner-up and he only made one qualifier Sunday morning. He and father George do have their Mustang dialed-in. There is something about the Doorslammer series that brings out the best new drivers. The semi finals had three drivers and the loser in the semis, a guy with the legendary last name of Fedderly (yes the relative of John Force tuner Bernie), Carl lost a close one to Lachanas.



Qualifying on Saturday saw two rounds get completed and then rain hit the track, ending the day. On this first weekend a number of cars were in test mode opting to get their cars dialed in instead of competing. Terry Shufilta brought out his 70.5 Camaro with a five speed liberty. Both he and 'stick' buddy Grant Klohn made laps all weekend getting the bugs sorted out. Al Bentley (crew member for Jack Springer) bought Tim Myers Vega and got it dialed in to run right around the 8.50 ,ark. He went 8.48 and 8.49 so he is ready for race #2 next week. A new wild looking yellow Chevelle was out testing and ran low 8's. Hopefully that car (the name said Sauerkraut Bros. on the side) will run the series.


A total of ten cars made the final field after Sunday and Saturday 9 made laps. Henry Zacharias weekend ended early as he hit the wall on his first run (more below in pit notes). Kevin Lance led with a out of the box 7.324/185. Rick Limb ran a 7.75/176 and Rob Charlton was right behind Limb with a 7.814/174.

Saturday qualifying

1. Kevin Lance Campbell River 57 Chevy 7.324/185
2. Rick Limb, Hope BC 67 Nova 7.754/176.47
3. Rob Charlton, Pitt Meadows BC 00 Chevy S-10 7.814/172.05
4. Terry Langdon Davies, Yarrow BC 41 Willys 8.194/166.05
5. Carl Fedderly Baldonnel BC 55 Chevy 8.285/165.65
6. Tyson Wells, Rosedale BC 65 VW 8.621/156.11
7. George Lachanas Coquitlam BC Beretta 8.629/157.50
8. Gene Fluery Lynwood Wa 86 Buick 10.36/124.87


Henry Zacharias

Sunday final qualifying

Nick Duda and Mike Hawkins (CPSA racer) ran Sunday and both made their one lap count. Duda went 8.455/158 and Hawkins turned in a one ditch 8.620/154. Lance did not improve from his 7.32 Saturday but did run a 7.33 so he was set for elimination's. Limb rattled and smoked the tires on his final shot so he had to tame down his BB. Rob Charlton picked up a hundredth to sit with a 7.803. Gene Fluery got his turbo Buick sorted out for qualifying and ran a solid 8.090/167 to move into the #4 spot in the field. George Lachanas improved by 1/100th so his car was consistent and ready for elimination's.

Final qualifying

1. Kevin Lance Campbell River, BC, 57 Chevy 7.324/185
2. Rick Limb, Hope, BC, 67 Nova 7.754/176.47
3. Rob Charlton, Pitt Meadows, BC, 00 Chevy S-10 7.814/172.05
4. Gene Fluery, Lynwood, WA, 86 Buick 8.090/167.78
5. Terry Langdon Davies, Yarrow, BC, 41 Willys 8.194/166.05
6. Carl Fedderly, Baldonnel, BC, 55 Chevy 8.285/165.65
7. Nick Duda, Surrey, BC, 92 Mustang 8.455/158.08
8. George Lachanas, Coquitlam, BC, Beretta 8.629/157.50
9. Mike Hawkins, Langley, BC, 81 Malibu 8.620/154.71
10. Tyson Wells, Rosedale, BC, 65 VW 8.621/156.11

Ladder for the 2012 season was to be set the same as NHRA Sportsman racing. Meaning in a ten car field #1 would race #6, #2 vs #7, #3 Vs #8, #4 Vs #9 and #5 Vs #10. So it was Lance Vs Fedderly, Limb Vs Duda, Charlton Vs Lachanas, Fluery Vs Hawkins, and Langdon-Davies Vs Wells.

The upsets in round one started with the first pairing as Carl Fedderly took on Kevin Lance. It was the closest race at the finish line all day as Fedderly took a .010 starting line advantage and ran on his 8.29 dial in. (8.296). Lance ran a 7.331 on his 7.330 dial making the margin of victory, .005 at the finish line. About a bump width. Nick Duda defeated Rick Limb as Limb was late and had to go under his 7.80 dial (7.752) trying to catch-up. Duda had over a tenth on the tree and ran 8.464 on his 8.44 dial in. George Lachanas had the biggest upset of round one as he took out 2012 series champion Rob Charlton. Lachanas got a .035 hole-shot and ran 8.64 on his 8.63 dial. Charlton, beside leaving second, was .037 off his 7.80 dial in. Terry Langdon Davies took out Tyson Wells, with a .058 advantage at the tree and forcing Wells further under his dial-in (8.48 on his 8.60 dial. Wells had struggled with the starting line all weekend was the front end of his VW was way too high and the car would move out of the groove. In his first round race the car car left better than the qualifiers so you know it would be quicker than previous runs. He never did get a real good qualifying number under his belt as it should have been in the 8.30's or better. Note: (he did make a test pass later and ran a strong 8.36) In the final pairing Newcomer Mike Hawkins had the race won when Fluery struggled, but Hawkins did not know Fluery had troubles and he ran his career best 8.569/155. He broke out by .041.

Round two. In the 1/4's Duda defeated Fluery as the turbo driver was late and the car again stumbled with boost issues. Duda lifted early to an easy 8.90 win on his 8.44 dial. George Lachanas defeated a red lighting TLD and Lachanas drove it out the back door going .009 under his dial in. Carl Fedderly got a single in the five car second round and he was real close (8.303) to his 8.29 dial in.

Semi Finals.... Duda got the single and took the green light and idled down the track to save parts for the final round. He would face Lachanas in the second closest race of the weekend. Lachanas had .028 at the tree and ran 8.640 on his 8.61 dial in. Fedderly went 8.311 on his 8.29 dial losing the stripe by .019.

Final round..... First time finalists including rookie George Lachanas were set to leave with the lion's share of the cash and the points lead. Lachanas got a .037 hole-shot but his car was slightly off his 8.667 dial in giving Duda a chance. He was slowly reeling in the rookie but Duda ran out of race track giving Lachanas the first win of his Doorslammer career and the early season point lead.

Congratulations to the top three finishers on the weekend, it looks like the season will be wide open based on race one results.

Pit notes from race #1

- Kevin Lance, the #1 qualifier signed a new big sponsor in Caterpillar, and also showed off a new really sleek hood scoop on the 57 Chevy. The car sits so low that the scoop really affected Kevin's ability to see the tree in the left lane. The new scoop is low enough on the top that the visibility is much better. The 55 Chevy (car #2) will be brought out later in the new with a new driver (he is a multi-class winner at MRP.


- Terry Shuflita was at MRP on the weekend but he was only in test mode with the second car in the stable. It is a very nice bright red 70.5 Camaro with a Liberty 5 Speed. All his friends on the Island (Grant Klohn and Craig Donaldson) must have had some influence on Shuflita. After getting the 5 speed dialed in on the Camaro over the next few events he will put it in the 1300 hp Firebird in hopes of low low 7's or possibly hi 6's.


-One of the new members/drivers was planning on a fun season with the doorslammers but it ended on a real bad note in the first qualifier Saturday. Henry Zacharias driving his 55 Chevy left the starting line on what seemed to be a normal run but 100 feet into it, the front wheels started to shimmy hard, Henry got off the gas, but it appeared to break part of the steering linkage causing the car to veer hard right and that hard turn caused the car to accelerate and the car hit the guard rail hard. It careened off and then rode the rail for a couple hundred feet. The car did suffer extensive front end damage mostly on the right side. Zacharias was not hurt, but is unsure on the task of repairing the low riding 55 Chevy.

-A number of regulars likely won't be out until the Loafers race at Ashcroft the beginning of June but two or three more cars will be at the next event at Mission this coming weekend.

Points are posted

The next race is this coming weekend, and Ogilvie Mountain Holdings is the presenting sponsor.


April 23, 2012

The first event of the 2012 season is just days away.... and 2012 will prove to be an exciting year. Will Rob Charlton continue his dominance in the series as he has for the last half dozen years. He has two series championships in that time and is the only one of two, two time champs. Will Kevin Lance turn his solid last two season into a series title? Will Terry Langdon-Davies finally win the title he has been so close to? Will Tyson Wells find a way to repeat his amazing rookie year in 2009, or will he finish in the 5-6 hole at season's end? How many races will Dave Warren run as he took delivery of a new bad ass blown 57 Chevy? Dave has been a solid top 5 performer for close to a decade. Will Jack Springer have his new blown Corvette ready in the first half of the season. Is Gary Wiebe going to be back behind the wheel of his awesome Chevelle. How many races is Zak Clarke going to run this year as he chases the Div 6 Top Sportsman title, and the new RAD series? Will Terry Shuflita challenge for a top five finish, as he does double duty this year with a 70.5 Camaro as well?

Lots of questions and we are just four days away from the first hit down the 1/4 mile this Saturday. TCS Performance Products is the event sponsor for race one. Bob Marshall and his family have supported the series since the beginning and we thank them for their continued sponsorship.

April 19, 2012

The first race of 2012 is right around the corner.... Next weekend to be exact. TCS Performance Products, the longest running major sponsor in the series, is the event sponsor.


Race and sponsor listing for the 2012 season

RH RACE CARS "Series Title Sponsor" .... (and race #5 sponsor).
4681 Teather Road
Kelowna, BC
Ph# 866 765-9404
Custom Built Race Cars & Fabrication
Sponsor Race#5 July 7-8 Mission

45750 Airport Road
Chilliwack, BC
Ph# 604 795-9739
Sponsor Race#4 June 16-17 Mission

CHARLTON AUTOMOTIVE (race #8 sponsor)
12258 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows, BC
Ph# 604 465-6455
General Automotive Repair
Sponsor Race#8 September 15-16 Mission

T.C.S. PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (race #1 sponsor)
6217 - 205 Street
Langley, BC
Ph# 604 533-8675
Performance Converters & Transmission Products
Sponsor Race#1 April 28-29 Mission

12403 - 126 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 4L7
Ph# 780 453-6161
Performance Parts and Engine Machine Shop
Sponsor Race#7 August 25-26 Mission

OGILVIE MTN HOLDINGS (race #2 sponsor)
Hope, BC
Ph# 604 869-3232
Excavating & Pipeline Integrity
Sponsor Race#2 May 5-6 Mission

BIG RIG GROUP (race #6 sponsor )
Abbotsford, BC
Ph# 604 857-4915
Commercial Vehicle Service Centre
Sponsor Race#6 August 18-19 Mission

LANCE RACING / Alpine Backhoe (Sponsor Exhibition race)
Campbell River, BC
Sponsor Exhibition August 11-12 Port Alberni

LANGLEY LOAFERS CAR CLUB (race #3 sponsor)
Website: www.langleyloafers.com
Sponsor Race#3 June 9-10 Ashcroft Motorplex

Contact: Bill Surry
Ph# 250 731-6930
Email: avdra.president@hotmail.com

Associate Sponsors

Contact: Bill Jeffery
Ph# 604 523-8665 Toll Free: 1800 472-7685
Email: bjeffery@jetequipment.com
Season points top 10 tool sponsor

Sponsor #1 qualifier at every event

Visit the website - speedzonemagazine.com

Contact info:

Marcy Copley..........Canada West Doorslammers Representative
6217 205 Street
Langley,BC Canada V2Y-1N7
Ph# 604 533-8675 / Toll Free 1 800 960-1177
Evening PH# 604 309-5904



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