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December 25, 2010

Marcy and Dean want to wish all the fans and teams of the Canada West Doorslammers a happy holiday season


December 2, 2010

Congrat's to Tyson and Heather Wells. Baby Sasha was born December 2, 2010. As sister for Zach and Eli.

A great banquet and party last Saturday, preceded by the driver and executive meeting. A few new rules . Zak Clarke was crowned the 2010 champion, and along with that, he was awarded $2,000.00 and a waft of Jet Tools He will be back to defend his title, and is going to debut a new ride sometime in 2011. A RH Race Cars Chevy II. New comer Kirk Lanz is also getting a new car built by RH. After just a couple month behind the wheel of the Cavalier he bought off Stefan Kondolay, he will debut a RH 69 Camaro in later 2011.

A couple changes for the 2011 season. I will confirm with Marcy, (I am doing this all from memory so it may not be 100% accurate) but the eliminations ladder will be a random draw for all qualifiers. There will not be a fast half and slower half. Qualifying points will still be awards to #'s 1 through 16, but the field will not be laddered according to ets. The tree will remain a pro tree. Make up dates for rain outs will not be held at Ashcroft. All Mission dates will be rescheduled at the next Mission date. An event that did not get started due to rain will not be rescheduled. The 2011 race directors are Scott Charlton, Randy Arlitt, TLD and Kid Kaos . If bad weather is forecasted for a Sunday, the assoc. will endeavor to complete the race on the Saturday. If Sunday turns out good, the completed race on Saturday will be just a cash bash (with no points), and the Sunday will be the actual race with regular purse and points. There will be two or three events that will have double payout (we are looking for a couple more sponsors), so if you or any teams have a lead let Marcy or Dean Know. Woodburn is potentially on the schedule. Marcy is looking for a date. A few other details that I will get confirmed with Marcy over the next couple days.

Oct 15, 2010

The 2010 Season has come to an end, and it’s time to Crown our new champion!! Our year end awards/banquet dinner will be held in conjunction with Mission Raceway on Saturday November 27th in one of the banquet rooms at the Best Western Mission City Lodge. The doors will open at 6:00PM with Dinner at 7:00PM. Tickets will be $40.00 per person, please contact Laura from Mission Raceway park to purchase your tickets. Her email address is missionraceway@telus.net and her Cell Phone number is 604 217-4001. You can purchase your tickets with a Visa, Master Card or cheque and she will mail you your tickets, or if you are local you can pick them up from Laura at Mission Raceway Monday to Friday but please contact her in advance to make arrangements to pick them up. Laura will be out of the office from Oct.29th – Nov.5th. All tickets are being handled through Mission Raceway therefore I do not have any tickets for sale all sales will go through Laura.

Special Hotel Room rates have been set up for us, when booking a hotel room at the Best Western Mission City Lodge, please let them know you are with the “Doorslammers group booking”, you must let them know you are part of this group booking when making your reservation in order to take advantage of the special discounted group rate. Rates are $95.20 (single) or $103.04 (double) including taxes. These room rates are only being held for us until November 10th so please book your room ASAP in order to take advantage of the group booking prices. If you are not staying at the Lodge, please find an appropriate ride home…Please Don’t Drink and Drive.

There will be a racers meeting at the Mission Spring Restaurant on Saturday November 27th at 1:30PM. Your participation in this meeting is very important!! This is your opportunity to have your say in any Rules & Regulations that you may or may not like to see change for the 2011 season.

Please let me know if you will be attending the racers meeting in the afternoon so I can make a reservation in the private meeting room and let them know how many of us they can expect.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Best Western Mission City Lodge Mission Springs Restaurant

32281 Lougheed Highway 7160 Oliver Street

Mission, BC Mission, BC

Ph#604 820-5500 Ph#604 820-1009

Toll # 1 888 552-5542 Reservation in private meeting room

Sept 23, 2010


(Photos Friday)

The Jack and Zak Show ended the 2010 Canada West Doorslammer season.

The 'Jack' is Jack Springer who won the final event of the year, one day after completing the Scotty Richardson Drag Racing School, coincidence, I dunno, but it is his first ever win in the seires and he had struggled most of the year with consistency. Luck certainly played a role for most wins and it did on the weekend as well.


The 'Zak' part of the story is for Zak Clarke the series champion for 2010. A very dominant year early and through the middle part. He pretty well had he championship wrapped up by part #7. The race #8 win meant he only had to qualify for each race to guarantee the title. He did that with ease. The final event he went to the 1/4 final and tried to use his lesson taught in the school and tried to tighten up his finish line stripe. He failed to do that, giving the win to Kevin Lance, who solidified his top five finish for the second straight year.

The inclement weather forced Marcy to make the decision to run the race on Saturday as a tentative cash bash and possible point's race. If Sunday was washed out like the forecast said then the Saturday portion would be the final event. If the weather held for Sunday then they would have the qualifying from Saturday continue to Sunday and finish the race then, and the Saturday eliminations portion would be a cash bash with no points.


It was ugly Sunday so the race results from Saturday were final. Saturday qualifying had two rounds and then eliminations.

14 cars were in attendance and for the first time Terry Spargo was not the #1 qualifier. Terry was not there and Greg Anderson battle Jeff Hill for the top spot. In round one of qualifying, Anderson took the spot with a 7.036@196.54 lap. Hill went 7.14 also at 196.

Phil Davis was back out after skipping race 9 due to engine woes. He went 7.71 just behind Kevin Lance's 7.71. Only Jack Springer was outside the 8.70 bump, with a peddling 18 second time slip. He made it interesting to get his first win for sure.



In Round two, Anderson got loose and had to lift early, while Jeff Hill Ripped off a 7.03 (with a 7). So close to matching Anderson, but he fell .001 short. Davis improved by a tenth to get the #3 spot in the field Lance was #4 and newcomer Rick Limb in his absolutely awesome 67 Nova was #5 with a 7.75.

Charlton was #6 and Zak Clarke rounded out the top half with a 7.87.


Kevin Lance won the dial in award run in the second qualifier, with a .006 off 7.76 on his 7.71 dial in. Jack was up against David Heans in the final qualifier and David left before the tree was activated, and the tree was real late activating was the starter had to switch over to manual mode. Springer was on the convertor for a long time then let off and rolled through the lights. Marcy gave Jack another try die to the late tree. He used it to his advantage, and ran a 8.62 to made the field in the #14 spot. A lucky boy for sure. Scott Charlston was out to run for the weekend, but his starter packed it in so he had to skip the race.

Final qualifying

1. Greg Anderson 7.036/196.54
2. Jeff Hill 7.037/196.16
3. Phil Davis 7.634/181.34
4. Kevin Lance 7.716/180.14
5. Rick Limb 7.757/174.96
6. Rob Charlton 7.784/173.61
7. Zak Clarke 7.876/174.28
8. Gary Wiebe 7.966/170.42
9. Ken Kruger 8.008/166.08
10. Terry Langdon Davies 8.366/ 161.31
11. Dave Heans 8.434/161.57
12. Tyson Wells 8.568/ 156.15
13. John West 8.579/155.975
14. Jack Springer 8.624/161.11
15. Dave Warren no run

Did not start
16. Scott Charlston 8.356/160.65

Final elimiations Friday evening (am out of town Friday morning).


With 15 cars in the field for elims, the @1 qualifier first round bye went to Greg Anderson. He dialed a 7.04 and ran a 7.055@196. Dave Warren who got in without a run and no data got the break of round one as his opponent John West Broke in qualifying, so Warren had a single.


He put 7.73 on his window and went 7.78. Terry Langdon Davies faced David Hean, and this one was close. Langdon Davies had .02 at the tree but Hean ran right on his dial in with in .007. Davies was not far off either as he went 8.40 on his 8.38 dial in. The margin at the stripe was .001 for Davies. Just like the last race there was some close action here.

Zak Clarke defeated Phil Davis when he went red by a hundredth.

Crash sequence is here

Ken Kruger took on Gary Wiebe and this one was not pretty. (Photo sequence below). Kruger left first and was out in front when Wiebe got loose at 300 feet. The Abbotsford driver was out of the groove from the start, and when he tried to manipulate the car back in the centre of his lane the car made a hard move to the right and crossed into the lane just behind Kruger. The car looked like it was going to smoke the right wall nose in, but right at the last possible moment, Gary got the car turned to the left. It just missed the wall but when the car turned away from the barrier, it got up on two wheels and rolled onto the roof. The car slid for 500 feet and came to rest right at the 1320 mph marker. The damage was not too bad and Gary was okay, other than in the pocket book. Rob Charlton took out Jeff Hill and the stripe there was close as well. The margin was a fast closing .022.

Kevin Lance defeated Rick Limb by a car length and Jack Springer got a break against 2009 champ Tyson Wells in the final pairing. Tyson had the race at hand and tried to use some top end tactics learned at the driving school the day before. He lifted at the 1000 foot marker but eased off too much and Springer caught back up with Wells and his top end speed allowed him to stay out in front.

He took a half car length win. To say Tyson was beating himself up was an understatement.



KEN KRUGER AND LANGDON DAVIES LEFT TOGETHER, BUT KRUGER (SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS) got the win when he ran within .001 off his 8.10 dial in That close number gave him the Kruger racing dial in award (good Karma rewards the giver). That meant that Davies would finish third in the points. Springer got his second break in his match up with Warren. Warren went in deep and was tossed.

Kevin Lance took on the new series champ, and got the win when Clarke also got too cute on the top end. "Kid Kaos" broke out by .013

Semi Finals...... Kruger took on Springer and Springer got his third break in a row.

Kruger had .04 at the tree but he lifted the front end and was drifting to the guard rail. He had to lift and Springer was off to his first ever final. Rob Charlton faced Kevin Lance. Charlton was better at both ends of the track. He had .038 at the starting line and was .01 closer to his dial as well. Charlton was off to his second final in a row.


Final round.... was a battle of two trucks for the first time in series history.


Would the multi time winner take his 3rd win of the year or would the sophomore driver take it? It was over on the starting line. Springer had an average light but Charlton went .... RED... 004 red. The"Golden Boy" (this weekend anyway) gets his first ever win.

What a day. I have never in all my racing days, seen a happier team and driver. Too say Jack and the team were excited, is the understatement of the year. Too be honest it could not have happened to a more deserving team. I was especially happy for his daughter Kayla who has been by his side all season long.

Final points are posted.

Sept 20 ,2010

Points are posted.

Hello Everyone

WOW! I can't believe another year has come to an end. I would like to congratulate Zak Clarke for his awesome year and becoming our 2010 Series Champion, way to go Zak! I would also like to thank Scott Charlton and the members of my committee that helped me make this year run smoothly and keep the fun factor the number one priority. I would also like to thank all of you and your teams for making this year such a success, and so much fun, Chris and I really enjoyed the season and we appreciate the great efforts you all put in to making this series the huge success that it is, we hope that everyone involved had as much fun as we did.

I will keep you all posted with the information on the year end meeting and awards dinner/banquet, as soon as I have that information.

Yours Truly

The rest of the weekend story will be up on Wednesday - Friday.

Sept 19, 2010

The season is complete. A total washout on Sunday meant the Saturday race is the final points earning event.

Zak "Kid Kaos" Clarke wins his first series championship after a dominating first half including five final rounds, four wins and only two first round exit.

The stress of the season is over for all the competitors in the 2010 RH Race Cars Canada West Doorslammers series.




Jack "the man" Springer takes home the final win of the 2010 season. A well deserved win and it could not happen to a nicer group. I have never seen a happier driver or team. In talking to most of the teams, they were all ecstatic the Maple Ridge driver won. He worked hard all year long and had a bit of luck in the race. But it is better to be lucky than good any day. The win put Springer into 7th in the standings. Charlton solidified his 2nd place standing with his fourth final round. Rob has the most top five finishes in the series history. TLD finishes 3rd, Kevin Lance is 4th, Dave Warren 5th (he had the luck on Saturday as well), Tyson Wells is 6th, Randy Arlitt finished 8th and Terry Spargo was 9th. Gary Wiebe held onto his 10th place finish and will be recognized at the year end awards and party for his efforts.

A spectacular crash by Wiebe, marred what was a shocking day at MRP. No one expected the race to get done on Saturday with the forecast, but the gods were shining down for one day. 15 racers made the event including newcomer Rick Limb in his gorgeous Nova. He will be out for the entire 2011 season.

The two big stories though, one is the win by Springer in the all truck final against a red lighting Rob Charlton. Second was the unfortunate crash by Gary Wiebe in his bitchin' Chevelle. Luckily he suffered no injuries and very little damage considering what it could have been. It is mostly roof and body damage. Very lucky for sure! I will have a huge sequence of the crash as well as the entire story over the next couple days.

Crash sequence is here


Sept 18, 2010

Weather does look iffy Saturday morning for the final event of the 2010 season. Langdon Davies Concrete is the event sponsor and company owner Terry, is looking to secure 2nd place in the standings. He has been near the top all year, but was past by Rob Charlton last race and trails second place by a scant 6 points. Who ever goes the most rounds between the two drivers will be the runner-up in the series. Zak "Kid Kaos" Clarke is the 2010 champion. Consistent last round finishes including three wins and a runner up put the season away earlier than in the past six or seven years.


Sept 17, 2010

Race #9

Charlton again!!!!

Sorry for the delay in finishing of Race #9. But internet issues and an absolutely deadly regular work schedule for the last two weeks including four days out of town have kept all Internet updates to a minimum. Eliminations from race #9 are posted below, and I will get into eliminations.

Here is the final qualifying from race #9

1. Terry Spargo 6.599/211.56
2. Craig Donaldson 6.912/201.07
3. Jeff Hill 7.003/195.48
4. Greg Anderson 7.069/195.48
5. Ken Orser 7.186/191.97
6. Mike Bedsowrth 7.330/187.89
7. Terry Shuflita 7.355/187.34
8. Rick MacLeod Jr. 7.420/184.53
9. Grant Howell 7.498/181.34
10. Kevin Lance 7.698/175.84
11. Dave Warren 7.658/176.81
12. Rob Charlton 7.814/173.14
13. Zak Clarke 7.867/174.31
14. Todd Jaques 7.949/170.26
15. Gary Wiebe 8.025/169.17
16. Scott Charlston 8.356/160.65
17. Terry Langdon Davies 8.358/ 160.65
18. Dave Heans 8.470/158.17
19. Klaas Rietsma 8.491/162.86
20. Jack Springer 8.511/161.11
21. Ron Yaroshuk 8.523/156.82
22. Tyson Wells 8.523/ 157.15
23. Nick Duda 8.568/155.41
24. John West 8.562/155.25
25. Austin Wawryk 8.694/152.98
26. Randy Arlitt 8.697/153.32
27. Rick MacLeod Sr. 8.753/149.72

Round one:


#11 qualifier Dave Warren got by #7 Terry Shuflita as he had .07 at the tree, and took a tenth of a second stripe. David Heans and newcomer Ron Yaroshuk won't write home about their lights, but Heans will take the win, and it was close, a miniscule .008 stripe. John West defeated Gary Wiebe and both those drivers were not dialed in on the tree either. TLD kept his slim championship hopes alive with a win over Randy Arlitt.

Davies was dialed in as he was .024 at the tree and ran an 8.363 on his 8.36 dial. Jeff Hill defeated #1 qualifier Terry Spargo when Terry's car bogged on the starting line Greg Anderson had a .01 light and defeated Craig Donaldson.


Anderson had a .032 package. Nick Duda defeated Jack Springer and had a leg up on the closest to the dial trophy as he went 8.561 on his 8.56 dial. Grant Howell took away the trophy from Duda with his .001 off dial.

He defeated Ken Orser running 7.481 on his 7.48. His slightly better RT than Duda's (.043 -.056) gave him the award (for now). With two guys running within .001 in round one alone, could we see a perfect run later in the day?

Tyson Wells got a lucky single (good for him but bad for his opponent Rookie Austin Wawryk), when Austin broke in the final qualifier. Wawryk really likes the series and will be back for sure he stated, after the first round was complete. Mike Bedsworth defeated Todd Jaques in his return back to the series, after completely rebuilding his Cutlass. He had an unfortunate crash in the middle of the 2009 season, and spent the last year, redoing his car from top to bottom. He did a great job for sure. Rob Charlton defeated Kevin Lance with a great light (.008) Lance was a bit late, but having his brand new 57 Chevy in his pit area after picking it up just few days earlier, likely had him distracted. The new car is bitchin!! Zak Clarke also got a break in round one when Rick McLeod Jr. decided to finish off his licensing to Advanced ET, instead of running in eliminations.

Round two.................. David Heans won THE closest race of eliminations, as he took a .001 stripe against Nick Duda.

Duda was dialed for sure as he was .002 off his 8.55 dial-in. Two runs in a row that were deadly. Unfortunately his was a bit tardy on the tree and Heans was off to round three. It was his best weekend of the year. John West got a single and ran out his 57 going .04 under his 8.59 dial.



Grant Howell defeated a late leaving Greg Anderson. Anderson got loose as well, Howell was .027 off his 7.47 dial.

Mike Bedsworth went to round three when he took out Dave Warren. Warren went under his dial trying to stay ahead of the quicker leaving Bedsworth.


Langdon Davies defeated Tyson Wells in a real close round two pairing. Jeff Hill got a single and was off to round three.

Rob Charlton took out point leader Zak Clarke running 7.772 on his 7.77 dial in. Clarke had .006 at the tree but the top end was all Charlton. The unique part of their race is opposing crew chiefs put the dial in on their opponents cars.


Round three..................


Charlton defeated a red lighting Bedsworth to go to another semi final, Grant Howell was on his way to the semis as well with a win or Jeff Hill. Langdon Davies was dead nuts on the tree with a.008 light and a win over David Heans and John West got his second freebie but went the other way on his dial. Last run he was .04 under his 8.59 dial, this round he dialed 8.55 and ran 8.580, hummm.., what to dial round the semis?


Semi finals................West dialed an 8.56 (likely a good number), but he was real late on the tree against Davies, and it was over before he even left the starting line. Still a great finish for West.

He had a great shot at winning rookie of the year this year, but decided to just get used to the car instead of making a commitment to running the entire series. He ended up running most of the events though. Maybe 2011?

Charlton got a break in his semi final against Howell. Howell went .007 at the tree to Charlton's .053, but Grant was a bit loose and he could not quite catch Charlton at the finish line. The margin was a wheel, .005.

Final round.

It had the makings of a great final round with second place at stake, and two drivers that are among the best in the class.

Rob Charlton's truck is likely one of the top three most consistent race cars in the class, and Langdon Davies has his Willys dialed in this year and a couple seasons of dealing with chassis and wheelstand problems.

At the tree, there was only .005 separating the two drivers, with TLD having a slight edge. The two were running right close to their dials all the way down track and at 1000 feet Charlton was within a whisker of Davies.

At the Stripe Charlton took the win by .011.

A great final to a race where the drivers had their cars dialed in to run their numbers.


There were at least seven or eight runs that were in the

1 to 9 1000ths off.

The win puts Charlton into second place. I bet TLD wished the Port Alberni race counted in the standings. If so, he would be tied with Clarke.

Points are posted.


Sept. 8, 2010

Sorry for no eliminations update this week, but my home internet is down as is my email. Telus is working on the issue and I am hoping it will be alleviated by Friday.

The final race of the year is 10 days away. The race sponsor is Terry Langdon Davies Concrete. He has been in the concrete business for decades in the valley. Pouring. placing and finishing are his specialties. A long time drag racer from the Lower Mainland, Terry is having his best ever year in the Doorslammer class. He sits in 3rd place, less than one round out of second.


September 1, 2010

Points are posted.

One to go!!!

Photo gallery is here (Bill Jeffery photos)

Event photos with final round eliminations will be posted Friday (am away Thursday)

Counting the Port Alberni race three weeks ago, there has been 9 races in the Doorslammer season. Not counting race #1 there has been only three different winners. That trend continued this past weekend in the 10th race of the year. One of the three previous winners won again on Sunday, and it was Rob Charlton getting his second win of the year. He moved in front of Terry Langdon Davies for second place in the standings. Here is the scoreboard: Zak Clarke five finals four wins, Rob Charlton, three finals two wins, Terry Langdon Davies, five finals (counting Port Alberni) and three wins. The only other winner this year was non - member Mike Lucas at race #1. 13 final rounds by the top three in the standings, no wonder those three are way out in front of the rest of the pack. To further the point of domination, Zak Clarke, if he shows up for the final event of the year and qualifies has clinched the championship, (unless a 128 car field graces the last event and Rob or TLD qualify #1 and win the race (not likely right)


This past weekend, it was the Smoke, Fire and Thunder" event. It included the Doorslammers, Jet Cars, Wheelstanders, Blown Alky Funny Cars and the CPSA Pro Street class. 27 cars made it out for one of the biggest races of the year at MRP.

A big crowd was on hand Saturday for evening qualifying and the feature cars under the lights. The doorslammers made three runs on Saturday at 3:30, 6:00 and 9:30. The first session saw 25 cars make runs and 22 run the required 8.70 minimum.

To no surprise Terry Spargo lead qualifying with a stout 6.67/211mph shot. Craig Donaldson was #2 with a strong wheels up 6.89 200. Jeff Hill made an off the trailer 7.02 run and then was away for the rest of the evening at a wedding.

Mike Bedsworth was out for the first time, and his re/upped Cutlass looks incredible. A bunch of Carbon Fibre to the interior, and everything else redone in the car. Basically it is an all new ride. The new paint looks fabulous. Oh ya, his first lap was a great 7.38/186.

Rick MacLeod Jr. made the trek to Mission for the first time this year, and he ripped off a career best 7.42/184. MacLeod Sr. was also out but he struggled throughout the weekend. Kevin Lance was notable as he took delivery of his new car last week. He did have it on the property, but I did not get a chance to see the new ex Pro Mod 57 Chevy. The Lance Racing team will have the winter to decide on what powerplant they will have in the car for the 2011 season. Ron Yaroshuk was out for the first time with the DS'ers in his newly supercharged Austin (what a cool car)!

Austin Wawryk was another new driver out for the first time. He has a real nice 68 Camaro and got his IHRA licensed upgraded to NHRA specs.

Ken Orser was out for the first time this year as well and he ran real well in the ex-TCS GTO.

Saturday's second session showed big improvements as the weather cooled and 26 of 27 cars made the field.

The final round Saturday night was 45 minutes later than everyone was hoping for and it got real cool. Way too much HP and a bit too much moisture in the air and on the track. Out of the 18 cars that made runs, only half made full pulls.

The rest were loose and had to lift early. Sunday morning's final qualifier was an awesome session. Five or six of the top ten improved their ets including Spargo who jumped into the 6.50's with a 6.59/211 last qualifier blast.


Here is final qualifying

1. Terry Spargo 6.599/211.56

2. Craig Donaldson 6.912/201.07
3. Jeff Hill 7.003/195.48
4. Greg Anderson 7.069/195.48
5. Ken Orser 7.186/191.97
6. Mike Bedsowrth 7.330/187.89
7. Terry Shuflita 7.355/187.34
8. Rick MacLeod Jr. 7.420/184.53
9. Grant Howell 7.498/181.34
10. Kevin Lance 7.698/175.84
11. Dave Warren 7.658/176.81
12. Rob Charlton 7.814/173.14
13. Zak Clarke 7.867/174.31
14. Todd Jaques 7.949/170.26
15. Gary Wiebe 8.025/169.17

16. Scott Charlston 8.356/160.65
17. Terry Langdon Davies 8.358/ 160.65
18. Dave Heans 8.470/158.17

19. Klaas Rietsma 8.491/162.86
20. Jack Springer 8.511/161.11

21. Ron Yaroshuk 8.523/156.82
22. Tyson Wells 8.523/ 157.15
23. Nick Duda 8.568/155.41
24. John West 8.562/155.25
25. Austin Wawryk 8.694/152.98
26. Randy Arlitt 8.697/153.32
27. Rick MacLeod Sr. 8.753/149.72

Eliminations on Friday


August 22, 2010

Hello Everyone

AUGUST 28 - 29th - SMOKE, FIRE, & THUNDER featuring Jet Cars & Wheelstanders, Nostalgia Alcohol Funny Cars, CPSA Street Car Shoot-out & The Canada West Doorslammer Association. I just wanted to update you all on the qualifying schedule for this coming weekend. With this weekend being the Jet Car race and racing scheduled to go later than usual Saturday, as we have done in the past, our qualifying runs will be at approximately 3:00PM, 6:00pm and 8:00PM, these times are only approximate based on the unpredicted possible down times. Weather permitting we will also get one qualifier on Sunday morning before starting eliminations. Although we will not have reserved designated parking, could you all please try and park in the same two rows that we parked in at the Langley Loafers race, our goal is to try and park together as an association. The drivers meeting will be held Saturday at 1:00PM on the top floor of the timing tower (providing it is not occupied), listen for the announcements to confirm the meeting location. This weekends event is sponsored by PRO STOCK PERFORMANCE. Randy and Pro Stock Performance has been one of the series' longest sponsors despite being a company based out of Alberta. He likes Doorcars and he loves our series. Pro Stock is one of THE top engine builders in the North West and is very well respected in the business. Many of our alberta competitors rely on Pro Stock, for assembly, parts and know now.

We may do an informal BBQ after round one of qualifying if I get enough response Saturday morning. I will do Burgers, Smokies, Hotdogs and Corn on the cob as well as salad. The cost will be $7.50 (2 tickets for $15.00). You will get a big juicy burger or jumbo Smokie, or two hot dogs with all the corn and salads.

August 11, 2010


"Thunder in the Valley"

Presented by...


Eliminations (Ladder below)

(Chris Moffat photos)

TLD gets his third win in the last six races. Todd Jaques is the runner-up


Terry Shuflita had the bye as he qualifed #1. Grant Klohn took on Steve Addison. Addison got his first round win with the hew combination. Rob Charlton defeated Phil Davis and Kevin Lance took out Grant Howell.

Other top half races in round one included Dave Warren defeated Gary Wiebe, Todd Jaques got the win over Dean Peterson.

In the bottom side of the ladder, Dave Heans got the win over Terry L Davies defeated Randy Arlitt, Bob McKernan defeated Shane Wangler and Tyson

Wells defeated John West.


Round two......McKernan defeated Wells, Davies got by Dave Heans, Todd Jaques defeated Dave Warren, Rob Charlton got the win over Kevin Lance and Steve Addison defeated Terry Shufita.


1/4 finals..... TLD defeated Bob McKernan (twice, the first race was replayed as both cars had issues staging, and both left before the tree was activated. The lasers on the track are difficult to set at Alberni since the track has a distinct slope on both side to keep the water flowing off the surface.


It makes the beams hit the nose of some cars (instead of the tires first). Jaques got the bye and Charlton defeated Addison.

TLD got the semi final bye run and went to his fourth final of the year. Todd Jaques defeated Rob Charlton in the other semi. Charlton was late at the tree.

Final round......Todd Jaques had the better number in the final round but did not get the start he was hoping for (it was unfortunately red), and Terry Langdon Davies got the big win.

This was the biggest payday ever for a single event weekend, as the winner took home $2500.00, the Runner up got $1200.00 and the semi finalist took home $800.00.

Huge thanks go out to Walco Industries, Lance Racing and Harper's Performance Tuning for stepping up big time in sponsoring the largest payout in Doorslammer history.

Next up is The Jet Car Wheelstander weekend August 28-29. The Pro Street class is also racing that weekend, so it will be a weekend to make sure you are at Mission Raceway.

Saturday qualifying.


Port Alberni's annual Drag Racing event was held last weekend at the City's Airport. Again, it was a huge success despite the threatening weather all weekend long. The Canada West Doorslammers were the feature classs for the fifth year in a row, and the 21 cars in attendance put on a great show. The event was sponsored by the Port Alberni Drag Racing Assoc. Walco Industries, Lance Racing and Harper Performance Tuning.

Rain was prominent Saturday, but it cleared in the afternoon and the Doorslammers got in two rounds of qualifying. They also got in a third session Sunday Morning. Terry Shuflita was #1 qualifier followed closely by Grant Klohn. Out of the 21 cars cars entered 19 teams made the 8.70 cut. Only Chris Lamb and Rick Smith failed to qualify. Wells won the run for the money during qualifying. He took home $320.00, Nice!

Final qualifying.

2000 Firebird
Ford Probe
41 Wilys
37 Chevy
62 Belair
Campbell River
55 Chevy
Pitt Meadows
02 S-10
Maple Ridge
98 Mustang
67 Chevelle
41 Willys
Cobble Hill
68 Camaro
Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island
Campbell River
55 Chevy
Vancouver Island
57 Chevy


Chris Lamb and Rick Smith

August 7, 2010

Port Alberni was washed out early, but the sky broke and we got in two late qualifiers Saturday. Hopefully Snday is clear for the whole day and the race gets completed.

AUGUST 5, 2010

I do have one complete gallery up (all classes) at Speedzone.

August 7, 2010

Fundraising update! I Talked to Tyson Wells today and he let me know that Zach Wells efforts paid off to the tune a $2245.00 raised. Way to go Zach and to all that contributed. I am sure Joshua's family will be shocked (in a good way).


Race #8 Qualifying

'Kid Kaos' gets his fourth win of the year. Darren Wolfram overcomes severe jet lag after arriving Saturday night from Asia.

Race #8 presented by Ken Kruger Racing was possibly the best race of the year, as the largest car count and a major fundraiser capped off the return to the Loafers race at MRP in a decade.

The 'Zachster' must want to win this year's Doorslammer series pretty bad. He convinces Stefan Kondolay to come out and be a blocker. He overcomes a bunch of adversity in the last two weeks, including a broken axle last weekend and a busted engine the week before. He got the repairs done, postpones his holiday (in which the rest of his holiday group has already left on), he then has to replace his brakes after getting the car back together. All the drama and work over the last week or so and he is ready to give up on the weekend a couple on Saturday alone (little girlie boy).


The hard work and a bit of help from Kondolay, and he moves way out in front of the pack with two points races to go. Hey buddy, you can relax! You have done pretty good on your own this year, including all the mechanical issues you have dealt with.

On to the race,

Qualifying would be competed on Saturday only for this race. With the large field of cars for this event, it was better to play it safe incase there were incidents on the track. Having Sunday set solely for eliminations would make the day go quicker for all involved. It was much cooler that anticipated for the weekend so many of the cars were quicker than expected. Irene and Bob Kokotailo got involved this weekend for the first time. Bob is a member, but is not competing this year as he has major repairs to do on his Grand Am. Bob and Irene and her Riecast company offered up a low qualifier bonus for the first time in 2010. Irene's Die Cat Collectables presented $100.00 to the low qualifier for the weekend's race. The first session was all Terry Spargo as he went 6.67/210.97 Greg Anderson ran 7.15 to site #2 and Jeff Hill was #3 with a 7.195. Stephen Addison in the brother's new blown hemi combo went 7.23/191 to run his career best. Ken Kruger out for the first time this year as both competitor and event sponsor. 23 cars were quicker than the 8.70 minimum after round one.

Round two saw Spargo run even quicker, a 6.611/211.31 blast that pretty much guaranteed his the low qualifier bonus and a bye run if an odd number of cars were in the field. Jeff Hill improved to a 7.03 to sit #2.

Phil Davis moved up to #6 with a 7.45 and Stephan Kondolay was out for the first time in three years. He went 7.93 with a .009 light. That put him #15 in the field. Stephan was out to act as a team driver to help "Kid Kaos" secure his first ever series title. He held a 65 point lead at the start of the event. after round two 26 cars out of 28 made the field.

Round three saw Anderson run a career best, 7.063/196. It kept him #3 but his big goal is to reach the 6 second zone. Stephen Addison improved to a 7.16/193 . Dave Warren jumped up to a 7.65 (close to a career best), Grant Howell went 7.46, Klaas Rietsma went a legal 8.49and Todd Jaques ran another 7, a 7.97. Randy Arlitt got in on this the final qualifier with a 8.676. The only driver to fail to make the minimum was Ken Gallagher. He broke in the second session, (you can see a backfire below).

Final qualifying

1.Terry Spargo 6.611/211.31
2. Jeff Hill 7.039/195.27
3. Greg Anderson 7.063/196.29
4. Stephen Addison 7.164/193.29
5. Terry Shuflita 7.396/187.73
6. Phil Davis 7.451/183.52
7. Grant Howell 7.461/181.45
8. Darren Williams 7.493/183.33
9. Dave Warren 7.658/176.81
10. Kevin Lance7.74/174.48
11. Ken Kruger 7.794/175.30
12. Rob Charlton 7.814/173.14
13. Zak Clarke 7.867/174.31
14. Stephan Kondolay 7.888/172.44
15. Dave Richardson 7.906/171.82
16. Todd Jaques 7.977/170.51
17. Gary Wiebe 8.025/169.17
18. Terry Langdon Davies 8.358/ 160.65
19. Scott Charlston 8.356/160.65
20. Dave Heans 8.470/158.17
21.Klaas Rietsma 8.491/162.86
22. Tyson Wells 8.516/ 157.15
23. Nick Duda 8.542/155.81
24. John West 8.562/155.25
25. Darren Wolfram 8.577/157.12
26. Jack Springer 8.602/161.63
27. Randy Arlitt 8.676/154.26

DNQ Ken Gallagher

Eliminations ...... 27 cars in the field meant there would be a bye run for the #1 qualifier.

Guess what, Terry Spargo gets the freebie, and he used it, to.... rattle the tires hard just off the line. He was trying to run a 6.50 and the track would not quite hold it. In the first side by side Randy Arlitt defeated Dave Heans. Heans ran right on his number (like he did to earn $320.00 Saturday), but his very late 2 light made him a first round runner-up.

Terry Shuflita went .009 in round one and ran a 7.36 on a 7.32. It was more than enough for newly advanced ET licensed Stephan Addision He dialed a 7.06 and ran a career best 7.10, but was real late with the clutch car.

John West defeated a red lighting Nick Duda. Duda went .003 red and went just under his 8.57 dial (8.557) West was .033 on the tree, and went 8.59 on a 8.56 dial. A pretty good package! Scott Charlston defeated Todd Jaques who was real late. He was closer to his number .021 off while Charlston went .033 at the tree and ran .05 off his 8.32 dial in. Ken Kruger went .001 at the tree while Rob Charlton went .016 red.

Kruger lifted early (but it was his pump that caused him to get off the throttle, while Charlton was .01 back of his 7.78 dial. Gary Wiebe took a .007 stripe against good buddy Terry Langdon Davies.

TLD had a better light by .018, but Wiebe was closer to his 7.99 dial in. Based on scrubbing 4 mph on the top end, I would say that TLD may have given the stripe back to Wiebe. Jack Springer upset 2009 champ Tyson Wells. He was .048 at the tree and held on for a .009 stripe. Darren Wolfram had a great .019 and it was all over but the 'burnout' for Klaas Rietsma. The "Dutch Attitude" driver was way late, and ran a tenth under his 8.50 dial in. Blocker Stefan Kondolay was solid on the tree (.015) and took an easy stripe against a way late Greg Anderson. The Washington state driver was likely not too unhappy though as he ran a career best 7.02/197 in his big 785 cu in Grand Prix. The sixes are not far away. Phil Davis singled when his opponent Jeff Hill failed to make the call for elims. He ran a career best 7.401/164. Almost a '30 Phil, way to go!

(no photos for the rest of round one as I fell off the ladder I was on and shattered by new camera. A very expensive fall)

Grant Howell went .012 and had the win at the tree, when Kevin "soon to be the owner of a new car" Lance went way red. Howell also ran a career best 7.44 on his 7.47 dial. Darren Williams had a great .019 package (19 thou) to upset Hitter Dave Richardson. Dave was game on his dial in, but an uncharacteristic .04 light was his doom. A couple 'killer' lights in the final pair as "Kaos" went .022 and Dave Warren went .double"0" 9. Unfortunately for Warren, and lucky for Clarke, Warren's car fell off (while most other cars ran quicker than in qualifying) by .07 from his dial. Clarke moves one step closer to his first series title.


Round two..... Wolfram stayed sharp on the tree with a.020 light and ended up with a .023 package as he went .003 off his 8.55 dial in Arlitt had a solid .070 package but was not in the same time zone as the long distance award winner (remember Wolfram was 7000 miles away, just one day before the start of the event).

Gary Wiebe was not sharp on the tree in round two, but he did not have to be in the round, as his opponent Scott Charlston was way late. Wiebe went 8.023 on his 8.00 dial in. Combining Terry Spargo's RT and number he had a .009 package unfortunately for Terry he was .01 red on the RT part. He ran his best lap in a few weeks, a great 6.580 in a 6.57 dial. The winner of that race was Phil Davis, who went .029 at the tree and ran a 7.421 on his 7.40 dial (hope you followed my different way of describing a pairing). Grant Howell and Darren Williams had identical .015 lights in their pairing, but Howell spun on the starting line and was a tenth off his 7.47 dial. Williams had his second solid package. This time it was a .040. Clarke got a break in round two (must have a four leaf clover up his butt) as Ken Kruger could not make the call.

He destroyed his fuel pump in his round one win. Amazing it did not do any body damage, as the gear part of the pump sheared off and flew out of the car. Clarke would have been real tough though as he had a .017 package.

Kondolay thanked the stars for his win in round two against Terry Shuflita. The Island driver was 1/thou. off his 7.35 dial in, and .004 on the tree. The .004 part was red, much to Shuflita's chagrin. Kondolay left a bit on the table at the tree, as he was .029 green. The final pairing saw Jack Springer go .019 off his dial in, while Johnny "Quest" West was .054 off his dial. The reaction time difference gave Springer a .010 margin at the finish line. A good job for Springer, as he reaches the third round for the first time this year.

(got to use one of Paul Grant's spare camera's. Thanks Paul)

1/4 finals.......In a great first pairing in round three Darren Wolfram defeated Jack Springer by .008 on the top end.

Springer ran his number (a 8.57) within .008 but his .069 light was .016 back of Wolfram. Darren was .013 off his dial in putting him in the semi finals. Gary Wiebe got the odd car bye run in the quarters, and he used it to good use, going .013 at the tree and running 8.010 on his 8.02 dial in. He was ready for the semis! Stefan Kondolay defeated Phil Davis with a.034 package initiated by a .02 light.

Phil was .03 back and he had to go under (.005) his dial in to come close. Zak Clarke faced the Alberta driver Darren Williams.

Zak was second off the line but drove the finish line like a veteran (ya, he is pretty savvy) dumping hard at the stripe while Williams dumped a bit too late (Clarke scrubbed 10mph while Williams dropped 6mph). Williams took .003 too much stripe, braking out by that much.

Clarke lives by the motto "If you are ahead, dump just enough to take the stripe, if you are behind dump" (and hope your opponent breaks out). Part two won him the race.

Semi Finals... Here's where it gets interesting.

The first pairing was a good race, as the bottom half of the ladder pitted two first time semi finalists: Darren Wolfram and Gary Wiebe. This one was another close finish line stripe (I should have been shooting at the finish line as there were some great races on the weekend). Wiebe ran .002 off his 8.01 dial in. He had a .056 light making it a .058 package, decent but would it be enough. Wolfram was .019 off his 8.55 dial in. His light was just enough, a .025 giving him a .014 finish line victory, and his first trip to the final. What a weekend for the Okanagan driver. The other semi saw the newly formed teammates Zak Clarke and Stefan Kondolay pair up. Being on the same side of the ladder was not their goal as both run right close to the middle of the pack.

They were lucky to get pair up so late in a race, and here they were. Clarke really wants the title this year and he has spent a lot of money in the last two months going through engine parts rear end parts brakes and everything in between. Good buddy Kondolay loves the series, it is good money. His dad doesn't so much (handicap pro tree), His mom does, good racers and a fun group. But it is the first time they have brought the Cavalier out in 2 1/2 years. His first hit netted him a .003 light. What can you say? Anyway, the goal of Stefan in my opinion was to compete against Clarke's closest rivals in the points, giving Clarke the best chance to win. All of "Kaos's" rivals were gone early, so Clarke was extending his lead with every round win. He was up over 80 heading into the semis with only two races left. The two drivers dialed the same number 7.85.

The starting line should have been the determining factor. It wasn't in the end. To everyone's surprise Clarke was a bit late (I know he did not want to go red, but a .056 light does not win you too many races against the likes of the three time Divisional Super Gas Champion). Clarke's car does out mph Kondolay's, so he had to hope he could come close on the top end and then get a break by Stefan breaking out or falling off more. They were side by side and then Clarke overtook the blocker. Don't ask me how but he did. Kondolay was hard on the gas to 1250 feet, then eased off. Clarke moved about a half car length ahead and then at 1300 feet hit the brakes hard, took the stripe by a slim .010. About a foot and a half! A good race, but I think Stefan could of gotten the win based on the numbers. Did he hand it too his buddy, I don't know, and maybe not, since Zak had already extended his lead going into the round, which was the goal of Clarke heading into the race

No matter what, Clarke was headed to his fifth final round of the year. Even without the round win in the semis, Clarke in my opinion was well on his way to the title.

Final round.... Clarke vs Wolfram.


A bit of trouble on the burnout for Clarke as the car goes sideways right off the bat. He stopped the burnout and backed up again and re-does it. The crappy thing about his second burnout is he did a long one (a bit unfair in my opinion). If you get an opportunity to do a second one (starters discretion) it should be short. It wasn't and by the time he was backed up and pre staged Wolfram had been sitting there for quite a while.


Very close lights for the two drivers, within .008 of each other. It looked like the Silver Camaro of Wolfram's spun a bit on the starting line, or possibly was a bit sluggish due to it being a bit hot. Don't know for sure. What I do know is that his car fell of his usual 8.55-8.57 run to a 8.59, and that was all it took for Clarke to secure his fourth win of 2010. He went 7.89 on a 7.88 dial in for a .040 package. Wolfram fell a half car length back at the finish line.

The win does make in almost impossible for anyone to catch Clarke if he qualifies for the final two races, but we will have to wait and see.

It was a great weekend, with lots of close racing a fantastic Saturday night and a great fundraising effort.

This coming weekend, 21 cars are at Port Alberni for the "Thunder in the Valley" race. It is a a non points earning event, that has featured the Doorslammers since its inception. A huge purse is on the table thanks to a number of Island sponsors including the Port Alberni Drag Racing Assoc and Harpers Performance Tuning. A few others will be mentions in the next couple days as well.

Have a great weekend boys and girls, and we will see you back on the mainland the end of August for the "Smoke Fire and Thunder" event at Mission Raceway.

Special thanks to Ken Kruger for his continued support of the Doorslammers. He sponsored the race, gave the closest to the dial in trophy award out (Terry Shuflita won it running .001 off his 7.35 dial). And Ken also donated to the BBQ big time, which helped the fundraising out immensely. Thanks Ken, for all you do!


The secondary story to this past weekend is the effort put in by another Zach, this one is Tyson Wells son Zachary. Zach through his step mom Heather got to know a young boy named Joshua. Josh is going through cancer treatment and it has become a hardship financially on the family. Zach took it upon himself to help the family out by collecting bottles. He has done a great job up to this weekend, raising over $150.00. He asked the doorslammers to help out by saving all their cans and bottles from this weekend race. They all did that and also we decided to help out through donations. Ken Kruger the weekend's race sponsor gave $300.00 for a beverage fund at the BBQ. It was suggested to donate from the proceeds of the free beverages. The donations picked up momentum throughout the weekend say we got it announced on the PA system. Thanks to Mission Raceway for allowing it. By the end of the weekend, through a few major contributions (Langley Loafers $500.00, Dave Heans 160.00, he won the closest to the dial gamblers run Saturday, the Doorslammer group likely raised over $400.00 from the BBQ and beverages as well as team donations) and many smaller ones,

August 3, 2010



July 30, 2010

If any teams have a Turkey pot (crab pot) along with one of those portable propane set ups that you bbq a turkey or cook crab on, can you bring it this weekend for the bbq. Thank you.

Nick Duda's page is up. Dave Warren's, Terry Shuflita's and TLD's pages are updated. Darren Williams and Gary Wiebe's pages are posted with photos. I need the info though.

July 26, 2010

A huge weekend coming up for the Canada West Doorslammers. Ken Kruger Racing is the event sponsor and ya, he is actually going to be racing this weeknd. It will be good to see you Ken. After a long spring and summer of construction he is taking a weekend break to race. Kruger is one of the major sponsors for the series, backing a race as well as the closest to your dial in trophy in eliminations.

It is important for all teams wanting to race doorslammers this weekend, to pre-register with Marcy . with the expected car count at Mission we need to do our part to help the Loafers organize all the parking. If you don't pre-register, and you may not get to a spot. Here is a list of all the competitors who have registered so far:

Great weather is expected, so we are doing what we hope is the biggest bbq of the year. All the usual menu items, steak chicken maybe an appetizer. I would like a confirmation from teams if possible. I would like to do corn on the cob so I want to know how many people there will be. If people would rather have baked potatoes instead of corn then let me know on the reply back. The pick that gets the most votes with be what I cook. I will also do three salads so it will be awesome! Email me to confirm how many people for the bbq.

Registered for Mission July 31/Aug 1

1) Todd Jaques
2) Phil Davis
3) Craig Donaldson
4) Darren Wolfram
5) Terry Langdon Davies
6) Randy Arlitt
7) Kevin Lance
8) Dave Warren
9) Gary Wiebe
10) Jeff Hill
11) Jack Springer
12) Zak Clarke
13) Terry Spargo
14) Ken Kruger
15) Klaas Reitsma
16) Dave Richardson
17) Tyson Wells
18) Scott Charlston
19) Grant Howell
20) Ken Gallagher
21) Nick Duda
22) Rob Charlton
23) Terry Shuflita
24) David Heans
25) Jordan Lazic
26) Greg Anderson

July 21, 2010

Race #7

(Chris Moffat photos)

Rob Charlton ..... is in the game, with his first win ... he needs to get on a roll with three races left.

One of the more laid back weekend's in recent memory at a race track greeted the Doorslammers for race #7 at the Eagle Motorplex. We were racing with the Canadian Motorcycle Racing assoc. Around 80 bikes and us as the four wheeled feature. A hot weekend at the desert facility, but there were very few issues but plenty of drama. Tyson Wells had his best weekend of the year after a huge thrash in the previous five days. He wounded him motor the weekend before at this very race track racing in the AHRA event. Parts had to been flown in to crew chief Norm Wilson's Fortins Auto engine shop, and the final pieces never arrived until the day before the event. Norm and Tyson thrashed Friday night and got the car back together. They headed to the 'Plex Saturday morning at 5:00am. The car ran great and they went to the final. A very similar deal with Zak Clarke over the last three weeks, as he has had engine issues on a couple occasions. He had his engine builder Joe "Top Wop" Mura put the bullet back together again, in a hurry a couple times to get his car ready for DS races. He fell short a day short the week before in making it to the AHRA event, but was at the 'Plex for race #7. He faced Wells in the semi final, and went .007 red. Not to forget another thrash by one of the member's, but Phil Davis (congrat's on the new granddaughter Phil and Pat) had a thrash two weeks ago after he wounded the valve train. See a pattern here. These guys are serious about the series!

Darren Williams is serious enough about the deal he worked in Calgary Friday and Saturday and drove out to the Plex Saturday night (8 hour tow) to make one qualifying hit (and hopefully have no issues). Dedication for sure.

In qualifying, Phil Davis led the pack running 7.60's at 180 mph, his best being 7.671. Darren Williams came real close in his lone qualifier Sunday morning running 7.686 to end up #2. Dallas Wagner in his second race this year went 7.801/177. Dave Warren ended up #4 with a 7.886. Kevin Lance and Rob Charlton rounded out the top six. The guy in the middle of the 13 car field was newcomer Mike Ackerman. He debuted his brand new 68 Cuda and ran a 7.958.

Here is final qualifying.


First round pairings were Phil Davis (bye), Darren William's vs Dave Warren, Dallas Wagner Vs Mike Ackerman, Kevin Lance Vs Rob Charlton, Zak Clarke Vs David Heans, Gary Wiebe Vs Randy Arlitt and Tyson Wells Vs Terry Langdon Davies.

In an absolutely killer first round pairing, TLD and Wells paired up and were within .003 at the starting line. The two were side by side for the entire 1320 with Davies taking a .012 stripe. Unfortunately he took .002 too much stripe as Davies broke out by that two thou. Ackerman and Wagner were also very close on both ends of the track. Ackerman had .011 on the starting line, but Wagner was slowly reeling in the rookie. By 1/2 track the difference was less than 1/100th of a second. The stripe showed Ackerman take the win by less than a foot (.002). A great pairing for sure! Kevin Lance was close at the stripe (.02 back) against Rob Charlton, but had to go way under to get that close as he was real late at the tree. Randy Arlitt followed his team mate at the tree and was late as well, as Gary Wiebe took the easy win against the Campbell River driver. Zak Clarke tightened up his race against David Heans to within a half car length but he advanced to round tow. Dave Warren won his race against Darren Williams on both ends of the track with a tenth at the tree and running just .015 back of his 7.90 dial. Phil Davies had a great single package running a .035 package.

In round two , Ackerman's decent light in round one did not carry through to the second round as he was late and CHarlton wasn't giving head over a tenth at the finish line. Tyson Wells defeated Gary Wiebe, after a side by side leave Wiebe's car fell off by over 2/10ths in et and Wells was off to the semi finals. Dave Warren won the starting line battle against Phil Davis and held off the hard charging Willys at the finish line. Zak Clarke got the round two bye run and he used it to win the dial in award with a great .010 package and a run that was within .001 of being perfect. A 8.001 on a 8.00 dial-in. A .009 light made him a serious threat to Wells in the semis.

Semi finals two real good pairing with all four drivers in the top seven in the standings. Wells took on Clarke and this one had potential. Clarke was a little too amped up on the starting line though and gave the race away, as he went .007 red . A .022 light for Wells and then he saw the win light in his lane so he coasted down for the win and a spot in the final. Warren and Charlton had equal potential, and this one lived up to the billing. Charlton did have the starting line advantage but Warren was catching Rob and at 1000 feet the two were separated by less than .02. At the stripe, Charlton scrubbed a few mph and tightened up the gap to .013, around a fender. All you need is a millimeter so Rob was off to the final round.

Final Round.

Both drivers were very consistent on the tree all day long and they left within .005 of each other. Tyson left first but spun just a hair on the starting line and that likely cost him, as Charlton caught Wells by 100 feet and then just eased back to tighten up the stripe. The margin was .026 at the finish line. About a half a car length. Great final.

With the win Rob moved to third place in the standings 80 points back of Zak Clarke TLD stays in second place and Tyson Wells goes from seventh to sixth, one round out of fifth. TLD is second 65 points back of Clarke. The next event is the last weekend of July 31 - Aug 1. The Langley Loafers event. The first time we have raced with the Langley Loafers for over a decade at Mission. It will be a hoot for sure.

Points are posted.

After that race, the Doorslammers head to Port Alberni for the biggest racing event on Vancouver Island. Make sure you have your hotel booked for that event and that you have done all the pre entry requirements.


July 15, 2010

This weekend the Doorslammers head back up to the Eagle Motorplex and race with the CMDRA for the first time. The Motorcycles take over the desert race track, but they love fast four wheeled cars to lay down some rubber. The Doorslammers are the a perfect match with 200 mph Nitro Harleys.

This race is very important, with four races remain in the 2010 point chase. A number of the top 10 guys are looking to make a move on the two leaders, Zak Clarke and Terry Langdon Davies.

Check back for all the results over the next four or five days.

July 5, 2010

The old timer is not going away.............

The points are now tightened up...at the expense of "Kid Kaos"....... Zak Clarke, the run away point leader heading into Race #6, wounded his bullet in qualifying, he made the field, but it kept him from eliminations.... TLD took advantage of the situation, won the race and is within 40 points. Two wins and a R/U in the last four races, not bad for an old guy.

A decent field this weekend, when the weather was not supposed to be that good, but MRP had the gods shining down on them, as only a couple drops Sunday afternoon. A few other non weather related delays caused both days to run a bit longer than planned, but it was a good weekend for sure. Qualifying Saturday had the potential to be one of the quickest days this year as there were at least four cars capable of 6 second ets. Perennial #1 guy Terry Spargo put in his #2 motor for the weekend as he took out the Sonny's Hemi to freshen, in time for the National Open where he is going to run Comp Eliminator.

The spare is not slouch though, as it is a 780 in Sonny's Wedge producing 1550 hp. It should run well into the 6's, just how far into them was to be determined. Round one, did not tell the South Hill Electric guru anything as he rattled the tires on the launch and he had to lift. Craig Donaldson out with his Grand Am for only the second time this year ripped off a great 6.81/203 to lead round one. Jeff Hill went 6.84 at only 184 to sit #2.

Bob Marshall was another hoping to get into the 6's, as the air was right in his wheelhouse. Under 500 feet of corrected air, are conditions only a few tracks in North America get in the early spring or late fall. To get air like this in July is well...."Global Cooling", IMHO. I don't see the other environmental issues the experts are talking about, at least not in our next of the woods. Marshall launched hard but went into severe tire shake and he had to lift. The new power in his GPX is proving to be hard to manage. Terry Shuflita was back out after suffering engine woes earlier this season. His new 635 Schmidt ran a soft 8.0 in round one, and it came back to the pits in one piece, Terry was happy. Scott Charlston was out for the first time this season and he went 8.35, good start. Nick Duda, son of local motorsport legend George Duda, joined the assoc and laid down a 8.52 in his nitrous powered 'Stang.

Round two saw Spargo get a lap he was not expecting, and it was in a good way. He figured that the bullet in his car would likely run in the 6.8 zone, as it was close to his old wedge (814 cu.in) in hp, but had less torque. The car ran a best of 6.70 with the old motor. Well the car hooked and to my eyes looked close to the hemi charging down track. The scoreboard came on with a great 6.66/206 to nail down the #1 spot again. Shuflita let his hair down, and well as his pedal to the metal, as he ran a great 7.37/187.

Phil Davis had a new carbon hat atop his BB Chevy. His first lap was a soft set-up, but in round two he leaned on the Willy's a bit and it responded with a career best 7.409/184. Grant Howell also got into the 7.4's with a solid 7.49. The best news was that all cars trying for the 8.70 minimum were in the field, except for Marshall, but we all know that is a 7.0 car at worst.

In the final Saturday round of qualifying, the drivers had a 'run for the money', gamblers race with the entire pot going to the guy who ran closest to the dial posted. For the second time this season, Tyson Wells took home the loot, a great $240.00 pot. Is it going into Eli's college fund Tyson? Happy 2nd birthday to Eli by the way.

Sunday morning the skies were threatening, but the corrected air was again awesome. Darren Williams, the Calgary driver, showed up late Saturday and had some mechanical issues to work on in his Stratus, so he had one chance to make the field. He did with bells on, as he ran a 7.48/184 to bump into the #6 spot. Marshall again struggled on the starting line, but he pedaled his car and went 7.91 to end up # 12. In total 13 cars were in the 7 second zone or better.

Here is final qualifying

1.Terry Spargo 6.667/206
2. Craig Donaldson 6.811/203
3. Jeff Hill 6.842/186
4. Terry SHuflita 7.342/187
5. Phil Davis 7.409/184
6. Darren Williams 7.483/184
7. Grant Howell 7.488/180
8. Dave Warren 7.677/177
9. Kevin Lance7.697/178
10. Rob Charlton 7.739/174
11. Zak Clarke 7.845/174
12. Bob Marshall 7.913/155
13. Todd Jaques 7.960/170
14. Gary Wiebe 8.131/168
15. Scott Charlston 8.239/163
16. Terry Langdon Davies 8.320/ 161
17. Tyson Wells 8.514/ 155
18. Nick Duda 8.523/157
19. Jack Springer 8.545/164
20. John West 8.547/155
21. Randy Arlitt 8.550/156

Eliminations......21 cars in the field meaning Terry Spargo would have the first round bye. Only the Davis/Lance and the Springer/Arlitt 1st round match-ups had top ten implications, as all the others were a non top ten facing a top ten or a non member racing a member. The only real issue was "Kid Kaos" (who broke Saturday) hoping the couple guys closest to him in the standings would go out early.

By the end of the weekend, Clarke would find out that would not happen. He was set to race Darren Williams, who has only raced at one event, but William's got the single due to Clarke's breakage. Phil Davis had his blower snout gasket break loose so his opponent Kevin Lance got a freebie as well. Arlitt left before the tree was activated in a heads up race with Jack Springer, and Springer was off to round two.


Craig Donaldson took on Dave Warren, and it was real close on the top end, but Donaldson who made great adjustments after his final qualifier (he did a big wheelstand in that round), ran too quick, a career best 6.79 to hand Warren the round win. Donaldson was not too unhappy though. Jeff Hill ran Scott Charlton and this one was all Charlton as he had a bunch at the starting line and lifted early for the easy win. Terry Shuflita took on Todd Jaques, and Shuflita also went too quick, giving the win to Jaques.

Grant Howell took an easy win over a tire shaking Bob Marshall. Gary Wiebe was against new member Nick Duda. It was Duda getting his first round win in his first race. Tyson Wells faced Scott Charlston (almost the same spelling), and Wells took too much stripe, running .01 too quick handing the win to Charlston. Terry Langdon Davies ran Johnny West in his 57 Chevy, and TLD had the better light and he advanced to round two.

Round two pairings: TLD/Springer, Charlston/Duda, Williams/Howell, Lance/single, Charlton/Jaques and Spargo/Warren. Spargo had starting line issues for the fourth time on the weekend (only one clean run all weekend), and Warren was off to round three. Charlton and Jaques had a great race as both cars ran right on their number.


Charlton had the better light and he was off to round three. Lance took the green at the starting line and rolled back to keep his car cool.

Williams and Howell had a great match-up but, Howell who had a small wiggle in the middle of the track (a few sprinkles had started to fall),fell off by .03 and Williams took the narrow stripe. A 10 minute delay for the showers, and then it was the next pair. Nick Duda's first race ended in round two when he broke out.

Charlston had problems, but Duda did not see the issues in the other lane. He did lift a bit early, but the cool weather still had guys running too quick.

TLD took on Springer, Jack spun off the starting line (an issue he has done at least once or twice a weekend). The balance on the truck is so front heavy, it makes it difficult to be consistent on the starting line.


Round three: Warren/Charlton, Lance/Williams and TLC/Charlston.

A good match-up of top five members, Charlton and Warren. Charlton got the hole shot and held on their the 1320. He lifted right at the stripe but was confident he had the win as crew chief and brother Scott thought they had dialed hard. Again it was the cool weather and the track getting better that bit the veteran team, as Rob went .001 under his 7.74 dial in. Warren was off to the semi finals.

Lance and William's was also a got race and both went under their dial ins. It was Lance who was under the most, handing the win to Williams. Kevin was not happy with the result 'cause he left a lot on the starting line.

TLD took on Charlston, and it was Langdon Davies staying on top of his game. He got the win and the bye in the semi final to the final round.

Warren took on Williams in the other semi and this one went to the series veteran Warren. A Chevy vs Dodge matchup, Alberta vs BC, sereis veteran vs series sophomore. Anyway you slice it, it was the veteran Warren taking out the Alberta driver to advance to his first final of the year.

Final round was Langdon Davies and Warren. Would TLD get his second win of the year, or would Warren go on a roll like he did last year, to challenge for the top spot. Both drivers left on time and TLD held off Warren with a dead on 8.322 on the 8.32 dial-in for the win. A big move up in the points for Davies. He is within 42 points of the lead.

Event sponsor Rob Charlton hands over the trophy and loot to winner TLD.

Winner and R/U share a laugh and a beverage

Terry Langdon Davies won the closest to the dial award as well. In the final he was only .002 off his number.

Dave and crew chief Greg share the win.


Points are posted.

June 30, 2010

This weekend the Doorslammers are racing at Mission in race # 6 in the 10 race schedule. This weekend's event is presented by Charlton Automotive. Veteran drag racer Rob Charlton is a long time supporter of the series. He owns an Automotive repair shop in Pitt Meadows BC and has been in business servicing the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam area for a couple decades. Whether you need an oil change or a full diagnostic repair on your early model or the current state of the art computerized car or truck, stop by Rob's shop on Harris Road south of the Lougheed Hwy in downtown Pitt Meadows.

The scheduled BBQ for this weekend will not happen. We will have one on the Loafers weekend.


June 23, 2010

Points are posted

The next event is July 3-4 at Mission Raceway. The plan is for a big BBQ with Jack Springer and his team putting together a huge porky on the spit. All proceed will go to the points fund. We will also have all the other fixins, a huge pot of beans or chili. Should be a blast! Charlton Automotive is the event sponsor.

June 22, 2010

What an absolutely great weekend at MRP (second weekend in a row) for Race #5 presented by RH Race Cars.

The 21 cars that tried to run 8.70 or quicker all made the field. Batting 1000 is a good way to run a race. There is nothing better than having all entrants run the number. Saturday was a great day of qualifying and the DS'ers were part of the feature on the weekend that included the West Coast Pro Mods and the CPSA.


The first run was at 12 noon and as per usual Terry Spargo lead the pack with a very quick 6.60 at 209 mph. Spargo improved later in qualifying Sunday morning in the cool air to the tune of a 6.56/209 to solidify his #1 spot.

The real battle was for the #2 and 3 spot in the top half of the ladder. Jeff Hill was out for the first time and he went 7 teens Saturday, but in the Sunday cool air he improved big time to a 7.09/193 blast. Greg Anderson ran only Sunday Morning and his first run of the year yielded a great 7.09/193 also. He was .004 back of Hill, and ended up in the # 3 spot. Grant Klohn ripped off a couple 7.2's on Saturday and would have loved to get a hit in on Sunday Morning but they found a mechanical issue and could not get out to try and improve on hi earlier 7.24 best. Phil Davis only made one hit on Saturday (7.46) as he had to travel to the Island for an 80th birthday party for Pat's Aunt. (who was very happy to see them btw). He made it back Sunday Morning in time for the final qualifier and it paid off big time with a career best 7.42/184. Grant Howell ran a 7.50 best,


Dave Warren improved by almost a tenth on Sunday and ran a 7.63. Kevin Lance ran a 7.70 Sunday morning as well. See a pattern here. Almost every car improved Sunday Morning in corrected air that was around 100 feet. Out of the 21 cars entered only 4 did not improve their number Sunday.

Two of the four cars broke Saturday, but were in the field anyway (Klohn and Troy Pike). Tyson Wells, who won $200 in the "run for the money" Saturday, was already close enough to his 8.50 maximum (he went 8.53 Saturday), and Alex Dewolf who seems to have trouble managing the HP he makes at Mission Raceway failed to improve.

Here is final qualifying:


1. Terry Spargo 6.561/211
2. Jeff Hill 7.094/193
3. Greg Anderson 7.098/193

4. Grant Klohn 7.247/187
5. Phil Davis 7.422/184
6. Grant Howell 7.50 180.97

7. Dave Warren 7.639/179
8. Kevin Lance7.700/174.35
9. Rob Charlton 7.771/173
10. Zak Clarke 7.854/174

11. Dave Richardson 7.865/171
12. Jordan Lazic 7.90/172
13. Gary Wiebe 8.16/167
14. Troy Pike 8.19/162
15. Terry Langdon Davies 8.383/ 160
16. John West 8.49/155

17. Darren Wolfram 8.527/157
18. Alex Dewolf 8.532/163
19. Jack Springer 8.551/163
20. Tyson Wells 8.564/ 157
21. Randy Arlitt 8.570/155

In round one Spargo got the first round odd car bye and he improved by a hundredth to a 6.56 at a top speed of 211 mph. # 2 Jeff Hill faced Rob Charlton and Charlton nailed Hill to the tree with a .023 light and went a 7.78 on a 7.77. Hill ran it out but the car was sluggish on the starting line and could only run a 7.17 on a 6.98 dial. #3

Greg Anderson was shut off on the starting line when the officials noticed an oil leak. The leak was found out to be only the puke tank cap, so that was the good news (no major mechanical issues). He was to race Gary Wiebe, so Wiebe singled and ran right on his 8.15 dial, and he had a solid .027 light a great .033 package. Grant Klohn broke in his last qualifier, so his opponent, Zak Clarke got a single and he ran a 7.86 on his 7.85 dial in for the win.

Phil Davis raced Dave Richardson and this one was close. Richardson left first, but Davis had the light and caught him by 1250 feet, but did not lift in time and he broke out by .006 giving the win to the past series champion. Grant Howell ran Jordan Lazic and this was a real good race for 1000 feet when Howell fell off and Jordie stayed out in front for the two car length win.

Dave Warren faced Kevin Lance and lance went .014 on the tree and took the stripe by .048. Troy Pike broke on his lone qualifier and he could only watch his opponent Randy Arlitt single to an easy win.

Terry Langdon Davies faced Jack Springer and Davies was uncharacteristic in his lateness, but Springer's truck fell off by half a second, and Davies got around him by half track. Newcomer John West in his awesome 57 Chevy ran Darren Wolfram and this was a close one. Wolfram took the finish line by .02 to advance to round two. His first round win in the series. Alex Dewolf ran Tyson Wells and Wells was right on his dial. He went 8.551 on a 8.55. Dewolf was close but could not chase down the 2009 champion.

Round two..... Tyson Wells defeated Darren Wolfram, as Wells had a .09 starting line advantage.

Dave Richardson got a single in round two and he ran right on his 7.87 dial in. Randy Arlitt owes TLD a big thank you, as Davies broke out when Arlitt was off the gas by 200 feet when his 55 Chevy went toward the wall after a big wheelstand on the launch.

Terry Spargo advanced to round three when Rob Charlton broke out by .01. Tough to judge the other car when it is 40 mph faster than you are.

Kevin Lance got a gift from Jordie Lazic, when Lazic went too quick despite his tenth and a half starting line advantage.


In the final pairing, Zak Clarke won a close one against Gary Wiebe.


Round three......Dave Richardson got an easy win against Kevin Lance when Lance forgot his 'no-doze' and was real late at the tree.

His team mate Randy Arlitt got his own break right after Lance's run, when Arlitt's opponent Tyson Wells, got the starting line advantage but went into severe tire shake, and then he boiled the tires, giving Arlitt the easy win, and a free shot to the final round as he gets the fourth round bye.

The final pairing was Terry Spargo taking on Zak Clarke . Clarke has .06 at the starting line but Spargo ran closer to his dial. Unfortunately Clarke was just 1/100th further back than Spargo off his dial, So Clarke advanced to his fourth final of the year.

Semi Finals.....Was an easy one for one driver and a real battle royal in the other. Randy Arlitt continued his golden day (two singles counting the semis, one opponent breaking out and one blowing the tires off on the starting line through the semis finals), with his second single of the day. The other semi was a great battle between two familiar foes.


Zak Clarke took on veteran Dave Richardson and both cars were real close on the starting line. They dialed heads up 7.85's, and Richardson got a slight advantage. He stayed out in front within a half a fender right to the finish line. Clarke dumped giving Richardson the stripe and Dave took it, but broke out by .006 handing the win to "Kid Kaos" (If you notice I have tried a few different handles for the point leader from right here in Mission). I actually think "Kaos" with fit perfectly.

Final round......"Kid Kaos" vs the "Lucky one", Arlitt vs Clarke.

Clarke has been solid on the tree all day long and his car was within .01 on every run through the first four rounds to the 1/8th mile. He plays the finish line as well as anyone so Arlitt had a tough race on his hands. Clarke, again had the starting line advantage with a .008 light, but Arlitt was real close to his dial in every increment down track. At the stripe, Clarke caught the Island driver and dumped right at the stripe while Arlitt broke out by the slimmest of margins, .001. It was close, but "Kaos" got his third win of the year out of four finals he has competed in, in the first five races of the year. He is on a roll, and is 100 points up on his closest competitor, TLD. Both Lance and Charlton are just a round back in third and fourth.

A great weekend at MRP and it bodes well for the rest of the races left in the series. Thanks go out to Ryan and RH Race Cars for their continued support of the series. You're awesome man!!!



The next event is in two weeks at MRP and is sponsored by Charlton Automotive.

Points and photos will be up Tuesday evening.



June 17, 2010

This weekend's Doorslammer race (#5) is presented by the series title sponsor RH Race Cars. THE premier race car chassis builder in Western Canada. They are huge supporters of drag racing in Western Canada, being a major Sponsorat the Eagle Motorplex as well as our title sponsor You will see Ryan and much of his team this weekend at MRP. Say hi, as he will be in many of the Doorslammers pits as well as Rick Distefano's, Trevor Lowe's and a few of the other Pro Mod teams

Notice to all the Doorslammer teams, the plan right now is to have an assoc BBQ Saturday evening. But we will look at the weather and make the final determination Saturday at the drivers meeting. Don't plan a huge shop (for dinner) for your team until after the meeting.

June 16, 2010

(Chris Moffat winners pictures) SpeedZone Magazine racing photos.

Great photo op with the mountains, blue sky, a few clouds and a bunch of HP

What a great weekend at the 'Plex as we completed the Fortin Auto sponsored event and the Langley Loafers sponsored race #4 as well. The point standings have shuffled big time even though Zak went to his second winners circle.

Race #4 results (race 3 final results follow the race 4 story)

Hey Terry is that a smile I see.

The old guy (TLD) is on a streak as he moves all the way up to second in the standings after entering the weekend in 10th place.


Race #4 presented by the Langley Loafers.


Qualifying got going at 10:30am and Darren Wolfram, a newcomer to the series made his first run with his very nice 67 blown Camaro.

Newcomer and newest member Darren Wolfram made the field on his first lap.

He ran a 8.68 to make the field on a pretty good out of the box run. In the second pair of cars Gord Wagner, ran his career best a 7.95, but unfortunately his chute got tangled in the wheelie bars and he went off the end of the track and rolled over in the brambles. He was not hurt and the car was not damaged too badly but he was done for the weekend.

Left: a big ouch as Gord Wagner tries drifting around the corner at the top end of the 'Plex. He did not succeed. Right: An ouch by Bill Bourdon also by his was motor related. Hopefully he is back by this coming weekend.

Bill Bourdon in the Mackenzie Racing Cavalier, ran 8.90 but wounded the engine so he was done for the weekend as well. Kerry Stone laid down an awesome 6.91 and ran a top speed of 210 mph.

Kerry Stone rips off a great 6.91. Gary Wiebe is getting into the doorslammer groove.

That run would prove to be the best of the weekend, and gave him the #1 qualifying spot in the field. By the time their session was complete, Dallas Wagner was #2 after a 7.7 pass. After the first round 16 of 17 cars were in the field. Only Darryl Stone, who wheelstood and headed towards the wall was not in.


Hard wild launch by Darryl Stone. Tyson takes on Springer in qualifying

Round two saw Darryl Stone run a 7.5@ 200 to move to #2 in the field. A couple cars made small improvements but no real chances in the order. In the final round Saturday.

"Run for the money" winner Kevin Lance took home 140 big ones

They also ran a "closest to their dial, run for the money" jackpot that had $140.00 in the pool. Kevin Lance got the win running .015 off his number. Kerry Stone improved big time with a great 7.00@203.25

A little sideways for Wolfram: Alex Dewolf smokes em.

Sunday Morning Kerry Stone broke on the burnout as he heard a miss in the car. He could not return for eliminations. Phil Davis moved up a spot by running .03 quicker than his earlier 7.64 best. Wagner also improved but lost his spot on the ladder and ended up with a 7.630 best.


Here is the final order:

Kerry Stone '69 Camaro 6.918/210
Darryl Stone '67 Camaro 7.007/203.25
Phil Davis '41 Willys7.613/186.48
Dallas Wagner '04 Dakota 7.630/187.14
Kevin Lance '55 Chevy 7.883/1767.54
Rob Charlton '00 S-10 7.895/172.41
Dave Warren '62 Chevy Belair 7.920/175.60
Gord Wagner '87 Charger 7.954/179.6
Zak Clarke '94 Beretta 8.048/171.65
Gary Wiebe '67 Chevelle 8.371/165/83
Alex Dewolf '88 Mustang 8.600/162.71
Terry Langdon Davies '41 Willys 8.632/160.74
Tyson Wells '65 VW 8.637/159.29
Darren Wolfram '67 Camaro 8.687/157.06
Randy Arlitt '55 Chevy 8.732/154/55
Jack Springer '82 Chev Pickup 8.783/159/65
Bill Bourdon '87 Cavalier 8.906/149.20

First round pairings were: Kerry Stone bye, Darryl Stone vs Rob Charlton, Phil Davies Vs Dallas Wagner, Kevin Lance Vs Dave Warren, Gord Wagner Vs Bill Bourdon, Zak Clarke Vs TLD, Gary Wiebe Vs Jack Springer, Alex Dewolf Vs Randy Arlitt and Darren Wolfram Vs Tyson Wells.

A couple of singles in round one and one pairing that was invisible because both cars were broke. Kerry Stone got the bye run for his #1 effort, Rob Charlton singled as D. Stone was broke and the Bourdon/Wagner matchup did not happen due to the crash by Wagner and the wounded bullet in Bourdon's Cavalier. In the actual side by sides, Alex Dewolf won the battle of the break out runs, as both he and Randy Arlitt were under their dials. Arlitt was almost a tenth fast and Dewolf was .027 too quick. Tyson Wells defeated rookie Darren Wolfram by less than .005 in one of the closest races of the day. Kevin Lance defeated a too quick Dave Warren. Jack Springer defeated a red lighting Gary Wiebe. Wiebe lit the red by a scant .002. Phil Davis got by Dallas Wagner on a holeshot.

Both Arlitt and Dewolf (far lane) broke-out.

In THE match -up of the first round, the old timer Terry Langdon Davies got revenge on Zak 'the Quack" Clarke. The old guy he took the stripe by a minuscule .003, the closest race of the season, so far. Great Race!!!!!

"Kruger racing Dial in award" for TLD. Almost the trifecta this past week Terry.

Round two........ started with Rob Charlton defeat a tire rattling Kerry Stone, Alex Dewolf was the second round for the first time, and he won an epic battle of mid 8 second cars. His opponent Tyson Wells, got a .043 holeshot but Dewolf was .043 closer to his dial, making this a dead heat. Alex got the win by less than /001 of a second wow!!!!

Phil Davis (above right) got a half a fender length win over Kevin Lance (.012) and Terry Langdon Davies (below) continued his streak with a come from behind win over Jack Springer.

Round three........ saw Rob Charlton thank his lucky stars for the faux pas by Phil Davis. Davis got a huge holeshot on Charlton and could him so early that he thought the usual quick leaving Charlton had engine woes. He lifted real early as he caught Charlton by 700 feet, but low and behold charlton was not broke, just real late, but the off the gas (as to not break out thought) early deal backfired and the similar speed Charlton runs had him catch Davis and the Willys driver could not take back the stripe.

Hey Rob what is that I see, did you guys actually cross the starting line on the burnout, wow, miracles never cease.

Charlton got the win by .02. Alex Dewolf got the odd car single, Terry Langdon Davies also had a single due to the weird round one deal with Bourdon and Wagner.


Round four............Rob Charlton Staged the car and took the green as he had the bye run and Langdon Davies (below) got the win over Dewolf to reach his second final in a row.

Final round ...........This one should have been a close pairing as both drivers are pretty good on the tree, but Rob was a tenth back at the start, his second late light of the day. Rob basically ran out of race track and it would have been tough as TLD ran right on his dial in (a 8.628 on a 8.62 dial). A great weekend for the old timer and a big move up in the standing all the way to second place from 10th.

Left: Winner centre right Terry Langdon Davies. Right: Runner up team Rob Charlton and crew

Next weekend (June 18-19) the series makes their fourth stop at MRP for the Doorcar extravaganza. CW Doorslammers, Pro Mods and Pro Street invade Mission Raceway.

It should be a great weekend and likely our biggest field of the year.


Terry Langdon Davies won the Kruger Racing dial in awards as he was .005 off his 8.630 dial in. Zak Clarke was also .005 off his dial in (8.075 on a 8.070 dial), but it was against Davies on the same run. TLD got to the stripe first so he got the award.

Points are posted.



Race #4 presented by the Langley Loafers Car Club

The Loafers Hot Rod Club was founded in 1957 and has been active in motorsports throughout its history. Our present membership is comprised of thirty active and enthusiastic street rod and race car hobbyists. The members come from diverse business and career backgrounds and includes several of the original founding members.

In 1988, with the experience of many successful car shows and rallies behind us, we presented the inaugural B.C. Oldtime Drags. These annual events at Mission and Ashcroft have become major Motorsport gatherings in the area, attracting up to 8,000 spectators and participants.

The financial success of these two annual race events, with the contribution from our many sponsors and race supporters, have enabled our club to undertake a scholarship program in Langley High Schools.

Club Community Involvement
We present five $500 scholarships to Automotive Shop Career Program students, which we believe are the first such awards in BC The schools benefiting from this program are DEW. Poppy, Walnut Grove Secondary, Aldergrove Secondary, Brookswood Secondary, and Langley Senior Secondary. We plan to continue these programs in addition to supporting the BC Secondary School Motorsport Association.

We also support the High School drag racing program at Mission Raceway, Eagle Motorplex in Ashcroft and North Central Motorsport Park in Prince George by furnishing all the trophies and prizes.

We are actively involved with the D.W. Poppy High School car show - a fundraiser for the school which buys computers and analyzers for their auto-shop. Participants from 20 different high schools are involved from Hope to Victoria.


Race #3 eliminations

The Completion of Race #3 presented by Fortin's Automotive wrapped up Saturday at the Loafers event at the Eagle Motorplex.


Qualifying which was completed at Mission Raceway last week saw the field as follows:

The 10 cars that returned for race three all got in a time trial Saturday morning before eliminations

1. Terry Spargo 6.58
2. Grant Howell 7.51
3. Dave Warren 7.68
4. Kevin Lance 7.72
5. Rob Charlton 7.74
6. Zak Clarke 7.92
7. Todd Jacques 7.98

8. Gary Wiebe 8.23
9. Terry Langdon Davies 8.43
10. Tyson Wells 8.55
11. Randy Arlitt 8.58
12. Alex Dewolf 8.59

13. Jack Springer 8.63

14. Bill Bourdon 8.98
15. John Marcus did not start


The teams all got a time trial run Saturday morning to get an idea of the difference in ets from Mission and Ashcroft. Most of the cars were just over a tenth slower. Terry Spargo, Grant Howell, and Todd Jacques did not make the trip to the 'Plex, So eliminations had a few singles in round one. Terry Spargo who had a bye, did not advance to round two (how often can you say that happened), Gary Wiebe defeated Alex Dewolf on a double breakout.


TLD took out Arlitt when he left before the tree was activated. Kevin Lance had a single, Zak Clarke took out a too quick Rob Charlton and Tyson Wells got a huge break in his win over Jack Springer. Springer had over a tenth at the tree but went .023 too quick handing the second round to the 09 champion. Dave Warren also got a first round single.

Round two................ Zak Clarke got the win over a very late leaving Kevin Lance, TLD defeated Tyson Wells in a great heads up battle. Davies had .029 at the tree and won by .027.

Gary Wiebe had a single and Dave Warren got his second in a row due to the three no shows. The semi finals were one sided affairs. TLD had over a tenth at the tree and easily got by a too fast Wiebe. Clarke also had over a tenth and he got a car length win over Warren.

The final round saw the 'young gun' Clarke against the ole man.

Langdon Davies took a shot at the tree and went red, handing the win to the youngster.

Wonder how Zak feels beating up on a pensioner. Poor old guy! Is the old timer too old to forget that he got beat up on by some young buck one day, if in fact they will likely have to race each other a few more times this year. Well the answer to that question was answered very quickly. Go up to the Race #4 results to see what happened the next time they faced each other.

Notables... Tyson Wells won the closest to the dial in "Kruger Racing" award he was .004 off his 8.680 dial in.

Is that a full Moon Scott, or "moon over my ham e"

June 14, 2010

Points are updated........story is being worked on as you read this.


June 13, 2010

What a great weekend at the 'Plex! Zak the "Quak" Clarke gets another win, against a grumpy ole pensioner Terry Langdon Davies, Zak yer so mean, to beat up on an old guy, you probably steal LED's from kids golf carts too (you had to be there)! But then, to the amazement of many, that same old fart, took out the Zakster in round one on Sunday, and took his 41 Willys to the winners circle. We actually have a series battle on out hands, we reach the middle half of the season. The full story on Monday and Tuesday.

June 10, 2010

One of the largest events at the Eagle Motorplex is this weekend. The 23rd Langley Loafers Old Time Drags is up this weekend at the 'Plex. The Doorslammers are one of the features classes this weekend (Rocky Mountain Funny Cars are the other). Expected are over 20 doorslammers to compete at what has become "the best" event of the year at the desert facility. We are proud to have the Langley Loafers as the presenting sponsor this weekend. It is race #4 but on Saturday it will be a very busy day as last weekend's race sponsored by Fortin's Auto has to be completed as well as qualifying for the Sunday race. The tentative schedule is below for the weekend. There is a test n tune on Friday as well, so a number of teams may head up early to get in a couple test laps.

The Langley Loafers are one of the oldest car clubs in Canada, founded in 1957 (53 years old this year) and play a big role in motorsports in the Lower Mainland. They help support High School motorsports offering trophies for both Eagle and MRP and offer $500 scholarships in 5 Langley high schools for Automotive Shop Career Program students. They they host two huge motorsports events at both the Motorplex and Mission Raceway. They are actively involved with the D.W. Poppy High School car show - a fundraiser for the school which buys computers and analyzers for their auto-shop. Participants from 20 different high schools are involved from Hope to Victoria.

June 7, 2010

The Langley Loafers race at Ashcroft this weekend will see the completion of last weekends race on Saturday.

Here are the details:

Saturday (tentative) Schedule

12:00pm.... Qualifier for everyone which will count for Sunday’s event (I would like to run the cars that will be competing that day first, in order to give them more cool down time, hopefully we can use 4 staging lanes)

1:00pm 1ST Round of Eliminations (this will not count for any qualifying)

2:00pm 2nd Round of Eliminations (will also count as 2nd Qualifier)

2:00pm 2nd Qualifier for those not in competition

3:00pm 3rd round of Eliminations (this will not count for any qualifying)

4:00pm Final Round of Eliminations (will also count as 3rd Qualifier)

4:00pm 3rd Qualifier for those not in competition

* The funny car class is also scheduled to run at 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 so these times may vary by a 30 minute window on either side throughout the day. On each of the three Qualifiers we will be running those cars that are competing in Saturday’s make up race down the track first in order to give them as much cool down time as possible, so please listen to which staging lanes you are being called to, competitors and non competitors will be in different lanes. Once a competitor has been eliminated from competition, they can then join in with the regular qualifying sessions.*

June 6, 2010

A great Saturday unfortunately turns into a lousy Sunday for Race #3

Saturday was a fantastic day of qualifying for Race #3 sponsored by Fortin's Automotive. The only disappointing part of the Saturday racing was the surprisingly low car count. 15 cars were there to qualify, but only 14 cars made qualifying runs on Saturday. By the end of the day 12 were in the field. Two non-qualifiers, Bill Bourdon (he did make a test lap at the end of the day and looked closer to getting in the field). Bourdon in the MacKenzie Racing Cavalier had a whole new fuel system on the car and were still working out the bugs.

(Credit to Alex Dewolf who is on a tiny slick but went 8.58/161)

Second non qualifier was the guy with the worst luck, John Marcus in his very nice Duster. He had fluid leaking isseus at the first event, and they carried through to this one as well. Finally after the second shut down in round two, they sourced the problem. It was a cracked intake plate. which saw fluid come out of it under rpm's. He will have it fixed (IE: a new plate) for the next event).

Terry Spargo led all comers with an off the trailer 6.58/210mph blast. Spargo sat out the second round of qualifying as he was doing head and spring maintenance. In the third qualifier, he got real loose at 600 feet and coasted through with a 6.89. Grant Howell is #2 with an opening 7.54. He improved to a 7.51 in the final session. Dave Warren went 7.72 as did Kevin Lance. Rob Charlton is #5 with a 7.75 and Zak Clarke is #6 with a 7.93 rounding out the top half of the field. Todd Jaques attained a goal he said would happen soon, and that was to run a "7". He went 7.98/161 in round two of qualifying. Gary Wiebe came out to run with the 'slammers for the first time, and ran 8.20's with his very nice Chevelle.

Here is the final order:

1. Terry Spargo 6.58
2. Grant Howell 7.51
3. Dave Warren 7.68
4. Kevin Lance 7.72
5. Rob Charlton 7.74
6. Zak Clarke 7.92
7. Todd Jacques 7.98
8. Gary Wiebe 8.23
9. Terry Langdon Davies 8.43
10. Tyson Wells 8.55
11. Randy Arlitt 8.58

12. Alex Dewolf 8.59
13. Jack Springer 8.63


14. Bill Bourdon 8.98

Did not make a run: John Marcus

Unfortunately Sunday morning saw the bad weather come in and the call was made by 9:30 am to postpone the race. Weather was forecasted to be unsettled all day long and in the end it was wet for most of the day so a good call, as teams could head home early to spend the day with family.

With the postponement, the event will complete on Saturday next weekend at the Loafers event at Ashcroft. The field is set, so it will be a 12 car eliminator.

The race will be part of the huge event at Ashcroft, as there are expected to be over a dozen lower mainland cars as well as 8-12 from up in the Okanogan Valley as well. Everyone is pretty excited. Make sure you have your hotel booked and be ready for party.

June 2, 2010

The Canada West Doorslammers are please to announce Fortin's as the title sponsor for this weekend's Race #3 at Mission Raceway this weekend. Fortin's is a mainstay in the automotive industry in the Fraser Valley.

A little bit about the company.

"Charlie" Fortin Senior had worked with automobiles since 1916. His original encounters were with such names as Rumley tractors, Overland, and McLaughlin-Buick Automobiles. During World War II, he envisioned a business that would provide an automotive machine shop and parts distribution system complete within the Fraser Valley.
He shared this dream with his son Laurence, then in the armed forces. In 1946, only forty-eight hours after his discharge, Laurence was shovelling gravel for the start of their dream. On July 2nd, the dream became a reality and along with a parts store, Fortin's Machine Shop was open for business with "Master Machinist" grandfather Fortin at the helm.
Although the founders have sadly since passed away, Fortins machine shop continued to grow under the leadership of 3rd generation president Jeff Fortin. Today the shop team is headed up by Norm Wilson, who has taken its reputation as a local business, to an award winning machine shop recognized and respected by the trade across the Fraser Valley and beyond.
Never satisfied with status quo, the team continues to grow and invest in new "state of the art" equipment, and now engages in performance, race and marine engine building.
Fortins is also active in sponsoring local individuals participating in the racing circuit, and has just recently appeared on the hit television program "Pinks All Out" in Las Vegas and Seattle with their eye popping 1965, 900HP VW Beetle. Norm (Crew Chief) and his partner Tyson Wells (Owner & Driver) continue to pursue this passion and enjoy every minute of it!
In February 2010 Fortin's was pleased to announce the opening of our 3rd branch in Abbotsford B.C., Now with 3 locations, (Sardis, Chilliwack & Abbotsford) Fortin's is pleased to serve a wider community and looking forward to establishing more roots along the way!"



May 20, 2010

The next race for the Doorslammers (race #3), is June 5-6 at Mission Raceway. That event is presented by Fortins Engines. We will be profiling Fortins in the next week .

Then it is the Langley Loafers event at Ashcrtoft June 12-13. Make sure all the competitors who are staying in town have got their hotels booked. The town books up fast. Go here for a list of hotels. Also don't forget to book and confirm your entry for Port Alberni, and book your ferry and hotels there as well. That event will see $3,000 to win, $2,000 runner-up and $1,000 for semi finals. Thanks to Harpers Performance for findings a bunch of new sponsors for that event.

Race #2 winners Circle

Winner: Zak Clarke

Crew: Damien Giddens (left), Dan Provost (Rad Torque Systems Car sponsor), Zak Clarke (right centre), Marcy the Prez (middle right), Al Quigley, Crew Chief (far right)


Runner up Kevin Lance

May 16, 2010

According to Bill Bourdon (the West Coast Polaris dealer), he will have VP Fuels available by June 7th. Contact him for more info.

May 8, 2010

Race #2 presented by TCS Products

Bill Jeffery Gallery is here.

SpeedZone Gallery is here.

Speedzone and Bill Jeffery photos.

Zakariah Clarke takes race 2 and has a 40+ point lead as the series goes into a three week break before going three weekends in a row the beginning of June.

On Mother's Day weekend under great weather, a surprisingly small field (many reasons including the great spring weather (first great weekend in a while) with 15 cars but only 12 for round one.

Qualifying saw 'THE Hitter' Terry Spargo take the early pole with a 6.616@ 211. No other 6 second cars were on the grounds, so the battle was for #2. That went to Grant Howell who missed the first race due to threatening weather. Grant went 7.514. Dave Warren (2009 season runner up) who struggled in race #1, laid down one of his best laps ever, a great 7.65.

After round one, 10 cars were in the field quicker than 8.70. Jack Springer and Bill Bourdon were just outside less than a tenth off the 8.70. In round two, two long haulers Randy Modersohn and Darryn O'Connor, got solidly in the field with seven second laps. Spargo sat out round two, Bourdon and Springer could not improve (Bourdon actually found some mechanical issues and did not make any improvements despite his new converter). Bourdon tried to improve in the final session Saturday but the engine woes kept improvements from happening and he did not run Sunday.

The final session, the guys (Zak Clarke suggestion) decided to run a, 'run for the money' deal, which gives the winner all the money in the pool. Drivers put a number on their window, and whoever was closest to their projected et, takes the cash. Rob Charlton won the money with a .012 off 7.782 on a 7.77 dial. Lance went 7.713 on a 7.70 dial. Spargo went out and improved for his first 6.50 of the year, a great 6.59/210. Grant Howell ripped off his best a 7.47, Warren sat out and was done, as he found valve train issues. Todd Jacques ran his career best a 8.13 (that he said should be closer to the 7's). Randy Modersohn and Darryn O'Connor both improved to the tune of 7.60's. Unfortunately for Modersohn, the input shaft crapped out on him and he was done for the weekend. His spare ended up to be the wrong one as well. Crappy luck for the Edmonton driver.

Sunday morning only two drivers were outside the field, and one, Bill Bourdon did not run due to his engine issues, but Jack Springer added some juice to his Pick-up and he got in with a 8.62, what a relief for the C&C Trucking team. O'Connor improved to a 7.64 Dave Richardson showed up Sunday morning and made the field on one hit with a 7.88. Tyson Wells ran too quick for his chassis on two laps Saturday so he HAD to slow down or would be disqualified for the weekend and crew chief Norm Wilson dialed in the car to run a 8.53 which he repeated Sunday morning so the 2009 champ was dialed in.

Here is the final order for qualifying

1. Terry Spargo 6.590/211
2. Grant Howell 7.476 180.97
3. Darryn O'Connor 7.64/178
4. Dave Warren 7.656/175 (broke in qualifying)
5. Randy Modersohn 7.686/177 (broke in qualifying)
6. Kevin Lance 7.708/ 167
7. Rob Charlton 7.773/172
8. Zak Clarke 7.879/173
9. Dave Richardson 7.88/170
10. Todd Jacques 8.132/166
11. Terry Langdon Davies 8.363/ 161
12. Tyson Wells 8.534/ 153
13. Jack Springer 8.62/160
14. Randy Arlitt 8.659/ 153

15. Bill Bourdon 8.764/152 (broke in qualifying)

In Round one eliminations, Spargo faced on against O'Connor and Terry was hoping for a bit more traction on the starting line, and had an aggressive dial on the Cavalier. It did not happen like he scripted, and the car spun real hard on the starting line to the tune of a 1.05 60ft. The car usually goes .96 or better on a 6.50 pass. O'Connor went 7.70 for the win. Spargo went 6.66 and was on the trailer. Grant Howell and Kevin Lance both got the byes due to breakage.

Rob Charlton took on Dave Richardson in a battle of hitters. Their starting line leaves, showed their abilities, as they went .012 and .006 respectively. Richardson's slight advantage did not pay off, as he fell off .05 on his 7.90 dial. Charlton went .03 over his 7.72 dial in. Zak Clarke defeated Terry Langdon Davies when Clarke ran right on his 7.88 dial to the thousandth. He won the Kruger Racing dial in award., Todd Jacques car slowed a bunch from his dial in (went 8.28 on a 8.13) and he fell to Randy Arlitt. Tyson Wells defeated Jack Springer as the sometimes nitrous assisted combo was not turned on (ouch) and Springer was way off his dial.

In Round two, O'Connor got the odd car single, Charlton took on Zak Clarke and Clarke took the win as Charlton was gaining until 400 feet when his S-10's bullet went to the moon when his transmission took a dump at the one-two shift. 09 series champion Tyson Wells faced Randy Arlitt and Arlitt fell off the pace handing the win to the silver Bug. Kevin Lance got the best of his Island rival Grant Howell, when Howell fell off by .05 on his 7.50 dial in, while Lance was right on his 7.71 dial.

Semi Finals........ Clarke took on '09 series champ Wells, and wanted him bad as Clarke had a good chance to win the 09 championship but failed to make to three events costing him the championship (if he have of made all three of the missed events and even lost in round one he would have finished in first place by one point. He vowed to challenge for the title in 2010. He got the better light and caught Wells by half track as Tyson got real loose and had to lift in the metallic bug. Kevin Lance defeated Darryn O'Connor in the other semi final setting up 3rd and 8th place finishers from 2009 in the final round.

The final round was over on the starting line, as Clarke got the holeshot and Lance could not make up the difference. Clarke was on the brakes and took a 3/4 car length victory.

The win puts his 40 points ahead of Lance, and puts the target on squarely on his back heading into three events in three weeks starting the beginning of June.

Points are posted

Bill Jeffery Gallery is here.

SpeedZone Gallery is here.

May 5, 2010

Race two is this weekend for the Doorslammers. The event is presented by our longest standing Sponsor TCS Performance Products. Since the inception of the Doorslammer series over a dozen years ago, TCS has stood behind the class. Bob Marshall CEO of TCS Performance Products has been a drag racing supporter in the North West since his start in the aftermarket automotive business 40 years ago.

"TCS Performance Products is a leading supplier and manufacturer of performance transmission parts. For over 40 years, our first priority has been to deliver the best products to our customers. Our 3 divisions consist of Performance and Domestic Parts Sales, CNC Machining and Manufacturing, and Torque Converter Manufacture/Re-Manufacture. Dedicated to the ultimate and extreme performance of today’s Domestic and Racing enthusiasts we are focused on delivering the right product for the job".

Just looking down the staging lanes when the Doorslammers are ready to race you see a number of cars with the TCS logo on them. The company has a legacy of racers and race cars in the series with no less than five different teams owning ex-TCS cars or being sponsored by the Langley based company. Many of the teams run their converters as well.

If you are looking for aftermarket transmission products, CNC machining and/or of course converters for your race car or everyday driver go to their website or their location at 6217 205th street, Langley BC, toll free 1-800-960-1177.


Unfortunately race one winner Mike Lucas will not have the target on his back due to his very unfortunate trailer fire on the way home from the first race. Zak Clarke and Grant Klohn will be the ones looking over their shoulders as they are neck and neck in first and second place respectively.

May 1, 2010

Jefffery and Murdoch photos

A bit of a delay in getting the whole race one story posted, as I have been swamped with my 6am-5pm job as well as four major print projects.


Race #1 eliminations..... As we wrote earlier, the top four in the 18 car field were Spargo, Klohn, Davis and Shuflita.

The bottom four in the field all struggled to run the number, and they were Dave Warren, last year's champ, Tyson wells, Jack Springer and Bill Bourdon. But with only getting one hit, all four who were slower than the 8.70 minimum, got a 11th hour reprieve, and got in round one, but they did not get qualifying points.

Terry Shuflita faced perennial hitter Rob Charlton in round one and Terry got a huge break when Mr. consistent spun and hooked right off the starting line handing an easy win for a very late leaving Shuflita.

Charlton and crew chief Scott both stated they were very concerned when the bikes were the class that ran before them making only a one track grove . Being the first pair out the team tried to compensate for the groove, but it did not work and then team could only watch while Shuflita streaked to an easy win.


Dave Richardson took on new comer Graham Foster and this one was real close, with the .015 hole shot turning out to be a .008 stripe on the top end.

Springer took out rookie Bill Bourdon in another close race. Springer took the stripe by .03. Kevin Lance #2 in points last year, defeated Phil Davis, he was real close to his 7.68 dial.

Cody Liwiski, out for the 4th time, got a break, when Terry Langdon Davies broke out.

Mike Lucas got the win over last years champ Tyson Well's.

After running real well in testing two weeks prior, Wells could not run his usual mid 8 second lap. The V-W seemed to be real aggresive all day including the couple TnT hits he made after his first round loss.

Grant Klohn has the ex Howie Steven's Probe flying, running career best #'s including a 7.20 in round one. He broke out on his 7.25 dial in but his opponent Terry Spargo also went too fast by .06. taken into both lights and the break out, Kohn took the stripe by .0002.

Randy Arlitt defeated a struggling Dave Warren and Zak Clarke got an easy win over a broken Darren Williams.

Round two... In what a few have said had the making of a great final round, Dave Richardson was too anxious against Zak Clarke and went red by .033. Both drivers were close to their dial in.

Terry Shuflita defeated Kevin Lance with a .03 stripe, Randy Arlitt got a break when Cody Liwiski broke out,

Mike Lucas continued on the positive side of the win light with a win over Jack Springer in his newly painted Pick Up, and Grant Klohn got the odd car bye in the five speed.

The 1/4 finals....... Again it was non member Lucas getting the win as he had a solid .054 package. Arlitt was closer to his #, but was well back at the tree, and Zak Clarke got the single into the semis.

Round four, semi finals.... Lucas was off to the final round with a single and he was right on his 8.70 with a 8.709. Zak Clarke one of the most consistent drivers in the class, held off a hard charging Grant Klohn, as he had a bunch at the starting line and lifted early.

Final round.... In what could be deemed an upset in the final, Mike Lucas like a number of non member racers lately, made it to the final round and the winners circle with only the cash to look forward to, as he decided at the start of the event not to get a membership as he was not sure how man races he would make it to (with the unfortunate incident on his way home, he is a long way from being back to the class, the whole series offers their condolences Mike on your horrific fire on the way home to Fort St. John.

A lonely run down the track as Clarke did not get staged right. The consolation is he is the point leader as the winner Lucas was not a member.

Mike got the win when Zak, who historically stages real shallow, lit the bottom bulb, but he was in so shallow, that the car rolled out when he went up on the convertor. He likely could have gotten in beofre the tree came down, but he was shocked by the roll out and Lucas got the green. A tough one for Clarke, but a real tough high and then extreme low for Lucas.


Hopefully he can recover from this deal and be back out before too too long.

Points are posted.

The teams are back out May 8th and 9th for race #1.

April 28, 2010

Points standings are updated. Full wrap up Thursday or Friday

April 26, 2010

Real bad news coming on the heels of Mike Lucas' win in Doorslammer race #1 yesterday. On his way home , his trailer caught on fire and it unfortunately burned to the ground (near 100 Mile House), with all contents inside. What a terrible turn of events after a great day of racing for the roookie DS team. The doorslammers offer their sympathy to Mike and his crew and family.

April 25, 2010

The runner-up takes the point lead at Race # 1. Zak Clarke did not win the race but he walks away from weekend one with the point lead. Mike Lucas was the winner, but decided not to get a membership for the season. Good for the assoc. but bad for Lucas, as the decision costs him $500 and the point lead.

18 cars were out for the first event, and weather played a huge role in the event presented by RH Race Cars. With no qualifying on Saturday due to the weather, the teams only got one run in and the decision was made to allow all racers to compete in round one even if they could not run the 8.70 minimum. Four or five teams got the break as a few did not make a solid lap.

Terry Spargo again lead qualifying with an off the trailer 6.76 205. Grant Klohn was #2 with a great 7.30 in the Liberty five speed small block Probe. Phil Davis (7.47) was #3 and Terry Shuflita was #4 (7.51).

Full results in the next couple days.

Have to post a shot of the new paint job on Jack Springer's Chevy Pick-Up. Very nice for sure. Extreme Autobody and Millionaire Murals Airbrushing are the sponsors who looked after the very nice new look.

April 23, 2010

All Canada West Doorslammers, there is a meeting in the tower @ 10:00am Saturday. If you are racing this weekend please head to the tower.

April 20, 2010

Sorry for no updates as the season is just around the corner, but only two racers have sent me any info on their team in the last three months, so all seem to be status quo for most. I do know through the grapevine that there are a couple changes as the season gets underway this weekend for race #1 of the 10 RACE 2010 season.

The schedule is finalized with 8 of 11 races with title sponsors so far. We are proud to have added to the sponsor list this year, Fortins Engines. They are a top notch Auto Centre with Engine building as a specialty. Also a Tune up Automotive centre and Auto Parts Store, based in Chilliwack and a new location in Abbotsford.

The Langley Loafers are also added to the sponsor list as is the Port Alberni Racing assoc.

Of note for a couple teams, sees Ken Kruger arriving at the track with a new Ford diesel F-350, and a few tweaks to the Firebird, to find a few huns. Layne Wooley is looking for a ride this year, as the Camaro he drove for the last couple seasons has been sold. Mike Bedsworth is still working on the Cutlass, should be out late spring. Terry Spargo has a 780 inch Sonnys Bullet for the DS series and Top Sportsman. Greg Anderson has his new bullet in the Grand Am. Looking to be out early in the season. Jack Springer has a new sponsor, Extreme Autobody in Pitt Meadows and will debut a new look for the full size Chevy P/U. Bill Bourdon bumped up the HP in the purple Cavalier, and likely will run the series in 2010.

This weekend's race should be an eye opener as the 2009 season was one for the record books. Huge car counts and many new members. This year will hopefully be even better.

The 2009 champion, Tyson Wells has been out testing already and was right on the bugs 8.50 limit, running 8.51. Zak Clarke was out also in the RAD sponsored Cavalier. If he runs the f whole tour this year, he will be a threat for sure.

If the weather is good, I expect to see 18-24 cars Saturday morning. I can't wait.

The Schedule page is updated with all the event sponsors.


January 26, 2010

Well it’s finally complete, and WOW what a full schedule. Some great news, we managed to get back into the Langley Loafers Old Time Drags at Mission, so our schedule has one more event than last year. As per the vote at the year end meeting, we will be traveling to Ashcroft for two races this year, the first race in Ashcroft will be our annual Loafers race on June 12/13, and our second event there will be the CMDRA race on July 17/18. The CMDRA association is very excited to have us come up there for their event and to make the event even more exciting there will be a “Wally” up for grabs for the winner of this event. Unfortunately due to the lack of Saturday/Sunday events offered at Pacific Raceway in Seattle, we were not able to schedule an event there for the 2010 season. Please make note of the new rules and regulations that have been added for the 2010 race season, the first being an oil retention devise is required on all race entries, we will allow a one race grace for those who did not know of the rule prior to that race event, as well as any team that disobeys any of our association rules & regulations will be disqualified immediately and incur an additional two race suspension, second infractions will incur a permanent suspension. Please see attached file for the 2010 association rules and regulations and race schedule. I would also like to tell you about the “Spring Fling Fundraiser” this is an annual fundraiser for Ashcroft’s Eagle Motorplex, it’s always a ton of fun, with a live and silent auction as well as various games and eating and drinking of course. This year it is being held at the Legion in Aldergrove, I will include the information below. Once again I would like to ask you all to help out our association by campaigning for sponsors for the 2010 season. Without the help of our sponsors it would not be possible to run our association with the success we have experienced in the past seasons, so we need everyone to pitch in and try to raise as much sponsorship as possible.

Thank you in advance, Chris and I are both looking forward to an exciting upcoming season.


The Spring Fling will be back at the Legion in Aldergrove Saturday March 6 with the dinner prepared again by Chef Phil from Valley Caterers [if you have been to one of these events his food is fabulous].

The tickets will be again $35.00 and kids 12 and under $20.00

Tickets and or reservations are available by calling;

Kevin Clarke 604 308 6434
Ken Orser 604 530 1384
Carlo Briglio 604 230 9170

If you have anything you can donate for the auctions please let one of them know. All items would be very muchly appreciated.


Race#1 April 24-25 Mission Raceway

Race#2 May 8-9 Mission Raceway

Race#3 June 5-6 Mission Raceway

Race#4 June 12-13 Ashcroft Motorplex

Race#5 June 19-20 Mission Raceway

Race#6 July 3-4 Mission Raceway

Race#7 July 17-18 Ashcroft Motorplex

Race#8 July 31/Aug 1 Mission Raceway

Exhibition August 7-8 ** Port Alberni

Race#9 August 28-29 Mission Raceway

Race#10 September 18-19 Mission Raceway


Marcy Copley..........Canada West Doorslammers Representative
6217 205 Street
Langley,BC Canada V2Y-1N7
Ph# 604 533-8675 / Toll Free 1 800 960-1177

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