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Sitter Bros Racing/Murphy Trucking

Active Industrial Waste Management Duncan BC


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Welcome to the "RJ Enterprises/VP Fuels" Canada West Doorslammer Web Site

December 2, 2007

Awards banquet gallery is here.

Spargo's new ride is safe in Terry's shop. Just waiting for the 1500 hp 813cu.in. bullet to get installed between the frame rails

Awards banquet gallery is here.

A few highlights from the pawty!!!!

Series Winner Dave Richardson even looks as serious here at the party as he does on the race track. Smile Dave!!!!

Mike Bedsworth was a very gracious r/u (by a slim 2 points)

Perennial top five finisher Ray Kirton was #3

MArcy receives much deserved accolades for her hard work. Terry also got recognised.


Julie, Lisa, and Jan partying away.

"Burnout King" Klaas Reitsma and Ray and Jan

The Trophys and the Jet Tools and equipment

A word from Jet Tools Marketing manager Bill Jeffery:

On behalf of the management and staff of JET Equipment and Tools Ltd., I would like to congratulate all of the participants in this years Doorslammer Series for another great year of racing and friendly competition. In particular congratulations to Dave Richardson, his team and his trusty helper Joe Mellof.

I apologize for not attending, but our company Christmas party was tonight. However it is with great sincerity that I let all of you know how happy JET Equipment is in their past involvement with the Doorlammer group and that we look forward to another great year with you in 2008. On a personal note I have really enjoyed getting to know many of you and to be associated with a wonderful group of people.

Happy holidays and best wishes on a successful and safe 2008!

Bill Jeffery,
Director of Marketing,
JET Equipment and Tools

December 1, 2007

Pictures from the banquet a recap from the annual general meeting and a few photos of Spargo's very cool new ride on Sunday.

November 28. 2007

It's calendar time

A doorslammer calendar is on board for 2008. There are 6 spots left. Will talk to teams this weekend. Costs are basically the same as previous years.

Hello Everyone

Just a quick note to remind you all,of the upcoming Doorslammer Members meeting this Saturday December 1st at 1:00PM. It is very important that as many members as possible attend this meeting. The current rules and regulations will be discussed and any changes that people would like to see made will be voted upon, so if you want a say or vote on these issues please make sure you are there!

See you all Saturday!


Racers Meeting @ 1:00PM Mission Springs Restaurant 32281 Lougheed Highway 7160 Oliver Ph#604 820-1009Street Reservation in private meeting room.

Banquet & Awards Dinner @ 6:00PM Best Western Mission City Lodge Ph #604 820-5500 Toll # 1 888 552-5542


November 7, 2007

Hello Everyone

For all of those who have not contacted me about the Year End Meeting and Party, please do so. I need to know how many of you or planning on attending as well as I need to collect the money for the tickets as soon as possible. The Hotel would like me to give them a cash deposit as soon as I can. Also I booked the bigger banquet room this year to allow us some more elbow room, as last year some of you mentioned the room was a bit too small, so I hoping for a good turn out, to fill the bigger room. As well as we have hired a live band to come and play for us after dinner and awards are taken care of.

Please contact me ASAP!!

Thank you


Oct 29, 2007

It’s Party time!!

The 2007 Season has come to an end, and it’s time to Crown our new champion!! Our year end awards and banquet dinner will be held on December 1st in one of the banquet rooms at the Best Western Mission City Lodge. The cash bar (all drinks $5.50 each) will open at 6:00PM with Dinner at 7:00. Following dinner we will have an awards ceremony which will be followed by music and dancing. Tickets will be $40.00 per person, please phone me ASAP to reserve your tickets!

Special Hotel Room rates have been set up for us, when booking a hotel room at the Best Western Mission City Lodge, please let them know you are with the “Doorslammers group booking”, you must let them know you are part of this group booking when making your reservation in order to take advantage of the special discounted group rate. Rates are $91.31 (single) or $101.57 (double) including taxes. If you are not staying at the Lodge, please find an appropriate ride home…Please Don’t Drink and Drive.

There will be a racers meeting at the Mission Spring Restaurant on December 1st at 1:00PM. Your participation in this meeting is very important!! This is your opportunity to have your say in any Rules & Regulations that you may or may not like to see change for the 2008 season.

I need to confirm with the hotel how many people will be attending, so please notify me as soon as possible, how many tickets you will need for the banquet and if you will be attending the racers meeting during the day.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Best Western Mission City Lodge Mission Springs Restaurant

32281 Lougheed Highway 7160 Oliver Street

Mission, BC Mission, BC

Ph#604 820-5500 Ph#604 820-1009

Toll # 1 888 552-5542 Reservation in private meeting room


Oct 1, 2007

A new champ is crowned on a weekend that did not get finished the wy everyone wanted...........

Well the season is done and we crowned a new series champ despite the Saturday event two rounds from completion and Sunday's qualifying the only portion of the final race in the books. Congrats to Langley's Dave Richardson as he proved to be the most consistent racer all year long winning, the most rounds from the middle of the pack qualifying efforts.

A recap below from Marcy.

We made it through the third round of Saturday of the event from Seattle. Just as the semi finalist were about to go up to the staging lanes for 4th round, it started to rain, with no quitting in mind, so unfortunately we were done for the day. The rain kept up well into Sunday so it would be it for the year. I gave the three semi finalist all 4th round looser points, they will split the money from winner,runner-up & semi finals. So $2000 divided into three. The three left were Zak Clarke, Dave Richardson & Ray Kirton. They will run off, first race next year for the trophies. As for Sunday's race, we had three qualifiers in so I gave everyone their 5 points for attempting to qualify plus their qualifying points with the three that we had plus 10 points for the rain out. I have updated the points if you'd like to post them on the website. I will be sending an email out in the next day or so, with a date and info for the banquet. I also have to get a run sheet for Saturday's race from mission to award best package from the rounds we completed.

With the semi final finish Dave Richardson becomes the new DS champ by an incredible two points over first round casualty Mike Bedsworth. Ray Kirton also had a chance to win the title by due to the rain halting the event, Ray had to settle for a third place finish. Too bad for all three at the top that the final two rounds on Saturday and the five rounds on Sunday did not get run to crown a champion the way we all know they would have wanted it, on the track, but Dave Richardson would likely be thanking the rain gods just a little bit.

Final points are posted. I will have all the Saturday results and photos if I can get a few from HH or one of the other photogs out at the track.

We will also post all the info on the season ending dinner party and awards banquet soon.

Sept. 28, 2007

Pray to the "no rain gods", as this is the final weekend for the RJ Enterprises/VP Fuels Canada West Doorslammer series. A lot is up for grabs including the series championship and all that goes with theat crown. The fame, fortune, bragging rights and the target for next season. Mike Bedsworth leads by just a few points and everyone behind him wants their chance to take him out. I know even Mike does not want to win the title without having a chance to earn it on this, a "double header" weekend. As many as 200 points are available to be earned. So PLEASE let there be sun. Updates from the weekend will be posted Sunday as the webmaster is out of town from this afternoon until Sunday night.

The first race of the double header is presented by Charlton Automotive. The final weekend's event Race # 7 is presented by Jim's Automotive.

Due to my not being at the track on Saturday there will be no BBQ hosted by SpeedZone. But if the racers want to get together and do one themselves, feel free to do so. My BBQ is at the track by Ray and Jans, and there is a track BBQ beside the small tower, that can be used as well.

Have a great weekend and see you late Sunday afternoon.

Top 12 points (not including qualifying points from Seattle)

1 Mike Bedsworth 6235 297 5 9 30 341
2 Stefan Kondolay 61 288 0 288
3 Dave Richardson 6005 282 5 2 60 349
4 Ray Kirton 6665 250 5 6 50 311
5 Terry Langdon Davies 6505 225
6 Rob Charlton 684 202 202
7 Steve Ellis 612 198

8 Layne Wooley 6578 188 2 40 5 235
9 Terry Spargo 6431 178
10 Grant Howell 6650 172
11 Dean Woods 6807 158
12 Lyle Kennedy 6822 157

Sept. 17, 2007

Weather again affects an series race before competition

Due to the rain out Sunday at Seattle before elimination's were started but after qualifying was complete, the Seattle event will be run this coming Saturday. The final event of the season is also up next weekend (Sept 29-30) and it will be run with qualifying Saturday and elimination's on Sunday. One time trial (will also count as a qualifier for Sunday's race) will be run Saturday morning, and then elimination's from Seattle's event will start. Qualifying for the Sunday race will commence on Saturday as well. All racers who were not part on Seattle's event will run qualifying as per usual. Those in elimination's on Saturday will go into qualifying once they are eliminated. Your first three (will clarify this) elimination runs do count toward qualifying. The Saturday race is sponsored by Charlton Automotive and the final race of the season (Sat and Sun) is Sponsored by Jim's Automotive.

Here are the Seattle qualifying results.

Seattle was much like Mission this past weekend. Saturday was a great day but Sunday turned into rain at the the Charlton Automotive sponsored second to last race of the year. Sunday was rained out just before elimination's were set to start.

A huge 25 car field went into qualifying Saturday and the Pacific Raceway's facility was full of bracket Assoc. race cars and a Pro Street series event. Only two qualifiers were run on Sunday but the final two got in the book Sunday before the rain hit.

Eight new comers for the 2007 season came out to try and make the 8.70 minimum, and in the end 22 cars were quick enough. Notable was Klass Rietsma winning the VP Fuels/RJ Enterprises burnout contest for the second race in a row. The smlal block blown Arrow driver likes the added power for sure.

Lyle Kennedy in his big block blown Monte Carlo ended up the # 1 qualifier with a very strong 7.10 @ 194 mph. It is Lyle's third #1 of the year. He won the Murphy Trucking/Sitter Bros. low qualifier bonus

Here is the field after final qualifying

Lyle Kennedy 6822 7.101@194 10
Mike Bedsworth 6235 7.307@187 9
Mike Thielen 6072 7.414@186
Grant Howell 6650 7.519@179 7
Ray Kirton 6665 7.565@180 6
Greg Anderson 6968 7.569@179 5
Chris Murphy 6700 7.609@183 4
Terry Spargo 6431 7.628@193 3
Brian Kikel F691 7.648@181 2
Frank Nelson 6325 7.677@175 2
Dave Richardson 6005 7.784@173 2
Dave Warren 6169 7.864@173 2
Lloyd Flatum 6773 7.992@169 2
Brian Sells 6176 8.020@173 2
Scott Sandvigen 621 8.042@168 2
Layne Wooley 6578 8.089@165 2
Klaas Rietsma 6132 8.144@167 1
Steve Ellis 612 8.155@165 1
Steve Downs 6240 8.238@167 1
Terry Langdon Davies 6505 8.252@163 1
Tom Montgomery Jr. 8.596@155 1
Zak Clarke 664 8.653@155 1

Nate Darby 6750 8.823@151.1
Dan Lundmark 6368 9.04@152
Bob Israelson 696 9.873@148

See you on Saturday with what will be one of the busiest and most exciting races of the season. We will crown a the 2007 series champion and is could be a second time winner or a new champion as there are as many as five drivers with a shot.

Sept. 12, 2007

Seattle is up this weekend!!!

Its travel time again! I have been in touch with the track personnel from Pacific Raceway over the past couple of days, to try and iron out the details. The gates will open at 5:00PM on Friday and stay open until approximately 9:00PM. They will reopen again on Saturday morning at 8:00AM. Tech will be in the lanes when we go up for our first qualifying pass, (same as last year). The gate admission fee will be $40 for car & driver plus crew. Please try and pit together as a club so we are not all spread over everywhere. Look for Frank Nelson and Joe Loch and try to pit around them. They are going to try and give us 3 qualifiers on Saturday and will try and stick as close to our 12:00, 2:00 & 4:00 schedule as possible but it will depend on how the day’s activities play out. They are also running the Pro Street Association and the Hot Rod Diesel Association, on Saturday, so I have requested that they run us after Pro Street and before Hot Rod Diesel, so that we do not have to run after the Diesel trucks, therefore we may have to be slightly flexible with our time schedule. They also have a number of other categories running on Saturday, so they have promised me if they can not fit in three qualifiers on Saturday we will get two Sunday morning before eliminations, but we will try our best for three on Saturday. Weather is supposed to be great this weekend so we shouldn’t have that to worry about. I need to give them an approximate amount of cars we are expecting so please email me back and confirm if you are planning on attending or NOT! If you have any more questions, please email me and I will do my best to get the answers for you. Also remember Frank Nelson and Joe Lock and their families and crews are putting on a big barbecue for us at the track on Saturday night. If it’s anything like the barbecue they put on last year it’s going to be AWESOME!!

See You Saturday, Please let me know ASAP if you are coming!

P.S. Please remember our sponsors RJ Enterprises VP Racing Fuels, Ray & Jan will not be there this weekend, make sure you arrange to get your fuel from them in advance before you head out of town!!

NOTE: Points are not adjusted from the last event which was rained out, all drivers who attended the August 24-25 event (who are members) will receive 10 points.

August 27, 2007

Unfortunately the weather dampened the event last weekend to the point where the race was voted on by the participants Sunday at Noon. While the forecast was favorable for the rest of Sunday, racing would not get underway until 2:00 and the class would not have the luxury of a qualifying shot. They would have had to go right into elims without an idea of how the track was. They decided to cancel the event and all in attendance recieved 10 points. The event sponsor "Jim's Automotive" from Langley will now sponsor the race the last weekend of September, and Charlton Automotive will sponsor the race in 2 1/2 weeks at Seattle.

August 16, 2007

Apologies to Zak Clarke, race winner at Port Alberni. I mistakingly said he was from the Island when in fact he is from Surrey (part of the "Surrey in a Hurry" gang). Would rather say I was from the Island personally, hehe. So it was an Island vs Mainland final with the mainlander taking the win.

The next event is in nine days and it should be huge, as front engined Top Fuel dragsters and Jet Funny Cars highlight the weekend as well as the Doorslammers, August 25-26. "Jim's Automotive" is the event sponsor for the Doorslammers. We will have a BBQ Saturday night, so bring your appetite.

August 15, 2007

Fifth Annual Port Alberni "Thunder in the Valley" Doorslammer shootout

Presented by "Active Waste Management", Duncan BC

A huge turnout for the annual pilgrimage to the Island for the Thunder in the Valley. This years race was presented by Active Waste Management and is saw the biggest turnout out of the year. Since it is held at the Airport in Port Alberni and it is only used once a year for a race, the event is an exhibition race only. No points are earned so the team head over to have a great time in front of a huge crowd.

This year's race was the first that was interrupted by the weather but it did get completed late Sunday.

It was literally survival of the fittest as the weather and a very tricky race track were the determining factors to who was going to stand in the winners circle.

The Island's Zak Clark, an earlier race winner took home the cash and trophy, as he defeated another island resident and # one qualifier Grant Klohn.

A huge 23 car field made the trip to the central Island and over half the field did not have to jump on the ferry to compete. 13 drivers were from the rock with 10 competitors heading West across the Strait. When qualifying was over on the tricky track high horsepower was not the answer to being quick or consistent, it was managing the horsepower you have. Grant Klohn did it best with three mid to high seven second ets including a best of 7.68. Another island competitor, Grant Howell was # 2 with a 7.74 best et. Pitt Meadows Rob Charlton was #3 with a 7.89 on the time sheet. Those were the only seven second performers on what was a very tricky oft used racing surface. The high horsepower guys like Dal Sangha Terry Spargo and Dean Woods were all one or two seconds slower that they usually run.

Here is the field after final qualifying:

Grant Klohn 7.68
Grant Howell 7.74
Rob Charlton 7.89
Dean Woods 8.161
Kelvin Wiebe 8.163
Layne Wooley 8.17
Terry Shulfita 8.22
Klaas Rietsma 8.34
Stefan Kondolay 8.35
Shane Wangler 8.51
Terry Langdon-Davies 8.58
Terry Spargo 8.61
Dean Peterson 8.65
Mike Munden 8.70
Zak Clarke 8.78
Randy Arlitt 8.81
Bob McKernan 8.84
Chris Lamb 8.963
Clark Power 8.966
Dal Sangha 8.978
Jeff Addison 9.23
Dave Magee 9.47
Craig Donaldson broke

Only three qualifiers were run due to the weather and an unfortunate crash by Islander Bill Friend a good buddy of Doorslammer runner-up Grant Klohn. The car was a write-off but a fund starting that night and well over 6k was raised right at the track. Bill races regularly at MRP as well, and it is likely more funds will be raised there at the DS race next weekend. Contact Grant if you can support Bill in any way.

The "Burnout" contest winner was Klaas Rietsma and he donated the money to the Bill Friend crash fund. The contest was sponsored fy Ben Reese, Ted McAllum and George Kridel (spelling?)

Twenty cars made up first round of elimination's Sunday.

Round one winners included Zak Clark, Grant Klohn, Rob Charlton, Kelvin Wiebe, Klass Rietsma, Shane Wangler, Terry Langdon-Davies, Dean Peterson, Bob McKernan and Clark Power. In the battle for the final five, Klohn got the best of Charlton, Wiebe took out Davies, Clark defeated Peterson in a battle of the Islanders part #4 ( three Islander pairings were raced in round one) and McKernan defeated Power in part #5.

The quarter finals saw Klohn get the top half of the ladder bye run into the semis, Wiebe bested fellow Abbotsford resident Davies and in part #6, Zak Clark took out Bob McKernan. Clark had the bye into the final guaranteeing an Islander would race for the trophy and cash. Would Klohn take out Wiebe to make it an all Islander final round. Yes, he did, so Grant Klohn would face of against Clark who was gunning for his second win of the year.

It would be a battle of a seven second Ford against an eight second Chevy.

The slower car took the win giving Clark his second win of the season.

All in all it was a great race, with the largest car count of the year and a very fun weekend overall.

One major change will take place next year, namely the field will be required to run 8.70 or quicker like the minimum for the regularly scheduled events.

Thanks to Dean Woods and Active Waste Management as well as Ted McAllum, George Kridel (spelling) and Ben Reese for their sponsorship as well.

The next event is a big one August 25-26. A series bbq will be hosted and a large turnout is expected.

July 31, 2007

Message from Marcy

Hello Everyone

Sorry for the delay in the updated points, they are updated at last!! It's Port Alberni time again!! I need to know from everyone who hasn't yet contacted me,(names listed below of who I already confirmed are coming), who is coming. I will be there on Friday to mark out the reserved pit spots for the C.W.D.S. It is very important that I know who is coming and how big the rig will be so I know exactly where I'm going to put everyone. When you arrive, please come and find me first before trying to find parking as I will have a pit spot reserved for you with your name on it. If you arrive late and I have already left for the night, please look for your name written in chalk on the asphalt so you know exactly where to park. I am expecting lots of cars this year so please make sure you keep your stuff within the spot I have allotted for you. Gates will be open approximately 11:00am and it will fill up fast so please try and get there early if possible, even though we have spots reserved it will be much easier for you to maneuver into these spots before it gets too full. If you can try and pull into the first driveway beside the airport building, this will bring you right into the C.W.D.S pit area. The entry fee at the gate should be the same as last year which was $50 for car and driver plus crew. Then if the payout remains the same as last year, each car qualifying with an 8:99 or quicker will receive $500 from the Port Alberni Drag Racing Association. The payout money is paid out to the Association by cheque, so I will issue this money to you at the next event you attend. Another thing to remember, Ray and Jan from R.J Enterprises will not be attending the race in Port Alberni, so if you need fuel, please contact them and arrange to get your fuel from them prior to this event. Their phone number is 604 936-1946. For any of you that have not been to this event before, it is a awesome time, one that you shouldn't miss that's for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there, as they are looking forward to having us, they are always very impressed with the show that we put on there. I hope you are all doing well and I will see you in a couple of weeks.


P.S Don't forget the Seattle race is only a few weeks after Port Alberni, make sure you have your hotel rooms booked! If you need the phone number to one that is close to the track, let me know and I will get it for you.

Confirmed Attendance List for Port Alberni ( If you do not see your name on this list please advise me if you are coming or not )

Bob Mckernan
Stephan Kondolay
Klaas Rietsma
Grant Klohn
Zac Clark
Craig Donaldson
Terry Shaflita
Greg Mackenzie
Grant Howell
Layne Wooley
Dean Petersen
Mike Munden

July 4, 2007

The Sunday results will be posted over the next couple days.

July 3, 2007

Sorry for no results up from the Sunday race presented by RH Race Cars. I am burning the midnight oil every night to get ahead of my full time job due to my road trip to Edmonton. Will try over the next couple days. Thanks for your patience.

In short Dave Richardson would have been your point leader had he doubled on with his second win on the day, But he could not wait for the green and first time DS competitor Zak "Wild" Clarke got his first RJ Enterprises trophy to go along with the cash.

"Mr. Consistent", Mike Bedsworth (along with his near the top qualifying points earning Cultass) took the lead, with his third late round finish. Kondolay is a hair back in second, Richardson is a close third and the point lesder prior to the weekend, Ray Kirton is just a bit more back in fourth. The full results soon.

July 2, 2007

Race two eliminations gallery is up.

(Unofficial points are posted, including Race 5 )

Race # 5 is in the books..

.. and we have a new leader atop the standings (unofficial) and he has not won yet this year!!!

.. and we have our fourth different winner of the season.

All the Sunday results later today, including photos. Saturday race #2 is posted below

Final qualifying

Lyle Kennedy 6822 7.072
Terry Spargo 6431 7.234
Mike Bedsworth 6235 7.264
Ray Kirton 6665 7.570
Brian Kikel F691 7.595
Frank Nelson 6325 7.640
Greg Anderson 6968 7.667
Dave Richardson 6005 7.755
Rob Charlton 684 7.786
Grant Howell 6650 7.844
Stefan Kondolay 61 7.914
Kelvin Wiebe 6066 8.001
Layne Wooley 6578 8.030
Steve Ellis 612 8.092
Kerry Stone A681 8.160
Klaas Rietsma 6132 8.212
Terry Langdon Davies 6505 8.229
Bob Kokotalio 6298 8.364
Darryl Stone A681 8.465
Zak Clarke 664 8.681


Scott Manzuik M677 8.963

The rest of Sunday's race Monday night

July 2, 2007

Race # 2 completion....Finally

(Jeffery and Murdoch photos)

What a jammed packed weekend at Mission Raceway, as it was a doorslammer fans dream weekend. The CWDS assoc. had two points races, The Fast and Furious on the Fraser Pro Mod event was on tap and the Pro Street assoc. had their group at MRP as well.

The weather was finally perfect for an event and the fans were treated to a spectacular event.

On Saturday the DS'ers got one time trial/qualifying hit before the cars who ran at Race #2 went into eliminations.

Race #2 was possibly the most confusing races I have witnessed due to breakage's and no shows)

Here were the first round pairings based on qualifying from race #2 back in May. (The ets after pairings name were drivers qualifying efforts from the Saturday qualifying in May)

Final qualifying and first round parings:

Mike Bedsworth 7.272/189.47
Dean Woods 7.351/191.40
Terry Spargo 7.357/189.91
Ray Kirton 7.555/180.36
Greg Anderson 7.566/182.85
Terry Shuflita 7.68/176.00
Grant Howell 7.739/174.48
Dave Warren 7.744/175.06
Brian Kikel 7.748/183.44
Dave Richardson 7.770/175.23
Rob Charlton 7.808/171.82
Stefan Kondolay 7.868/171.36
Dal Sangha 7.922/130.79
Lyle Kennedy 7.965/170.19
Steve Ellis 8.064/169.87
Layne Wooley 8.103/165.71
Terry Langdon-Davies 8.180/163.22
Bob Kokotailo 8.325/162.54

Pairings (were drawn 1vs 4 and 2 vs 3)

1. Mike Bedsworth 7.272/189.47 vs
4. Ray Kirton 7.555/180.36

2. Dean Woods 7.351/191.40 vs
3. Terry Spargo 7.357/189.91

5. Greg Anderson 7.566/182.85 vs
8. Dave Warren 7.744/175.06

6. Terry Shuflita 7.68/176.00 vs
7. Grant Howell 7.739/174.48

9. Brian Kikel 7.748/183.44 vs
12. Stefan Kondolay 7.868/171.36

10. Dave Richardson 7.770/175.23 vs
11. Rob Charlton 7.808/171.82

13. Dal Sangha 7.922/130.79 vs
16. Layne Wooley 8.103/165.71

14. Lyle Kennedy 7.965/170.19 vs
15. Steve Ellis 8.064/169.87

17.Terry Langdon-Davies 8.180/163.22 vs
18. Bob Kokotailo 8.325/162.54

Bedsworth def. Kirton

Spargo def. Woods (no show)

Anderson def. Warren (no show)

Shuflita & Howell broke

Kondolay def. Kikel

Richardson def. Charlton

Wooley def. Sangha

Ellis def. Kennedy Kokotailo def. Davies
Bedsworth bye run Spargo def. Anderson (broke) Kondolay wins due two previous pairing breakage Richardson def. Wooley (broke) Ellis def. Kokotailo (broke)
Bedsworth def. Spargo Kondolay bye due to qualifying position on ladder Richardson def. Ellis
Kondolay def. Bedsworth Richardson bye due to position on ladder)
Richardson .018 7.77 (7.74 di) def. Kondolay .022 (8.014 (7.92 di)

(Use the ladder above for a guide, because the race was very confusing due to no shows and breakage)

A numbers of drivers did not show for the for the race due to the holiday weekend and breakage. They included Dean Woods, Dave Warren, Grant Howell (broke in the time trial in the morning), Terry Shuflita and Dal Sangha. So there were three singles and one pairing that was totally absent in round one giving Terry Spargo, Layne Wooley and Greg Anderson freebies. Unfortunately even more mishaps happened during that round as Layne Wooley and Greg Anderson both broke, giving two more byes in round two. In fact all five races wound up as singles due to ladder byes and no shows and breakage's. Stefan Kondolay, Dave Richardson, Steve Ellis, Mike Bedsworth and Terry spargo all cruised to uncontested wins. Spargo was lucky on his single lap as the Cutlass found traction on the hit for the first time this year (his car has spun the tires on the starting line on every run, but on a consistent basis putting him in the 7.30's all year). It hooked and he went a tenth and a half under his 7.37 dial (7.234).

Due to the no shows and breakage from rounds one and two, Round three saw two pairings and one single. Kondolay had the single and Bedsworth nipped Spargo by three hundreds and Richardson defeated Ellis on a double break out.

Kondolay got the win over Bedsworth in a very close semi final and Richardson had the bye run.

Finally after one of the days in Doorslammer history the final round was set.


Two of the hitters in the class and both past Super Gas top guns. A very close start with Richardson having .004 on the tree. He caught Stefan by 1000 feet and eased off the gas and Stefan's Cavalier lost close to a tenth from previous laps.

Three races and three different winners so far in 2007. Points are posted. (Unofficial)

Race two eliminations gallery is up.

June 27, 2007

To all the teams coming out this weekend. There will be a BBQ on Saturday afternoon/evening. Striploin and Rib Steaks, Maui Ribs and Boneless Chicken is on the menu with all the fixins. Dogs and Burgers for the kids.

A HUGE wekend on tap for the DS'ers this weekend as they attempt to complete Race #2 for the third time. That event is sponsored by TCS and it will be on the Saturday after one time trial. On Saturday and Sunday this weekend's scheduled event Race #5 is presented by RH Race Car from Kelowna.

RH is one of the top race car shops in Western Canada, and they will have close to a half dozen cars out this weekend to prove it. RH will have their show case Pro Mod, the 68 Camaro of the "Lowe Down" Racing team in action. The WC Pro Mods are also at Mission. This weekend's Doorslammer race will see Ray Kirton and the Kirton Bros. Racing team with the target on their back as Ray moved into first place in the standings with the win at Ashcroft.

Watch out Ray, they are all gunning for ya!! I expect to see a number of teams out for the first time, including Chris Murphy, Jeff Hill, Glen Norman and Klaas Rietsma.

June 13, 2007

Race #4 complete .... Race #2 ... to be continued again!

Kirton is getting to like the "Plex!!!!


Ray Kirton was the last man standing after the fourth event of the season at the Eagle Motorplex this past weekend. The Langley Loafers Old Time Drags was the event at the Plex, and it was to be a very busy weekend for the 'Slammers'. Saturday was scheduled to be a qualifying day the the "Pro Stock Performance and Machine" race #4 event and a final rounds of the rained out Race #2. But unfortunately nary a car made it down the track (actually five or six pair did manage to make a lap) due to the persistent moisture. Sunday dawned at a pretty good looking day and the decision was made to run the scheduled event and try to get in the rained out event at the Pro Mod/ Doorslammer race the end of the month. With an abbreviated weekend, the decision was made to have two qualifiers and then go right into eliminations.

18 cars were out to try and make the 8.99 minimum, including a number of interior based cars making their doorslammer debuts. Kerry Stone, Darryl Stone and Scott Manzult entered the event as non members, Dallas Wagner was out for the first time this season in the family Dakota and Steve Horne was back in the Jay Syvertsen Vette.

Traction was be the most difficult task and managing the starting line would be key to get in the field in only two laps. Unfortunately for two drivers, Steve Horne and the guy who has not had a break yet this year, Terry Spargo both could not manage the tricky race track and were not in the field for eliminations.

Here is the final qualifying order

Lyle Kennedy Kelowna BC 7.264/192
Mike Bedsworth Marysville Wa 7.556/182
Ray Kirton Mission BC 7.693/179
Dean Woods Duncan BC 7.704/186
Rob Charlton Maple Ridge BC 7.906/171
Dave Richardson Langley BC 7.906/172
Grant Howell Victoria BC 7.57/172
Layne Wooley Langley BC 8.038/168
Steve Ellis Oak Harbor WA 8.094/168
Stefan Kondolay Abbotsford BC 8.107/169
Terry Langdon-Davies Chilliwack BC 8.467/162
Kerry Stone Winfield BC 8.512/169
Dallas Wagner Vernon BC8.543/157
Darryl Stone Winfield BC 8.613/156
Scott Manzult Kelowna BC 8.782/156
Mike Munden Kamloops BC 8.900/149


Steve Horne 11.118
Terry Spargo 13.869

Lyle Kennedy got his first ever Sitter Bros /Murphy Trucking # 1 qualifier $100.00 check. And Ray Kirton won his second "RJ Enterprises" Burnout-out contest with a solid 400 footer.


With 16 cars making the field, the race featured four rounds of racing with no bye runs (baring mechanical woes).

The pairings for round one would be based on #1 vs #4 and #2 Vs #3. #1 qualifier Lyle Kennedy took on Dean Woods in his new GTO. Since race #1, Dean has struggled with consistency with the new car, but this race he gave away with a real late .248 light. Lyle lifted early and took a 1/10th of a second stripe. Ray Kirton defeated Mike Bedsworth in round one when Mike went under his dial by .0.026(7.494 on a 7.52). It was a close race as both driver were within .02 at the tree. Rob Charlton won the best package award sponsored by West Coast Polaris, with a great. .006 light and a 7.93 on a 7.92 dial. Layne Wooley was his victim. Layne had a decent .071 package. Terry Langdon-Davies took out the "TARGET" Stefan Kondolay. The Target is the moniker the previous race winner will earn going into the next event. Kondolay went .012 red while Davies went .014 to the good, so it would have been a close race if Stefan had not wasted his effort. Steve Ellis got an easy win over Kerry Stone due to a real late .369 light. Dave Richardson took on Grant Howell in a battle of hitters, but Grant got real loose on his run and was forced to lift early. That race would have been a beauty as the drivers were only .003 apart at the tree. Dallas Wagner got a freebie as his opponent Mike "Hardluck" Munden broke and could not make round one. The final pairing saw two rookies face off, and Scott Manzuik got the win over Darrel Stone.

In the 1/4 finals, Manzuik got a tenth of a second win over Wagner. The race was won on the starting line when Wagner slept over a tenth too long. Langdon-Davies got by a fouling Steve Ellis. Rob Charlton won the battle of the hitters, as he took out a .005 fouling Dave Richardson, and in the last pair Ray Kirton advanced to the semis, as he defeated late and loose Kennedy.

Semi Finals......... Kirton got the break in the round when Charlton went .001 red. Ray was a bit late, going .113, and went under by 2/thou, but the real kicker was Charlton was not only close at the tree, he was 6.thou away from running right on his 7.90 dial. Ouch!! The other pairing saw Davies get a freebie when Manzuik could not make the call. Ray Kirton is going to keep coming up to the "Plex, is my guess as he has had quite a bit of success up there going to a few finals I believe and and least one win. Davies only final round appearance was also at the "Plex two years ago.

Davies got a huge .080 starting line advantage but he dialed two tenths quicker for the final round, (8.26 instead of his previous 8.40 dial ins), and that cost him. Kirton drove around him at 1000 feet and held on for a .103 stripe

The win moves Kirton into 1st place, two points ahead of Kondolay. Bedsworth is another five points back. Thanks to Pro Stock Performance and Machine in Edmonton for their continued support of the series.

The next race is in two weeks at MRP. It is one of the biggest races of the year, as the DS'ers are co-featured along with the Pro Street assoc. The headliners are the big bad Pro Mods. The CWDS will try and run their rained out event on the Saturday with one time trial at 11:30am, and then eliminations the rest of the day. All other cars will run their regular qualifying and eliminated cars go into qualifying.


The next race is sponsored by RH Race Cars.



June 8, 2007

The Doorslammers are at Ashcroft this weekend for a double header. The re-scheduled race # 2 is on for Saturday and Race #4 (race #3 was washed out) presented by Pro Stock Performance and Machine is up on Sunday. Unfortunately Saturday was rained out so now the race will be completed on Sunday if the promising forecast holds true.

Pro Stock Performance is one of the longest standing sponsors of the DS series, and they have supplied parts and engine work for a number of teams who have competed in the series over the years. Based out of Edmonton Alberta, they are one of the leading hi-performace engine builders in the West. Many top teams in Alberta rely on Pro Stock for the best parts and service

May 23, 2007

No updates from the last scheduled race (last weekend) could only mean one thing, "THE RACE WAS RAINED OUT".

Unfortunately not one car went down the track last weekend in what was supposed to be a huge CWDS event. A double header since race #2 was washed out on the Sunday (May 6). The scheduled (May 12-13) race sponsored by Charlton Automotive will not be raced at a later date. Charlton Automotive will sponsor the final event of the season in September. The one that was set for last Saturday (from the rained out previous race #2) will be played out at Ashcroft in two weeks.

May 12, 2007

Attention all CWDS teams.

The next event is May19-20. The plan is to host the first series BBQ on the Saturday night. With the weekend being a double header and most teams being very busy all day on Saturday with eliminations, a BBQ is a great way for the teams and friends to socialize after the race. The wives get a bit of a break and the bench racing can get into full swing. The cost will be $10.00 as usual and the menu will include awesome steaks and chicken breasts with all the fixins (burgers and dogs for the kids if you wish). If there is interest in have beer as well, email me and I will have that available for an additional cost. Pop will of course be part of the menu. Have the entire family come out for what will be a very fun weekend. If you have any special menu requests email me as well and I will try and accomodate your request.


May 8, 2007

Race 2 gallery is here

May 7, 2007

Attention all drivers who attended this past weekend's event.

Apon further clarification of the wording of series rules, It has been determined that the race will not have one more qualifier prior to the saturday eliminations. There will be one time trial prior to elims, so teams can get a tune-up for the weather conditions. That time trial WILL count toward qualifying for the Sunday event though. The wording on the rules page will be changed to confirm this. That being said, the field is set. Saturday morning of the next event we will confirm this notice to anyone who does not reead this message.

(Weekend photo gallery will be posted Monday evening)

May 6, 2007

Sunday afternoon.

They tried and tried with over a half dozen rain delays at MRP. The DS class did not get down the track on Sunday and the event will be played out on the Saturday of the next event. That is in two weeks at MRP with one more qualifier on the Saturday and then right into eliminations. The field is not set but the entry list is closed for the Saturday. The couple dirvers who were wounded now have two weeks to try and get their cars back together for the rescheduled event.


May, 6, 2007 Sunday morning

Race 2 gallery is here

(Bill Jeffery and Dean Murdoch photos)

Race two in the RJ Enterprises-VP Fuels CWDS is up this weekend at MRP, and day one turned in a few pretty strong performances, and a couple not so good finishes for a couple drivers. Four new drivers were out this weekend bring the season membership up to 25 so far after in just the second event of the year.

Klaas Reitsma (left) was out for the first time in two years with his unique blown Plymouth Arrow. On the first lap he has the crank seal come apart on his small block just at the 330 foot mark and it sprayed oil all over the front on the car. He got off the track but his day was done way too early. Klaas was obviously bummed out that his opening weekend in two years was cut short , but he vowed to be back for the next event.


Dean Woods in that very nice 06 GTO was solidly in the field, but on the last last, he had oiling issue right in the burnout, and he will be forced to watch from the sidelines the rest of the weekend. Talked to Dean afterwards, and he stated it was one of those learning curves with the team that will likely not happen in the future. Hope to see him back at the next event. He carded at strong 7.35@ 190 in round two, so he will give his first round opponent a freebie in the opening round.

Craig Donaldson and Howie Stevens are still going through the learning curve with the ex-Bob Marshall Grand Am and will still be in test mode for the short term. Beside the intricate clutch details in the PS legal ride, the lifters in the 500 cu.in. powerplant were giving them a few issues on Saturday.

18 cars in total made the 8.70 minimum on Saturday including a couple surprise rides. Terry Shuflita (right) showed up Friday night with Donaldson's old Firebird, which is 300 lbs lighter than his Camaro. A real surprise to all in the series. He is looking for sub 7.50 ets and turned in a best of 7.68 in his first full lap on the car. The other real shocker on day one was seeing Bob Kokotailo arrive at the back of the pack in round two of qualifying in the Henry-J. Bob went back to back 8.32's in his first appearance in the series in a number of years. A few of the issues he had with the series are not apparent anymore according to the long time Mission competitor.

Leading the way after day one is Mike Bedsworth in his 97 Cutlass with back to back to back 7.20s, including a best of 7.27@189 mph. Terry Spargo got his Cutlass finally righted and he ran a pretty solid 7.35@191 mph. To say Spargo was relieved was a huge understatement. Greg Anderson (below) was the other new sign up this weekend and he was equally happy with his first day out. Last season was a nightmare for Anderson as he has new car blues that did not allow him to make one clean lap the entire year with his new car (05 Grand Am). The woes ended early when he turned in a very strong 7.56 on his first lap and he repeated to within .04 on the other two runs. He was a happy camper for sure. That put Anderson in the # 5 spot after Saturday's runs. Just in front of Anderson is #4 Ray Kirton in the blown Chevy. Ray went 7.55 on his first run and stay very consistent on the other two. Terry Shuflita is #6 with a 7.68 best in the new Firebird. Only four hundredths apart running 7.739 -7.770 in the 7-10 spots are Grant Howell, Dave Warren, Brian Kikel (who really struggled until the final round, and event that run was filled with tire shake) and Dave Richardson. In the 7.80's are Rob Charlton (7.808) and the "Target" race one winner Stefan Kondolay with a career best 7.868. Two more drivers round out the seven second fraternity and both should be in the low sevens or sixes. Dal Sangha went 7.92 @ only 130 but the car is still very loose in the middle section of the track. Lyle Kennedy was back out after strong performances last season. His blown Lumina is capable of 7.20's but his best was an on and off the throttle 7.96.


Only four drivers are in the eight second zone and they are led by Steve Ellis (8.06) Layne Wooley (8.10) Terry Langdon Davies (career best 8.18) and the anchor is the cool Henry _J driven by veteran Bob Kokotailo (left). Bob and wife Irene are celebrating their anniversary this weekend and it is Bob's birthday this coming week as well. To celebrate, Bob won the RJ Enterprises Burnout contest in the third round on Saturday with a solid 330 foot smoker.

Mike Bedsworth leads the Sitter Bros racing/Murphy Trucking low qualifier bonus with the final round to be run this morning around 11:00am

Lyle Kennedy

Ray Kirton

Saturday qualifying (field is set)

Mike Bedsworth 7.272/189.47
Dean Woods 7.351/191.40
Terry Spargo 7.357/189.91
Ray Kirton 7.555/180.36
Greg Anderson 7.566/182.85
Terry Shuflita 7.68/176.00
Grant Howell 7.739/174.48
Dave Warren 7.744/175.06
Brian Kikel 7.748/183.44
Dave Richardson 7.770/175.23
Rob Charlton 7.808/171.82
Stefan Kondolay 7.868/171.36
Dal Sangha 7.922/130.79
Lyle Kennedy 7.965/170.19
Steve Ellis 8.064/169.87
Layne Wooley 8.103/165.71
Terry Langdon-Davies 8.180/163.22
Bob Kokotailo 8.325/162.54


Grant Howell and Terry Langdon Davies


Layne Wooley

Steve Ellis

Terry Spargo

Race 2 gallery is here


May 2, 2007

Race #2 of the season is on tap this weekend at Mission Raceway.

It is being presented byPerformance Products

TCS is the longest standing sposnor of the CWDS, and one of the most prominent sponsors of Drag Racing in British Columbia.

Headquarters are based in Langley BC, and they have dealers all over the NW.

Their main product line is building converters for both racing applications and as replacement parts for your daily driver. They also supply replacement parts for automatic transmissions and manufacture specialty product related to the automotive industry. The company has is own R&D operation that includes CNC machinery and they will design and build products to fit your companies needs. Give Steve, Rob, Jim or Marcy a call toll free at 1-800-960-1177.

This weekend's event will likely see a few more new cars out from the last event. In race #1 Stefan Kondolay took the win over 2005 champ Mike Bedsworth. Kondolay will be the prime target at this weekend's race and all year long as he is the defending Division 6 Super Gas champ and one of the top drivers in the NW. He is a young driver very focused and does not care what sereis he is racing in, he just wants to win and the attitude shows it. A nice guy off the track, in his race car, he is one of the most fierce focused drivers out there and every opponent is like the enemy. He is certainly one of the bad boyz in the series (a label he relishes, imho), that all racers will have extra focus on. He stated he is in the series to win, to take the money and the trophys.

Expected out this weekend are all race #1 competitors as well as Chris Murphy, Jeff Hill, Bob Marshall, Fraser Sutherland, Jay Syvertsen, Greg Anderson and a few others.

Can Stefan win again this weekend? Hard to say, but he is a tough one to bet against for sure.

Other questions for this weekend include:

Will Spargo have his Cutlass back in racing form?

WIll Brian Kikel keep his Vette on the legal side of 7.50.

Will the red lights that plagued a number of teams rear their ugly heads again?

Can Lumpy Donaldson get the clutch tune-up dialed in on the ex Bob Marshall Grand Am?

Will we see a six second et slip from, Spargo, Syvertsen, Sangha, Woods or Hill?

Come on out and enjoy the battle!!


April 27, 2007

Points are posted

April 22, 2007

Race one gallery is here

What an exciting day of eliminations that was not without controversy, weather delays, drama and incredible performances.


Race one @ MRP had everything you come to expect from the most popular fast doorcar class in the North West.

21 competitors out of 21 entrants made the 8.70 minimum cut after Sunday morning's final session of qualifying. Saturday saw 18 cars in the field, and on Sunday Terry Spargo brought out a borrowed car, Craig Donaldson (below) made a one shot qualifier and Brian Kikel can thank the assoc. for their decision for him to be part of the field.

Brian (below) due to family commitments had to skip Saturday's runs, but he was confident he could make the field on Sunday with one shot.

He was one of the first pairs out and he did get down the track in fine fashion. Unfortunately it was too good a run, as he went 7.48 when he and the car are only licensed and certified for 7.50 maximum. This was not a precedent setting situation as we have had drivers in the past go quicker than their license allowed. But those drivers had other runs they could fall back on. Brian did not. In a great show of sportsmanship, the drivers all agreed he could be in the field at a time of 7.50, but he would be eligible for qualifying points , since he did not actually make a legal run.

That decision is what makes this assoc so unique, as the members are like a big family and they all want the guys to be able to play come eliminations time if a situation warrants it. Dean Woods (the story is below, photo above) from Saturday is a prime example of the way the assoc. is unique.

Anyway, on to eliminations, the draw was made and it was determined that it would be 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 and so on for eliminations. Due to the odd car count, Mike Bedsworth (above), who was the Sitters Bros./Murphy Trucking $100.00 low qualifier winner, got the first round bye based on his career best 7.25/189 mph shot.

In round one, a couple of notable pairings included Victoria bud's, Terry Shuflita and Grant Klohn (photo above shows how far in front Terry is, they had the same dial) facing off. Grant was a way too gracious opponent as he had starting line issues and was waaay late giving an easy win to Shuflita. Both driver dialed 7.68's. In what was thought to be the toughest first round pairing two series champs, Rob Charlton and Dave Richardson (left) squared off. This one too was a surprisingly easy win. Rob Charlton (below) had an awesome .013 package and a $100.00 bonus courtesy West Coast Polaris to get the victory, as Richardson has a bog off the starting line and was late. Dean Woods who made huge strides on Saturday dialed what would be a career best lap (a 7.19) against Ray Kirton. Kirton had great qualifying numbers as well, as he turned in a best of 7.55. The race was pretty close but the stripe was taken by one of the new fast guns, Dean Woods, who raced to a 7.23@192 mph. Ray was .04 behind at the finish line. Race delays slowed first round and it took close to an hour to run . The first delay came up just when Kikel and Dal Sangha were set to face off. Both cars went to the rear of the pack and ran near the end of round one. Dal appeared to feel the track was not right for his car so he just coasted on down handing the easy win to Kikel. Stefan Kondolay and Steve Ellis (below) had a real scare as Ellis got real loose at half track, and nailed the 660 cone sending it into Stefan's lane. He moved over and toward his guard rail and Ellis fought to gain control of his car, just barley saving it from hitting the right lane wall. Good driving by both drivers.

Dave Warren upset Grant Howell as Howell was too anxious, going .006 red. Terry Spargo (below) driving a foreign car to him, also got a break when Layne Wooley left before the tree was activated.

Three broken cars from qualifying including Donaldson, Mike Munden (below) and Kelvin Wiebe plus the bye run for Bedsworth gave four singles in round one. Terry Langdon Davies, Randy Modersohn and Frank Nelson all benefited.

Randy Modersohn

Frank Nelson

In round two, Terry Shuflita had a single due to 11 cars in the round and he ran right on his 7.68 number. Bedsworth (below) defeated a red lighting Brain Kikel, Dave Warren got a double red light win as Charlton pulled the red trigger first, Dean Woods kept up his story book start to the season in the new car, with a 7.23 on the 7.20 dial. He took out veteran Frank Nelson. Randy Modersohn was off his dial for the first time all weekend, and Stefan Kondolay took advantage with a .05 stripe. And in the final pair, another red light happened, this time it was Terry Spargo who was too heavy on the trigger finger, as he went .031 red giving TL Davies the win light.

In the 1/4's More a red light determined another outcome, as Terry Shuflita was too quick giving Dave Warren (below) the win. Stefan Kondolay stayed sharp on the tree, taking a .03 stripe after a great .009 light against Terry Langdon Davies, and Mike Bedsworth ended Dean Woods day with an easy 7.28 on a 7.28 dial. Woods' was a tenth back off the tree.

Kondolay had a single, went in quick for the first (something that was noticed by all the drivers at the starting line) time all weekend, and still ran within .01 of his 7.89 dial.


Stefan has a program he stated he adheres to everytime he goes to the starting line, but it was readily evident he did not feel the need to do it in on the bye run. Gamesmanship probably, and there is nothing wrong with that, as it is likely how he has become so successful (three division championships in the last four years in arguably the toughest class, Super Gas) in the last half decade, and it is something the drivers in the series will likely be wary of the next time they race him.


So the final was set with possibly the best driver in Division Six, Stefan Kondolay taking on one of the toughest drivers in the series over the last three years. This one was unfortunately over at the starting line, as Bedsworth left way early, after lighting both bulbs (playing his own little game) before Stefan was pre-staged, (.266 red) giving the young gun and easy stroll to the finish line and the $1000.00 winners cheque.

The young driver can and did certainly teach a few of the old dogs new tricks. Good on ya Stefan! Just don't take everything so personal buddy.

Race two is just two weeks away and I am certain a few more cars will be out. The series will have a bit of a different look to it for a good part of the rest of the season, and it will likely be just as eventful as this, the first race of the year.

Pit notes:

Mile Bedsworth and team receive the Low qualifier bonus and the runner-up trophy and cash.

Ray Kirton was the RJ Enterprises burnout contest winner.

Rob Charlton won the best package courtesy West Coast Polaris (.013)

Standings later this week.

Race one gallery is here

April 22, 2007

(Murdoch photos)

Qualifying after three of four rounds

Final round Sunday.

A total of 19 cars made runs on Saturday in day one of race one of the RJ Enterprises backed CWDSA. Two more cars were on the grounds Saturday, and will likely make their last ditch attempt during Sunday morning final shot before eliminations begin at Noon.

A very impressive first day for all cars involved except for Terry Spargo who struggled with transmission woes in all three attempts. Mike Munden had ignition issues also but sorted them out before Saturdays last shot and he parlayed his only run into good enough 8.64 on the 8.70 index. A couple surprises made it out to race one including the twin turbo'ed Mustang piloted by Dal Sangha. The 6.70 bullet has a looking new twin configuration as shown by the rebuilt hood openings by Token Fiberglass. Dal struggled a bit but did turn in a soft off the line 7.31 at a booming 196 mph, currently good enough for #2. Alberta's Randy Modersohm made the trek out from Calgary to play in the series for the first time and was scary consistent with three laps within .01 of each other.

The leader after round one was Mike Bedsworth who despite some objections to first round lane choice made his best lap ever a very strong 7.27@ 189. The right lane actually proved to be the better lane on day one. There was a bit of excitement in qualifying as in round two, Dean Woods made the second quickest run of the day and of his entire career in the ex-Todd Horner GTO. He tripped the finish line stripe with an outstanding 7.28 at a slowing 185. He got off the gas at 1100 feet or it could have been a 22-25 at well over 190. The problem with that run was that Dean is only licensed for 7.50.

"Ya I guess I booboo'ed there, but Todd said he had the car set up with the stop to run only 7.50 - 7.60. When I ran 7.56 in round one I thought it was all good. Guess I was wrong. But boy did that ever feel good, Dean stated". So it was off to licensing school for Woods for the remainder of the day. He had to make three runs including a half track squirt and then two full passes in the 7.50 range or better to receive his advanced et license (that half track would be tough after those first two runs of the day I bet). Run one went fine and then in run two he blasted out a great 7.20 at 193. One more run to finish it off, and he came up right at the end of the day, took the usually great left lane but he did get loose, corrected well and got back on the throttle for a 7.51 at 188. Whether or not the track manager will count the run (he did a great job or correcting in the very loose run) I did not hear.

The last ditch run this morning will still allow him to race as an advanced et competitor if he needs to, but if not he can only compete as a 7.50 competitor witch he sits at right now with his 7.56 in round one.

Spargo who was certainly expected to be at or near the top, did have drive train issues and did not move two feet off the starting line on two attempts, and then no reverse ended his day. Rumour had it, he was going to get in Brian Murphy's Vega (the ex-Wally Nichol ride) for Sunday. You go Terry!!

Ray Kirton performed like the Kirton of old as he turned in his best lap in a couple years, a great 'out of the box' 7.59 at 178. Extensive schooling over the winter with Jerry Bickel tutorials sourced issues that plagued him last season.

Frank Nelson ran very strong with a couple 7.60 laps and a 7.61 best. Grant Klohn came in after his rookie year last year and ran very well, including a 7.68 best. Good Buddy Terry Shuflita also ran his best ever, and dipped into the 7.60's for the first time, a strong 7.69. Grant Howell, Dave Richardson and Dave Warren round out the top ten, all quicker than 7.81.

Stefan Kondolay topped the top half of the bottom half of the field with runs ranging from 7.88 to 7.91, Rob Charlton was right behind Kondolay. Two of the newcomers Kelvin Wiebe in his very nice Mustang and Modersohn in his Vette were right behind Charlton. Despite Layne Wooley's 8.15, 8.16 and 8.16 in the three runs, he was forced to change transmissions at the end of the day and thanks go to Dave Richardson.


Terry Langdon Davies, Steve Ellis and Mike Munden round one the final three of 18 qualifers.

Sunday Morning, Brian Kikel will be out for a one ditch effort, Spargo in the Vega and possibly Craig Donaldson in the Ex TCS Grand Am. Howie Stevens made test runs in the car on Saturday and the new clutch set-up looked very promising.

Here is the field after Saturday qualifying:



1.Mike Bedsworth 7.25/189.19
2. Dal Sangha 7.310/196.42
3.Dean Woods 7.567/177.23
4. Ray Kirton 7.591/178.71
5. Frank Nelson 7.611/179.56
6. Grant Klohn 7.689/174.65
7. Terry Shuflita 7.697/178.39
8. Grant Howell 7.753/173.71
9. Dave Richardson 7.802/173.84
10. Dave Warren 7.805/170.55
11. Stefan Kondolay 7.887/172.14
12. Rob Charlton 7.891/170.19
13. Kelvin Wiebe 8.019/166.14
14. Randy Modersohn 8.020/168.47
15. Layne Wooley 8.155/165.16
16. Terry Langdon-Davies 8.361/160.11
17. Steve Ellis 8.572/158.00
18. Mike Munden 8.648/157.20

19. Terry Spargo 14.677/84.76

April 20, 2007

(photos courtesy Bill Jeffery and Dean Murdoch)

The season is here!!!

(2007 season preview and race one entry list)

Race one in the RJ Enterprises/VP Fuels Canada West Doorslammer series is finally here this weekend at MRP. It promises to be a huge opener with great weather expected for Saturday for sure, and Sunday looks pretty good as well.

The big question this year is can Rob Charlton (above) win back to back titles in the series and be the second Maple Ridge resident to accomplish such a feat. (Joe Mellof. went back to back in the series since the 03 and 04).

(Brian Kikel was #2 in 06)

Last year's champ Rob Charlton has been at or near the front since 03, including the title, a third, a fifth and a seventh. Count on him to be in the running again this year.

Excitement is rampant in the series, as many of last year's competitors have stepped up with high tech cars and high tech bullets between the frame rails. Dean Woods will debut his new GTO with a monster 632, that should see Dean go a second and a half quicker than last year (probable low 7's). Craig "Lumpy" Donaldson will have the Ex-Bob Marshall Grand Am in his trailer, and it will be a five speed not an automatic. It should be a low to mid seven second performer. Terry Spargo has a monster 813 inch Sonny Leonard behemoth that will be between the frame rails by race three hopefully. And he is looking for solid sixes. Jeff Hill will have a 706 will a bunch of "Juice" and he to will knock on the six second door. Phil Davis (above left) is looking to be back with an all new Willys with a bit more length between the front and back wheel. His crash last year was one of the low lights of the season. Gorgeous daughter Maria, will hopefully be back shooting her dad and all the other Doorslammers. Ray Kirton (below) has a big surprise, that may or may not be debuted this year. Ray and Donna are very 'mum' about their new project. Brian Kikel would love to bring out the new Pro Mod legal 63 Corvette, but whether or nor owner Steve Buerger will make the move is unclear. Grant Howell (right) should be more comfortable with his big powerplant change from last year and consistency is what he and wife Dayle will be looking for. My not so dark horse pick is Dave Richardson, (shown below, not much of a stretch is it) to be out near the front all season long, if he can get away for his busy construction projects on the Island. Mike Bedsworth will likely be along side Richardson all year long as well. With Layne Wooley getting the win 'Monkey' off his back last year, is it his year to take the title. He is one of the longest running members in the series. Will Ben Rees drive the "Old Timers" Cuda this season, everyone hopes he does take over the project. Klass Rietsma is supposed to be back with his wild blown Arrow this season. If Stefan Kondolay runs the whole series (ya never know with that top running family) he will put alot of top runners away. Glen "Bigfoot" Norman is hoping to have a better year than last season with his small block Corvette. If TL Davis can keep the wheel on the ground and mange to run the 8.70 running every race he too will be right near the top. Mike Munden is looking to make every field this year as well, and fine tuning his Dodge should see him do just that. Hopefully Greg Anderson will have his car set-up woes behind him, as his Grand Am is one of the nicest out there. (Terry Spargo below).

(Layne Wooley and Terry Langdon Davies)

Major DS backer Bob Marshall and the TCS clan is hopefully going to be out a few times this year and not just race in that very tough Comp Eliminator class. The series misses you Bob. John Marcus is desperate to get back out on the track with his B-1 powered Duster.


Looking at the list (which is far from complete), this year should be the toughest season yet.

Dave Warren

The expected entries for race one include everyone in the 2006 top 10, plus Dave Warren, Mike Munden, Steve Ellis, Frank Nelson, Stefan Kondolay, Grant Klohn, Terry Shuflita, Terry Langdon Davis, Glen Norman, Jeff Hill and Greg Anderson.

Terry Shuflita left lane and John COllett. Collett sold his Camaro

Greg Anderson

Mike Bedsworth

Glen Norman (Corvette) and Waly Nickel. Nickel sold the Vegas to newcomer Randy Murphy who will compete this season

(photos courtesy Bill Jeffery and Dean Murdoch)

Here are last year's top 15.


Rob Charlton
Brian Kikel
Layne Wooley
Ray Kirton
Grant Howell
Dave Richardson
Mike Bedsworth
Dean Woods
Terry Spargo
Craig Donaldson
Jeff Hill
Dave Warren
Dan Lundmark
Phil Davis
Fraser Sutherland


April 17, 2007

Race one of the RJ Enterprises Doorslammer series is this weekend.

Three teams were out pre season testing and Brian Kikel looked ready to challenge for the title this season. He ran out of the trailer mid 7.50's on both laps. Layne Wooley had a couple transmission issues, which got sorted out Sunday and TL Davis got the wheels up big time on a couple laps.

Expected are 14 -20 cars for the opening event.

The weather does look promising, so come on out to MRP for the most exciting door car series in the North West.

Hello to Everyone

Who is race ready and will be at Mission for our first Canada West Doorslammer points race of 2007 this upcoming weekend at Mission Raceway Park? I am trying to get an approximate car count, so please email me back and let me know if you are planning on being there or not.

Thank You, Marcy

Canada West Doorslammer Director


1 800 960-1177 (Daytime)

604 309-5904 (Evenings)

On a side note, we still have sponsors spots available for the 2007 season. A couple event sponsors and the #1 qualifier sponsr. If you are interested call Marcy or myself

604 826 5775


2007 race schedule is here.

Rule updates are here.

Message from Marcy Copley

Hello Everyone

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great Christmas and Holiday Season and I wish you all a wonderful 2007. The 2007 Canada West Doorslammer race schedule has been finalized. You will see that we pretty much have the same schedule as we had in 2006. Please take a few minutes to read over the rules and regulations attached to this email, as there has been some minor changes that the members decided on at our year end meeting in November 2006. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regards to any of these rule changes.

I am sending the schedule out nice and early to give you all plenty of notice to have your program together and race ready for our first 2007 race event on April 21 & 22 at Mission Raceway. Please make note of the out of town events we have scheduled this year - June 9 & 10 at Ashcroft and August 11 & 12 at Port Alberni as well as September 15 & 16 at Seattle Raceway. I will make mention below of some of the Hotels in these areas. Please make sure you book your hotel accommodations early as some of these weekends are very busy and hotels book up very fast. Also I would recommend that you make reservations with BC Ferries for the weekend we will be travelling to Port Alberni, as this will eliminate long waits and worries as to whether you will get a ferry or not. We usually wrap up by around 4:30 on Sunday afternoon in Port Alberni, so schedule your ferries home based on that. Also please note that we are still looking for sponsorship for the 2007 season, this means we need all of you to participate in seeking sponsorship for our association. If you have any leads or know anyone interested in coming on board as a sponsor, please contact myself or Dean Murdoch and we will make sure you get the information you need for the interested parties. I look forward to seeing all of you in Mission on April 21 & 22.

Yours truly,



Daytime# 604 533-8675

Toll Free# 1 800 960-1177

Cell # 604 309-5904

Accommodations - Ashcroft

· Ashcroft River Inn - Ph# 250 453-9124

· Cache Creek Motor Inn - Ph# 1 800 694-8819

· Desert Motel ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 1 800 663-0212

· Sandman Inn ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 250 457-6284

· Bear Claw Lodge ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 250 453-9705

· Bonaparte Motel ( Cache Creek ) - Ph# 250 457-9693

Accommodations - Port Alberni

· Tyee Village Motel - Ph# 1 250 723-8133

· Timberlodge Motor Inn - Ph# 1 250 723-9415

· Greenport Hotel - Ph# 1 250 724-2900 / 1 800 463-0333

· Best Western Barclay - Ph# 1 250 724-7171

Accommodations - Seattle

· Best Western Peppertree Auburn Inn - Ph# 1 800 218-4163



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