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Welcome to the "RJ Enterprises/VP Fuels" Canada West Doorslammer Web Site


December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays from Marcy, Dean and all the CWDS teams.

The 2007 schedule should be posted soon.

December 10, 2006

Christmas is coming soon and the Doorslammer calendar will be ready for online sales and shipping by December 19th or 20th. On the same note as Christmas, it has come for a couple prominent DS teams, as they will have huge announcements coming up that will change the entire look of the series. My feeling is that these changes have come about due to the addition of Top Sportsman becoming a class in Division Six and Seven. Kudos to the two DD's for seeing the light and also to the Tamez family for bucking up big time financially.

If you are a potential sponsor or are looking to get involved in Drag Racing, this series is a very good bet. My guess it this will be the biggest year in CWDS history.

Stay tuned for these massive announcements.

November 22, 2007

What a party!!!

The 2006 awards banquet/Christmas party was a roaring success with around 100 party goers in attendance at the Best Western Mission City Lodge.

The dinner was very good as usual and a great time was had by all. The drinks were flowing and the only issue I personally had and many others as well, was the cost of the beverages. 5.50 (domestic and high balls) and 7.00 (for cocktails and wine) was a buck or two high in my opinion. It did not seem to stop us though.

After the dinner the top ten was honored for their solid season.

Lest to right: Dave Richardson (6th), Dean Woods (8th), Craig Donaldson (10), Ray Kirton (4th), Brian Kikel (2nd), Mike Bedsworth (7th), series champion Rob Charlton, Grant Howell (5th), Layne Wooley (2nd) and Terry Spargo (9th).

Brian Kikel and Rob Charlton show off the awesome trophies.

Ray and Jan (RJ Enterprises) and Bill Jeffery 'Marketing Manager' for Jet Canada pose with series winner Charlton.

#2 Brian Kikel with Ray, Jan and Bill

#3 Layne Wooley with Ray, Jan and Bill. After the driver awards, Marcy was honored for her hard work and presented with garden knick knacks and a very cool video (DVD) produced by Grant and Dayle Howell's crew (brother in-law I think). And then every team got one of those as well. Larry Pfister's DVD was very awesome as usual and I think every team bough one of those. Lisa and myself were recognized by the assoc. for our work throughout the year, and Terry from TCS was also honored for his assistance.

After the festivities were complete, it was time to party/dance.

It was a great evening everyone and a great season. 2007 looks even more promising and will perhaps be the best ever season for the CWDS association.

Jim and Julie Crawford have stepped up their involvement for the series in 2007, Dean Woods stated he intends to sponsor the Port Alberni event and Ray and Jan are back as series title sponsor as well.

November 5, 2006

It’s time to wrap it all up with a PARTY! On Saturday November 18th at the Best Western Mission City Lodge. The doors will open at 6:00PM with a cash bar, dinner will be served at 7:30 and will follow with year end awards and then on to dance and party! This year our wind up will be held in a banquet room and we will have a DJ there as well. I am hoping to arrange to have TVs’ set up before dinner, to view the 2006 Doorslammer video that Larry Pfister will be putting together for us, he will have them for sale at the banquet for $20 and they will be $25 dollars after that evening, so bring your money! Tickets will be $35 per person and must be paid for in advance, please contact me(Marcy) to purchase your tickets, tickets will be available until Monday November 13th. Hopefully we will get a great turn out as this is our 3rd annual banquet at the lodge and it is always a great time and delicious food! Below I will give you the information for the hotel, please book yourselves rooms, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!! Let them know you are racers they give a racers discount.

Racers Year end meeting! The meeting for the racers will be held on Saturday November 18th at 1:00PM @ the Mission Springs Restaurant. Attendance at this meeting is very important, we will going over any issues that may have come up in the 2006 season as well as discussing any changes we may want to see or make for the upcoming 2007 season. I need as much participation at this meeting as possible so plan your day to be there! If you are not going to be able to make it to town for the meeting and you have some things that you would like me to address or bring up at the meeting please send me an email and I will bring them up on your behalf.

Please advise me ASAP as to whether you will be attending the meeting and the banquet or not and to arrange payment for your tickets. The more the people the better so bring all your gang of crew and come enjoy the party!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the party!


Mission Springs Restaurant

7160 Oliver Street at Lougheed Highway

Mission, BC

Ph#604 820-1009

Best Western Mission City Lodge

32281 Lougheed Highway

Mission, BC

Ph# 1 888 552-5542

Oct 23, 2006

The banquet info will be posted soon.

For all DS teams out there that are interested in being in SpeedZone's 2007 Doorslammer Calendar email me.
For all the teams who have been in it the last couple years, I will email you and give you first dibs. Cost is the roughly the same (+ or - $25.00).
$400.00 per month and each particiant gets 100 copies. 2500-3500 will be produced and distributed throughout the Lower Mainland and the North West.
They will be produced at least three weeks earlier than last year, if I can get commitments in the next three weeks, They will be shipped the last week of November or possibly be ready for the banquet (if confirmed by November 5th).

604 826 5775
604 209 1157

Oct. 3, 2006

Final points are posted

(Photos courtesy Dean Murdoch and Bill Jeffery)

Weekend Gallery is here

The season is complete and the fifth different driver in the last six years will grace the trophies for next season, as Rob Charlton clinches his first ever series championship.

Rob Charlton finally gets his hard earned title

After race six (of eight) this season, Charlton was back in fifth place in the standings and not looking like a potential series champ. Yes Rob is a consistent late round finisher, but he never seemed to finish off (win) the way you would expect out of a Division contender for many years in the Super classes. He is a perennial top five driver with the CWDS, but always seemed to be a brides maid.

After Race # 6 at Mission he moved up in the standings to third after a 1/4 final finish (he was helped by the fact that Dave Richardson was broke and missed a couple events including race #6.

Then the series headed South for the first time ever, to Pacific Raceways. Rob must have liked the American Beer or something, as he went to the final round, and got the win, to move into first place, with only one race to go. He was helped with very good sportsmanship by the runner-up (Ray Kirton), who waited while the Charlton camp made engine repairs, extending the final round by close to 20 minutes.......

........Fast forward to last weekend at MRP, the final event of the season, and four drivers with a legitimate shot at the championship. You could count on Rob going a few rounds, but those chasing him have been solid as well. In order for the three behind Rob (Layne Wooley, Ray Kirton and Brian Kikel) to win any of them have to earn 30 + more points than the Pitt Meadows Mechanic. Qualifying Saturday was threatened all day long with showers but the day was complete without any precipitation despite rain all around the area.

Spargo was near the top again. He is looking forward to running a monster 814 cu.in behemoth in 2007.

When Qualifying was complete, Jay Syvertsen lead the field in his six second Pick-up and won the Jim's Automotive $50.00 bonus. Terry Spargo as usual was right there with his low seven second Cutlass. The big surprises were the number of cars quicker than 7.60 in the field. In all eight cars were in that range including career bests by the 'Chilliwack connection' Chris Murphy and Jeff Hill. Murphy out for the third time in his very nice 69 Camaro turned in a 7.568 @ 180 and Hill blasted his way to a 7.594@ 186 in his 55 Chevy. Lyle Kennedy blitzed his old best lap with a great 7.33 in his blown Monte Carlo.

23 cars tried for the 8.70 minimum but only 21 made the cut. Dan Lundmark, a runner-up back in August, was troubled all weekend long and Mike Munden in his first race back after major engine woes three months ago was .012 short with a 8.712 best. That was real tough for Mike. Hopefully he has a better season in 2007.

Here is final qualifying

Jay Syvertsen 6.738/207.94
Terry Spargo 7.194/192.76
Lyle Kennedy 7.33/191.65
Mike Bedsworth 7.438/185.45
Brian Kikel 7.559/181.59
Chris Murphy 7.568/180.83
Jeff Hill 7.586/182.62
Craig Donaldson 7.594/186.41
Ray Kirton 7.690/176.57
Fraser Sutherland 7.692/181.41
Terry Shuflita 7.718/177.90
Rob Charlton 7.752/173.51
Dave Warren 7.780/172.21
Dave Richardson 7.782/174.65
Grant Howell 7.7891/173.11
Rob Murphy 7.881/182.70
Glen Norman 7.923/171.07
Layne Wooley 8.058/167.13
Paul Soares 8.192/168.19
Dean Woods 8.583/158.31
Tim Myers 8.683/153.42

Mike Munden 8.719/151.10

Dan Lundmark

Sunday eliminations

Bill Visser's family and crew on the procession prior to round oen


Prior to eliminations on Sunday, the entire Doorslammer contingent honored Bill 'Old Timer" Visser with a slow drive by down the 1/4 mile. Along with the Ds teams, Bill's family and the crew off the 'Old Timer' Cuda and a number of nostalgia buddy's in their hot rods joined in the procession. It was a very touching tribute to Bill and showed how much he touch so many in the motorsport world.

Shuflita broke out by .02

On to eliminations.......In round one none of the drivers battling for the championship title would face each other in round one. And after the round all four won their respective match-ups. Point leader Charlton defeated Terry Shuflita despite Shuflita's great .016 rt. Rob had a good (.023) light as well, and when Shuflita took too much stripe and broke out, Rob was off to round two. Layne Wooley was also very sharp on the tree with a.014 and he ran an almost perfect 8.063 dial (8.060 dial in) to defeat Tim Myers. Layne's .017 package was good enough for the Jim's Automotive best package in eliminations $50.00 bonus. Ray Kirton (3rd in the points) defeated Chris Murphy when Chris was late off the tree, and finally Brian Kikel defeated Terry Spargo even though Terry had a great .004 rt. Terry's Nitrous was not activated so he slowed to a 7.66 on his 7.19 dial in. Other winners in round one included Dean Woods, Grant Howell, Mike Bedsworth, Dave Richardson, Craig Donaldson, and Dave Warren.

Lyle Kennedy ran a career best 7.23 but broke out ot Bedsworth

In round two things got interesting in a hurry. Kikel got an odd car single so he was off to the 1/4 finals. Layne Wooley was in the next pair, but he

Round two loss by Wooley ended his championship chance

went way red (.-102) and gave the win to Dean Woods. Grant Howell defeated Dave Richardson by .01 at the finish line and had a strong .024 rt. Ray Kirton was up next and he took on last year's champ Mike Bedsworth. Kirton got antsy, like Wooley and gave it away at the starting line going .041 red. The two contenders really had to kick themselves as well, as in the very next paring point leader Rob Charlton broke out by .002 giving the win to Dave Warren. Both drivers had .03 lights, so that was a very close one all the way down the track. Warren was only .016 off his dial. I talked to Dave before the run and he said he loved the fact he

round two upset

could be the spoiler at this race. There was no pressure on him. He was very confident even though he had not been out much this year due to early season engine breakage and a very busy work schedule. Craig Donaldson was the other winner in round two as he got a single.

1/4's between Kikel and Bedsworth

In the 1/4's, Kikel was the last guy with a chance to win the series, if he could get by Mike Bedsworth and then advance to the final round making it a do or die final. He had a great .001rt (or a bad red light to many pundits), and took a .06 stripe and Bedsworth fell off the pace and was a bit late at the tree (.077 rt). Dean Woods defeated Grant Howell despite Howell running right on his number. Dean was solid on the tree (.015) and took a slim .001 margin of victory (approx. three inches). Warren took out another hitter in the 1/4's, race one winner Craig Donaldson. Donaldson had a great light, but took too much stripe breaking out by .015.


With three cars in the semis, the bottom half of the ladder got the bye run meaning Dean Woods got the freebie and a date in his second final round of the year.

Dave Warren

The big race was 'giant killer' Dave Warren and Brian "the last hope" Kikel. Kikel's hopes were dashed very early as he went 'waay' red (-.298) giving Warren his easiest win of the day and his first final round of the year was 30 minutes away.

The final round, two slightly unlikely combatants considering what was at stake to start the day.

Dean Woods

The final round ended up to be all Dean Woods, as he had a great .015 light and ran within .005 of his 8.61 dial-in. Warren had his worst rt of the day (.179) and even though he ran within .01 of his dial, his late start was too much to end what would have been a dream weekend. Still Dave was real happy, Dean Woods was estactic and of course Rob Chartlon was grinning ear to ear as he won his first series title.

Race Winner Dean Woods and crew

Race #8 R/U Dave Warren and crew

Series championship team, Rob Charlton and crew

What a great weekend of racing it was to end the season and it was also a great weekend to remember one of the true "Nice Guys" of the sport. Bill Visser would likely be smiling down at all the competitors, even if a blown car was not in the winners circle


Oct. 2, 2006

Final points are posted


Oct 1, 2006

Rob Charlton wins the 2006 RJ Enterprises DS title. Brian Kikel finishes in decond spot.

Dean Woods wins the final event of the season over Dave Warren

More starting Monday evening

Sept. 28, 2006 A Bill Visser Racing chronology is here.


This weekend, the last weekend for the 2006 DS season is here. It is with mixed emotions that the membership come together for one last time this year. The weekend is presented by Dual Mechanical and John Collett.

Many hearts will still be on Bill Visser who passed away suddenly Sept. 21st. Most racers at MRP this weekend will have thoughts on the Drag Racing veteran. As well as the hearts, all eyes will be on the standings to see who will be crowned 2006 champion. Leader Rob Charlton is looking good, as he took the point lead for the first time this season after the Seattle event, but he knows it could change as quickly as round two of eliminations this Sunday. Layne Wooley, Brian Kikel and Ray Kirton are all well within striking distance. If good weather prevails, there could be as many as 25 drivers who want to play spoiler though, so all those at the top have better have their game faces on.

Sunday just before round one, the DS contingent will do a slow drive by honoring Bill and his years of Doorslammer support. His family will be there, so all you race fans get out to the last race of the year and see what this great organization is all about.

Top ten in points heading into the final race.

1. Rob Charlton 372
2. Layne Wooley 341
3. Ray Kirton 339
4. Brian Kikel 332
5. Dave Richardson 291
6. Grant Howell 290
7. Mike Bedsworth 269
8. Terry Spargo 217
9. Dean Woods 207
10. Phil Davis 166

Sept. 21, 2006

Very sad news today in the CWDS family, as veteran driver owner and all round great ambassador in the drag racing fraternity, "THE OLD TIMER" William 'Bill' Visser died today while in the hospital undergoing surgery.

Doing what he did best, work on a blown alcohol engine.

Bill is a long time racer who made a name for himself here in B.C. as well as Alberta. The moniker "Old Timer" has been with him for many years, including his time driving his old gasser Anglia.

Any more info on Bill, ie: memorial, service etc. will be posted here.

God speed Bill, we will surely miss you.

Bill seen here with his young protege Ben Rees, at Bill's open house last fall.


Sept. 19, 2006

Up to date points are posted

Charlton gets the win and leads the points with one race to go!!!!

Congrat's to Rob Charlton for his long awaited win. He takes over the point lead with the victory. Kudos to Ray Kirton for his sportsmanship in allowing Rob to get his truck to the lanes after mechanical woes delays the final by 20 minutes. It is that kind of sportsmanship that has made the CWDS a huge success.

Due to time constraints and delays throughout Saturday, the CWDS drivers only got two runs in on Saturday. The also got the Sunday morning session in and after final qualifying three newcomers topped the field. One of the premier doorcar drivers in the North West Todd Hoerner sold his top comp winning Grand Am to Mike Strickland and Mike parlayed the mountain motored Grand Am to a great 6.850 @ 203 to top the field. Right behind him was another hitter in Top Comp, Yakima's Frank Tamez. Frank went 6.942/200, one of his best laps in his Grand Am. Frank is one of the most vocal Top Comp drivers out there and he is trying to get the two West Coast divisions to separate Top Comp into Top Dragster and Top Sportsman. I for one totally agree with Frank as the two types of cars are totally different beast and racing apples and oranges together (especially the cost factor involved) is not the best for the overall growth of the class(es).

Another new member to the CWDS sat #3, Brian Sells also in a Grand Am ran a 6.955 @201. Terry Spargo was the quickest regular and he turned in a 7.112/193 to sit #4.

The bump spot was held down by Duncan's Dean Woods, who mustered a 8.58/157. Dan Lundmark the RU at the last event struggled and could not make the field. Greg Anderson also struggled for the third race of the year in his new Grand Am, and did not qualify for eliminations. Bill Visser's "Old Timer" Cuda suffered a horrific fire just off the starting line Sunday morning in the final qualifier. Ben got out of the car okay, but the car suffered major damage and the team will likely be out until next season. .........To the team, all our best wishes got out to Bill and the team and we hope the damage can be repaired and you guys can get back on the track. We also must give a special thank you to Frank Tamez for his assistance and generosity

Final qualifying

1. Mike Strickland Grand Am 6.860/203.55
2. Frank Tamez Grand Am 6.942/200.20
3. Brian Sells Grand Am 6.955/200.77
4. Terry Spargo Cutlass 7.112/193.
5. Curtis Tamez Mustang 7.155/191
6. Mike Bedsworth Cutlass 7.319/186
7. Steve Downes S-10 P/U 7.387/ 189
8. Fraser Sutherland Cuda 7.5887 185
9. Ben Rees 68 Cuda 7.618/186
10. Brian Kikel Corvette 7.619/180.48
11. Frank Nelson Firebird 7.704/175.55
12. Ray Kirton Chevy P/U 7.728/175.39
13. Rob Charlton S-10 P/U 7.749/173.63
14. Dave Richardson Camaro 7.787/174.53
15. Grant Howell 37 Chevy 7.820/172.67
16. Joe Loch Monte Carlo 7.823/170.39
17. Layne Wolley Olds 7.925
18. Chris Murphy Camaro 8.060/173.25
19. John Collett Camaro 8.534/158.61
20. Dean Woods Nova 8.587/157.02
21. Greg Anderson
22. Dan Lundmark

Top seven in points, heading into this weekend's race.

1. Brian Kikel 285
2. Layne Wooley 285
3. Rob Charlton 275
4. Ray Kirton 262
5. Dave Richardson 254
6. Grant Howell 243
7. Mike Bedsworth 219


Elimination's coverage

Sunday did not look like it the weather would cooperate, as the skies were threatening and rain was hitting areas all around Pacific Raceway. Some family members were on their way back from San Francisco, and they had rain all through the Puget Sound. Luckily though, the weather did not keep the rain from completing what would be a very exciting race. With 20 qualifiers, it would be a five round race, with the #1 qualifier or his opponent after round two, getting a bye into the semi finals. In round one, the only top five driver who failed to advance was Dave Richardson. He was taken out by ex Super Gas buddy, Rob Charlton. Round two saw a bunch of hitters fall. Mike Bedsworth was taken out by Steve Downs when he got real loose. Point leader (#1) Brian Kikel had his race in the bag against #4 Ray Kirton, but took too much stripe, and broke out by .003. Kikel had a great .004 rt. Terry Spargo went red (.017) against Frank Tamez, ending his day, and what would have been a bye run into the semis. Hitters Charlton and Howell faced off next, and Charlton took the win light when Howell was a bit late at the tree. Point leader (#2) Layne Wooley got lucky against Dean Woods, as Woods had .065 at the tree, but broke handing Wooley a 1/4 final birth, and sole position at the top spot in points. It would be short lived however, as Layne went out in round three in a very close race against Rob Charlton. Charlton had a great .021 package in the round, to Layne's .050 package. Tamez got the single, but legged it out to a great 6.93 on his 6.96 dial (can't break out on a single). Ray Kirton continued his winning streak, as he took out Steve Downs. Kirton ran right on his 7.74 dial in. Charlton had the lucky draw, as he got the single in the semis and a guaranteed date in the final round against either Ray Kirton or Frank Tamez. Unfortunately for Tamez, he broke giving Kirton the freebie. Kirton knowing that he had the freebie just staged the truck and rolled back and waited for Charlton......And Waited!!

That set up a great final round against #3 and #4 in the points the winner would leave Pacific Raceway with the point lead heading into the final event of the year at the last race of the year at MRP in two weeks.

....And waited......(Did I arleady say that?) Rob had mechanical issues when he went to run in the semis. The truck would not fire. After frantically searching for the problem, it was found that the battery had lost all its charge. Kirton being the great sportsman he is, waited for Rob to source the problem and get a new battery installed. Unfortunately for Kirton, his great sportsmanship did not pay off, as Charlton had a stellar .003 light to Ray's .055 light. Ray tried to chase Rob down, and he did catch him as Rob was off his dial a bit (.067 off), but by a very slim margin Ray broke out, taking .005 too much stripe, and running 7.735 on his 7.74 dial in.

What a Final!!!!!

With the win, Charlton takes the point lead by 31 over Wooley and 33 over Kirton. That was what they call a four pointer in the final round (or 40 points for you non hockey nut. A Kirton win and he would have arrived at Mission in two weeks with a 7 point lead.

While a 31 point lead is three rounds (except for the final which is worth 20 points, four drivers have a great shot at the title, and it is very likely they will face each other at some point in eliminations. All four drivers run similar numbers in ET, so it could happen in a very early round.

Make sure you are out at Mission for the last drag race of the year, Sept. 30-Oct.1

Points are posted

A short note from series president Marcy Copley after Seattle's event this past weekend. before all the results. (results follow Marcy's statement).

It was a great weekend with the exception of the horrific fire that the Oldtimer Cuda suffered during the last qualifying session Sunday morning. We are all so Thankful that Ben Rees made it out of the car, unharmed, but it was a very dissapointing day to see such a horrible thing happen to one of our team mates. Ben we all wish you well and hope to see you and Bill and the Oldtimer Team out again next year! I would also like to take this opportunity to Thank all of you that made the trip to Seattle, you guys out did yourselves, you put on a great show, and wowed them all. The American racers, spectators and race officials were all very impressed with our association and all commented on how much they enjoyed the show. We picked up a few new American members that also were very impressed with the class and really enjoyed participating in the show. Hopefully they will spread the word and we will pick up a few more American members next year. Once again Thank you to all of you, you pulled it off and made us all look fabulous...Great Job!!! As our final race of the 2006 season approaches, the points race remains to be very tight, it's going to be an exciting final race weekend. I look forward to seeing you all at the end of the month.

A very special thank you goes out to Frank Tamez and Auto Max USA for his support and generosity.

Also thank you's go out to Frank, Ruth, Theressa, Troy and Joe for the great hospitality Saturday night...........Marcy

A note from Ben Rees driver of the Old Timer Cuda...........

Hello Dean,

I had a very exciting ride down in Seattle on Sunday to say the least. I am okay and un injured thanks to all of the safety equipment and fire suit that we wear. I take back all the times I have complained about sitting in a hot fire suit in the staging lanes. I would also like to send out a huge thank you to all the staff and racers that came over to our race team and showed their concern. It goes to show you racing is not only about ET and MPH.

Thank You So Much......... Ben Rees and the rest of the Old Timer Team

Event results from Race #7 presented by Unico Properties



Sunday Sept. 17, 2006

Quick note Sunday morning ........

Around two dozen cars at Pacific this weekend for the first CW race at the largest race track in the NW.

I talked to Terry Spargo this morning and he was #3 qualifier with a 7.10. The #1 spot was a 6.80 run. Terry was not sure of the drivers name, but it was in Todd Hoerner car's that he ran the first half of this year. Todd is taking delivery of a new Cobalt. Brian Sell (spelling?) is #2 with a 6.95. Ben Rees in the Old Timer apparently caught fire in Sunday's final qualifier.

Sept. 13, 2006

Frank and Ruth Nelson along with Joe Loch will be hosting a BBQ at Seattle this weekend for the first ever DS race at Pacific Raceway. Your attendance is greatly appreciated and make sure you let Frank, Ruth and Joe you appreciate their efforts.

Notice to all fast door car teams in the NW.

This event at Seattle could be the largest event of the year, with many of our American friends on hand for the first time racing with the CWDS. With all the talk on the west coast from many parties wanting to get Top Sportsman as a stand alone class in both Division 6 and Division 7, this race will be a great gauge of how many fast door car teams out side of the usual turnout at CWDS events are really out there. So if you are the owner or driver of a fast doorcar this is your best opportunity to show you want this type of class at the divisional level.

Photos from MRP and the last DS event from Saturday are here. Sunday's gallery is here. (Gallerys include all classes at Mission over the weekend).


Sept. 12, 2006

The points are finally posted following the last MRP race. The full results from Mission (Aug 27-28) will be posted over the next couple days.

Sept. 12, 2006

Seattle is next on the schedule (this coming weekend) and the event is sponsored by Unico Properties.

Unico is a Seattle based property developer, manager, owner etc. They have properties in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Portland, San Francisco, Boise, and Denver.

Notes from Marcy about this weekend big Seattle event.

Hotel with the best price.


Hello Everyone

Above is a link to the Hotel that I am recommending that we stay at as a
group on the weekend of September 15th through 17th, at Seattle Raceway. The room rates are; for a king size bed $109.95, two double beds $119.95, suites $129.95. All prices are in US FUNDS and do not include applicable taxes.
Dayle Howell said that the prices when booking this same hotel through
www.expedia.ca were marginally cheaper, so you might want to book it online.
If you are phoning in your reservation the toll free number is 1 888
624-4854, please specify you are with the CANADA WEST DOORSLAMMERS to obtain the prices quoted above. I was unable to block a group of rooms as this is a busy weekend for them, as of today they do have enough rooms left to accommodate us, however, I strongly recommend that you book your room ASAP.

As for the schedule for that weekend at Seattle Raceway, I talked to Russell Stevenson last week and inquired about when we will be able to get into the track to park. The gates will be open on Friday from 5PM - 8PM (possibly 9PM) for parking, then they will reopen again on Saturday morning at 8AM. I hope to try my best to keep the same type of schedule for qualifying on Saturday as we have at Mission, 12-2-4, however not having been there before and not knowing what else is scheduled for the weekend that may vary slightly but I will try my best for that or similar schedule.

As you all know this is a big breakthrough and a huge step for the Canada
West Doorslammer Association to take their show on the road to an out of
town track, especially America. Your participation and commitment is very
very important. I need as many of you to attend this race as possible. It is
very important to the future of our class, if we want the association to
keep growing and become even more popular than it is already, we really need to make this a spectacular show. Please don't let me down!!! I need your
commitment for this event.

Also a reminder that Ray and Jan of RJ Enterprises will not be attending
this event so make sure you arrange to get your fuel from them ahead of time so you are not stuck for fuel. Ph# 604 936-1946

Sept. 10, 2006

Sorry for the big delay in posting the results from the August 26-27th event at Mission Raceway.

It was a huge event with over 20 cars entered and trying for the 8.70 bump spot. When all the dust cleared, last year's champ, Mike Bedsworth won the event, and moved way up in the standings. He defeated first time finals Dan Lundmark in his new 2000 firebird.

The event included many upsets and big excitement in the RJ Enterprises Burnout Contest. In the final qualifier, Craig 'Lumpy' Donaldson going for it big time, went squirrelly big time and spun his Firebird in a donut and fianlly coming to a rest against the guardrail. Damage was not extensive, but Craig decided not to run eliminations on Sunday.

The #1 qualifier and the bonus winner in the Jim's Automotive #1 qualifier was Terry Spargo for a great 7.10 @ 194.42. Final qualifying was as follows:

1. Terry Spargo 7.10
2. Mike Bedsworth 7.34
3. Lyle Kennedy 7.50
4. Craig Donaldson 7.54
5. Brian Kikel 7.63
6. Barry Daniluk 7.64
7. Rob Charlton 7.76
8. Terry Shuflita 7.77
9. Grant Howell 7.78
10. Ray Kirton 7.790
11. Walter Nichols7.987
12. John Collette 7.989
13. Chris Lamb 8.120
14. Layne Wooley 8.128
15. Fred Holz 8.16
16. Paul Soares 8.21
17. Dan Lundmark 8.30
18. Shane Wangler 8.33
19. Dallas Wagner 8.42
20. Tim Myers 8.51
21. Glen Norman 8.57
22. Terry Langdon Davies 8.67


Greg Anderson 8.84

August 22, 2006

There will be a doorslammer BBQ this weekend. It is one of the biggest events of the year at MRP, and only two races after this race are left to collect points. This weekend's race is presented by West Coast Polaris and Lake Performance Automotive (604 532-6481). Layne Wooley and Bill Bourdon have combined their businesses to present one of the biggest races of the year. Marcy and Dean are hoping over 20 cars will be out in force to challenge for the big bucks and the trophy. ess than 4 rounds separate the top five in the standings. Make sure you are out at the track this weekend for MRP's "Doorslammer madness".

If you are going to be at the BBQ, try and contact Dean or Marcy so we have a head count.

August 16, 2006

Port Alberni was as usual hot and very exciting.

The race was presented by TCS Performance Products and the Port Alberni Drag Racing assoc.

In short, Terry Langdon Davies defeated Rob Charlton in the final round Sunday. 17 cars tried to qualify for the 8.90 minimum and 15 got in the field. Craig "Lumpy"Donaldson was the # one qualifier. This was a non points earning event, so the points from the last Mission event are still current.

Qualifying positions

1 Craig Donaldson 7.586
2 Terry Spargo 7.772
3 Rob Charlton 7.899
4 Chris Lamb 7.929
5 Grant Howell 7.977
6 Grant Klohn 8.000
7 Jeff Hill 8.121
8 Glen Norman 8.189
9 Layne Wooley 8.332
10 Terry Shuflita 8.360
Shane Wangler 8.472
Dean Peterson 8.629
Dean Woods 8.659
Bob McKernan 8.744
Terry Langdon Davies 8.780

Del Sangha dnq
Danny Jadresko dnq

August 1, 2006

Attention all teams heading to Port Alberni:

Please let Marcy know if you are going to attend. Pits spots are reserved for the Doorslammers so she needs the info in advance.

Call her to let her know: 604 309-5904

July 10, 2006

Points are posted, I had the wrong link, Sorry!!

June 19, 2006


Gallery is here (courtesy Shannon MacDonald and Bill Jeffery)

Race # 4 photos on this page courtesy Dean Murdoch and Bill Jeffery

The biggest of "ups" and the lowest of "lows" this past weekend at Mission Raceway for Race #5 in the RJ Enterprises/ VP Fuels Canada West Doorslammer series.

Layne Wooley finally got his first well deserved win in the Canada West Doorslammer series. He defeated two time runner up this season Brian Kikel in the final round. Unfortunately the win was bitter sweet for Wooley as another series veteran, Phil Davis suffered a horrible crash in round two along side Wooley. In Davis' own words, "I got loose early in the run and should have lifted before it was too late". In race mode, knowing the driver's adrenaline, that is a hard one to do(lift when you think you can catch the other driver), but it is a very honorable man that can come out and state, it was driver error. To Phil, his awesome wife Pat and daughter Maria, who is on holiday in New Zealand, Please come back soon! Luckily Phil was not injured in the accident, and it is a testament to the NHRA safety rules and a testament to Phil who built the car to absorb the hit.

Back to day one and qualifying, the usual top qualifiers, Terry Spargo (broke engine) Roy Lazic (no show) and Bob Marshall (at the Seattle Lucas Race) were all absent opening the door to a first time "Jim Automotive" # 1 Qualifier. Brian Kikel threw down the gauntlet with a 7.567 in the opening session and it held up as the #1 session through day one. There were a couple other cars capable, but it seemed none of the others wanted to step up to the plate. Sunday morning, the final qualifier was run a bit later than usual due to a couple oil downs, but the weather was still cool enough for the teams to improve. After Saturday, there were 17 of the 19 cars entered in the field. Only Greg Anderson with an all new Top Sportsman/ Pro Stock legal Grand Am and Glen Norman were notable to make the 8.70 cut.

Sunday qualifying saw Glen Norman rip off an 8.08/160 to easily get in the field. Anderson made a bunch of changes over night, in hopes of sorting out the rpm drop that was occurring around 300 feet on his previous three passes. The changes did not work and he failed to make the show in the new car, which will easily run mid 7's with a few more laps. The second to last car down the track was Fraser Sutherland in the very nice blown 68 Cuda. The car was capable and he was picking up a few hundredth's every lap out. He ripped off his career best lap, a 7.565, to overtake Kikel by a mere 2/1000's of a second. That one had to sting for. Kikel.

Final qualifying

1. Fraser Sutherland Surrey 7.565/ 184.69
2. Brian Kikel Delta 7.567/ 181.74
3. Ray Kirton, Mission 7.640/ 178.56
4. Rob Charlton, Maple Ridge 7.726/ 174.96
5. Grant Klohn Victoria 7.778/ 174.96
6. Grant Howell Victoria 7.799/ 174.99
7. Jeff Hill Chilliwack 7.833/ 178.92
8. Dave Richardson, Langley 7.835/ 173.27
9. Dave Warren Richmond 7.838/ 173.11
10. 11.Phil Davis Kamloops 7.899/ 172.14
11. John Collett Langley 7.965/ 168.88
12. Glen Norman Abbotsford 8.080/ 166.85
13. Layne Wooley, Langley 8.161/ 165.13
14. Dan Lundmark Clarkson Wa. 8.447/ 160.34
15. Mike Munden Kamloops 8.454/ 160.71
16. Dean Woods Duncan 8.517/ 160.62
17. Warner Wagner Vernon 8.658/ 158.67
18. Tim Myers Maple Ridge 8.698/ 148.88

DNQ Greg Anderson

Round one match-up

The draw for eliminations saw #1 go up against #4 and # 2 vs # 3 and so on through the field. The first big pairing were the finalists from two races ago, Ray Kirton and Brian Kikel. Kikel got a big holeshot and he cruised to revenge or should I say victory. Rob Charlton took out the #1 qualifier as Sutherland was really sleeping at the tree. The biggest upset was not even a race as point leader Dave Richardson broke on the burnout against Grant Klohn, giving the rookie driver a freebie into round two. Mike Munden had bad luck as well in round one as he kicked the rods out of his 70 Cuda, He was on an apparent victory against Dan Lundmark as he has almost a tenth of a second starting line advantage.

In round two, Grant Howell went into round three for the first time this season, as he took out Glen Norman, Kikel kept on winning, as he

defeated Klohn, Wooley got the win against Davis in that horrific crash mentioned earlier, Charlton had bye run and Tim Myers advanced to the third round (bet he wished he got a membership now) with a win over Lundmark.

The 1/4's saw Kikel just edge Rob Charlton, as Charlton took a bit too much stripe breaking out by .017. Kikel wound up with a great. 033 package on that run which stood up as the "Jim's Automotive" Best Package run.

In the semi finals, Kikel took on Grant Howell who had the lucky bye run in round three. Unfortunately for Howell the race was over on the starting line, as Howell's 37 Chevy lurched forward when he brought the rev's up, causing the car go in deep (a no-no in the DS series). Wooley was the lucky one in the semis getting the odd car bye run into the final round.

It came down to two series veterans. Kikel who has been in a bunch of finals, and Wooley who has never won a DS event. The one was a close won. Wooley took a .03 starting line advantage, and just held one as Kikel had to run under his number to try and catch him he feel just short, handing the win to Wooley.

What weekend with ever emotion imaginable. To the winner and runner-up congrat's, to the teams that had engine woes and especially to the Davis family, on behalf of the entire assoc. we hope you are back soon!

Thanks to RH Race Cars for their support of the series, and too all the sponsors for their support. The series takes a bit of a break as the the next event in the series is August. The Port Alberni "Thunder in the Valley" event August 12-13. This is one of the funnest races of the year, at the old Airport in central Vancouver Island. The Doorslammers are the feature attraction, so a good turnout is expected.

Points are posted

June 14, 2006

This weekend at Mission Raceway is the 'biggest baddest' door car event of the season at Mission Raceway. The Pro Mods are here the Street car shootout is here and Race #5 for the DWDS series. The event is presented by RH Race Cars in Kelowna. Ryan is one of the top car builders in the West, with as many as 6-10 cars at MRP this weekend with Ryan and his crew having their hand on the rides.

Notice to all the teams at MRP this weekend. We are planning the first barbeque of the season, with Steak, Chicken and all the fixings available. The cost will be $10.00 per dinner. Make sure you and your crew plan for this fun time after qualifying Saturday evening. Dean will be coming around to your pit area to see if you and your team want to be a part of the fun.

The points for the first four events are posted. It includes the Race #2 rain out.


June 12, 2006

Dave Richardson defeats Phil Davis in the final at the Loafers event in Ashcroft (Race #4) . Full results in the next couple days.

Ray Kirton defeats Brian Kikel in the final round of the Race Three (presented by Charlton Automotive) event which was rained out just before the final round three weeks ago at Mission.

After waiting three weeks for the final round of Race #3, Brian Kikel and Ray Kirton finally got to battle it out on the track to see who would walk away with the points and the cash. The final was run Sunday afternoon as both competitors were both elimionated from race #4 Both driver had almost identical rt's and neither would want to write home about them. By half track Ray was close to a tenth ahead of Brian and he never looked back. He eased off the throttle just before the sripe and took a .034 margin of victory. The win coupled with his second round finish from race #4 put him into second place in the points standings just behind the nex leader Dave Richardson who took the other win on the weekend.

16 cars were n hand at Ashcroft for the big Langley Loafers evewnt. Qualifying concludined Sunday Morning and when all was said and done all 16 cars made the field. Roy Lazic led the field with a great 7.502 @ 181, he took home the "Jim's Automotive" #1 qualifier bonus.. In total 4 drivers were in the seven second zone and the remaining 12 ranged in et from 8.02 - 8.84

Here is the field after final qualifying

1. Roy Lazic Kelowna 7.502
2. Ray Kirton, Mission 7.815
3. Rob Charlton, Maple Ridge 7.941
4. Fraser Sutherland Surrey 7.941
5. Brian Kikel, Langley 8.025
6.Ben Rees Langley 8.063
7. Dave Richardson, Langley 8.072
8.Dave Warren Richmond 8.087
9.Steve Horne Surrey 8.100
10. Grant Howell, Victoria 8.111
11.Phil Davis Kamloops 8.262
12. Layne Wooley, Langley 8.362
13. Mike Munden Kamloops 8.623
14.Dallas Wagner Vernon 8.669
15.Dean Woods Duncan 8.772
16. Bob McKernan, Duncan 8.840

Eliminations saw a couple surprises in round one including Grant Howell bowing out early and Phil Davis sorting out his Blown Willys and advancing as well. In round two, Davis continued to surprise as he took out Layne Wooley. A rare double red light by Kirton vs Charlton in the top half of the ladder, but Kirton was way early giving Rob the freebie into the semi against Richardson. The semis would see Richardson and Phil Davis take wins setting up the classic blown vs carburated final round. It was a close one in the final, with Richardson getting his first win of the year by .048, about a half car length. The win moved him all alone in first place by 34 points ahead of race three winner Ray Kirton. Dave Richardson also won the "Jim's Automotive" best package bonus with a .029 package from round one against Brian Kikel. The battle this coming weekend will be one of the biggest of the year as over 25 cars are expected to compete at the all doorslammer weekend at MRP. See you there!

Mike Bedsworth's and Mike Munden's profile pages have been updated

This weekend's event at the Eagle Motorplex is presented by Pro Stock Performance and Machine In Edmonton. If you are looking for more performance and consistancy from your race car give them a call at (780) 453-6161

They are located at : 12403 - 126 Avenue Edmonton T5L 4L7

Full results from the Plex will be posted on Tuesday.

May 20, 2006

Weather for the second event in a row affected the CWDS. This weekend's event, presented by Charlton Automotive, did not get off the ground on Saturday, as the rain came and went on three different occasions, forcing the event into a one day affair on Sunday if the weather improves. The forecast is for better weather on Sunday, and looking outside at 10:00 pm Saturday evening it does look good.

Stay tuned and lets hope for a break!!

May 16, 2005

The next event is coming up this weekend May 20-21 at Mission Raceway. The event sponsor for that race is Charlton Automotive in Pitt Meadows. Give Rob a call @ 604 465-6455 for the best service at one of the longest serving auto repair shops in the Ridge/Meadows area.

Also of note at that event, Layne Wooley of Lake Performance Automotive will have a nitrous filling station at the track He will be pitted right next to VP fuels for your convenience.

As you may have guessed, the event scheduled for last weekend at Mission was cancelled due to rain. The event sponsor 'Dual Mechanical' will now be the host sponsor for our race in September.


May 6, 2006

The weather does not look great Saturday Morning, but hopefully the event does get off.

These team driver pages have been added or updated:

Terry Spargo, Grant Howell, Phil Davis, Jeff Hill, Steve Ellis


May 3, 2006


The RJ Enterprises/ VP Fuels Doorslammer assoc. is proud to announce that Dual Mechanical and John Collett have come on board as event sponsor this coming weekend at Mission Raceway. We'll have a company profile and more on John Thursday And Firday.

Race #1 points are now posted


April 28, 2005

Photo gallery is here.

(photos will be added on Thursday, as well as a huge gallery. Courtesy of our official photographer, Maria Davis, myself and guest photog Shelby Murdoch.

Weekend #1 is in the books and the "Rock" (Vancouver Island) dominated the race at Mission Raceway Park.

Craig 'Lumpy' Donaldson came in with two races in the last year and a half and won them both. Last year at the Port Alberni Doorslammer exhibition he won and this weekend here at Mission Raceway he took the win again driving for Eddie Eng who bought the Firebird that was previously owned by Craig. He defeated Dean Woods who competed in his first event with the CWDS. He drove his 66 Nova flawlessly through out elminations until the final round where the car got quite loose at 500 feet and he was forced to lift allowing Donaldson to drive around him.

In final qualifying Sunday morning, a few spots were changed from Saturday's last session, mostly in the bottom of the pack. Most teams picked up their performance in the cooler morning air, and quite a few ran career best's, including Brian Kikel, Rob Charlton, Grant Howell, Dave Richardson, Steve Horne, Jeff Hill and Steve Ellis who made his first ever 7 second lap, a great 7.95 168 mph shot. It wasn't all good news though as Layne Wooley wounded his motor on the last lap and could not make first round of eliminations, as well Bob Marshall had drive line woes and did not run in eliminations as well. Bob was really in test mode all weekend any way as he is working of getting his combination sorted out for Comp Eliminator. Two driver failed to make the cut, ands both re usual qualifiers, but they had first race bugs with their new combinations. Both Phil Davis and Mike Munden will be at the next race and will be strong players through the rest of the year.

In total, 21 cars made the 8.70 minimum , but with the breakage 19 went to the staging lanes for round one.

The draw for eliminations ended up to be #2 vs #4, #3 Vs #5 and so on down the line. Terry Spargo had the bye run in round one for being the Jim's Automotive #1 qualifier.

Jim's Automotive also put up $50.00 for the driver with a best package (combination rt and closest to dial -in) in a winning run.

A couple titanic first round match-ups and upsets took place in round one and they included 2005 champ Mike Bedsworth taking on perrenial top five finisher Rob Charlton. Bedsworth went .005 at the tree and Charlton was .015. Bedsworth ran 31/1000ths off his dial and Charlton was 23/1000th's away giving the win to Mike by a scant .0024 (about 10 inches). Stev e Horne upset 2005 r/u Grant Howell when both driver were late at the tree. Other winners included Wally Nichols, Jason Mercer (single), Dean Woods, Donaldson, Steve Ellis (perfect light on his single when Ron Crookshanks starter went kaput), Dave Richardson Bob McKernan, and Spargo.

In round two, Horne kept up taking out the hitters, as he got by Bedsworth by .05, Donaldson got a break against Spargo, when Terry's car backfired on fire-up, McKernan had the same luck against Mercer when Jason broke on the launch. Dean Woods defeated Wally Nichols and in the last pairing Dave Richardson faced Steve Ellis in a side by side match-up of drivers who actually had singles due to their placements on the ladder. Richardson got the win in a mean nothing grudge race.

In the 1/4 finals, Richardson actually raced Ellis for real, and it was a great one, as Ellis was perfect at the tree for the second time and Richardson went .012, both cars were neck and neck until half track when Ellis' Corvette started smoking an he slowed from 800 feet on handing the win to Richardson. Dean Woods defeated fellow Duncan driver Bob McKernan when McKernan was real late at the tree. Horne's 'Cinderella' debut race ended in round three, when he red lit against Donaldson.

The semi finals had a single with Dean Woods getting the lucky bye run and the 'SONS' Donaldson and Richardson in a battle of GM products. This one was over at the tree benefiting Donaldson for the second race in a row, as Dave was too anxious, going .024 red.

That set up an all Vancouver Island final round, which based on the competitors from the far West part of BC, I expect to see alot of, due to the fact that six drivers from the Island had made final rounds and five of the last nine events have been won by those drivers.

Dean Woods was going to be in tough against a veteran like Donalson, but with all the upsets that took place on the weekend, nothing would surprise me. Both dirvers had decent lights and were only .017 apart at the tree, but at half track Woods got crossed up and had to ease off the throttle giving the win to Donaldson a tenth and a hald 7.647 (7.47 di) to 8.820 (8.52 di).

What a great start to the season! 23 cars in at the first event of the year. I can't wait for Race two in ten days.

Besides winning the race, Donaldson tied Steve Ellis for the Jim's Automotive best package bonus. Both drivers had .031 packages in round wins.

Final qualifying numbers

1. Terry Spargo, Delta 7.306
2. Craig Donaldson, Victoria 7.473
3. Mike Bedsworth, Marysville 7.505
4. Brian Kikel, Langley 7.575
5. Rob Charlton, Maple Ridge 7.690
6. Grant Howell, Victoria 7.780
7. Dave Richardson, Langley 7.838
8. Steve Horne, Burnaby 7.850
9. Jeff Hill, Chilliwack 7.905
10. Layne Wooley, Langley 7.920
11. Steve Ellis, Oak Harbour 7.95
12. Ray Kirton, Mission 8.068
13. Ron Crookshank, Abbotsford 8.173
14. Ron Ellingson, Poulsbo 8.339
15. Walter Nichols, Maple Ridge 8.376
16. Dean Woods, Duncan 8.487
17. Grant Klohn ,Victoria 8.556
18. Dan Lundmark, Clarkson 8.578
19. Jason Mercer, Lethbridge 8.585
20. Bob McKernan, Duncan 8.639
21. Bob Marshall Langley, 8.647


22. Mike Munden Kamloops 8.728
23. Phil Davis Kamloops 8.744


Pit notes:

...Phil Davis revamped his fuel and ignition system and the car was a beast all weekend. When he gets it sorted out the 41 Willy's will haul asphalt.

...Mike Munden has a new cool Pro Stock style hood scoop on his Cuda, and it make the car look very mean.

... Steve Horne had a great first outing after licensing just two weeks ago in Jay Syvertsen's Corvette. The ex- Ron Beaudoin / Roy Lazic Corvette was very consistent running 7.80's and 90's all weekend.

... We're still waiting for the debut of Steve Buerger's 63 Corvette Pro Mod tot he series and Brian Kikel said it could happen any time.

... Kikel was ecstatic with a 182 mph lap in under 7.60 second. A first for Kikel on Buerger's old Vette.

....Steve Ellis told me Saturday night that he will probably never run a 7 after a bunch of 8.0 laps. His dream came true Sunday Morning.

..... Grant Howell made the leap into the seven second zone when he went 7.79 in his third run Saturday. The 565 Schmidt engine is a world away from his old injected Alcohol motor that took him to second place last year. He and wife Dayle are going to take a big hit in the fuel department as the $5.00 a gallon price last year jumped up to $17+ for racing gas. The price you pay to go fast.

...Bedsworth Cutlass looks very nice with the new paint. The purple,black/White combo looks very nice.

... Layne Wooley's hard luck continued on the weekend when he broke (probable rod) on his last qualifier. The last three races dating back to last season have been a nightmare to say the least.

...The same could be said for Ray Kirton who broke on his only lap on Saturday. He was out most of last year for what appears to be the same problem as this weekend's.

....Terry Spargo's car looks to be on the verge of a six second lap, as he went 7.23 in round one with only one system of nitrous hooked up so far. A new fuel system courtesy of Sonny Leonard.

...With 23 cars on hand for the first event of the year, the 2006 looks to be the best ever. Regulars Terry Shuflita, Dave Warren, Terry Langdon.Davies, Frank Nelson, Rob Murphy, Chris Murphy, Duane Grosart, Glen Norman, Dallas Wagner and Greg Anderson are all expected out in the next couple events.


April 23, 2006


That sums up the first day of racing in the RJ Enterprises/VP Fuels CW Doorslammer series.

Terry Spargo leads after three of four qualifiers

24 cars were on hand for the first event of the year, which is the largest opening field in the series history.

Many of the cars were new drivers to the series as well, and Vancouver Island was well represented.

One of the new rides from Dunscon BC is the Mokornan Chevy

As many as six team from the 'Rock' tried to make the 8.70 cut and even a team from as far as Lethbridge Alberta make the trek tot eh sunny skies here on the west coast.

Leading the pack after the first day of qualifying was Terry Spargo but it took him three laps to go past Craig Donaldson to get the #1 spot. Bob Marshall struggled at the starting line to make a fast lap in his B/Altered Grand Am which is capable of 7.20's, and he is down to one run to make the field. Spargo ripped off a great 7.30/192 to take the provisional "Jim's Automotive" sponsored #1 qualifier spot. One more session this morning at around 11:00am to determine the field. 18 cars have made the 8.70 cut so far and I expect another four or five to make the field.

Dan Lundmark is back in the DS series

Jeff Hill was a surprise first race entrant

Mike Bedsworth has new paint and a "Bullseye" on his back as defending champion.

Leaders off the top of my head are: #1. Terry Spargo 7.30, #2. Craig Donaldson 7.47, #3 Mike Bedsworth 7.58, #4 Rob Charlton 7.70, #5 Grant Howell 7.79.

Many 7 second rides are still outside the field as they try an get a handle on their new combination and the new tricky 660 foot concrete launch pad at MRP.

April 22, 2006

Finally the season is here...........

What a weekend it looks to be shaping up at Mission Raceway Park for the first of nine RJ Enterprises/VP Fuels Canada West Doorslammers series races in 2006. Eight of the events are points earning races to go along with the fourth Annual Port Alberni Exhibition event in August.

This weekend marks the 11th season of fast Doorcar racing at the seas level racetrack one hour East of Vancouver. Friday's test n tune got raced out unfortunately, but it did not keep the cars away from early parking. I counted over a dozen cars at the track Friday Afternoon in preparation for Saturday Qualifying and Sunday Eliminations. With the weather expected to hit the low 70's (20+ Celsius), The new surface at Mission should get it's first real workout.

Some of the teams expected include defending series champion Mike Bedsworth, Grant Howell, Layne Wooley, Bob Marshall, Phil Davies, Steve Horne in Jay Syvertsen's Corvette, Brian Kikel, Terry Spargo, Dave Richardson, a new team from Victoria in Howie Steven's old Probe, Mike Munden, Rob Charlton and Steve Ellis to name a few.

As noticed in the top banner........

"RJ Enterprises/VP Fuels"

...........was announced early last week as the new series title sponsor for 2006. THe assocoiation is proud to have Ray and Jan step up even more that they have in the past financially, and the series hopes it can provide RJ/VP with the support they have commitmed to the series. They are also the presenting sponsor for the first event of the season.

April 20, 2006

The Doorslammers are back on track....This weekend is the first points event of what will be a very busy 2006 season.

Beside the addition of Seattle's Pacific Raceway to the series schedule, the biggest news is the signing of RJ Enterprises-VP Fuels as the series title sponsor for the 2006 season.

Ray and Jan Bobrowski have stepped up big time and are very pleased to be the series title sponsor.

More on this in the next couple days.

Beside the main sonsorship for the series, they are the presenting sponsor for this weekend's race.

Check back Friday for a weekend preview.


February 15, 2006

Sorry for the delay in posting the 2006 shcedule. It is now on the schedule page. Also updated rules are here.

The biggest news for the Canada West Doorslammer series is the addition of Pacific Raceways to the schedule. The first time the Doorslammers have been hosted by an American race track. With a number of Americans in the series it makes sense for a track South of the boarder to showcase this series. @005 series Champion is very excited to have an event in his back yard as is legend Frank Nelson. Track manager Russell Stevenson is looking forward to the 7 second blown nitrous and naturally aspirated machines hit the track.

Stay tuned for news of new cars entering the series this season.

2005 home page archives are here.

2005 results are here

2004 results are here.

other 2004 archives are here

We are still looking for 3 more event sponsors. Call 604-826-5775 or email me





























































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