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Results for the first half of 2011 are here.

December 9, 2011

The 2012 rule changes are posted. The 2012 race schedule is posted. the final 2011 points are posted.


What a fun night as the season ending party saw the top 10 honored by way of cash and Tools from Jet Equipment.

Rob Charlton gets the lion share of the prize money for winning the title as well as his choice of products from Bill Jeffery of Jet Equipment

TLD came close and he is the series runner-up

Kevin Lance had a great year finishing third. He will be a serious threat in 2012

Kirk Lanz was the fourth place finisher and the rookie of the year. He could not make the party.

Dave Warren finished in fifth place.

Tyson Wells was 6th in the standings

Norm Wilson accepted 7th place winnings for Rick Limb.

Finishing in 8th was Layne Wooley

Jordie Lazic was in ninth place. The Lazic's could not make the party.

Nick Duda was in tenth place, a solid finish for his first full season.

The hall looked great, the food was just okay (in my opinion) and the music and dancing was lots of fun!!

The meeting was at the Springs pub in the afternoon of the party.

December 1, 2011

The Canada West Doorslammers are proud to announce the RH Race Cars are back for the 2012 season as the title sponsor of the series. Ryan and his staff are huge supporters of Drag Racing in Western Canada and are happy to be back with the premier fast door class oin the NW. A couple teams in the Doorslammer group are taking delivery of new RH Door Cars for the 2012 season including Zak Clarke with his 67 Chevy II and Kirk Lanz taking delivery of a new 69 Camaro. Both Car with run in Top Sportsman in Division 6 and CWDS events that don't confilct with Divisional events. If you are looking for a new car or upgrades to your existing race car give Ryan a call.

November 30, 2011

The season ending party awards banquet was a great time at the Best Western in Mission. Rob Charlton took the lions share of the cash and Jet Tools with his first place finish, followed by Terry Langdon Davies taking second place honours and and Kevin Lance in third place. The full story and photos by the end of the week.

November 24, 2011

Any teams still interested in the calendar for 2012, let me know at the meeting or banquet. We still have a couple spots left.

We all know there will be a couple new cars out in Doorslammer in 2012. Zak Clarke and Jack Springer(?) and Kirk Lanz, but does this one bring up your excitement level as well....A little teaser for all you doorslammer racers. Guess who just bought this ride?????? He will debut in 2012 he hopes, but will still run the other car for most doorslammer events. Hey Terry come on back, this will give you solid competition for the #1 spot.

I took shots (finally) of Kaos' new car a couple weeks ago. All I can say is, Ryan it is awesome!!!!

Zak's new car is very sweet. He will run primarily TS but also a number of DS events in 2012. Car is 300# lighter than the Beretta.

This car (below) is said to be back on track with a new owner/driver. A number of doorslammers know the answer to this one.

This one (below) will also be out, and the driver will have to cars to choose from.

November 18, 2011

Our year end awards/banquet dinner plans have changed slightly! Our party will no longer be held in conjunction with Mission Raceway. It will still be held on Saturday November 26th in one of the banquet rooms at the Best Western Mission City Lodge. The doors will open at 6:00PM with Dinner at 7:00PM. Layne Wooley’s band will play after the awards ceremony is wrapped up. Tickets will be $40.00 + HST per person, please contact Marcy to purchase your tickets. My email address is marcyc@tcsproducts.com and my Cell Phone number is 604 309-5904. For those of you who have already purchased tickets through Laura, you will be receiving a credit from Laura and please contact Marcy to repurchase your tickets. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Special Hotel Room rates have been set up for us, when booking a hotel room at the Best Western Mission City Lodge, please let them know you are with the “Doorslammers group booking”, you must let them know you are part of this group booking when making your reservation in order to take advantage of the special discounted group rate. Rates are $95.20 (single) or $103.04 (double) including taxes. These room rates are only being held for us until November 10th so please book your room ASAP in order to take advantage of the group booking prices. If you are not staying at the Lodge, please find an appropriate ride home…Please Don’t Drink and Drive.

There will be a racers meeting at the Mission Spring Restaurant on Saturday November 26th at 1:30PM. Your participation in this meeting is very important!! This is your opportunity to have your say in any Rules & Regulations that you may or may not like to see change for the 2012 season.

Please let me know if you will be attending the racers meeting in the afternoon so I can make a reservation in the private meeting room and let them know how many of us they can expect.


Cell# 604 309-5904

Best Western Mission City Lodge 32281 Lougheed Highway

Mission, BC Ph#604 820-5500

Toll # 1 888 552-5542

Mission Springs Restaurant 7160 Oliver Street, Ph#604 820-1009

Mission, BC



October 8, 2011

The real date for the banquet is November 26 not the 27th. Sorry for the typo.

October 4, 2011

Rain out race completion Saturday October 1, 2011

(Round two through the final)

Kevin Lance got his fourth win of the year, more than any other driver. He took out first time finalist Johnny West. Both cars ran close to their dial ins, but Kevin had .04 on the tree and that was enough to earn the final trophy, cash, and win of the season. He defeated Terry Langdon Davies in the round two match-up that was the race for a potential championship for TLD. He needed to defeat Lance and then go on to win for a 10 point series champions. Terry had a solid time trial running an 8 teen, unfortunately for Terry in the race against Lance, he went into a huge wheelstand, something he has not really done all year (in 2010 he did a number of big ones, but he did had his chassis sorted out, or thought he did). He went left on the wheelie and could not recover to stay ahead of the 7 second 57 Chevy. Johnny West had a second round single giving him another time run. When the round two runs were done, due to the absence of the other three round two contestants, it left just the three drivers, and with TLD out that left two, putting them into the final round.

October 2, 2011

Rob Charlton gets the series title as TLD goes into a huge wheelstand in round two. Davies finished 30 points back of the Pitt Meadows driver.

Kevin Lance gets the weekend win over Johnny West. It was Lance's fourth win of the year, more than any other driver. Unforunately for Lance he had struggles with a few early round exits and also one DNQ. Full results later this week. The banquet is November 26 (along with the MRP banquet).

Lance ended up #3, 40 points back of TLD.


September 28, 2011

Who will be the champion? It's pretty simple....If Terry Langdon Davies does not win this weekend's completion of the race two weeks ago (sponsored by PR Steel), Rob Charlton gets his third (or is it fourth championship). If Rob Charlton miraculously shows for this weekend (he and the family are on vacation), and advances past the second round, he is guaranteed at least a share of the title.

The "To be continued".......final

September 24, 2011


Sunday, the final event of the year.....................................

The day, much like Saturday started off wet, but by 10:30-11:00 am the skies had dried and the track drying was well underway. A driver's meeting laid out the day the same as Saturday, with one qualifying hit and then all drivers would be inserted into eliminations regardless of if they ran the 8.70 minimum or not. For those that did not make the 8.70 run, they would not received any qualifying points and would be put at the bottom of the qualifying sheet. That all became a mute point, as all drivers ran quicker than 8.70. Saturday's #1 qualifier. Kevin Lance, who has been one of the quickest drivers all year, did not have a good run as he was real loose at 700 feet. When he got out of the car he said that was scary. He still ran an 8.388 but his speed was only 128 mph. Dave Warren ended up #1 with a solid 7.758/178.50. Surely being #1 will keep him away from Rick Limb in round one.

Limb ended up #4 with a 7.848/173.67. Kirk Lanz got a solid ET and he qualified #2 with a 7.786/174.79. Rob Charlton was #3 with a 7.802/171.78. Johnny West was slotted in the #5 spot as the quickest 8 second car. He went 8.152/167.41. Terry Langdon Davies, (#6) who got a second chance with his title aspirations, was loose on the launch but he recovered quickly to an 8.235/163.04.

Lance was # 6; Darren Wolfram was #8 with an 8.449/161.00. Layne Wooley and Tyson Wells ran in their usual mid 8 second zone. Rounding out the call was Grant Howell. He launched well, but at 60 feet the car was squirrelly, he was on and off the throttle and tripped the 1/4 mile ET with an 8.688/152/.05.

1. Dave Warren, Cloverdale BC 62 Belair 7.758/178.50
2. Kirk Lanz, Mission BC 02 Cavalier 7.786/174.89
3. Rob Charlton, Pitt Meadows BC 00 Chevy S-10 7.802/171.78
4. Rick Limb, Hope BC 67 Nova 7.848/173.67
5. John West, Port Alberni BC 57 Chevy 8.152/167.41
6. Terry Langdon Davies, Yarrow BC 41 Willys 8.235/13.04
7. Kevin Lance, Campbell River 57 Chevy 8.388/126.42
8. Darren Wolfram, Westbank BC 68 Camaro 8.449/161.00
9. Layne Wooley, Langley BC 55 Chevy 8.517/160.05
10. Tyson Wells, Rosedale BC 65 VW 8.580/154.55
11. Grant Howell, Victoria BC 37 Chevy 8.688/152.05


Pairings for round one: Rob Charlton odd car bye, Lanz vs Wolfram, West vs Wells, TLD vs Wooley, and Lance vs Howell. That leaves two cars and I don''t know what kind of supernatural thoughts or weird mindboggling karma, or sense of humor the CWDS god has, but for the fifth race in a row Rick Limb and Dave Warren faced each other in round one. Don't ask, because there is no explanation, but I would like to be smart enough to be able to calculate the odds for this to happen five races in a row. On average we have had 15 cars per the last five events, so the odds are 1 in 14 you would race any particular driver, for it to be the same driver in five races has to be tall odds. Can anyone give me the answer to this question?

With weather threatening, it was important for the drivers to be reading to go on a moments notice. Round one saw a few upsets and a few no surprises. The top three in the points all won, as Charlton, TLD and Lance all advanced. Rick Limb one of the hottest drivers in the series, and the new arch enemy of Dave Warren (just kidding, but there may not be a Christmas card heading Rick's way) took out the veteran for the fifth time in a row, Warren broke the wheelie bar on his run (he found another way to lose), and was real loose just off the starting line.

Johnny West and Darren Wolfram also advanced. TLD got the win over Wooley in the closest match up of round one.

The stripe was a half car length. West got a break against Wells when Tyson broke out on his quickest run of the weekend. He did lift but still went under by a hundredth.

Darren Wolfram got the win in a double breakout pairing with Kirk Lanz. Kevin Lance took the win against Grant Howell. Grant was loose and sideways on the launch……again! Grant will have some chassis work to do over the winter.

Three rounds of racing left and with Charlton advancing with his round one single, it meant TLD had to win the race and Charlton had to go out in round two. There was a 30 point spread heading into round two.
Unfortunately for Charlton he did not get the chance to race Rick Limb in round two, as the skies deposited a few rain drops and then a steadier shower ended the day. With the threat more consistent in the forecast for the rest of the day, the call was made to end racing now. There is nothing worse then just getting the track dry (usually at least an hour job), and just when you were set to race again, showers return. That was the forecast for the rest of the day.
The unfortunate part of the deal is the re-scheduled race, in two weeks, meant that Rob Charlton would likely be away on his annual holiday in the Caribbean.
He would have no opportunity to have a say in the final outcome. But in order for Davies to win the title he needs to win. It would give him a 10 point championship title.
The one scenario in this that could change it, is the comment made by Robs wife, that he in fact could fly back for the weekend, and then fly back to continue his holiday.
One other is, and I don't like to talk about the weather but…. it could rain on the final weekend (I know it is bad karma to talk about rain in advance of a race, but I am just putting out all the scenarios) ending the year with the points accumulated after round one.

We will have to wait and see.

Points including round one in the final race are posted.

September 22, 2011

Results for the Saturday Cash Bash.

With the weather staying surprisingly decent on Sunday the Saturday race became a cash bash. 12 cars were in attendance Saturday, and for the first time the series only had one qualifier. The weather Saturday was not promising early but by 1:00 am the rain had stopped and the track drying started in earnest.. The track drying got competed around 2:30 and the only session of qualifying was run at 3:00pm. Kevin Lance led all drivers with a 7.44/177 Dave Warren was #2 with a 7.713/177. Three drivers out on the weekend failed to make the 8.70 cut, but because only one session was run, the decsion was made to allow all drivers to run in eliminations. They had to dial 8.70 minimum in elimination's though.
Final qualifying for the Cash Bash

Kevin Lance, Campbell River 57 Chevy 7.443/177.83
Dave Warren, Cloverdale BC 62 Belair 7.719/177.76
Rick Limb, Hope BC 67 Nova 7.806/173.84
Rob Charlton, Pitt Meadows BC 00 Chevy S-10 7.813/171.98
John West, Port Alberni BC 57 Chevy 8.128/162.13
Terry Langdon Davies, Yarrow BC 41 Willys 8.207/162.92
Darren Wolfram, Westbank BC 68 Camaro 8.424/158.78
Layne Wooley, Langley BC 55 Chevy 8.502/156.84
Tyson Wells, Rosedale BC 65 VW 8.562/156.84
Gene Fluery, Lywood BC 86 Buick Regal 8.928/142.58
Grant Howell, Victoria BC 37 Chevy 13.820.73.03
Kirk Lanz, Mission BC 02 Cavalier (Left before tree was activated)

Round one pairings were Lance vs West, Warren vs Limb, Charlton vs Fluery, TLD vs Wooley, Wolfram vs Howell, Wells vs Lanz.

Kevin Lanz took on Johnny West in a battle of the 57 Chevy's. It was their third battle in round one in the last four races. Lance got the win and it was a lucky one. He got the hole-shot but broke one the gear shift. Johnny West never noticed the issues, and never lifted and he broke out by .05 as track conditions improved from the earlier run. Rick Limb and Dave Warren have faced off four times in a row in round one including this event.

With the random pairings and the fact the cars are not in the same qualifying spots on a regular basis, plus there are four of five cars running right in the 7.7's -7.8's on a regular basis the random pairings, running four times in a row, has to be some kind of wild odds. For the fourth time in a row, Limb got the win with a solid light and a car length stripe. Rob Charlton defeated Gene Fluery when the Turbo driver broke out by almost a tenth of a second. Layne Wooley got the best of second place driver Davies, and lucky for TLD as it would have put an end to his championship aspirations. Grant Howell got his 37 Chevy to hook up and he took out Darren Wolfram.

Tyson Wells took on Kirk Lanz, but Lanz was late on the tree. Tyson got the win light and a round two pairing against Grant Howell. In round two, Rick Limb got a huge break as he was set to run Kevin Lance. When Lance broke in round one it was found he broke the input shaft. They got a replacement from Rob Charlton, but it was a non ringed shaft and he needed a ringed shaft. They did source one, but it could not be installed quickly enough, handing Limb a single. That single was huge as being as the top of the ladder; he got a single in the three car semi finals as well, putting him right into the final round.

Rob Charlton took on Layne Wooley in round two and it was Charlton who go the win His semi final opponent would be Tyson Wells as he took out Grant Howell in the other 1/4 final race.

Semi finals…... The semis saw one pairing (Charlton vs Wells) and the single for Limb as stated earlier.

Charlton got the win over Wells but it was close. Both drivers had .020 lights but Tyson took a bit too much stripe, as he went .007 under his 8.50 dial.

Charlton and Limb in the final, and on Saturday night Charlton was hoping a win would put an exclamation point on the year, as he was hoping for the win (in the end it was not a point's race due to the favorable start Sunday). Both cars did their burnouts under the lights but when they were backing up, there was a bit of fluid under Charlton S-10. Upon further inspection, it was determined to be coming from under his car, so he was shut down. Under the lights in on a cooling track it was the right call. But that meant that Rick Limb would get his third single in a row. What a lucky day for the rookie driver.

Of Course he wanted it to rain on Sunday, so this remained a point's race and a higher payout than a cash bash. But in the end Sunday did get underway (we will have those results Friday night). But he is on his way to going rounds again, as he is in the final six for Sunday.

September 18, 2011

It isn't over yet, but the fat lady has started her song......

The weekend looked to be complete Saturday as the Doorslammers ran a race in anticipation of the forecasted rain Sunday. It did finally start raining Sunday but the race was only part way completed, and the final point standings still have a chance of changing.

After the completed race on Saturday, which Rick Limb took his season to the next level with his first win in the series. He got the win by being more lucky than good, as after he was the ultimate sportsman in round one (he let Dave Warren have in excess of three minutes to get his car fired), and he the good Karma, rewarded him with three singles including the final round to get what is likely the easiest way tot he winners circle in Doorslammer history. The win by Limb was a cool deal under the lights at MRP, and Rob Charlton had apparently won the series title when he advanced to the final round and Terry Langdon Davies was ousted in round two. All that became a mute point though when the weather broke Sunday, and the Sunday race was started.
(note: CWDS rules are stipulated that when a race is run on the Saturday in anticipation of bad weather Sunday, it will be deemed a point race only if Sunday is washed out. But if the race in fact does get started on Sunday then Saturday's event becomes a cash bash race only with no points).

The couple drivers behind Charlton (TLD and others) are happy as they all get a chance to move up, and Davies has a chance to win the series yet. Unfortunately for Charlton, he will not be attending the final event due a planned holiday, so he leaves with a 30 point lead heading into round three. Davies needs to win the event to earn the title. His he goes to the final on Oct 1st or 2nd and loses then Charlton is still the series point leader and 2011 champ.

After round one Sunday and the qualifying points Charlton leads by 30 over TLD, and there is still a maximum of 40 points that Davies can still earn.

I have updated the points reflecting what has gone down so far at race 10 prior to the rain out. Charlton, TLD, Lance, Limb, and Wolfram all have received second round loser points plus their qualifying and entry points, the other competitors who lost round one have received all their points for the event. Two or three of the drivers listed above will earn more points yet, as the race is not completed and they are still in (Johnny West is still in as well, but he is not a member so does not earn points).

Points are here.

More of the story over the next few days.

September 14, 2011

This weekend's event, the final race of the year is presented by PR Steel Construction. PR is a local steel construction company that Works mostly in the Central Interior building steel structures. Owned by Paul and Sherri Ronald, they specialize in Commercial, Industrial, Farm, and Mill Fabrications. Contact info for PR Steel is: 39561 Old Yale Road
Abbotsford, BC
V3G 1X7
Office (604) 864-8818
Fax (604) 864-8816

September 7, 2011

We are back up and running with the normal URL

The next race, the final one of the season is presented by PR Steel.

Beside sponsoring this event they also sponsor Terry Langdon Davies and his Willys. They have a chance to being the sponsor of the series champion, if the race goes in Terry's favour, but you know Rob Charlton, the leader by two rounds, will have a say in who is the champion.

August 30, 2011


Qualifying and round one elims are posted. The rest of the story tonight.

August 29, 2011

Points after race # 9 are posted.

A wild weekend at Mission Raceway for the Pro Stock Performance sponsored second to final points race of the year.

Mike Bedsworth gets his first win in a couple years, First time series competitor Jamie Toews reaches the final and gets to the finish line first (only to break out by .006), the top two in the points go out in round one and the guy chasing them has a great chance to move closer to the leaders only to be taken out by his team mate. Lots of other weird stuff takes place at what was one of the best races and best overall events of the season.

21 cars signed up for race #9 and by the time qualifying was complete, 20 cars had made the 8.70 cut.

Qualifying for this unique event started when the normal Saturday qualifying is actually completed. 4:00pm was the start time for the evening Saturday show. The conditions were hot at air temp was around 80 degrees and the track temperature was well over 120. Mike Bedsworth led with a 7.386/186 and Kevin Lance was the second quickest with a 7.46/182.

In round one of qualifying, 18 cars made attempts and 15 were successful in running 8.70 or quicker. David Heans had an unfortunate incident happen on the end of his run, as he was off his usual 8.30 pace running 8.96, in the shutdown, he got on the brakes but one of the front rotors and pads broke which prevented him from slowing down. He pulled his chute, but because of the inactivity of using the chute it did not deploy and he went into the sand trap at around 40 mph. There was no damage from him hitting the sand (other than sand in the chassis and body wells) but because of the damage to the brakes, which he could not get repaired he had to miss the rest of qualifying and was outside of the field. A tough break for a real nice guy!

John West had engine issues on his first lap and was not quick enough. Doug Steele who was out for the first time in his all new Chevy Nova had handling problems and TLD had trouble hooking up and he too was outside the field.

Alberta's Paul Glandon, who was testing his Cobalt did not enter the race in round one, and I bet he wished he did as he ran a 7.26/191 which would have put him at the top of the field. He entered after that run and the best he could run was a 7.814 in the final session.

In round two, Terry Shuflita got in a full pull and he went to the top with a 7.367/187. Bedsworth could not improve but Kevin Lance ran a half tenth quicker with a 7.41. Grant Howell was # 4 with a 7.677 and Kirk Lanz ran one of his best et's in the Cavalier with a 7.76. New comer Jamie Tows was in the middle of the pack with an 8.08 and another new comer Chad Barclay ran an 8.30 with their new Stratus. Jack Springer was the last guy to make the field with an 8.691. It was his first race in a while.

The night session which was delayed by around an hour due to one big oil down and the sun causing delays to see the tree and down track. By the time they got in their run the track temp had cooled to around 90 degree and the humidity had actually surface by way of dew. It did affect a few cars getting in a full pull but a number of cars also improve their ets. Charlton, Limb, Toews, Duda, Steele and Wolfram all improved their earlier bests.


The rest of the night the teams got to watch the Nitro Funny Cars, Jets and Wheelstanders performs.


Sunday Morning the conditions were great and it was the last chance to improve and set their qualifying position. Mike Bedsworth came close to getting #1, but fell just .002 short of Terry Shuflita's 7.367 best. Lance just missed the 7.30's with a 7.402. Warren and a handful of others improved, but the guy who benefited from the better cooler conditions was John West. A combination of a great track and sorting out his earlier issues netted a career best 8.129/161. That put the Island racer in the #12 position.

Final qualifying

1. Terry Shuflita 7.367/187.85
2. Mike Bedsworth 7.369/ 186.33
3. Kevin Lance 7.402/184.50
4. Grant Howell 7.677/178.52
5. Kirk Lanz 7.761/175.57
6. Dave Warren 7.764/178.07
7. Paul Glandon 7.814/133.61
8. Rob Charlton 7.838/171.55
9. Rick Limb 7.839/14.18
10. Jordan Lazic 8.027/170.71
11. Jamie Toews 8.042/168.31
12. Johnny West 8.129/161.72
13. Terry Langdon Davies 8.289/163.87
14. Chad Barclay 8.289/163.57
15. Darren Wolfram 8.398/157.67
16. Doug Steele 8.428/133.86
17. Nick Duda 8.433/158.33
18. Tyson Wells 8.460/160.34
19. Layne Wooley 8.462/161.81
20. Jack Springer 8.503/158.39

David Heans 8.917/155.70


In the random round one pairings ten pairs battled and there was a mix of close ET pairings and a few big spreads as well. Rick Limb and Dave Warren battled in the first pair and it was all Limb at the stripe. Both were almost identical off the starting line, but Dave fell off his 7.78 dial by a tenth of a second while Rick was just a tick over a hundredth giving him a car length victory.

Jamie Toews took on the five speed driver Jordie Lazic. Their dials were only .05 apart and the two young drivers had .029 difference in their rts. The slight advantage went to Toews and it was more than enough to get the win, as he ran an 8.12 on his 8.08. Jordie was almost a tenth off his 8.03 dial in.

Tyson Wells and Terry Shuflita had one of the biggest ET spreads in round one, as close to a second separated the two veteran drivers. Wells was dialed in an 8.38 and the #1 qualifier Shuflita had a 7.38 on his window. Tyson took a .04 starting line advantage and got the stripe by that same amount, as both drivers were .02 off their dials.

Mike Bedsworth and TLD had a similar spread in their dial-ins in the next pairing, and this was one of the closest races of the day. Langdon Davies had .016 on the starting line and had the lead right until the 1299 foot mark. Bedsworth ran within .005 of his 7.38 dial and got a 2/1000ths finish line stripe. Davies was close to his 8.27 dial-in but his 8.293 was two thou off a dead heat. That is one of the top two drivers out early.

The point leader Rob Charlton was up next as he faced Darren Wolfram. Just as the two drivers were set to stage, Charlton's S-10 bogged in the carburetor and Rob tried to clear it as it staged, but the truck slightly sputtered on the starting line putting him almost a tenth late compared to Wolfram. That was all the Westbank driver needed to take out the guy at the top. Could anyone behind the two leaders in the standings take advantage of their early round upsets? First time competitors Chad Barclay and Paul Glandon were up next and the spread here was just over a second. A 7.20 was on Glandon's window and his very nice Cobalt normally runs that number instead of the 7.70's and slower he was running earlier. Barclay was dialed in an 8.30. The two drivers left within .005 of each other and this one was pretty close at the stripe. While the 190 mph driver from Alberta was rapidly closing on the 160 mph Dodge driver, he needed another 200 feet of race track to get the job done. Barclay took the stripe by .03 and was off to round two.

Jack Springer got the easy win against newbie Doug Steele, as Doug left way to early handing the easy win to the "Jack Attack" pickup driver. The two 57 Chevy drivers were next up and they had almost identical reaction times.

The two 57 Chevy's battled next, as Kevin Lance was looking to gain points on the two at the top took He took on John West. Both drivers were within .002 of each other at the tree, then the HP of KL caught JW at 1200 feet, going by him for a .04 winning margin. Kevin was 10 points closer.

In one of the most bizarre round one races, Grant Howell somehow got himself all screwed up in the burnout box. He did a very week burnout and the 37 Chevy started to go sideways. He backed up and then actually started his second burnout before the rear tires were in the water. He then drove through the water and they were still wet when he rolled up to the lights. Crew Chief Dayle and the starter both tried to get him to spin the tires again, but Grant did not acknowledge them and he staged the car. Needless to say, he spun the tires right off the starting line and his day was done. I did not get a chance to ask him what happened. I jokingly said to Dayle, "tell him to stay off the crack......" She was just as baffled as I was.

The final pairing also had a weird results. Nick Duda and SpeedZone Magazine event sponsor Kirk Lanz were the final pairing. In the water box, Nick's crew chief George Duda changed the dial in on his window, which is a rules infraction. Nick got the win in the race, but it was overturned and Lanz was reinstated. This was actually the closest stripe of the year based on the finish line as both drivers got to the stripe to the thousandths. The incremental had to go down to the ten thousandths, and it was only 2/10,000ths. It was all a mute point due to the rules infraction.

Round two................A bit of excitement and disappointment highlighted round two action. The exciting part was the run with team mates Layne Wooley and Kevin Lance. With the defeat of top two in the points in round one, Kevin Lance now had a chance to move to within 56 points of Charlton and 29 of TLD if he in-fact won the race.

There were team orders (from what I was told) for Layne to allow Kevin to pass him before the finish line and in any race where the team mate was set to do that, it would have happened. But the unthinkable took place. Kevin was way too soft on the starting line and he could not run close enough to his number. Layne had a lazy .1 light and was .14 off his dial, he actually did his job with one exception, Kevin did not pass him. Kevin had a real late .19 light and could only run a 7.483 on his 7.42 dial-in. Layne's stripe was .017, or about a fender and a half. It certainly was unfortunate for Kevin's championship aspirations, be even if he did win that round he still had three more to win and then he had to pick up 57 more points then Rob in the final event. The odds of Charlton going out early two races in a row, are about as likely as our good buddy Terry Spargo running the last event with us this year.

The other shocker in round two was Kirk Lanz dodging his second bullet of the day. He was real late for the second run in as row, this time a .159 to Rick Limbs .007. Rick had this race in the bag until he took too much stripe and broke out by .001 more than Lanz. Being a new driver Limb is concentrating more on his driving then worrying about the other driver or other lane. He likely will be more conscious of his opponent the next time.

Jamie Toews defeated Jack Springer in the third pairing of round two. Springer was forced to go under his dial was he was .06 back of Toews at the starting line.

Chad Barclay defeated a red lighting Darren Wolfram to advance to the 1/4 finals and Mike Bedsworth was off to round three as he got a bit of a break when

Tyson Wells failed to get the win despite his .022 starting line advantage. The margin was a scant .008.

1/4 finals..........................Mike Bedsworth got the lucky odd car bye in the 1/4's and he just took the starting line green and backed out. First time DS racers Toews and Barclay faced of in round three and Toews got .02 on the starting line and he made that pay off for a .019 finish line stripe. Layne Wooley's goal now was to win the event and the $2,000 that goes with it to ease the sting felt by team mate and car owner Kevin Lance. Layne had .034 at the tree, and just held on for a .010 finish line victory. Two more rounds to go for Layne to ease the sting.

Semi finals......................Layne's run ended in the semis as he was late in the race with Mike Bedsworth.

Bedsworth was a bit tardy as well, bur he still had a .039 advantage . Layne also struggled to run the number as he was .112 off his 8.51 dial in. Bedsworth ran a 7.499 on his 7.41 dial in for a half tenth stripe. Jamie Toews got the odd car single and he ran it to the 1000 foot mark before lifting.

The final round would see Mike Bedsworth and Jamie Toews face-off. This one was a great final and both drivers left on time with-in .003 of each other. Toews dialed a 8.15 and Bedsworth dialed a 7.41.

Jamie held onto the lead but Mike was charging hard. At around 800 feet Bedsworth wiggled a bit but as Mike stated, "this was a 2k to win", so I held on and kept my foot in it. The wiggle cost Mike as Jamie crossed the finish line first, but his truck stuck to the track too well, and he took .006 too much stripe, breaking out on his 8.15 dial in.

To say the Bedsworth family was happy is an understatement. They have not raced a bunch this year, due to the economy and this $2,000 to win race was big.

Jamie Toews and his mom and dad were pretty happy as well, as he took home a decent cheque for the runner-up at his first event with the DS group.

August 24, 2011

Points are posted after race # 8.


August 23, 2011

Pro Stock Performance is this coming weekend's sponsor in race #9 of the 2011 10 race points earning season. This event is a big one at Mission Raceway, as there are five different feature classes running as part of the "SMOKE. FIRE AND THUNDER" EVENT at MRP. The doorslammers are excited about being one of the feature race series' this weekend. Pro Stock has been a series sponsor for over 5 years and is one of the leading hi-performance engine shops in Western Canada. Based out of Edmonton Ab. they specialize in both small block and big block applications. 500 hp to well over 1500 hp for your 10 second or even six second race car, or 500 hp street rods and everything in between. Click on their logo for their web site link and contact information. Thanks 'Pro Stock' for being a part of the CWDSA.

Qualifying for this event will run at 4:00pm. 6:00pm and 8:00pm (approx.) their will be a drivers meeting at 2:45pm. Sunday's final qualifier and eliminations will be at the usual times give or take depending on how the schedule is going.

Race #8 results.

(Chris Moffat Photos)


A fortunate win for TL Davies puts him closer to Rob Charlton and sets up what should be a great final two events.

Event sponsor (Rick Limb left ) hands over the doe to TLD and Terry's sponsor PR Steel representives. PR Steel is sponsoring the final race of the year,

(Sorry for leaving off the winners photo, it was here, it just never got uploaded)

Sunday Eliminations

Round one pairings:

Bedsworth vs Wooley, Lance vs Lanz, Howell vs TLD, Warren vs Limb, Charlton vs West, Jacques vs Yaroshuk, Lazic vs Fluery, DeWolf vs Duda and Wells vs Zacharias.

After qualifying was complete a couple guys ended up with wounded bullets and could not make it to eliminations. Todd Jacques and Johnny West both did not make it to round one. Brent Vanvliet had a bad fire on Saturday at the top end, and could not get in the third and fourth qualifiers.

With the breakage Ron Yaroshuk and Rob Charlton had easy singles and were of to round two. Layne Wooley strapped a great .019 light on Mike Bedsworth (Mike's was also good, a .024) and took out the #1 qualifier with a slim .007 stripe. Rick Limb got the win against Dave Warren and he was on a bit of a roll after his runner-up at Port Alberni. Jordie Lazic got a 3/100ths stripe against Gene Fluery after both drivers were within .003 at the tree. Kirk Lanz, despite only one qualifier took out third place driver Kevin Lance.

Kirk ran right on his 7.81 dial (7.818) while Kevin was forced under his dial trying to make up the .03 rt differential. TLD defeated Grant Howell as Davies was also right on his 8.30 dial in (8.306). Howell was also forced under his dial-in.

Tyson Wells defeated newbie Henry Zacharias when Henry had early run issues. Wells eased off the gas and got the win to advance to round two. Nick Duda defeated fellow Mustang driver Alex DeWolf when DeWolf went way red. Duda ran an 8.49 on his 8.44 dial.


Round two......Nine cars were in round two and Layne Wooley got the odd car single. He went 8.596 on his 8.61 dial-in.

Duda got a break against Wells, when Tyson was troubled of the starting line. Duda was a 1/10th back in rt, but drove around Tyson when the VW driver was forced off the throttle and had to pedal the car. Rob Charlton and Rick Limb had a great race; with both drivers have lights in the .01 and .02 range. Limb had a hundredth at the start but he fell off by .06 and Charlton was off by .03.

The difference in RT and the dials meant the point leader took a .02 stripe at the finish line. Jordie Lazic had a starting malfunction going way too early and Yaroshuck was the beneficiary. Ron was off to the 1/4 finals. Terry Langdon Davies took advantage of a late light by Kirk Lanz (Davies had .14 to work with off the starting line). TLD eased off the gas and almost gave up to much at the finish but he did get a .016 stripe.

1/4 finals.... Charlton got the single in the five car third round, and he took the starting line stripe and backed up. Yaroshuk's run in his first race of the year ended in round three against Nick Duda. Duda had a great .006 light and took a tenth stripe at the finish line.

The win gave him a bye run in the semi-finals, and his first final round date. Terry Langdon Davies ran right on his 8.33 dial in, his second run in elims that he ran on his dial. He went 8.333 on his 8.33.

Wooley gave it a good try against the guy chasing down the point leader, as Layne went .028 at the tree (.016 better than Davies), but Wooley was .06 off his 8.59 dial in. TLD took a .041 finish line stripe.


Semi finals......Duda had the single and he just drove it down the track at 2000 rpms saving parts and nitrous for the final round. Charlton and Davies had a great battle as most of theirs are.

Charlton went .004 at the tree, and Davies was .03 back so the race was in Charlton's favour. But he spun on the starting line and lost .03-.05 right there while Davies hooked up. The difference at the finish line was a miniscule .008, less than a fender.

The final was two guys who have only ran each once or twice before, and it was young vs old(er).

Duda strapped a huge holeshot on the veteran, and had .12 to play with at the finish line. He did not ease off the throttle enough though, and took .003 too much stripe, giving the win to Davies.



The next race, this weekend will tell a lot about who is going to be the 2011 champion. TLD has come close in the past, but this is as good a chance. He has two wins in a row in the point's races, and if he does the same at the next race even if Charlton goes to the final as well, the lead will only be half a round. If Kevin Lance wins the race, and the two in front of him go out early then it is a three team race at the finale the middle of September.


Rob Charlton's point leads shrinks by 40 points (his lead is now 26pts) as Terry Langdon Davies wins his third race of the season. Charlton goes to the semi finals so it is looking like a two driver battle to the end with Kevin Lance having an outside shot if ducks fall in a row for him. Kevin does need help though, as he sits 95 points back of TLD.

Nick Duda has his best outing in the series as he gets his first ever runner-up (should have won it all).

By Sunday morning 20 cars tried to make the 8.70 cut and 18 managed to run better than the minimum including a few first time attendees this year.

Ron Yaroshuk (third race with the doorslammers) and Henry Zacharias (first time ever) ran for the first time this season and both made the cut to compete in eliminations. John Marcus who has run in the past with the doorslammers in his very nice Duster and Brent Vanvliet both struggled to run the number and failed to qualify.


Todd Jacques was out for the first time this season as well and he ran low 8's.

The first qualifier ran at 1:00pm and 15 cars made qualifying attempts. Kevin Lance lead first round with a 7.47/181. Dave Warren was #2, going 7.87/177. Rob Charlton was the only other seven second car after the first session, as he just squeaked in a 7.97 under very hot humid conditions. Only 10 cars ran under the 8.70 minimum. In the second round run right in the heat of the day, traction was a bit better as six cars made seven second runs. Mike Bedsworth took over the lead in the second round with a 7.41. Grant Howell improved to a bunch with a 7.71, Warren improved by 1/100, Charlton picked under just over 5/100ths and Rick Limb ran a 7.94. Todd Jacques first run of the year netted him a 8.09. Gene Fluery was out for the second time this year in his six cylinder Grand National and he ran an 8.35. In all, 16 cars were in the field and two were still looking for more hp.

Round three never changed much, just a couple spots in the ladder, as 16 were still in the field.

Sunday morning saw Kirk Lanz and Nick Duda enter and they had one shot to make the field. Both did so with Lanz being the seventh car in the 7's. Duda ran an 8.53 to sit #15. Mike Bedsworth dipped into the 7.30's with a 7.35, Kevin Lance failed to improve from his 7.46 Saturday. Warren ran a 7.81 and both Charlton and Limb dipped into the 7.80'sRon Yaroshuk picked up over 2/10ths running a 8.39 best.

18 cars made the field.

Final qualifying

1. Mike Bedsworth 7.350/ 186
2. Kevin Lance 7.469/182
3. Grant Howell 7.711/177
4. Kirk Lanz 7.791/175
5. Dave Warren 7.811/174
6. Rob Charlton 7.828/171
7. Rick Limb 7.862/173
8. Todd Jacques 8.096/169
9. Jordan Lazic 8.113/170
10. Gene Fluery 8.135/166
11. Johnny West 8.300/158
12. Alex DeWolf 8.313/168
13. Terry Langdon Davies 8.345/161
14. Ron Yaroshuk 8.393/160
15. Nick Duda 8.464/157
16. Tyson Wells 8.531/157
17. Layne Wooley 8.573/159
18. Henry Zacharias 8.578/154

19. John Marcus 8.94/151
20. Brent Vanvliet 10.07/139

Round one pairings:

Bedsworth vs Wooley, Lance vs Lanz, Howell vs TLD, Warren vs Limb, Charlton vs West, Jacques vs Yaroshuk, Lazic vs Fluery, DeWolf vs Duda and Wells vs Zacharias.


August 18, 2011

A note from Marcy

Hello Everyone

"First and foremost, a huge thank you to Rick and Linda Limb of, “Ogilvie Mtn Holdings” for coming on board for the first time to sponsor this weekends event at Mission.

Second I’d like to thank the CMDRA for waiving the car and driver gate fee for this weekends event. Each team will be required to pay for their crew members at the gate but will not be required to pay the usual car and driver gate entry. This is a CMDRA event and we will be the only “car” class at this event. There is not a scheduled test and tune class therefore anyone wanting to make passes in their car will be required to pay the $100 entry fee to the Canada West Doorslammers Association, and must conform to the association rules. I am told by Wally of Mission Raceway that the track prep will be the same as it is at any other event that Mission Raceway hosts, so there should be no worry or concern about lack of track prep.

The CMDRA will be running the gate this weekend, therefore the gate hours that they have implemented will be Friday August 19th from 4PM to 12AM. You will not be able to get in the gate into the pits before Friday at 4:00PM. Saturday and Sunday the gate hours will be as per normal.

Our race schedule should be as per normal with Saturday qualifying at approximately 12:00PM, 2:00PM and 4:00PM, and Sunday’s qualifier at approximately 10:30 and then eliminations to follow. We will have our drivers meeting on Saturday morning at 10:30 at Rob Charlton’s trailer".

August 17, 2011

One week off and the Doorslammers are back at it with back to back racing weekend's. This weekend the series comes back to the home track MRP, for the 8th points race of the year. The event sponsor is Ogilvie Mountain Holdings. Ogilvie is member Rick Limb's company, and his sponsorship is what makes the series so successful. It is member backed. Many of the competitors in the series are also race or series sponsors. Rick's company is a road construction based operation with excavators and construction based equipment operating in the Eastern Fraser Valley all the way up through the interior of BC.

Limb's best race of his first season came at the event, when he went all the way to the final round at Port Alberni. A close final with Kevin Lance brought him home the r/u trophy and cash.


August 11, 2011

A fun weekend at Port Alerni...

A huge crowd, great weather and good karma for the event sponsor, as the Lance Family with Kevin behind the wheel of the 57 Chevy takes the win over first time finalist Rick Limb.


15 cars entered the event presented by Lance Racing. It was real hot both days and running on an airstrip is difficult at the best of times.

The extra heat just made it more difficult to get down. The Alberni crew worked real hard to give as much traction as possible and while the first round was tough the second session went better and it got progressively better as the weekend went along. After Saturday, Terry Shuflita and Kevin Lance were side by side with Shuflita in his Firebird just edging out Lance in the new 57 Chevy, 7.57 to a 7.59.

After Saturday six cars were in the 7second zone and another 5 were quicker than the 8.70 minimum.

The most excitement on Saturday came in round two when Shane Wangler got loose just after the launch and he went off track into the grass spinning out before coming to a rest pointing back toward the starting line. Shane and the car were okay after an extensive cleaning back at the pits.

Sunday morning the qualifier was not run until 11:30 due to a couple on track delays, and Chris Lamb unfortunately was a victim of one of the delays. He kicked the rods out in his cool blown Vega just off the starting line and his weekend was done.

Ken Gallagher in his 69 Dart had a small oil leak and he too did not make a run on Sunday and failed to make the field. Wangler came close on Sunday morning but his 8.74 fell just short of the 8.70 minimum. Rick Smith in the nitrous Chevy Pick-up ran in the 8's but he was a couple tenths away from making the field.

Final qualifying

Terry Shuflita
2000 Firebird
Kevin Lance
Campbell River
57 Chevy
Grant Howell
37 Chevy
Rick Limb
65 Chevy II
Rob Charlton
Pitt Meadows
02 Chevy S-10
Dave Warren
62 Belair
Johnny West
Vancouver Island
57 Chevy
David Heans
Cobble Hill
69 Camaro
Tyson Wells
Bridal Falls
65 VW
Ryan Baker
Van Isle
Layne Wooley
55 Chevy
Ken Gallagher
Van Isle
69 Dart
Shane Wangler
Van Isle
69 Camaro
Chris Lamb
Van Isle
Vega Wagon
Rick Smith
Van Isle
Chevy P/U

In eliminations, the odd car number making the field 11 meant there would be a round one bye; the lucky driver was #11 qualifier Layne Wooley. Terry Shuflita was up against Tyson Wells, Kevin Lance would face Johnny West in a battle of 57 Chevy's Grant Howell and Rob Charlton battled in a race of past series champions and old and new style hot rods. Rick Limb and David Heans would face off in a battle of Classic Chevy's and in the final pairing, Dave Warren and Ryan Baker battled with two Chevys.

Wooley in the single motored down track on his single and would wait on the winner of the Shuflita/Wells race and that round one race was a good one. A good start for both teams and Terry Shuflita took the stripe by a half car length. He should have taken the stripe by half that because he broke out on his 7.56 dial. He ran a 7.53. Well's got the break and a date against Layne Wooley.

Kevin Lance ran Johnny West and this one was all Lance and he ran real close to his 7.58 dial while West fell off his early 8.teen runs.

Grant Howell and Rob Charlton were next and Charlton took this one with a better rt.

Rick Limb ran David Heans and it was Limb getting the round win. The final pairing saw Dave Warren get the win over first time doorslammer competitor, Ryan Baker. Baker's Chevelle fell off its earlier pace and Warren took the easy win.

In round two, Wooley made his quickest run of the weekend, but it was quicker than his dial in and he broke out against Wells.

Charlton and Lance had a great battle with Lance taking a very small finish line stripe.


Rick Limb defeated Dave Warren in the third 1/4 final pairing and with the win he was on the right side of the ladder,

and got a single in the next round (the semis), and would be in his first final round in doorslammer competition.


The other semi was a doozy. Tyson Wells and Kevin Lance, two top five competitors in an epic battle. 6/1000ths separated the two drivers at the tree and Lance had to chase down the 65 'bug'. It was dialed an 8.54, and Lance was dialed a 7.58.

Wells like Shuflita in round one, took the stripe (and according to the announcer got the win light, but the computers don't give the win based on dial in's like Compulink systems do), but broke out by .007 handing the win and a final round date with Rick Limb.

The final round was a great race as well as Rick was not intimidated by being in his first final round. He was within .06 at the tree, and ran a 7.88 on his 7.86 dial. Kevin Lance though was a bit better. He went 7.562 on his 7.56, was a bit better at the starting line and got a car length victory, his third win of the year.

The series has one week off and then they race back to back weekends at Mission Raceway, the first being with the CMDRA and then it is one of the biggest races of the year, the Smoke, Fire and Thunder event.

August 3, 2011

This weekend is THE fun event of the year: It is the "Thunder in the Valley" race in

Port Alberni at the Port Alberni airport. The event is presented by

'Lance Racing' out of Campbell River is a two car race team that has been a big part of the Doorslammer series for the last five years. Being from the Island, this is a great race for the Lance Family to be a big part of. They will have a few of their sponsors at the event and will no doubt have a great time all weekend long. Kevin Lance is the lead driver for the team and is behind the wheel of a very nice 57 Chevy (pictured below). Layne Wooley is the driver of the purple/white 55 Chevy. A huge part of the Lance team is 'Mom' Caddie, who is at every event and making sure the team is well fed. 'Dad' Brad is the backer of the team and lends his support at every event as well.

Kevin currently sits #3 in the points but this event is not a points earner, it is just an exhibition. 16 DS cars are expected including a few from the Island that don't make it out regularly .


Head on over to the "Valley", it is a very fun event.

July 27, 2011


Points after race seven are posted

(Chris Moffat photos)

Eliminations From race 7 (All the photos will be posted Thursday night).

TLD gets his second win of the year and moves up in the points.

Qualifying results are posted first.

Random pairings for round one include Dallas Wagner (bye run), Rick Limb vs Warner Wagner, Layne Wooley vs Jordie Lazic, Tyson Wells vs Dave Warren, Rob Charlton vs Phil Davis and Terry Langdon Davies vs Kevin Lance.

Dallas ran a .07 off pace 7.98 on his 7.88 dial in and will probably have to adjust his number for round two. Rick Limb did a smaller burnout for round one and got the round win going 7.99 in his 7.92Warner broke out by .10 on his 8.56 dial.

Layne Wooley defeated Jordie Lazic in the third pairing of round one. Layne eased off the gas near the stripe when he did not see Jordie close. His ran 8.82 on his 8.71. Jordie was over .4 off his 8.46 dial.

Tyson Wells defeated Dave Warren when Dave left a tenth early on the tree. Wells ran it out and was just .02 off his 8.54 dial in. Rob Charlton and Phil Davis had good .019 and .033 lights But Phil shook a little on his run and could not run his 7.75 dial in he fell of .117.

Rob eased off the gas and got the win running 8.06 on his 8.01 dial in. The final pairing saw #2 and #3 in the points Terry Langdon Davies and Kevin Lance face off. It was over early, as Kevin rolled the beams and left before the tree was activated.

TLD got the win running 9.17 on his 8.87 dial.

Round two........ TLD had Dallas Wagner in round two and he got a close win, running 8.896 (on a 8.88 dial).

Wagner went 7.977 on his 7.91. The two drivers were within .02 on the tree. Wells got a huge holeshot on Wooley in their matchup, and that lead held up for a .1 victory at the top end Wells went 8.668 on a 8.56 and Wooley went 8.886 on his 8.75 dial.

The final pairing saw Rob Charlton and Rick Limb square off. This was a real good race as Limb got .006 on the tree and the two cars were real close all the way down track. Rick dumped right at the finish line but let off too much and Charlton took a .04 stripe at the finish line.

Semi finals.......Tyson Wells got the odd car bye run in the semis and he just took the green and got ready for the finals. Langdon Davies had Charlton in the other semi and this one was important for the points.

If Davies won he would gain ground on the point leader. If Charlton went to another final, he would further extend his lead. Something he rally needs to do if he want s to win the series. He is going to miss one or two races at the end of the year due to a long planned holiday.

It did not go to Rob's plan, as he went .02 red handing the automatic win to TLD. Terry legged it out and went 8.86 on his 8.89 dial in. He was holding a couple for the expected tough round.

Final round, Terry Langdon Davies and 2009 champ Tyson Wells. These two raced a bunch over the last couple years. The start was as good as possible, as the two drivers went .024 and .05 at the tree. Langdon Davies dialed in a 8.86 and Wells dialed in a 8.58. They were welded all the way down track and the stripe was less the .04. Langdon Davies got there first running 8.873. Wells went 8.628. Just over a half car length for TLD.

The win moves him to within 53 of the lead with three races remaining.

The next race is a non-points race at Port Alberni. Make sure you have your entry in and hotels booked.


Points after race seven are posted

Terry Langdon Davies gets his second win of the year and he is now a major contender for the series. 2009 series champion Tyson Wells matches his best result of the year with his second final round in the last three races. and Rob Charlton still went rounds on the weekend at the Eagle Motorplex, going to the semi finals. Two time race winner, and one of the hottest DS competitor's this year, Kevin Lance went out in round one.

Here are the results.

Qualifying saw 10 cars make runs in the first two rounds. Four cars were in the sevens after the first two rounds and Kevin Lance led with a 7.65. Phil Davis was #2 going a 7.82 best. Dallas Wagner in his second race of the season was #3 with a 7.88 after two rounds. The fourth seven second driver was Rick Limb. He just got into the 7's, with a 7.97. Point leader Rob Charlton went a 8.04 best after round two.

Round three of qualifying was delayed until Sunday morning due to rain Saturday afternoon, and cooler track and air conditions helped most driver's improve. Layne Wooley got in his first lap, and ran a 8.71 to solidly get in the field. Charlton managed to get in a 7 second time slip, a 7.98 to stay #5. Phil Davis improved by .06 and solidified his #2 position, and Dallas Wagner also picked up, and his best was now a 7.81. Rick Limb picked up .05 and now had 7.91 as his best number. They held a burnout contest, and Rick Limb won hands down as he did a long 350 footer and almost ended badly as he got real squirrelly and actually just touched the wall. The only damage was a minor scrape on the right side fender to his gorgeous Nova. He was lucky, but he took one for the team and won the contest.

Final qualifying
Kevin Lance 57 Chevy 7.574/180.39
Phil Davis 41 Willys 7.760/178.21
Dallas Wagner 04 Dakota 7.816/175.30
Rick Limb 67 Nova 7.928/170.68
Rob Charlton 04 S-10 7.988/168.41
Dave Warren 62 Belair 8.71/173.44
Jordie Lazic 89 Fiebird 8.308/167.06
Tyson Wells 65 VW 8.520/157.06
Warner Wagner 10 PT Cruiser 8.565/159.63
Layne Wooley 55 Chevy 8.719/151.95
Terry Langdon Davies 41 Willys 8.852/152.59

July 13, 2011

This weekend the Doorslammers are at the Eagle Motorplex with the CMDRA. The event sponsor is the longest serving sponsor in the series, TCS Performance Products. Bob Marshall and the family have been one of THE biggest supporters of Drag Racing in BC for over 20 years. Sponsoring teams, tracks and of course their own record holding Comp GPX race car. Bob has run the series for over 10 years and their top salesperson Marcy is of course our head honcho. Rob Charlton is the point leader heading into this weekend's event, but two drivers are looking to close the gap at the top. Kevin Lance and Terry Langdon Davis. Both drivers are around 80 points back with four events left on the schedule.

Points are here.

For everyone that is planning on attending the next D/S race on July 16/17 with the CMDRA in Ashcroft, the CMDRA will be taking care of our car and driver gate fees, so you will only be charged for your crew members for the weekend.

I would like to know approximately how many cars are planning on coming to Ashcroft, could you please reply to this email if you will be attending or not!

Thank you, see you in two weeks

July 6, 2011

Photos by Bill Jeffery, Robert Hunter and Dean Murdoch

The first two time winner this year moves up in the points.

After the first half of the season, many including myself thought that the season was decided, as Rob Charlton had gone to the final round at the first five races (including the non points race #1). Yes he only had one win but going rounds will win you the championship. No one else had won more than one event and most of the event winners had a few early exits as well. Charlton had a 130 point lead going into this past weekend's event, and this one was going to be at least a five rounder. If he won or went to his 6th consecutive in a row, the race season was essentially over.

Well Rob went deep again this past weekend, but did not go to the finals. He was ousted in round three by last year's champ Zak Clarke. But what happened and what could mean the season is not already wrapped up is we had our first two time winner this season and he now sits just 79 points back of Charlton. Kevin Lance is proving being in the quick half of the ladder does not mean you have a big disadvantage at the tree. Actually, Rob Charlton has proved either side of the ladder means squat as well. The full time bracket racers (and a few others who say they would run the class but don't because of the tree) have stated all year long and in prior season the DS assoc. should run a sportsman tree for a couple of different reasons. The group has voted they don't want it but the debate goes on and on. Well this year, Charlton who has races both slow and fast cars has proved it works either way and Lance, in the two races he has won has been the quicker car in all rounds.
In qualifying, 22 cars tried for the 8.70 minimum, and 19 made the field.

It was led by Greg Anderson who ran a 7.01/205 on his first lap. Unfortunately, Greg had hood and scoop damage and could not continue for the weekend. He would get 1st round qualifying points. #2 qualifier was Steve Addison.

He ran a couple 7.0's including a career best 7.04/198. Unfortunately for him he suffered engine damage in his round one burnout and was done for the weekend. It was unfortunate for him, as his opponent David Heans broke in qualifying, giving Addison a single. #3 was Terry Shuflita.

Terry went 7.36/188 in his final qualifier. #4 was Kevin Lance. He got his advanced et license on Saturday and then Sunday morning went a 7.41/183 best.

Phil Davis was #5 in the field, as he went 7.57 in his first weekend out. #6 was Grant Howell. He ran 7.60's in qualifying. #7 qualifier was Ken Kruger. #8 was Dave Warren.

Tony Dreissen was out for the first time in his wheelstanding "Farm Truck" (billed as the quickest farm vehicle), he fell just short with a 8.72 best. When he is not running his Chevy P/U or at the Dairy Farm he crews for Terry Schwiegert, in the ADRL Motorcycle class.

Gene Fluery from Seattle was out for the first time as well. He drives a six cylinder Grand National and made the field running a career best 7.96. Rick MacLeod Sr. tried to make the field in his very nice Belvedere, but he fell a tenth shy.

Final qualifying
1. Greg Anderson 7.01/205
2. Steve Addison 7.04/198
3. Terry Shuflita 7.36/188
4. Kevin Lance 7.41/183

5. Phil Davis 7.57/182
6. Grant Howell 7.67/177

7. Ken Kruger 7.699/182
8. Dave Warren 7.71/180
9. Kirk Lanz 7.75/175
10. Rob Charlton7.80/172
11. Rick Limb 7.81/174

12. Dave Richardson 7.88/171
13. Zak Clarke 7.89/173
14. Gene Fluery 7.96/174
15. Jordie Lazic 8.00/171
16. Tyson Wells 8.29/161
17. Darren Wolfram 8.40/161

18. Dave Heans 8.42/160

19. Terry Langdon Davies 8.56/156

Tony Driessen 8.72/153
Layne Wooley 8.77/153
Rick MacLeod 8.79/151


Eliminations were perhaps the closest side by side racing we have seen in a long time. Many stripes were less than .01.
As per the random pairings, Darren Wolfram in his first DS race of the year defeated Tyson Wells.

Wells had .03 at the tree but he got loose when the V-Dub went left on the launch, Tyson pedalled the car but he could not catch the Kelowna driver.
The next pairing was a great one, as the wily veteran "The Krug", Ken Kruger took on "JR" Jordie Lazic.

The two drivers were within .002 of each other on the tree, and Ken had to chase down the five-speed Trans Am. He caught Jordie at the 1315 foot mark for a .0032 margin of victory. The Stripe was about 16 inches. The next pair was not all that close as Terry Shuflita was real late off the mark and he could not catch Grant Howell at the finish line. Howell was .04 off his 7.68 dial in while Terry was .06 off his 7.35. Dave Warren defeated Rick Limb in the next pairing as Limb has car trouble at the second gear shift.

Zak Clarke faced off against one of his favour rivals in round one, and that was Dave Richardson. These two have had numerous side by sides and this one was no different. Clarke had .006 on the tree and ran right on his 7.89dial with a .008. Richardson ran right on his dial, a 7.88 with a .006 giving "Kaos" the win by .004 the second stripe this round less than .005. Another finish line won by a foot. Kirk Lanz ran right on his 7.78 dial to the thousandths, and is thanking Phil Davis for the gift he gave him. Lanz was real late, over 2/10th late at the tree and Davis was right on time. Phil, in the blown Willys had caught Lanz by 900 feet and then got off the gas assuming he would coast through the finish line. Well Lanz's car is not a lot slower than Phil's and he managed to catch up to Phil and pass him.

Davis tried to get back on the loud pedal, but the big Willys did not respond in time and Lanz took the stripe by just over a tenth of a second. That one had to hurt! It was hard to give Phil a hard time, as his wife Pat had already taken care of that. Kevin Lane got a break in round one when Greg Anderson could not make the call due to his front end scoop breaking. Steve Addison was set to run David Heans but he too broke. Unfortunately for Addison his car broke on the burnout, so he failed to advance on the freebie. The final pairing was also a single, as point leader Rob Charlton got a break when newcomer Gene Fleury did not run round one. He stated he had starter issues and did not want to break the car, as he has a big race in a couple weeks south of the border. His goal, after the fact, was to be the first seven second car in the class with a six cylinder. His ride is a turbocharged six cylinder Grand National. He did accomplish his goal, running a 7.96 in qualifying, and if he gets a membership we will acknowledge that, just giving you the gears Gene, Congrat's on the run).

Round two.....Kevin lance started his run of solid lights, going .021 at the tree. He got lucky though, as his 57 Chevy fell off by 2/10ths, but TLD will kick himself for taking way to much stripe running .022 under his 8.57 dial in.

Rob Charlton just squeaked out a win over Dave Warren in the next pair.

The point leader had .046 advantage at the tree, and looked to have the race at hand but a hard charging Warren ended up just behind Charlton at 1320 feet. Charlton got the stripe by .012, about four feet. Grant Howell got the break in round two, as he was supposed to face either Addison or Heans. When both broke in round one, he got the single. Kruger's great first round win was negated in round two when he was real late against Kirk Lanz. Lanz was on the ball in this round, having a tenth and a half starting line to play with and he eased off slightly at the stripe taking a car length win Kruger did run a career best 7.67 on the run, so not all was lost.

Zak Clarke got a bit of an easy one as well, as he took out Darren Wolfram. Wolfram too was real late on the tree, and he was passed by Clarke at 1100 feet. Zak eased off the gas and took a 1/10th stripe.

1/4 finals......Two great rivals were up in the first pairing, as Rob Charlton and Zak Clarke faced off.

The Kid who loves controversy actually had most of the pits on his side as Charlton had to be stopped before the final round at least once. This one was a classic. Clarke took .027 at the tree and held on for a .005 stripe. Rob actually broke out by .003, and even if he ran right on his dial he would have come up, just .007 short. The second great race of the round saw two islanders square off.

Grant Howell ran Kevin Lance and it was awesome. I shot a couple rounds at the finish line in anticipation of some close racing and I was not left without. Howell went .019 at the tree to Lance's .028. Grant was ahead right to the 1300 foot mark where the Kid caught up to the 37 Chevy driver. He caught Grant and past his running right on his dial to the thousandths, a 7.400 on 7.40. Howell went 7.724 on 7.71. Another stripe in the triples, a 005 margin of victory. Kirk Lanz got the odd car single and he made the most of it. Trying for consistency, he nailed the tree with a .009 light, and ran a 7.762 on his 7.78 dial in.

Semi finals......Kevin Lance showed his ability to dial in his 57 was not just good for the early rounds as he took on the other Lanz, Kirk that is, and not only ran on his #, he also nailed the tree with a .013 light. He dialled a 7.38 and went 7.382. Kirk was not slouch, going .048 and running .027 off his 7.76 dial in. That package would win you a number of rounds, but this one was no contest.
Zak Clarke got the bye run and he was sharp (.024 on the tree), but was off his 7.80 dial in (He went 7.912, right on his earlier runs a not real sure why he dialled that #)
Final round... two of the most consistent drivers all day long, both cutting .01 and .02 lights with regularity.

Both have won multiple times, and are top five points earners. Clarke dialled a 7.91 (just what I thought he would) and Lance dialled in a 7.37 (1/100tha quicker than the round before).

Clarke left first and had a decent but not great light, a .030. Lance nailed the tree with a .017 rt. This one was a nail biter, and it did not look like Lane would catch him. Marcy was at 900 feet and Clarke was still in front, I was at the stripe and I shot the first frame at the mph markers. It looked like Clarke was still ahead, but at the finish line 67 feet further Lance took the win light by, you guessed it, .005.

Another great race in this event. This was possibly the closest racing we have seen by the doorslammers.
With the win Kevin pulls to within 80 points with four (possibly five) races remaining, one point ahead of Langdon Davies. Kirk Lanz is in fourth place and Dave Warren sits in fifth.

The next event is up at the Plex, and the CMDRA are the hosts. It is free entry for car and driver and the crew pays admission.


2011 race results from race 5 and earlier are here.


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