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Oct 30, 2008

It's party time!!!!!!

The 2008 Season has come to an end, and it’s time to Crown our new champion!! Our year end awards and banquet dinner will be held on November 29th in one of the banquet rooms at the Best Western Mission City Lodge. The cash bar will open at 6:00PM with Dinner at 7:00. Following dinner we will have an awards ceremony which will be followed by live music and dancing. (Layne Wooley’s band) Tickets will be $45.00 per person, please phone me ASAP to reserve your tickets!

Special Hotel Room rates have been set up for us, when booking a hotel room at the Best Western Mission City Lodge, please let them know you are with the “Doorslammers group booking”, you must let them know you are part of this group booking when making your reservation in order to take advantage of the special discounted group rate. Rates are $91.53 (single) or $100.68 (double) including taxes. If you are not staying at the Lodge, please find an appropriate ride home…Please Don’t Drink and Drive.

There will be a racers meeting at the Mission Spring Restaurant on November 29th at 1:00PM. Your participation in this meeting is very important!! This is your opportunity to have your say in any Rules & Regulations that you may or may not like to see change for the 2009 season.

I need to confirm with the hotel how many people will be attending, so please notify me as soon as possible, how many tickets you will need for the banquet and if you will be attending the racers meeting during the day.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


P.S Dean Murdoch is looking for phone numbers for all the members, please email him your phone numbers ASAP! speedzone@telus.net

Best Western Mission City Lodge Mission Springs Restaurant

32281 Lougheed Highway 7160 Oliver Street

Mission, BC Mission, BC

Ph#604 820-5500 Ph#604 820-1009

Toll # 1 888 552-5542 Reservation in private meeting room

Oct 10, 2008

It is calendar time for all the Doorslammer teams.

I have 12-15 guys who have shown interest in this year`s calendar. Thanks to Dayle for getting the ball rolling at the last event. The plan is to have the calendar ready for printing by November 1st and be ready for shipping by the 7th of November, a full month earlier than in the past. The for sure participants include Grant Howell, Terry Shuflita, Terry Spargo, Ken Kruger, Randy Arlitt, Kevin Lance, Mike Bedsworth, Jeff Hill, and Zak Clarke.

Dave Warren, Long time participant Frank Nelson, Dean Woods, and Brian Kikel have tentatively committed to this year`s version. Ray Kirton, Terry Langdon Davies and Rob Charlton are also possibilities. So it will be filled very shortly. The last three spots from the names listed in this grouping have the first chance to confirm. I will send out emails in the next few days, but if you read the web site over the next few days, please reply back to me asap, so we can get the ball rolling. I have three confirmed advertisers and or sponsors (RJ, Jim`s Auto, and Jet) for the calendar and have up to six more spots available. The cost is 350.00 for every second page and the advertisers receives 50 copies for their personal use. All team participants receive 75-100 copies (depending one your personal requirements) and the cost is 400.00 plus shipping and gst.

Sept 30, 2008

TLD wins his first in 08

Gallery is here

Terry Langdon Davies takes the final event of the season.

The points battle may be over, (two weeks ago) but with surprisingly good weather this season with no rain outs, the Doorslammer schedule had a rain date that was not necessary. The assoc. decided to have a fun day with that date, with a full payout and a great way to end 2008 without the pressure of a point battle. 15 cars made it out to MRP for the event and no less than eight car were out for the first time, with one chance to check out the series and maybe race with the DS`ers next year. With perhaps the BEST race conditions this year at the sea level facility, corrected air was mine shaft like with air close to 1000 feet below sea level. Terry Spargo would have been drooling to get the chance at these conditions, unfortunately Terry wounded the 800 inch beast at the last race. Luckily for the fans, Pro Street competitors Rash Dhaliwal and Ken Sihota took up the slack, and both ran career best numbers. Rash went a great 6.56 to top the field, but unfortunately he hurt his supercharged small block and could not make first round. Ken Sihota went 2-10ths quicker than his previous best. Jeff Hill a regular competitor in the series in previous years, was out for the and he laid down a career best 7.06 at a whooping 207 mph. Mike Bedsworth went 7.21 a season best, Brian Kikel did the same as did Layne Wooley, he actually went 7.49 but that number did not count since he is only licensed to 7.50. Other first timers included Outlaw 10.5 CPSA driver Steve Nicholson in a very sweet Nova, Edmonton`s Gary Miserva in his gorgeous Willy`s, Darryn O`Connor is his S-10 Chris Murphy in his reworked blown Camaro and Bob Kokotailo in the Henry-J. After final qualifying, here was the final order:

Rash Dhaliwal rips off a career best 6.56

Ken Sihota was right behind Rash with a solid 6.78

Rash Dhaliwal 6.56
Ken Sihota 6.78
Jeff Hill 7.06
Greg Anderson 7.20
Mike Bedsworth 7.21
Brian Kikel 7.27
Layne Wooley 7.55
Grant Klohn 7.58
Steve Nicholson 7.61
Chris Murphy 7.93
Gary Miserva 8.03
Darryn O'Connor 8.12
Terry Langdon Davies 8.27
Bob Kokotailo 8.38
Zak Clarke 8.40

Chris Murphy`s blown Camaro makes tons of power, the team just has to mange the power to the ground.

Koko was out with Henry

The first round pairings were; Rash Dhaliwal (bye), Ken Sihota vs Greg Anderson, Jeff Hill Vs Brian Kikel, Mike Bedsworth Vs Layne Wooley, Grant Klohn Vs Darryn O`Connor, Steve Nicholson Vs Gary Miserva, Chris Murphy Vs Terry Langdon Davies and Bob Kokotailo Vs Zak Clarke.

Grant Klohn had clutch issues, and Howie Stevens came to his rescue

It was upset city in round one as regulars Anderson, Bedsworth and Kikel were all ousted. Rash Dhaliwal broke in qualifying so his single did not happen, giving Ken Sihota a freebie in round two. Clarke took out Kokotailo, Nicholson went to round two defeating first round opponent Gary Miserva. Chris Murphy destroyed his clutch in qualifying giving Terry Langdon Davies a single and round win. O`Connor defeated Klohn.

Kokotailo and Clarke battle in round one

In round two, Sihota had a single, Wooley lost to Hill went he lost second gear, Nicholson advance to the semis with his win over, O`Connor and TLD had a great .006 light and took out Clarke.

Steve Nicholson went to the semis in his first DS event. A very nice car, it would be great to see him out more in 09

In the semis, Jeff Hill went over 200 again and defeated Ken Sihota who was over a tenth off his 6.78 dial, and Langdon Davies defeated Nicholson who broke off the line.

Semi final with Hill taking the win in a side by side 200 mph race

In the final, Langdon Davies got a huge holeshot over Hill, and stayed out in front through the finish line for a six car length victory. It was his first final round of the season, and the first ever final for Hill.

Terry Langdon Davies launches hard in his round two win over Zak Clarke

Jeff Hill middle right with happy crew

A great weekend with a bunch of upsets and a number of great performances. I am willing to bet that all the regulars who saw the Saturday weather forecast wished they had of taken a chance and made the trek out, as it was on of the best weekends of the season for sure.

Next up for the assoc. is the year end banquet and party, as well as the annual general meeting where a number of topics will be discussed. The venue for the meeting and banquet may chance due to the rising costs at the Best Western, but we will let you know well in advance. The tentative date for the banquet is November 26.


Sept. 15, 2008

Sorry for the delay in posting the results from the final day of the RJ Enterprises Canada West Doorslammer season. My main computer crashed and I had to sort out all the web site data from my lap top. That being said go here to see results along with race day photos and captions from the final event of the season.

A Sunday Gallery is here

Saturday's gallery was not linked apparantly so here it is.

Sept. 12, 2008

Final results from last weekend's final race will be posted Saturday morning. I have most of the computer issues resolved.

Sept. 10, 2008

Final standings are posted (Unofficial).

22. Randy Arlitt 8.641/154.00

Sept 9, 2008

Here is a Saturday gallery.

What a crazy final weekend double header. A bunch of red lights, vacuum pumps falling by the wayside and the points leader having a very unusual semi final matchup up against a past series champion on Saturday and then losing in round one on Sunday and having to wait until later in the day on pins and needles to find out whether or not he had enough of a point lead to become the 2008 series champion.

The headline above is a mouthful for sure but if you read the Sunday short recap you know it was a weekend for the record books.

Let's start with Saturday:

21 cars were at MRP for the re-scheduled rained out event presented by Jim's Automotive. 20 were already qualified, and only Shane Wangler was outside the 8.70 minimum (Cody Liwiski did not return). With great weather and relatively cool temperatures, Wangler had a great shot Saturday morning. He was in the back of the lanes and in front of him, car after car picked up a few hundredths from two weeks ago. Terry Spargo moved into the #1 spot with a 6.74 (Barry Daniluk did not make the trek from Edmonton). Wangler did improve (mostly due to a repaired transmission and new torque convertor) enough to easily get in the field.

Here is final qualifying.

1 Terry Spargo 6.746
2 Barry Daniluk 6.756
3 Greg Anderson 7.27
4 Mike Bedsworth 7.27
5 Dean Woods 7.359
6 Brian Kikel 7.37
7 Terry Shuflita 7.490
8 Grant Klohn 7.543
9 Layne Wooley 7.57
10 Grant Howell 7.613
11 Kevin Lance 7.70
12 Rob Charlton 7.74
13 Dave Richardson 7.81
14 Dave Warren 7.861
15 Glen Norman 8.036
16 Terry Langdon Davies 8.362
17 Shane Wangler 8.37
18 Ken Kruger 8.39
19 Zak Clarke 8.483
20 Tom Montgomery 8.619
21 Randy Arlitt 8.646

Not Qualifed

21 Cody Liwiski 8.711

A number of other drivers did not return to this past weekend's race giving Mike Bedsworth, Grant Howell, Zak Clarke and singles (Daniluk, Grant Klohn, Ken Kruger and Terry Langdon Davies all failed to return)

First round pairing nd results:

1 Terry Spargo bye

2 Barry Daniluk (no show)
4 Mike Bedsworth 7.27 single

3 Greg Anderson win by .001
6 Brian Kikel

5 Dean Woods win
7 Terry Shuflita (red)

8 Grant Klohn (no show)
10 Grant Howell single

9 Layne Wooley win
12 Rob Charlton (red)

11 Kevin Lance win
13 Dave Richardson (red)

14 Dave Warren single
16 Terry Langdon Davies (no show)

15 Glen Norman win
17 Shane Wangler

18 Ken Kruger (no show)
19 Zak Clarke single

20 Tom Montgomery win
21 Randy Arlitt

In round two point leader Grant Howell got his second freebie in a row, advancing to round three. Terry Spargo got the task of facing Mr. consistent Mike Bedsworth and Mike nailed Terry to the tree and took the win advancing to the third round. Greg Anderson had a tough break against Dean Woods in round two. Woods lost his vacuum pulley belt on the burn out but the race official handed it to Mike Bedsworth Jr. who was assisting Anderson. He though it was off Greg's car and shut him off. Unfortunately it came off Woods car, which he was unaware, and he got the easy uncontested win. Unfortunately for Woods, his car has a dry sump system and the pump is more important than if you run a regular oiling system. The belt came off because the pump seized basically ending his weekend. Tom Montgomery got the win over Zak Clarke when Clarke went red. Glen Norman was defeated by Dave Warren, Kevin Lance went to round three when he defeated Layne Wooley. The third round had six cars in it making it the first round where there were no singles. Montgomery defeated Warren, Howell took out a red lighting Lance and Bedsworth defeated Dean Woods.

Three care in the semi finals with the top half pairing of Bedsworth and Howell and Montgomery with the single to the final in the bottom half.

Howell and Bedsworth was bizarre, as Howell first struggled to do the burnout and then when he completed it, his car would not go into reverse. He finally did get the car in reverse and backed up. Unfortunately now getting back into first gear became the issue and finally he had to throw in the towel, giving Bedsworth the single. Montgomery just staged his car and coasted down saving parts and keeping the engine as cool as possible.

It paid off in the final round as he had a perfect light while Bedsworth was .05 back. He went way under his dial in trying to catch Tom, giving the win, his first in the series to Tom Montgomery.

With the fourth round finish, Howell extended his point lead, but it was not without issues. When he got his car back to the pits, he found out the transmission band had let go, so he had to thrash all night to get it repaired for Sunday's race. Grant wants to thank Marcy from TCS for traveling an hour to the TCS shop to get the parts needed for Howell to make the repairs.

Here is a Saturday gallery.


Points after Saturday and a few pit notes from Saturday will be posted on Wednesday. The Sunday Story on Wednesday as well.



Sept. 7, 2008

Grant Howell is the 2008 series champion.

What a great weekend to end the 2008 doorslammer season. Grant Howell holds on in the final day despite losing in round one. His next three closest rivals all fell in that same round. With all the upsets, Rob Charlton came from #4 in the points al the way up to second in the standings just 18 point back of Howell with the win over a bonified rookie in the class.

There was more drama than one reporter should have to cover on one weekend in one class. How about no less than 4 vacuum pumps giving up on four different cars! How about our points leader thrashing until 1:00am to repair his trans damage! how about a .976 60 foot on a run that turned out to be the end of the weekend for the top qualifier! How about a true first time competitor going all the way to the final! How about a clutch car going to the semis! How about a bunch of red lights in the same lane by a number of very good drivers! How about a couple of the biggest wheelstands by anyone this series has ever seen! How about a couple blown engines! How about margin of victories by .001! The list goes on and on. This weekend's stories may take a few days to report. It will be worth the read for sure!

The full story with photos starting on Monday.


Sept. 6, 2008

What a weekend in store at MRP for the last points event of the 2008 season. A double header to determine the series champion, and we will crown a new champion this year as Dave Richardson is too far back (due in part to a couple missed races) to retain the title. Grant Howell, Layne Wooley and Zak Clarke are the front-runners and none have ever been series champion. They're within a round and a bit of each other. Right on their behinds are two others who have never been champ. This weekend's event sponsor, Rob Charlton, of Charlton's Automotive, is in fourth place only 48 points back and Terry Spargo is 26 back of Charlton. The rained out event from two weeks ago will be completed on Saturday and that race is sponsored by Jim's Automotive.

Both weekend sponsors are leading automotive repair shops in their communities. Charlton's Automotive is based in Pitt Meadows, and has been servicing the Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows drivers for a couple decades. Jim's Automotive out of Langley, has been doing the same for their customers for over 25 years.

Top five in the standings.

Grant Howell 415

Zak Clarke 400

Layne Wooley 393

Rob Charlton 367

Terry Spargo 341

The way is sits after three of four round of qualifying Spargo picked up 7 points of Howell, Wooley and Charlton. They all got 2 qualifying points and Spargo got 9. Clarke got 1 qualifying point.

Here is qualifying after three of four rounds. The final session is Saturday morning in the re-scheduled Jim's Automotive race #8. It is also the first qualifer for the final, race #9 presented by Charlton Automotive event.

1 Barry Daniluk 6.756/203.57
2 Terry Spargo 6.798/205.15
3 Greg Anderson 7.279/188.60
4 Mike Bedsworth 7.320/187.11
5 Dean Woods 7.359/182.44
6 Brian Kikel 7.390/187.42
7 Terry Shuflita 7,490/186.29
8 Grant Klohn 7.543/179.21
9 Grant Howell 7.613/176.53
10 Layne Wooley 7.715/178.85
11 Kevin Lance 7.764/176.26
12 Rob Charlton 7.788/173.44
13 Dave Richardson 7.839/172.38
14 Dave Warren 7.861/171.91
15 Glen Norman 8.036/168.57
16 Terry Langdon Davies 8.362/162.42
17 Ken Kruger 8.394/163.54
18 Zak Clarke 8.483/160.45
19 Tom Montgomery 8.619/156.82
20 Randy Arlitt 8.646/153.84

Not Qualifed

21 Cody Liwiski 8.711/155.84
22 Shane Wangler 8.926/158.25

Check back all weekend long for photos stories and updates.

Sept 2, 2008

Just a quick note to let you all know what the program will be this weekend. Saturday’s event is sponsored by “Jim’s Automotive”, and Sunday’s event is sponsored by “Charlton Automotive”. A big thank you to all of our sponsors! On Saturday morning, everyone will get one qualifying pass. For those drivers who were paid and entered for the event two weeks ago on August 23 & 24 that qualifying pass will count towards Sunday’s event as well as be the last qualifying pass for the rained out event on August 24th, so for those of you that had not yet made the program but have attempted to qualify you will have one more chance to get into the field. The second hit will be first round of eliminations for those that are entered from the rain out, and qualifying for those who were not entered. The ET’s from the first and second rounds of eliminations will count towards Sunday’s qualifying, those participants being eliminated first round will then join in with the third round of qualifying with those that are not participating in the rain out. If you have any questions about this schedule please contact me and I will explain it in further detail. The weather forecast looks awesome for the weekend, so it should be a great weekend for drag racing. This will be our final points race for this year and with the weather forecast looking so great, we will be having a barbecue on Saturday after qualifying has been completed. This will be our final barbecue for the year, so we hope you all will be able to come out and join in the party! As for the race scheduled for September 27th & 28th, Dean is trying to drum up the sponsorship for a shoot out race and we are looking for some other suggestions from all you on how you would like to see the last weekend played out! This date was initially scheduled as a rain out date for an event that was completely rained out with out any qualifying getting started, we had great luck on our side this year when it came to weather so we didn’t have that situation come up, so now it’s up to you guys on what you would like that event to be, i.e.) gamblers race, cash bash, shoot out?? Please let us know your suggestions.

Thank you and we will see you all on the weekend for racing and barbecuing/partying!!


August 30, 2008

A couple team pages are updated.

Points are updated

August 27, 2009

A photo gallery from last weekend's event is posted

August 25, 2008

Qualifying coverage of the unfortunate rain out (Sunday was washed out after a great Saturday qualifying day) is posted at SpeedZone. Full coverage up to Sunday mornings rain (including a gallery) will be here over the next couple days.

August 19, 2008

Just a quick email to let you know about a schedule change for this coming weekends event @ Mission. This weekends race is sponsored by “Jim’s Automotive”, a big thank you to Jim and Julie for their continued support. Mission will be hosting Jet Cars and will be running them into the early evening, therefore they would like to change our qualifying schedule, so we too can run at similar times in order to keep us as part of the exhibition show! So for this weekends event, our Saturday qualifying sessions will be changed to approximately 3:00, 5:00, & 7:00. Please keep in mind this is approximate depending on how the events of the day unfold. Sunday’s schedule will remain the same as usual with the final qualifier at approximately 10:30 and first round approximately noon. I will hold the Doorslammers drivers meeting at 2:00 in order to collect entry fees. If you have any questions or concerns please email me back.

The plan is to have a bbq this weekend on Saturday, if the weather is promising, so all teams planning on attending the race this weekend, come on out for the bbq, as it may be the last time this season for a bunch of fun, socializing and great food. We will take orders at the drivers meeting Saturday morning.

August 10, 2008

A gallery will be posted Monday.

Island competitor Bob McKernan wins the 'Thunder n the Valley" event...............

..............takes out heavy hitter Rob Charlton in the final. 15 cars qualified for the event and final qualifying changed only the final order in the field. The only non qualifier after Saturday was Shane Wangler and he struggled Sunday morning as well, and could only run 9.12 Sunday. The biggest shocker was Terry Shuflita, ripping off a great 7.47 to rip the #1 spot away from Grant Klohn. All cars made solid laps in the final qualifier except for the two highest hp cars in the field. Both Craig Donaldson and event sponsor Dean Woods smoked the tires on their final qualifying lap and did not improve from their earlier high seven second ets. Both should be running low 7's based on their performances at both Mission and Ashcroft, but the oft used drag strip known as the Alberni airport lacks rubber and concrete. Considering the little amount of actual drag time at the strip, the traction is surprisingly good.

Final qualifying was as follows.

Terry Shuflita 7.47
Grant Klohn 7.57
Grant Howell 7.66
Kevin Lance 7.71
Rob Charlton 7.88
Craig Donaldson 7.90
Dean Woods 7.93
Layne Wooley 8.03
Glen Norman 8.08
Terry Langdon Davies 8.23
Klaas Reitsma 8.34
Dean Peterson 8.44
Chris Lamb 8.50
Bob McKernan 8.61
Dave Heans 8.65
Not qualified

Shane Wangler 8.90

Dal Sangha (did not get a run in due to his crash in the first qualifier)

Round one:

Terry Shuflita had a bye as #1 qualifier and singled to a 7.52, Grant Howell defeated Grant Klohn after the two drivers had to run twice due to a timing malfunction. Rob Charlton took out Kevin Lance when Lance fell off by over a tenth from his earlier numbers. Craig Donaldson and Dean Woods battled in a race between two high hp cars, but and to pedal the cars, and Donaldson recovered earlier.

Both cars were loose through the 1320. Glen Norman eked out a close on against Layne Wooley. Terry Langdon Davies was upset by Klaas Reitsma. Dean Peterson defeated Chris Lamb and Bob McKernan got the win over buddy Dan Heans when Heans broke out by .007

In round two.........Shuflita's back to back 7.50 passes came to an end as he lost traction on the starting line and Howell ran his consistent 7.70 et to advance to the semi finals.

Rob Charlton defeated Craig Donaldson when Donaldson also had starting line issues. Glen Norman defeated Klaas Reitsma and Bob McKernan upset Super gas hitter Dan Peterson to reach the semis as well.

Semi finals

Rob Charlton and Grant Howell were the first up and Charlton, put .07 in the bank on the starting line, forcing Howell to go under his 7.72 dial in. Bob McKernan defeated Glen Norman when Norman missed his gear change.

Final round was island vs mainland, pickup Vs two-door sedan, McKernan Vs Charlton.

Both cars had similar lights, with McKernan having a .07 handicap. Unfortunately for Charlton, Rob spun the tires right off the starting line as well as at the one-two shift, giving McKernan a car length victory at the finish line.

Rob knew he was done once he let go of the trans brake button, as he felt the tires spin right off the hit. "They just sprayed the starting line and my truck works way better if a few cars go down on the fresh vht before I run. But overall it was a great weekend at the Alberni event and we are just happy to reach the final round".

Bob McKernan was speechless as he was awarded the very cool trophy and winners bounty courtesy Dean Woods and Active Industrial Waste Management and SpeedZone trophy girl Shelby Murdoch. He felt very lucky to be able to take out the full time runners in the series. Bob also looks forward to perhaps make the trek to Mission for the final event on the schedule and running a few more events next season.

On a special note..........The Alberni drag racing assoc. donates $1500.00 to Dal Sangha's rebuild fund. Fans donate to the fund as well. Hopefully Dal will be able to get the car back to the track this season. Kudo's to all that donated.

August 9, 2008

Qualifying Day one at the "Thunder in the Alberni Valley"

Three qualifying session got in at the Port Alberni Airport Saturday, despite numerous rain delays. The day was also marred but the very unfortunate crash by Dal Sangha in his new 2008 Mustang. On only his fourth pass on the car, the turboes appeared to spool up late after la low nose on the car caused staging issues. The turbos spooled up around 150 feet down track and when the car hooked it went sideways, crossed into the other lane where there is no guard rail and rolled several times off the track in the grass.

Dal was transported to hospital to get checked out, and was released with only a few bruises. The car unfortunately was extensively damaged.

Grant Klohn (below blue car) like last year got the airstrip figured out , and sits #1 with a 7.59 best

Here's the order after three sessions. One more Sunday morning.

1. Grant Klohn
2. Grant Howell
3. Kevin Lance
4. Craig Donaldson
5. Rob Charlton
6. Dean Woods
7. Terry Shuflita
8. Layne Wooley
9. Glen Norman
10. Terry Langdon Davies
11. Dean Peterson,
12. Chris Lamb
13. Bob McKernan
14. Klaas Reitsma
15. Dave Heans

Not qualified
17. Shane Wangler



August 7, 2008

SpeedZone Magazine and the CWDS webmaster will be at Alberni, I can't wait!!!

Thanks to the support of RJ Enterprises, Jim's Automotive, Lance Racing, Active Industrial Waste Management, Bow Tie Refinishing and Jet Equipment We will debut the first ever CWDS poster. 23 cars including 19 series members are on this very colorful poster. 14x20 in size and priced at only $5.00. It will be available at the Alberni event and the huge season finale at MRP the end of August.

Special thanks to the Alberni drag racing assoc, for their support this weekend.

August 4, 2008

Port Alberni is here!!! The fun get away weekend for the Doorslammers is up this weekend at the Island Airport. Doorslammer member Dean Woods and his 'Active Industrial Waste Management' company is the event sponsor again this year. Active Indrustrial Waste, based in Duncan BC, is one of the main construction waste removal companys on the Island servicing all points North South East and West.

Here is the pre entry list for the event. It does have a limit this season due to the growth of the event and the lack of pit area.

Terry Shuflita
Shane Wangler
Mark Stephens
Randy Arlitt
Kevin Lance
Dal Sangha
Layne Wooley
Glen Norman
Grant Howell
Grant Klohn
Bob McKernan
Craig Donaldson
Klaas Reitsma
Zak Clarke
Rob Charlton
Chris Lamb
Dean Woods
Dean Petersen
Terry Langdon-Davies

Due to the nature of this race and the fact it is run as a once a year event held on the airstrip, the drivers will race for a very generous purse but no points. We are one of the feature classes this weekend, and will put on a great show. If you do't have plans for the weekend, make the trek to the central Island for what has been called the "Fun race event of the year".

Here is a listing of the Hotels and Motels close to the event.

A. Hospitality Inn - www.hospitalityinnportalberni.com - (250) 723-8111

B. Best Western Barclay Hotel - www.bestwesternbc.com - (250) 724-7171

C. Greenport Hotel - www.greenporthotel.com - (250) 724-2900

D. Somass Motel & RV - www.somass-motel.ca - (250) 724-3236

E. Arlington Hotel - maps.google.com - (250) 723-4660

F. Tyee Village Motel - www.tyeemotel.com - (250) 723-8133

G. Bluebird Motel - www.bluebirdalberni.ca - (250) 723-1153

H. A-1 Alberni Inn - www.tripadvisor.com - (250) 723-9405

I. Redford Motor Inn & RV Campground - maps.google.com - (250) 724-0121

July 13, 2008

Eagle Motorpex Doorslammer Race # 7 presented by...........

Layne Wooley gets a break in the final and gets his first win of the season and first ever Wally`` at the Aurora All Night Drag`s` event at the Eagle Motorplex.

(Larry Pfister photos)

A small field of 12 cars ran this weekend at the Eagle Motorplex, mostly due to the scorching hot weather forecasted for the weekend, and boy it was hot.

The series made three hits on Saturday night with runs at 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30 pm. Terry Spargo led qualifying with a very strong 6.91 200mph blast.

All 12 cars who entered made the field. Here is final qualifying

Terry Spargo 6.916 200.84
Mike Bedsworth
Layne Wooley
Darryl Stone
Grant Howell
Dave Richardson
Rob Charlton
Dallas Wagner
Kerry Stone
Klaas Rietsma
Zak Clarke
Tom Montgomery

Klaas Rietsma won the ``VP Fuels RJ Enterprises Burnout contest``


In round one, Layne Wooley got the win over Spargo and advanced to round two. Mike Bedworth went red against Dave Richardson giving Dave the freebie. Darryl Stone defeated points leader Grant Howell in the biggest upset of round one. Rob Charlton defeated Kerry Stone to continue his winning ways, Dallas Wagner had the misfortune of suffering a fuel cell leak preventing him from taking on Tom Montgomery. Montgomery with the win took on Zak Clarke in round two, Clarke defeated Darryl Stone to round out round one

In round two, Charlton defeated Stone, Wooley defeated Dave Richardson and Clarke took out Montgomery.


In the semi finals, Layne Wooley got the lucky odd car bye advancing to the final round and Zak Clarke defeated Rob Charlton to get to his third final in a row.

In the final, Clarke had a big holeshot, but had rear end issues, and was forced to lift, giving Wooley the easy run to the finish line.


July 8, 2008

A fun weekend is on tap this weekend as the Dororslammers head to the Eagle Motoplex for their annual Night Drags. The 'Slammersare the feature class and their event is sposnred by "Surrey in a Hurry Racing".

The CWDS's will make three hits (qualifying) on Saturday with runs at 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm/ The 8:30 run will also be round one of a special cash bash. Hotels are booking up fast so you better get on it.

July 1, 2008

Weekend Doorslammer gallery is here

Happy Canada Day!

Points through race #6 are updated

Race 6 winner Grant Howell and crew

Race #6..... After the scorching day Saturday you sort of prayed for a bit cooler temps on Sunday..... But it did not happen. If anything it was a bit hotter. The good thing was the action was no less exciting. Drivers were doing double duty on Saturday as they ran off the rained out event form Ashcroft and also qualified for the Sunday race presented by RH Race Cars.

Usual top qualifier Terry Spargo struggled on Saturday with the blazing temperatures, and did not make a good lap until the final qualifier Sunday morning. Then he ripped off a solid 6.76 to edge past Craig Donaldson who ran a great 6.89/201 in the Pro Stock legal, B/A weighted Grand AM. Shane Wangler also waited until the the final qualifier until making the field with a last ditch 8.40. There were a couple tough breaks in qualifying as well. Mike Bedsworth is struggling a bit with his usual 7.20 Cutlass. The car has fallen off by 2/10ths or more in the last two races and he has yet to source the problem. Tim Myers wishes he did not have that last beer on Saturday night as he fell .004 short of making the field with a best of 8.714. Randy Arlitt also fell just short of making the field with a 8.740 best. Greg MacKenzie broke on his second lap and fell short with a 8.89 best. In total, 19 cars made the 8.70 bump spot.

Here is final qualifying

Terry Spargo 6.76
Craig Donaldson 6.89
Dean Woods 7 24
Greg Anderson 7.31
Mike Bedsworth 7.47
Grant Howell 7.61
Layne Wooley 7.68
Ray Kirton 7.77
Kevin Lance 7.84
Rob Charlton 7.85
Dave Warren 7.945
Stefan Kondolay 7.946
Glen Norman 8.12
Ken Kruger 8.32
Terry Langdon Davis 8.38
Shane Wangler 8.40
Zak Clarke 8.44
Klaas Reitsma 8.55
Tom Montgomery 8.66


Tim Myers 8.71
Randy Arlit 8.74
Greg McKenzie 8.89


Spargo got the odd car bye and he went 6.81, well short of his 6.74 dial in. Craig Donaldson had a great .038 light in his no electronics stick car but could not run his number (a 6.92 and he fell to Grant Howell who was just .02 off his dial. Dean Woods defeated Greg Anderson who was a tenth late at the tree. Mike Bedsworth failed to fire his Cutlass and Layne Wooley was the recipient of Mike's misfortune. Ray Kirton took out hitter Stefan Kondolay. Kondolay had electronic issues and went under his dial. Shane Wangler defeated Terry Langdon Davis when TDL went red. Sophomore driver Ken Kruger went to round two in back to back races with a win over the "Burnout King" Klaas Reitsma. Rob Charlton was sharp on the tree in a victory over Kevin Lance. And Zak Clarke won his sixth round in a row with a victory over Tom Montgomery.

In Round two, five pairs faced off Clarke defeated a broke Shane Wangler, Dean Woods got a win over a too fast Layne Wooley, Howell and Spargo left with the same rt's but Howell ran closer to his dial. Ray Kirton got by a too fast Rob Charlton and Ken Kruger had his second third round appearance in two races with a win over Glen Norman.

The 1/4 finals had a single (Ray Kirton) a red light. Ken Kruger pulled the trigger too quick against Zak Clarke and Grant Howell had .06 at the tree and took out Dean Woods.

Zak Clarke in the bottom half of the ladder got his second consecutive semi final bye run and he coasted down the track. Grant Howell won a very close race against Ray Kirton The margin was .001 at the finish line. About three inches.


In the final, You expected Clarke to be in the teens or 20's at the tree and he was. You also though Howell who has been winless in the last couple years (mostly due to new engine combo woes), would be very focused. He was, as he went .004 at the tree and ran only .006 off his dial for a awesome 10/1000 package. With the .021 light by Clarke, he did not have a chance. Congrat's to Grant Howell for the big win. Combine that with the semi final finish on Saturday and he picked up 173 points in the two races and is the new guy at the top of the totem pole. Clarke is 40 points back. Greg Anderson and Rob Charlton round out the top four.

Runner up Zak Clarke and the Surrey in a Hurry groupies

Ray Kirton was the lone semi finalist

The next race is in two weeks at the Eagle Motorplex It is a night race on the Saturday, So the class will run evening qualifying Saturday and a cash bash Saturday Night. There will be one qualifier Sunday morning and then eliminations. Make sure you book your hotel asap


Race #5........



........is finally in the books after having to reschedule the event due to rain at the 'Plex, making the following race this past weekend at Mission a very busy one. The rescheduled race presented by Pro Stock Performance was finished on Saturday to go along with qualifying for Race #6 presented by RH Race Cars. Qualifying was set with 21 cars making the field. Darryl Stone, Kerry Stone, Dave Richardson, Phil Davis, Lloyd Flatum, Geeg Kilmartin, Dallas Wagner and Mike Munden were absent from the Ashcroft event giving a number of team singles and even one pairing that both competitors were away.

Here was final qualifying

Terry Spargo

Dean Woods
Grant Howell
Layne Wooley
Ray Kirton
Darryl Stone
Kerry Stone
Phil Davis
Dave Richardson
Dallas Wagner
Rob Charlton
Dave Warren
Kevin Lance

Glen Norman
Lloyd Flatum
Terry Langdon-Davis
Ken Kruger
Zak Clarke
Greg Kilmartin
Klaas Reitsma
Randy Arlit

Mike Munden


Terry Spargo who ran so well at the 'Plex, had a first round bye but he struggled at Mission until Sunday. He was out in round #2 as Ray Kirton took him out. Dean Woods lost in round 1 to Ray Kirton, and Kirton went all the way to the 1/4's where he lost to Grant Howell. Howell took out Layne Wooley in the second round after a first round single. Howell faced Rob Charlton in the semis, who got through Kevin Lance and Dave Warren in rds. one and two. Rob had a 1/4 final single and then defeated Howell in the semi finals. Zak Clarke dominated the bottom half of the field defeating Langdon Davis, Klaas Reitsma and Ken Kruger (his his first race in the series) in the first three rounds. He got the lucky semi final bye run and then took on Rob Charlton in the final round. This one was close. The lights were within .003 of each other on the tree, and Charlton who had to play catch-up to Clarke was reeling him in and at 1200 feet got him. At that point he eased off the throttle a hair touched the brakes to back into Clarke (not wanting to take too much stripe), but it wound up to be too much as Zak eased past him but .0016 at the stripe. Approximately a four inch victory for Zak Clarke and his first win of the season.

June 30, 2008

RJ Enterprises VP Fuels Canada West Doorslammers Races #5 and #6....

....Presented by Pro Stock Performance and RH Race Cars. Zak Clark was the dominant driver this weekend, but it looks like Grant Howell is winning the war with a win Sunday and a late round finish Saturday. He has the overall target on his back with the series point lead.

Zak Clarke went 9-1 this weekend getting a win and a runner-up in the two races, moves up to second in the standings (unofficial).

Ray Kirton goes to the semis today and Rob Charlton is still kicking himself for giving away the stripe in the final Saturday against Clarke.

The complete story and photos Monday night and Tuesday.

June 27, 2008

What a weekend it is going to be with a huge field of fast doorcars expected to Mission Raceway. Two race in two days with Pro Stock performance and RH Race Cars as the presented sponsors.

Of note and huge apology's to the "TEAM SURREY IN A HURRY" group as they stepped up to sponsor the Doorslammer event at Ashcroft July 12-13th. Thanks guys and sorry for the delay in posting this sponsorship.

June 24, 2008

BBQ details for this weekend's event

To all the doorslammer teams attending the Mission Race. SpeedZone Magazine is hosting a huge BBQ on Saturday night. The cost is $13.00 or two for $25.00. (meat cost has gone up approximately $1.50 per portion). You get your choice of Rib or Strip Loin steak, or Chicken: Baked Potato, Salads and non alcoholic beverages. Will come to each pit area Saturday morning to confirm orders.

Starts at 5:00 pm (approx) and goes to around 9:00 pm.



June 18, 2008

The next event June 27-28, is a double header with the rained out Ashcroft race#5 being run on Saturday. Race #6 (Saturday qualifying and Sunday eliminations is presented by RH Race Cars.

There will be the first bbq of the season at the June 27-28 event


June 16, 2008

The rained out event (from 10 days ago) will be completed at the next event on the Saturday. That Race is presented by Pro Stock Performance. The race scheduled for that weekend is presented by RH Race Cars in Kelowna.

The Canada West Doorslammers would lke to welcome four new members from the last race two weeks ago. Randy Arlitt, Kevin Lance, Glen Norman and Ken Kruger. Their profiles will be added to the drivers/team pages as soon as profiles are completed. Any teams who had not updated their information to me (if they have anything new to report), please send it off as soon as possible.


June 10, 2008

Notice to all teams considering attending the Port Alberni event August 9-10ello Everyone

Attached to this email you will find a letter from Alberni Valley Drag Race Association, for those of you that have been to Port Alberni before you know how limited and tight the pit parking is. This year they are limiting the amount of car entries, due to lack of parking. Therefore they are asking that each one of you pre-register with their association and let them know how long your rigs are so they can figure out a parking system. I believe they already have four Doorslammers pre-registered and they are only accepting sixteen more, it will be first come, first serve so please, please register right away so you don’t get bumped out! The Port Alberni Drag Race Association will again this year be paying $500 to the association for each car/driver that successfully qualifies with an 8:70 or quicker. This money is paid out to the association and I will then forward the money on to each driver at the next Doorslammer event. This matter is not in my hands so please make sure you pre-register to guarantee yourself a spot in Alberni, as I will not be able to change anything once the twenty spots are already spoken for. I would also like a list of people that will be attending this event so please let me know once you have pre-registered.

Thank You



June 9, 2008

Weekend gallery is posted

June 8, 2008

Late Sunday update.... Due to weather coming in to the Plex just before the Doorslammers were set to run first round and continuing until 4:00pm when the race was called, the event was postponed to July 19- 20 at the Plex. The rain out date for the DS class will likely be in three weeks at MRP during the Pro Mod event. Will confirm later this week.

In the final qualifier Sunday Morning, Randy Arlitt did make the field with a solid 8.82. Ray Kirton got his Pickup tranny repaired and ran a 7.71 and Layne Wooley improved to a 7.68. Spargo ran even quicker, a great 6.82 @ 202 to make the quickest pass at the Plex for the entire weekend.

More updates later this week. Photos will be uploaded Monday.

June 8, 2008

What a great day up at the Eagle Motorplex for Day one of the 23rd Langley Loafer Old time Drags. An Overcast day with lots of sun and a couple short rain delays did not put a damper on any of the great racing action. In total 200 race cars were at the plex and 22 Doorslammers, (the biggest field ever at the Plex) made qualifying efforts. Pro Stock Performance in Edmonton was the presenting sponsor this weekend and there were a bunch of new comers to the series this weekend included Kerry Stone in his turboed Chevelle, Darryl Stone in his gorgeous 67 Nova, Greg Kilmarten in his 67 Camaro, Kevin Lance in Brian Lane's old 55 Chevy, Dallas Wagner with a bunch of new power in his Dakota Pickup, Phil Davis debuting his awesome 41 Willys, Ken Kruger in his very nice 02 Firebird and Randy Arlit in his 55 Chevy. Unfortunately for Mike Munden he did break on his lone attempt Saturday and Randy Arlit has not made the field yet, and has one more session Sunday Morning. Spargo is the only six second performer this weekend.

Here is the qualifying order after Saturday.

1. Terry Spargo
2. Dean Woods
3. Grant Howell
4. Layne Wooley
5. Darryl Stone
6. Kerry Stone
7. Phil Davis
8. Dave Richardson
9. Dallas Wagner
10. Rob Charlton
11. Dave Warren
12. Kevin Lance
13. Ray Kirton
14. Glen Norman
15. Lloyd Flatum
16. Tery LangdonDavis
17. Ken Kruger
18. Zak Clarke
19. Greg Kilmartin
20. Klaas Reitsma
21. Randy Arlit
22. Mike Munden



June 4, 2008

(Chris Moffet photos)

Lloyd Flatum (l) and one of the race sponsors Blockhead Machine owner Marty

Race #4 is in the books and it was a one day wild ride at Pacific Raceways.

Lloyd Flatum is now THE man in the series, as he is 13-1 in round wins including his five round event win at Seattle Sunday. His win now puts more pressure at the top guy Greg Anderson. Flatum sits in second place moving ahead of Mike Bedsworth (by one round) and 10 points back of Greg Anderson who went to the semi finals. Three new drivers joined the series including Brian Lane in his bad ass Pro Street car, Mike Thielen and TOm Montgomery.

Steve Downs event runner-up getting back some of his money He and his resturants Poyeye Chicken were also a race sponsor)

Not pictured was the other race sponsor G&M Honest Performance

Full results and photos later this week.

Points are updated

May 31, 2008

The Race in Seattle really threw me for a loop today when Marcy called and said it was wet at Pacific Raceway all day long. With the excellent weather in the Lower Mainland of BC all day, to hear that was a shock. So race # 4 did not get started today (Saturday). They are hoping for better conditions on Sunday, and if so, one possibly two sessions of qualifying will happen, before eeliminations start. We will keep you informed. Three sponsors stepped up to the plate on Saturday to host the race and they include Blockhead Machine, Popeyes Chicken and G&M Honest Performance, all great businesses in the Seattle, Auburn and Tacoma area. Thanks guys for stepping up to the plate on such short notice.

May 29, 2008

Race #4 Pacific Raceway this weekend

Points after race #3 are updated

The doorslammers are right in the middle of a crazy schedule that sees the competitors race four events in six weeks. Counting the divisional at MRP last weekend, a few will race five events in six weeks.

This weekend the series heads south to Pacific Raceways for the lone event south of the border this year. A huge BBQ is being put on by Frank Nelson and Joe Loch at Seattle, and with the good weather predicted, it should be a great event .

I apologise for Last weeks race results being a little slow in being posted. A number of factors including the big divisional event at MRp last weekend and a very busy work schedule.

Race #3 final results

As you read in the earlier posting, Lloyd Flatum won the race #3 presented by West Coast Polaris , his first as a doorslammer competitor. He is now in third place in the standings with two final rounds in a row. He certainly has a huge target on his back heading into the next couple events. The runner-up in his new ride was Layne Wooley.

All 18 cars who made qualifying laps made the 8.70 bump. Terry Spargo got his mountain motored Pro Stock sorted out and he ripped off a number of 6.70 passes to easily take the # 1 qualifying spot. Dean Woods in his second race of the season, qualified #2 with a strong 7.30 et. Two other drivers were within a couple hun of Woods including Greg Anderson and perennial #1 qualifier (unfortunately for him), he likely will be #2-6 the rest of the years, thanks to guys like Spargo really stepping up their game. Mike Munden was out for the first time, as was Frank Nelson in his new sweet ride. Tim Myers qualified for the first time this year.

Final qualifying

Terry Spargo 6.766/205
Dean Woods 7.302/ 192
Greg Anderson 7.312/190
Mike Bedsworth 7.332/186
Frank Nelson 7.442/185
Grant Howell 7.567/178
Ray Kirton 7.674/178
Dave Richardson 7.8904/172
Dave Warren 7.817/73
Layne Wooley 7.830/175
Rob Charlton 7.847/172
Glen Norman 8.105/165
Lloyd Flatum 8.319/162
Terry Langdon Davies 8.351/163
Zak Clarke 8.426/160
Tim Myers 8.586/155
Klaas Reitsma 8.613/160
Mike Munden 8.683/154


A few early upsets changing the look of the standings as the race tightened up. Only two rounds of racing separate the #1 through #7 spot.

In round one #1 qualifier Terry Spargo used a killer .001 rt to take out the "Hitter from Marysville", Mike Bedsworth putting the six second performer into the three round due to a second round odd car bye run. Dean Woods took out the point leader Greg Anderson with a better rt as well. Grant Howell had a strong race for the first time in a while. His 37 Chevy had consistency issue since he good the extra power between the frame rail. He will be a force in the series like he was a couple years back. Howell took out Spargo in round three to advance to the semi finals. Layne Wooley defeated Ray Kirton in the first round. The Blown Pick-up was not able to outrun the nitrous Camaro on the top end. Wooley then defeated Dave Warren who got the win light over last years champion Dave Richardson. In round three Wooley got the odd car bye run to advance straight to the semi finals. On the bottom half of the ladder Rob Charlton got a single when his opponent Glen " Big Foot" Norman broke on his last qualifying attempt. Got took on Lloyd Flatum in round two. Flatum defeated Tim Myers in the opening round. In round two Flatum got a break when Charlton's transbreak let him off the starting line way before the green light went on. Zak Clarke got back on the winning track as he got around Terry Langdon Davis in the opening round. Klaas Reitsma got his first round win of the year, when he defeated Kamloops resident Mike Munden. Clarke then defeated Reitsma in round two. In a battle of Super Class hitters, Flatum took out the "Surrey in a Hurry" driver Zak Clarke in the 1/4's, when Clark was a bit early on the tree. Flatum got the lucky bye run in the semis due to the odd car count.

The top half semi final saw Layne Wooley defeated the 'Fast Orange" 37 Chevy driven by Grant Howell setting up a final round match-up between Wooley in his nitrous Camaro and Lloyd Flatum driving his ex Pro Stock Pickup

The Super class hitter from Washington, used a better RT to get the win over the Langley driver.

With the win, Flatum moved all the way up to third place in the standings, one round back of point leader Greg Anderson. Wooley moved into sixth place two round back.

The Seattle event next weekend should see a few different cars in the field and then the teams hit the road for one of the real fun events of the season, as they head North to the Eagle Motorplex for the Old Time Drags. Pro Stock Performance in Edmonton is the event sponsor for the Old Time Drags.

May 19, 2008

Two team pages have been updated. Mike Munden and Lloyd Flatum


Race 3 gallery is here courtesy Bill Jeffery

Race 2 gallery is finally posted. (Bill Jeffery and Dean Murdoch photos)

Full results from race three on Wednesday.

The points chase at the top remains the same after race three. A first time winner and a veteran runner ups in race three.

Race three is in the books and it was a great weekend for sure. A first time winner a bunch of early round upsets and a points chase that is really tightening up.

Lloyd Flatum went to his second final in a row and this time he took it a step furtther with his first ever win in the series. His start to the season is very reminisent of Zak CLarke's rookie year in 2007. There, the only difference was he won his opening race and the next two as well going 17-0 in the process. With the win, Lloyds is now 8-1 and looks to be a real threat in the series. He is now in the top five in the standings and has a huge target on his back heading into the back to back road trips to Seattle and then Ashcroft.



May, 14, 2008

This weekend promises to be a huge weekend at Mission Raceway with Rae #3 in the Rj Enterprises VP Fuels Doorslammer series. With only a week before the biggest race of the year at Mission Raceway, the Lucas Oil Divisional eent on tap next weekend, many doorslammers who run in the Top Sportsman class will be out with the doorslammers to get a tune up for next weekend's race.

This weekend's event is presented by West Coast Polaris. Bill Bourdan is back on boarrd at an event sponsor and with the promise of great weather is should be the biggest event of the year. Well over 20 cars are expected, including a couple capable of the six second zone.


Point standings are here.


May 9, 2008

Bill Jeffery and Dean Murdoch photos

A couple first time finalists show the class is going to be tough this season.

Greg Anderson goes to the final round for the first time as a CW Doorslammer competitor, and makes it right to the winners circle in his new Grand Am.

Floyd Flatum in his second ever race with the Doorslammers goes to the final round.

16 cars turned out for the event, but two failed to make the field. Greg Mackenzie in his very impressive 4000 lbs Blown Chevelle came oh so close with a 8.71 (needed a 8.70) He has run in the 8.50's before so he will likely be back to try and make the field. Brian Kikel is still struggling to get his new ride sorted out. His is in the ex Terry Spargo Cutlass and the car is giving Brian fits both off the starting line and down track where is loses power. He will get it sorted out for sure.

One of the biggest question heading into the race was weather or not Terry Spargo would get his new ride sorted out. The mountain motored Pro Stock is capable of the #1 qualifying spot, but getting the 1700 hp to the ground is not all that easy.

With the ugly weather on Saturday, it pushed the event to a one day affair, with only two rounds of qualifying before going into elimination's Sunday afternoon.


Mike Bedsworth counted his good luck the last race when he got the #1 spot, as he knew there were a number of cars that could run in the 7 teens or better. Dean Woods made his debut, with his awesome GTO. His car is capable of low 7's, and in his first race of the year he went a best of 7.311@ 192. It was .06 short of Bedworth's best in qualifying,a 7.258. Greg Anderson and three others ran 7.50's to sit in the top half of the field. Grant Howell got his bugs worked out and race career best numbers. His 7.550 put him in the #4 spot. Kirton went a 7.59 best and Spargo almost went 200 with his very loose 7.76 @199mph.

Here is the final qualifying order.

Mike Bedsworth 7.258
Dean Woods7.311
Greg Anderson 7.538
Grant Howell 7.550
Ray Kirton 7.598
Terry Spargo 7.760
Rob Charlton 7.764
Dave Warren 7.770
Dave Richardson 7.778
Layne Wooley 7.806
Jason Mercer 7.930
Lloyd Flatum 8.243
Terry Langdon Davies 8.403
Klaas Reitsma 8.525
Zak Clarke 8.653


Greg MacKenzie 8.711


Round One

Mike Bedsworth got the #1 spot and first round bye to advance to the round of eight. Joining him in the 1/4's were Ray Kirton who got by Dean Woods. Woods ran a career best 7.14 194 so he was not to unhappy with the loss. Greg Anderson defeated a red lighting Rob "Hard Luck" Charlton. Grant Howell got the win over a hard charging and official low et threat Terry Spargo who turned on the reader board with an awesome 6.74/206. That car will fly for sure. Can you say 6.50's! Race one winner Jason Mercer went to 5-0 with a win over a very game Dave Warren. Klaas Reitsma was defeated in round one against the "Hitter" Zak Clarke, Dave Richardson took out Terry Langdon Davies and Lloyd Flatum defeated Layne Wooley.

Round two


Mike Bedsworth with perhaps the most consistent low seven second car in the North West defeated Ray Kirton in a blown vs all motor match up. Putting Bedsworth in the semi finals for the second consecutive race. Greg Anderson defeated a red lighting Grant Howell. Jason Mercer gave that same favor to Dave Richardson when he too went red. and Zak Clark also red lit away his chance against Lloyd Flatum


The semi final match ups had to veterans and two first time semi finalists and the two newbies got the best of the veterans. Flatum defeated Richardson when Dave went red and Bedsworth lost to Greg Anderson when Mike shook 150 feet off the starting line.

Final round

The final would end up over at the starting line but it was not without some drama when Lloyd Flatum had the dreaded red eye come on in his lane right before Anderson left under a red light as well. But because he had to wait .7 at the starting line, his big red light did not become a factor. Flatum went a scant .005 red but that was just enough as Anderson left early and went waaaay red, but it was after the red light in the other lane had already come on.

With he win, Anderson moved up to to top spot in the standings, a round and a half ahead of Mike Bedsworth. Points standings are here.

The next race is next weekend at Mission and the event sponsor is West Coast Polaris.

May 5, 2008

"Race two" presented by TCS Performace Products is up this weekend.

Saturday, day one was completely washed out for the second race of the season even though it was supposed to by a decent afternoon, that being said Sunday will be an action packed day with two probable round of qualifying before five rounds of eliminations in the afternoon.

In Friday testing Spago showed the potential of the Cavalier with a solid 6.76@ 206.9 mph. That car will run in the 60's for sure and maybe even the 6.50's.

Chris Murphy made a number of licence upgrade attempts but the new blown combination was way to aggressive. Larry at Horsepower Heaven has some cool video of Friday's testing

We will be back Sunday night with all the results.

April 23, 2008

Points are posted.

Updates will not happen for the next four days due to the big family relocation. I will be back on line Sunday

April 21, 2008

A weekend gallery is posted

April 21, 2008

The more things change the more thing seem the same....deja vu (or whatever term you would like to use.......)

This years opening event looked alot like last years final round. Two primarily blue cars that faced off in the final round once the golden boy finally fell in the semi finals. The golden boy is none other than Zak Clarke who including last season's three events was 15-0 heading into round one Sunday morning. He won the first two rounds mostly due to the misfortunes of the drivers in the other lane. But returned the favor against eventual winner Jason Mercer when he went red in the semi finals. Mercer defeated Mike Bedsworth in the final round. Last year Bedsworth was up against Stefan Kondolay in the same car and the results were the same.

The full report later this week.

Gallery is here

Photos highlights below are tidbits of how good the track actually was considering the very cool air temperautres

Grant Howell launched harder than I have ever seen the 37 Chevy

Terry Spargo's new ride had 330 and 660 ft. incrementals that would have been a 6.80 or possibly a 6.70. He clicked it off early to a 7.20 at only 155

Greg Anderson ran real well including a 7.29 career best.

Terry Langdon Davies launched like this on three different occasions.

Mike Bedsworth was real aggressive and extremely consistant all weekend long. He made nine laps on the weekend ranging rfrom 7.18 - 7.25


Round one

#1 Bedsworth bye (win)
#2 Spargo (Broke) and Klohn dq
Anderson def. Charlton (red light)
Kirton def. Howell (broke out)
Mercer win single as Richardson (broke)
Landgon Davies def.Modersohn (broke out)
Clarke def. Wooley (broke)

Round two

Bedworth (single due to double loss with Spargo Klohn
Anderson def. Kirton
Mercer single
Clarke def. Langdon Davies


Bedsworth def. Anderson
Mercer def. Clarke (red light)

Final round

Mercer def. Bedsworth

Final Qualifying #'s

Mike Bedsworth 7.18
Terry Spargo 7.20
Greg Anderson 7.37
Grant Klohn 7.5
Ray Kirton 7.52
Rob Charlton 7.70
Grant Howell 7.76
Dave Richardson 7.77
Layne Wooley 7.83
Jason Mercer 7.93
Randy Modersohn 8.02
Zak Clarke 8.56
Terry Langdon Davies 8.61


Tim Myers 9.44
Terry Shuflita 8.80

April 19, 2008

Hard to beieve but Saturdy turned into an awesome day of racing despite the very cool temperatures at Mission Racieway. The snow and/or percipitaion stayed away all day and the Canada West Doorslammer series got day one of qualifying in as well as the two rounds of the uncompleted 2007 event.

Zak Clarke continued his dominant ways and won last year's event over Dave Richardson by a half car length.

Believe it or not Zak is undefeated in the series since he first entered it last saeason. In three races he has yet to lose a round of racing. Mission's Race #5, the race completed Saturday (#6) and the Port Alberni Exhibition. A 15-0 won loss record certainly puts a huge target on Zak's back to start the 2008 season.

Race #1 2008

Presented by Zak Clarke, Ray Kirton and Dave Richardson.

Cold clear weather and a track tempurature that started off at 50 degrees . Be the time the Doorslammers got on the track it had warmed up to 64 degress. Teams literally played it a little cool, but Mike Bedsworth layed down the first shot in qualifying with a solid 7.23 @ 189 mph. Greg ANderson with a new 706 Suncrest bullet made his quickest run ever with a 7.37 @ 188 mph. Grabt Howell was real loose, Terry Langdon Daives did a huge wheelstand with his bigger cu.in. Willy's as did Alberta's Randy Modersohn in his Corvette. The debut of Terry SPargo's much anticipated IHRA legal Pro Stock was very successful as he turned in a half throttle 7.60 to start the day. Even with the cool temperatures the starting line had big bite.

Round two saw improvements from all teams as the track temps moved close to 80 degrees. Bedsworth ran a career best 7.21 at almost 190, Grant Klohn ran a solid 7.42 in the small block Probe, Ray Kirton turned in his best ever lap a great 7.48 that unfortunately did not count due to licensing and chassis requirements, but he was obviously very happy. And Spargo ran a two gear only 1100 foot 7.20 at only a155 to nail down the # 1 spot so far. That car will run easy 6's by the next race.

The final session Saturday included the "RJ Enterprises burnout contest" which was won by Terry Shuflita. Terry struggled once the light turned tree in all three qualifiers though, as tire issues seems to be the bane of the Island driver. Bedsworth was a model of consistency in his Cutlass as he turned in another low 7.20, this time another 7.23, to solidify his #2 spot in the field. Anderson got loose in the final session Spargo did a double step and two wheelie's off the hit, Kirton ran his third 7.5 lap, Rob Charlton went a best of 7.74 (turned in that # three times, he will be tough). Layne Wooley in Shuflita's second car ran a 7.88 best. Jason Mercer bought Stefan Kondolay's Cavalier and ran a 8.01 best. His first lap broke the rear end in the car. Modersohn ran a 8.12 best and the undefeated Zak Clarke ran a 8.56. Terry Langdon Davies made one run under the 8.70 minimum, an 8.61 to sit #12 in the field. Grant Howell, Tim Myers and Terry Shuflita all failed to make the cut on Saturday. One more lap on Sunday Morning will determine the field that is expected to grow by three or four cars. Brian Kikel, Chris Murphy, and two new driver (name were unavailable at press time are scheduled to run Sunday Morning)



April 18, 2008

The first race of the 2008 season is scheduled for this weekend at Mission Raceway Park. Unfortunately, April weather is rearing its UGLY head as cool, cool temperatures are enveloping the Lower Mainland and precipitation in the form of snow flurries are a possibility.

Hopefully the reports are wrong, and the Doorslammers can get race one in the books.

The sponsor for this weekend is a trio of race teams who are actually finishing off a mini shootout from last season. Dave Richardson, Ray Kirton and series rookie Zak Clarke were the last men standing at an event in September which did not get completed. The three racers decided to forgo the purse and finish the race for the trophies only, and put it (the purse) towards an event for the 2008 season. Kudos to the three.

Many new cars will debut and combination changes to rides are in store for the 2008 season making the new season the most exciting yet.

Terry Spargo, Frank Nelson and Phil Davis all have sweet new rides for 2008. Layne Wooley will be in a new ride as well, as he will be part of the first two car team headed by Terry Shuflita. Wooley will be in the IROC Camaro Shuflita has driven for the last few seasons. If you remember Terry bought Craig Donaldson's Firebird half way through the 2007 season. Terry Spargo's Cutlass is also in the hands of an un-named driver as well. That car should be out in the series for 2008 as well. In the engine Department, Zak Clarke and Terry Langdon Davis will have new power for 2008, making the class that much closer to a six and seven second class.

Stayed tune for more info and hopefully we will get Race #1 off this weekend.

All race teams please send me your updated profiles so your page can be updated.

Many Team Pages have further updates including a a new header for each page all, remaining will be completed Saturday evening.

April 6, 2008

A number of new profile pages have been added. They for the most part are not complete so check back often. Any teams' that needs updates email me. Thanks. Many teams also need 2007/2008 updates, they are also a work in progress.



March 26, 2008

Final 2008 schedule

This is a copy of the revised 2008 Doorslammer Schedule, with the addition of the May 31/June 1 weekend at Pacific Raceways in Seattle. If you have any questions regarding any of these dates please feel free to contact me. There are a number of these dates that do not have Sponsorship so please do your part in trying to obtain sponsorship for some of these dates. For a list of unsponsored dates please contact me. Below I will list the Hotel information for Ashcroft, Seattle and Port Alberni. Please make sure to book your rooms ASAP as some of these weekends are very big events and it may be difficult to find vacancy on these weekends. Also for those of you planning on making the trip to Port Alberni this year, you should be booking your ferry reservation NOW, don't wait as it does book up fast!

Yours truly, Marcy

Canada West Doorslammers


Race#1 April 19-20 Mission Raceway

Race#2 May 3-4 Mission Raceway

Race#3 May 17-18 Mission Raceway

Race#4 May 31 June 1 Pacific Raceway (Seattle)

Race#5 June 7-8 Ashcroft Motorplex

Race#6 June 28-29 Mission Raceway

Race#7 July 12-13 Ashcroft Motorplex

Race#8 August 9-10 ** Port Alberni

Race#9 August 23-24 Mission Raceway

Race#10 September 6-7 Mission Raceway

Race#11 September 27-28 R/D Mission Raceway

Contact Person: Marcy Copley
Email address: marcyc@tcsproducts.com
Daytime PH# 604 533-8675
Evening PH# 604 309-5904

**Exhibition Race August 11-12 Port Alberni, B.C
(This is a non points optional race)
R/D is a scheduled Rain Date if needed, otherwise we will schedule a shoot-out or something fun!


Daytime# 604 533-8675

Toll Free# 1 800 960-1177

Cell # 604 309-5904

Accommodations - Ashcroft

· Ashcroft River Inn - Ph# 250 453-9124

· Cache Creek Motor Inn - Ph# 1 800 694-8819

· Desert Motel ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 1 800 663-0212

· Sandman Inn ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 250 457-6284

· Bear Claw Lodge ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 250 453-9705

· Bonaparte Motel ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 250 457-9693

Accommodations - Port Alberni

· Tyee Village Motel - Ph# 1 250 723-8133

· Timberlodge Motor Inn - Ph# 1 250 723-9415

· Greenport Hotel - Ph# 1 250 724-2900 / 1 800 463-0333

· Best Western Barclay - Ph# 1 250 724-7171

Accommodations - Seattle

· Best Western Peppertree Auburn Inn - Ph# 1 800 218-4163

Feb 18, 2008

Hello Everyone

This is a copy of the current rules and regulations as well as the schedule for the 2008 Canada West Doorslammers Season. I have yet to secure and confirm a date on our schedule for the 2008 race at Pacific Raceways in Seattle, WA but it is currently in the works. I am trying to to get us slotted into Seattle as the feature show at the Pacific Northwest Mopar Nationals on July 26th & 27th. Doug Greenfield of Pacific Raceway is currently trying to get that aproved with the Mopar people. If the Mopar group will not accept us into their program that weekend, then we will have to go with our back up date which is the May 31st / June 1st weekend. As soon as I have confirmation from Doug I will notify everyone with the confirmed date for Seattle. Sorry for the delay in sending these dates out, as I was hoping to have all of this wrapped up with Pacific already.

If anyone has any questions regarding our 2008 Rules or Schedule, please feel free to contact me. We have added one more date at Ashcroft onto our schedule for this season, it is the July 12-13 weekend, this is a Saturday night race so our program may run on a different schedule that weekend, we will discuss this in the early part of our season as to how we would like to play this weekend out.

So besides the addition of one race in Seattle, this is a confirmed 2008 Canada West Doorslammers Schedule!

Hope you will all be ready for the first race in April!!

Marcy Copley

Canada West Doorslammers President


Daytime phone# 604 533-8675

Evening phone# 604 309-5904


**Exhibition Race August 11-12 Port Alberni, B.C
(This is a non points optional race)

R/D is a scheduled Rain Date if needed, otherwise we will schedule a shoot-out or something fun!

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